this show is the worst to colour


So the ‘third’ hero fest is coming up and features 12 unique 5 star characters! The following being Ike, Celica, Ayra, Deirdre, Hector, Spring camilla, Bridal Caeda, Spring Xander, Fjorm (new character), Genny, Bridal Cordelia and Brave Lyn. 

So besides a new character and 4 old limited edition units, this banner has a 8% pull rate along with no normal 5 star pull rate meaning, there are only 12 summonable 5 stars meaning you have a very good chance of getting who you want, with each colour having 3 units.

So who to aim for first? Best to worst? Is it possible with F2P orbs?

Well to answer this first off I’m going to give you the summon rates for this banner (I did a lot  of maths for this so please spare my soul)

Summon rates

That document shows the rate to pull any singular hero on this banner. The only units not accounted for are Lute, Mia and Dorcas, as its impossible to say whether or not they will be demoted for sure, or even for this banner. No matter who does it’ll make very little difference.

Well I’ll quickly go over the important stuff here. On the spreadsheet, those in the big table shows the rate to pull any 1 hero from any one singular orb. The second, first small table shows the amount of star rated characters in a  bracket, the second shows the percentage rates (I assumed Hero fest rates for the 4/3 stars). The next table shows the rate of pulling and star ranked unit in a full summon, For example if you did a full summoning session, reds provide the most 4 stars, while green produce the least. Meanwhile the vice versa is true for 3 star units.So normally there’s a 5 star pull but since it’s skipped and just a focus, it means surprise its 8% to summon one of these focus units. 2% for each colour and 0.6~% for each unit.

However the last table shows solo picking, a method where you pick one colour orb and quit afterwards once you’ve pulled all that colour. The rates for 5 stars are as follows

Red = 9.677419355 %
Blue = 10.34482759 %
Green = 14.28571429 %
Colourless = 11.11111111%

This means if you just want 5 stars you should pull green orbs first, then colourless, followed by blue and finally Red. (Btw this applies to all 3 units in a colour, for a specific one just divide by 3)

So for those who just wanted the best colour to pull as a f2p player, the answer is green. However if you want to know if its worth the heroes or not continue reading…..


The red pool features Celica, Ike and Ayra as their 5 star pulls, and is arguably the best pool in terms of unit versatility, as all these units can play offence or defence. Celica is a incredibly deadly mage with the ability to hit incredible offensive power or tank mages depending on her A slot, however it also means she can’t do both at the same time. She also has a amazing tome in ragnarok. She’s a highly suggest pool for anyone wanting a red mage. Ike is essentially bulky Ryoma, Able to hit hard and defend well, however he lacks the speed he wishes he has and is stuck being mainly enemy phase. He’s a very good sword user though. Finally there is Ayra and she is the best sword unit in the game, she makes the red pools low chance worth it. 

Should you pull?

If you need a good sword user or mage the answer is yes, or even just for Ayra, if you miss her the other two are still s tier and above. at 3.2% on just red pulls its worth the summon for the one you want.


I’m sad to say Blue is the weakest colour on the pull. Even if Fjorm turns out to be amazing, you get a free 5 star of her in the game after beating chapter 1 of book 2. Meaning unless you want ivs there is little reason. However it does boast 2 limited units being Bridal Caeda and Spring Xander. Bridal Caeda is a fast blue mage but like her normal counterpart she lacks attack to be a truly terrifying unit, shes still amazing if you get her as a blue mage but not the best. Spring Xander however is mostly outclassed by every other lance user, while he does have some niches, they are normally done by someone else still a limited unit as well.

Should you pull?

Unless you want the limited units, blue is the least of you’re concerns if looking for the best 5 stars. However Fjorm might be amazing though even then compared to the other groups…


Okay so listen up Green has a HUGE PULL RATE nearly as high as that wyvern banner we had a few months ago (where all 4 units where green) Greens low pool means the 5 stars appear more often. Hector of course, is Hector and truly Amazing. Deirdre is a amazing magic wall, however if you have Julia, she’ll be able to fulfill the same role soon due to the upgrade system. Basically its if you like more bulk over attack between the two but both are solid regardless, while the final unit is Spring Camilla. A green mage flier, who if you missed out on summer Corrin and can’t be asked with Nowi, she is a great unit to have. Especially as gronnraven lets her tank bows.

Should you pull?

Yes, Green is almost always worth it, unless you have these heroes or don’t care for them Green is always gonna reward you when you hit the jackpot.


So this is my pick for the best pulls, and yes its not colourless hell for once, more colourless heaven. Basically you have the two best archers, if not the best two units in the game, in Brave Lyn and Bridal Cordelia. They are essentially the same unit bar Lyn has a horse, and less attack while Cordelia has more Attack but is infantry. The final option is Genny who is one of the best healers in the game, but also comes with wrathful staff meaning anyone who wants to make another healer good can get this skill. Basically its worth it no matter what. Providing a 7.4% chance to get a archer and also has the second highest 4* chance, it means you’ll only go wrong if you pull a 3 star.

Should you pull?


That wraps it up though, if you want my advice I’d pull Colourless > Green > Red > Blue, green and red can be swapped but green has the higher rate,. While pulling every orb is solid, I’d suggest picking a colour to at least get someone you want first and then pull the rest if you pull a 5 star in a batch.

Anyway I hoped this help, and please spread this around I spent a lot of time on this


That guy, I’m standing right behind him and I’m holding the frying pan. But I can’t move. He shoots you, and then he turns and looks straight at me. He’s gonna kill me. I can’t make it stop. It’s never gonna stop. 

Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine Robb Stark falling in love with your rebellious attitude.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Badass warrior reader X Robb stark B-)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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El in a shell suit jacket! Can we have this in season 3? It’s the single worst item of clothing ever created, and if El wore one on the show I would die of joy!

Always looking for an excuse for drawing practice and I was totally inspired by @maxmayfield ’s We Could Be Heroes supernatural AU, her mood boards are especially gorgeous!!

I hope to share some more Stranger Things stuff really soon, I just need to find the time to colour them. Christmas is so hectic, lol! :)

The HTTYD Franchise...
  1. How To Train Your Dragon
  2. Legend Of The Boneknapper Dragon (Short)
  3. Gift Of The Night Fury (Short)
  4. Book Of Dragons (Short)
  5. Sports - Bobsled
  6. Sports - Medal Ceremony
  7. Sports - Ski Jump
  8. Sports - Speed Skating
  9. Sports - Snowboarding
  10. Training - Deadly Nadder
  11. Training - Gronckle
  12. Training - Monstrous Nightmare
  13. Training - Hideous Zippleback
  14. Training - Night Fury
  15. Training - Terrible Terror
  16. Popcorn Ad
  17. How To Start A Dragon Academy (R.O.B)
  18. Viking For Hire (R.O.B)
  19. Animal House (R.O.B)
  20. The Terrible Twos (R.O.B)
  21. In Dragons We Trust (R.O.B)
  22. Alvin And The Outcasts (R.O.B)
  23. How To Pick Your Dragon (R.O.B)
  24. Portrait Of Hiccup As A Buff Man (R.O.B)
  25. Dragon Flower (R.O.B)
  26. Heather Report Part 1 (R.O.B)
  27. Heather Report Part 2 (R.O.B)
  28. Thawfest (R.O.B)
  29. When Lightning Strikes (R.O.B)
  30. What Flies Beneath (R.O.B)
  31. Twinsanity (R.O.B)
  32. Defiant One (R.O.B)
  33. Breakneck Bog (R.O.B)
  34. Gem Of A Different Colour (R.O.B)
  35. We Are Family Part One (R.O.B)
  36. We Are Family Part Two (R.O.B)
  37. Live And Let Fly (D.O.B)
  38. The Iron Gronckle (D.O.B)
  39. The Night And The Fury (D.O.B) 
  40. Tunnel Vision (D.O.B)
  41. Race To Fireworm Island (D.O.B)
  42. Fright Of Passage (D.O.B)
  43. Worst In Show (D.O.B)
  44. Appetite For Destruction (D.O.B)
  45. Zippleback Down (D.O.B)
  46. View To A Skrill Part 1 (D.O.B)
  47. View To A Skrill Part 2 (D.O.B)
  48. The Flight Stuff (D.O.B)
  49. Free Scauldy (D.O.B)
  50. Frozen b
  51. A Tale Of Two Dragons (D.O.B)
  52. The Eel Effect (D.O.B)
  53. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (D.O.B)
  54. Bing, Bam, Boom (D.O.B)
  55. Cast Out Part 1 (D.O.B)
  56. Cast Out Part 2 (D.O.B)
  57. Dragon Eye Of The Beholder Part 1 (RTTE S1)
  58. Dragon Eye Of The Beholder Part 2 (RTTE S1)
  59. Imperfect Harmony (RTTE S1)
  60. When Darkness Falls (RTTE S1)
  61. Big Man On Berk (RTTE S1)
  62. Gone Gustav Gone (RTTE S1)
  63. Reign Of Fireworms (RTTE S1)
  64. Crushing It (RTTE S1)
  65. Quake, Rattle And Roll (RTTE S1)
  66. Have Dragon Will Travel Part 1 (RTTE S1)
  67. Have Dragon Will Travel Part 2 (RTTE S1)
  68. The Next Big Sting (RTTE S1)
  69. Total Nightmare (RTTE S1)
  70. Team Astrid (RTTE S2)
  71. Night Of The Hunters Part 1 (RTTE S2)
  72. Night Of The Hunters Part 2 (RTTE S2)
  73. Bad Moon Rising (RTTE S2)
  74. Snotlout Gets The Axe (RTTE S2)
  75. The Zippleback Experience (RTTE S2)
  76. Snow Way Out (RTTE S2)
  77. Edge Of Disaster Part 1 (RTTE S2)
  78. Edge Of Disaster Part 2 (RTTE S2)
  79. Shock And Awe (RTTE S2)
  80. A Time To Skrill (RTTE S2)
  81. Maces And Talons Part 1 (RTTE S2)
  82. Maces And Talons Part 2 (RTTE S2)
  83. Enemy Of My Enemy (RTTE S3)
  84. Crash Course (RTTE S3)
  85. Follow The Leader (RTTE S3)
  86. Turn And Burn (RTTE S3)
  87. Buffalord Soldier (RTTE S3)
  88. A Grim Retreat (RTTE S3)
  89. To Heather Or Not To Heather (RTTE S3)
  90. Stryke Out (RTTE S3)
  91. Tone Death (RTTE S3)
  92. Between A Rock And A Hard Place (RTTE S3)
  93. Family On The Edge (RTTE S3)
  94. Last Auction Heroes (RTTE S3)
  95. Defenders Of The Wing Part 1 (RTTE S3)
  96. Defenders Of The Wing Part 2 (Season 4)
  97. TBA (RTTE S4)
  98. TBA (RTTE S4)
  99. TBA (RTTE S4)
  100. TBA (RTTE S4)
  101. TBA (RTTE S4)
  102. TBA (RTTE S4)
  103. TBA (RTTE S4)
  104. TBA (RTTE S4)
  105. TBA (RTTE S4)
  106. TBA (RTTE S4)
  107. TBA (RTTE S4)
  108. TBA (RTTE S4)
  109. TBA (RTTE S4)
  110. TBA (RTTE S5) - Season 5
  111. TBA (RTTE S5)
  112. TBA (RTTE S5)
  113. TBA (RTTE S5)
  114. TBA (RTTE S5)
  115. TBA (RTTE S5)
  116. TBA (RTTE S5)
  117. TBA (RTTE S5)
  118. TBA (RTTE S5)
  119. TBA (RTTE S5)
  120. TBA (RTTE S5)
  121. TBA (RTTE S5)
  122. TBA (RTTE S5)
  123. TBA (RTTE S6) - Season 6
  124. TBA (RTTE S6)
  125. TBA (RTTE S6)
  126. TBA (RTTE S6)
  127. TBA (RTTE S6)
  128. TBA (RTTE S6)
  129. TBA (RTTE S6)
  130. TBA (RTTE S6)
  131. TBA (RTTE S6)
  132. TBA (RTTE S6)
  133. TBA (RTTE S6)
  134. TBA (RTTE S6)
  135. TBA (RTTE S6)
  136. Dawn of the Dragon Racers (Short)
  137.  How To Train Your Dragon 2
  138. . How To Train Your Dragon 3

Wow!!! how lucky are we to have so many parts to this franchise!!! We will have 3 Movies, 4 Short films, 12 short clips and 118 episodes!!!

 That is a total of 138 parts to HTTYD!!!! 


The Handmaid’s Tale: Colour Series [5/?]  Yellow

I’m sure this seems very strange, but ordinary is just what you’re used to. This may not seem ordinary to you right now, but after a time it will. This will become ordinary.

I refuse to see any difference between a broken heart and a broken leg. Quite possibly, the broken leg is actually physically more painful. They both need great care.

The cure to a broken heart though, may be these three things. Firstly finding an eternal ocean, perhaps sitting on a cliff for a month and watching the tide come in and go out. This will show you that nothing stays the same. Or the Moon, Luna, may be the cure. It will heal the part where you think loving a person is forever. You will fall in love with the Moon and then it will disappear for a while. It will never be yours forever. It will teach you a great lesson. Lastly, Autumn. This will teach you that nostalgia is in the leaves and the colour orange. You will flee the city in Autumn so you won’t be sucked into nostalgic emotions

The worst is you may need another being to fade your scars away and clear the bits and pieces of your heart. We don’t really recommend that because they may seem like fixing everything but only for a short while.

Stick to our first prescription.

Prescription of a broken heart, Poet from London

Mono No Aware, 物の哀れ / pt 1

Originally posted by nnochu

Genre: Childhood lovers, fluff, angst

Word count: 3,035

Summary: A photo that joined like two puzzle pieces connected two lost, wandering souls

prologue/ pt 1/ pt 2/

“I found a love, for me

Darling just dive right in and follow my lead”

“Oh come on Poppy! Stop being such a coward! You’re so slow like a snail and dragging the whole team down!”

Jungkook hushed from behind you, voice low, in fear of your opponent finding the both of you. You glanced at the dense forest that lay ahead, trees so tall they loomed over you like a gargantuan monster.

“But I’m afraid, the trees are so tall and the forest looks dark. What if we get lost, or..or what if we get kidnapped by the monsters in the forest and never get to come out?” you asked, desperate for assurance.

Annoyance flashed past his face as he whined “oh come on! I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. Don’t forget I’m Superjeon. Now can we move on?”

“Pinky promise?” you asked, doubt reflected over your guileless 8 year old face.

“Pinky promise.”

It was a stupid game of hide and seek your innocent young self indulged in, but just like this, you dove right in and followed his lead.

And just like this, he took the role of being the brother you never had, the angel you never met.

Since young, you were known to be the more introverted of all. Quiet, shy and always afraid of God knows what to step out of your comfort zone. Anything that involved speaking to large groups of audience were the worst. Your mind would go blank, and the insides of your mouth ran so dry you would start coughing uncontrollably. Coincidentally, you had to do public speaking in your last year of middle school, and it was the worst.

“What’s the point of this? I don’t get it. Argh I’m super annoyed. Ms Kim is going to make Namjoon pass with with flying colours and show favouritism blatantly. Right.. talk to you soon. Gotta go rush the speech.”

You hung up the call with Jungkook, and your apartment suddenly became so silent it reminded you of your parents working overseas.

“I don’t want to do this” you groaned and sunk your head into your pillow.

The incessant ring of the doorbell accompanied by furious knocks pulled you back to reality like a magnet. Peeling your eyelids open and taking in the sight of your room, your incomplete speech lay on the floor, fluttering lightly from the blast of the air conditioner as your laptop was showing the collage of you and Jungkook- one you set as your screensaver.

Come on, we all know you have a crush on him. No guy would do so much for a girl unless he loves her. Name me a guy who calls his female friend by such a cheesy nickname? Oh God, has he confessed already?

The voices of your friends ricocheted in your mind, and it was as though each time you smiled and brushed off saying that the relationship between the both of you was platonic, it tore you a little inside. Yes, you carried a torch for him, but you knew better than to go around spewing stuff like these.

“You home?” someone screamed from outside

“Coming!” you replied, blinking your eyes as you got thrown back into reality.

You pulled your mane into a loose bun, which you wondered if it was of any use as pieces of hair started falling out. Opening the door, you saw Jungkook standing there, right hand curled into a fist in mid-air.

“I was about to pound the door down, you know. I thought you fell asleep on your way out.” Jungkook said as he entered the apartment, sarcasm rolling off his tongue.

“Excuse you, Mr Jeon.” you shot.

“Just a gentle reminder, you were known to fall asleep anytime and anywhere.” he grinned, eyes shooting you a knowing a look.

“That was so long ago!” you screamed, clearly embarrassed about it.

Then, the both of you were at a birthday party, and you were in charge of the grills. Well, it was so until you fell asleep, standing, and only woke up when Jungkook dragged you away from the chicken wings that caught fire on the grill. You couldnt help but chuckle at that ridiculous scene.

“Anyway, I got you your favorite tea, which you claim helps you destress, and some midnight snacks to help you get through this. Trust me, they’ll come in handy. I’ve been there, done that.”

Groaning, you plopped down on the sofa beside him, sending him a few bounces. For the love of life, you couldn’t even speak to a group of 10 mere students, and now theres going to be about a level of them.

“Jungkook do you understand what we’re talking about here? Im screwed. S C R E W E D” you emphasised by spelling out each letter.  

“Let’s see what you have” he said, and motioned for you to start making your speech.

You were forced to speak so you did, uncertainty filling your insides. It was long, and incredibly dreadful. Each syllable felt like an entire essay, and you stumbled over countless words. When it finally ended, you let out a shaky breath. Jungkook stood up, and gave you a standing ovation as a proud smile plastered across his face.

“You did it!” he gave you a high-five, which you gladly returned, and engulfed you in a quick hug.

“It’s a lot better than I expected Poppy, it’s really impressive considering it was such an impromptu speech. Now imagine if all the audiences and Ms Kim were just duplicates of me” he spoke dramatically, as he spread his arms open as if unravelling a horizontal scroll in mid-air

You rolled your eyes, but chuckled at his declaration.

“Ew, Jungkook. I’d flip if they were. Oh, I forgot to ask, have you had dinner? The menu for today’s your favourite. Spaghetti. I can heat up some”

“We have some serious telepathy going on between us” he flashed his set of whites, left palm finding its way to his stomach, signifying how hungry he was.

“I beg to differ Mr Superjeon, your stomach just growled.” you burst out, playfully punching his arm while heading to the kitchen.

“Listening to our favourite song,

When you said you looked a mess,

I whispered underneath your breath,

Darling you look perfect tonight”

The day of prom came by in the blink of an eye.

You fussed about what to wear, and when you finally settled on one, you were too embarrassed to slip it on.

“Come on Poppy, you cant stay cooped up in here all night”

“Oh yes, I can” you retaliated.

“Get into that bathroom now and change into the damned dress and we are heading out in 5 minutes. If you aren’t out by then, I’m going to sell your precious figurines you have by your bedside table.”

“Oh God, please dont do that”, you exclaimed, eyes becoming saucer wide.


Jungkook pushed you in and closed the door in your face before you could respond, and you eyed the lifeless blue dress that lay limply on your right hand.

“2 minutes have passed!” he shouted, and you felt compelled to change into it.

One thing you learnt, was to never challenge him. Although Jungkook was in his early years of being a teenager, he was hooked on exercising and was crowned the muscle man of the neighbourhood. He once threatened to empty your stash of snacks if you never turned up for the meeting with your friends.

True enough, when your anti-social self took control over your decisions and you decided to back out, your entire stash of snacks, including the marshmallows you carefully stored away, disappeared without a trace. You only found out a month later that he donated them all to the orphanage down the street. Yes, it was for a good cause, but this just shows that he wasn’t up for jokes.

He only said things he meant.

You stepped out of the bathroom in exactly 5 minutes, and eyed him expectantly. When he kept his silence, you felt blood rushing to your cheeks, and ducked around shyly. Were you expecting his compliment? Were you waiting for him to say you looked good? You felt incredibly ashamed you even had such ideas. He saw you as a little sister, and yet you were harbouring such thoughts.

“Must we go?” you asked, trying to change the topic to stop thinking about the questions echoing in your head.

“Well yeah, it’d be a waste of effort if you don’t since you’ve already changed into the dress”

“Jungkook I-”

“See you in the car in 15 minutes!”

You scanned the makeup lined out neatly on the makeup table. And upon closer inspection, you saw a small post it on each and every makeup product you owned, with the simplest of instructions written on it in his handwriting that tilted left and right and floated up and down. He mentioned that he could not write on blank paper, and you could see his struggle and giggled to yourself at his efforts. But that aside, Jungkook probably knew more about makeup that you did. You did whatever you could and slipped into a pair of new heels before grabbing your essentials and headed out the door.

“This is already a bad idea Jungkook. I hate parties, and my feet are already screaming in pain. If you listen closely, you can hear them actually wailing” you exaggerated while fastening your seatbelt.

“Oh come on! If you had a pair of talking feet you’d be on the news or something. Besides, Ill make sure nothing happens to you. Just have fun, ill take care of the rest. Pinky promise.”

3 hours into the night, you were so desperate you sought refuge by sitting in the toilet cubicle, watching your feet roar with red angry blisters.

Knocks resounded the door, and Jungkook’s worried voice boomed from the other side.

“I’m sorry I got caught up in the conversation with Seokjin. You alright in there?”

Immediately opening the door, you grabbed your heels in your left hand. It seemed like a really obvious sign that your feet could no longer serve its purpose, and he seemed to get the clue and said “let’s head home.”

He kneeled on one foot and motioned for you to jump on behind him.

You clung his neck as he trudged to the parking lot in silence. Once the both of you were in the car, he turned on the ignition and the engine roared to life. Jungkook handed you the aux cord.

“Your turn?” He asked.

You shook your head and Jungkook decided to roll down the windows, since both of you didn’t want any music. Pregnant silence hung in the air and the howling winds were the only audible thing apart from Jungkook’s steady breaths. A pang of guilt washed over you as the realisation of being such a burden overtook your brain, and you single handedly caused him to lose his chance staying out late with his friends and loving life like how any other teen in your school should.

“I’m sorry”, you whispered.

“Over this?” He asked, a tinge of disbelief in his voice. “Don’t be, its a small matter.” he soothed as he rounded the corner into the familiar neighbourhood.  

Eyes still focused on the road, his left hand found your cold clammy ones and gave them a reassuring squeeze. Tears sprang to your eyes as you thought of all the times he helped you.

“Pinky promise” was almost like your morse code, no matter the age, you still stuck by it, like how he stuck by for you.

“I don’t know what id do without you, thanks for all that you’ve done. I…i-”

“Oh stop being a crybaby Poppy” he chuckled, as your tears started to pour.

When your dorm came into view, he did a perfect parallel parking before he turned off the engine. your sniffles suddenly became amplified as pindrop silence was introduced, making your ears ring

He smoothed his thumb across your tear stained cheek and smiled.

“Hush, its okay.”

He reached over to put you in his arms, and it was something you’ve grown to seek comfort in.

When you pulled away, your mascara and eyeliner were smudged everywhere and you couldnt help but laugh at your own reflection, at a loss of how to salvage the melting makeup. All thanks to the makeup products you snagged at some cheap sale.

“Oh my god, i look a mess.”

But then you heard him.

You heard jungkook whisper so softly under his breath

“Darling, you look perfect tonight.”

“Fighting against all odds,

I know we’ll be alright this time”

You remember Jungkook appearing at your doorstep one particular morning, surprising you at his sudden visit.

“Oh, hey, it’s early. Here for breakfast?” you questioned.

“Morning Poppy, well, I actually have something to tell you.”

The seriousness that settled on his face worried you, and you furrowed your brows together.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll make breakfast first. Pancakes?” Jungkook asked as he took the apron off the hook, securing it around his muscular built.

You nodded, and excused yourself as you went to freshen up.

An ominous storm seemed to brewing in the kitchen as you climbed the steps to your room. He almost always made you pancakes when you were sad. Furthermore, you heard the silence in the kitchen as he worked. He was always humming something, be it some random tune or an actual song, but today it was dead silent except for the clanking of pots.

You recalled the time when you fell in the process of learning how to cycle, scraped your knees against the concrete pavement and crimson red blood oozed out. The 5 year old you had no idea what that was, and just wailed in the middle of the pavement, sunlight mercilessly shining against the shiny red mess.

Jungkook ran over, and magically took out a towel from the back pocket of his pants and wrapped it tightly around your knee. He plopped down on a chair in your backyard.

“Stop crying Poppy! Superjeon is here to save the day. Im going to bring you this really special thing your mum made, and if you keep crying, it wont appear. It only shows itself to really calm and nice people.”

He appeared moments later, atop his left hand balanced a plate with a mountain of flat layered cakes, a drizzle of shiny brown liquid decorated the golden cake.

“What’s this? Smells amazing!” you squealed in excitement

“Pancakes, they are magical and make you forget about the pain.” The 7 year old Jungkook flashed his cheeky grin at you, gaps prominent between his teeth, all ready for new ones to take their place.

Years later, here you were, sitting opposite the same Jungkook whom matured well, fresh in his early teens. The smell of pancakes wafted in the air, and he cleared his throat.

“I’m leaving”

That was all it took. 2 words, 9 letters and your world came crashing down.

“You what?”

“Am leaving” he repeated, eyes glassy.

“Suddenly?” you question.

“I just got the news yesterday, and it was a flight arranged by my parents. You know how they are. I never get any say in these things.”

“But you… but I…” you choked on your tears.

“Please don’t cry Poppy, you’re making it harder for me.” he sighed.

you couldnt think straight. Thoughts pinballed around inside your head. It felt as though someone else was pulling back the plunger, sending random, rapid-fire thoughts shooting through your brain.

“Will you come back?” you whispered.

“For you. We are fighting against all odds, but im sure we’ll be alright this time.”

This was something about Jungkook. He had a way of saying things so you might believe its true.

It might be, because he only said things he meant.

That night, he stayed over, and he said, “ I think its about time I sang you a song.”

He pulled out the guitar you had by your bed, and the notes that vibrated into the quiet night was a song you’d come to hold close to your heart, Ed Sheeran- Perfect.

The lyrics held a special meaning to the both of you, as each second you spent with him was as though they were inked into words and sung into melody. It was a flawless rendition, and your shoulders started to shake in the still night, knowing you’ll miss him more than you can take. It took him a few minutes before he started speaking.

“I think I should tell you something”.

He looked up into the night sky and whispered something so soft you almost thought you were hallucinating.

“I’m sorry I didn’t have enough guts to tell you earlier Poppy.”

“Call me y/n instead.” you dared, making it sound more like a command and challenge than you wanted.

In the dark, you could only make out a vague silhouette of his perfectly sculpted face. you saw the corners of his lips tugging up, showing the smile you tried to memorise before you would have to constantly try to recall.

“y/n, I love you.” He breathed. “It was time I told you the truth.”

With that, you saw the shiny tears well up in his eyes and although he tried to keep it in, a single tear still rolled down.

“Jungkook, me too. So so much. I thought you saw my as your little sister and i reprimanded myself for even having a liking for you”. You confessed.

“Oh honey, you were wrong.” he said, and looked into the far distance with longing and sadness in his eyes.

“Trust me y/n, I’ll come back for you.”

“Pinky promise?”

“Pinky promise.” he assured.

It was under the vast night sky that you made another memory, another promise, another whole new feeling.

One that you’d still think of like a beautiful old book you loved.

The one you loved so much for all your life, where you’ll be his girl, and he’ll be your man.

a/n: inspired by the beautiful song, Perfect.

Beatles Related Asks

(feel free to add more)

The Beatles: what’re your favourite blogs?

John: who’s your favourite artist (musical or not)?

Paul: where’s your favourite location?

George: what’s your favourite food?

Ringo: what’s your favourite thing to wear?

Apple: what’s your favourite pass time/hobby?

Cavern: where did you grow up?

Guitar: are you left/right handed, or ambidextrous?

Paris: do you have a significant other?

Shea: have you been to any concerts?

Mop top: your worst fashion choice?

Liverpool: have you ever been on holiday?

Abbey: when’s your birthday?

Brian: have you lost anyone close to you?

Sixties: have you got a lucky number?

Boots: what’s your fashion “clique”?

USA: ever been banned/kicked out of somewhere?

Nose: your favourite feature?

Fan club: who is your OTP?

Linda: have you ever been in love?

Stuart: have you ever had a serious injury?

Love: what’s your “catch phrase”?

Submarine: do you like the ocean?

Vinyl: favourite album?

Glasses: what’s your favourite tv show?

Shakespeare: what’s your guilty pleasure?

Brunette: what’s your hair colour?

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Do u have any advice on what to put in a portfolio? Does it have to be realistic drawings or things that u are passionate about?

It’s good to have a wide variety of things if it’s gonna be a general portfolio but also it’s essentially a resume, so I think it’s also good to tailor it to the job you want to get? Like…there are sooooo many aspects of art; lifedrawing, gestures, perspective, backgrounds, colouring, lighting, modelling, character design, texturing, storyboarding, etc and you don’t wanna overload it with everything. I’d say whichever your specialty is, put in more of that, and then it’s also good to show that you have a good grasp of gesture and drawing from life, as well as enough skill to bs perspective too lol. Put in all the work that you’re really proud of, the pieces that you think show off the best of your abilities. You’re only as good as your worst piece so don’t include anything that you’re not too jazzed about. I’d also say show a good balance of Your Style drawings and life drawings, not like…photo realism but pieces that show you have a good grasp of anatomy and proportions and such, cuz you gotta know the rules before you can break them right. Also not everything has to be all cleaned up and pretty! Rough sketches can be great too!

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider putting up a tutorial of how you color your artworks? No pressure, I just really like how you color things and wanted to know your process.

yes!! ok!! i’ve done so in the past but.. i didn’t tag it i think so i forget where the post is. i’ll do one for an artwork i just posted! 

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Headcanons for the losers club all first meeting in preschool.

- eddie has got his shit fuckin organized. not a single pencil out of place. coloured pencils ???? organized by colour, from lightest to darkest.

- richie screams at the top of his lungs for his mum not to leave him in this ‘hell hole’ 

 - the teachers seem perplexed. but they haven’t seen the best (or worst) of richie tozier yet 

 - beverly is there and also screaming that she doesn’t want to be stuck with normies 

 - stan popped out of the womb done with everyone’s shit and he’s not afraid to show Derry Pre-K that he’s over it. that usually means he loves nap time more than anyone 

 - bill immediately goes to eddie and sits beside him. they have their own lil clique and bill has chicken nuggets to share. richie calls them losers 

 - he teaches the class how to make lil… paper boats. says he’s going to make his lil baby brother all the paper boats once he’s come out 

 -  ben is here and he loves story time. you bet your ass he’s telling all these stories like a pro. the hobbit ???  he makes the best bilbo baggins voice 

 - mike is the tallest and strongest and has appointed himself eddie kaspbrak’s guardian after richie tozier poked him in the bum with a sharp pencil and called eddies drawing ugly 

 - mike has A BIKE and he brings chocolate to school 

 - richie is nasty to eddie. the kid’s a demon. thank god he’s cute. 

 - one time during lunch he stole eddie’s asparagus and called it disgusting and eddie told him he was disgusting 

 - from then on, he and richie has been at odds. a rivalry for the ages. eddie has a gold star today ??? tomorrow, richie’ll have TWO gold stars

 - ben keeps giving beverly “secret admirer” notes and she loves them but by god… ben, think about the trees… you’re wasting the paper…

 - richie tells ben he thinks it’s lame 

 - ben promptly tells him to stuff it and that hes a coward because richie likes eddie but he hasnt the balls to tell eddie that 

 - richie, the little shit, launches himself at ben, who fights right back 

 - kiddie fight club 

 - imagine tiny losers club shouting “fight fight fight” save for eddie who doesnt condone violence 

-  they get time out, and eddie sneaks ben snacks when no one is looking because he’s nearest to the Time Out corner 

 - richie is insanely jealous of this and is pissed off 

 - he tells this to stan, who doesn’t care   - stan is like “…my guy… just… like draw him a picture or something, or make him one of those really cool robots you make with legos” 

 - and so the courtship… or whatever begins 

 - bill’s just there to give stan some chicken nuggets 

- bev is above all of this and is the queen of the monkey bars 

 - ben’s over it and has gone back to reading his books. he’s determined to be the next robert frost. 

 - the schoolday ends. richie sits in the foyer, waiting for his mother. 

 - eddie’s mum is running late, too 

 - he gives richie a starburst and they wait together. richie’s mum doesn’t turn up, and eddie invites him to have dinner with him and his mum but richie’s not all about that. 

 - “thats fucking lame. you’re a loser” 

 - eddie’s like……… suit urself dude  

 - tomorrow richie comes to school with a bright red robot and gives it to eddie. accidentally fuckin clocks the boy in the face, more like 

 - eddie cries because richie just broke his nose and promptly takes a swing at him 

 - mike picks eddie up but no eddie’s fuckin done with richie’s shit. 

 - bev sits richie down and tells him shit like that ain’t gonna fly 

 - richie panics and really doesn’t know what to fuckin do so bev helps him say sorry to eddie but eddie’s not havin that shit. this makes richie panic even more 

 - he cries 

 - eddie’s all guilty so he hugs richie and tells him he liked the robot just not that it was used to almost break his nose. 

 - richie says sorry and gives him the robot and all is well 

Headcanons: Darkiplier with a figure skater S/O

Request: “Could we see headcanons about Dark’s S/O who figure skates? I get bruises frequently from it and it’s always a fun time dealing with them aha”
Author’s Note: Excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject, I am trying <3

• He would worry but not to a crazy extent, the worst thing to happen would be light scolding from him from the more colourful bruises.

• He would make sure not to touch them though, and swat your hand gently away when he noticed you giving into the ever-present urge to poke the bruises

• He loves watching you at work

• He just thinks you’re so elegant

• … until you fall over. Then he will chuckle, covering his mouth. 

• He is very impressed by your resilience though

• It shows that you aren’t basic prey, you aren’t like the others

• In general he supports you and encourages you but in his own suave, sophisticated way.

• He will never scream your name from the sidelines but he will give you a kiss each time you leave the ice

Negan Imagines - The Blame Part 5

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A/N: Is it bad that I missed not seeing Negan this episode but I got to see my babies Maggie and Sasha so that made up for it. However I know a lot of y’all need your dosage of Negan so here it is. I know this is late and this is some of my poorer writing but I hope you can forgive me as I’ve been frantically busy this week so far.

Catch up here (Part 1)(Part 2)(Part 3)(Part 4)

Overall Summary: You’re the one who accidentally led the Saviours to the group cause Negan has an interest in you. Rick’s daughter.

In this chapter: Carl’s gone missing…

Pairing: Negan x reader, Father!Rick x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 1,609

Warnings: Explicit language, Negan being Negan, (this is a shit part)

After Negan left and took the majority of your belongings, things got more than difficult. The town was a mess and things seemed much harder for the long-term Alexandrian’s who had never known what life outside the comfy small town was like. 

Over the next 24 hours, your father decided to waste no time on scavenging for Negan. This rose tensions high, and they were even higher in your own home. 

You didn’t think Carl could get much worst after the comment that came from him when you helped Negan but surprisingly enough he did.

“Are you sure you won’t come?” Rick asked you. 

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Could I request headcanons for seaformer Kaon?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: For this one, I’ll be doing a set of SFW headcanons only as NSFW wasn’t requested specifically in the request. I hope that’s alright with you, anon! )

✦ Kaon is a merpredator through and through and it shows in his rather upsetting appearance. He is an unholy marriage of the stone fish in terms of build and crazy patterns while his fins and stingers (and poison) are reminiscent of the sea nettle jelly fish. His colours are an eerie red and white and black, making him stand out in the blue waters and in an ominous way too. Perhaps the worst thing about Kaon is that he can control the potency of his poison when he attacks someone with his stingers, meaning he can choose to inject someone with a mild paralysis to keep them down or torture them by making them wish for death itself.

✦ In the Decepthicon’s Division of Justiciers, he’s the equivalent of the communications and tracker. No one knows the seas better than Kaon. Given fact his eyesight is poor to the point he can’t see, his echolocation and memorisation of the sea’s landscape has not been matched by anyone else. There’s nowhere to run for a seaformer if they’re foolish enough to be put on the Culling List of the Justiciers. Kaon knows almost all the locations and hiding spots and secret caves that’s out there. By his side Kaon owns a trained stingray known simply as the Pet. The Pet is a ray who had been trained to be aggressive by attacking Kaon’s enemies or victims with its deliberately sharpened barb. Kaon adores the stingray and is one of the few things he holds genuine affection for.

✦ The aquatic equivalent of a big game hunter and he likes to hunt the most dangerous prey - Seaformers bigger than him, stronger than him. Makes ‘domesticating’ them more fun on his end, knowing he brought down some merwhales and mersharks twice his size before he put them out of their misery. Perhaps he’s most infamous for his capture and attempt to ‘train’ Dominus Ambus, the first Conjunx Endura of Rewind, after Dominus had been caught by the Justiciers of being a double agent. Poor Dominus died during the domestication attempts before rescue could arrive. To this day, Rewind holds a bitter grudge/rivalry with the Kaon and, by extension, Chromedome does too.

✦ Will go out of his way to try and harm the liaison on purpose should he ever cross paths with them. He thinks its cute that the Lost Light pod and other pods of Crystal Coast opted to pick up a pet of their very own. Kaon can tell by the first few raids that the pods have developed an attachment for the squishy thing and he loves to use this fact to antagonise/threaten the pods. He likes to sic the Pet on the liaison during raids, finding it funny to hear their panicked screams or listen to the worried shouts as the distracted pod members tried to ferry them to safer waters. No waters are safe for the little human when he’s around. Kaon will make sure of that.

✦ Finds Tarn’s little… obsession with the liaison strange and perplexing. Of all the humans out there, why bother with the one that’s protected up to their gills? (Do humans have gills? Probably not. Not with how the Aquifermers panic if he has the pet drag them under the waves for a bit of fun.) Kaon finds the interest odd and, in a way, disgusting but keeps those thoughts to himself. Everyone needs a goal or hobby and if Tarn’s is mooning over the liaison than so be it. The fact Tarn is pining over the human is why Kaon hasn’t given his beloved Pet the go ahead to kill the liaison off like he had in the past. If he can, he’ll prefer to capture the human alive and present them to Tarn one of these days. It never hurts to please leader of his pod and what would be a better way than to present the subject of his obsession, quite literally in the palm of his hand?