this show is the best thing on television

The Good Place is even better than the praise that it gets, and I’m still worried that so many people are sleeping on it and not recognizing one of the most absolutely game-changing comedies on television today.

It’s hugely risky to make a show that’s so reliant on philosophy and morality and to not only go in hard on that, but to still be funny, and to take risks with its world and characters and change things up in such huge ways so often…

Everyone involved in the making of this show should be showered in Emmys and enshrined in the television hall of fame - they should make a television hall of fame specifically for this show, okay.

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Few months ago you told us about your favorite movies on your page, could u do the same with your favorite series? take care little poet :)

God it’s so early and you ask me this… again, it’s complicated to choose but I’ll do my best, so here’s a list.


“Penny Dreadful”


“Game of Thrones”

“American Horror Story”


“Orphan Black”

“Orange is the new black”


“Stranger Things”

“The Killing” (U.S Version)

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

“New Girl”




bullet journal ideas masterpost

Over 250+ spread ideas!🎊

hoping your dreams are fulfilled, your grades are awesome and your skin is glowing in 2018!

Year in Review

  • highlights / reflection
  • achievements this year
  • lessons learnt / growth as a person
  • things you want to improve on
  • advice you’ve received / given
  • best music/movies/tv shows/etc of the past year
  • friends made during this past year

commonplace journal pages

  • things you’ve discovered during the past year
  • useful tips during the past year
  • odd facts and trivia during the past year
  • topics to explore during the past year
  • questions to ask during the past year

New Year, New You

  • calendar / future log / yearly or monthly logs
  • things to look forward to this year
  • upcoming books/music/movies/tv shows being released this year
  • maslow’s hierarchy of needs self-reflection spread
  • goals / new year’s resolutions + steps to put it into action
  • skills you want to learn this year e.g. coding
  • habits you want to break / habits you want to pick up
  • diary: day-to-day happenings
  • budgets: monthly/yearly budgets
  • inspiration spread for new projects
  • level 10 life: rate areas (academic, personal, mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial) of your life out of 10, and write down goals to improve that rating!
  • monthly overviews (e.g. progress on goals)
  • assignment due dates calendar
  • 18 things to do by the end of 2018

Special Pages for Special Friends

  • business cards from networking events
  • gift ideas for your friends/family/significant other
  • birthday / anniversary calendar
  • emergency contacts / phone numbers of important people
  • friendship journal:
    • memories / moments they were there for you
    • how you met
    • moments you want to share in the future
    • their mbti/hogwarts house
    • their best qualities

Trackers/Logs/______ of the Day

  • gratitude journal - # things you’re grateful for every day
  • habit trackers
  • motivational quotes
  • news headlines / this day in history
  • daily affirmations
  • currently reading / watching / listening to / feeling / eating / wanting etc.
  • time usage (read: wastage) tracker
  • k-drama or tv show episode tracker (always forget what ep I’m up to :S)
  • expenses tracker / tax deductibles
  • dream diary (tracker, plot(?), lucid or not, dream meanings)
  • new album or song releases
  • photo diary / sketch diary
  • weather
  • follower milestones
  • social media post tracker
  • household duties/chores tracker
  • grades tracker
  • year in pixels
  • TIL (today I learned)


  • appointments: dentist, optometrist, doctor, therapist, etc.
  • bills: car / internet / rent etc
  • tax: income statements and work expenses receipts
  • membership/licence renewals


  • weight tracker
  • resting heart rate tracker (gives general idea of cardio fitness)
  • water intake tracker
    sleep log / time to bed / time awake / total hours slept
  • exercise log: number of reps / steps / minutes
  • mood trackers
  • period tracker

Various Creative Spread Ideas

day-to-day / life planning spreads

  • skincare routines
  • perfect/ideal morning routine 
  • self-care reminders
  • exercise routines
  • wishlist
  • bucket list
  • firsts: kiss, date, house, vacation, car, concert, etc.
  • DIYs to attempt
  • savings jar (doodle it!)
  • yearly / monthly recurring tasks
  • usernames/passwords (hints only for security!) 
  • 5 or 10 year plans
  • dream job
  • dream house
  • planning for moving houses
  • dream wedding / planning
  • date ideas
  • make a worse case scenarios primer
  • summary tutorials for your reference e.g. step-by-step tax returns


  • studyblr ideas
  • topics I need to revise
  • finals study timetable/plan
  • aspirations: what you want to be and why / how to get there
  • class timetable
  • assignment ideas
  • project schedules / team meeting dates
  • professors’ emails/office hours
  • assessment results
  • anti-procrastination page
  • motivations to study
  • skills you want to learn or are useful e.g. coding
  • formulas page
  • courses you want to take and their pre-reqs
  • college comparisons
  • back to school shopping list
  • textbook list with prices

language learning

  • vocabulary lists
  • grammar structures
  • media (books/tv shows/movies) to consume in that language

self-reflection / personality traits

  • best and worst characteristics
  • what to be mindful of / what you need to work on
  • mbti types you’re most compatible with 
  • fears and how you want to overcome them
  • letters to your future self (include hopes and dreams)
  • letters to your past self (include achievements and things to be proud of!)
  • inspirational people
  • stress management tips
  • charities to donate to and why you support them
  • volunteering activities

fun, cute, and aesthetic spread ideas

  • things worth staying alive for / getting out of bed for
  • a spread with all the things you were worried about which turned out fine
  • message page from your friends to you
  • “i can’t live without ______”
  • creative crafts spread: tips / equipment / tutorials
  • aesthetic colour moodboards
  • happy / comforting / relaxing / funny things spread 
  • seasons (summer/autumn/winter/spring) spread
  • rainy day spread
  • holidays spreads: christmas / easter / halloween / thanksgiving
  • idioms and proverbs from all different cultures
  • flowers spread: fav flowers, meanings, bouquet/arrangements, press ‘em!
  • crystals spread: fav gemstones (doodle ‘em), meanings
  • succulents spread: fav succulents, terrarium layout ideas
  • coffee/tea spread: paint with coffee / fav blends / best cafes
  • what’s in my bag (doodle it!)
  • outfit ideas / polyvore style collections
  • magazine clippings
  • shower thoughts / hypothetical ideas spread
  • draw my life spread / personal timeline
  • favourite characters e.g. gudetama, kumamon, etc. (doodle ‘em!)
  • interesting words list (ephemeral, mellifluous, serendipity, scintillating etc)
  • ideal date ideas
  • wedding anniversary ideas (like 1st is paper, 25th silver, 30th pearl, 40th ruby, 50th gold, 60th diamond)
  • baby animals spread (duckies, puppies, bunnies!!)

#just bullet journal things

  • bujo spread layouts and devices to try out (e.g. chronodex, parallel time ladder) 
  • key/legend (keep it simple!)
  • colour palettes/swatches
  • washi tape / pens / markers swatches
  • banners / fonts
  • doodles
  • ticket stubs / receipts
  • stickers / stamps
  • cutouts of info brochures
  • pressed flowers
  • calligraphy / brush lettering / handwriting practice
  • favourite stationery


_______ that you want to do* / have done* (kind of bucket list)
*watch, read, listen to, try, taste, cook, play etc. 

  • books
  • movies
  • tv shows
  • music
  • hobbies
  • arts/crafts e.g. paper quilling
  • sports e.g. archery
  • how to play / equipment / etc.
  • video games
  • foods
  • activities
  • board games

books / movies / tv shows

  • summary / review
  • favourite characters
  • meaningful moments / moments that made you laugh / cry
  • (for the media critic) artful moments:
    • best descriptive passages
    • best cinematography
    • best action scenes
    • best use of soundtracks
    • (basically moments that make it deserving of awards)


    • album reviews
    • favourite songs
    • playlists for every mood and all seasons
    • meaningful lyrics
    • songs you shazamed
    • favourite genres and exemplar songs


    • reasons why i love my bias / bias wrecker / group
    • letter to your bias
    • comeback concepts / favourite outfits
    • visual/picture tutorials for makeup styles
    • calendar of your favs’ schedules during comeback season
    • in-jokes/memes
    • awards / achievements / records broken / milestones
    • translated lyrics
    • kpop songs vocab lists
    • upcoming releases
    • on this day


    • pics of your favourite artworks/artists + write about it
    • art styles you want to emulate
    • explain techniques for different media e.g. watercolour wet-on-wet
    • doodle ideas


    • natal chart readings/aspects/placements
    • solar return reading for the incoming year / transits
    • synastry / compatibility chart readings
    • constellation/star charts
    • symbol reference page for planets, zodiac signs, aspects


    • recipes
    • meal plans
    • shopping lists
    • interesting foods: (doodle ‘em!) taste / texture / smell (e.g. truffles, caviar)
    • cafes/restaurants you want to go to + their specialty dish (photo)
    • cocktails you want to mix/taste (doodle ‘em!)


    • interesting articles + moral/ethical issues it prompted you to think about
    • controversial topics on the news and for/against arguments/your thoughts
    • on this day in history
    • fav websites / blogs
    • jokes / puns / pickup lines
    • favourite poems / quotes / short stories


    • burn book - write things that make you angry/sad and rip the page out
    • wreck it journal - e.g. colour, scribble, stickers all over this page


    • places to visit
    • travel itinerary
    • cultural parables
    • useful phrases in the language and their meaning
    • travel memories spread: things you did / places you went / selfies
    • postcard collection
    • packing list
    • friendly and not-so-friendly people that you met in foreign lands


    • short story ideas
    • plot brainstorming spreads
    • journal prompts
    • drabbles
    • character designs
    • foreign words which can’t be directly translated into english

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    some self-care/mental health tips for the upcoming school year

    with school coming soon or already starting for some people i figured i’d share some of my tips for a healthier lifestyle. i know in the past i’ve struggled so much with being good to myself once school starts, both mentally, emotionally, and physically!

    keep a clean room 

    i know how hard this is. i’m absolutely awful at it, even in the summer but it really makes the biggest difference. coming home to a mess when your life is already stressful and messy enough just makes things worse. i know when i have a clean space i’m way more productive and at peace with my situation.

    take a break from social media

    just doing this every once in awhile makes the hugest difference. social media is a wonderful world but it’s easy to get caught up in how everyone is doing things without you or having more fun or how someone’s prettier or whatever. it’s not worth it. i’ve learned that just deleting the apps for even a few hours can make my mental state 10x better. it’s important to realize that while people are out doing things all the time, you can never be as fun as all the 162 people you follow combined.

    don’t be afraid to invite people out

    one of the biggest things i struggle with is being social, simply because i overthink inviting people to do things with me too much and just wait to be invited by someone else instead. remember that even if someone says they can’t do something, it’s not the end of the world. at least you opened up a possibility!!! by being someone who invites others to do things, people will feel more appreciated and like you actually want to hang out with them! but also always save time for yourself as well!

    create a self-care routine with motivation

    by giving yourself some type of reward to wash your face, brush your teeth and shower, such as only watching your favorite tv show afterwards, it will feel a bit easier to accomplish the tasks that seem simple but can be terribly hard, especially if you suffer from depression. i’ve learned that combining things into one task also makes it easier, such as once you get in the shower, do everything. wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, all in the shower. it makes self-care so much easier.

    get outside, stay out of bed

    laying in bed is the best thing ever, i know, but it can be so easy to get in there and never get out. this is my biggest bad habit. i feel more productive even just sitting on the couch. my bed is like a black hole of lost motivation. go outside for twenty minutes a day if you can. sunlight makes things a little better and staying inside all day does nothing for you.

    do one thing that scares you everyday, big or small.

    i’m someone who has struggled with social anxiety for years now, but i’m slowly getting better because i’m making a conscious (and very terrifying effort) everyday. this won’t work for everyone, i know, but it’s helped me a little bit. i try to challenge myself everyday to do one thing that scares me, whether it’s asking someone to do something after school or agreeing to get coffee with a friend you’re not super close to yet, or even just making conversation with someone next to me in class. don’t push yourself too far but don’t make zero effort either.

    cut the negative language/mindset

    anytime you have a negative thought find a reverse positive. even saying “i’m not happy with how my hair looks but my ass looks great in these jeans” is better than saying “i look awful today”. stop the constant internal bullying! think of it this way, if your best friend said the things you say to yourself, how would you feel? you’re your own best friend, so cut the shit! compliment yourself like you do your best friend. complimenting myself and finding things i find beautiful on my own body even once a day has increased my confidence exponentially. a negative language towards yourself leads to a negative mindset.

    find someone who motivates you

    if you need motivation to work out, study, anything, find a buddy. having someone to do things with and hold you accountable makes a world of difference. this summer i got together with a friend and made a deal that we would work out 2-3 times a week. it worked so much better than if i had just made that goal for myself because she was always there to text me to ask to workout when we needed to but i lacked the desire. and i did the same for her. now we actually both got a job at a gym together this fall and are working out consistently because we have that mutual  accountability with each other! plus just having someone you enjoy seeing makes doing the hard task more fun!

    accept your individuality

    you don’t need to look like society’s ideal of beautiful. there’s millions of types of flowers, and just because one kind is pretty to someone, does that make all the others ugly? no. there’s tons of species of dogs too and they all look totally different. is a poodle ugly just because a golden retriever is cute? NO. your individuality is you. everyone is beautiful in the very own unique way. don’t try to look like someone ellse. your beauty is not measured by how perfect your features are. 

    drink some fucking water

    and eat some food too

    understand that a bad week doesn’t mean a bad life

    we’re all going to go through those weird ass time periods where it feels like everything sucks and nothing can go right. accept that although it’s pretty bad right now, it won’t be forever. 

    good luck with this school year everyone! hope my tips help even just one person. take care of yourselves, kiddos.

    reasons everyone should be watching lucifer:
    • it’s about the devil, who one day went “fuck this. i’m over hell. i’m moving to LA” honestly that’s enough reason to watch it 
    • it’s not like every other cop show that is on tv at the moment. the supernatural twist always makes things bizarre and fun
    • it’s funny, like genuinely funny. it has it’s serious and emotional moments but most of the time it’s pretty lighthearted and doesn’t use Death™ to “intrigue” viewers
    • one of the best characters on the show is a pansexual demon who starts off as a pretty emotionless character and soon turns into the biggest softy who would do anything for the people she loves
    • lucifer is a bisexual dork who isn’t evil at all and just wants to be loved and accepted 
    • chloe decker’s eye roll thingy
    • the show does not slut shame their female characters
    • 5/9 of the main characters are poc, 6/9 are female (as of season 2)
    • the female relationships in this show are fab!! there is no jealousy, just love and random bar fighting
    • ella lopez… i can’t even describe this dork you just need to witness it 
    • the mother-daughter bond between chloe and trixie is so great. chloe is such a good mom, such a good cop, such a good person. 10/10 recommend just watching for chloe decker
    • deckerstar. whether it’s just a brotp or an otp, you will love their dynamic
    • all the characters are super different, and are all great. even some characters who may not be your fave at the start, you will end up appreciating them. 
    • mazikeen’s special love for trixie decker will make your heart melt. no one would dare mess with that demon’s little mars president 
    • lucifer’s constant “dad” jokes or comments about god are great
    • the music is also great 
    • please just watch there are more reasons but i think i got the main ones. lucifer is great

    okay okay okay, so i might be a lil tipsy but hear me out lads I have THE BEST idea for a tv-show. it’ll be called “Just Friends” and every week, it will do a parody of a queerbaiting used in some other film/show - but with straight people. Watch all the straights lose their minds when in my Pitch perfect inspired episode Bella and Clive flirt while singing together in the shower, naked, and then at the end of the episode we conclude that they are just the best of friends.

    And tune in the next week for my Once Upon a Time themed episode, where Emily and Reggie share custody of a kid, risk their lives for each others’ happiness and generally go around giving heart eyes and holding hands. And then at the end of the episode Emily says “Reggie you are such good platonic pal!”

    so who wants in on my BEST TV-SHOW EVER, can you imagine the complete outrage over the obvious sexual chemistry from all the straights, ah it’ll be so beautiful, who wants to join me for some straightbaiting? also pls feel free to add other episode ideas below

    Spongebob is a tv show about a closeted gay young man getting the attention of an unreceptive crush (Squidward) while also maintaining a performative crush on Sandy (known lesbian) anyways by the end of the series he will have come out and gotten over his thing for Squidward (which he was unknowingly only harboring because Squidward actively disliked him and Spongebob was setting himself up for failure) and form a committed and mutually beneficial relationship with Patrick, realizing he’s been in love with his best friend f years and Patrick (bisexual) has felt the same but also felt as though he couldn’t compete with the high culture that Squidward possessed

    things you need to hear this exam season

    - don’t beat yourself up for struggling even if you’re doing your best
    - you are smart and capable so don’t let laziness stop you from achieving your potential
    - stop self sabotaging. that tv show can wait. take a break but don’t become your own obstacle to success. get shit done first
    - eating right, staying hydrated and sleeping well are non-negotiable. look after yourself
    - grades do not define you so be kind to yourself. but do your best and work hard for what you want

    • Me,every day during summer: I'll meet my friends every day, go out, workout, learn new hobbies, meet new people, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't spend to much time in front of my computer, start living life at its best
    • Also me, every day during summer: *counting down days until hiatus ends, while making tumblr edits and rewatching all seasons of my shows*

    fictional-portal  asked:

    dare i ask....what is critical role?

    oh boy, okay, so THIS IS GONNA BE LONG, HEADS UP

    Critical Role is a series on Twitch produced by Geek & Sundry where (famous) voice actors Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer play Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes there are guests players and they are all always AMAZING.

    They are all very close friends (some are spouses and married) and had this D&D campaign even before it started being broadcasted. Matthew is the Dungeon Master. Everyone is always in-character during the games, thanks to their talent, the voices and acting and RP is TOP NOTCH and you cry and laugh a lot.

    The episodes can be up to 4 hours long sometimes, and there is 110 episodes so far (roughly the same length as a TV show with 7 seasons). It’s very intimidating, but you can also just listen to it and not watch them.. although (and i’m not even biased when I say that) watching Laura Bailey react to everything is like, one of the best thing about CR. Also the physical acting is sometimes important! The show is being uploaded in podcast form tho!

    It’s broadcasted every Thursdays on Twitch, and then the episodes are added to Youtube on Mondays.

    Who’s in the Party aka Vox Machina (some things will be left unsaid to avoid spoilers):

    Vex’ahlia (Vex) played by Laura Bailey *harp music*

    Half-Elf Ranger. Went from Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral, and currently is Chaotic Good. Vax’s twin sister. She has a bear named Trinket whom she loves more than anything in the whole world (tie with Vax, probably). She winks a lot and flirts with everybody. SHE LOVES MONEY. A good person but sometimes does questionable things like lying and stealing. Self-worth issues. Lowkey bisexual, only kinda confirmed off-screen.

    Vax’ildan (Vax) played by Liam O’Brien

    Half-Elf Rogue. Chaotic Good. resident emo boy, but also a Soft Boy. Vex’s twin brother. Very emotional. A bit obsessed with Death. Depressed. Loves to prank Grog, and would die (literally) for his twin sister. Bros with Grog and Scanlan. Loves to braid hair. An actual bird. Canon bisexual.

    Grog Strongjaw played by Travis Willingham

    Goliath Barbarian. Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral? VERY TALL. Has an intelligence of 6. Pike’s best friend. Thinks water is poison (but not anymore, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). The cutest murder machine. Fighting is like yoga for him. LOVES women and brothels. Also ale.

    Pike Trickfoot played by Ashley Johnson

    Gnome Cleric. Chaotic Good. The Mom friend. Grog’s best friend. Loves the goddess of Light and Healing, Sarenrae, whom she is a cleric of. She will swing her holy mace in your face if you threaten her friends. An actual angel?? Played by an actual angel? Plays only when she isn’t busy on the set of Blindspot.

    Keyleth played by Marisha Ray

    Half-Elf druid. Neutral Good. Percy’s best friend. Basically The Avatar. Most powerful member of the party. Vox Machina’s moral compass, she is 90% of their impulse control. Very wise but very socially awkward. (Spoilers) She jumped off a cliff, turned into a goldfish and died that one time. She’s okay tho. She loves the twins. She loves all of her friends tbh. Gets arrested a lot??. Scared about her future. Lowkey bisexual, kinda confirmed off-screen.

    Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (Percy) played by Taliesin Jaffe

    Human Gunslinger (Fighter). Neutral Good. Keyleth’s best friend. A little bit haunted. Obsessed with contracts and demons tbh. THE SMARTEST BOY. Build a lot of impressive stuff. Sometimes he makes jewelry for the party out of sea shells or dragon scales. Talks fancy. Loves explosions. Has PTSD.

    Scanlan Shorthalt played by Sam Riegel

    Gnome Bard. Neutral Good or Chaotic good? Unsure. Probably Chaotic Good. Bros with Vax and Grog. Really fancies Pike. A player. Has a lot of issues but hides behind humor. The funniest and most talented. Is often naked. Very loyal. A complex character. He doesn’t like Trinket. Canonically not Straight. Probably Pan??

    Taryon Darrington (Tary) played by Sam Riegel (for a while)

    Human Alchemist. Alignment?? He’s a good boy. A REAL DIVA. Rich. Super smart. Has an automaton named Doty who writes down his adventures. Vex’s best friend. Bros with Percy. His arc was brief but he started as a pompous brat and ended being a soft and loyal member. Scared easily. Loves being an adventurer. Canonically very gay.

    Beloved NPCs, played by Matthew Mercer (but only some of them because Matt plays over 100+ NPCs)

    • SHAUN GILMORE. Human. The prettiest and (canonically) gayest shopkeeper in all the lands. Actually an incredibly powerful sorcerer. Had a crush on Vax and vice versa.
    • Allura Vysoren. Human. Very graceful and smart. Amazing arcanist (wizard). Vox Machina’s number one emergency contact tbh. She loves Kima, in a gay way. Canonically bisexual.
    • Lady Kima of Vord. Halfling Paladin. She serves the deity Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon. Small but will kick everyone’s ass.  Sassy. Will kill you if you prank her. Butch Icon. Loves Allura very much. Canonically very gay.

    /!\ SPOILERY NPCs /!\ :

    • J’mon Sa Ord. Nonbinary. SO ELEGANT. Barefoot at all times. Kind of tired of Vox Machina’s shit, but is still fond of them nonetheless. Spoilers x1000: Actually a (good) Dragon. The coolest sovereign. I’m in love.
    • Cassandra De Rolo. Human. Percy’s sister. Is running a kingdom while her brother is out and about shooting at bad dragons. NEEDS A FUCKING NAP. LET HER SLEEP, MATT.

    Characters came and went (Tiberius Stormwind played by Orion Acaba for example) and some guests come back more often than the others, but this is getting way too long so let’s stop here.

    Honestly, CR is the best thing I’ve ever watched. I never laugh as much as I do in front of a TV as I do in front of CR. Same for surprise and tears and stress and everything a show can make you feel. It’s truly something else.

    “What is Critical Role” video. A good and fun recap.

    You can watch Critical Role HERE

    Good luck!


    IGN - “For those looking for a new flavor of superhero show, Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ definitely delivers” 8/10

    FORBES - “Fantastical is to be expected, but the weirdness of this show is next level for Marvel, and it’s fun”

    NERDIST - “Runaways brings heart and great characters to the superhero genre. There’s something exhilarating about seeing these characters come to life, and the casting of the teen heroes is utterly fantastic” 5/5

    THE MARY SUE - “Runaways impresses with its wonderful cocktail of earnestness, melodrama, and mystery. Can’t wait to see more”

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - “There’s a deep vein of dark comedy here, a satire that deepens the more recognizable superpowered-teen melodramaB+

    HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - “If everybody’s got to have a superhero show, then it looks like HULU has a good one”

    DEN OF GEEK - “Marvel TV is due for a win. Is Marvel’s ‘Runaways’, Hulu’s first foray into Marvel adaptation, it? The short answer: yes” 4/5

    TV LINE - The Breakfast Club meets X-Men with a splash of Stranger Things thrown in, Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ is the richest, best-realized hero drama of the new TV season” A-

    WE GOT THIS COVERED - “When the show hits that sweet spot it’s an intriguing, weird, funny, and addictive addition to the Marvel world”  8/10

    THE DAILY DOT - “Runaways arrives on the scene amid a crowded comic-book lineup across the TV realm, but it manages to shine as it juggles a superhero show and a teen drama worthy of its beloved source material”

    IIf Netflix or any studio should learn something is that Percy Jackson and The Olympians is where the money is right now. The fandom is starving for a loyal adaptation, we don’t care if it’s a movie, a show or a cartoon, we want something. The Lighting Thief musical proved that betting on this fandom will not be a mistake, the recording of the musical (an off-broadway musical) broke records in pre-sales (in a record company that has records of very successful musical) not only that but the day it was released they reached #1 in musicals beating Hamilton and Moana and even managed to be on the top 10 on Itunes, the success of the musical was so big it’s actually going on tour next year. 

    There is already a loyal fanbase, I’m talking about people who are from 15 years old to over 30 years old and grew with the books and would support it as long as is a loyal adaptation (and are starving for official merchandise). The saga is intended for kids so that only means the fandom would grow even more with the new fans. The saga has been a best seller for over 440 weeks, last time I check it was beating Harry Potter over how long it was on the best-seller list. 

    And if they think that shows with kids as leads would not do well Netflix already has very successful shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events (who also has Joe Tracz as a writer who also worked on the scrip of the Lighting Thief Musical), there is also The Worst Witch and while Stranger Things might not be a kids show is absolutely proof that you can find kids who are absolutely better actors than most of the actors playing teenagers in tv shows.

    Is absolutely disappointing that Fox fucked up what could have been a saga as huge (or even bigger because it has more books) than Harry Potter and that nobody is talking about reboots (when almost all the current movies or shows are reboots)

    Ok, actually… you’re kinda right. I mean, they just keep punching each other and we’re calling it “being in love”.

    Originally posted by dvnkens

    Originally posted by teenwolfhowl

    Originally posted by teenwolfhowl

    And they can’t absolutely stand each other…

    Originally posted by inter-somniac

    Originally posted by emwatsxn

    Also when they were in the hospital in 6x09 and Theo said:

    You’re going first.
    That’s the only reason I’m with you.
    Because while they’re busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I’ll be running the other direction.
    I’m on your side as long it helps me.

    Originally posted by colormayfade

    And then Liam said:

    I also think whatever happened to you, you deserved it.
    When the Ghost Riders find us, I’m not gonna do anything for you.
    I’m not gonna help you.
    I’m not gonna save you.
    I’m gonna do exactly what you would do to me.
    I’m gonna use you as bait.

    Oh, hang on a second.

    Didn’t they save each other from a ghost rider right after that?

    And isn’t this Liam saving Theo?

    Originally posted by all-decay

    And isn’t this Theo saving Liam in the exact same way?

    Originally posted by theoraken

    And again…

    Originally posted by fakehappyalec

    Also, is that Theo worrying about Liam?

    Originally posted by fytwolf

    Originally posted by vxidability-nolan

    Originally posted by colormayfade

    Originally posted by theoraken


    Originally posted by wolfiehunters

    Theo: I went trough all of this to keep you from being taken.

    Plus, in 6x15…

    Theo: Those two losers killed hunters.
    Liam: Who killed their pack.
    Theo: So what? I mean, Monroe’s gonna tear through anything standing between her and them. That means you, Lydia, Malia and Scott.

    Oh, and here’s Theo looking at Liam with heart eyes!!

    Originally posted by animeteenwolflover

    Originally posted by asplittingoffrerard

    Originally posted by tfimtrash

    Originally posted by aztechale


    Originally posted by iamlonelyinvisibly

    Theo not only saved Nolan, but he stopped Liam from doing something he would’ve regretted.

    Originally posted by wolfiehunters

    Originally posted by fytwolf

    Liam can’t stand Theo but

    Theo: You made the plan.
    You wanted me to help.
    Liam: If I needed your help for anything, it’ll be so I get angry enough to kill you myself.
    Theo: You brought me here because that thing that came out of the Wild Hunt is affecting you, too.

    Not Scott, his alpha. Not Mason, his best friend. He choose Theo.

    What’s more, they’re such an amazing duo.

    Originally posted by imagine-everything-blog

    Originally posted by bloggergirl29

    We’ll see them kicking Gabe’s ass as well

    In season 5 Theo actually said:

    I love this kid.

    Originally posted by hotdamntheoraeken

    And let’s not forget who made all this possible by bringing Theo back…

    Originally posted by winifredwevansedits

    In conclusion, yeah, you’re right, they make no sense.

    But I’m not sure we’re watching the same tv show.

    Random Questions - Send Me Numbers!

    Here is a set of 200 random questions for people to ask you in order to get to know you better. Remember to include the questions in your answers. Please reblog!

    1. What is your middle name?
    2. Do you have any nicknames?
    3. Do you have any allergies?
    4. What is the longest your hair has ever been?
    5. Apple or PC?
    6. Favorite flavor?
    7. Have you ever been on a blind date?
    8. Are you friends with any of your exes?
    9. What kind of car do you drive?
    10. How grammatically correct are you when you text?
    11. What foreign country would you most like to visit and why?
    12. Creamy or chunky peanut butter?
    13. Favorite food to pig out on?
    14. DC or Marvel?
    15. Disney or Nickelodeon?
    16. Do you have any stickers on your laptop computer?
    17. Name/author of the last book you read cover to cover. Do you recommend it?
    18. Do you read any magazines?
    19. Coffee or tea?
    20. What is your go-to Starbucks drink?
    21. How many things can do with your weaker hand?
    22. Last show you binge watched?
    23. Dogs or cats?
    24. Favorite Disney princess?
    25. Do you like fast food?
    26. Favorite thing to cook for yourself?
    27. Favorite song to sing in the shower?
    28. Have you ever butt dialed anyone?
    29. iPhone/iPad or Android?
    30. Any styles of music you do not like?
    31. Have you ever kissed anyone of the same gender? If so, did you like it?
    32. Have you ever gotten a ticket while driving?
    33. Favorite emoji?
    34. Showers or baths?
    35. Is there anything you regret buying?
    36. Are you fluent in more than one language?
    37. Any movie(s) you can watch over and over again and enjoy just as much every time?
    38. What is the heaviest you have ever weighed?
    39. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and where?
    40. Have you ever uttered a spoken hashtag?
    41. Favorite school subject?
    42. Favorite non-chocolate candy?
    43. Name one celebrity you dislike.
    44. If you could have one superpower, which one would you most like to have?
    45. From 1-10, rate your singing ability.
    46. From 1-10, rate your dancing ability.
    47. From 1-10, rate your cooking ability.
    48. From 1-10, rate your driving ability.
    49. Are you religious?
    50. Do you drink soda? If so, which one is your favorite?
    51. Have you ever locked your keys in your car?
    52. Spring or autumn?
    53. Do you play any sports?
    54. Can you play any musical instruments?
    55. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
    56. How easily do you cry?
    57. Last musical artist you saw live?
    58. Favorite YouTube channel?
    59. Star Wars or Star Trek?
    60. How long have you known your best friend?
    61. Have you ever voted for a reality show?
    62. Last CD you bought?
    63. Have you ever ended a romantic relationship?
    64. Have you ever been broken up with?
    65. Have you ever been in the audience for the taping of a TV show?
    66. How long was your longest relationship? Are you still with that person?
    67. Have you seen any Broadway plays or musicals?
    68. Have you ever acted in a play or a musical?
    69. How flexible are you?
    70. Have you ever sexted?
    71. Do you own any clothes from garage sales or thrift stores?
    72. Real or fake Christmas trees?
    73. How many pillows do you sleep with?
    74. How well can you write in cursive?
    75. What is your political affiliation?
    76. Do you like any boy bands?
    77. Have you ever broken any bones?
    78. Have you ever gotten any stitches?
    79. Do you have any piercings in places other than your ears?
    80. What is the oldest piece of clothing you still wear and how old is it?
    81. Do you like wearing hats?
    82. Have you ever dyed your hair?
    83. From 1-10, how competitive are you?
    84. How long have you been at your current job?
    85. Have you ever studied abroad?
    86. Phrase you say the most?
    87. Have you ever quit a job?
    88. Have you ever gotten fired from a job?
    89. Have you ever won a trophy? If so, what for?
    90. Have you ever been a Boy/Girl Scout?
    91. Last thing that made you laugh?
    92. Do you eat meat?
    93. Are you more of a morning or a night person?
    94. Worst habit?
    95. Deepest fear?
    96. Do you believe in ghosts?
    97. If you could take home any animal from the zoo, what animal would you take?
    98. Do you consider rapping singing?
    99. Favorite costume you wore for Halloween? How old were you?
    100. Favorite store to shop at?
    101. Have you ever given anyone CPR?
    102. Favorite Pokémon?
    103. Do you own any homemade clothing?
    104. Do you drink alcohol at all? If so, what is your drink of choice?
    105. Have you ever skinny dipped?
    106. Favorite type of cookie?
    107. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
    108. Biggest pet peeve?
    109. Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
    110. Favorite literary character?
    111. Are your birth parents still together?
    112. Do you wear or have your ever worn glasses?
    113. How many of your Facebook friends do you actually hang out with?
    114. Have you ever been the victim of a prank?
    115. Do you belong to a fraternity or a sorority?
    116. Have you ever taken a nude selfie?
    117. Are you adopted?
    118. Favorite fandom?
    119. Oldest memory?
    120. Have you ever snorted when you laughed?
    121. Can you drive stick?
    122. Favorite Disney song?
    123. Random boy’s name.
    124. Random girls’ name.
    125. How often do you eat out at a nice restaurant?
    126. How many people are in your nuclear family?
    127. What accent do you consider the most attractive?
    128. What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
    129. What is your astrological sign?
    130. Biggest regret?
    131. What type of shoes do you wear the most?
    132. Do you like any soap operas?
    133. Do you listen to talk radio?
    134. What sports team(s) do you root for?
    135. Describe your sense of humor.
    136. Have you ever been hit on by someone of the same gender?
    137. Favorite video game?
    138. Name a moment in your life when you were pleasantly surprised.
    139. Do you believe in serendipity?
    140. Have you ever left a movie theater before the movie was done?
    141. Have you ever felt you were born in the wrong period of history?
    142. Is sex before marriage wrong?
    143. Have you ever gotten a song you dislike stuck in your head?
    144. Can you handle spicy food?
    145. Have you ever called a non-lover a term such as darling, honey, babe, or dear?
    146. Do you like MTV?
    147. Where on your body are you the most ticklish?
    148. TV show or movie you quote/reference the most?
    149. Have you ever lived with a roommate you didn’t get along with?
    150. Where do you think is the best place to meet a new lover?
    151. Have you ever successfully been on a diet?
    152. Favorite thing to do outside?
    153. Where did you go on your last vacation?
    154. Do you say “y'all” at all?
    155. Have you ever lived on a farm?
    156. Do you believe in evolution?
    157. What TV channel do you watch the most?
    158. Favorite Beatles song?
    159. Have you ever been on TV?
    160. Have you ever been to Disney World or Disneyland?
    161. Do you like horror movies?
    162. Do you like to go fishing?
    163. Have you ever been hunting?
    164. Do you take medication for anything?
    165. Name one item from your bucket list.
    166. From 1-10, how much do you like children?
    167. Have you ever thought about your wedding?
    168. Have you ever been bungee jumping or skydiving?
    169. Favorite flower?
    170. Do you collect anything?
    171. Who was the last person you told a lie to?
    172. Have you ever been a bridesmaid or a groomsman?
    173. Have you ever had a fortune cookie fortune come true?
    174. What was your favorite toy to play with when you were a child?
    175. How good are you at math?
    176. Have you ever learned anything from a how-to YouTube video?
    177. Have you ever participated in a science fair?
    178. Have you ever wished you were born the opposite gender?
    179. Have you ever participated in a public protest?
    180. Do you have a pool at your house?
    181. Have you ever hosted a wild party?
    182. Do you like karaoke?
    183. Have you ever written a love letter?
    184. Have you ever ran a marathon?
    185. How often do you get mad at yourself?
    186. Any guilty pleasures?
    187. Fruits or vegetables?
    188. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
    189. The countryside or the suburbs?
    190. Worst job you’ve ever had?
    191. Do you hang out with any of your co-workers?
    192. Were you ever voted homecoming/prom king or queen?
    193. Were you voted a “best” or “most likely to” in high school?
    194. Have you ever gotten detention?
    195. Have you ever babysat?
    196. Have you ever taken a road trip just for the fun of it?
    197. How many drinks get you tipsy?
    198. Were you a part of any academic clubs in high school or college?
    199. Have you ever given a public speech, aside from your schooling?
    200. How long have you been on tumblr?

    Get to know me!

    1) Who had the biggest impact on you while you were growing up?
    2) What are your hobbies?
    3) If you could have dinner with any 3 people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?
    4) What sorts of things make you laugh?
    5) What is your biggest goal?
    6) Do you have any pet peeves?
    7) What do you like to do on the weekend?
    8) Have you ever had a nickname? And if so, what was the story behind it?
    9) What was your favorite tv show while you were growing up?
    10) What are your favorite tv shows now?
    11) What are your favorite movies?
    12) Tell me one thing that would surprise me about you?
    13) What do you look for in a girl?
    14) What do you look for in a guy?
    15) Tell me about what you were like as a kid?
    16) What are some of the items on your bucket list?
    17) Have you found your calling? If so, what is it?
    18) Do you, or have you ever had any pets? If so, tell me about them?
    19) Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
    20) Tell me about a challenge that you’ve had to overcome and how you overcame it?
    21) If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
    22) if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
    23) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
    24)If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
    25) Tell me about your favorite childhood memory and what made it so special to you?
    26) What is your favorite commercial that you’ve ever seen and why?
    27) If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be, and why?
    28) If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
    29) Who is your celebrity crush?
    30) Who is your favorite music artist?
    31) What is your favorite music genre?
    32) What is your favorite broadway musical?
    33) What is your favorite cartoon?
    34) What is your favorite album?
    35) What is your favorite color?
    36) What would you do if you won a million dollars?
    37) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
    38) What would be your superhero name?
    39) Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life?
    40) What would be your dream vacation?
    41) Where did you grow up?
    42) If you could trade lives with anybody for a day, who would it be and why?
    43) If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would it be?
    44) What’s your favorite book?
    45) Who’s your favorite author? 
    46) Who is your favorite YouTuber?
    47) What’s your favorite tv show?
    48) Which celebrity do you admire most and why?
    49) What are some of your favorite childhood memories?
    50) What countries have you traveled to?
    51) What is your favorite drink?
    52) What is your favorite restaurant? 
    53) Do you like to cook?
    54) What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?
    55) What’s the best thing that happened to you last week? 

    The year in lesbian/bisexual representation

    Let’s celebrate some positive things that happened this year in lesbian&bisexual on-screen representation! Here are 12 highlights, in no particular order.

    12. Supercorp & Katie McGrath rocked our worlds, and we loved/hated getting baited by it

    Originally posted by she-is-whatwordsmiss

    11. This year The Bold Type brought Kadena, the first QWOC/muslim lesbian screen couple, into our lives

    Originally posted by thekeyunderthemat

    10. Elena Alvarez, our favorite Cuban-American lesbian teen, came out on One Day At A Time

    Originally posted by mykidsgay

    9. That Wayhaught cheerleading scene happened

    8. Kate Mckinnon & Gal Gadot really did make out on live, national television!

    Originally posted by eevachu

    7. Embrasse Moi became France’s next major wlw film since Blue is the Warmest Color, thank goodness

    6. Thelma became Norway’s first lesbian horror flick

    5. Queen Sugar & True Blood star Rutina Wesley got engaged to her lovely girlfriend, Chef Shonda!

    4. Sara Ramirez’s beautiful transformation, coming out, and butchness graced this earth.

    Originally posted by in-toxication

    3. Rosa Diaz, Stephanie Biatritz’s character in Brooklyn 99, came out as bi on national tv!

    Originally posted by detectiverosabiaz

    2. Lena Waithe won best comedy writing for her Thanksgiving Ep. San Junipero won best TV movie, and Kate Mckinnon won actress in a comedy series!

    Originally posted by netflix

    1! Alex & Sara became the first casual bi/lez one-night-stand on a superhero tv show!

    Originally posted by alexdanversdaily

    All in all, despite all adversity & the political climate right now, these things were able to happen. Tv writers and film producers and web-series-makers took greater steps towards more authentic wlw representation.  I am utterly thankful, and can’t wait to see what queerness the next year brings. In the meantime, make the yultide gay, y’all.