this show is so much more brutal than band of brothers

High School Band AU: Chapter One

Here it is! I almost forgot this was ready, just waiting to be posted. Hope you like it!

“Well, that was disappointing…”

“You’re being too polite. That was awful.”

“I knew holding auditions would be stupid. You made me waste the whole week on this.”

“One week that you couldn’t skip class to jerk off to whatever weird shit you’re into, Saeran…”

“Shut up before I’ll break this pretty face of yours, Zen.”

“Ah, come on guys, let’s not fight right now, we have bigger problems right now?”

“Yoosung is right, nobody met our expectations, we still don’t have a vocalist and the festival is in less than a month…”

“Can’t we really ask Rika to come back? “

“I talked to V about this. She’s still recovering.”

“From what? From her diva tantrum?”

“Saeran, don’t even start, please…”

“No, fuck that! Is she still sensitive because she realized she’s not that perfect and she doesn’t have her boyfriend to cover up for her anymore? Come on, I can’t be the only one thinking about this! Saeyoung, some help here?”

“Oh, I don’t have a vote here, I’m just the DJ, or at least that’s what she said…”

“I’ll take that as a help. See? That girl has a major diva complex!”

“Saeran, don’t talk about my cousin like that, please.”

Okay, you’re pretty sure by now you shouldn’t be listening to this conversation. What were you even thinking? Coming here was a stupid idea, entering by the wrong door was a stupid idea, even considering this audition was stupid! Mental note: never let yourself be hypnotized by a pair of dreamy eyes! That is how you mother got pregnant, right? You giggle, your mom is pretty funny when she’s not running away to follow her frustrated dreams from her teenage days…

“Guys? I found one more!” you’re taken aback by this redhead guy pointing to you behind the curtains. Shit! “Aren’t you a little late?” he asks playfully.

“I… got lost.” You say, trying to avoid his gaze. “Anyway, I’m going now…” you try to turn your back on him, but he grabs your hand and leads you to the stage. “W-wait, I… I don’t…”

“Don’t be shy! Hey, guys, look what I found!” he points at you in a exaggerated way. Did he really just call you a “what”?

You find six pairs of eyes staring at you. Five guys and one girl look at you curiously, as if you were some kind of alien or something.

“What’s your name?” the brunette one asks without any expression in his face or voice.

“Hum… MC.”

“Okay, hum MC, what are you going to sing?” the brunette puts his pen on a paper waiting for your answer. He’s… scary, he looks like a teacher.

“I… I, okay, this was a misunderstanding. I was… I was trying to find the magician club.” Is there a magician club? Shit! Why can’t you even lie properly right now?

“The magician club has meetings on Wednesdays.” The blond one states and smiles sweetly, oh… maybe this one is nicer.

“Don’t act like the magician club is cool, Yoosung.” The silver haired one scoffs, gaining a glare from the blond one. “Are you lost, sweetie? Maybe I can help you…” oh, wait! This one you actually know, he was in the musical theater club too, what was his name again?

“Ugh, there he goes again…” this other redhead groans and mutters, giving quick annoyed glances to you. Oh… so this one next to you and that one are twins, okay.

“Yes, Zen. Let’s focus. What are you going to sing?” the girl finally says something, she looks more patient than the brunette one, but she is also pretty intimidating, and her haircut is cool!

“I… am not going to sing. This was a mistake. I should get going…”

“Are you scared? Don’t be! We won’t bite… well, maybe I will, but that can wait…” the redhead with glasses wiggles his eyebrows looking at you. “Haha, I’m just joking! You should see your face right now…”

“I’m not scared and I’m going! Sorry for taking your time, this was a misunderstanding.”

“You’re already here, why don’t you sing?” the brunette says, looking at you, you can see a little annoyance on his features.

“I… I can’t sing. I don’t know how.”

“Yes, you do! I know you! You were on the musical theater club! I remember you, quiet weird girl sitting in the back just doing backing vocal… do you remember me?” how could you forget Zen and his brutal honesty?

“I do…”

“So you can sing!” the blond one says and everybody stares at you again… that was stupid! That was so fucking stupid of you!

“I can, but I… I… look, this was stupid, okay?”

“Yeah, no shit!” the redhead without glasses scoffs.

“Excuse me?” you ask, did he interrupt you to make fun of you?

“You were hiding, listening to our conversation, then pretends you’re all innocent and shy when we catch you and keep lying to us even when we already know you’re lying! Come on, this is very stupid.”

“I agree with Saeran. This already took too much of our time.” The brunette one says, everybody look at him surprised and nod. Oh, you get it, he’s the leader, and the redhead there is pissing you off!

“So, if you’re not going to sing because you’re a scared little girl, just go away already!”

“I’m not scared! And you’re really rude, dude! Go get laid and release all this puberty stress!” oh no, you didn’t! Everybody looks at… what’s his name? Saeran, right? But you look to the other twin still by your side.

“I tell him the same every day, can you believe?” he says to you, smiling.

“SHUT UP!” oh… he’s… red, he’s blushing. You broke the little punk wannabe! Okay… this satisfied you more that you would care to admit.

“Then, if you’re not scared, will you sing or do we have to waste more time?” the brunette is the only one who didn’t show any reaction to your little argue with Saeran.

“Why do you keep talking about time? Do you have somewhere to go?” you ask. Jesus! You won one, you can’t be risking yourself like this.

“We’re still waiting for you to sing.” See? You knew you wouldn’t win twice on this.

“Fair enough. I’ll make you forget the place you had to be.” You just hear some uhhhs from Zen and the nice redhead, and the brunette smirks at you:

“Let’s see what you got.” Is that a challenge? Interesting…

“I should… get out of here. This is about to catch fire.” The redhead jumps out of the stage.

“Hi. My name is MC and I’ll be singing ‘I’m the Greatest Star’ from the musical Funny Girl.”

“This isn’t a musical theater audition…” the brunette is still smirking.

“Nobody said what kind of music I should sing. Does anyone here oppose to me singing this one?”  everybody nodded negatively, you noticed the girl looked a little excited, did she like the song or was she happy to see the band’s leader losing his control over them?

“Very well, so I won’t oppose either. Let’s hear it! Do you need any support? Yoosung can play the piano or Saeyoung can give you a base.”

“I’ll sing acapella.” Since you already made tons of stupid decisions, why not add one more?

“Do as you please. Saeyoung, the lights.” So the nice redhead’s name is Saeyoung, and he promptly lights up the stage, you feel a shiver as you can’t see any of their faces right now…

“Whenever you’re ready, sweetheart!” that’s Zen’s voice, you notice how excited he is.

You close your eyes, take a deep breath… and your voice come out.

“I got 36 expressions, sweet as pie to tough as leather, and that’s six expressions more than all those… Baltimore’s put together… Instead of just kicking me, why don’t they give me a lift? It must be a plot! Cause they’re scared that I got… such a gift? Well, I’ll nift!”

The thing about this song is that she has a lot of variations disguised as this little humor gimmicks, so… yeah, it wasn’t the greatest choice to an audition for a band, but hey! You’re having fun! Yes, this is fun, this is… natural, somehow. And the fact you can’t see their faces make you feel like it’s just you against the lights in the whole world.

Zen is smirking, as if he knew about this hidden treasure before all of them. Yeah, he just refuted the fact you couldn’t sing because he knew, he can trace talent even if it’s hidden behind a secondary role on a musical theater play. And as soon as you stepped in that stage, he knew exactly who they were about to deal with… well, at least musically, he had no idea that quiet girl could be that…spirituous. Confronting Jumin like that was bold, and he likes bold girls…

Yoosung is hypnotized. You look and sing like an angel, it’s so different from Rika, but the sweetness and this expressiveness are the same. Also, you look a little intimidating at first, but he’s pretty sure you’re very sweet and nice, he noticed this at the moment you smiled at him and the little fact about the magician club. Also, nobody that sings like that can be less than adorable, yes, h barely knows you, he already adores you.

If this was a cartoon, Jaehee’s eyes would have dollar signs in it. You sing well, you have a cute face… maybe they can sell tickets or get some gigs with you and finally make some profit out of this… hobby. Also, she loves Funny Girl, what an interesting choice… you’re… interesting. She’s curious about you, and she rarely gets curious…

Saeyoung is smiling, he was rooting for you the minute he found you backstage. He can’t explain, he just… liked you, he wanted to know what you were up to. Was that whole scene part of your number? You’re such a drama queen, he loves it! Yes, he’s already thinking about the costumes he can put on you, you will look so cool and cute… also, you made his brother blush, you’re already his favorite person in the world. Even if you don’t join the band, he wants to hang out with you…

Saeran was mad. You were so sassy, he doesn’t like sassy girls, he was rooting for you to sing really bad, but… what the fuck? You are actually great!? Ugh… just remembering the way you defied him make his blood boil. Stupid little talented  bitch… and you’re cute too? UGHHHH, you’re trouble, aren’t you? You’re making him feel troubled.

Jumin is still smirking, he just needed this confirmation on something he knew from the moment you confronted him: it was you. It had to be you, no one else. “ So this is the girl V warned me about, interesting…”

Prologue | Chapter Two    

15 Things We Love About ‘Band of Brothers’


This September, Band of Brothers will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Can it really be 15 years since Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks breathed new life into the TV landscape with their $125 million 10-episode WWII dramatic miniseries? Using historian Stephen E. Ambrose’s New York Times best-selling book of the same name as source material, Spielberg and Hanks assembled an unparalleled creative team (consisting of talented young actors and a sterling behind-the-scenes crew) to bring their vision to the small screen. Their subject? The heroes of “Easy” Company, part of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, who landed at Normandy and fought their way in less than a year to Hitler’s Berchtesgaden home in the Alps.

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the men and women who’ve died serving our country. Through its understated but eloquent celebration of the men of Easy Company, Band of Brothers pays particular homage to the ordinary citizens who, in all our wars, have been called upon to give extraordinary service to their country.

With that in mind as HBO Signature airs a complete marathon of the miniseries starting at 10 a.m. ET today, we look back at 15 things we love about Band of Brothers.

1. It’s still ranked as the No. 1 TV show on IMDB

That’s a pretty impressive feat for a miniseries that is about to turn 15 years old. What better evidence that Band of Brothers remains relevant and compelling a decade and a half after its debut? To be included on the IMDB Top Rated TV Shows list, a miniseries must have received ratings from at least 5,000 users. To give you an idea of the competition, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Wire are currently in the #3, #4, and #5 spots on the list.

2. Everyone is in Band of Brothers… literally, everyone

No, we’re not exaggerating. While only Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, Donnie Wahlberg, Scott Grimes (ER) and a few others appear in all 10 episodes, the men of Easy Company are comprised of some remarkably familiar faces including Kirk Acevedo, Eion Bailey, Michael Cudlitz, Jimmy Fallon (!), Colin Hanks, Neal McDonough, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Settle. Oh, but that’s just the Americans. The alert viewer can easily pick out such notable British actors as Jamie Bamber, Michael Fassbender, Dexter Fletcher, Stephen Graham, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy and Simon Pegg. All appeared in Band of Brothers before their “big breaks” elsewhere.

3. Interviews with the real men of 101st Airborne Division bookend almost each episode

While there are 500 speaking roles in Band of Brothers, perhaps the most powerful words are spoken by members of Easy Company themselves who appear at strategic intervals to recount their memories of the war. To maintain suspense about the fates of key members of the 101st, the creative team wisely waits to identify the speakers until the end of the 10th episode. However, the big reveal is hardly a surprise because the actors bear such an uncanny resemblance to their real-life counterparts that they essentially embody their roles.

4. Each episode has a different protagonist within Easy Company

How do you tell a story that encompasses the experience of an entire Company? Miraculously, Spielberg and Hanks pulled it off by using seven different Easy Company men to serve as point-of-view characters for different stages of Easy Company’s trek through Europe. Damien Lewis’s Dick Winters (who works himself up to Major) is at the center of only three of the episodes, though he is a unifying presence in all 10. The other episodes are anchored by soldiers (and a medic) of all different ranks, giving the audience a feel for the collective experiences of the unit and keeping the series fresh.    

5. “Currahee!”

The premiere episode of Band of Brothers arguably provides the greatest military training montage of all time, stretched over 90 minutes. David Schwimmer embraces the role of Captain Sobel, the maniacally demanding commander who appears to enjoy torturing the men of Easy Company (especially Dick Winters). The scenes of their multiple three-mile runs to the top of Currahee Mountain are among the most memorable in the series. Viewers fully appreciate why “Currahee!” later becomes a rallying cry for the unit. Ironically, it is thanks in large part to Sobel’s brutality that the men of Easy Company bond as a unit and are thoroughly prepared for the hardships of the battlefield.

(HBO/Getty Images)

6. The friendship between Dick Winters and Lewis Nixon

We really would like to think Damien Lewis and Ron Livingston hang out to this day, but we haven’t seen the paparazzi photos to prove it. As Dick Winters and Lewis Nixon, the two actors form a bond so believable you have to think they’ve been through real basic training together, not the Hollywood version. Our favorite moment is when a bullet ricochets off Nixon’s helmet as a horrified Winters looks on. The shock and relief in both men’s faces says it all.

7. D-Day (Brécourt Manor Assault)

While Spielberg showed us one version of the D-Day invasion in Saving Private Ryan, audiences were able to glimpse quite another in Band of Brothers. The men of Easy Company were paratroopers who leaped into the fiery skies over Normandy the night before the invasion. While the recreation of the harrowing parachute jump was incredible, the centerpiece of the second episode is the re-enactment of Easy Company’s attack of a fixed position held by a large force of Germans at Brécourt Manor. Dick Winters devised and led the assault so effectively that the tactics he employed are still taught at West Point. He also won himself the Silver Star.

8. How it deals with PTSD

Of course, we now know it as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but during World War II, the disorder, if diagnosed, was called “shell shock” and considered shameful. While a number of soldiers obviously suffer from some form of PTSD throughout the series, two examples stand out. One involves Private Albert Blithe (Marc Warren), who becomes increasingly disoriented after the jump at Normandy and finally suffers hysterical blindness during battle. He begins to function again only after Dick Winters is kind to him. McDonough’s Buck Compton, though, is the character who best displays the gradual onset of PTSD over many battles and humanizes the syndrome. The scene in which Buck finally reaches his breaking point (in the episode aptly titled, “The Breaking Point”) after witnessing the dismemberment of his two closest friends, is easily one of the most disturbing of the series.

9. Bastogne

Perhaps the most harrowing sequences in Band of Brothers take place in the forests of Bastogne in Belgium, the focal point of the Battle of the Bulge. The two episodes devoted to this struggle in the freezing, deadly woods not only show the careless brutality of actual combat, but also the agony associated with waiting for the enemy to strike. Inside their foxholes under the towering trees, the men have intervals when they reflect and bond, until the trees start exploding above them and fire rains down. This signature battle, during which Easy Company holds the line against German onslaughts at tremendous cost, is a turning point for the paratroopers — as well as the series. After Bastogne, they are certain only of each other.


10. The Blue Headscarf

Due to its focus around Easy Company, Band of Brothers does not feature many women or children. That makes the appearance of Nurse Renee (Lucie Jeanne) all the more striking. Medic Eugene Roe (portrayed masterfully by Shane Taylor) encounters her at a make-shift clinic in a Belgium church near Bastogne. The two bond by recounting mutual experiences, share a chocolate bar, and form a real connection. She seems untouchable — a beacon of light in the darkness — until the clinic is bombed. A stunned Eugene finds her blue headscarf among the rubble that had been the aid station. He absorbs the fact that no one is safe and continues to deal with a wounded soldier — which is what she would have expected.

11. The legend of Ronald C. Speirs

One of the true gems of the series is Matthew Settle’s complex performance as Ronald C. Speirs, a skilled Captain who understands that, for an officer, it is better to be feared than be loved. Settle expertly conveys the dual nature of Speirs. He is both the man who is believed to have killed a group of German POWs after offering them a smoke and the man who turns out to be the savior of Easy Company when their craven commander is paralyzed by his fear of battle. It’s a gripping performance, which makes you wonder: why isn’t Matthew Settle a bigger star?

12. The 9th episode, “Why We Fight”  

For eight episodes, the men of Easy Company fight the Germans simply because they are the enemy. In this episode, they come to a much deeper understanding of why defeating Hitler is the right thing to do. When they finally enter Germany, they occupy a town called Landsberg where they stumble upon a concentration camp. The sequence that has them liberating starving prisoners while forcing Germans from the neighboring town to witness the horror is remarkably effective.

13. The occupation of Berchtesgaden

The men of Easy Company cap off their long journey by occupying Hitler’s famed holiday home, Berchtesgaden, better known as the Eagle’s Nest. In an incredible, eerie sequence, the men marvel at the castle-like interiors with stolen treasures from all of Europe on display. The surreal fortress is guarded by a dead Nazi officer who obviously committed suicide. Winters and Nixon smoke outside on the balcony, drink Hitler’s alcohol, uncover remarkable souvenirs (including Hitler’s photo albums), and admire the views of the Alps. It’s fitting that it is at this moment that they receive the news of the German army’s complete surrender.

14. “We salute the rank, not the man.”

Maybe the most satisfying line in the entire series. After working his way up to the rank of Major, Dick Winters encounters Schwimmer’s Captain Herbert Sobel, the man who tormented him and the men of Easy Company and even attempted to court-martial him. Now that he is out-ranked, Sobel averts his eyes to avoid Winters, but Winters can’t let him get away with it. It’s a glorious moment of comeuppance when Winters forces Sobel to acknowledge him.

15. The ending baseball sequence

What better way to end the chronicles of Easy Company than with the survivors indulging in America’s favorite pastime? In this tasteful slow motion sequence, Damien Lewis’s Dick Winters narrates the fate of each featured member of this extraordinary unit. While Buck Compton went on to become the prosecutor who convicted Sirhan Sirhan, others found success in ordinary endeavors: they became construction workers, postmen, a cab driver, writers, and even handy men. It’s true when Winters says, “how we lived our lives after the war was as varied as each man.”

Breaking the One Damn Rule (Pt. 6)

Read Part 5

[A/N: Second job has started, almost officially have my promotion at my regular job, applied to grad school and waiting for a response, and wedding planning has me pulling my hair out]

Constant monitoring and bed rest is what the doctor ordered. With the fate of yours and cel mic’s health in Bruce’s hands, and growing boredom, you need a distraction. Nothing like a Netflix marathon to pass the day and quell the cabin fever. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of dying

Words: 1, 648

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same face u character profiles

hi i’ve been busy! and i was too tired to draw so i wrote up some character profiles for the main same face university gang, for all you sfu truthers out there (and since i never did wow)

these are mostly just notes on my characterizations of the characters since they’re not totally in line with canon. i forgot if i mentioned anywhere but everyone’s a sophomore/second year unless stated otherwise, and the majors are kind of arbitrary and subject/open to change

lmao ok

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For someone so angelic-looking, many of Murphy’s parts involve him inflicting physical or psychological brutality on his co-stars.

A great new photoshoot + interview in The Sunday Times. He talks about Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, family life and competitive dieting on the set of Heart of the Sea (he lost a stone for his role!)

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WIPs you should be following

((So I finally made a list. This is the main list, with the big/long/amazing works that you should be reading. I will make a different list with works that are starting and I like in the near future.))

Bell, Book and Candle by skittidyne

Magic, Witches, Supernatural Hunters, Ghosts, multiple ships

Suga’s life currently consists of doing odd jobs for Kiyoko (usually herding lost ghosts into the afterlife) and being a cat dad. He’s fine with this. So, of course, it can’t last. It all starts with a fake luck spirit haunting an unsuspecting kid—no, it starts with an immigrant witch trying to summon an uncontracted demon—or maybe it starts with the tengu eggs and the selkie thief—no, Suga knows it probably started three years ago and it’s just now falling down around his ears.
TT: If anyone is curious, I am probably the person who has reread bbac completely the most. And if anyone wants to challenge me, then I will just reread it again (please challenge me). This is genuinly my favourite work of fiction, including published work. I would be surprised if someone has not read it yet, but if you haven’t go make yourself a favour and read it. Warning: forget about your life for about three days, because it is LONG.

Say You’ll Remember Me by thefreakyfashionistawriter

A/B/O, Mpreg, future!fic, iwaoi

Iwaizumi Hajime hadn’t seen Oikawa Tooru since they graduated high school, when Oikawa decided to up and run away for unknown reasons. But after graduating from four of the most stressful years of his life and moving to Tokyo, Iwaizumi runs into Oikawa where he’d least expect him; and Oikawa’s not alone.
TT: I know some people don’t really like ABO, but believe me when I say that it is done amazingly in this story. The writing is wonderful, and you end up really invested in the story. Give it a try, and you will clicking on that subscribe button before you know it.

But for me, there is a storm by Authoress

Pacific Rim Au, Mecha, Action, multiple ships

Sometimes you have to make choices you don’t like, or will regret into countless sleepless nights, and sometimes you’re just following orders. But if the other option is certain death for your entire species, you will make those decisions. That’s what it means to be a pilot.
…Or so Daichi and Sugawara keep telling themselves as they activate the two least compatible recruits for the much-needed third Jaeger assist. The kaiju are learning, evolving, and coming in faster than anyone is comfortable with, and the only option left is to evolve with them. Who knows? Maybe the rookies will be the ones to turn the tide of the war.
TT: This is just a masterpiece. I am pretty sure y'all have read it, but if not then do it, it’s almost as if it was part of fandom lore or something. It is also quite long, so make a gap in your schedule.

Daredevil on the Slope by Smokey310

Skiing, Polyamory, future!fic, bokuakakurotsukki

„Seriously. What kind of supernatural being did I piss off to deserve this,“ sighed Tsukishima on their way up to the mountain. Akaashi sat next to him in the little chair lift and watched the trails of small paw prints disappear between the clusters of fir trees. The snow glittered in the sun, the air was icy fresh and everything would have been picture perfect if it wasn’t for the intruder shaking his snowboard around in the third seat.
“Are you talking about me?” asked Tanaka, whom Tsukishima was very obviously talking about.
“Do you see any other people which the devil would have sent to punish me?”
“There’s some right behind us,” said Tanaka, pointing to the following chair lift filled with an excitedly jumping Bokuto, a maniacally smiling Nishinoya and Kuroo who sat in the middle and looked like he contemplated jumping into the treetops below.
Well – he did have a point there.
TT: Read all of the series, it is fabulous. I don’t tend to like ships with tsukki, but this is so well written that I just fell in love with their interactions. Bokuakakurotsukki golden work. Also, it’s just so hilarious, some of the chapters made me laugh hard enough that my roommate had to ask me if I was dying.

It’s lonely on Jupiter by Skyestiel

Science Fiction, Aliens, University Au, iwaoi

“It isn’t often that someone comes along and surprises Iwaizumi. He’s not easily caught off guard, not at all. Or at least that’s what he likes to think. So, when Oikawa Tooru shows up, a living, breathing oxymoron strutting about on two solid legs, he must admit that he’s a little impressed.”
or: oikawa’s always loved aliens but never thought he’d actually fall in love with one
TT: The alien Au that the fandom needed, but doesn’t deserve. This is SO good. I just love it so much. There is also a bunch of sidepairings which are amazing, but the iwaoi is incredibly cute.

Blood in the Water by ChosenOfKagami

Fantasy, Pirate/Sailor/Merfolk Au, Adventure, Violence, bokuaka, multiple ships (literally and figuratively)

The Corvus is a merchant ship known throughout the islands for its (seemingly) mess of a crew. Despite having one relatively simple goal - to deliver their shipments in one piece and on time - the lot seems to have a knack for running into trouble. Most of which involves pirates and drama among merfolk.
TT: This is genuinely gold. I love it so much. Merfolk AUs are what keep me alive, and this one is the main reason why. The adventure feels so fresh and interesting, I just can’t stop reading.

This Will Be by Metis_Ink

Sawamura Brothers Au, Growing up, Alternative Universe, daisuga

Sugawara first encountered Sawamura Daichi and his bad-tempered teenage brother in the church halls before his best friend’s wedding. He could fully admit that after that the rest of this story was all Tobio’s fault.
TT: The story that will make all of your romcom-loving hearts happy. Family drama mixed with fluff mixed with an amazing universe mixed with really good writing. What else could you ask for?

How Icarius fell in Love with the Sun by tsukkkiii

Fake Relationship AU, Alternate Universe, iwaoi

Oikawa has to find a fiance within a week or he has to leave Japan and thus his successful career and his friends. Obviously the best idea is to knock on his new neighbor’s door at 11 pm and ask, “Will you marry me?”
Kind of a The Proposal AU. (Plot different)
TT: Fake relationships Aus are the dream of every fan, and this one is just perfect. You will really fall in love with the characters, and the plot is movie-worthy.

The Chronicles of Our Mistakes by Mehhh

Magic, Supernatural, Urban fantasy, multiple ships

Things don’t go bad with one big fuck up, one big mistake. No, things go bad because a series of steps were taken to a certain point of time where all those little missteps you took down the path come snowballing at you.
And that one day (night) where you find yourself walking to certain doom with three witches who, at some point, had the idea you enjoyed their company, you think back to your steps, wondering which ones brought you to this moment. Little ‘perhaps’ and little 'maybes’ float around your head as you try to find the answer.
Perhaps it was walking into that accursed apartment, laying your eyes on the stunning (brutal), raven haired boy that was currently on your right. Maybe it was learning that first spell, the one that made you feel nauseous but excited at the same time, all due to the grey haired angel (devil) currently on your left. It was most likely meeting the intelligent (insane), Oikawa Tooru, who was currently walking ahead of you, leading your merry (fucked) band of misfits into a portal to hell.
TT: (For those who are picky about second person POV don’t worry, because the story is not written in the same POV than the summary.) The story is hilarious, and amazing, and page-turner (or screen-scroller, i guess) and incredibly good. The supernatural elements are amazing, and the universe that is built is so, so interesting. And I remember that one chapter made me laugh so much that I managed to wake up my roommate.

And that’s it folks. There are loads more that I wish to put down, but I kinda spent most of my time rereading bits and pieces of these fics and now don’t really have more time. I will make more lists of amazings WIPs in the future, so if there is one you love and haven’t spoke of please send me a link :D Do not forget to leave comments to these lovely writters and subscribe. (if any of the links doesn’t work please tell me so I can correct them asap, or if i made some typo)

Why do people like Hey Violet?

Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily stan or even like some of the artists I will mention below, but I need them for reference and/or examples. 

My questions is WHY?

When people exposed Iggy Azalea for being a racist, people online were brutal. At one point she was even compared to the Wayans brothers in ‘White Chicks.’ But if we were to make a comment on the appearance of someone in Hey Violet, all of our credibility would be thrown out the window and we would simply become “bullies” or “jealous fan-girls.” Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t make a comment on their appearance or even condone it, but even after all the proof we have provided against HV (i.e. being racists, bullies, supporters of very unhealthy people/problematic AF lyrics and just ungrateful shit people who are only in it for the fame.) We are still deemed nothing but bullies who happen to be jealous of their friendship with 5sos….which is complete bullshit.

Iggy Azalea tweeted out some racist things and everyone immediately blacklisted her. We were all collectively so loud and outspoken about her racism that even some artists (her peers) started to notice (there was some who disliked her since she came out…) They were outspoken about their dislike for her and her so-called music. Plus, to add insult to injury she used a southern accent in her songs, but spoke with an Australian accent??? Needless to say, people had a negative perception of Iggy. Her career soon went south when her peers decided to stop working/associating themselves with her and this included her ex-manager/mentor? T.I. He dropped her as a client and now she’s forced to do everything on her own (mostly.) I think her second album has been shelved? but I could be wrong.

People who tell you that the consumers (us) CAN’T do anything about a celebrity’s status is lying to you. We’ve made a huge dent in Iggy Azalea’s music career. No matter how many people in suits put money into a certain artist, if they don’t sell, they’re nothing. Don’t forget that. If we don’t buy Hey Violet’s merch or music, their numbers/status will decline and their label/management will be forced to shelf HV’s music and eventually drop them.

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This is a message to all parents, or any other MCR hater out there who has said this. This makes me pretty mad for many reasons.

If you would listen with your ears and not your eyes you would realise that this is far from the truth. Whenever i’m feeling bad about myself I actually listen to MCR to make me feel better. If anything MCR saves people from this.

If you gave them a chance instead of straight out judging them from their tattoos, black clothing, and dyed hair, you’d hear inspirational lyrics. Here are just a few examples.

  • “I’m the kind of human wreckage that you love.”
  • “Ain’t nobody gonna get the best of me.”
  • “I won’t explain or say I’m sorry. I’m unashamed, I’m gonna show my scar, give a cheer.”
  • “I’m who I’ve got to be.”
  • “So go on, live your life.”
  • “Sing it from the heart.”
  • “Sing it like the kids that are mean to you.”
  • “Stand up fucking tall, don’t let them see your back.”
  • “Don’t believe what they say.”
  • “Raise your voice every single time they try and shut your mouth.”
  • “Sing it out for the ones that’ll hate your guts.”
  • “Take a look at me, ‘cause I cannot care at all.”
  • “The aftermath is secondary.”
  • “Well, I choose the life I’m taking, never mind the friends I’m making.”
  • “We don’t care about the message or the rules they make.”
  • “You’re not in this alone.”
  • “All the broken, listen here, because it’s who we are.”
  • “Someone out there loves you after all.”
  • “We are young and we don’t care.”
  • “You’re never all alone.”
  • “If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me.”
  • “Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again.”
  • “This ain’t a room full of suicides. We’re believers.”
  • “We are the kids from yesterday.“
  • “Do or die, you’ll never make me, because the world will never take my heart. Go and try; you’ll never break me.”
  • “Ain’t nobody gonna take my life.”
  • “On and on we carry through the fears, and disappointed faces of your peers.”
  • “We can live forever if you’ve got the time.”
  • “Hold on tight and don’t look back.”
  • “Keep running.”
  • “This hole you put me in wasn’t deep enough and I’m climbing out right now.”
  • “You’ll never take me alive, you’ll never get me alive. Do what it takes to survive and I’m still here.”
  • “And through it all, we’ll find some other way to carry on.”
  • “The future is bulletproof.”
  • “I’ve got a bulletproof heart.”
  • “We all carry on, when our brother in arms are gone.”
  • “I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.”
  • “If we can’t find where we belong, we’ll have to make it on our own, face all the pain and take it on.”

And some quotes from the Gerard, Frank, Mikey, and Ray themselves.

"Hey, girls, you’re beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You’re good enough, you are too good. Love your family with all your heart and listen to it. You are gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, as long as you’re a good person, as long as you respect others. I know it’s been told hundreds of times before, but it’s true.”
-Gerard Way

“If for one minute you think you’re better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.”
-Gerard Way

“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.”
-Gerard Way

“Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s crap, and never let them take you alive.”
-Gerard Way

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”
-Gerard Way

“Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. Nothing is worth taking your life over. Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves. Like I love you all.”
-Gerard Way

“Never forget how beautiful you are.”
-Gerard Way

“No matter how ugly the world gets or how stupid it shows me it is, I always have faith.”
-Gerard Way

“Oh how wrong we were to think immortality meant never dying.”
-Gerard Way

“There are really so many people trying to get control over you on a daily basis and steal your soul in some way, take a part of you…”
-Gerard Way

“In those perfect moments you find beauty you never knew existed. You find yourself and you friends all over again, you find something to fight for, something to love. Something to show the world.”
-Gerard Way

“I’ve gotta see the world. I’ve gotta make a difference.”
-Gerard Way

“It erases everything I hate about myself. Nothing can hurt me. I feel completely invincible. I feel like we’re capable of anything. There’s no stopping us.”
-Gerard Way

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
-Gerard Way

“Tears are words the heart can’t express.”
-Gerard Way

“I feel like there’s so many people out there who have the kids in the palm of their hand listening, but there are so few people saying something.”
-Gerard Way

“Even if you stop believing in us, we’ll never stop believing in you.”
-Gerard Way

“There was a moment in my life when I really wanted to kill myself. And there was one other moment when I was close to that. But even in my most jaded times, I had some hope.”
-Gerard Way

“You should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person. We are all becoming what we want to become.”
-Gerard Way

“All your quirks, all your problems, even your depressions and failures, that’s what makes you, you.”
-Gerard Way

“You are better than that.”
-Gerard Way

“We’re just as screwed up as you.”
-Gerard Way

“All we ever wanna do is inspire somebody to be who they wanna be and to give them a little bit of hope.”
-Gerard Way

“Human nature at times is unfortunately very ugly and I learned the world can be a very ugly place. For as much beauty there is, there’s just as much brutality and violence and ugliness.”
-Gerard Way

“I learned to see beauty in everything and ugliness in everything. I developed a very honest perspective.”
-Gerard Way

“If you’re ever in a dark place, don’t resort to violence. Talk to someone; whether it be a therapist, teacher, parent, or just someone you can trust. We all have our dark places and it’s important that you get help.”
-Gerard Way

“Homophobia is gay.”
-Frank Iero

“If you don’t listen, you’re never gonna learn.”
-Frank Iero

“Just do what you do best.”
-Frank Iero

“I think that we’re here for a reason.”
-Frank Iero

“You’ll never be normal because nobody is normal.”
-Frank Iero

“We embody the power of fighting against adversity.”
-Frank Iero

“We don’t need any more sadness.”
-Frank Iero

“It could be anything, give a homeless guy a sandwich, help an old lady across the street, like anything to make this world a better place. If everybody just did one good thing for another person like a selfless good deed just think about how much a better place this would be.”
-Frank Iero

“We just have to have common decency and respect for our fellow man that’s really what it comes down to, to treat people the way you would want to be treated and to really take care of our world and our scene because if we don’t give a crap about it, nobody else will.”
-Frank Iero

“Knowing that the soapboxes that you stand on hopefully give good advice to kids, maybe that soapbox is paid for by a major corporation that’s maybe doing some terrible things, but maybe you can get up there and change the system from within the system.”
-Frank Iero

“People never cease to amaze us.”
-Frank Iero

“Every time somebody ever told you that you weren’t gonna amount to anything, you know, that’s your time to shine, you know? You can show everybody and prove to yourself what you’re doing is real and that it counts and that it makes a difference.”
-Frank Iero

“We are a generation told not to try too hard. The world is going to crap so why break a sweat? We are reminded daily not to trust our gut or follow our hearts, your dreams are unattainable and unrealistic. Fear is the eternal enemy. If they can keep you scared, they can keep you controlled. We are here as a reminder that the world is not better off without you. There are dangerous days that we live in, and you, the artists are our best defense. Art is the weapon. Your imagination is the ammunition. Stay dirty and stay dangerous. Create and destroy as you see fit. Embrace your originality; the aftermath is secondary. You can and should do anything. Love what you do and who you truly are.”
-Frank Iero

“Sometimes the good guys win.”
-Mikey Way

“Regret is a sign of weakness.”
-Mikey Way

“Don’t do anything to try to fit in.”
-Mikey Way

“Everybody wanted to hate us, but we always had in our mind that we wanted to transcend this. We wanted to change the world.”
-Mikey Way

“It’s great when you can impact someone like that. It’s our mission.”
-Mikey Way

“Everyone wants something real, something that was created to invoke a positive feeling.”
-Mikey Way

“Everybody should be able to listen to the kind of music they want.”
-Ray Toro

“Everybody goes through rough things in their lives, us included. The best advice we can give is to never give up, and always believe in yourself because when you do that, anything is possible.”
-Ray Toro

“I think that the music we create together is one of a kind.”
-Ray Toro

“When you doubt yourself you create something better.”
-Ray Toro

“We had the benefit of time. We felt we couldn’t rush great things, these things needed time. With that time it really allows you to dig deep into yourself and really put out the best that you can be.”
-Ray Toro

“Be creative. Use your voice, your community.”
-Ray Toro

“Always believe in yourself.”
-Ray Toro

“Just put your heart into it.”
-Ray Toro

“Art is doing something you really believe in.”
-Ray Toro

“Be good to your friends.”
-Ray Toro

“Art is the only weapon.”
-Ray Toro

Still sound so bad? I don’t know about you but, compared to lyrics about drugs and sex and girls having “perfect bodies” I’d take the stuff about being good to yourself any day.

Rolling Stone: Behind Hozier’s Unlikely Rise

Meet the singer behind the smash “Take Me to Church”

A little less than two years ago, Andrew Hozier-Byrne sat down at the piano in his parents’ home near Dublin to work on a song called “Take Me to Church.” Hozier-Byrne was a struggling musician, often seen at open mics around town. In front of him was a notebook full of lyrics, some of which expressed his frustration with organized religion — and particularly the Catholic Church’s history of mistreating gays and covering up child sexual abuse. “I was just fumbling around and I came upon the idea for a chorus,” says the singer-songwriter, 24, who performs as Hozier. “Then I went up into the attic and made a little demo.”

Today, the vocals he laid down at that session are the key ingredient in a global smash. “Take Me to Church” would eventually top charts around the world (and hit Number Two in the U.S.), win raves from Taylor Swift and Adele, and earn the previously unknown Irish singer high-profile gigs on Saturday Night Live and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “I always thought of myself as a very, very obscure artist,” says Hozier. “I never thought Irish radio would be turned on by my music — or any fucking radio station, excuse my French.”

A soaring ballad that mashes together blues, gospel, folk and soul, “Take Me to Church” sounds like little else on Top 40 radio in 2015. Hozier credits this to the fact that he grew up in a vastly different environment from most hitmakers. “We lived far out in the Irish countryside,” he says. “We had a very, very bad Internet connection.” His main source of music was his father, who played drums in blues-rock bands and owned a vast collection of vinyl and cassettes. “I developed a fascination with the roots of African-American music,” Hozier says. “I love Muddy Waters and Nina Simone. I also watched The Blues Brothers movie over and over.”

Hozier taught himself guitar and sang in his school choir. He was admitted to Dublin’s prestigious Trinity College to study music but dropped out, figuring his time would be better spent writing songs. Progress was slow and he eventually moved back home, where he had his breakthrough moment with “Take Me to Church.” His rough attic demo got the attention of the indie label Rubywords, who teamed him up with producer Rob Kirwan, best known for working on U2’s Zooropa, Pop and All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

Kirwan heard tremendous potential in the crude demos. “He’s got so much soul in his voice and he’s only a youngster,” he says. “He’s a bit like Adele where his voice belies his age.” They spent a few weeks replacing the programmed music with live instrumentation, though the original vocals on “Take Me to Church” were so powerful he dared not touch them. “I thought he’d have a slow burning career, like PJ Harvey,” Kirwan says. “I never foresaw a stratospheric rise.”

To promote the song, Rubyworks hired the tiny Irish production company Feel Good Lost to create a “Take Me to Church” video. Working with a shoestring budget, they created a stark, black-and-white clip about a homosexual man who gets brutally beaten by a gang of thugs while his lover looks on helplessly. It gets right to the central message of the song. “Growing up, I always say the hypocrisy of the Catholic church,” Hozier says. “The history speaks for itself and I grew incredibly frustrated and angry. I essentially just put that into my words.”

Hozier has been labelled an atheist by the press, but he says that’s not the case. “That term is associated with a belief that maybe there is nothing,” he says. “I’m very comfortable not knowing. I think searching for it is quite absurd. I think discussions about it are equally absurd. It’s a tough one, but I’m very, very comfortable just not knowing.”

The “Take Me to Church” video went viral after its September 2013 release (it’s now up to 86 million YouTube views). “I remember someone texting me to say it was getting 10,000 views an hour,” says Hozier. “I went home that night and watched the views rise hour by hour. It was just crazy.”

The success of the video attracted the interest of labels from around the world. “He did one gig at a church where there were about 100 people and 20 of them were A&R reps,” says Kirwan. “If a fifth of the audience at your show is A&R guys, you know something is up.” One of them was Justin Eshak from Columbia Records. “My friend in the U.K. sent me a link to the video,” he says. “The song was already rocketing up the iTunes charts in Ireland. The very morning after I first heard the song I hopped on a plane and flew to Dublin. I didn’t want to waste any time.”

Columbia won the U.S. bidding war for Hozier, convinced that “Take Me to Church” could find a place in the American pop landscape. “If you’d taken a song with a slow tempo and a heavy subject matter to Top 40 a year ago they would have looked at you like you were crazy,” says Eshak. “But there’s been a shift due to artists like Sam Smith. The music is connecting because when it gets on the air it’s such a sharp juxtaposition to the existing material on Top 40 radio.”

The song first popped up on an Adult Album Alternative radio station in Nashville. “Just from that it was the most Shazam’d song in Nashville,” says Eshak. “It’s very unusual for that to happen just off Triple A radio. Shazam usually follows the Top 40. A programmer at the Top 40 station in Nashville saw that reaction, listened to the song and decided to take a chance.”

It became an enormous hit in Nashville, quickly spreading all over America throughout the summer and fall of 2014. Offers for live performances began pouring in, and Hozier found himself stepping onto American soil for the first time in his life. “The diversity there is just incredible,” he says .“It’s almost like the European Union. The states are enormous, almost the size of countries.”

His first gig was at New York’s tiny Slipper Room, but soon enough he was onstage at prestigious places like the Ryman in Nashville. Taylor Swift saw one of his shows and tweeted about it. “She has more followers than God,” says Hozier. “So that was a big deal. We hung out a bit. She’s incredibly kind and very funny. Adele saw me in London, though thankfully I didn’t know until afterwards. I have such respect for her.”

As Hozier criss-crossed America throughout 2014, “Take Me to Church” slowly climbed the charts. Eventually, the call came in from Saturday Night Live for an October appearance. “The Top 40 crowd is really just discovering it now,” says Eshak. “Saturday Night Live really helped with that. It’s one of the few institutions left in America, and in terms of credibility it’s just huge.”

The whole thing is still rather baffling for Hozier. “I’m still trying to figure out what’s happening,” he says. “I never wrote music for the mainstream. I think I was incredibly fortunate that the song crossed over and people connected with it. Spotify played a big role. It’s a discovery platform and it’s been invaluable to me over the past year.”

Even though he spent the entire year of 2014 on the road, his calendar for his year is already booked straight though Christmas. “He’s gotta make hay while the sun shines,” says Kirwan. “His song is on the charts all over the radio and he’s gotta capitalize on all that positive energy. But how will he have time to write a second album, let alone record it?”

Hozier is aware of the dilemma. “Sadly, I’m too busy to work on my second album in any meaningful way,” he says. “But I have a guitar with my everywhere I go and I’ll try to keep the ideas coming. I just won’t be able to do much meaningful work until 2016, I think. We’ve just had some fantastic offers this year and we don’t want to pull any punches. We’re really going for it.”

The possibility of “Take Me to Church” becoming too big does weigh on him. “You don’t want a song to be bigger than yourself,” he says. “I mean, do you? Maybe you do. I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out.”


This article in the August issue of Rock & Folk – a Q&A about the European festival tour – was far too good to be sacrificed to the mangling maw of googletranslate. Our bb and international blog-sister dangermouseisthatdude did an excellent English translation for us. Please enjoy this longread then go give her some love… [photos william beaucardet]


RF: You’re on tour right now promoting Turn Blue. What’s your schedule?

DA: I have no idea. You have to ask Pat, he’s gifted with statistics and dates. 

PC: It’s for 37 days. It’s like a tour of festivals, we’re playing essentially Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We’re doing 23 shows. We’re going to England, France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Portugal… Sort of all over Europe staring on June 23rd. Then we’ll go home for five weeks and we’ll start our American tour. That’s what we try to do in general, it’s three weeks of shows and two weeks of rest. But it’s complicated when you do a tour of European festivals. 

RF: How do you travel?

PC: By bus. We have four buses for this tour. There are two for equipment, sometimes three. We can put 8 to 12 people in a bus, it depends. There are two buses with bedrooms in the back. That’s where we sleep, along with our manager Jim Runge, our musicians and security guys. 

RF: How many people travel with you?

PC: There are always more and more people, but I like it to stay stable. If you count the bus drivers we have about 15 people. 

RF: For a long tour, what do you take with you?

PC: I leave everything for the last minute. To be honest, my wife packs my bag. I took two books with me: one by Raymond Chandler and a book about American history. I always have my iPad, with lots of series and documentaries on it. I’ve got some Xanax, my phone, a camera…Just the necessities you need on tour, though I don’t usually take a camera. Before I was in a band, I studied photography, I’d like to get back into it. 

DA: I take my computer, some 45s and a portable record player. I try to travel light. I brought lots of series, I’m re-watching The Sopranos, The Wire, stuff like that. I have a case that can hold about 120 records, I try to leave some room in that case in case, like when we do festivals, we can go into town a little. When we play cities, I bring a jump rope and boxing gloves. I go into boxing clubs, there’s one in every major city. As long as it doesn’t look like one of those MMA things, it works. If the walls are painted camouflage, I avoid those too (laughs). 

RF: Do you have time to shop on tour?

PC: I don’t really buy anything on tour. It doesn’t interest me. My leather jacket, I’ve worn that almost every day for four years. The only thing that I eventually want to buy is a tape recorder, because I need one. Dan, on the other hand, shops a lot. 

DA: My road guitar has traveled with me for the last 8 or 9  years. I really just have to find a balance, because when I get up, I don’t have to be at the venue until late in the afternoon. So I go look at record stores, I drink a cup of coffee, I go to the boxing gym. I have record stores that I’ve been going to for ten years. I stop in every time I’m in that city. I know the owners and there are always things they’ve set aside for me. That’s how I buy most of my records. I go to Deadly Dragon Sound, in Chinatown in New York, and there will be a pile of 45s of dub and rub-a-dub set aside, great stuff. 

RF: How many guitars do you bring?

DA: Four or five, with different tunings. Before I would buy stuff on tour by going to music stores but these days I have enough guitars for a lifetime. 

RF: What music do you bring on the bus?

DA: I sort them by genre: garage, soul and old Jamaican records. When I get bored, I sort them by bpm, I nerd out. I bring records that are important to me. They inspire me. They remind me why I love music, which is not always evident when I’m at a festival…

PC: The rule on the bus, for me, is: occasionally there is music, but most of the time we watch movies, but we especially try not to get on each other’s nerves. It’s something I pay attention to, that everyone gets their own space. I grew up with three brothers, so I’m used to these situations. If someone screws around on the bus, it drives me crazy. That’s the only reason I could beat someone up. If someone talks on the phone in the bunks, I could break their neck. It’s important to try to get some sleep on tour. The bunks are sacred. 

RF: What would be your ideal mode of transport on tour?

PC: If I could, I would do it all in a car. I miss the van. Granted, I don’t miss getting up early and not sleeping enough. I don’t miss the heat and noise either. But I love being able to see everything, to really observe what’s happening.

DA: If I could choose my ideal mode of transport I would choose a private jet. Not an airplane or a helicopter, a jet. I went on one once, it’s incredible, you arrive in a car, you park by the airplane and you get on. No need to get in line at the airport. But of course, it’s too expensive…

RF: Do you sleep in the bus?
PC: When we have a free day, we get a hotel room. In 37 days, we’ll spend 7 nights at a hotel. But it doesn’t bother me to sleep on the bus. Before, we’d stay at a hotel everyday. It was only Dan, our manager, and me. the three of us in the same room. Getting up at 8 in the morning because we had eight hours of driving in the van before the next show. We did that for the first six years of our career, but when we got a bus in 2008 it was great. 

DA: The thing I like about the bus is someone is driving while you sleep. In general, when I get up we’re already in the town. I never sleep so well as when I’m on the bus. You’re in your bunk, the curtains are drawn, it’s completely dark, like you’re in a cocoon. It’s great, like being back in the womb.

RF: Do you try to write on tour?

DA: I have a guitar on the bus but I don’t usually write on the road, there’s too much going on, too many interruptions, and it’s impossible to write onstage during soundcheck. I need solitude. Creation is an intimate thing, and when you’re touring with fifty people it’s just not possible.

RF: What do you think of festivals?

PC: They can be cool. I liked the time when we would play earlier, the festivals are more fun that way. You can discover other bands, you can hang out with them. Now we have to make sure we aren’t too late to play. I always prefer our own concerts. 

DA: Festivals can be really good. On the other hand, the crowd is never as good as our own shows. For the first time, we’re headliners, so that’s going to be different, maybe because the people will be excited to see us. We’ve played festivals for a long time even as a small part. We started at the bottom of the bill, we were the band that played to no one. A festival tour, it’s drastically different from other tours. You never leave the bus. When you wake up you’re in a field in the middle of nowhere. Usually the first thing I ask in the morning when I wake up is “where are we?” All the festivals are alike, they’re either muddy or dusty. As soon as you arrive there you’re not sure where you are, but I never say the name of the city. I don’t want to be the guy who forgets. When you do 130 shows in a year, it could happen. Usually when we do festivals we don’t even see the town. 

RF: Do you keep anything from past tours?

DA: Yes, we have a list of all the shows we’ve done. Pat can probably list them all from memory, he’s like Rain Man. He can remember the dates. 

PC: I don’t really keep archives, I can probably remember every show we’ve done. It can take a minute, but in time I can recall the chronology…

RF: OK, let’s put you to the test: in which year was the busiest summer for The Black Keys?

PC: 2003. We started opening for Sleater-Kinney for three weeks, then we went on our own tour for two weeks. Then Thickfreakness came out and we left for five weeks. We did two weeks in England, and two others on the West Coast of the U.S. We came back to England to do a session with John Peel, after that we went to Norway. We came back home a few times then went back on the airplane to Europe. Then we spent a few weeks before touring the US opening for Beck, then we returned again for another Peel Session in England…. It was the summer of a crazy year, and we did it all in a van. It was brutal. We couldn’t take it anymore. Dan would play the radio too loud and I was flipping out. After that, we were really traumatized so in 2004 we played very little, we eased off. 

RF: You took a look back at this period with the cover of El Camino. A bit of nostalgia?

DA: Traveling by van, that had to go. We would take turns driving. We had a bunk at the back with a pillow and a sleeping bag. Pat drove at night, I drove in the day, but it ruined us. Neither of us had any money, it was insane. We came back from tour poorer than when we started. I don’t understand how we did it because we didn’t have any earnings besides playing shows. We slept in ratty motel rooms on the edge of towns, we had to leave right after we played our show. We didn’t necessarily have any of the lifestyle of a musician. We weren’t part of any scene. 

RF: Do you have certain habits on tour, rituals?

PC: My day is pretty planned out, the first thing I do is soundcheck around 3:30 pm generally. We eat at about 5:00, 5;30, then I take a nap or watch a movie. Then around 7:30 I get up, do paperwork. Then we go on stage around 9:30. As soon as the show is over, I take a shower and have a few drinks. We’re not as crazy as we were when we were 23 or 24 years old, but, when we’re in New York, London, or Paris, we’ll usually go out after the show. Sometimes we work out, some people go back to the bus to watch movies, but in any case I go to bed around 3:30. The next day I get up between 1:30 and 3:00 pm.

DA: I do a few vocal exercises before I go on stage, that’s all. I’m not superstitious, I don’t have rituals. But I have my little benchmarks. I go to eat at the same places, I always visit the same friends. And when we tour the US, I take my motorcycle in a trailer. I can’t do it in Europe. Driving here is crazy, some streets make no sense, it’s too confusing. Look at the Place Concorde! It’s madness. 

RF: What are your must-see places?

DA: When we’re in Paris, we always eat at the same restaurant. It’s been six years and we’ve gone there every time. It’s very French, the owner is crazy, very chatty. It’s family style cuisine. 

PC: In every big city we play, we have a place to eat. Tell me a city, I’ll give you a place. I’ll be a sort of cheeseburger expert from now on. In New York there’s a Japanese restaurant called Ippudo that I love. In Los Angeles you find the craziest tacos and the best sushi in the world, outside of Japan, I’m sure. Paris is my favorite city for food. There’s a place where we go every time for the after show meal: Les Gourmets des Ternes. 

RF: How do you stay in contact with your family?

DA: Thanks to my phone. I use Facetime when wi-fi permits. Which is rare when we’re doing festivals. 

PC: I text, usually. I send email to wife and my brother, that’s about all. I don’t communicate much. 

RF: What’s your favorite concert memory?

PC: We always get the best reactions in Europe. Except in Belgium and the Netherlands, the crowd there is too reserved, they don’t react at the end of songs. We’ve had to stop playing in Japan, the crowds are really too weird. We haven’t been back in ten years. The best crowds that I’ve seen in recent years was in Portland, Maine. Don’t ask me why, but the crowd there was crazy. 

DA: For the last few years we’ve been playing bigger and bigger venues. It’s too bad because we don’t play the medium sized venues that are really cool. In general, the best experiences aren’t really the place, but the crowd. In Portland, the crowd was crazy. It was in an arena and they were furious that waves and waves of people were passing over the barriers. Just waves and waves of crowdsurfers. It was epic, there was so much energy. And then there’s Madison Square Garden in New York. It was a dream. My dad used to see shows down there when he was growing up. He saw everyone: Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beefheart… I was flying when we played there. We can play bigger places, but Madison Square Garden is special. 

RF: And your worst memory?

PC: In 2002, we went to do a show in Champaign, Illinois. We opened for Reverend Horton Heat. We came from Ohio, it took about 8 hours to get there to make $50. After the first song, my kick drum pedal broke. I didn’t have another one, at that time I didn’t have one that wasn’t awful. I asked the drummer from Reverend Horton Heat, who used two pedals, if I could borrow one, but he refused. He just watched me, laughing like an idiot. I played the whole show without a kick drum, just on the toms. Eight hours on the road for that…

RF: Have you ever had a Spinal Tap moment?

DA: Every day there will be something embarrassing. I have to watch myself all the time. I feel stupid when I call room service or when someone carries my bags. This life is really ridiculous, and there’s no way to make it more normal. If you can make a living doing art - no matter how you do it - you get dangerously close to Spinal Tap cliches. When you start complaining about the food on the plane, you say to yourself “damn, I’m that guy…”

About Michael Brown, Rioting, Racial Outrage, and The Right Response

bluelikejazzminds asked:

I have a huge concern for this nation. I am outraged, frustrated and hopeless. I don’t know if you are aware but last week, a young man, Mike Brown, was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. He was 17 years old and was about to start college this week. They accused him of stealing candy, but both witnesses and store clerks say he didn’t. Brown actually surrendered but the police shot him 8 times anyway. Unfortunately, there are also riots going on due to the outrage, hurt and sorrow. Police brutality is at all time high and it seems as if hate is a common theme towards young black and brown men of this nation. This is not the first time a young black man was gunned down unlawfully and it definitely won’t be the last. Justice for these young men (and women) have not been served, and if anything are glossed over by celebrity news or other stories to distract the nation.

So I ask you, have any of you thought about this? Do you know what is going on? As a Christian, I want to look to the church for help but it seems that there is silence on these types of issues. Around the time Trayvon Martin was killed, I went to church and nothing was said about it. Not verse, not a word.

As a leader, I ask what words would you give to the congregation; God’s people; your brothers and sisters who were/are affected by these issues? What do you say to a young black man who fears for his life whenever he sees a cop? What do you say to a young black woman whose brother was killed unlawfully by the hands police brutality?


Hey my dear friend: I must say this first of all.

A young man is dead.  Not just dead, but shot until he was lifeless.

Before I’m just another ignorant blogger who goes into semantics and politics and the “spiritual lesson” for all this: let’s recognize that another member of our human race, a real living breathing person with hopes and dreams and insecurities like the rest of us, just as real as your brother or sister or parents or math teacher or pastor or coach or best friend, is permanently gone from the world.

I want to grieve about this.  I don’t want to turn yet another real person into ammo for my platform or agenda, and God forgive me, I have failed at this so many times.

I want to hurt with Michael Brown’s family.  I don’t need to suspect what he was “allegedly” doing, because the fact remains: a young man’s life was cut short, and for every turn of events that led up to his death, it’s still no less than a tragedy. 

I know that we will not all see eye-to-eye on the external issues: but can we lay down our verbal weapons and meet each other in our grief over a deceased young man?  Can we recognize we’ve lost a member of our human family? And that this keeps happening over and over?


I also agree that the rioting is sad.  Some of the physical outrage is perhaps extreme.  The whole thing is downright horrible.  None of it can be generalized or simplified, and it’s all a bitter ugly mess.

I’m well aware that I’m just one more limited voice in a sea of angry voices, and anything said here could barely uncover the heartache at every level.

What’s more saddening is the racially charged maelstrom on social media from every side. No one speaks rationally about these things.  I understand that race and violence and politics are all sensitive issues to discuss, and someone will always be offended.  I’ve probably offended you already with something said here.  But I’m still waiting to have a thoughtful conversation about it, that maybe there is a sane nuanced voice out there who wants to weep with me, and that maybe we could be part of the solution and not the problem.  We don’t have to agree: but maybe this is less about agreement and more about our desire for peace.

Yet everyone is turning this into some kind of philosophical circus, like lives are meant to be debated. I recently posted a picture of a protesting black man in Missouri with guns pointed at him from police with riot gear, and the caption read “Don’t let anyone tell you that racism is not dead.  Pray for justice.”  When I say justice, I mean to set right all the ways in which we’re not meant to be. I lost quite a few followers on all my social media, including some nasty feedback, and I understand that.  It’s okay if you’d like to unfollow me too.  But my intention was simply to show: the fact that this picture even exists is tragic.   Every part of this hurts my heart, and I’m not trying to “win” some side.

Again: A young man is dead.  No one is the winner here.

The fact that a young dead black man would draw so many racist online comments in the year 2014 makes me sick to my stomach.  The fact that a group of people feel the need to riot in order to express a deep inconsolable outrage is equally heartbreaking. 


No, I do not endorse rioting, as it can be destructive and immature.  It also ends too quickly.  But the fact that it’s happening is exposing an exhausted fracture in our humanity, beyond our simple categories of “us” versus “them,” to wanting the God-given dignity of living without fear. Simply do some research on the atrocities occurring daily on the streets and in the media, and you would be just as tempted as me to make a forceful stand. It’s absolutely enraging.

A friend recently shared this quote with me by Martin Luther King Jr., who was very much against violence, but he put it this way:

“When you cut facilities, slash jobs, abuse power, discriminate, drive people into deeper poverty and shoot people dead whilst refusing to provide answers or justice, the people will rise up and express their anger and frustration if you refuse to hear their cries. A riot is the language of the unheard.”

Of course, I want to be very careful here that I’m not endorsing violence.  I’m not pulling self-victimization.  We must examine ourselves too, for change starts with each of us. I will, however, promote protestation for the voice of the silenced.  This does NOT automatically mean finger-pointing or victimizing.  If this makes me a “bleeding softie liberal” or a “bandwagoner,” then I guess I’ll bleed with the band.  What’s most interesting is that we’ll cheer for protesting when it comes to the fictional characters of movies or books or for the rights that we enjoy, but we mock with generalizations when it comes to a group we don’t care to understand.  It’s okay for the cast of The Hunger Games, but not by real starving impoverished families of young dead men. 


To answer your final questions:

- “As a leader, I ask what words would you give to the congregation; God’s people; your brothers and sisters who were/are affected by these issues?”

I’m not sure what words could suffice.  There are so many words already, just pages upon pages of drivel.  Perhaps I just want to listen, to hear you, to know you.

- “What do you say to a young black man who fears for his life whenever he sees a cop? What do you say to a young black woman whose brother was killed unlawfully by the hands police brutality?”

Here’s a quick story.  One of my best friends Andre is a wonderful black gentleman who’s going to be one of my groomsmen.  About ten years ago, when I tried to kill myself with a bottle of pills, he was there for me after I got out of the hospital.  For months, he encouraged me and came over and recorded songs with me and took me out to dinner.  I owe him my life. 

At times we discuss some of these race issues.  And from a period of years, the one thing I know is this: that it’s absolutely impossible to know what it’s like to be a black man in America unless you are one.  I can’t imagine the fear he lives with, the anxiety when he walks into a store and everyone thinks he’s stealing, the looks he got when he dated a non-black person, the constant paranoia of police officers who eyeball him all over.  Of course he’s well aware that everyone is capable of racism, including himself.  But racism affects everyone differently: and it’s not some abstract political issue for him.

To some degree, I can understand as an Asian that he and I are never on an equal ground with non-minorities because of that invisible unspoken wall of race.  Yet his hurt is magnified to a level I cannot comprehend.  He lives with the secret horror of a racial rape-culture, in which he must take extra precautions on every street corner because a wrong move could get him “legally” killed.  

The sad thing here is that I don’t know how to console him.  I’m not sure I could even try.  I can only hurt with him in the trenches, to hear him out and to be there in his pain, and to never belittle his very real struggle in a world that is often mad.  Yet still, he believes in hope too, for a better world.  And that begins with us acknowledging in our homes and churches and streets that this pain is a reality, and we need each other.

— J.S.

Fantasy and Reality

Just a warning, this will not be any fanfiction. This will get fairly heavy and probably emotional at the end, so if you don’t want to read, ignore this post. 

I first heard the quote “fairytales don’t teach children that dragons exist. Children already know they exist. Fairytales exist to teach children that dragons can be killed” on an episode of Criminal Minds. It stuck with me for a long time. Still does. 

My mom asks me all the time what is it about these fandoms I’m involved in that keeps me coming back. If I get right down to it, the answer isn’t an easy one. Sure, I could say it’s the beautiful actors. I could say that it’s the amazing writing that goes in to the episodes or movies. I could say I love watching the makeup and prosthetic work. Or that I like being told a good story. All of that might be true, but that isn’t it. Not really. 

The truth is, each fandom has been involved in an aspect of my life that has changed drastically. I’ll narrow it down to the big three so as to not waste any more time. 


Ok. Some people find this show scary and creepy and it is. It used to scare the crap out of me. But Sam and Dean have taught me something important. If it bleeds, it can die. I used to have night terrors. Sometimes I’m still afraid of the things in the dark, even at 25. But no matter how scary the thighs are that the Winchester’s face, they fight it. 

And they fight it together. That’s the important thing to me. They’re together. See, Supernatural was there for me in a time when my parents almost separated. My dad was gone, I had no idea where. He refused to answer calls from my mom. My brother wasn’t talking to anyone. I was inconsolable. So I watched the episode of Supernatural from that week. Sam and Dean fought the monster and they won. But they fought together. If they could do that, then I knew I could. Because surely my parents separating isn’t nearly as scary as a haunted lake. (To be fair, I was afraid of sinks filled with water for at least two weeks after that episode.) My parents are still together, just celebrated 37 years. But without Sam and Dean and their endless love of each other, I’m not sure where I would be.


What’s not to love about the BBC Merlin? Colin Morgan is gorgeous. Bradley James is gorgeous. Katie McGrath is gorgeous. Angel Colby. Everyone. (Yeah, I even have an odd crush on Anthony Head. Don’t judge me.) It was such a fun take on the Arthurian legend, with Merlin and Arthur being about the same age. I went through so much with those guys. I moved out of my parents house and went to college. For the first time in my life, I was in a new state without a single person I knew within a few hours’ drive. My entire family was over 18 hours away and it scared me to death. On top of that, I was struggling with my dyslexia and ADHD which had gotten a lot worse without my realizing it. I got depressed and didn’t know. I almost failed out of college. Needless to say the first year of college was one of the worst I can remember.

But I had Merlin and Arthur. I got to watch Merlin struggle with his power and how to grow relationships in spite of it. I went through the same sorts of struggles. I went through one of the hardest transitions in my life with them at my side. They accomplished their mission, they survived, they were victorious. Merlin had his moments of doubt, but he never gave up. He never backed down from a fight there was no way he could win. He showed me what it was like to have real courage.


This is what everyone’s probably waiting for. I’ve been writing a lot of fan fiction for this fandom and it’s been fabulous (you all have such dirty minds and I love it!). That was a huge thing for me to do, putting myself out there like that. But you’ve all been so supportive and kind and encouraging. (I’m looking at you, @gotham-ruaidh and @thatwetwomaybeoneagain) I know I joined the OL band a little later than most, but when I fall, I fall hard. Good grief. I’ve thrown myself into this fandom heavily and I love it.

But there’s something that I related to in this series that a lot of people don’t know. I come off as a happy, sometimes bubbly girl. Most of the time that’s true. But it isn’t always. I was molested when I was 5 years old. I didn’t understand it at the time, didn’t know how to deal with what had been done to me. What happened to me wasn’t as bad as what has happened to others, but it’s not something I’d ever wish on someone else. Ever.

I grew up ignoring it, not thinking about it, even going so far as to forget that it happened. But the dumbest things are triggers. Things that shouldn’t trigger memories, yet they do. In February, my trigger came. I broke down. I forgot how to function for nearly a full day. It was like it had happened all over again. I could feel it and taste it. I was lucky to have a good friend that sat with me through it and held me as I wept. Even now, I’m crying about it and I don’t cry for most things.

Anyway. When it came to Jamie’s rape and torture at the end of season 1 (which I did NOT see coming AT ALL having not read the books yet) I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was visceral and brutal, but I understood it on some level. It broke him. I was freshly broken from something that had happened decades before. That spurred me to get the books. I needed to know how he survived it. He had people around him that helped, mostly Claire. Between her and his faith, he got through it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have nightmares, I still do too. But he survived and was stronger for it. I related to that.

So, when my mom asks what it is about the fandom life I love so much, I think of these things. I think about family and fighting for it. Change, and how it isn’t the end of the world. How the worst experiences can make you stronger.

I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I’m doing alright. I’m talking with my pastor at church about it and working through all the baggage. I’m talking to my family and coming to terms with everything. So I’m doing alright. I just felt the need to share this, give anyone courage to embrace the fandom life.



Okay…um, I’m a little nervous okay so just…just bare with me, okay?

Okay. So…I RP on Twitter. A lot. And I have a Mabel Pines RP account (herbestfriend12) that I go to. A lot. Aaaand about a month ago (I believe so because time is all messed up) I had an RP with a Dipper Gleeful (I’m still going with it now because we’re not finished) and somehow…somehow it sparked an idea.

What if…What if after Weirdmageddon…Dipper made a look-alike portal for a Science Fair Project, and what if Mabel Pines decided to be the test subject, and became /trapped within the Reverse!Falls/. What would happen to her? How would the Reverse!Falls Dimension react?


She’ll become someone else entirely.

And everything will change.

I have a basic summary of Star Gleeful, AKA Mabel Pines, in my notes, so I’m gonna just copy and paste them here.

Star Gleeful AU

Many months after WeirdMageddon Mabel Pines becomes trapped within the Reverse!Falls dimension after her twin brother Dipper Pines created a homemade portal. She tries to recreate the portal to go back home but is chased and eventually captured by Dipper Gleeful. Instead of killing her, though, the Twins decide to keep her as a pet, and also force her to become an act of their show, The Ballerina.

Many months pass and soon the Twins get frustrated as Mabel keeps escaping the mansion and becomes friends with Pacifica and Gideon Pines. So they try to force her to wear a necklace that makes her be seen and heard, but no one can touch her /except/ for the Twins since they put it on her, so that it’d basically makes things impossible for Gideon and Pacifica to help Mabel, but they weren’t able to put it on her until she got herself stabbed in the stomach to protect Will Cipher, saving her from dying, but also keeping her in her 13-year-old state. She can also force herself to become fuzzy so that she can walk through walls and doors.

There’s another terrible side effect: it slowly locks away Mabel’s memories of her own dimension. In a few month’s time she’ll remember nothing. Not Stan. Not Wendy. Not the Mystery Shack. Not even Waddles. All she’ll remember is vague people and places, and someone telling her that he was going to save her (Her Dipper). When the Twins realize all of this they give her a new name and a new backstory. Star Gleeful. She was told that she was their sibling, their Triplet, but was brutally murdered by an unknown person on their thirteenth birthday as a result of jealousy of their “show”. So now, Star Gleeful is only a shadow of what Mabel Pines used to be, very wary, shy, always seems to be sick, and always seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. She is physically abused by Dipper and is very attached to Mabel Gleeful, her Other, despite her being emotionally abused by her. BUT she is best friends with Will Cipher, Gideon and Pacifica Pines, so…yeah! And she enjoys dancing, so she doesn’t mind being The Ballerina.

Star Gleeful’s appearance is the opposite, yet…the same? As Mabel Pines? Her usual long brown hair is now cut short, up to her chin, and her soon-to-be chaotic powers decide to take control of her hair (since they are forced to be limited) so her hair is uncontrollable; not even Will Cipher can fix it. There is a colorful shooting star hair pin that helps keep some of her short bangs from her face, but other than that her hair is wild. She still wears millions of sweaters and skirts, but now they take on a more darker tone, like grey, black, dark blue, and violet. The sweater designs vary. She’s also seen with a few band-aids and bruises on her body.

Star Gleeful also has powers due to her necklace, which had been tampered with by the Gleeful Twins, but they are “limited” due to the Twins keeping her from practicing too much or realizing her true potential; they don’t want her becoming more powerful than them (which is possible and WILL happen eventually) The list of her powers are as follows:

1. Can make herself unable to be touched by people or objects, can walk through objects without becoming invisible. With people that’s instinctual and the necklace’s original powers (asides from locking away memories), but after a lot of practice she can make herself so fuzzy that she can walk through walls and doors and even people if she pleases.

2. Slight telepathy; she has to /want/ to read the person’s mind, it’s not just her walking up to a stranger and suddenly their thoughts explode into her mind, and for the most part she doesn’t want to read a person’s mind unless absolutely necessary.

3. Slight telekinesis, self-explanatory (the GLEEFUL TWINS tampered with the necklace so of course she will have the same powers as them and their amulets).

4. Is able to summon objects ONLY IF they had been in contact with her for a couple of years. She can’t summon people, that takes too much energy (although it’s mainly because of the “limitations” on her).

That’s it. You’ll know when she uses her powers because her necklace will glow brightly, and her eyes will glow the same color.

Don’t worry! This small, sick, scared child /will/ have a happy ending (because I’m a sucker for them and absolutely /hate/ bad endings) so if you want to read on how Mabel Pines becomes Star Gleeful and the events after then follow me on Tumblr, follow my Star Gleeful RP account on Twitter (BeAGoodSister), where I will write the story of Star Gleeful. It will also be on Wattpad (Skylespin) for those that don’t have a Tumblr.

So that’s it! I have /everything/ planned out for Star Gleeful, it all just needs to be either RP-ed or written on actual paper!

One last thing: Please credit. I didn’t spend days of agony planning all of this just to have it flushed down the toilet because someone was a jerk and decided to take the idea and use it as their own. If you want to do art of Star Gleeful, then yes please do so, that would make my heart explode!!! XD Just put the fan-art (wow that sounds freakin’ weird for me to say) under the hashtag #ArtOfStar. That way I’ll know and share it to everybody, giving credit ofc.

I hope you guys like her. I’ve put a lot of time and angst and pain into her.

- Skylespin


1. @h-sock (ofdoriotos on Twitter)

2. @fabulousaline

3. @billdork (formerly thismayday and now ofaliens on Twitter)

4. Me, Skylespin.

5. @o5060403 (DipperPines_RP on Twitter)

It’s never easy to find that the rules of your universe don’t have to apply to another. During Turtles Forever, ‘03 Don and '87 Leonardo have a little conversation about scars, enemies, and past and impending battles.

Thanks a lot to thatsoneginger​ for being an awesome beta no matter what I throw her way, and to gwydionae​ for her beta skills, patience, and 1987!verse expertise! :o)

Culture Shock

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a track comparison for both Libertines albums. Like say which track you like better and why, for example: compare vertigo/can't stand me now, death on the stairs/last post on the bugle, horror show/don't be shy etc ... for the extra tracks on 'The Libertines' maybe substitute in some other songs like The Delaney???

Sure I’ll give it a go. I’m not sure it’ll be very good though. 

So Vertigo & Can’t Stand Me Now - Definitely the hardest. I love Vertigo, it oozes pure Arcadia. The way they almost fight for attention singing over each other just sums them up so well. It’s so high energy too. What a way to open an album especially your debut and following What A Waster/I Get Along. Can’t Stand Me Now though is heartbreaking and a true anthem. Not only does it make it easy to fall in love with them with catchy choruses but it’s also kinda shocking hearing the two singing it to each other. Also Peter’s voice so dry and damaged and Carl’s so obviously upset is kinda harrowing. Cracking start to an album. I have to say I prefer Vertigo but Can’t Stand Me Now is a song close to my heart. 

Death On The Stairs & Last Post On The Bugle - Death On The Stairs is simply a classic. Should’ve been a single really. It’s so incredibly libertines turning these dark dark lyrics and long lost loves into something so beautiful. Last Post On The Bugle is a great song, with Carl’s simple but amazing guitar part so typically him. He seems to stick to one string a lot. People see it as a fun poppy song but it always makes me cry. Especially when Peter’s vocals come back in with the whole ‘inside I felt so so alone…’. It’s quite an unappreciated song I always think. I have to say I prefer Death On The Stairs though. It really stands the test of time with Carlos still playing it now. 

Horror Show & Don’t Be Shy - Two incredibly all over the place songs for Pete and Carl. It shows how John and Gary really keep it together. They both have some fucking amazing lyrics which never seem to be quoted oddly. Don’t Be Shy has an excellent little Carl doing a Peter impression it seems haha. I think you can feel a certain loss of energy in Don’t Be Shy compared to Horror Show which is pretty indicative of the whole album. Horror Show is my favourite out of the two. Far more mumbly but better lyrics I think and fuck me is it a good one to dance to. That’s what gets you drenched in sweat and blood. 

Time For Heroes & The Man Who Would Be King - Well Time For Heroes just has ridiculously good lyrics. Full to the brim with references as all their songs (especially first album) are. Carlos’ classic show stopping solo really rounding it off as the song that represented a generation. The Man Who Would Be King is a fantastic follow on from Tell The King (the greatest song of all time so a hard one to follow). Flaunting their knowledge of literature so much the most ill informed of us would bow to their intelligence. I’m just sad they cut the ‘I’m into Liberty and verse (no you’re not)’ bit. Mick Jone’s piano is fucking great on it too. Really changes it. I guess Time For Heroes is better but I’m listening to The Man Who Would be King so it’s kinda hard saying that. 

Boys In The Band & Music When The Lights Go Out - Wow does Boys In The Band transform from the demo of Peter singing it. It’s definitely better with Carl. It’s messy and angry and somehow also tight with sweet harmonies. Music When The Lights Go Out is a song like none other I can’t think of. The subject matter explains this feeling and situation I’ve never heard talked about before. Well not from that perspective. Put into such beautiful clever relevant metaphor too. It manages to keep it’s sweetness with a full band playing on it which is incredible. The fact that they put it on the second album rather than the first made it transform into something far greater than what it started out as too. Music When The Lights Go Out  has got to be the better one in the eyes of anyone who’s ever experienced that.  

Radio America & Narcissist - Now loads of people say they don’t like Radio America which sorta bemuses me. I think it’s because it’s not as much in the same vain as the rest of the songs on the album. It’s a fucking great song and put in such a good place in the album bringing your heart beat down before the start of Up The Bracket. Narcissist is such a Carlos rude boy song it hurts. Annoyingly Carlos basically is Dorian Gray and Peter appears to be the picture… Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn.  Uhh Narcissist is probably better. Yeah, yeah it is. 

Up The Bracket & The Ha Ha Wall - You can see why they named the album after it… Hancock reference which invites imagery of fighting and snorting. It’s just so Libertines. The Ha Ha Wall despite being one of the first songs they wrote together is kinda a template in terms of the rest of the album. I gotta pick The Ha Ha Wall. Mostly because I can relate to it so well. It’s less of a like story than Up The Bracket. 

Tell The King & Arbeit Macht Frei - I could talk all day about Tell The King. So I won’t really write anything about it because I find it hard to stop. It’s just perfect. In every way. Everything a song should be. If you want me to say more I’ll do a separate like, review or whatever I’m doing now. Arbeit Macht Frei is way better written than people seem to ever say. It invokes real imagery whilst being a social comment. 

The Boy Looked At Johnny & Campaign Of Hate - The Boy Looked At Johnny is possibly my least favourite song on the album. Like it took the worst part of The Delaney and put it to a worse song. It is still an amazing song though. I don’t mean to be talking it down so much.  Campaign of Hate is my favourite out of the two. There’s a line in it that me and my brother used to debate about like 7 years ago: ‘I tried it with Charlene and I spend 3 days on my back’ which Philip took to mean she punched him but I think it means they fucked right? I mean ‘she said baby, I like the cut of your J I B’. I think it’s obvious. 

Begging & What Katie Did - Listen to Peter’s voice on it. Like listen really closely. It’s really low but like kinda sweet. Carl’s is just very Carlesque. I can’t really explain it but it’s like this voice he does I don’t know. Also his anger comes through in a very strong way. More so than in any of the previous tracks. What Katie Did is a song of such nice metaphor for heroin. Like it can mean so much more to none heroin users and is really the essence of their Arcadian romanticism. I hope on the new Libertines album there will be a What Katie Did At School.

The Good Old Days & Tomblands - The Good Old Days, what can I say. The first song they wrote together. How could you do something that good first time? ‘If you’ve lost your faith in love and music then the end won’t be long’ how can someone think of that? It’s outstanding. I do wonder who wrote A list of things we said we’d do tomorrow’ every day of my life. I’ll tell you now, I think it’s the better song. Tomblands; the most piratey song Carl had written at that point (before Glory Days and The Gentry Cove of course) he’s doing his little rude boy thing again which is just fantastic. It’s a song that creates incredible pictures in my mind. By far his greatest Pirate song. A+ mumbling in it too. People often say they don’t like how from this point on in the album the songs all mix together and it just sounds like a gig but I love that about it. They did play all the bits live and it shows how they’re kinda connected musically. 

I Get Along & The Saga - I Get Along is often remembered for being fast and angry and chaotic and ‘fuck ‘em’ but really there is so much more lyrically. I Get Along and What A Waster were both written about by Peter and Carlos together about each of them respectively. I Get Along holds out a surprisingly amount of hope and virility. Far less of a ‘mournful ballad’. Now The Saga is written by Peter (and Wolfeman) about his own drug problem and is for me where the album gets truly scary and dark and is far more upsetting than Can’t Stand Me Now. For anyone who’s felt in that same place the lyric describes it’s far more brutal. I Get Along has to be better if for nothing the hope and defiance it brings.  

The Delaney & Road To Ruin - The Delaney is almost a mix of all Libertines songs as far as lyrical themes are concerned. Although maybe slightly happier. It’s incredibly descriptive like the songs on Up The Bracket such as Tell The King. Road To Ruin, Carl’s song about Peter’s drug problem, shows how Carl is feeling truly about Peter’s life and hangers on and such but disguises it inside off beats and and fun. It’s still there though ‘cause I’m so sick of it all’. 

Plan A & What Became Of The Likely Lads - Plan A, one of my favourite Libs songs, could almost be a piece of musical theatre really creating an atmosphere which reflects the words and sentiment so much. Tragic lines of Peter’s despair feeling that Carl’s leaving him. It’s the closest you see the Libertines come to apocalyptic: ‘I don’t need no human race’. The closest you see Peter come to a Carlesque depression. What Became Of The Likely Lads almost feels like Carl blaming Peter for what’s happened. Almost like an attack. ‘What Became Of Forever?’ ‘Well Fuck Forever’.

Dilly Boys & France - Dilly Boys; well if you didn’t believe the rumours they were on the game… Fucking sweet song. ‘She: that’s Carlos’ really applies here I think. It’s fun. It’s a fucking fun song. The most fun of all The Libertines songs. If you have a different drunk song you’re wrong. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Carlos Barat with his self penned contemporary ballad, the classic: France. Peter’s favourite song of Carl’s and you can see why. It’s a real real love song. A song of love and loss and you can hear Carlos breathing which is just fantastic. Isn’t Pigman’s guitar on it amazing too? The best he’s ever played in fact. It’s just an all round perfect song. The album version is certainly the best one too. 

Yeah so there you go. I hope that was okay. It’s pretty long… Possibly too long. I doubt anyone will read it all. But yeah. I just listened to each song and wrote about it during. Hope you enjoyed it if you did read it all xx