this show just... makes me happy

Since the start of Arrival era, Youngjae has just been so comfortable and outgoing. When you compare him from before, he would just stay in the back or edge and be quiet, keep neutral. And seeing him now, he is talking when they accept trophies, he is talking when they are interviewing them on Mcountdown or The Show, something he rarely did because it was either the other members but unusually him. He also is so comfortable being there, before he would just stay neutral, do nothing, and now you see him making cute smiles, peace signs, silly faces, throwing hearts and camera bombing the mcs. I really enjoy seeing Youngjae like this. It makes me want to cry because back then i was sad because it seemed he was never talked to or noticed and it makes me happy seeing him now being more open and happy and goofing around. I’m glad his confidence has gone up, it’s all I want, for him to be comfortable and happy.
And I hope one day he will be confident enough to be able to say confidently that he is the Nich.In.Bi.

Hi everyone!! Okay wow so this is really hard for me to say!!! But I’ve gotten two anons sort of calling me out about me liking Regina and I didn’t think I needed to explain myself but oh well. Years back, I had an ouat gif blog when I first started out on Tumblr and I used to edit every character, every ship, etc. I enjoyed all the characters, respected all ships, and wasn’t so negative about the show. And I really wanted to get back to being that way. I’ve made some extremely wonderful and amazing friends on here lately that love Regina and even ship Swan Queen! For quite a while, I got wrapped up in all of the negativity and I’m not even going to deny that. But that just wasn’t good for me. Having a positive outlook on things again makes me feel better about myself and I’m happy. So I’m asking all of my followers, mutuals and friends to please respect that. My blog has been considered 100% hate free (says so on my about page) for quite some time. Captain swan will forever be my otp and I love them more than anything. That hasn’t changed and it never will. Idk if this makes any sense and I know I’m rambling but yeah!! Im assuming I got asked this bc I reblogged the Emma/Regina hug?? I was genuinely excited for them finally getting it. It’s the same as friends of mine from different parts of this fandom congratulating me on the CS proposal. Anyway, I guess I’ll just end this by saying that the fandom would be a much better place if we all accepted the fact that people are going to have different opinions and views on things. And if we can look past that, we may actually be able to find common ground and get a great friendship out of it. I have and I don’t regret it all. Like I said, I’m 10000000x happier!

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If we we're dating i would be a little clingy. I'd constantly rest my head on your shoulder. No matter where we are, I'd always want to hold your hand. When we're apart, I'll imagine your voice whispering stupid jokes into my ear. And I'll always be excited to see you because you'd make me happy. I'll also do my very best to make you smile and laugh whether it be cuddling and watching your favorite show, sharing memes with each other or tickling you, I would really just want to make you happy

Do people like you actually exist. Like you know, in real life?

send me “if i were dating you” anons

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Are you not a fan of the ending ships? Or just how they butchered the characters? Because I for one will be forever salty about Sakura's development being punted to the moon just so she could be with Sasuke.

All of what you just said. I probably would’ve been more accepting of the end ships if they had.. y'know… significant development over the last 15 years…

Also the whole final arc was just… a mess.

I guess im also salty that they used the final episodes of the anime to show a wedding instead of y'know. Naruto becoming hokage? which WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SERIES?? As much as it makes me happy to see my boy happy……… all of it feels so… ugh
I just feel like Naruto’s goal was thrown under the bus and came second to.. everything else. HE WASNT EVEN THERE FOR HIS OWN INAUGURATION
I’m also salty that whenever Hinata shows up in an episode, the artwork improves 1000% because SP has a boner for her character.

Don’t even get me started with sakura my god

I’m just a bitter asshole about all of it tbh.

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So, I've been wearing a binder since the beginning of school, and nobody really noticed or cared. The other day I wore a shirt that showed my binder a bit, and my mom immediately noticed. I was feeling confident, I told her it was a binder. Now, I'm not out to anyone, and she went and told my grandparents, who I live with. I'm so scared that they'll kick me out, or treat like I'm a freak. :(

Honestly what I would do is :
1. I’d say mom I just want to hide my chest because it makes me uncomfortable.
2. Or I’d wear baggier shirts.
3. Or I’d tell them the binder just makes me happy. Because I feel a little more like myself

You don’t necessarily have to tell the you’re trans yet.

i love that yuuri was running with makkachin

and wearing his ring

which just makes me think he’s coming from victor’s his and victor’s apartment to meet up for training

and victor’s probably just seen him a few hours before but yuuri still looks so happy to see him

and victor looks so in love

tldr; this show killed me




- Yurio,,,,,,doing whatever he does


- Viktor is happy but lowkey dying because he’s too far away from his gay life force (Yuuri)


- Mickey has no idea what he’s doing there ???



ALSO SINCE EVERYONE IS DOING THE PEACE SIGN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is stopping me from believing that they’re all trying to bless us with hints for season 2 



I’ve been collecting a few posts from the jacksepticeye tag for a while that reiterate how much I love this community, so here’s a few of my favorites :) I say it too much, I know, but this community is AMAZING!!! These posts are solid proof that the people of this community are incredibly kind and positive, and idk y'all, that just makes me feel so happy! 

They also show the impact that Jack and his videos are having on people, which again, is awesome!! :D @therealjacksepticeye

wanna know the literal funniest thing about people who still wanna say “Yuri on Ice” is queer-bating? the show managed to “straight bait” in the very first episode:

we are introduced to Yuuko’s character in episode 1

she is obviously happy to see Yuuri again after a long time

and after Yuuri performs for her, her reaction is this:

she even nearly dropped his glasses!! and then we meet her daughters

and then her husband comes along too

and instead of making some kind of love triangle bullshit with a married person with children the show does this:

and this is true all the way of the show 

even into the finale

look at how proud Yuko and Takeshi are!! their baby rinkmate just broke a World record and it brought them to tears!!

the Nishigori’s interaction with Yuuri sold me on the show in episode 1 ok, the friendship among these 3 is in my opinion, under-rated. I love Viktuuri, but I wasn’t fully sold on that one until episode 3 maybe 4. 

So yeah, please let this become the next trend: more male-female friendships that are treated as something important without having to have romantic undertones.




After that episode, I got so many messages on Instagram from fans that said, ‘I was raped three years ago and today I told my parents, because of your character.’ That touches me. It makes me very happy to know that people don’t see it as just a show. It actually touches people and helps girls feel stronger.

/hops on the bandwagon 2 weeks after everyone

i’ve been having random Lazytown episodes playing as background sound while i’m drawing! What a ridiculously cute and colorful show, i love it.

You know what I need

More of Victuri being Proud Gay Dads and Yurio being fucking annoyed by it.

I just want that all the time. I want them to follow Yurio’s career until he retires being embarrassing and holding banners for him and cheering and waving in the most obnoxious manner. Showing up in the Kiss and Cry to hug him because who’s going to tell them they can’t?

“Because we’re proud of you!”

I want all the Proud Dads fan art possible as well because it’s canon that they act like this and it makes me so happy.

kara, being the supportive puppy she is, probably makes the next sister night super gay. she bakes rainbow cupcakes and googles gay movies and tv shows with happy endings to make up for the dozens of heteronormative romcoms alex has watched with her over the years

they end up watching stuff like imagine me and you and san junipero. kara gets super invested and at one point she catches herself thinking about how pretty some actress is and how she kinda looks like lena and how pretty lena is and then she’s like Now wait just a diddly darn minute…

the following sister night she comes out to alex as bi

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In the play on Saturday during the Godric’s Hollow reunion scene was a little different to the awkward, half hug that was described in the script. Scorpius runs to Draco stops dead, Draco says his line and then Scorpius jumps on Draco and wraps his legs and arms around him. Making Draco hold his son like this for a couple of seconds. Just shows Scorpius’ love for Draco and how pleased he was to see him as doing this nearly knocked Draco over. I will do anything to see you draw this!

Sorry this is more than a few months late, I had this in my works-in-progress folder for SO LONG…..! Malfoy family hugs will always make me cry with happiness jfdklsajklfd ////

Me during the latest episode of YoI:

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Me still thinking about it a few hours later:

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