this show is the best radio in korea

Super Junior Achievements, Record, Awards etc. (could also be named Suju appreciation Spam)

I know many Elfs are upset and robbed by SM and Mama and GDA truthfully I still feel a bit of bitterness but I decided to make this to Show that no matter what happens Super Junior have achieved so much and contributed so much to the genre kpop. hopefully this makes you feel a bit better or at least smile a bit. Also hope this shows those who keep discrediting Suju for losing 3 measly awards at Mama and getting snubbed at the GDA for being to good or those people I have seen saying Super Junior are washed up and old. Remember I might have missed some things here and there and made a few mistakes I did the best i could to include as much info as I could find. Super Junior have so many achievements it’s hard to keep up. 

Like any Good story let’s start at the beginning

2005-Twins (Knockout)


#8 U.K singles chart

#1 Japan Hanteo chart

#3 Gaon, MIAK Kpop Monthly charts



Topped airplay charts

#1 for 3 weeks

#1 in Thailand Charts

2007- U


#4 Daily singles oricon chart


#1 for 5 weeks on 2 of koreas top music programs

#1 3 weeks won Mutizen song 

#5 Five music Jpop/Kpop chart

Dancing Out

Won SBS popular song Mutizen song

#1 MCD

2007- Don’t Don


#1 Chart Korea

#2 MCD chart, and Popular songs take 7

#1 MIAK weekly and monthly chart

#2  MIAK Yearly album chart

#3 G Music Combo charts

#1 G-Music Jpop/Kpop charts, and 5 music Jpop/Kpop charts

Marry you


#1 Chart Korea

#2 MCD chart, and Popular songs take 7



was the #1st Best selling single of 2007

2008-Suju M Me


#2 G music combo, mandarin, and 5 music chart

#1 in thailand’s B2s international category chart

Suju-H Cooking Cooking


#1 Hanteo Charts

#4 MIAK Kpop chart

#4 Taiwan G Music Combo

#1 G Music J pop chart

#4 5 music chart

2009-Sorry Sorry


#1 MCD Chart, SBS take 7, Music bank k-chart, Chart Korea

#1 Taiwans Hit fm annual top 100 singles, and KKbox Singles top 100 weekly

#1 Hanteo Daily, weekly, Monthly chart

#2 Hanteo Yearly album chart

#1 Hottracks best 5

#2 Taiwan G music combo chart

#1 Jpop chart

#1 International chart

#1 5 music korean chart

#1 Philippines Music one top 25

#1 Odyssey music and video top international albums

#1 Thailand Channel V Asia Top 50 year end 2009

It’s you


#1 song on Cyworld 4 hours after release

#4 Mnet top 300

#1 Take 7 Chart

#1 Thai Channel V Countdown stayed No.1 3 weeks

#1 on Myx Philippines daily countdown beating out Taylor Swift’s you belong with me and # 2 in their International countdown

Suju-M Super girl


#1 G music combo and mandarin charts, and 5 music mandarin chart

#1 China top music chart

#1 Philippines Music 1 top 25 

#1 Thailand Countdown asian chart

2010 Bonamana


Korean single

#1 Sbs Inkigayo take 7 chart, Music bank K chart

#5 Taiwan Hit Fm annual top 100 single chart

Japanese version

#2 Oricon Daily, weekly singles chart

#1 Gaon weekly, monthly, yearly album chart

#1 Hanteo Daily weekly and monthly album chart

#1 Hottracks best 5

#5 Japan Daily Album chart

#1 Taiwan G music combo and jpop international chart

#1 5 music korean chart

#1 KKBOX korean chart

#1 Philippines Odyssey weekly chart and Astropus weekly chart 

#1 Music one top 25

#1 odyssey music and video top international hits chart

#1 myx international hits chart

#7 U.S Billboard United World Album chart

2011 Mr Simple


#1 Hanteo Daily, weekly, monthly chart

#1 Gaon weekly monthly chart

#3 US Billboard World Album chart

#1 Philippines odyssey weekly album

#1 Gaon singles streaming singles download singles, 

#1 Mobile ringtone chart and karaoke chart

#7 Billboard kpop hot 100


#2 Gaon single, streaming singles chart

#4 gaon download singles

#3 mobile ringtone chart

Suju M perfection

Suju M best selling korean artist of 2011 in Taiwan

#5 Oricon charts charted for 4 weeks on Oricon weekly albums chart

Korean version

Gaon Weekly and Monthly charts

Eunhyuk and Donghae Oppa Oppa


#2 Oricon Daily and weekly singles chart

2012- SFS


#1 Gaon weekly, monthly, yearly chart

#1 Hanteo Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly chart

#1 G-Music J-pop Chart and international chart

#1  Taiwan KKBOX K-Pop Daily weekly and monthly Chart

#4 G music Combo chart

#1 Hong kong KKBOX K-Pop Charts

#5 Hong Kong Record Merchant Chart

#5 Oricon Weekly Albums

#3 Billboard World Albums

#5 Gaon Digital Singles

#4 Gaon Online Downloads

#1 on Melon, bugs Soribada, Daum, Naver, Mnet, Olleh


#1 Gaon Weekly and monthly chart

#1 Hanteo Daily weely chart



#1 Oricon Daily albums chart

#3 weekly albums chart

#5 monthly albums chart

2013- Break down

#1 U.S Billboard world albums

#1 Taiwan 5 music ranking

#1 Thailand BTS top 20

#3 German asian music charts

#3 G music combo chart

#2 G music mandarian chart

#1 Thailand true music top 20 chart

Korean version

#1 Hanteo daily weekly chart

#4 hanteo monthly chart

#2 Gaon weekly chart #3 on monthly chart

Donghae and Eunhyuk I wanna dance

#3 Oricon daily and weekly singles

Promise you K.R.Y

#1 Oricon daily singles chart

#2 weekly singles

#1 Gaon weekly chart

Hero #2 Gaon single, streaming singles

#4 gaon download singles chart

#3 Mobile ringtone chart

Blue world

#2 Oricon Daily albums chart

#3 weekly albums chart

#5 monthly albums chart

2014-Suju M swing

#1 on yinyuetai broke record being first artist to get perfect score

#5 Gaon monthly chart

Donghae and Eunhyuk Ride me


#1 Oricon Daily

#3 Oricon weekly


#2 oricon daily single

#4 oricon weekly single

Super Junior Mamacita

#1 Daily weekly real time chart

#1 Hottracks online and offline daily weekly and monthly chart

#1 Gaon Album chart general and domestic

#3 Oricon daily album chart

#1 5 music korean chart

#2 Chia Chia record korean/japan chart

#1 KKBOX daily and weekly chart

#5 Omusic Korean Albums Weekly Ranking

#2 Omusic Korean Albums Daily Ranking

#1 KKBOX daily chart for album, song, and new ranking

#1 HMV Korea/ Japan Chart (Singapore)

#1 U.S Billboard Album Charts

#1Top 50 Korean New Songs

#1 Top 100 New Korean (Daily Chart)

#1 Daily, weekly, daily chart Song ranking and New song ranking for mamacita single 

#4 Omusic Daily Single Ranking

#4 Hito Japan/Korea Ranking

#1 K-POP MUSIC VIDEO CHART TOP 20Mamacita (Full Version)

#1 yinyuetai Real Time Chart Mamacita (Full Version)

#1 Yinyuetai Weekly Chart Mamacita (Full Version)

#1 yinyuetai Real Time Chart Mamacita (Drama Version)

#2 Yinyuetai Weekly ChartMamacita (Drama Version)

#2 US Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America - August 2014Mamacita

#1 InternationalMost Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World - August 2014 Mamacita

LQIYI rank Mamacita MV #3

Super Junior Repackaged album This is love

Topped multiple Charts including Hanteo, and Synnara

Evanesce MV #1 LQIYI

This is love MV #2 This is love LQIYI

This is love #1 on LQIYI weekly and yinyuetai weekly chart

This is love achieved a 99.0 score on Yinyuetai

Super Junior Awards

Achievements list

This list was not compiled by me but by (@sjrulestheworld @sujulojo or @barbie_joyce10 on Twitter). I just added the last few recent achievements they made this list to celebarte suju’s 6 the anniversary also some things may have changed on the list like records since this list was made a while back.

2006 – The birth of the stars

March 25th - April 22: Created history by staying at No.1 position for five weeks with “Miracle” on Thailand’s Channel V Internal music board.
May 5th: Super Junior was voted as the number one group/celebrities that children want to spend Children’s Day with.

May 25th: “U” had over 400,000 downloads within five hours of its release and ultimately exceeded 1.7 million downloads, crashing the server.

June: The first single album produced by the boy group “Super Junior,” entitled “U,” topped CD sales charts (Hanteo, Hot Tracks, Kyobo Bookstore’s online CD charts, and OiMusic) during the first week after its release on June 7.

August 21st: Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (Sukira) started on this day and is the longest idol-run show in history and has the highest rating for its timeslot.

September 18th: Attended 5th Pattaya Music Festival in Thailand as representatives of Korea.

“U” was the first Korean single to enter the Top 10 Oricon charts.

Notable Awards:

Mutizen (Triple Crown Award) at SBS Inkigayo (Also, Super Junior’s first award)
Best New Group at Mnet KM Music Festival
Best New Group at 21st Golden Disk Awards
Best Music Video at 21st Golden Disk Awards
Best New Group at 16th Seoul Music Awards
Best Male Group at 13th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards
Best New Group at Korean Digital Music Awards
Best New Male Group at SBS Song Awards

2007 and 2008 – The rise to stardom
March 20th, 2008: Hangeng was chosen as an Olympic torch bearer for Beijing Olympics 2008, first idol ever to be chosen in history.

April 30th, 2008: Goodwill ambassadors for Korea and Thailand 50th Anniversary, honoring the good relationship Korea has held with Thailand for the past fifty years.
December, 2008: Super Junior M, are the first artists to ever appear on Chinese postage stamps.

Became Spokesmodel for Donate Blood (2007–present) campaign at the Republic of Korea National Red Cross and were appointed as Goodwill ambassador for World Blood Donor Day.

Don’t Don peaked at #1 on the Five Music J-pop/K-pop Chart and the G-music J-pop Chart in Taiwan within the first week of release. The album broke the record for being the highest ranked Korean album on the G-music Combo Billboard Chart, surpassing the albums of TVXQ and Shinhwa.

Don’t Don was the second best selling album of the year with 164,058 copies sold.

Notable Awards:

Best New Asian Artist at 2nd Thailand’s SEED Awards
Asia’s Artist of the Year at China Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony in 2007
TPL Anycall Popularity Award and Disk Bonsang for “Don’t Don” at Golden Disk Awards
New Generation Top Artist of the Year and Best Male Dance Artist for “Don’t Don” at 14th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards
Artist of the Year Award, Netizen Popularity Award, and Mobile Popularity Award at Mnet KM Music Festival

Disk Bonsang Award and Mobile Popularity Award at 17th Seoul Music Awards
Favorite Artist of Korea at MTV Asia Awards

Mainland’s Best Album “Me” and Mainland’s Most Popular Group at CCTV 2008 Chinese Entertainment Awards
Mainland’s Best Group at the CCTV-MTV Music Awards and at China Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony in 2008
Asia’s Most Popular New Group (SJ-M) at Music King Awards a month after their debut in 2008

2009 – The crowned stars

Sorry, Sorry sold over 29,000 copies the first day, defeating Seo Taiji’s record of 25,000 and to this day hold this record.

March 15th: Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry performance on the program “Inkigayo” made the ratings increase to 14%, highest seen in the recent years.

April 19th: Super Junior performed at Jackie Chan’s “Good Friends” concert as Korea’s representatives in Beijing National Stadium.

Sorry Sorry debuted at #2 in Taiwan’s G-music Combo chart, #1 in the International chart and #1 in Five Music’s Korean chart.

Sorry Sorry reigned popular music website KKbox for 36 weeks at #1 position in ‘Korea/Japan Single Top 100 Chart’.

Also at another Taiwan’s online music website, Ezpeer, Sorry Sorry was #1 for 34 consecutive weeks.

In Thailand’s Channel V Countdown Asian Charts, Sorry Sorry set record of being #1 for 8 consecutive weeks (3rd week of April – 1st week of June).

In Philippines, gained a Gold Record status for the album, “Sorry, Sorry”

Notable Awards:

Disk Daesang, Disk Bonsang, Samsung YEPP Popularity Award for Sorry Sorry at Golden Disk Awards
Disk Bonsang, Mobile Popularity and Hallyu Star Award at Seoul Music Awards
Top 10 Bonsang Award at Melon Music Awards
Album of the Year in Gaon Chart
Asian Best Group at Asia Song Festival

Thailand’s Channel V: #1 on Asian Top 50 Year End 2009

Taiwan’s Hit FM: #1 on 2009 Top 100 Singles Chart

Most Downloaded Overseas Song (Super Girl) in China Digital Music Awards
Medal of Appreciation at the Shanghai International Art Festival

2010 – Shining around the world

June 10th:  “Victory Korea” won Best World Cup Song at ESPN poll receiving over 90% of the votes beating out Shakira, Akon etc.

October 9th – October 12th: Kim Heechul trended on Twitter for 3 days with the help of Super Junior’s worldwide fans.

November 22nd: Named National Pop culture Icon and recieved Minister of Culture award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for spreading the Hallyu Wave in other countries and raising awareness of South Korea to foreigners.

December: In an interview with CNN, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Choi Siwon talked about how Super Junior members target various overseas entertainment markets. CNN also did a small coverage on Super Junior’s 5th anniversary.

Bonamana reached 7th spot on the Billboard’s World Album-Chart.

Bonamana reigned No.1 on KKBOX since its release for 63 weeks (1 year and 2 months).

In Philippines, gained a Gold Record status for the album, “Bonamana”

In a survey “Top 10 most popular Korean artist survey in a South American country” in Brazil conducted by Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange, Super Junior received the highest votes (2137 votes).

In a newspaper in Saudi Arabia, Leeteuk was named one of the “Most popular celebrities” in Saudi Arabia with names like Lady Gaga.
In one of the local surveys in Saudi Arabia, Super Junior was voted has the most popular Kpop idol group garnering over 40% of the votes.

In a website (Listas) poll in Peru, Super Junior topped the list of “Sexiest Korean Men” in 2010.

Awarded with “Must follow personality” in Mashable Twitter Awards in Las Vegas.

Notable Awards:

Netizen Popularity Battle Award at 2nd Melon Music Awards
Disk Bonsang Award and Asian Popularity Award at 25th Golden Disk Awards
Album of the Year in Gaon Chart

#1 Kpop Star of 2010 by MTV Taiwan
Bestselling Jpop/Kpop artist of the year in Taiwan

Most Popular Group (Super Junior – M) at Chinese Music Radio Top Awards
Best Singing Group (Super Junior – M) in China’s Golden Melody Awards
Most Popular group, and Album Award (Super Junior) in China’s Music festival
Top Buzz Overseas Group for Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards in 2010

In Channel V 2010 Asian Top 50 Year End Chart, Bonamana took the No.1 spot, followed by No Other at No.10 and Sorry, Sorry Answer at No.13.

Number 1 in MTV Asia 2010 Top Korean Idols list.

Best Asian Award in 5th Thailand Asia SEED Awards 2010

Best Korean Artist in ASAP Pop Viewers Choice Awards 2010 in Philippines for Pop K-Pop Category.

Bonamana won Album of the Year and Song of the Year in 2010 Philippines Kpop Convention. Super Junior won Male Group of the Year in 2010 Philippines Kpop Convention.

K-Pop Artist of the Year 2010, hosted by 360Kpop in Vietnam

2011 – The big, space, superstars

January 13th: In Iran the first Persian magazine for Super Junior was launched.

January 25th: Featured in a magazine “NeoTokyo Magazine Nº 59” (11 pages) in Brazil going over member profiles and a thorough history of Super Junior.

January 26th: A Slovenian newspaper, Žurnal, reported about Super Junior members and their album sales.

February 2nd: A Venezuelan magazine wrote an article featuring Super Junior.

February 10th: A channel in Turkey acclaimed Super Junior as one of the “Best Groups in Korea” and did a small feature.

February 21st: The Hong Kong Tourism Board has officially invited Super Junior to host a travel show promoting Hong Kong.

February 24th: Super Junior’s “Super Show 3 3D” set a record with 11,940 viewers in 4 days, making it a success none have achieved before. For February 25th through the 27th, “Super Show 3 3D” ranked sixth at the box office.

February 26th: In a survey conducted by Brazil’s Rede TV, Super Junior was chosen as the number one Korean singer who should come to Brazil garnering over 30% of the votes.

March 3rd: Super Junior appointed as the official ambassadors of Korean cuisine for 2011 by the South Korean Government.

March 11th – 13th: Super Show 3 in Taiwan grossed over $2.8 million, making Super Junior the first artist to hold three sold out concerts in a row. The tickets were sold out in a matter of minutes.

April 25th: Super Junior picked as models for Japan’s “Circle K Sunkus”, one of Japan’s largest convenience store franchises.

April 26th: BBC wrote an article about Kpop, Super Junior in particular, saying “Bands such as Super Junior have launched the musical genre K-pop.”

May 25th: Super Junior’s Leeteuk, became the first idol ever to appear on a live news broadcast.

June 13th: Super Junior picked as the Hallyu star that you want to travel Korea with.

June 17th: Super Junior appointed ambassadors of ‘Seoul Summer Sale 2011’ as per a survey conducted among foreigners in which Super Junior received 76% of the votes.

July 26th: Super Junior appointed as Korean Tourism ambassadors

August: Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” tops Odyssey music chart.

August 4th: Super Junior’s 5th album comeback received massive international anticipation and a press conference was held attracting over 200 media outlets from Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and many other countries.

August 12th: Mr. Simple ranks No.3 on World Billboard Album Chart (The highest recorded spot for a Kpop album yet).

August 14th: Mr. Simple ranks No.6 on United World chart.

August 25th: In a survey conducted by SPanyol TV and Websites, Super Junior beat out other artists to become the “Favorite Kpop Group” in Spain.

August 25th: In Germany on the StarFlash chart, Super Junior came in first place with, “Mr. Simple,” with 12,349 points (almost double from the second place on the chart). Super Junior became the first and the only Kpop artist ever to take first place on the chart. This same site featured an article about Mr. Simple’s Krepet dance taking over.
August 29th: Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” MV ranked 3rd on YouTube Global chart for views.

September 2nd: In Peru, Super Junior’s Mr. Simple won the poll “The Teen Top of the Week” which features the most popular songs chosen by the listeners. Mr. Simple won with 10,928 votes. The song was then played on popular Peruvian radio VIVA FM 104.7.

September 5th: ‘Ceci China’ September issue with cover model Super Junior was sold out in 3 hours in China.

September 25th: Super Junior was invited to represent Korea at the China-Japan-Korea Music Festival while Super Junior-M represented China at Beijing’s National Stadium.

October 5th: London Evening Standard listed Super Junior as one of the three biggest K-Pop groups.

October 13th: Super Show 4 Seoul tickets sell out in 8 minutes making a record for a South Korean group.

October 18th: LG Electronics chose Super Junior as models to strengthen Kpop marketing strategies.

October 23rd: NY Daily listed Super Junior among the “5 Must Hear Groups” of K-Pop.

October 24th: New York Times review featured Super Junior at SMTOWN NY and declared “K.R.Y., a sub-group of Super Junior, delivered what may have been the night’s best performance on “Sorry Sorry Answer,” a muscular R&B ballad.”

In a survey held by, Super Junior was named the “Most Popular Korean Wave Star in other countries”.

Mr. Simple holds the highest score record for Music Bank scores since the new system was employed in May of 2010.

Mr. Simple holds the highest record for 1st week album sales on Hanteo in 2011.

Mr. Simple holds the highest number of consecutive wins on Music Bank for 2011 as of yet.

Mr. Simple album peaked at #19 on iTunes “Top 100 pop albums in US”.

Mr. Simple replaced Bonamana’s 63 week reign of KKBOX’s Kpop chart and has been No.1 since its release (11 weeks as of now).

Mr. Simple placed #1 for 3 consecutive weeks on G-Music‘s ‘Asia Chart’ and on Kwang Nan‘s ‘Korea & Japan Music Chart’ in Taiwan.

“Mr. Simple” snagged #1 for 4 weeks in a row on Five Music‘s ‘Korea & Japan Music Chart’ from August 26th to September 22nd in Taiwan.

Mr. Simple topped ‘Show! Thai K-POP Chart’ for consecutive 4 weeks

Notable Awards:

Most Popular Music at the 6th Korea in Motion Festival
The Highest Asia Singer Award a at 2011 Asia Song Festival

Most popular group of the year (Super Junior – M) and Best Japan/Korea Album of The Year (Bonamana) in Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards

Popular Asia Artist of the Year in 6th Thailand Asia SEED Awards 2011

Super Junior is the only K-Pop group to have seven Number One albums based on record stores’ album charts in the Philippines. Also, the only K-Pop group to reach the Number One Spot in three of the country’s biggest record retail stores’ album charts.


 press conference, attended by the 10 active members, was held on 3 July to launch the album. It attracted media and international reporters from Taiwan, China, Japan and Kazakhstan

Super Junior’s press conference for their sixth album was recently covered by a popular Polish news station

The album managed to rank high in iTunes in several countries including AustraliaFranceJapan and Peru. It also ranked 3rd place in Billboard World Albums.

 Sexy, Free & Single managed rank 1st place in MYX Daily Top 10MYX Hit Chart and MYX International Top 20. According to Hanteo Super Junior, had become the first artist to surpass the 200,000 mark for albums sold this year with their 6th album Sexy, Free & Single. With their impressive total album sales, the group has risen above other fellow K-Pop idol groups to reach the 1st spot on this chart.

40.000 copies were sold in Taiwan according to the charts, making it the best sold K-pop album in the country


Suju M set record for having a perfect score on yinyuetai

Make history by becoming the first korean artist to hold 100 world tours

#1 On billboard world album chart after only 3 days of sale


or first to do so

I got this Info from various Articles and MCD Begins so if someone bitches at me how they are not the first to do that take it up with them not me

1st group to have a sub unit 

1st sub unit to have a solo concert

1st Korean sub idols to challenge trot

1st Korean group to have a Retro comic sub unit

#1st Korean Artist to have a large amount of members

Pioneer Multi dol

Actors, Comedians, Mc’s, DJ’S, Entertainers, composers

you get the gist


1st Group to have 100 world tours

1st Korean idols to hold solo concerts in Macau, France, and Argentina

1st korean artist to leture at a university

Pioneer beagle

Beagle apparently means Extremely Loud, goofy, can’t sit still for 5 seconds

you know the thing super junior does where they act like 5 year olds that is them being beagle idols. 

External image

External image

So we have reached the end if you have made it this far congrats and I hope you liked this and it made you feel a bit better if you felt a bit upset or sad or angry or anything else over Sm being little shits as well as mama and gda. At the end this means nothing because they got kicked out for being to good. Let’s just focus on the hollywood awards the seoul music awards and just showing suju we still care for them let’s give them awards more meaningful. As far as I heard people were saying apparently chinese elfs were working on a GDA trophy again. so you go c-elfs

At the end of the day remember Sm needs Super Junior, Super Junior don’t need SM. Super Junior helped make SM what it is today. One day hopefully they realize how much they needed super junior in the end. also apparently after all this shit SM pulled on SUJU stocks dropped which fills me with some sort of satisfaction to be honest. 

As Donghae said in Superman 

“If they ask us who we are, we show them our results”

anyway it is cold and raining and 2 in the morning so i am going to go listen to superman 100 times while i drift of to sleep slowly. hope you enjoyed. <3

[SCHEDULE] EXO’s SCHEDULE for June (2017)

EXO’s SCHEDULE: [BROADCAST] - all programme broadcasts and live broadcasts, including weekly music shows and dramas, [REC] - programme recordings, [RADIO] - radio programmes, [SIGN] / [MEET] - fan-signing and fan-meeting events, [PERF] - performance events, including concerts and festivals, [RELEASE] - music releases, [BIRTHDAY] - member’s birthdays and birthday parties, [OTHER] - various other scheduled activities.

This schedule will be continually updated.

EXO-K SCHEDULE (Last updated on 170625)

June 2

[PERF] World Friends Music Festival (월드 프렌즈 뮤직 페스티벌) - 19:00 KST

June 3

[PERF] I Love You Korea 2017 Dream Concert (사랑한다 대한민국 2017 드림콘서트) - 18:00 KST

June 5

[BROADCAST] TBS Channel 1 EXO Best Selection from ‘The Show’ (TBSチャンネル1 EXO ベストセレクション from ‘The Show’) - 22:00 CST - 21:30-22:30 JST

[BROADCAST] Music ON! TV Music Bank #222 (エムオン!ミュージックバンク # 222) - 22:00 CST - 17:00 JST - (aired in Korea on 170519)

June 7

[PERF] EXO-CBX Japanese Début Showcase ‘Colour BoX’ (‘Girls’ début showcase) - (EXO-CBX)

[OTHER] Louis Vuitton ‘Volez, Voguez, Voyagez’ exhibition - (Sehun, Suho)

June 8

[BROADCAST] TBS TV Hayadoki (TBSテレビはやドキ) - 04:00 JST - (EXO-CBX)

[BROADCAST] Mezamashi TV Fuji TV (めざましテレビフジテレビ) - 04:00-05:25 JST - (EXO-CBX)

[BROADCAST] ZIP! Nippon TV (ZIP! 日本テレビ) - 05:50-08:00 JST - (EXO-CBX)

June 10

[PERF] 2017 Bangkok Super Live - (20:00 THA) - (EXO-CBX)

[PERF] Skechers Sweet Monster K-Pop Dance Competition 2017 - (Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho)

June 12

[OTHER] ‘A Day’ VIP première (‘하루’ VIP 시사회) - (Suho)

June 12~23 + 26~30

[BROADCAST] TV Tokyo Marumaru to Shin Douga (テレビ東京○○と新どうが) - Mon-Thu 01:30-01:35, Fri 01:53-02:00 JST - (Line Live) - (EXO-CBX)

June 14

[BROADCAST] I Love You Korea 2017 Dream Concert (사랑한다 대한민국 2017 드림콘서트) - 23:00 KST - (SBS)

June 18

[PERF] DATV Amigo TV (DATV アイドルに夢中!アミーゴTV) - (19:30 JST) - (EXO-CBX)

June 20

[BROADCAST] TV Tokyo Marumaru to Shin Douga - Full Version(テレビ東京○○と新どうが-フル版-) - 22:00 JST - (EXO-CBX) - (Line Live)

June 22

[REC] JTBC Let’s Eat Dinner Together (JTBC 한끼줍쇼) - (Chanyeol, Suho)

[BROADCAST] AbemaSpecial Channel Gokuraku Tombo KAKERUTV♯9 Introducing EXO-CBX!! - 21:00-22:00 JST - (EXO-CBX)

EXO-M SCHEDULE (Last updated on 170625)

June 2

[PERF] World Friends Music Festival (월드 프렌즈 뮤직 페스티벌) - 19:00 KST

June 3

[PERF] I Love You Korea 2017 Dream Concert (사랑한다 대한민국 2017 드림콘서트) - 18:00 KST

June 5

[BROADCAST] TBS Channel 1 EXO Best Selection from ‘The Show’ (TBSチャンネル1 EXO ベストセレクション from ‘The Show’) - 22:00 CST - 21:30-22:30 JST

[BROADCAST] Music ON! TV Music Bank #222 (エムオン!ミュージックバンク # 222) - 22:00 CST - 17:00 JST - (aired in Korea on 170519)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV ‘Operation Love’ Ep.25 (东方卫视求婚大作战第二十五集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV ‘Operation Love’ Ep.26 (东方卫视求婚大作战第二十六集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV ‘Operation Love’ Ep.27 (东方卫视求婚大作战第二十七集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV 'Operation Love’ Ep.28 (东方卫视求婚大作战第二十八集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

June 6

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV 'Operation Love’ Ep.29 (东方卫视求婚大作战第二十九集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV 'Operation Love’ Ep.30 (东方卫视求婚大作战第三十集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

[BROADCAST] Dragon TV 'Operation Love’ Ep.31 (东方卫视求婚大作战第三十一集) - 22:00 CST - (Lay)

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June 7

[PERF] EXO-CBX Japanese Début Showcase 'Colour BoX’ ('Girls’ début showcase) - (EXO-CBX)

June 8

[BROADCAST] TBS TV Hayadoki (TBSテレビはやドキ) - 04:00 JST - (EXO-CBX)

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June 10

[PERF] 2017 Bangkok Super Live - (20:00 THA) - (EXO-CBX)

[PERF] Skechers Sweet Monster K-Pop Dance Competition 2017 - (Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho)

June 12

[BROADCAST] TV Tokyo Marumaru to Shin Douga (テレビ東京○○と新どうが) - 01:30 JST - (Line Live)

June 12~23 + 26~30

[BROADCAST] TV Tokyo Marumaru to Shin Douga (テレビ東京○○と新どうが) - Mon-Thu 01:30-01:35, Fri 01:53-02:00 JST - (Line Live) - (EXO-CBX)

June 14

[BROADCAST] I Love You Korea 2017 Dream Concert (사랑한다 대한민국 2017 드림콘서트) - 23:00 KST - (SBS)

June 17

[REC] Go Fighting recording (极限挑战) - (Lay)

June 18

[REC] Go Fighting recording (极限挑战) - (Lay)

[PERF] DATV Amigo TV (DATV アイドルに夢中!アミーゴTV) - (19:30 JST) - (EXO-CBX)

June 19

[REC] Go Fighting recording (极限挑战) - (Lay)

June 20

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June 21

[REC] Happy Camp recording - (Lay)

June 22

[BROADCAST] AbemaSpecial Channel Gokuraku Tombo KAKERUTV♯9 Introducing EXO-CBX!! - 21:00-22:00 JST - (EXO-CBX)

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(Info) GAON Album Sales (Solo) | All Time (2010 - 2015) : #3 Kim Jaejoong ^_^


- Singer Jaejoong ranked #3rd for Best Gaon album sales all time (2010-2015)

  • 1st Mini Album”I” + Repackaged Mini Album “Y” (2013)
  • 1st Full Album  “WWW” + Repackaged “WWW Keshou” (2013 and January 2014 respectively)

Jaejoong achieved this WITHOUT any promotions in any music programs, variety shows, radios from South Korea! and the repackaged albums were also produced in limited copies by cjes (only 50k).  


Congrats Jaejoong!

(* Waiting for JJ’s 2nd full album this Feb 2016)

SEUNGYOON - IZE Magazine Interview!

Q: On the talkshow, Naver STarcast, you tend to be a person who adds comments instead of being the one who lead the conversation.

Seungyoon: I think I was born with that personality in the first place. I’m the type of person that steps forward everywhere so I enjoy jumping into conversations. (laughs) Of course, there are times when I say stuff out of kindness for members’ own good. We have been getting interviewed and making TV appearances but I think we are lacking in some aspects. Since I am technically a little bit more experienced than other members in this industry, I tend to rephrase what members say when I feel like there is a possibility for our audience to understand our words differently or negatively from what we intended.

Q: While you were going through those events, did you ever wish you made more TV appearances in Korea?

Seungyoon: It would be awesome if we can have more chances to meet with our fans. Recently, we are getting less chances to communicate with our fans as we are going through tough schedules after debuting in Korea and Japan simultaneously. Japan tour was schedule way before official debut and our overseas schedules are tight. I sometimes think that it would be nice to take some rest when we come back to Korea but we try our best to catch as many opportunities as possible to make public appearances while we are here. Thta’s why we try to do variety of things, such as fan-signing events or radio shows.

Q: What kind of prgorams do you want to be on?

Seungyoon: Variety shows for sure. But I think at least two members should appear together. Mino and Seunghoon paried together would be nice, or Seunghoon with Jinwoo would be funny. Jinwoo’s character is so funny. I know he doesn’t take actions to be funny purposely but his innocent self is so funny. Seunghoon once said that if Seunghoon and Mino are the ones who continuously jab Jinwoo, Jinwoo is the one who gets rid of them with one punch.

Q: It seems like you guys try to make funny scenes with each other non-stop.

Seungyoon: Since we haven’t spent much time together like BIGBANG seniors, we try our best to make memories whenever we get a chance. I realized how there are commonly asked questions like, “Do you have any stories to share while you were trainees together?” or “What happened while you were away to go through the scheduled events overseas?” And we don’t have much. We only practiced together as trainees and we just went through the scheduled events while we were away overseas. Because we don’t have much free time to make special memories, we always try to spend good times together within ourselves. For instance, Mino would start us off with aegyo then Seunghoon would add to it by creating funny scenes.

Q: Aside from enjoying yourselves, won’t there be times when you have to talk to each seriously?

Seungyoon: Occasionally, we talk as a group if we get feedbacks from staffs around us on how to improve ourselves as WINNER. For me, I feel more comfortable now than how I felt when I first became a leader on Mnet’s WIN. Back then, I had to take a role as a person who was more experienced to support them, but not anymore because members know how things work in this industry now. Also, I feel less burdensome because I’m not the oldest member although I’m the leader. Oldest member Jinwoo hyung and Seunghoon hyung takes care of everyday life stuff and etc. to the level I won’t have to pay any attention to anything. Thanks to them, I was able to think about what I can contribute to this group as a leader: just trying my best in singing and other stuff. I think that’s my role.

Q: Were members able to grow up as a group as they personally worked in this album?

Seungyoon: I think so in some aspects. Our company’s staffs tried to help us in the beginning. However as we worked on it, they said how it would be necessary for us to get more involved because the album was losing our own style. Our CEO also said, “Are there any sounds you guys made?” when he used to say, “Try recording this song”. Such progress allowed us to “see” how we are preparing ourselves for our own debut. We were worried about the possibility of sounding too much like amateurs when competing against professionals but I’m glad just for the fact that we did it. We’re also thankful for staffs and YG because they were the ones who believed and accepted us.

Q: Maybe that’s more like it because you were able to accomplish so much within a short period.

Seungyoon: But when we look at our accomplishments such as being number two on the Oricon chart or number one on music charts, we think less about the fact that we achieved something but about how thankful we should be to the people who believed in us and supported us. In my opinion, because every member think like that, we were able to not lose modestly or slack off but become more humble. Of course, it’s also didn’t really hit us just yet about everything happening these days. Maybe we can realize how we did well if we receive any awards at the end of the year or perform in a concert hall that’s filled to capacity.

Q: Comparing your current self to your pre-debut self, how do you think you changed?

Seungyoon: I’m very conservative and strong-willed. I used to not cooperate if there is something that I believed is right. But after going through numerous different situations and spending time listening to members’ advices. I thought about how I may not always be right. With my wider “tolerance range”, I learned how there are times when I should not intervene. Maybe I’m more matured now? (laughs)

Q: Don’t you think you grew up/matured too fast?

Seungyoon: I matured in some aspects but did not int he other. There were times when hyungs scolded me for being rude or misbehaving. However, I think I definitely could not avoid maturing through social life or work-related experiences. I realize it when I meet childhood friends or people my age for the fact that I know the answer to something they’re stressed about, or think how their thoughts are simply cute. Then I question myself, “Am I really a stuffy youngster?”

Q: You’re not scared of it?

Seungyoon: No, I’m not. I’m more scared of not having the ability to do anything.

Source: Ize Magazine

Translated by: YG_WINNER &


1.What is your name?

  • Kevin Ji Yeob Kim, 김지엽 (Korean)

2. How long did you live in Australia? When did you come to Korea?

  • I immigrated to Sydney, Australia, when I was 10, and lived there for more than 15 years. I came to Korea around 2006.

3. How did you become a member of ZE:A?

  • I sent my resume to Star Empire Entertainment, and they liked it. I came to Korea to become a trainee, and later became a member of ZE:A.

4. How did it feel to host a radio show for the first time?

  • I like that I can communicate with my fans through the radio.

5. What are your hobbies?

  • Listening to music, watching movies, traveling, drawing

6. What do you think is your best quality, or charm?

  • My fans tell me I have a nice voice, and I agree with them. It’s the best.

7. Which Korean song can you sing best?

  • Of the songs on our albums, I think I can sing “Beautiful Lady” the best.

8. K-pop is very popular abroad. Have you ever had an experience where you truly felt that love and support?

  • I can feel our popularity whenever we perform fans, and I feel the support from overseas fans when we travel to perform, and when I’m on the radio.

9. Do you have a role model?

  • I hope to become a star that people can look up to, like I looked up Michael Jackson and decided to pursue music.

10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

  • In ten years…I think I’ll have a wife and kids, and I’ll probably still be in music. In 10 years I hope I can be a good dad and a respected artist.

11. Anything else you want to say to your radio listeners?

  • Thank you so much for your love and support you’ve shown me on the radio, and I hope you’ll keep it up! I’ll work even harder to earn your love!
140525 Super Junior’s Ryeowook Shares His Passion for Musicals in an Interview with Ceci

An interview and pictorial with Super Junior’s Ryeowook was revealed by fashion magazine Ceci.

Ryeowook is currently starring in a musical called “Goddess is Watching,” as the role of Ryu Sun Ho, a bright and innocent North Korean child soldier who becomes traumatized by the vicious and devastating Korean War, also known as 6.25 War.

The concept of the pictorial was one that depicted the musical character of Ryu Sun Ho—an “innocent and bright child” concept, which Ryeowook was able to portray perfectly.

Although he has the responsibilities of being a DJ for “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” MCing for Mnet’s “Super Idol Chart Show,” and going back and forth between China and Korea to promote with Super Junior-M, Ryeowook still tried his best to attend musical practice every single day. The singer even sat down with his manager to personally adjust his schedules himself, in order to be able to participate in “Goddess is Watching,” proving his passion for the musical.

Ryeowook also shared, “Sun Ho is as lovable as anyone can be. I am expressing all the cuteness in the world through [the character of] Sun Ho.”

The editor of Ceci, Hwang Bo Sun, who was in charge of the interview and pictorial, complimented the Super Junior member on his ability to successfully portray the “lovable boy” concept of the photo shoot and the way he brightened up the interview atmosphere, despite his busy and tiring work schedule.

Look out for the full interview and pictorial in the June issue of Ceci!