this show is surprisingly not horrible

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Matsukawa runs a distressed hand through his messy hair, glaring daggers at the offending booth lying in front of them. Iwaizumi grunts to show that he understands, grinding his teeth together.

“Who’s fucking idea was this?” Iwaizumi asks in an icy voice, watch as a girl drops some money into a jar. She blushes horribly, shyly leaning over to place a kiss to Hanamaki’s lips. When she pulls away, she places a hand to her mouth, giggling- and it’s the most annoying sound Iwaizumi has ever heard.

Surprisingly, Hanamaki was very popular with girls and guys alike. Oikawa was the most popular of course, but most of the guys seem too scared to go to him, so they migrated over to Hanamaki.

To say Matsukawa and Iwaizumi were okay watching their boyfriends get kissed every three fucking minutes was a huge understatement. Why couldn’t everyone just go over to Yahaba? The second year was just leaning back with a smirk on his face, not seeming to care about the lack of attention on him.

“Iwaizumi-senpai,” Kindaichi says, nervously wringing his hands together, “Kunimi and Watari need help over at the bake sale. Kyoutani saw a dog outside and disappeared.” He explains, refusing to make contact with either of his senpais.

With a small sigh, Iwaizumi glances at Hanamaki and Oikawa, cringing as a girl basically throws her arms around Hanamaki, practically pouncing him like some hormonal animal. He then watches a guy shyly shuffles up to Oikawa’s booth, placing money in his jar-

Nope. “Alright.” He coughs, turning his attention to Kindaichi, “Just let me do something real quick, alright?”

Matsukawa leans against the wall, crossing his arms as he raises an eyebrow at Iwaizumi. What was he thinking?

Iwaizumi slides up to Hanamaki’s booth, promptly cutting in front of the next person line. “Iwaizumi, wh-?” Hanamaki starts, but Iwaizumi cuts him off by dropping enough money for way more than one kiss into his jar. He then grabs the collar of Hanamaki’s shirt, pulling him forward to roughly slide their lips together. He pulls away way too soon, quickly walking over to Oikawa’s station and carelessly throwing some money down before he pulls Oikawa towards him, kissing him firmly- tongue and all. After he pulls away, he nods in self satisfaction, turns to Kindaichi, and motions for him to lead the way.

He follows a red faced Kindaichi, leaves a flustered Hanamaki and Oikawa behind, and nods in acknowledgment as Matsukawa gives him a thumbs up.

Why I care so much for Pacifica?

At first, I thought Pacifica was nothing but like Mabel would say "Walking one-dimensional bleach-blonde valley girl stereotype" and just there to insult Mabel like other Stereotypical popular girls in other shows.

But than in The Golf War, they surprisingly give her alittle character development.

tbh, when that happen I was kinda carious what they have for her next.

After Northwest Mansion Mystery, I’m starting to like her now. Pacifica has gone from one of my despise Gravity Falls character into one of my favorites. 

Now I see her as a poor child who is lost, 


and have horrible child abuse from her parents, mostly her father.

When I saw Preston rang the bell on Pacifica to make her obey and miserable 

I was like “JESUS! What have they done to her?” O.O And suddenly I feel alot sympathy for her.

She has a huge character development

And starting off a really cute chemistry with Dipper. My boy

Even though Im not a fan of Love-Hate Relationship trope but I think it really works for Dipper and Pacifica. The reason I’m starting to ship Dipifica is Dipper feels pity for Pacifica and give an important lesson

Dipper is right! It’s not too late to change and become who you really want to be. Plus they taking their relationship slow and more realistic instead of suddenly they realize they’re meant for each other. I really like that.

I know the possible next episode we got focus on Stan’s brother and Stan’s explanation for everything I understand but I’m still kinda worry for Pacifica. Who knows what her parents are going do to her after she disobeys them. I really hope we can see more of Pacifica, would nice to see her and Dipper start to date and befriends with Mabel in the Future. MUST PROTECT THAT POOR CHILD!!!

anonymous asked:

how would you describe the people in your gc

Antonio- wishes to have intercourse with the pope, and surprisingly good at dragging me despite his puppy self? (sometimes)

estefania- quiet, only shows up occasionally 

svet- literally the most unexpectedly inappropriate person in the gc. also a teacher that claims her students write with their assholes

faye-  a hoe with the most horrible comebacks, has 0 mercy on my poor soul. bully.

court- courtessica or courtiesha, with a teacher kink. antonio has one as well

deepu- she’s obsessed with me

courtney- supports me and is the least unfavorable person in the gc, you go girl

Lauren- admitted that her girlfriend was a russian spy, bullied me when i @ ed the russian government to tell on her on twitter. is now hiding in the closet and leaving her girlfriend out in the open. disloyal hoe

M- college student that noone likes or pays attention to <3

nj- is always lurking. camila icon lowkey scares the shit out of me

naf- broke my heart by recommending a horrible fic to me

Why you need to see Bill the Film

-It’s by the guys who did Horrible Histories, known as the Idiot Pie. If you like HH you’ll love this

-it’s like Shakespeare smashed with Monty Python and you will be laughing your guts out

-There a SO MANY references to Shakespeare, some are really sneaky

-Like Horrible Histories it shows how really gross the Elizabethan time was it’s great

-It also gets (kinda a spoiler?) surprisingly dark


-“Hello, I’m a man in a play. Hello, I’m a woman in a play.”

-Shakespeare writing a musical

-Like HH and Yonderland it’s super colorful and heartfelt

-Between the six from the Idiot Pie, they play about 40 characters

-Plan J

Seriously if you like history and shakespeare or just plain funny movies you have to see it it’s a delight

When people think of The X-Files, they remember the conspiracies, the aliens, and the surprisingly young FBI agents who made us feel bad about our own accomplishments in life. But that only describes the good episodes. There were at least a few which didn’t quite hit those heights, such as the seventh-season episode “First Person Shooter.”

This episode finds the patrons of an elaborate virtual reality company being killed off by a mysterious, scantily clad video game character. It’s all very ominous.

Not surprisingly, Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate, taking with them the world’s greatest gamer to help defeat her. Unfortunately, he’s horribly maimed and killed.

So Mulder enters the game, embarrasses himself almost immediately with an attempt at trash talk … and that’s when things start to get dumb.

6 Classic Shows (That Went Insane For One Episode)

The newest gravity falls was so realistic.

That was honestly my first thought about it.

This is a kids’ show. I knew this episode was about an apocalypse, but this was not the kind of thing I was expecting. I figured it would end at the monsters and weird things, and like with the other episodes, nothing would REALLY get horribly destroyed and nobody would really get hurt. A kid show apocalypse.

This episode treated the subject surprisingly realistically. I’m not talking about what was CAUSING the apocalypse; i’m talking about how people reacted to the situation and what actually happened to them. 

For starters, upwards of five characters were either killed, mutilated, or severely injured in the episode, and not even in comical ways; the sequence with Pacifica’s family was absolutely horrifying, and Bill’s friends were literally using human remains as game pieces. This is serious stuff, especially considering that kids watch it.

On top of that, the show did not gloss over what it was like for the surviving characters at all. The episode really focused on how everything was being destroyed; the mall scene really hit home with that, especially in contrast to its first appearance in “Soos and the Real Girl,” as well as the “no hope” graffiti everywhere. The characters themselves, unlike in most cartoons, actually took real damage; except for Gideon and his gang, the characters actually look like they’re experiencing the end of the world.

Speaking of our main characters, this episode is mostly from the point of view of Dipper; who, during the episode, has to watch his only companion die, and subsequently be physically and mentally abused by the one who killed him.

tl;dr: This is an intense episode that was realistic in that it completely fleshed out what such an apocalypse would be like, and how horrible this is for everyone involved. Also, Disney, where are your sensors???