this show is still great though lol

i will admit that even though i hate lotor, hes gonna make a great villain. his show of mercy to throk after winning the battle to gain the loyalty of the empire sounded like it was a really smart move as a leader, plus its interesting to see that his strategy is to unite the empire instead of using fear tactics like zarkon did. lotor’s a smart and interesting villain and i honestly cant wait to see more of that.

still hate him though lol


I had so much fun. I was worried I had built it up too much and would be underwhelmed but hard nope. I had THE TIME OF MY DAMN LIFE.

OK so first: MUNA. Loved them. The Edge of Seventeen cover was killerrrrr. I think they sound better live! I mean I like the album but they had great energy and the sound was more emotional and vocally impressive on stage or something. LOVED THEM. They were cool ladies. Would def go see them again on their own. 

HARRY. Harry harry harold. My friendly, upholstered neighborhood vampire. My brocade bb. My bbrocade. HE’S A LEGEND idk what else to say.

I really can’t overstate how good his performance was. Vocally he sounded phenomenal (get off my lawn moment rn: it would be great if ppl didn’t SHRIEK at every fucking vocal flourish so I could actually hear what he’s doing with his vocals! every. single. one. lol). 

And he had so much energy!!!! You guys know that already. He covered that stage so well. Even though I was like 30+ rows back I could still pick up on all his facial expressions and little movements. His joy was infectious.

Most of all he was being so funny and loose and goofy, interactive. I know ppl mentioned he was a little quiet the first few shows but that wasn’t the case at all here. He was classic Stage Harry™. I’m telling you this show will be one of if not the best on this tour it was perfect in every way. 


- When he went up on the goddamn balcony and sprinted across the stage. A true showman. 

- Every spray of water it didn’t even hit me yet I was w*t?

- Setlist highlights: KIWI all 2.5x of it (I may not have a voice tomorrow bc of this shit. Screaming ITS NEW YORK BABY in NY is too much fun), Woman, WMYB was so fucking fun I love this arrangement of it. The unexpected Story of My Life! As a Stockholm Syndrome stan, I was like are you kidding me my show won’t have it!??! but SOML was so good I didn’t mind. Sweet Creature and MMITH sounded lovely in that room. I’m not a fan of Only Angel but live it had me moving. I think it was bc Harry clearly loved performing this one he really sold a song I otherwise don’t like. Can you tell I loved everything?

- SOTT was pure catharsis. I actually closed my eyes for part of the ending and really let Harry and the whole room’s singing sink in. A corny thing I wouldn’t ever think to do but it was such a nice way to experience that song. He sang every note it was perfect.

- Don’t kill me but…I could do without just a little bit of your heart. It’s fine but eh… kind of slowed down the momentum of that section of the setlist for me. He should totally add Girl Crush in its place imo!

- I greatly appreciated that he matched his suit to the room. The suit matched the drapes. 

- He was on fine comedic form. He asked if anyone was from out of town and a girl in the front got his attention and said she was from jersey. He was like “…that’s not really what I was looking for. There’s nothing WRONG with New Jersey but” and made a really funny face. He kept doing this NEW YAWK voice it was so dumb. He also did this whole bit where we sang happy bday to this guy in the front, and when two other ppl raised their hands bc it was their bdays too he asked their names and was like “well sorry but it’s already [guy’s] birthday. It’s no longer your birthday for the next 3 minutes” It was very funny in the moment idk. 

- shouts to Clare. Her backing vocals are beautiful. 

- He’s getting more confident on guitar which I’m happy to see.

About the ask blog:

Just letting y’all know I have a little to say about the JDonica ask blog, some of this post will become more relevant when I start it up.

@boredomisrllyfun is a mod on the blog and I doubt I’ll have anyone else as a mod. (Unless they are a friend but even still- the concept/story we’ll be using has been floating around for around 6 months now so it’s hard to bring someone else into it. We can still try though if a mutual/ friend shows interest but please understand if I say no.)

About guest artists: I’ve been sitting on this for a few days and I decided I’m only going to allow mutuals to do guest art for the blog. (If they want to of course). I feel more comfortable having it like this. However, if you feel compelled to- fanart is totally great!

Lastly and I want to make this clear, there will be a set out plot There is a story to the madness lol. So if it starts out a little confusing, don’t worry everything will be explained. There will also be basically no interaction with the other characters so if an ask is sent about Chandler or something then obviously… it won’t be answered. 

Just the babes my dudessss. (Also the blog is @ask-jdonica and apparently it doesnt show up for some people but it should when I make the first post introducing the first bit of the story <3) 

One more note: Tay and I are doing this for fun, and I have school for most of the day. So if I’m unable to answer anything for a few days up to a week then you know why. lmao basically I’m saying some days I come home from school I just want to pass out because I’m so tired. We do plan to have Mod nights every week or two to sorta balance it out. 

Thank you for reading this <33 Can’t wait to start it up!!!!!!!!! :00

Why “White Out” is one of the best episodes of Once Upon A Time
  • Emma being a great mother to Henry
  • “Bull fighting” “Laser Tag”
  • The Charming family scene in the loft
  • David’s Jesus hair
  • “That is someone you don’t want to mess with…… They call her Bo Peep.”
  • The wind blowing the Jesus hair dramatically
  • Emma still showing kindness to Elsa even though (from her POV) Elsa just kidnapped her
  • Captain Swan cuddling and flirting and generally being cue
  • Emma and Elsa bonding and the beginning of the Frozen  Swan glory
  • Very little Regina or Rumple
  • Seriously, the best.

All Debts Paid

Not gonna lie, I was surprised at the - at times - lukewarm and choice of direction they chose for this ep. Wasn’t the best of decision making at times.


Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf, that’s how the destruction of Claire and Frank’s marriage has been described for a long time, so naturally a lot of us expected fireworks. But what we got in a sense instead was… A ticking bomb that didn’t so much go off with an almighty bang, but a more simmering fizzle. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fights, but more for Cait’s performance than the substance of said fights. The portrayal of Frank as some bleeding heart that just wanted to be loved just felt off, and while yes, they gave him a mistress, was it really cheating when they made Claire know about it all along? By doing so, they made Claire look colder than she was. They stripped Frank of all his other questionable behavior and mentalities. They kept him vindictive, but with an ‘he has cause to be’ undertone that I didn’t care for at all. The mistress showing up at the house showed a glimpse of the man readers know Frank to be. An utter asshole.

While I love that Claire made her voice heard with a vigor and passion Cait portrayed perfectly in that last fight, I’d have loved it even more if a lot more of the book dialogue was used. Not even just Frank’s, but Claire’s - during her goodbye at the hospital esp. Its simple, to the point and conveys perfectly what Claire had always felt. Simply saying “I did love you - Once.” would have - for me - undercut everything they said to each other with a heartbreaking finality. “Once”.

I honestly expected a little more with Joe and Bree in this ep, but everything seemed a little rushed and abrupt. My hope’s that we will get that much needed foundation building between Claire and Bree, and a lot more depth with Claire and Joe as well, in the next couple of episodes.


MURTAGH!! OMG I was beyond pumped to see that scruffy grump, and even though the moment RDM let drop he was alive robbed us of the surprise, I still loved that how he showed up, when most of us had predicted he would, but still lol. I got emotional just hearing him talk about Claire and how he thought of her from time to time. A reunion I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE - whenever that’d be (probs s4 lol) honestly, Murtagh was my fave part of the whole ep.

Its no secret I’m not a big fan of LJG, but I have to say David Berry was great. I still feel for him as I always have - meh - but the man had one sexy voice I can listen to all day (headphones are a gift for that 😉).

It was interesting how they handled Jamie’s side of things. Keeping him in irons for 3 years instead of 1 was an odd, over exaggerated choice for me. Loved how they played out Kerr’s story - though wouldn’t an educated man such as Grey have learned at least French at some point in his schooling? - anyways there was one very disjointed section of the episode that had me scratching my head thoroughly. I honestly thought I had a dodgy version of the ep when Jamie at Ellen’s Tower didn’t happen! It was such a focal point of the previews and I was fully expecting it in this ep, that when the ep jumped from Grey saying “Escaped?” to him on the cliff with the officer, to Jamie’s abrupt return, my confusion had me thoroughly going WTAF?! I REALLY do hope we do get to see that scene eventually, even in flashbacks, when Jamie tells Claire about it later. Felt a very odd, rushed section of the ep that just didn’t quite click right.

Anyways, I didn’t mind the ep, overall, but it lacked a certain… Fiery passion, I suppose, that would have pushed the ep into a deepness it lacked. Perhaps a rewatch will give me a better sense of it, but on first viewing, it was ok, but could’ve been great.

Additional thoughts:

I loved seeing Jamie tend to Murtagh using what he learned from Claire. His whole “eating greens prevents you from getting scurvy,” was said in such a Claire-esque manner, like how do you not know this, dude?! was really fun to see.


Well I think everyone here could make their own version/pick. 

I’ll make one. Pendi’s Top 11 Picks for Produce 101 Season 2

1. Pledis Entertainment’s Kim Jong Hyun - LEADER

I think everyone of us agreed that he should be up in the top 11 taking the title of Leader. He experienced being a leader not just in produce 101, but even before when he was still an active member of NU'EST. He already taste the bitter-sweet of becoming an idol and how tough it is to become one of them and have to take his pride down and join the Produce 101. With the right mentality, and wisdom, there is no one in Produce 101 (all at least so far from what we saw) can touch Kim Jonghyun in term of his capability to be a leader. Otherwise he is so talented and a soulful rapper with a great dance ability too. So he is no doubt would be on top 11 with his recent rank as no 1 in rap and also no 1 in overall 2nd ranking announcement. 

2. MMO Entertainment’s Kang Daniel - JUST DO ANYTHING  

As beautiful his face and smile is. He is really the heart robber. He has great personality and motivation. I know he may got into some controversial act before, and cheating is really such an unhonorable act, with that being said, his personality and talent show that he is more than that. His attitude on the screen also shows that he is responsible and have a good fighting spirit. He is incredible with his dancing b-boy thing, and rapping and singing. He does improve a lot too, there are still room to grow even though he is already in Class A. With the right attitude and willing to learn & grow, he is a good example to be a great idol. 

3. Fantagio’s Ong Song Sung Woo - VISUAL   

He is already my favorite since the first episode, but until Kang Daniel came and shows his cuteness. LOL. But he is the man of dance and popping God. His jokes and Gag talents is also worth to count. With great visual and stage presence he is for me one of the best stage & expression experts. His dance skills also great and also his attitude and how he cares about others. He knows how to put himself in different kind of situation, for me he is a man with many talents, without trying to hard to show off and he got his way to impress people effortlessly. and he is more than ready to steal your heart right from the first impression to his long career ahead. 

4. Brave Entertainment’s Kim Samuel - DANCE    

I don’t understand why people doesn’t seem to agree that he deserve to be in the top 11. Even the trainers and national representative the Queen BoA fall in love with him and he is the first trainee to get into the A Class (based on the show). With his young age and how much he loves to dance and how much he spent his life practicing and dancing and how much he shows that he really want this is just.. beautiful. I really appreciate him to keep going and keep the fighting spirit. He is also respected by other trainees with his talents and I think he already shows improvement of his singing skills to. 

5. Chun Entertainment’s Kim Yong Guk - VOCAL

He really shows his charm and how good his vocal is in the “If It Is You” performance. I think he is another good example on how much an underdog can do more and be success with his talent and not just his face. He has amazing vocal who can give different color to the group, I think he has so much potential and he doesn’t have a problem with following the choreography, so he is up in top 5 for me. 

6. Individual Trainee Kim Jae Hwan - VOCAL     

He is no dubbed the best vocal in P101 now. But he is more than his vocal. I his personality and charms he shows during the interview. I really like the way he talk and how he is honest and not so greedy for a position (maybe because he is already got the top posisition). But I think he is a must in term for vocal ability to be put in the top 11. And I am glad everyone have voted and put him in the top 11, for his talents, not just for a pretty boy with no talents. 

7. CUBE Entertainment’s Lai Guan Lin - RAP 

Talking about pretty boy without talent, the first time I saw him in the top 11 in the first voting result, and how he perform in front of the trainer for the first time, I basicly hate him for being in the top 11 with pretty face with no (I mean still in the making) talent & ability. But through out the show he shows how he is so passionate in rap and his ability to write and compose rap for his performance is amazing. He also know how to put great performance on stage, and I really appreciate him. It is not just a talent but his attitude also counts. I think everyone is working hard and everyone is also trying hard. But to put that hard work into something that is a great performance, I think he nailed it. Love his voice. 

8. Brand New Music’s Park Woo Jin - DANCE  

I am agreed with everything Jenny said. He is one of my favorite now after the get ugly episode. Just seeing him saying “I’m Doomed” is cute and how he reacts to the first time he saw the Get Ugly Team. But I think he has a solid talent for vocal and dance. He is the perfect example for not craving for high ranks, just do and give the best, and now he got in the top 11. Love him so much. 

9. MAROO Entertainment’s Park Ji Hoon - VISUAL   

Honestly I hope to see more talent from him, not just his visual. I think he has been to focus on how to act cute and come up with new trademark after the wink. But I know he is good tho, being in the Class B means he is great, and I think it is a safe choice to include him to the top 11 as we are talking about IDOLS, and boy like him with his charms and talents is one solid yes for an Idol. 

10. C9 Entertainment’s Bae JinYoung - VOCAL

He is just charming in many ways. With that shy not-so-confident personality is cute but also shame. He should know how good he is, he is charming in many ways, his face, his voice, his dance, his one covered eye, his stage presence, his smile. I am glad that he shows more smile and prove he is great on stage in the recent My Little Girl performance. I am just so happy to watch his performance with his smile through out the performance, and we also haven’t talk about his performance the ballad song downpour, his voice is just great. And I shipped him with Jihoon haha

11. Brand New Music’s Lee Dae Hwi - VOCAL   

It hurts my heart that he has lesser screen time now, but he proves to have more to show and more ideas and more stage presence in every performance he is on. I think he has so many talent and potential. Hope he can become more confident than ever and overcome all the hates he got. 

12. Pledis Entertainment’s Hwang Minhyun - VISUAL.   

What just top 11? But I really can’t leave this one. He is a great center to, I love all his stage presence, the smirk, the stares, the gaze. I think he is also have a solid vocal too. He is experienced and I think he deserve to be in the top 11. He has all the idol material, handsome, tall, sharp, and charming. He is price charming and he really completed the group as a whole. so please let him be in the top 11. 

Other trainees that I hope to be in the top 11 is actually Lee Woo Jin, although I know he might be hard to fit in, but I love himm.. #13 - VOCAL

Choi Min Ki & Dong Ho - it hurts my heart to hear they story and how they struggle to survive the idol life and music industry. As all the talents they got, they really are ready to get another chance to debut. But I think not in this group. I hope they both get success in the future. - #14 #15 VISUAL - VOCAL

Takeda Kenta. He is great I think he got all and everything you need as an idol, but poorly we have less interaction with him. Less interview, less screen time. But he nailed all the performance and I love him so much. #16 - VOCAL

Yoon Jae Sung he is incredible person and i just want to see him more and more. He is just hillarious. - #17 - I dont know what suitable position for him. Maybe Vocal or Responsible for GAG & VARIETY SHOW

Jung Se Woon - I love his understanding and his vocal. He is great, and it is waste of talent if he doesnt debut soon.  #18 - VOCAL

Lim Young Min & Kim Dong Hyun: Everyone from Brand New Music is ridiculously attractive to me. I think both of them have reputable capability as a rapper. Coming from the rap agency I think they have the quality looks and talent becoming an idol. #19 #20 - RAP

Ardor & Able trainees Noh Tae Hyun & Ha Sungwoon. Both are in Class A and super talented in dancing, but sadly they lack of screen time. I am happy for Taehyun he really still the spotlight in the position challenge. He did super great as the leader and choreographer for Shape of You, and he is just the best dancer in P101 for me. Next Ha Sungwoon who recently hopelessly and relentlessly trying hard to be get notice and to keep being in the competition. I think he has a great personality, and work ethic. #21 & #22 DANCE




I dont know how they survive, for me their stage is average, but I think if you just be positive, and smile, and hard working enough, you’ll get notice.


So I saw Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) again today and it still shines even in the rewatch. It’s not quite as much of a spectacle because you’re not so drawn into it because you know what’s going to happen, but I imagine that’s how it goes with basically everything. The animation is still gorgeous, the beginning is still an endearing almost slice of life moment, the voice acting is still great, the sound track still fits every part of the show, and so on. You also notice a lot of details that you missed the first time around. The movie deserves every bit of praise it’s gotten. 

Definitely one of the best movie experiences I’ve had in a long time. 

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This was one of my favorite scenes from the last episode!! LoL!! 

woW okay my tony thoughts atm:

  • my main thing is that i am honest to god SO relieved that natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812 got so much recognition……there was a decent chunk of prediction blogs who didnt even throw that show in the mix and it honestly was worrying me???? i feel like this is the unpopular opinion because everyone is rooting for dear evan hansen but i am 1000% for the great comet sweeping most of the awards, i think it is genuinely the best show this season and i am overjoyed that they got the most nominations.
  • v happy about two plays written by women this year
  • a tiny bit surprised eva noblezada got a best actress nom but i’m extremely happy for her!!!!!! and denee!
  • HELLA thankful for all the falsettos actors getting nominated holy shit!!!!!!! if stephanie j block didnt get a nomination i would have rioted
  • (in general, actor nominations are back to being white as snow and it suuuuucks. there are tons of nominations that could have gone to other people imo.)
  • im not surprised amelie didnt get any love but i’m way bummed about it
  • also anastasia got majorly snubbed tbh???? UGH (at least we have the once on this island revival to look forward to so an ahrens/flaherty show will be back again next year….but still. smh.)
  • lol @ cats and sunset boulevard not getting anything. good. fuck you alw.
  • overall…. i’m not super surprised. eh. the configuration of great comet/come from away/groundhog day/deh got old real fast tbh
  • hello dolly is so obviously winning best revival it’s not even funny. oh well.
  • i still honestly dont know what show will win best musical, though! agh!

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Just binge-read Property of Hate and now I'm stuck waiting for an update! D: Do you know know any other good webcomics you could dump on me?

Ahahaha, yesss, join the Property Of Hate herd! XD It’s so good omg. Usually updates every Sunday, just in case you didn’t know! :p


There’s Dumbing Of Age, this rly cute comic about a bunch of college students that takes unexpectedly dark turns when u least expect it but is also great (not one of my favorites, but still great)

There’s Maggot Boy, this one @drawinggheys showed me recently that’s really hilarious and interesting and like??? Defs worth checking out Owen is an asshole but amazing and i love him don’t judge me (this one can get pretty gorey though, so just watch out for that lol)

There’s Sleepless Domain and Kiwi Blitz by the same author (I actually haven’t read Kiwi Blitz yet but apparently it’s rly good) but yeah, Sleepless Domain is about all these magical girls and their lives at school and stuff, and that may sound all fine and innocent, but by like the first two chapters in it completely wrecks your heart, don’t be fooled. Also from that writer is Let’s Speak English, where she tells stories in comic form abt her time teaching English in Japan and it’s also cute and hilarious and there are sassy little kids and what more could you want in life???

Another funny one is 2GaG, about this really hardcore girl and these two weird guys she lives with. (an apathetic scientist and…. idk how to describe the other guy. A bum?) The humor in it can be a bit weird, but hey, I think it’s funny. X”D

I know there are some other good ones I used to read, but it’s been so long I just can’t remember. :c But I hope I’ve provided you with a decent amount of entertainment for a while, anyway! XD

Only translating Nakamura parts. 1 question per post. NOTE: May contain mistranslation. Read at your own risk. I like to translate close to Japanese meaning so the sentence structure might be weird.

Da Vinci 2017 November issue

Nakamura Yuuichi, Fukuyama Jun and Irino Miyu interview part 7

Interviewer: I

Nakamura: Y

Fukuyama: J

Irino: M

I: Are there any new approaches or hopes towards the second season?

M: We didn’t do it any different from the past, and I think that’s the most important. Actually, at the beginning of the second season’s recording, I found that I gave myself a hurdle to overcome. Lifting the weight off your shoulders, acting neutrally makes it more interesting instead. That’s why to all of the viewers, I think it’s better to not anticipate too much in a good way, and enjoy the show light-heartedly.

J: That’s right! For Tokyo, the broadcast is still same as the first season on Monday midnight, so it’ll be great to be able to lighten the blues on Monday. Isn’t there something like that in episode 7, “To the North”. Dekapan and Dayon’s silent movie kind of story. I would like to see a 30mins version of that in the second season though…

Y: The time when we didn’t have much screen time in the main story (LOL). But since it’s a series that will have infinite possibility of these kinds of nonsense, I hope they will have lots of things that nobody would have thought of. “Osomatsu-san” has been doing whatever it likes since the beginning, I think they won’t ever change this stance.

I’m really excited for something for the first time in a long time.

though you probably wont see this, id like to write to you.

when you first appeared on marks channel (i know, im new, bla bla bla) i was pretty surprised as mark had been cycling through friend collabs, and i was pretty sad when it seemed like you were only going to be in a few. i didnt know you had a channel at the time, but one day i decided to watch a few of your videos and holy fuck. i swear. you are the funniest youtuber out there, and your fanbase is absolutely phenominal!! as a person you attract so many sweet loving people and its so fun to be a fan of yours.  i write this with my signed 5 year anniversary poster next to me because im still trying to find a place in my room worthy of its greatness lol-

incidentally, i showed my best friend a video of yours. it was hit it fergie. and i have no regret and she was instantly hooked. you have become our favorite youtuber and our go to for video binge watching, and though i watch you with her, i also watch you just by myself, when im at my lowest. when i feel like the world is against me, like life just sucks and time is going slow and ill never feel better, i watch you and suddenly im happy again. i know thats such a stupid cliche thing to say but its true!! you inspire me so much to be a better person, and your channel, your story, and YOU remind me that if i just keep on working at everything that i love, that i can become more than i am now. im just a kid, just an amature artist now, i can become something great.

so heres to a happy 500k, and a hopeful 500k more, you trash panda!! i cant wait to see you and the gang in san francisco, and my friend and i are making you something too. hope you enjoy the art as well!!


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If one were to start watching rooster teeth's videos, where would you recommend to begin? or should I just choose a random one? You've made me curious of them

Hey dude, it kind of depends on your interests. If you wanna know where they started, and you enjoy silly comedy-turned comedy and major angst, start with their very first show Red vs Blue, available here or on youtube. The first five seasons are mostly without plot and just full of silly jokes but fun to watch; if you’d rather get into the more plot-driven part of the show, you should be able to start at season 6 without much confusion. The show is based in Halo, if that makes any difference.

Another one of their main shows is an anime called RWBY, which you can watch on youtube or here.

Otherwise you could start with Achievement Hunter, their main gaming branch. If you’re into gaming and comedy, I’d recommend starting here. If you do start here, I suggest beginning with their Minecraft Let’s Plays, their Let’s Watches, their old Let’s Play Wednesdays or their How To videos. Funhaus is another great gaming channel of theirs, and there’s also Cow Chop and Screw Attack, though I haven’t personally watched them so I can’t say much on them.

Aside from that there’s their movie, Lazer Team, their series where they experiment game logic in real life, Immersion, their many varied podcasts, their game show and their animated series.

To be honest I still haven’t listed all of their shows here, but I figure that’s enough to get you started lol. If it makes any difference, I was first introduced to Red vs Blue, then Achievement Hunter; that was who knows how many years ago and I’ve never looked back.

So anyways, happy viewing! I hope you enjoy!

The problem with live shows is that some nights you have people who think your stuff is great, and other nights, you’re really less good, especially if synths fail, because then there’s not much else you can do.
—  Guy-Man on performing, in a March 2001 interview with Rock & Folk (x)

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How about pros and con of dating Iole? Not that it'd deter me from loving Iole regardless of the cons.

send me an oc and i’ll give you the pros and cons of dating them! : still accepting!!

pros of dating iole:

   — extremely doting and affectionate, will give you love 24/7
   — literally no shame when showing how much she loves you
   — a great listener and is always be there for you, no matter what
   — will fight anyone who makes you upset
   — an amazing cook ( i hope you like spicy food, though )
   — beautiful, compassionate, and super strong, the ultimate package lol

cons of dating iole:

   — expect a lot of pining before you get together because it takes iole forever to understand her own romantic emotions ( and others’ emotions towards her )
   — doesn’t really value herself enough
   — extremely emotionally brittle, especially after issak’s death
   — she might still harbor some feelings for maxwell ( but you’ll always be number one in her book, don’t worry )
   — literally has told someone to kill her
   — she’s not okay, my dudes

i just wanted to say sorry for being so absent lately. if we’re mutuals, you might still see me show up in your notifs sometimes, but my queue tends to be mostly dead, and i don’t always post a lot.lmao i just haven’t been doing so great lately emotionally, and idk.

i love you guys and i’ll try to be around more often again. currently, i’m probably gonna try and sleep already because i feel exhausted even though it’s not even midnight, which is ridiculous for me, but hey.

again, i’ll try to be around more. <33


Okay, Solmare has trolled us big time. What they wrote in his bio info page is such a LIE! I was expecting the usual arrogant and cold jerk, because of what his bio says, and instead i got a blushy mess of a charming dork. Never a bio has been as misleading as this.

Also, if i knew his story before end, i would have probably have left him for last, because now he has ruined all the others for me. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this is like Hue from SCM all over again. How can i date the others now? Especially if it means that the MC escapes so she doesn’t have to marry him, and he is probably going to show up to try to take her. It’s going to break my heart 😭

Anyway, i love the art of this game and the story concept it’s not bad either, but i can tell this game is old. The chapters are very short and the story is not as well developed as other Solmare games. This game has much more potential than what it offers, unfortunately, because the overall story is really lucking. With that said though, i still enjoyed Lorenzo’s route and i would raccomend it for the swoon worthy moments and also because he’s truely great to look at lol

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Is there any bad guys you miss being on? I loved watching Manny and Alcazar. I loved the story lines involving them. I guess Manny more so, but I started watching GH right after the beef involving him started.

FAITH ROSCOE! I loved Faith so much. She was a BADASS, and she kept Sonny and Jason on their toes. Plus I LOVED Faith and Justus. Manny was a great villain, but he scared me lol. And he was just a straight villain, there was never other story surrounding him, just his psychological and physical torture to Jason/Sam. I guess after Faith, Jerry Jacks would be my next favorite villain. He was so fun, the hostage crisis still remains my favorite storyline GH ever did. Alcazar was great, but I never really thought of him as a villain. He was a great Sonny rival though. I love Ted King, I would love if the show somehow brought him back.

With SBu back, I imagine the show will generate some lame mobsters trying to steal something Sonny’s, like the have the last few years but if the show was smart, they’d bring Alcazar back. Or the Zacchara’s, even.