this show is so much fun to color!


{ I finally got around to do some Halloween themed coloring and I think they turned out good! }

“good”? baby, they turned out AMAZING! i love these colorings so much, if honeypot had a fridge we’d put them up for all to see~ i’m so happy you’re getting in the spooky spirit with some fun activites! here’s some jack-o-lantern stickers: 🎃🎃🎃 - mod euphie


Jane the Virgin

Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.


screenshot redraw from episode one!!!!!!!!!!! i had to do it, spike and rainbow are 2 of my big faves ^o^! (also this is just like, the cutest screenshot ever… they dont even know each other yet and theyre already in a pile of goofiness?)

Night in the Woods!!

I just finished this beautiful video game called Night in the Woods that I am now absolutely in love with and here is why: 

  • Casual LGBT representation - the protagonist is canonically bisexual (maybe pan!) and is best friends with a gay couple that have very lifelike relationship problems (that have nothing to do with being gay), and the protagonist continually refers to God as “they.” I’m a fan of the ship Maebea, but it’s not openly canon.
  • Deep talks that are accurate to life - emotions, relationships, beliefs, abuse, mental health, it’s all there and it’s all important.
  • The CHARACTERS. They are so unbelievably loveable and iconic, and have such a range of emotions and specific reactions to the events in the game that make them all very real as well. They are also all cartoon animals (the protagonist is a cat, and her friends are alligators, bears, and foxes, and her neighborhood includes penguins and raccoons).  There’s a character that just tells you a weak poem every day and has no other real significance but to tell you this poem. 
  • The plot is simultaneously about a cult of ghosts and a dissociative disorder, but more on this later
  • Good comedy at no one’s expense 
  • Lots and lots of fantastic one-liners
  • Fantastic graphics, fantastic game mechanics (platforming!! It’s so much fun because there really are no limits. You can walk on the sidewalk or on top of cars or along a powerline, whatever you want) 
  • A+ art style - it utilizes color to set mood and determine setting (or state of consciousness, considering the playable dream sequences left up to interpretation) and even converts to sihlouettes in some places where it’s most chilling to do so. They use the eyes of the characters to show most of the emotions. The music that was chosen for this game is absolutely perfectly placed to get the most out of the storyline. 
  • A+ suspense - the writing is beautiful and compelling. The comic relief is timed perfectly, but I still teared up in multiple chapters of the game. The game starts out where our protagonist just dropped out of college to go back home, and is hanging out with her old friends, but takes a lot of sharp turns to get into a much deeper plot over the little subplots we started. Part of me wonders if the game would change very much if I chose different dialogue options so I may find some playthroughs later, but for now I’d just like to appreciate how smoothly the plot progresses despite how quickly it descends into very deep topics.
  • It is a long game with a lot of story, but that’s part of what I love. It’s just long enough to be satisfying and I’m still sad I finished it already. Despite complications in the plot as the story continues, it’s very easy to follow. Anything that doesn’t make sense is intentionally confusing to highlight the mindset of the character you’re playing as, and I think that’s the best way to do it. 
  • There is also a lot that they don’t explain, a lot to reveal through theorizing only. I could think about this forever and not come up with every theory to be pulled from this. 
  • One of the topics they keep coming back to is the assumed mental illnesses of the different characters, even the protagonist (I only say “assumed” because they never directly say that the characters have any mental health issues, but the way they talk about their fears and the way they view reality points toward very well-portrayed and lifelike mental illnesses, mainly dissociative and anxiety disorders.)
  • Nihilistic existential dread (part of what I love about it, but could trigger some dissociation in people who are more sensitive to that kind of thing. Subtly breaks the fourth wall once to talk about how video games are just shapes and will never exist) 
  • P A R A L L E L S
  • Solid “moral” to take from the story, not even eye-roll-corny
  • What a beautiful ending

The game is about $20 on steam, but if you can’t afford it or prefer to watch games rather than play them, jacksepticeye has flawless voices for all of the characters and some good theories going so that’s the one I recommend


When the king brands us pirates, he doesn’t mean to make us adversaries. He doesn’t mean to make us criminals. He means to make us monsters. When I say there’s a war coming, I don’t mean with the Scarborough, I don’t mean with King George or England. Civilization is coming. And it means to exterminate us.

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Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions.

Since my favorite character is Remus Lupin, I drew Remus in my Tuesday’s outfit ^^

- Favorite color: Light blue
- Favorite music artist: Placebo, Muse
- First fandom: Harry Potter (first, one and only)
- Favorite TV show: Orange is the New Black
- Favorite Manga/Anime: I don’t normally read manga/watch anime, so my favorite is either Death Note or Yuri!!! on Ice (both are very different so it’s hard to decide)
- Hobbies: anything creative basically :D drawing, writing, playing music, writing music, poetry, design, photography, filmmaking, etc. My favorite of all though is lying in bed, eating ice cream, and watching a good film/show hehe

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I’m the one in the middle

anonymous asked:

could i kindly request moments when namjoon has broken gender roles 'cause i love him and i wanna love him even more

namjoon has broken gender roles several times, not only by openly debunking and stating the fact that wearing ‘feminine’ clothes or colours is just a made up concept and continuing to wear those clothes despite ridicule but also by openly being a feminist.

first, lets look at the time he openly debunked the idea of clothes being classified masculine or feminine

and he wasn’t embarrassed at all and has since then continued to wear skirts in photoshoots as well as #kimdailys and in everyday life.

whenever he’s told that pink is a feminine color and even got made fun of for wearing makeup (4things show, which i think everyone should watch, it opens up a lot of things about namjoon) or wearing pink clothes (hellish weekly idol), he continued to do so without being embarrassed or stopping himself from wearing pink and he’s worn makeup (obviously) and donned pink lots of times regardless.

and i don’t have to remind you all of when he had pink hair.

“Hello, this is Rap Monster, aka PinkMon because I love pink, thank you very much.”

now to feminism. in this interview namjoon said:

The interviewer commented, “Some rappers express hip hop by dissing others, demeaning women, or harsh cursing,” and Rap Monster revealed his point of view. He said, “The hip hop culture can be very open, but if you look at it another way, it’s a closed culture that only those within it could understand.”

Rap Monster continued, “The public needs to respect that culture in part, but I think that the demeaning of women needs to be subdued.”

And this post:

which you can read more about right here, where he said a lot about his thoughts on feminism.

Mega Jolteon

This one was so much fun to do! I colored him during a a livrstream over on Instagram . I stream there every Friday around 10-11 pm Eastern Time if you guys want to join. :D

Credit for the sprite art goes to the talented @pkmnfusionprof! Always really inspired by his stuff. Go show him some love!

As always hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

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Malec Goodies Part 2

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Never Better by satonawall

Three times Alec offers to give Magnus a backrub + one time Magnus asks for one.

No matter what by @hufflebee

Alec often thought about kissing Magnus.

Whenever Magnus would casually touch him, a hand of his arm, an arm wrapped around his shoulders, Alec would be overcome with warmth, feeling each touch throughout his entire body. Each touch left him wondering how his body would even contain him if Magnus ever kissed him.

And whenever Alec thought about this, his mind barely registered the world around him, barely aware of anything existing but Magnus. Which was a wonderful thing, a beautiful world to have his mind focused on, a world consisting of only Magnus.

Still, their English teacher didn’t really appreciate it.

Now and Forever by EmilyRLightwood

Magnus and Alec like to get down and dirty, but they are also totally soft for each other, even in the throes of passion.

Nulla Salus Bello by Nia_dAstarte

Long after Magnus is back in his own body, long after he goes again suavely about his business as High Warlock of Brooklyn, he still wonders what Alec was thinking. Coda to 2x11.

Oblivion by  @heartsalmighty

Alec stood up, keeping a careful distance and being sure to move slowly as he approached. “Magnus, I am so sorry. For everything you had to go through.”

Magnus’ eyes never moved from the spot on the floor he was staring at. He shook his head slightly, eyebrows furrowed deeply. “That agony rune…” He paused, taking a moment to swallow. His face was drawn in so much pain that Alec had to look away for a moment. He immediately punished himself by digging his fingernails into his palm. It was selfish to worry about his pain. He had certainly inflicted more than enough on Magnus that he had to atone for. “Made me remember things that I spent…centuries trying to forget.”

Off Duty by KouriArashi 

“I’m talking about an actual day off,” Magnus says, and Alec’s blank expression doesn’t change. “Off duty. If something goes wrong, they call someone who isn’t you.”

“That’s … not really a thing that the Head of an Institute gets,” Alec says.

One Easy Answer by @ameliacgormley

Magnus warned Alec he wouldn’t ask again.

And he didn’t.

Alec called off his wedding, but the next day walked in on Magnus with Camille and hasn’t spoken to Magnus since.

Now, months later, relations between the Shadowhunters and the Downworld are growing increasingly turbulent as the Downworld blames Jace for Valentine’s massacre of dozens of Downworlders.

It’s up to Alec, as Head of the New York Institute, to forge a peace that could save thousands of Downworlder and Shadowhunter lives—even if it means re-evaluating everything he once thought mattered.

Our Battles Choose Us by @thepinescentedair

Alec shakes his head and rubs his palm over the white scar of the faded deflect rune permanently inscribed on the left side of his neck. He wishes he had his stele or his bow or even his sword. Anything would be better than facing an unknown foe nearly weaponless and certainly powerless. He wishes a lot of things. “Keep your head and don’t get cocky, Izzy. We stick together, remember?”

Isabelle nods and stares at the door, weapon hanging loosely from her hand at her side. “You and me against the world, Alec.”

Or, after the Downworlders rise up against the Shadowhunters, the United States is quarantined off. Downworlders capture Shadowhunters and force them to fight in arenas for entertainment. Alec and Isabelle do their best to stay alive in the ring despite everything that has happened in the year since they were captured, but what happens when they try to escape?

Please, believe me by @katychan666

After swapping bodies, Magnus needs to make Alec believe that he isn’t really Valentine. Alec needs a bit of a push, but after hearing him out, he’s prepared to believe him.

Please, tell me what I can do by Shipper_Soprano

Aftermath of 2x12 “You Are Not Your Own”

Public display by @simonlewhiss

He’s going to cuddle with his boyfriend if he wants to, because he just put his body through hell for these people. They can tolerate seeing Magnus’ fingers in his hair.

Rainy Morning or the One Where Magnus Checks Alec’s Phone by @mfika

“Alec sat up quickly, keeping Magnus in his lap as he closed his fingers around Magnus’ wrists, kissing his fingers in a lame attempt to hide the embarrassed blush that covered his cheeks. At that, Magnus relaxed. No, Alec wasn’t faltering in his trust, he was just embarrassed by something and Magnus was now making it his mission to find out what that /something/ was. “Alexander, you screeched. That’s highly unlike you,” he grinned, amused.”

Ruin Me (Gently) by @thesorrowoflizards

It involves spells gone wrong, smutty smut, and a second virginity.

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ANON REQUESTED: Hi💕 Can I request a bts reaction where their s/o looks like a badass but is really cute doing aegyo? Thank you 💙


Jin would have been so shocked. While you guys were eating, you did aegyo because you didn’t your sauce with your wings. He looked at you all surprised. 

“You-you just did a-aegyo? Right?”


Namjoon would have cracked up the moment you did aegyo. It was so cringing because you normally wore black and dark colors, and tried not to show to much emotions. 

“HAHHAAHAHAHa, I never knew even knew what aegyo was!” *Still cracking up*


Yoongi would have smiled to himself the moment you did aegyo. He knew you weren’t exactly dead inside, you were really fun when you were comfortable. 

*smiles secretly*


Hoseok would have literally screamed in happiness. He always wanted you to do aeegyo but you did it when he was about to leave for a tour. 



Jimin would have been so surprised when he heard aegyo noises coming from the back. He would immediately get up to see who made those noises.

“What the hell?”


Taehyung would have always wanted you to do aegyo just like Hoseok. When he heard you, he couldn’t stop looking into your eyes and trying to figure out your real self.

“Omg, thats so cute! WHy are you so cute?”


Jungkook would have cringed so hard but at the same time enjoyed it. He would have questioned why you hide your true self.

“WHAT? Wait what?

Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions below.

Draco Malfoy in my Sunday outfit (aka the I need to hibernate look)

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🎉🎉Winnie the Pooh Themed Giveaway!🎉🎉

It’s finally here!! 😁😁


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🐝 NO DD/////LG or variants or k1nk please (if you are unsure if you should enter, read my BYF!)

🐝 No giveaway blogs!

🐝 Must live in the U.S. (sorry, international shipping is expensive 😢)

🐝 Must be 18 years or older, or have a guardian’s permission to release your address for shipping

🐻 Reblogs count as entries!! 🐻

❕❕❕Since I had so much fun making some of this stuff, I’m thinking about possibly opening a shop! For an extra entry, send me an ask about what kind of items you’d want to see or if there are any characters/shows that you’d be interested in seeing on a bib, pacifier, or clip!  (Limit 2 extra entries per person)❕❕❕

Now for all the goodies!

What you’ll be winning:

🐛 Winnie the Pooh plate

🐛 Winnie the Pooh flatware

🐛 A cute lil’ tigger cup with a straw

🐛 Hand-sewn Winnie the Pooh print adjustable bib

🐛 Jumbo Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood coloring book

🐛 A 12 pack of Mr. Sketch scented twistable crayons

🐛 Hand-sewn Winnie the Pooh print pacifier clip (the clip itself is a little teddy bear!)

🐛 Glittery Winnie the pooh deco’d adult pacifier

🐛 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Color N’ Play coloring book (These are so cool! There’s an app you can download for free and take a picture of the pages you colored and it makes the picture come to life!)

Entries close November 8th at 11:59 p.m. Central time!!

💓💓Good luck everyone! @yung-d4ddy and I had so much fun putting this together!💓💓

vitre-art  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could do a todoroki shouta sketch, lineart, and coloring tutorial? I'm mostly interested in the coloring brush presets and layer clippings and so forth... If you have the time, it would be wonderful to see! ;D

I’m literally the worst person you could ask for lineart/coloring/brush presets/layer clipping techniques or tips. (haha *gross sobing* i’m sorry but it’s true…)

Because allow me to show you my digital drawing skills with a sample (don’t do this at home, it’s bad!) :

  • First… I use the basic tools and I got nothing customized because I don’t really want to find the time for it yet as I focus on “fun and speed” more right now, it’s just a side hobby for me afterall… + here are the colors I set for Shouto (only set for him because I draw him just so much anyway so it’s faster this way) :
  • Then I just slap colors but also play with hue and saturation whenever it pleases me, before I start going yolo with the main shade and clean it :
  • Then I add stuff to make it look not so flat… I guess?


Not sure I should have post this since it surely disappointed you, haha… ;w;b

PS : (more samples)