this show is totally about bread

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May I ask how the allies would react to seeing a cute little angry duckling trying to intimidate them only for an army of ducklings come up to help the first one?

He’d think it was totally rad. One duckling is great, but a whole legion is even better. He would be the leader of the army.

The ducklings wouldn’t even think about hurting Matthew. He would be the nice man that threw them bread and had a soft voice. They would protect him.

Yao likes cute things. The duckling would be adored until the bunch showed up. He’d get lost in all the cuddles he’d give them.

Arthur would F I G H T them. He wouldn’t give two shits. It would be a war.

Francis would be amazed at the first duckling. By the time the tenth showed up, he had made friends with all of them.

Ivan didn’t understand why the small creatures were quacking at him. He picked one up with his gloved hands and got a closer look. He stopped the inspection when it bit him.

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Top headcanons for Jasper!

put “top 5” anything in my ask 

This, first and foremost, forever and ever! The first time that we see Jasper smile, like a pure, genuine smile of happiness, it will be the cutest thing in the world. Even cuter than “angry slice of pie” Peridot! I can’t even imagine what will make her smile, but when Jasper experiences her first real, genuine moment of happiness, she’ll just have the biggest, brightest smile. Maybe she’ll laugh too–and I bet she’ll snort when she laughs, like a giant dork.

Jasper is going to live in Amethyst’s room and it’s going to be great. Amethyst is so ready to show Jasper how to be an Earthling. Tons of Li’l Butler binge watching, snack runs to the Big Donut, long afternoons hanging out on the beach. Jasper is going to win Amethyst so many prizes at Funland–soon, Amethyst’s room will have a massive pile of stuffed toys, each one just as precious as the last.

Jasper will be the one and only Gem who really understands Crying Breakfast Friends. She and Steven are going to bond over it big time, especially if Angry Lunch Enemies are going to be added to the main cast. Jasper will identify a lot with the Bread (Sandwich?) character, but the entire show will help Jasper be more mindful about her emotions. It might even help her express herself better!

Jasper will be a total sucker for the classic “hero’s journey.” An unlikely hero rises from humble origins, works hard, struggles against immense odds, and ultimately defeats her foe–Jasper is all about those stories. She reads the entire Spirit Morph Saga, and when she finishes Destiny’s End, Steven and Connie find her slumped on the couch, absolutely bawling. I haven’t decided if Jasper would be outraged by the ending (”Lisa was a hero! She saved EVERYONE! She deserved more than a cake, she deserved STATUES in her honor!”) or moved beyond all belief (”I’m just so glad that Lisa got her happy ending!”) but either way she’s going to be an emotional wreck.

This is… just something I want to see. It needs to happen, okay? Steven never has to walk anywhere ever again because he can ride on the back of Atlas.

The survey provides no evidence that the poor are wasting their money on delicacies. Indeed, the results show that regardless of income, Americans make very similar choices at the grocery store. The wealthy spend more overall, of course, and less as a share of their total spending. Yet the rich, the poor and the middle class all spend about 19 percent their grocery budget on fruits and vegetables, about 22 percent on meats, and about 13 percent on breads and cereals.

Other categories of food also show no variation with income. What about that lobster? Fish and seafood account for between 3 percent and 4 percent of the grocery budget for all groups – $80 per year for the poor, and $222 per year for the wealthiest group.

—  Vox. In case you were worried that “they” were spending “your” money inappropriately. They’re not.

Everly’s Cooking Show.

Perhaps all of those rainy afternoons of watching the Food Network with me has finally rubbed off on my daughter. She’s been entertaining us with her own “cooking show” a lot lately, so I thought I’d get it on film. I edited this after she went to bed last night, and I can’t wait to show it to her.

A couple things to note:

1. We had just finished playing with a face painting kit Everly got for her birthday, hence all the fun face decor.

2. I told Everly she could start using a butter knife when she turned four. This was literally her first experience with one and for timing sake, I had to cut out about four minutes of her slowly sawing that poor piece of bread. I tried so hard to stifle my giggles -it was the cutest thing! Last night I let her chop the garlic for spaghetti and she did a great job, so she’s picking up her knife skills pretty quick!

3. She has asked me every day when I am available to film her next show. So it’s possible these might become a little series. I’m totally following her lead here - I have no idea what she might want to make next!

Bon Appetit!



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fake dating thominho

Minho is desperate, okay. It’s like… he doesn’t mind being single so much, not at all. He can do whatever he wants when he wants it and with who he wants it, so what could ever be bad about that?

But the case is… it’s a couple thing. And they all expect him to bring someone. Because Minho was stupid enough to brag about this newt guy he met who is totally the best thing on earth ever since sliced bread.

And, like… Newt and Alby will be there. And Teresa an Jorge. Aris and Sonya. Brenda and Frypan. Gally and Harriet. So if Minho shows up alone? He’ll be screwed.

(Why did he have to say all that stuff, why couldn’t he just say he’d come on his own, why did he tell Teresa that of course he’s bring someone, since he’s seeing someone, when he isn’t seeing someone at all).

Minho hates himself.

He has actually called some of his previous hookups to see if anyone wants to accompany him (“free food, free drinks, we just need to hold hands and stuff”) but either everyone is busy, or they don’t want to see him anymore. One or two people might’ve actually said that. 

So when Minho runs to the store last minute because he also promised he’d bring dessert and he also forgot that so he needs to quickly get some tiramisu or shit… he’s the definition of desperate. If you’d look desperation up, there’d be a picture of him. 

Already settling for the inevitable (no date, humiliation, being made fun off the entire evening), Minho walks to the right isle, and there’s a guy standing there, hovering over the last package of tiramisu, and something inside of Minho just snaps.

“I swear to god if you dare to take that I will cut you into pieces with a rusty spoon,” he says. 

The guy turns around, looking slightly confused and a lot worried. “I’m sorry?” he asks, and Minho can read on his face that he’s hoping he heard all of that wrong.

“I’m going to this party tonight and all my friends will be in couples and I don’t have a date and I don’t have dessert either and I need both of them and you’re about to snatch away my dessert and if I arrive with neither they’re going to kill me.”

The guy blinks once, twice, and then cracks a smile. “I’m Thomas.”

Now Minho is the one to be confused. “I’m sorry?”

"I’m single.”

“That’s… good for you.”

“I’m also free tonight.”


It finally downs on Minho what he means, and he finds himself smiling in return. “I’m Minho. My car’s outside.”

He turns around to leave, but Thomas snatches his hand to stop him and gives him the most blinding smile Minho has ever seen on anyone. “Don’t forget your tiramisu, baby.”

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hey, i came across your comment on the harry throwing the football post and i was wondering what you meant here?- "At the same time, currently most of the changes we thought we were happening July-November seemed to have stopped. I am not ruling out anything that might lie ahead for the fandom." what changes exactly have stopped/ how have they stopped, and do you think them stopping is a good or bad thing? sorry if this is a dumb question!!

Late 2013, we saw changes like Louis and Harry getting to sit next to each other in interviews. August time together in LA. All 1D seemed extra happy in Japan, as usual. Less twitter promo from Louis’ bread to 1D fans and long period of time between when Louis had to make an appearance with her had people predicting that we would get a breakup announcement by the end of 2013. etc….

2014 has gotten off to a not very nice start with lots of crazy PR.

Harry is publicly separate even though we all suspect Louis is with him (hiding) as much as he can be. We had hoped the hiding Louis and Harry and the rest of the boys spent time together would stop instead they are almost treating Harry like a solo artist and the rest of 1D as not important except Zayn’s promotion of Little Mix.

We got crazy statements at the BRITS that none of them had seen each other in three months and everyone knows that was total lies. There are reports and public pictures that Liam was at Zayn’s birthday party in January. Newspaper articles about Niall and Liam going to a show together, Louis voice/ankles in the video from LA where you could also see Harry’s shoes. In short, more blantant lying than ever and also, of course Louis has had 3 instances of being in the same place with his bread—1 day papped sking trip before his going MIA and to Jamaica with Harry, BRITs but no papped “loved up pics-Gemma promoted her instead,” and bread was with Stan at Louis’ football game. Louis can’t move forward with his life/public image until he gets rid of the bread so her still being around to continue to sell “loved up” lie is not a good sign for his personal development.

Meanwhile Harry is in LA partying with A-listers alone and likely doing business without his bandmates next to him. At least two solo projects with others have been annouced. Even if he is doing band business as well, it doesn’t project the image of a band of brothers and the other guys are not making the same contacts or getting the same exposure for life after 1D. 

Promo opportunities have been extended to as many family and friends associated with 1D as possible.

Hopes that the 1D brand would managed in a more authentic way starting in 2014 have not been realized and in some ways it’s worse than before. There has been little promo/support of the music. Louis is the one who wrote on most of the last album but is ignored in favor of the image af Harry as the frontman, “next Justin Timberlake” and solo artist, and imagined great song-writer. Harry is getting PR as working with many famous people in the business on songs not for 1D. 

Based on One Direction brand management so far 2014 nothing would surprise me.

Hoping for the best for the rest of the year but expecting the worse.

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Casual viewer story time! I roped my boyfriend into watching SPN with me and he kept jokingly making comments about Dean and Cas having a thing. When I asked him if he was serious he laughed and said it was totally obvious. He isn't invested at all, he doesn't care if they end up together, he just thinks it's a glaringly obvious part of their relationship. I told him a friend of mine didn't see it at all and he made a super confused face, like, is she watching the same show?! :D

That is fantastic ahhhhhhhh I love casual viewer stories, they are my bread and butter and some chocolate on the side :) :) :) :)

(I’ve mentioned that after 9x23 I asked my mom, who had previously said that Destiel wasn’t a thing romantically, and she said “Yeah, it kinda looks like Cas has a thing for Dean” and it made me so happy)

October 6th

@danisnotonfire’s YouNow highlights:
•intense lolzors on the radio show
•"I’m like jam spread across the biggest slice of bread ever"
•posting an important message about tour spoilers tomorrow
•"I’m so drunk right now and I’m totally high"
•stand up to cancer charity event
•"I’ll stop joshing you because I’m rustling too many jimmies"
•phils self watering plant pots
•wishing for bagels