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An Analysis of Keith and Lance’s Feelings Towards Each Other.

After season three - and Keith’s Vlog especially - I’ve seen a lot of people complain about how Lance is oblivious to Keith’s true feelings about him (Rather those feeling are platonic or romantic) And yeah, I’m right there with you on wishing he’d recognize his misconceptions about Keith’s feelings towards him, but does that mean that Lance is unjust in the way that he feels? Does that mean Keith’s actions haven’t warranted or perpetuated this false narrative?

As a Lance Stan, of course I’m coming through for my boi. But I also just really like analyzing their interactions. So here we go:

First off, how does Lance actually think Keith views him? This picture shows it best.

Lance thinks that Keith sees himself as above Lance. The framing - which is coming from Lance’s p.o.v - is a great indicator of that. But even without this, Lance himself says:

I’m a big believer in the theory that Lance is projecting he own feelings of self doubt. He undoubtedly has an inferiority complex, but Lance feels inferior to everyone on the team, and it’s only with Keith that he ever shows any type of malice. In fact, I cant remember a time Lance has ever been genuinely angry at someone who isn’t Keith. (I could be wrong here.) So why does he treat Keith so differently than the rest of the team? Maybe because of his internalized gay feelings towards our resident spicy boi?hmmm.

We know for a fact that in episode one Iverson told Lance something like this: ‘You’re only fighter class because Keith, a better pilot, washed out. Now act accordingly’. This doesn’t feel like the first time either, but more of a reminder. So on the surface, it seems clear as to why Lance treats Keith the way he does at first. I mean, I get it. If someone was constantly used to reinforce the notion of how shitty I am, I’d probably have a similar reaction towards them too. (Conditioning is a thing ya’ll) However, from Pidge’s flashback in season one, we know Lance’s animosity isn’t that new.

“Hasta la later, Keith.”

But again, Lance just isn’t such a mean spirited person as to rejoice someone’s failures. Quite the opposite actually. He validates his team even while feeling inferior to them. It just doesn’t feel like Lance. And other than towards Keith, Lance has never been shown to act this way. So I have to believe something occurred to make Lance not like Keith especially. Not saying that’s an excuse, but it is an explanation. Truthfully, what probably happened was that Lance looked up to Keith or tried to befriend him and Keith acted in a way that Lance perceived as rejection. We don’t know though, because the key to this lives within the Garrison years, and we may or may not ever see those.

Sooo, lets move along to something that we do see.

We all know that Lance is antagonistic towards Keith, but Keith isn’t an innocent party in this.

Think back to the first episode when they’re all on the hovercraft. Lance asked “If this thing can move any faster,” which wasn’t a jab at Keith as much as it was a ’holy shit, we’re about to get caught,’ moment. Keith’s reply was something along the lines of: ‘Maybe if we removed some unessential weight.’ (Which, in hindsight, considering how Lance views himself as baggage, a seventh wheel, is some pretty jarring foreshadowing.)

Then he tells Lance he’s the worst pilot ever. (Ouch)

Just to be clear, I love Keith, and I don’t think he meant these comments as maliciously as they may have been taken. They were probably more like offhanded insults, but knowing what we know about Lance, is it so hard to see how these comments could be internalized?

Next we have a scene where Lance jokes about wanting all of the information in his brain to be stored on a spaceship. Keith’s response isn’t teasing, but… mean. It’s meant to hurt Lance by blatantly insinuating that he’s stupid. And in season two, when they’re both going to the pool, it’s Keith who tells Lance to stay far far away from him.

What am I getting at here? IDEK. Lance and Keith don’t hate each other in the slightest. Keith knows he’s bad at people, and he probably notices that Lance treats him differently than literally everyone else on the team. I’m sure that hurts Keith. While with Lance, he looks up to Keith, thinks Keith is better than him, and because of the words of people like Iverson and Keith himself, this idea has been nurtured. We already know that Lance takes the words of his friends to heart. In both season 2 and 3 when Lance expressed doubt, he brought up something Pidge said to him both times.

“I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but I guess nobody else thinks that.”

“Maybe I am just the goofball.”

Neither of them are innocent. It’s a mutual series or misunderstanding, and as sad as it is to see Keith frustrated over his inability to relate to his team, he’s not doing himself any favors when he insults Lance in earnest. Lance isn’t doing himself any favors either, and they’re both just reacting based off of these false narratives they hold about one another.

But that’s apart of what makes their relationship so complex and interesting to watch play out. Season three really paid off. Their development unfolded beautifully and I can’t wait to see how they proceed in the following seasons. I can only hope that any miscommunications they have about each other are addressed and cleared up.


Lee DaeHwi

- likely to be in charge of girl group dance

- american lad to introduce wanna one in english

- pouts at least once

- gets the blame when they get random play dance wrong

- shoe lifts talk and the members all shut up in case he drags more people down with him this time

- nothing to lose so he reveals every members shoe lift height

Kim Jae Hwan

- god’s voice

- psychotic laughter somewhere along the way

- called out for his laughter and it becomes even more sadistic sounding

- talent time and pulls a guitar out of nowhere

- no agency rich kid

Lai Guan Lin

- asked to introduce himself in chinese but doesnt sound right

- tries again in english but sounds odd too

- what langugage does this boy speak in really???

- intrigues mc with how he’s a foreigner trainee but debut after 6 months  

- throw back to when ioi called guanlin out to freestyle dance

- re-dance iconic troublemAKER

- maknae but most manly and smirks a lot

Kang Daniel

- replay his sexy solo shots

- forced to recreate those scenes 

- half the members are in awe and the rest r cringing their lives away 

- thigh grabbing and open up’s opening scene

- actually a cinnamon roll

- talks about his cats excessively

Park JiHoon 

- jeOJANG gugugaga & his doubtful fashion choices

- popping skills 

- wink ending cut and asked to shoot cfs on the spot 

- extreme good looks 

- is actually very extra even if he doesnt look like it

Ong Seong Woo

- good looking + facial expressions on point 

- says he has actor vibes… actually a actor trainee

- actually hits the slate for once

- in the running for wanna one’s best dancer

- too well rounded

Park Woo Jin

- everyone waiting for him to lose random play dance so that they can show his dark past

- shows his embarrassing history anyway

- 180 change from his low n deep n sexy rap voice

- FINALLY shows us his satoori rap

- teased for his satoori and tries to use seoul accent more but it sounds even funnier when he pays more attention to it

Bae Jin Young

- where’s his face its too small i cant find it

- joins idol line of visual wonder with astro’s eunwoo

- probably will be edited out a lot this shy boy  

Ha Sung woon

- most likely to mess up on random play dance

- spongebob imitation

- verified as the mother of the team and shows us a whats-in-your-bag challenge

- pulls out health drinks n makeup n sunblock n food n sunglasses n hair dryer n neck pillow n idk is his bag doraemon’s pouch or something

- did he sell his soul for that skin condition

- competes with jaehwan for high notes

Yoon Ji Sung 

- funnier than the mcs

- recreate iconic facial expression

- called out on his age but he knew it was coming 

- madam yoon gossip session revealing everything about his members

- likely to be caught for messing up random play dance and blames someone else before he gets punished

Hwang Min Hyun 

- just… good looking no matter what he does

- actor face & boyfriend idol

- probably asked to act out a boyfriend scene while singing a ballad (jihoon would swoon the most lets be honest)

- gets caught for making a mistake but let off bcos of how good looking he is

- remember minhyun’s freestyle dance from produce’s audition

Episode 4 was a fandom wide callout post.

all you fools too busy being pissed bc Coran went all show crazy and basically re-characterized the paladins to what the masses found entertaining, to notice that the entire episode was literally a fandom wide call out post. they literally called us out guys. 

lets go over the list of things Coran said/did in ep 4 and compare them shall we?

let me preface this by saying he literally wasn’t himself and i still love him just as much as before, my gorgeous man.

”I worked up very specific personas for each of you. This is going to help the audience connect on a much deeper level with each team member.” 

as if they didn’t already have defining personalities that make them very likable and awesome? sounds familiar right? its one thing to speculate and theorize based on what we know about a character especially if we don’t know a lot about said character. the writers put a lot of time and effort into developing these characters and even said during an interview once that one of the things that bugged them about og Voltron was that the only properly developed character was Keith. the other guys didn’t get a chance to be loved. and that was what they aimed to do, to give every paladin and character the chance to be loved. since the beginning the fandom has been bad at this. taking one teeny trait from each character and twisting them so that the only thing that matters is that trait. 

         “lover-boy lance”

throughout the series lance is known  to flirt with…pretty much every cute alien girl. of course. hes handsome, charming, girls love him. Coran wipes away all of the actually relatable things about his personality in favor of this charming flirt who would win over girls. Lance is insecure, he’s witty, he is the freaking sharpshooter, the teams sniper and their glue. he’s voltrons right hand now for a reason. he got into the garrison which is a military space exploration base, not just anyone gets in. hes incredibly intelligent and a great pilot. amazing really. bc simulations are always absolutely terrible and rarely help. oh yea, and hes charming.but god forbid anyone forget that hes a flirt. who cares about the other stuff that will actually help the audience connect with him. 

        “science wiz pidge” 

its no secret that pidge is incredibly intelligent. she is one of the characters who haven’t gotten their developing points until this season. in one of the first flashbacks we learned she nearly gave up studying because some kid decided to be a dick and bully her. Matt pulled her out of it and encouraged her to work hard. later on in ep 4 coran says that her science doesn’t need to be factually correct because noone will understand her either way. he undermined her intelligence because . well. noone cares what she says as long as it sounds smart. fanfic writers do this a lot. like. a lot. i understand that you may not have the same knowledge that the girl who hacked herself into a military school base undercover at he age of 14-15 (if the theory that the garrison is a high school program is correct) because she had gotten banned for sneaking in and hacking into the computer system, but if you really do insist on focusing her on her smarts, do some research. no to mention. pidge may be the youngest, but she really is more than science and calculations. shes intelligent yes, but she can hold her own in battle (at the age range of 15-17 with no prior battle training), shes afraid of the possible reality that all her efforts are wasted and Matt and Sam are dead, she is actually pretty social with the paladins (she can even be seen hanging out in the kitchen while hunk makes glass cookies.) and beyond her intelligence, shes wise. shes not just random science facts, she knows how to hold her own in situations outside of battle and books. shes street smart. 

       “lone wolf keith”

now i know this was said to allura, and ill get to that. but if the keith vlog showed us anything, its that  hes not just a moody loner teenager.  i am very guilty of this myself. i portray keith as a human disaster. we don’t know hen he was left alone, we don’t really know much of his story. i head canon that his dad left him to fend for himself but every month woul drop off food or money or something. i head canon hes terrible about taking care of his body. but at least i don’t call him moody and move on.  i give him a background to fill in the blank space, but sometimes i forget and focus too much on his folded arms and  pouty face. he smiles. he laughs. hes an actual precious bean.  but hes also afraid of being pushed away. hes guarded and does his best to be strong. he hides his feelings and protects his heart with everything he has. (geez boi who hurt you). he is not the human embodiment of “teenagers” by mcr. aka he has feelings too. not to mention he also got into the garrison, and was the top pilot regardless of how he got in, if it happened to be by recommendation like most people think. 

      “humourous hunk”

as a hunk stan this one annoys me the most. throughout the episode hunk is consistently embarrassed, and even protests the fart noises, fart jokes, etc. he is purposely tripped for laughs. the fandom forgets that hes not just the fat funny guy, or just the personal chef. hes overcome so much since babies first lion flight, he used to get sick, constantly had to be the voice of reason to keep his teammates out of trouble,  he is just as intelligent as pidge and is actually one of the only people that can keep up with her science stuff. keith and lance even stated that they didnt understand anything they’d said. hes a fantastic engineer even if he had a few tummy mishaps. hes an amazing pilot too, and extremely sassy. he and pidge probably rigged the game console to work in space, And hes pretty friendly and cautious. he is NOT meant to be the comic relief. (say it louder for people in the back)

     “shiro the hero”

a lot of the fandom has taken to calling shiro daddy, sexualizing him (”now put on this tight shirt”) and focusing on shiro and only shiro (shiros the “favorite character” of corans little show). hes great. he really is. and the man needs a break. voltron is a kids show. he isnt meant to  be sexualized, none of them are. hes more than his arms and his leadership abilities. the biggest issue i have with the whole shiro thing. regardless of if hes a clone, when shiro returned he cut his hair differently, and wore short sleeves. everyone i know, including me, said they’d be fine with the clone if he had kept his hair long and “as much as i love the arm view” and didnt change his outfit. its a kid show. his body shouldn’t matter.i am also guilty of this, and ep 4 opened my eyes to it. coran lifted shiros arm as if to prove that thats what the audience really wanted. he treats shiro differently bc hes the real star here and everyone should know it. ofc, hes the black paladin. (i wonder where the whole “the black paladin is the only one who really matters here” mindset came from. looking @ u ‘84). shiros may have ptsd, and hes constantly trying to hold himself together for his team, and its obviously not easy. maybe thats why hes got a cute white floof. the stress. 

      alluras erasure  

another point that always bugged me. the fandom either forgets allura exists, or that she is just stealing lances place temporarily. Allura is the blue paladin. while keith is gone, she is not filling in. shes a paladin now too. for coran to call her keith, and constantly call her keith, even though she obviously has a few choice words to say about it, its distrespectful. she says his plan is working and he replies with “why thank you keith…i like to keep you in character” once again, erasing her existence. now im not as well versed in this particular topic, but id like you to keep in mind that he talks to his princess with that mouth, and that she IS the princess and not a fill in while keith leads. feel free to elaborate on this more. 

     coran “fires “ team voltron. 

this. i find extremely entertaining. remember that legal trouble last year bc of the leaks? and right around that time the klance shipper started threatening them if they didn’t make it gayer and put keith and lance together? the  fandom, who wanted all of this to happen their way, were threatening to get it cancelled and such just because things didnt go their way. shiro, the leader, disagreed with coran and tries to shut him down. and coran in fit of rage says:

you’re a bunch of quitters! quitters! i’m a visionary! i have thoughts, ideas, i dont need you anyway. ill rewrite the show, get rid of the whole lot of you, replace you with new paladins! and the show will be better than ever before!…except for you shiro, ill never get rid of you, you’re our most popular character!

this is essentially what the fandom was saying. now, was this definitely their plan, to call us out with this bit, in not sure, but honestly, its almost too coincidental.

the writers have made it clear that they heard us, and have always been listening. and really, thats why i love ep4. you’re angry because you know you got called out but haven’t admitted it to yourself. the writers do their best to bring us the best show possible, but they cant satisfy everyone. why cant we just be happy about Actual Meme ™ Matt, and look forward to season five instead of fighting them because we got our shit handed right back to us. weve gotten a  taste of our own medicine, so chill. i enjoy them keeping us on our toes, surprising us with every turn, theyre great writers.who cares if one or two things pissed you off? we both know youre not gonna stop watching.

I know its not midnight there yet but it is here & i couldn’t wait any longer to show you this. This day last month we were lucky enough to spend our 3 months together which was by far one of the best days of my life. Even though this month, for our 4 months we can’t be physically together, I put some of our pictures & videos that we were lucky enough to have taken together. I cant believe it has been 4 months already since I watched that youtube video. I’m not going to write a big long message here because ill say it to you when its actually going to be midnight there but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me so happy & I will always be forever grateful for you. HAPPY 4 MONTHS MY LOVE!💙 I love you so much!

if you get suicide baited and youre actually being affected by it, please dont reply with like “maybe i will” or talk about how youre crying, or gonna self harm, or begging them to stop, anything like that. i thnk ppl assume thatll make them feel guilty but if anything it will encourage them. 

its cruel but you really cant show vulnerability like that w/ those kind of ppl. the best way to make them stop is blocking and not giving any attention.

okay heres a list of things about deh

can we take a moment please i have things to say:

(some of these are just me so)

1) the way evan moves?? like hes rigid but also not?? like wow relatable

2) evans anxiety is portrayed super accurately?? like i feel his pain in the talking to people and writing letters to yourself and losing your anxiety in love and hope and ahhh

3) the word vomit?? sounds real?? ben lets it spill and it just sounds so good and when a lot of other people do the word vomit it sounds manufactured??? but hes so talented and just

4)evan constantly apologizing like me too babe ily

5) at first i loved connor

6) and 1 minute later i fuckin hated his guts

7) and then in the computer lab i was like “my son?? hes so paranoid?? like chronically?? i hope hes gonna be okay!!” and the show r i p p e d m y h e a r t o u t

8) when evans mom (im blanking on her name) starts yelling at him in act 2 and he just goes blank and shuts his mouth i

9) evan like… compulsively lying about like little things and i love him because i do that!! like when he lies about his dad being lucky to have him and then goes back and is like “actually nvm idk why i said that yikes my dad lives in colorado” im so proud of my son

10) this show hits so close to home in everything it does i was crying within like 5 minutes

11) so many quotable lines ahhhh
-“school shooter chic”
-*monotone* “i know, it was funny cant you see me laughing”


Guys I just got home from G-Dragon’s motte act 3 show and i’m so hyped. This has got to be my best night so far.

I cant believe i was actually so close to him, he’s such a legend but he’s so cute and shy like omg. Everyone was chanting Kwon JiYong and Saranghae and he was like ‘i love you too’

His performances were absolutely amazing and just jaw-droppingly lit af. Truly and forever grateful for my sister giving me such a wonderful present.

I’m so emotional cuz big bang were the group that got me into kpop 10 years ago and now i got to see GD live and so close at that, it just doesnt feel real

I’m A Fighter

Hey guys- here is my new season 14 fic- based on Amelia’s new storyline on the show about the shocking discovery of her brain tumor and how she and those around her handle the news.

Dear @kazziieee had requested me to write about Addison/Charlotte flying over to Seattle to be with Amelia, so this is dedicated to her. <3

 I also dedicate this fic to dear friends whom I regularly chat with, thank you for always keeping my lonely soul company! I really love and appreciate you all! <3

@elipcius, @fight-till-u-cant-fight-anymore @private-practice-fan

Thank you so much also to @francescabuccino​ and @filterlessmia for helping me to proofread and give feedback. You guys are the best!! <3 <3

 P.S. This chapter is also loosely based on the promo for episode 3 of the actual show.

  Chapter 1

 Throughout her entire career, Amelia Shepherd had studied numerous brain scans of her patients. She had seen all sort of brain tumors, both benign and malignant. She had always been fascinated by tumors, seeing them on scans and removing them had always given her life joy and excitement. She loved the thrill of detecting a tumor in a patient’s brain and subsequently cutting the tumor out in the OR. The bonus? Patients were always grateful and thanked her for it.

 But now, this was different. This was her own brain, not a patient’s. It felt really strange, studying her own brain.

 She stood still, staring at the scans, feeling her entire world crumble around her yet again. Having lost so many loved ones in her life, she should have been accustomed to grief and pain. But each time she learned of more bad news, she would feel like the universe had dealt her another blow.

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why lucius is the best human bean

okay but i want to talk about lucius and how calm he was at all times. he wants to help ed, genuinely help ed. and by staying calm even at gunpoint lucius shows he’s not scared of edward. and i think that means a lot because you cant actually help someone if you’re scared of them because then you’ll be helping them out of fear, and not because you actually want to help. and then with lucius bringing up Oswald in the car, he seems to understand where ed is coming from, he gets that ed just wants someone to understand him, although he clearly does not want to be that person. and then he shows us all the godsent human he really is by saying that ed needs help. lucius doesn’t spit it out nor does he yell it. he says it calmy because he wants ed to get the help he needs.


remember when graham showed mcfassy my sister @margawart‘s cute art?

(opsYamanakabb!Deidara anon no longer in anon bc i hAVE GROWN TIRED OF BREAKIN DOWN ASKS)

GOSH im SO flattered you liked it so much i mean ..

anyways, i have resurfaced bc… well i thought of another thing? err


alright so backing up: on the road so far, inoshikacho plus sai have gone into a long and arduous mission of setting the long past wrongs into rights which means finding YAMANAKA deidara and i dunno actually doing sth about it?? and also somehow they acquired hidan for the trip back ??

so, what ive got is this: dei is probably super uncomfortable?? bc in one hand there is ino wanting to bond??? on the other is cho who is an actual legit cinnamon roll???? and to top it off the other one keeps eyeing him weird???? (shika cannot stop staring omfg and to think theres ppl out there callin him a genius) dei can feel himself becoming defensive!! aggressive defensive!!!! (like obvs the best defense is an attack?? or sth)

and so there is two. dei and hidan actually get into a lot of fights bc they just cant rlly understand each other– i mean w deis thing bein ‘momentary’ whats exactly the point of bein immortal?? where is the fun in that??? (hidan can totally show him the fun in that)

also surprisingly dei and sai get along quite well?? (i mean when hidan isnt hogging sai) they are artistic bros?? in so short a time?? (as the only person w common sense at this point, cho is keepin a careful eye from afar– surely the fact that sai gets along so well w the missing nin is vaguely concerning??)


so hidan is just chillin in konoha like ?? there is literally nothin they can do to him to make him care?? he is clearly superior™

anyway, hidan is chillin in konoha and somehow he overhears the true akatsuki plan (or he believes in conspiracy theorist sai so they have a headstart) and he is like outrageously offended!!! WHAT DO YOU FCKIN MEAN I H AVE BEEN WORKIN FOR SOME OTHER GOD?!?!?!! so clearly the only solution is to destroy akatsuki just annihilate everything there is no other option


or (fair warning, this is v crack now i mean)

hidan decides to be petty af and grabs sai to make the ultimate plan

(i actually havent watched shippuden soo might be a bit of on the execution for this one buut)

and so they go to the big ass statue and somehow they do magic bullshit fuuinjutsu stuff

and like in the climax of everything w the thing is ready to be activated and everyone is nOOooO


and turns out hidan and his sidekick sai changed the thing so instead of liberating that rabbit moon goddess (??) the thing is now set to actually summon THE GREAT JASHIN-SAMA

everyone is speechless?? like ???? actual plot twist

hidan starts the thing

hidan is also bragging bc obvs he would be bragging

n some konoha nin (shika?? naru?? probs naru) turns to sai all what were you thinkin??!?! and sai be like i know it looks bad but– *konoha nin goes to save the day*

but the thing already started right? so they dont make it in time and the thing shakes the grounds shakes everything lights up like a goddamn light show annd–

it just… stops

everything goes back to normal like nothin to see here bruh and….

everyone suddenly becomes 1000% more suspicious bc where the fuck did it all go? 

to turns matters worse hidan starts laughing like a lunatic ?? sai goes to retrieve him– hidan needs his alone time now

and it takes months upon months before people start relaxing and a new meme starts as in jashinists rlly do get you all worked up but?? they just cant deliver amirite (obvs when hidan is not around bc he is still a psycho i mean)

and sai just shakes his head.. he only agreed to help bc he knew nothing would happen like bloodshed war rage and muder.. they are all already in the great era of jashin

(what hidan did was like prolong it for more years upon years to come)


maan what a ride

anonymous asked:

I know everyone is very against the show Atypical at the moment but I've started watching it and parts of it are awful but mostly I'm just super emotional and crying a lot and the guy loves penguins and

literally me too

I can definitely see + hate the problematic bits but actually im also just sitting here crying because he’s really relatable and also penguins are the fucking best and i cant believe im actually watching a sort of relatable portrayal of an autistic adolescent/adult on tv

anonymous asked:

if r!mccree and r!hanzo somehow got married in this au (i cant see that happening but for question's sake) would genji go to the ceremony? who would be their best men?

A kind of morbid, spiteful curiosity would be enough to motivate Genji to show up–because hooolllyyy craaap his brother’s actually marrying a cowboy. Zenyatta would push him to attend as well, so it wouldn’t take much more prodding than that. 

They probably wouldn’t have a best man, per se–they’d just have some of the higher ranking members of Deadlock be in the ceremony, sort of as stand ins for the entire gang (who’d also be there, you’d better believe). It’d probably be a super rowdy wedding if it ever occurred haha. 

I actually painted this a couple weeks ago at the start of pride month, but realized I never posted it on here. HAPPY PRIDE guys, dont be afraid to show your colors, because they are beautiful. Your gender and sexuality are what makes you YOU, and they are perfect the way they are. I tried to encompass as many pride flags as I could, but quickly realized that I had no room, so I tried my best. If you cant find your flag on here and want some kind of pride art that uses it, shoot us a request and I’ll try my best to do something with it before pride month is up (no promises!!)
Love you guys ❤️🏳️‍🌈 have an amazing pride month and stay safe!!

Sexuality and gender headcannons for The Galra Girl Gang

Hoodie: Heteroromantic Asexual, Polyamorous, demi-girl

We nEVER SEE THESE?? IN FICTION?? Also, god, there are so many Asexuals that are not accepted because they are heteroromantic (same w aros) and I just… fucking hate that?? SO HERE GOES HOODIE OUT TO SAVE THE ACES W HER CAT. Also, just my headcannon but I think her and klance would be the best ot3. Also, because today is Lance’s birthday bonus hc: He like flirts with her, (because who hecking wouldn’t, I’m honestly in love and she??? actually laughs?? this adorable sweet laugh?? ‘You’re cute, blue paladin.” AND LANCE IS SHOOK. LIKE… WHAT?? and then because lotor is a good general he stops fighting for voltron because he wants his best general and pet-caretaker to have a nice boyfriend and be happy

Buffy: Lesbian, just full on lesbian

Every show needs a lesbian that doesn’t die and honestly, can you picture her dying? No, no you cant. Because she’s a hecka tall, buff, and strong-ass woman who can beat your ass to a pulp if you try to dare hecking kill her. ( @dreamworksanimation​ if you kill her… I will cri a thousand tears to drown your office with) Also, she’s best friends with space azula. I’m sorry but I didn’t notice her in the pic until I posted this and that means azula and her are bffs I don’t make the rules. (You nasty photobombing memer, you)

Space Azula: (Sorry for the smol picture) Aromantic, Asexual, transgender (MTF)

Okay, so we all know she’s hot right? She could get all the ladies and the dudes. But you know what? Space Azula doesn’t have time for a relationship with you fuckers. I’m sorry, no offense but honestly, shooting people to get to voltron is way more fun, and time efficient. Also, just imagine, lance hits on her, and she fucking slaps him. Like, I cannot see this lady wanting to be in a relationship sorry boys, she’s an independent woman. (not to say that you cant be in a relationship and be independent I MEAN LOOK AT BUFFY) 

Also, Salty American Sidenote: Dear Trump, HOW IS LOTOR MORE INCLUSIVE IN HIS MILITARY THAN YOU IDIOT #transgalraisbestgalra

Space Tai Lee: Panromantic Pansexual

This lady is pan but if you ever. fucking, ask. “Oh so do you like me?” she’ll deck you. One time Lotor was being a stupid ass (because I mean… look at him) and he was like, “Oh so you like everybody?” He had two black eyes for three days. So yeah. However, she does appreciate a good cooking appliances joke. Also, she’s a model. Just cause.


Sister Julienne, Call The Midwife

Once upon a time I thought I knew what God had in mind for me, but I didn’t. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. Certainty is fleeting. That is why we must have faith.

anonymous asked:

Fluffy UF Grillby and US Grillby courting headcannons? Please?:3

Heya! Thanks for sending in an ask, and heck yeah Grillbaes! :)


  • This purple flame of death is, dare i say, a pretty renovated fuckboy.
  • Most of his relationships dont go past casual flings, and if they do then they end as soon as Grillby grows tired of their partner.
  • But!
  • If somehow and someway Grillby does find his perfect match he will be utterly relentless.
  • He will constantly pamper his crush and his flirty remarks wont have an end.
  • Hes pretty experienced in relationships, but when it comes to his crush he seems to be at a loss for what to do, he doesnt want it to ed up just as a casual one night stand or something like that, so he overthinks alot of the things you do and say.
  • Is very jealous of his crush (Even more so with his s/o) and wont hesitate to scare off any unwanted attention towards you.
  • Of course he does all of that behind your back, since hes afraid that you might start hating him for it.
  • Even though he goes as much as to flatter you and throw dirty pick up lines at you, he wont go as far as to be handsy, at least not until you consent to it, after you do, his arm is practically glued to either yous waist or your butt.


(I must admit, i haven’t really had much experience with Us/Grillbs but i hope it turns out okay)

  • Is actually a pretty lonely hotty, as nobody comes to visit him much, except for his stand that is
  • So when you show up its like all of his world turned upside down
  • He constantly invites you over for sweets and tea, and he always tries to make the best impression, though its hard to do with his slightly goofy nature.
  • He loves to see you laugh, and whenever you do his flames turn a bit brighter and he cant help the lovesick puppy look on his face.
  • When he finally decides to court you, hell do something cheesy, like put a note in to one of his sweets and hope you dont eat it by accident.
  • If you accept to go on a date with him, hell be so happy, the room will automatically get hotter and a grin will be plastered onto his face for the next 2 days or so.
  • He will take you to the best restaurants and to the best dating spots he knows of, and he will make sure that you’re enjoying yourself every second of your time with him
  • At the end of the day hell be a gentleman and escort you home, only to kiss your hand afterwards as he blushes a 1000 shades of red

guess who just ended up downloading this mobile app and played like a couple hours the past 2 days (a total of like 4ish hours maybe) to earn enough love gems and scout 11 muse members..

here are my canon members cards atm:

btw not only is this game addicting.. its cute exterior masks the despair of trying to get a SR, SSR, especially UR (Ultimate Rare) card which has a 1% drop rate wTF and how it takes time, effort, and lots of work to even afford the chance on doing it. like they dont give love gems that easily. and also this game can get so complicated like the mechanics of this game with the practice, special practice, and picking the best team for a live show and skills like i cant believe this game actually requires thinking and strategising

like i’ve had experience in rhythm games but thats ages ago so my whole tapping skills are rusty rn (it’s a long shot before i even finish a hard mode) yeah, this one is really something. and it’s a good game if you’re bored and just wanna play something challenging for a couple minutes

anyway message me if you wanna add me as a friend and i’ll give you my ID.