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So, I promised @lazy-doubleace some KnB kiddies awhile ago. I didn’t forget, but sorry it took an eternity and a half! OTL I kept making mistakes and having to fix them, barely got these to survive. owo; (also sorry that this is all i managed to do, I tried drawing Takao and Shin-chan separately too but that didn’t work out ^^’)

here’s hara sticking gum in momoi’s hair, and she goes crying to kuroko-sensei, while hara gets a time-out (not the last, I’m sure)


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Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]

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MAYRA I JUST HAD A HEADCANON have you seen this Spider-Man movie where Gwen was played by Emma Stone? I don't want to spoil you if you haven't but it would be so great for a sonamy moment

The one where she dies? (Watch Scene Clip) Ahh… well, I hope you don’t mind, I have an alternative idea that will still touch on this, but maybe more of a happy and dramatic ending ^^


Sonic Forces concept writing


Shadow held the spent Amy by her throat, doing as he was told by Infinite. Over a large, carved like an earthquakes crevice drop that would surely be the end of it.

“NOO!!” Sonic powered up, his super form sparking to life as he sped forward, leaving the sides of both Gadget (Custom Chara) and Classic Sonic.

Infinitely lightly chuckled a mock, looking down as he saw the yellow stream blazing through the dark reds emanating from the crevices where his cubes power were already in effect upon the dimensions of the world.

Not only were the dark, murky colors of the dirt and steely, collapsing buildings around them proof enough of Eggman’s horrible rein, but only more so reflecting the world Infinite would create… If not stopped…

Eggman was nothing more than a puppet show! A fraud for Infinite’s real purposes.

A fake napoleon.

Eggman, on his knees, hands out to support him, lowered his head at seeing the scene.

Sure, he wanted to kill Sonic… but not… not like this.

He quickly got up, gripping and struggling to get a Chaos Emerald out of Chaos’s hands.

“You stupid, waterballoon!” He kept struggling, getting tossed back and forth as he did so, before Chaos whacked him away, and he fell back; turning to land on his belly and arms.

He heaved in heavy breaths, before getting up, his face swarmed with guilt. “I didn’t want any of this… I wanted an Eggman empire… not the deaths of my only… GRAH!” he smashed his fist against the ground and got up again. “Sonic may not be able to keep his super form for long without that emerald. And I’ll be DARNED if I let some other fool take over my dream!” he strode back to Chaos, before stopping… and slamming a fist into the side of his face.

“I’ll take down a God… if that means I can take over the world another day. I won’t be erased from all time and space! Dimensions mean nothing to me if I’m dead!”

While that was happening, Infinite shook his head, “You could have been the greatest puppet of all, Sonic… this dimension… their dimensions… All could have been one under my perfect order…” He opened out his arms, looking up to the clouds that pierced a red sunlight.

The cubes… formed around him, before starting to glow as he narrowed his one eye, not shifting off of Sonic’s approaching figure.

                                                 “…Drop her…”

“SHADOW!!!” Sonic’s eyes widened, making it up there before a wall of cubes spiraled towards him, forming a wall and then shifting into a monster, smashing him against itself and then swiping him away with an unearthly cry.

“AH!” Sonic was flung back, already weakened without the other Emeralds.

“Sha…Shadow…” Sonic’s head fidgeted as he raised it, one eye closed and the other half open. He cringed at the pain, his friends already useless in being able to help him… everyone doing what they could… but this was his fight…

Classic stepped forward, realizing…

He may not save the girl.

In a split-moment of panic, Classic raced forward, breaking sound barriers as he curved his step and ran along the side of the crevices.

He wouldn’t let that happen.

No friend was being lost.

Or left behind.

Shadow’s red stripes glowed, the same color as the cubes.

He loosened his grip.

Infinite lowered his head.

Amy started to twitch, waking up…. just barely…

“SHADOW!” Sonic gripped the ground, before yanking his head forward.

                                           “SHE’S MY MARIA!!!

Shadow’s eyes widened as his hand was fully released from Amy’s throat..

She started to fall, as his eyes shook at that name.

He gripped his head, suddenly in great pain, as he wobbled side to side, gritting his teeth in the intesnity of the pain… the memory…

“What… what is this..?!!?!!? AHHHH!!!” He threw back his arms and cried out in pain, as a cube… slowly was being tugged and pushed out of his chest…

Infinite, realizing his control was loosening, turned back in a sharp movement, his eye scanning for understanding…


How was he freeing himself!?

The painful cry was met with a relief of breath, as Shadow’s shoulders fell forward along with his head, swaying as the cube was taken out of him through sheer will power… and then he turned to the edge.

He jumped to try and catch her, but her hand just barely slipped from his grasp.

Sonic’s power overwhelmed the area, as his yellow glow burst forth as he charged infinite.

Classic arched himself and jumped back, having moved too far passed Amy and grabbed her, trying to race up while having both arms on just one of hers.

Her head fell before she flinched in pain, and looked up, wearily.

Struggling to run backwards on a rocky terrain that kept crumbling under him, and the steepness of the edge’s wall to boot… he was slipping…

In that moment, he lost his grip, and Amy started to fall.

Classic jumped for her, straining to reach her…

There was a crash, a whiplash… as suddenly a flash of light caught the recoiled bounce.

Shadow had watched Sonic fighting Infinite and his many creations with the cubes that were once controlling him, and looked to see Eggman struggling with Chaos, having a cube in him as well, glowing red…

He glared, and bite down as he skated over at light speeds, and literally dashed through chaos, pulling the emerald and cube out of him before flashing away, grabbing Classic under his arm.

Gadget, seeing Chaos grow weak, gripped the shard of the Master Emerald in his hand and raced up, sliding to then jam the shard into Chaos.

Chaos let out a piercing ring, before being absorbed back into it, and Gadget pushing his two hands against the shard, holding him in with force until he could fully be sealed into the reformed Master Emerald.

Shadow held up the Chaos Emerald, using Chaos Control to bring them both to safety, before realizing something…

Super Sonic let out a huge blast, “I’ll never let you take over this dimension… or any other one… this world… is meant to be free! And I’ll keep it that way… forever!” he spread his arms out after charging up, and with Gadget placing the last piece into Knuckles’s Master Emerald… him having held his arms up to complete the transformation…

The true power of Chaos swarmed into Sonic without measure, as the blast was engulfed the area, denigrating the cubes completely, like an atomic bomb, only destroying that which was close by, leaving a crater.

“GAAAHHH!!!” Infinite’s eye was the last to go… (I’m skipping the epic boss battle, as you can see. lol)

Sonic, coming back with his arms resting down at his sides, suddenly bolted up to stop the rift in dimensions, pulling it back together with Classic’s help, who had turned super but… his face…

Sonic hadn’t noticed.

The teams cheered when they saw the giant, glowing rift in the sky suddenly pulled back together, and Sonic gave a weary fist to Classic, waiting for a victory fist bump.

“A well deserved victory, little buddy. Thanks for taking care of Amy for me.”

Classic turned his head.

“…Buddy..?” Sonic tilted his head, trying to see Classic’s face.

Seeing the profound frown,… then his head and eyes dipping down…

He panicked, leaning back and looking down where Shadow and some of his friends were starting to gather…

up against a building, seeming to have been crashed into previously… Amy lay motionless..

Shadow went to check the pulse, as Tails quickly ran ahead of everyone, and looked down by her side.

Super Sonic dipped down, before pulling back, “No…” His hand shook, as his eyes widened in horror.

Shadow removed his hand… looking to Tails, he shook his head and lowered it in respects.

Tails stepped back… before looking to Amy, and then dropping to his knees.

Eggman and Knuckles, holding the newly made Master Emerald, made their way over with Gadget, who’s face scanned the scene, and then frowned while his shoulders bounced in grief.

Sonic slowly drifted down, before moving over to replace Shadow, and touching her face.

His head moved down to her and then back to her face, as if still in denial. “Amy… Amy you gotta hold on.”

Tails turned his head away, not going to say anything against the words.

The team all began to mourn, as Rouge held a hand over her mouth, realizing…

Blaze turned away, her fists shaking, as Silver held a hand over his face and lowered it.

Shadow… turned around….

“Come on, Ames… we won! We won, dang it!” He shouted out, his head fully ducked, as Classic flew down on the opposite side, looking over Amy again, before lowering his ear to her chest.

“Amy… you said… you said you wanted to tell me something…”

Classic looked up, his eyes glossy…

Sonic’s eyes were covered in darkness, but his mouth trembled.

“I… had something to tell you too.”

Eggman lowered one side of the Master Emerald.

“Don’t you even start, Eggman…” Knuckles warned with vicious reality… “Not now.. not ever again.”

“You don’t understand.” Eggman knelt down and then put a hand to the Master Emerald.

“If Chaos can return..”

Shadow shifted himself, “What nonsense are you trying again!?”

“Listen to me! I don’t want her to die as much as you! Summon Chaos!”

“He can only destroy, what good could-”

But Tails, in his tears and anguish, was cut off from scolding Eggman when Chaos did emerged from the Master Emerald, walking out, and heading towards the scene.

In an absolute, regal manner… he made his way over to Amy, and lightly touched Sonic’s shoulder.

Still not speaking, Sonic moved for him, and Classic watched as Chaos knelt down, and slowly began to place his clawed hand to her forehead.

He slowly gestured it down…

A glow of green light started to fly around in little balls..

The balls started to make their way out, and everywhere the bubbles touched, life began, and the city was made new, like ripples in water.

“I.. I don’t understand…” stumbling as he turned around, Silver watched in amazement as the entire war-torn landscape was replaced with a beautiful nature panorama.

“If Chaos can destroy…” Blaze suddenly spoke up, also in awe, as she then gently lowered her eyes to the Sonics and the laying Amy…

“Maybe… he can even destroy destruction itself.”

Eggman sighed in tension, his voice wavering on the breath as he rubbed and squeezed his hands together.

Sonic leaned forward, looking squarely at Amy before closing his eyes and touching his forehead to hers…

The lights continued, as Tikal’s voice suddenly rose the Master Emerald, as it glowed in a beautiful light.

“Even Chaos.. the God of Destruction himself.. can destroy it’s very self and creations… all of them… including death.”

The bubbles suddenly rushed into Amy, all at once, as Chaos stood up, and moved back.

The world was beautiful, fixed, giving new life…

And that’s when Sonic waited the longest he’d ever held still in his life…

Under his forehead… he felt a shift and a rush of a air, as Amy sucked in a fresh breath of life.


Roll credits!

Lol nah, I’m playing~

The shift sent everyone’s eyes to Amy, smiles returning, as anxious bodies gathered and started to excitedly move and jitter around her.

She slowly moved her head, before blinking her beautiful, weakened eyes open.


Classic smiled, before she shifted her gaze to Sonic, still glowing…

Her vision was blurry, as she squinted, and then started to cry.

“You were right.” she admitted, pulling an arm over her eyes as she leaned her head back against the side of the building’s wall.

“I couldn’t save everyone.”

She started to softly cry before Sonic moved her arm.

“No, Amy… I was wrong.”

She blinked, seeming to maybe be aware she had died, but no one was sure…

“We couldn’t have stopped him… not fully… if I didn’t lose you.” His voice cracked in a lost moment of pain, his eyes glossed before he pulled himself down and tightly embraced her.

“I will never let you suffer for my mistakes again… I promise.”

He looked up then, “All of you!” He scanned his friends, as Gadget breathed a heavy breath.

“I won’t let his happen again, not now-” He picked Amy up, holding her close as he seriously spoke with intensity and sincerity in his eyes. 

Not ever.”

Tails was the first to break out in joy.

Then the rest starting cheering.

Classic sighed in relief, before getting up and floating over to Amy, looking down at her happily and then hugging her forehead before ‘thumbs up’ing Sonic, and then taking off into the small piece of light that was still rifted through the skies.

He waved to his friends, and then happily curled up to spin into it; having it close behind him, once he was fully within.

Sonic looked up, before back down in all the cheering to Amy, and happily held her close to his face, smiling.

She put her cheek up to the side of his face and smiled too, before looking over his shoulder.

He thought that odd and followed the action, looking to her… and then Shadow.

Shadow… was departing.

He looked down at a burnt cube… somehow having survived… and glared.

He crushed it under his foot, before walking on as the ash took it’s place.

Amy and Sonic watched in silence through the cheering, before Amy turned to Sonic, still watching.

“Would you have become like him..?”

He relaxed his eyes, giving it some thought.

“Yes.” he lightly spoke, and turned back to her. “If I really did lose you.. I would have done everything in my power… just like he did…”

She stared into his eyes, seeing no joking or mocking of any kind.

“Sonic..” her voice almost broke through the love emoted in speaking his name, shaking her head but never losing sight of him.

They touched foreheads again, before Eggman cleared his throat, and Sonic’s eyes flashed open, before slowly rolling them to Eggman, glaring so intensely he actually stepped back a moment.

He rubbed his hands together, smiling sheepishly.

“So… hehe, now that the world’s all good again and what not from Chaos’s magical ‘cancellation’ powers,… ehem. Think we could put our differences behind us?” He held out his hand, a truce?

Sonic stared at the hand, then back up to him.

He nervously started sweating, “Eh-heh… Oh, come on, Sonic! You and your little friends saved the universe! Dimensions are praising your name right now and what? You’re too cool to let me admit I’m being man enough to let bygones be bygones? A-Amy.. You tell him. You’re with me right? Forgiven and all that jazz?” The second he motioned his case to Amy, Sonic’s glare intensified and her head ducked down to hide a bit as he suddenly rose up in the air, and dropped kicked him.

Freaking out, Eggman shrieked a moment and ran off, zig-zagging like a idiot before shaking his fist.

“I’ll win next time, Sonic! You’ll see! and this time, the only casualty will be your death! Hehe!… instead of my pri-i-i-ideeee!!!” he whined, racing off.

Sonic huffed through his nose, “And good riddance. We’ll see about that, Egghead!”

Amy giggled, before Sonic turned back with a pleasant smile, closing his eyes for a moment before walking back to the gang.

*As camera is moving away*

“Um…Sonic? Not that I mind or anything but… y-you can let me go now.”

“Not a chance.”

“O-Oh?” Amy, in statement, blushed at how he said it.

“I’m never letting you slip out of my arms again. Sorry, Amy. But you’ll just have to kick back here for a while.”

Amy smiled, lowering her eyelids, completely swooning, but also perhaps, understanding why he was saying this.

“I don’t mind in the slightest… Sonic… My hero~” she lowered her head to his shoulder, as he looked down a moment in fondness before speaking to everyone, some wanting to really check on Amy and make sure she was actually still alive and alright.

The world… was never the same again.

(it’s a concept in some of the ideas for story. I highly doubt it will happen, but I manipulated the idea to one of the many concepts I’ve had for the game :) hope you enjoy! Stole some of Eggman’s actions from Hades too at the end there, lol! From Disney’s Hercules xP)

This is the problem I have with the SU Tumblr community. And the Tumblr community as a whole.

Everyone is such a whiny SJW here and turns everything into some oppressive, race/sex/gender issue when in most cases, it’s mildly offensive or absolutely nothing.
Like Bismuth when she was bubbled, everyone here is now turning into some “ugh!!!!! NEGATIVE BLACK WOMEN STEREOTYPE!!! ;(((((((” and the Concrete design into “ugh!!!!!!!!!!! The entire crew is racist and they are demeaning all black people!!! Black people are oppressed and this is proof!! ;((( ;(”
Like, my god. It’s so annoying.
Most of these things don’t matter and no one but you people on Tumblr actually care about it.
Black people are represented in cartoons/media and black people are not oppressed in America anymore.
And some off color doodle from an art book shouldn’t prove that a whole show/group of people are “horrible racists!!!”

Also minor rant, LGBT people aren’t oppressed in America either. Unrelated but I need to say it.

You all need to grow up.

Netflix's Death Note

Okay let’s get some shit down for everyone who watched the anime and those who don’t know why the adaptation was so bad.

Just to be clear beforehand, I do realize this is somewhat harsh and that the original series is much too amazingly complex to shove into one movie and that directing something like this is difficult and stuff would but cut anyways but then again that all goes to an extent.

Immediately from the beginning of this show, our first glimpse of this “edgy”, “misunderstood” teenager with eventually shown mommy issues is just already so off. If they were going to dye his hair, why not make it a little more candid and cover those ugly ass blonde highlights with the actual brown color? The first scene where we witness the horrible corruption of Light’s character is when he attempts to stand up to Kenny..If netflix attempted to even showcase Light’s actual character, they would know that the real Light was completely confident, smart, and a literal genius. He always knew what would happen and wouldn’t be stupid enough to get himself into a situation like that or at least get out of it. The whole point of Light Yagami wasn’t his fear over the death note’s power or Ryuk. Being that crazy genius was what made him the only person capable of using the Death Note without losing his shit completely. Netflix completely destroyed Light’s character and the notion of evil behind it.

Secondly, Ryuk!!!! Just another butcher case.
What happened to the sometimes funny and joking to the sometimes objective and cold character?
Ryuk was supposed to be a shadow mostly, his point was to only watch how Light transformed the world with the Death Note for his own entertainment. He never threatened Light to make him murder. He never chose his victims. And most importantly there was never any extra rules written in the death note that magically were always appropriate for the next problematic scene. They only diminished Ryuk’s character to a scary death god used to further push along the story and add to the obvious gore intended theme.

Next, Misa Misa. I absolutely loved her in the anime. I was shocked to see her as some emo, obviously-hangs-with-the-wrong-crowd cheerleader. Misa’s character was meant to be a girl who idolizes Kira and is completely in love with Light. She would never be so crazily stupid as to write his name in the death note in order to take it from him. Her relationship with the death note was never supposed to be as important as deciding who would die. She only ever followed Light’s demands and he was the one who made these decisions. She was never supposed to kill the detectives because that was a scene in which amplified Light’s wits and HIS ability to easily overcome obstacles thrown by L. As well as that, the love she and Light had wasn’t real. Their “love” was supposed to showcase Light’s character in terms that he had become cold and merciless to even his own family due to his priority of accomplishing his main goal of cleansing the world, no matter what. On the other hand, I understand this is a hollywood movie and couldn’t go without romance but the scenes of them making out and etc were shown so awkwardly in between their killing.

To the last character, L. Most fans were either of L’s side or Light’s. “Good vs bad”. Cat vs mouse. Their whole intended relationship. And the fuzzy borders of who was who. Netflix did attempt to showcase their battle of wits..except without the wits and gave us instead an amusing little game of chasing? Oh and can someone please tell my why L wore a ninja costume basically the whole movie? Where was the classic white tshirt and jeans. Was also saddened by the missing weird voice change to hide his identity. One good thing was that L wasn’t just another white dude. But, just like everyone else they eventually took away his cool calm nature. We know that he was obsessed with Light and it is indeed portrayed to an extent but he never lost his shit. Chasing light with a gun? Chasing a highschooler with a gun? Really? I do appreciate the insomniac characteristic still being there though. Although impractical, it would have been cool to see him completely barefoot the whole time. Yet great job crushing his secretive, analytical and genius character. At least his back story is the decently accurate except for the whole part where he was trained as a kid.

Lastly, the whole fault in the actual movie production. The whitewashing, completely unnecessarily gory deaths, and lack of the morality problem. I’m not sure why they further had to make mia’s name white instead of just leaving it as Misa? What happened to Light Turner’s brother Timmy lmfao. For a second, when Turner read that page with the oh so scary warning about Ryuk, I really thought they were going to go the whole movie mispronouncing his name. They should have wasted less time on a 10 minute chasing scene or making out to further build the completely necessary relationships in Death Note! Instead they rushed the movie. It seems that the director had trouble mixing in his own concept while trying to keep it accurate to the original story. He portrays Death Note as some teenage romance story with supernatural elements. Something I did appreciate,even though it really doesn’t fit with the original, was the visuals. I appreciated the aesthetics of the neon and dark scenery. But in the end it’s much too deep to condense into this movie without rushing it and leaving the audience confused.

To conclude this, RIP the chip scene and Light’s famous maniacal laugh.

Trouble in Paradise(Tim Drake imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write a oneshot where you like tim but he has a girlfriend (who doesn’t really like you) and when you stop hanging out with him because she threatened you. When he confronts you, you tell him the truth, he lashes out because he doesn’t want to believe you. When you get a new best friend, and just flat out ignore him. he gets jealous and breaks up with his girlfriend and admits his feelings. Kind of angst but happy at the end.
Summary: Tim’s girlfriend coming between your friendship.
Word count: 973
Warning(s): Swearing 

You respected Tim, after all he was your best friend, but what you couldn’t respect was his choice of girlfriend. From the first time she met you, she had been nothing but mean to you. Her off hand comments also seemed to make Tim laugh, which was just salt in your already throbbing wounds. 

You sucked it up for Tim’s sake and stuck it through, that was until Tim had to go to the bathroom when you three were hanging out in the manor living room. As soon as Tim was out of earshot, she took the chance to strike her attack. “You’re just bothering us, we all know Tim invites you just so you weren’t a sad lonely hermit, curled up in your room, all by yourself. You should really back off if I’m honest, before I make your life a living hell.” She seethes, but you don’t respond, scared of Tim possibly mishearing you. 

The rest of the evening was tense, you didn’t say much, trying to seem as if you weren’t there. When it was time to leave, you quickly dressed up, running out, which confused Tim because he always gave you a hug every time you separated. 

Every time Tim would call you that next week you would decline, coming up with all type of excuses, ranging from “I don’t feel too good,”  to “I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t want to be a bother.”  By the end of the week you just stopped answering his messages and phonecalls, you didn’t want to lie any more. Tim was growing more concerned, whereas his girlfriend seemed to be happier than before, so he went with it. 

Another week passed without any communication from you, alarm bells were going off in his head, so he decided to address the issue up close and personal. That’s how he found himself knocking on your apartment door. “Coming,” You yell at the sound of harsh knocks. Opening the door Tim brushes past you walking into the living room. “Well hi to you too,” You say sarcastically shutting the door and going to him. “What do you want?” You ask the restless man walking around in your home. “What the hell has been up with you y/n, I haven’t seen you in weeks, and the last time you just ran away.” He angrily sighs. “Well I realized I wasn’t needed anymore,” You scoff, crossing your arms over your chest. “What is that supposed to mean?” He questions sharply. “Well your pretty little girlfriend informed me that I wasn’t needed around, and that I should back off if I don’t want my life ruined.” 

I can’t believe you,” He throws his hands in anger and disbelief. “Excuse me?” You raise an eyebrow. “I can’t believe you would make this shit up just because you don’t like her!” He yells. “She told me that you’ve been hating on her behind my back,” He says yelling, opening the front door harshly before banging it shut.

It hurt to lose someone that you so much cared about and you seeked comfort from your other friends, and over the upcoming weeks you became almost as close as you were with Timothy. You decided it would be best to let go completely of him, considering that he would rather believe some girl he met not so long ago compared to you, whom he’s known for years.

But at the same time there was trouble in paradise, Tim’s girlfriend was starting to show her true colors. During a fight it finally spilled out, “Yeah I did tell your lil birdie there to fuck off.” She screamed, a horrid realization coming over the young mans face. “Leave!” He yells at the woman, when she doesn’t budge he says it again, but calmer, “Leave, and never come back.” 

Tim felt horrible for his mistake and knew that his chance of redemption was horribly slim. 

He was passing the playground on his way back from lunch to WE. He saw you and your new friend sitting on the swing set laughing, Tim knew this was probably the only chance he had to talk to you, so he took it.

He stood outside the fence, yelling your name, and then waving his hand for you to come to him. Both you and your friend looked at him, before you look at her. “Should I?” You ask, you had told her about everything that happened. “Yeah, Go y/n,” She smiles pushing you off the swing.

You tap the sand off your shoes when you get to the concrete, “What do you want?” You ask in a dull voice, when you reach him. Tim looks down at the ground, before meeting his eyes with yours, “Look, y/n, I knew I was an ass, and I really, really, fucked up. But I know that now, she told me.” He confesses. “And? It doesn’t make anything better, she still hates me,” You say looking around. “I broke up with her, “ Tim says, catching your attention with ease. 

I realized something else too,” Tim continues as you look at him. “I realized that I like you more then a friend, that’s why it was so difficult to part with you.” 

You had always had feelings for Tim, but never acted upon them, in the fear of messing up your friendship. You had no idea that he felt the same. “Really?” You ask in confirmation. He nods, pulling you into a tight hug. “Will you please go out with me,” He asks letting go. “Yes,” You smile.

After confirming the details of your date, you happily part ways, taking your place back on the swing set. “So it went well?” Your friend chuckles, to which you widly grin and nod, before telling her all about it.


With love,

So, this is a good way to show subtle pride if you have long hair that I’m doing today- (this is a horrible picture so I’ll probably replace it later)
1) buy a pack of multi-colored ponytails
2) braid your hair to the side but don’t go for very long. The idea is to have a little bit of braid and a lot of hair left over.
3) use the ponytails to make your pride flag (may be difficult for people with a lot of colors, but you can buy thinner ponytails and it should work just fine)
4) have pride.

I’m over the entire fandom right now. I’m over the idea that shipping something or not shipping something makes you racist/homophobic/lesbophobic/etc. 

I’m over y’all having entirely different standards by which y’all judge everything, but most especially Bellarke. 

Like…y’all hate Bellarke, but when Cl/xa does the exact same shit, it’s “love” and “soulmates”:

Why is the scene on the left acceptable, but the one on the right not? Is it because Cl/xa is two white women and Bellarke features a man of color, because like….abuse is abuse is abuse is abuse is abuse. No matter who the perpetrator is, no matter who the victim is. If the scene on the right is horrible, toxic and abusive, then so is the scene on the left. 

I’m tired of y’all pretending that Niylarke is actually a “relationship” relationship to justify calling Bellarke shippers homo/lesbophobic, even though the show in canon has Niylah states she’s not looking for anything more after Clarke gets up from a bed they obviously just had sex in and most Bellarke fans actually like Niylah and had no problem with her having a sexual relationship with her (the problem with the 4x11 scene is that Clarke is literally justifying locking out Niylah’s people to Niylah and then for some reason that turns into a cuddling scene? Remember when Niylah tried to attack Bellamy after discovering he killed her father in 3x11? But I guess that doesn’t matter to y’all.)

I’m tired of y’all yelling “Bellarke isn’t romantic!!!!” and then turning around and using Bellarke scenes in your Br/ven, Cl/xa, who the fuck ever edits. 

I’m tired of y’all yelling about how much Br/ven care about each other when they share no scenes together and most of the time when y’all are providing examples of why Br/ven love each other, it’s always about how much Bellamy is willing to do for Raven. Never what Raven has done for Bellamy. You know why? Because you would be hard pressed to find times when Raven has stood by Bellamy as much as Clarke has. 

I’m tired of y’all judging people for shipping whatever the fuck they want. Like…ship and let ship is a thing for a reason and as long as people who ship problematic things recognize and point out when the ship is problematic, then they shouldn’t be called a horrible person for their shipping preference. 

I remember joining the fandom because nobody in my every day life talked about the show and I was in love with it, but now it’s not fun anymore. I’m tired of being attacked. I’m tired of being angry after watching an episode because all sides of the fandom have lost it. I’m just tired of it all. 

I’m done. 

It was Steve’s birthday yesterday and it’s only now that I’ve written something for it. Because I’m on time all the time, yes…*sigh* I did the same thing on Tony’s birthday.

Happy belated Birthday, Steve!

“Someone told me that you love me.” Tony suddenly says and Steve’s head turns so quick that he’s surprised he doesn’t snap his neck. 

They’re standing in a room on the roof that gives them a wonderful view of the city. There’re fireworks that go off and paint night sky in many different colors. The primary ones being red, white and blue since it is the fourth of July. They’re sparkle and shimmer and Steve can’t take his eyes off them. The room they’re in is soundproofed so he can still enjoy show without the horrible noises which bring back haunting memories. 

It had been Tony’s idea to do this for him and Steve couldn’t have been more thankful. This is the type of guy that Tony is. He is caring, considerate and has a heart that is tainted but still possesses slivers of gold. 

This is the man that Steve loves. 

But someone had told him.

“Steve?” Tony asks and Steve focuses his gaze back on Tony. He has a hand reached out and it’s almost at his shoulder. He’s hesitant and doesn’t know if he has crossed a line or if he’s allowed to touch. 

“I…” Steve struggles to find words because what can he say? There are too many yet not enough words that can describe how he feels. 

He loves Tony but does he tell him that?

Does he tell Tony that he only loves him as best friend, a teammate who watches his back during battles?

Does he deny the whole thing and laugh it off despite the pain that will squeeze at his chest until he falls to his knees?

“I do.” Steve confesses as he chooses to do none of those. He’s tired of running away and fearing rejection. He’s tired of wondering what if something good could come out of him telling the truth. He’s tired of the nights where he wishes for Tony to be in his arms. 

What does he have to lose?

One of the greatest friendships he’s ever had. 

Tony looks at him for a second, his expression unreadable, before he turns back to look at the sky. The fireworks are still going, drowning out the sounds of the birthday party happening right below them. Steve should be there but he’s here because…he wants to be with Tony. 

“You know,” Tony begins after a short period of silence. “When Natasha told me what you said about-” Tony stops abruptly and takes a deep breath. “I laughed for about ten seconds before I realized she was serious,” His gaze shifts from the fireworks to his hands. They are curled into fists. “She had that face, that face where you know something is true and I…couldn’t believe it.”

“Why?” Steve founds himself speaking. “Why couldn’t you believe that I…” He stops at those words too. He doesn’t want to frighten Tony away. “Why can’t you believe?” His voice sounds low and tinged with slight desperation.

Tony gives a bitter laugh and the sound grates at Steve’s ears. It’s unpleasant and ugly compared to the beautiful laughs that he’s heard fall from Tony’s lips. 

“I’m damaged goods,” He spits out. “I’m not deserving of something so…unreachable..” His head lowers and the shadows perfectly hide his face. “I mean…I’m Tony Stark who has mountains upon mountains of problems and you’re-”

“Not perfect,” Steve interrupts through gritted teeth. “I’m not perfect. I’m damaged and broken. I have problems and I have issues and I’m soiled…” He closes his eyes tightly. “Please seeing me as an angel because…I’m not. I’m only human and I..” He struggles to find the words. “am in complete awe by you because no matter what happens, you pick yourself back up and you carry on. You own up to mistakes and you try to fix them. You care about us and about so many other people. You constantly help the world and you try your hardest to make it a better place.” The words continue to fall out of his mouth like a waterfall. They’re so easy to say now because it’s how he feels and it’s the truth. “You’re intelligent and resourceful and so beautiful and wondrous and so annoying sometimes that you drive me up a fucking wall but…” Steve runs a hand through his hair and gives a little laugh which sounds a bit hysterical. “But you’re you and I love you and will never…stop.”

His words are met with silence and Steve doesn’t look at Tony because he’s terrified now. The words are out there and floating between them and around the room. He can’t take them back but he doesn’t want to because Tony needs to know…about how he feels. 

There’s a soft sniffle and Steve finally swallows his fears, turning to look at the man beside him. 

Tony’s rubbing at his eyes in an attempt to stop tears that want nothing more than to fall. His chest is heaving with heavy breaths and he’s trembling. Steve has only ever seen Tony like this when he’s about to start hyperventilating and he slowly reaches out for him when Tony stops him.


Steve’s hand lowers and he understands but there’s a little sting that gets to him. 

He allows Tony to do what he needs to do and it seems like an eternity when Tony takes a deep breath and lowers his hands. 

Then he looks at Steve…and smiles. 

Steve’s eyes widen and he’s so confused yet desperately hopeful of what is about to happen. 

“I can’t believe I got surprised on your birthday.” Tony simply says but his eyes are fond, affection swirling in those dark eyes. His smile is small but hopeful. They’re both hopeful. 

Steve’s lips curve into their own smile because it seems like things are going to be okay. 

More than okay.

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 3

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2.9k

Warnings: none

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Here is the next chapter for you guys! I really hope that you guys will like it! If not just tell me, you can send me criticism, in order to get better! haha This chapter  is slightly shorter than the other ones (only 1k),but I hope you don’t mind?<3 Idk what to say more other than HAVE FUN!

<<previous chapter | Chapter 3 | Chapter list

Taehyung showed you every corner of his magnificent castle. His home was so bright, flooded with the light of the sun. Much different from your home, where it was dark and cold, but Taehyung’s home was so warm and colorful.

“After all this mess, I forgot to ask you what your name is.” Taehyung asked out of nowhere and he was correct. You totally forgot to introduce yourself to him or even Patricia.

“Oh! You are right, how could I forget something this important?” You told him and you felt horrible. “My name is y/n!”

“Y/n.” He repeated, “that’s a beautiful name.”

“Thank you!” You smiled at Taehyung, making him smile as well.

“Taehyung? Where were you, I have searched for you-” you heard a unfamiliar voice. The voice belonged to a man and it sounded deep but it was also innocent and soft. You turned around to see a young, tall man standing behind you. His voice definitely suited his looks. He had brown hair, big, round eyes and was well build. “Oh, your little mermaid has awaken from her sleep.” The man told and your eyes widened. He knew that you are a mermaid? Has Taehyung told him or did he see you in the water?

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binkybop  asked:

Headcanon: Jay fills a lake with Orbeez, but he takes out all the fish first. Puts every one in a horribly brightly decorated little bowl, and each fish gets a name tag. He calls them all his minions, and refuses to part with them when the police show up

That was the first plan, since we don’t want to harm all those colorful little beauties, but that many bowls sounded like work, so they’re keeping them all in crocs tank since he was getting lonely in there

He did keep ONE in a very fancy fishbowl tho

anonymous asked:

What works do you consider your best and your worst? In term of techniques etc? Much love!!

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your question! Someone asked me a rather similar question 2 months ago so I’m gonna copy/paste it but I’m gonna change a couple of things though, because the other anon was asking about my most recent works. I’m gonna back to 2010, so…here we go!


The very first artwork I did for The Life of Bucky Barnes (Bucky Barnes) - It was the first one, I didn’t put a lot of effort into it and it really shows. Buck has no body hair on his arms, the background is a mess, the texture of the bear is a disaster. I wish I could redraw it and replace this version but it’s worthless because you can’t edit the artworks on Instagram and it was already reblogged quite a few times on Tumblr so, I just leave it as it is. (but I don’t wike it)

A face in the Crowd. (Bucky Barnes) - One word to describe this artwork: lazy. I took a pic of Sebastian at a fashion show and did a Bucky version. In other words, I just drew him with his hair longer and a metal hand. I don’t like it a lot because I find the composition horrible too. There were so many options and I went for this. I like his face and his hand but the rest is mew, particularly the background.

Summertime. (Dean and Castiel) - I wasn’t into “line arting + coloring” for a long time when I drew this one and it shows. I would have drawn it rather differently today. Not to mention that a part of the anatomy is off. Yup, not a huge fan.

You can add 50% or the artworks I published in my pig PDF, that is to say, my very first digital works. I mean, nothing surprising, I was a newbie, I had a shitty computer, a shitty graphic tablet. But also…HOLY ANATOMY BATMAN. What the fuck xD Sam has a horribly BIG hand in the last one xD

I could have fixed a good part of the mistakes, particularly anatomy mistakes but then I thought, “What the hell!” and 1) It can be “inspirational” (what a pompous word, whatever) for young artists who get into art. All these drawings with shitty textures and anatomy mistakes are here to prove Rome wasn’t build in one day. Kids, here is my shameful past. Take it as it is and you see, practice pays. Eventually. 2) Let’s face it I have a soft spot for all these drawings, they were my first steps in the Supernatural and Marvel fandoms, they are the reflection of so many good moments I had so, yeah, I’m keeping them as they are. I just changed the brightness/contrast of some of them because they were far too dark but otherwise, I didn’t touch a thing.



Divided We Fall. (Avengers, group picture) - This one took me ages. I don’t like it because I spent a lot of time on it but rather because I love the textures, very shinny and smooth. Also, I used this art as a playground to experiment tons of things when it came to textures and lights. A lot of fun!

Read my Skin. (Dean Winchester) - A Dean Winchester fan art I enjoy a lot. I love the tattoos particularly the one on his chest but also the textures of the whole artwork. Bonus point: Dean is hot in that one

Big Avengers Selfie (aka, one of my most reposted artworks without credit because, why bother! ^^) - This one was a lot of fun to work on because the pic is very crowded and the perspective was interesting to do. Too bad that I had no pics of Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange at the time because I would have added him somewhere at the back. I think it took me a whole week to complete T___T

You can add to the list THIS ONE and THIS ONE that I’m really proud of, because of the composition, THIS ONE because of the texture of the skin, THESE ONES because of the lighting and the texture work and the DOCTOR STRANGE ONE because the likeness and the lighting are good. (that was my “I’m happy with my art” moment, it will be over in 10 minutes)

Thanks a lot for your question ^^ Much love too ^^

so I was talking with @thoughtsformtheuniverse about adapting books to screen, and mentioned Beanstalk as an example of something that would be really hard to adapt well, because so much of it is in the characters’ internal stuff (main and side) and in the side chapters and in the poetic writing. So then naturally we started think about how we’d actually do it (caveat: neither of us actually now anything about tv design stuff, and this is all wildly impractical. but just imagine.) 

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What to Watch, Scenery Version

Looking for anime to watch where you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery? Here are five of my top picks for some of the most visually stunning shows that I’ve watched. Please keep in mind these are personal opinions, but if you think you’ve got a better selection, feel free to PM me and I’ll add it to the list. 

Let’s start off with Nagi No Asukara. While the beginning is a bit slow, the scenery is breathtaking and unlike any other anime due to the fact that a significant portion of it takes place underwater. Yes, you read that right, the show takes place in the future, or perhaps an alternate reality of current time. Humans live in the seas thanks to a special layer of skin called ena, which sparkles in the light. Not only does this make for an interesting story, but it also includes some visually stunning scenes. 

The next on the list is 5 Centimeters Per Second. This is arguably one of the most beautiful anime of all time. The animation is pristine and on a level entirely on its own. Told in three interconnecting segments, it is a romantic drama about making it through a cold world, only to find the warmth of love. It is definitely a coming of age story about accepting the fact that you are becoming an adult and moving on. The visuals appropriately take cues from the story, beginning with a cold winter and ending with a warm spring. I will only be mentioning one of Makoto Shinkai’s films, although all of his works are visually brilliant and include The Garden of Words, Cross Road, and Your Name.

Classical music fans rejoice! Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, also known in English as “Your Lie in April,” is up next. While you may think that you’ve figured out the reason for the name in the first episode, hold on until the end, where the truth will be revealed. Another love story, this one about a boy who was once referred to as “The Human Metronome,” is longer no longer able to hear the sound of the piano. After years of only playing for his job at a karaoke bar, he comes across a girl in April who plays the violin. I hope you like tissues, because you’re gonna need them. There is so much color not only in visuals, but in the characters themselves. 

Owari No Seraph comes next. The reason I included this one is because not only are the characters intensely complex, but the backgrounds are too. They’re so rich in attention to detail that I felt it only fair to add it to the list. Against the dreary backgrounds, the character’s very pronounced hair colors stands out a lot, giving it a very vivid contrast to what Japan has become. I won’t say much about it, other than that it takes place in the future after a virus mysteriously wipes out most of the adult population at the same time vampires declare themselves the rulers of Japan. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is Zankyou No Terror. To be honest, I don’t think this show gets enough credit. Also known as Terror in Resonance, it’s about two boys who want to get back at Japan for their past. Joined by a girl who suffered at the hands of her mother, the three of them plan to go out with a bang (no pun intended). The visuals are so crystal clear it almost looks as though you’re looking at the real world. When I first turned this on, my parents didn’t believe I was watching an animated show. 

Bonus round! Puella Madoka Magica! Don’t kill me, I know, I’m a horrible person for including this, but it is so bright and colorful compared to the story line. It begins as a very fun show where a dark, mysterious transfer student appears in their lives, then a magical squirrel offers the girls a contract in exchange for becoming a magical girl. Don’t be fooled by the bright colors and beautiful backgrounds, this show will leave you thinking and perhaps questioning of everything in your life. 

Edit! Someone suggested that I add these two so here they are: the first one is Norn9: norn+nonet. Based on the otome game, a nameless girl with a mysterious past is chosen to join the crew of Norn, whose mission is to maintain peace throughout the world. While I have not personally watched it, from what I can tell of the animation it is visually very appealing, with stunning shots of both the sky and land. In typical otome fashion, the story seems to revolve around two girls with a cast of plenty of guys to ship them with. 

The second update I’ll be adding is Amnesia. Also based on the otome game, the story revolves around a girl who wakes up with no memories and has to try to figure out her past along with her new magical, floating friend. The entire show is very colorful, although I personally found it a bit slow for my taste.