this show is so kickass

If I could physically record shit with my brain I fucking would ‘fiction doesnt impact reality’ my ass

If I could count for u the amount of times I hear people calling gay men rapists or pedophiles becuz ‘that’s what’s on tv!’ 'If it’s not tru why do so many people write about it!’

If I could drag u by ur nostrils to listen to my grandad go on and on about how all Muslims are terriost becuz he saw white house down or some bullshit

If I could literally make u watch white people justifying racism by using fictional black characters

If u could see all stigma surrounding mental illness and the simple fact my own mother won’t let me get a psych evaluation just cuz she’s scared I’ll suddenly turn into a mass murderer or shoot up a school becuz she watches horror movies like split

Like if I could physically drag u make u sit down and hold ur eyes open for u as u see how americans are brainwashed by propaganda and im not talking about WW1-2 im talking about shows and movies where being a soldier is so kickass and ur a hero and no one dies if I could tell u how many Americans are terrified of communism without even knowing what it is becuz of propaganda

If I could show u how many murders are inspired by fictional shit some girls stabbed someone over slender man and have u never heard the catcher in the rye murders

I fucking love drafthouse.

Not only do i get free matinee admission in the summer for being a teacher, but they are also remodeling all their bathrooms to be gender neutral, so kickass weird special showings, and have all the sass on facebook. Doing austin proud.

Id just like to take a moment and vent for a bit so please bare with me.
Ok so we as a fandom need to give the bold type more buzz, we need to live tweet with the episodes when they air. This is how we show freeform that this show means a lot to many underrepresented people because representation matters, especially for people who relate to Kat and Adena. Now I say this as a Muslim lesbian myself who took a very long time to come to terms with my sexuality, because coming from a religious family I have to hide myself, I can’t be out and free to express myself. Often times I feel alone, I have to resort to tumblr to actually be able to express myself cuz no one Ik is on here; the bold type has shown me there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that LGBT muslims do exist. So I and I many others can say seeing ourselves represented through Adena and Kat is what makes this show beyond important. It is giving us a voice. It gives me someone whose never ever seen a Muslim lesbian on tv a voice. It’s showing us that we are not alone and we do exist. To see this show not get a second season would be so beyond devastating. So please do what ever you can to give this show views recommend it to a friend a stranger even. Talk about it on twitter or Instagram. Interact with the writers and the official bold type Twitter. Hell even interact with freeform to show how much this show actually means to those of us who are rarely ever represented on tv. Let’s give this kickass tv show the attention it deserves. So that they can give us the representation we deserve


You can’t give up on the things you love. Not ever.

Shows that people need to watch (but i feel that no one is)

8 Humans (2015)

he This show is set in a world technology has advanced to allow for the creation of human synths, essentially robots. However, what would happen if these highly intelligent creations were made to feel? This show explores that, as several of the synths have been made to feel everything humans can. It is honestly so good, and as you can see on the poster, cinnamon role colin morgan from Merlin. 

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just beautiful :)

Dark Matter (2015)

A sifi show, this show is about a crew of 7 people who find themselves on a ship with no memory of who they are. The show is then about them trying to figure out who they are, and what they are doing together on the ship. It has a very diverse cast 

The leader is a woman, her name is 2 (i know, its strange, just watch the show), and she is so kickass I love her. 

Sense8 (2015)

I cannot say enough good things about this show. It starts with 8 people scattered across the globe, who are mentally linked. They all experience the same thing, but they pose a danger. That is why a certain organization starts to hunt them down, and that is why they have to use their skills, work together and get away from the bad guys.  A netflix original, this show is literally one of the mist diverse shows I have ever seen

The characters are from all over the world, about 6 different cultures and ethnicities are represented in one show, not to mention a crap ton of LGBTQ representation. okay, let’s just cut to the chase, this show is gay as fuck. II honestly cannot say enough good things about this show, it’s amazing. 

Angel (1999)

Okay, so people have obviously seen buffy, it’s a classic. But i feel that no one ever talks about Angel, and it’s a damn shame, ‘cause Angel was a great show, albeit from seasons 1-3. Angel follows Angel’s adventures in his new home Los Angeles with his team Angel investigations where they work together to solve crimes throughout the city. I love Buffy with all of my heart, but there is something about Angel that is just awesome. It develops the charcater of Cordelia into a somewhat vapid ditz, to an absolute loveable badass. Seriously just watch this show for Cordelia. And Wesley. And Fred. And Gunn. Oh and, cangel till the end, sorry Bangel shippers! 

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Charmed (1998)

Okay, this is my favourite show of all fricking time. It’s about these 3 sisters, who find out that they’re witches. And not just any witches, but extremely powerful ones who are destined to defeat evil. But despite that herculean task, that is not the show’s focus. The show is not about 3 witches who happen to be sisters, it is about 3 sisters who happen to be witches. The bond that the show creates between them is absolutely beautiful, and it is something that I don’t think we see a lot on TV. It is also so funny, making me laugh out loud for 8 wonderful seasons. Yep, if you have nothing to do for the summer, watch Charmed.  

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Ray rewatches DAtri.Determination - pt1

Needless to say the first time I watched this film I was beyond excited to see my children back, but now the prologue is what really makes me remember why I freaking love this show so much. 

This is such an kickass Taoist introduction and it’s so full of hints. Yang and Yin, creation and destruction, Light and Shadow, the foundations of the universe and all existing things according to most occult traditions. 

Also one of the most memorable lines the Homeostasis dropped in the original series, “Light and Shadow are like two sides of a coin“.

There’s many characters in this series that mirror this dymanic, the cameos of Leomon and Orgemon could be these for nostalgic purposes alone, but I quite enjoy how the prologue manages to make them so much more than that.

The prologue not only throws us back to the symbology Leomon and Orgemon used to have in the original series, with their friends-and-foes relationship, it’s obviously a form to remember us the gnostic references we had in the previous film “Reunion”.

At the time I couldn’t guess to what extent this would be the central theme of Digimon Adventure tri, but now we know this “Kaiser” is actually Dark Gennai and that he’s working for Yggdrasil, I keep thinking about the Demiurge and how it represents Darkness and the Homeostasis represent Light.

On one hand, I find Yggdrasil to be a fitting Demiurge candidate, him being the god of the Digital World and all.

But again I’m here thinking: what if Yggdrasil is just corrupted by a Virus, just like we think of Gennai to be corrupted? What if the Demiurge is actually Demon himself? It would be absolutely perfect.

Not only it resonates with the prologue (the myth of the fallen angel has gnostic origins afterall), it sure as hell would explain why the 02 children were attacked first. It would also explain why would Gennai manipulate Maki to keep the situation of the 02 children a secret from the eight Chosen Children. It would explain why Ken’s Dark D-3 seems to be sort of important. I almost feel tempted to say Dark Gennai is Demon, because it would explain why he can assume the physical form of the Digimon Kaiser. I mean, last time we saw Demon he had the light of the dark D-3 directly pointed at him one way or another…. although I admit all of this may be just wishful thinking lol.

On another note, I keep wondering if the narrator of this prologue we all think to be Takeru isn’t actually Gennai. Same voice actor and all.

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What are you going to change your url too

No idea. Probably something with the Bold Type.

I swear that show is kickass. Better than Supergirl in so many ways. It has so much DIVERSE REPRESENTATION. And Guess What?

An African American and a Muslim kiss. Lesbian style.

That is some good diversity right there

If you are one of those people that complains about not having diversity, y'all should watch The Bold Type.

Episodes are free on Freeform. Don’t have to log in or any of that

But if you decide not to watch it and you still complain of not having diverse shows,

You’re a hypocrite.

Top 10 Favorite New Anime of 2013

5. Date A Live

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Itd be p awesome that anyone but voltron saves the day at the end to show that they dont need something w all these giant weapons n shit to save the world

that would be so kickass and it would show that it doesnt ALWAYS have to be voltron saving everyone

It’s one of my favourite aspects of the show, for sure. And it’s actually what drew me to the show originally, is seeing - not only is there one really strong woman fronting our show - Melanie Scrofano is just kickass, badass, I love her so much. Then you’ve got this second character, who’s also a really big part of the show, who’s another version of a super cool, strong woman. So it’s like these two forces that are kind of driving the show - it’s really special, I don’t think you see that very often. And then on top of that, the fact that it’s a sister relationship is really interesting and complex and brings a dynamic that you can’t necessarily find with two - just random people that are friends, right? So I was like “this is special, this is gonna give a flavour that maybe hasn’t been seen for a while.” And then I met Mel, and I don’t know if you know, but I’m kind of in love with her, so no biggie. She’s a very, very, very, special woman, and the minute I met her it was like “oh, well this is gonna be easy!” Because we kind of, you know, hit it off - we hit it off and it was the best thing ever. So I feel very, very fortunate that I have that in the show. It’s amazing.


  • fun fact before i start, actually: i used to have an imaginary friend named spider that only came out when i was angry. spider took no shit 
  • oh nooOOO sad lonely little baby Sammy :(((((( 
  • SPARKLE ON THE FAAAACE I AM WEEPING THIS IS WONDERFUL dean and sam have seen the actual horrors of hell and this is grossing them out beyond words 
  • “so totoro really cares for u” omg dean ur my fav weeb 
  • OH MY GOOOODDDD i love the imaginary friends wtf omg OOOOMMMMGGGG 
  •  sam!! is!! so scared of the cage aw no :‘c 
  • aw my god no this is THE ACTUAL SADDEST 
  • ohhhh so this is where “the other way” blooper thing came from!! 
  • ngl I was kinda hoping gabe was gonna show up in the backseat