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“Now we are at the starting line, as we debuted. We will walk together hand in hand with you. We will help everyone so that nobody is left behind. We will be Pristin, who walks together with you.”

New Owarimonogatari TV Anime is Two-Day Special
Adaptation of 3rd novel in NisiOisin's series premieres on August 12-13

Not sure what I think of this. My initial reaction is disappointment, but some of the people commenting on the article are saying that the amount of content in the third volume is more workable in a shorter format, whereas they may have ended up needing to stretch it out to fit in a standard cour. I guess I just hope that they at least separate each of the arcs, and don’t do something like putting two of them into a single special.

I am a bit worried for what this might mean for it getting licensed in the U.S., seeing as there’s still no word on Koyomimonogatari being licensed. Nekomonogatari: Kuro, Tsukimonogatari, and Hanamonogatari were all licensed just fine, but if MAL’s info is correct, they’re all classified as TV shows, not specials, so I don’t know if that will make things more complicated. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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So, in the show, how well done are the special effects of the spell castings and patronus charms and all? Do you have any clue how they're done, like projections of some sort, or are they so magical you can't tell?

The special effects are wonderful and there are many moments that make the audience gasp and clap. A lot of spells involve playing with light. During the battle at Godric’s Hollow, for example, long streaks of coloured fire shoot out of their wands. (And blind me, I cover my eyes now if I’m sitting close, they’re so bright) I think that the actors stands on their mark and holds their wand in a specific place and the fire is shot out of a… fire tube? Thing. 

Snape’s Patronus is made up of green and yellow flames around a frame shaped like a doe’s head. It’s stunningly beautiful, especially in combination with the music playing at the time. The actor playing the Sorting Hat carries it out on stage (because he represents magic). 


iconic/memorable Goblin moments (1/?)

Goblin & Reaper arrive in style to save EunTak - episode 02


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Jesus, this teaser has just set the whole YOI fandom on fire, wow…

22 april 2017

@pixlokita scibbly comic for shinichi ½!


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If anyone out there is having a bad day, here’s an adorable montage of Jonah and The Bots putting on goofy Christmas sweaters!

  • Me: here are my reasons why I don't think DEH was an exceptionally good show, especially compared to CFA and Comet
  • Them: have you considered: DEH is important to me?