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Okay, so I didn’t want to post this yet, but I really really REALLY wanna show you guys what I’ve been working on for months. AND since it’s Aaliyah’s birthday… might as well post it lol. So SURPRISE!!! I’ve been working on an animation of Aaliyah! This was supposed to be for the 20th anniversary of her album ‘One In A Million’ in August, but let me tell you something… animating is hard, and it takes a lot of hard work. Even with my hand cramping right now, it’s all worth it. And that’s what Aaliyah taught me. My passion is art, and even though the work is painful, or it makes me bone-tired, it’s all worth it because just seeing something that I created come to life, it’s the best feeling in the world honestly. So, yeah it’s not fully finished yet, but I am planning to finish it by the end of this month or next month. Just wanted to show you guys what I was working on, and that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Babygirl and her music. I’ve been listening to her music for over 20 years, since I was little (and her music video, ‘One In A Million’ was the first video I’ve seen of hers on MTV lol), and she was the only artist I really admired, and her music helped me find what I truly love doing, and I thought an animation would be a perfect tribute for me to pay my respects and thank her for inspiring me and millions of other fans out there. 

Happy Birthday, Miss Aaliyah!! Love you and miss you always!!!! 😘💕


drop the bass and dance like Kristen Kringle on my gif! *ba dum tss* #i know it’s not funny…

under my last post are so many “fuck”, “shit” and tears (but it’s awesome, i love You, Guys)… so i decided i’ll make something more possitive *stupid laugh*

/and… omfg… 3x15… TODAY!!!! i’m dying/

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Jungkook’s B-Day Message to Suga

Suga Hyung, even though you’re usually like a grandpa, you’re really cool on stage or when you’re working on music.
It’d be nice if you were like that when we’re practicing choreography but anyway
I think you’re a hyung that I can learn a lot of things from
And I don’t know where you got all of your miscellaneous knowledge from but I respect it a lot, I’m jealous
I have to write a lot for this but honestly I don’t have much to say ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I’m thinking about writing a letter to the ARMY and I think that’s a good idea, I’m kinda dope
I’m making this right now without having even eaten, everyone
It’d be nice if you all liked this ㅜㅜ
How and where should I start?
First off, the WINGS Tour that starts with Suga Hyung’s birthday on March 9th, has begun!
You all know that we’re always thinking about all of you ARMYs even when we’re far apart, right?
So just wait a little more, okay? We’ll visit the fancafe and work hard to stay active on SNS! And we’ll take care of our conditions so that we don’t show you guys any bad sides and come back well!
Ah and we’ll take a lot of selfies ㅎ
And… We’re taking cameras! So please look forward to that because our emotions might be caught on camera.
And I’m going to work out diligently when I get there
Please cheer me on from afar so that I can get muscled up!
And! Also! Did I not start playing the drums?
So I’m going to practice a lot so that I can play the drums well on this tour!
I’d probably learn a lot faster and stuff if there was someone teaching me by my side ㅜㅜ But I’ll still try hard
Wow I thought I wrote a lot but there’s still so much left?
Anyway, I love you, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll come back safely!!! Don’t worry!!! Aren’t I Jeon Jungkook? Aren’t we BTS??!!?!!?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
For a moment I forgot that this was a celebratory video for Suga Hyung’s birthday
Ah isn’t there anything more that I can say to Suga Hyung… Suga Hyung probably won’t look at the words coming out right now because it’s troublesome? Right, everyone, you think that? Then should I write a little more comfortably?
Ay, Suga, this hyung-ah wants to convey a few things to you through this video
You’re good at music, have deep thoughts, got a lot of knowledge, think about the team a lot, you’re perfect! But!… Everything is good, but! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall is good, but!!!!
Good, but…
It’s good… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
It’s all good, and really, happy birthday and let’s run hard for our BTS and ARMY from now on, as well. It makes me tear up when I see you perform on stage on hyung’s skinny, skinny legs. I respect you
Dilligently do lower body exercises… Take your vitamins…
Wow this really doesn’t fill up, what should I fill this up with
ARMY I love you ARMY I like you ARMY is mine ARMY I heart you
Ah thank you so much for liking “We Don’t Talk Anymore”!!!
I felt really good because you all liked it. It was great
I’ll continue to sing you great songs in the future. This feeling drives me to do more covers
Really, thank you. We don’t have that many lines left! Let’s cheer up!
It seems like it’d be nice to end this with song lyrics. Let’s shout two three everyone
Hoping for more good days, if you believe what I say, then
One, two, three
If you believe me, then one, two, three
Hoping for many more good days, if you believe what I say, then
One, two, three
If you believe me, then one, two, three
Suga hyung and Bangtan and ARMY
I love you!

I made this quick little gif because I find it pretty interesting that those textbooks suddenly show up for awhile in the bottom corner.  It makes me wonder if Grunkle Stan had to study a lot of physics and such in order to understand Ford’s research and if so, maybe he’s pretty smart now himself?  It would be really amazing if there was an episode in the future where Ford starts explaining some quantum mechanics stuff and assumes it’s going way over his brother’s head only for Grunkle Stan to speak up with the answer.  There would be stunned silence and then he could pull an epic, “What? Like it’s hard?”

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this is a friendly reminder that it’s always important to spread our bughead love to the twitterverse! we want the people who work hard on this show to know how much we love and support our sleuths– so i’ve put together a small list of people to send our love to


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“Well, you know, it’s a really good cast, a fantastic crew. You know, we’re all like a family, so it’s just a great environment…” Jensen answered, nodding a little. There were people everywhere, cameras flashing and an excited chatter slowly rising to a dull roar. Award shows were always like that and to be honest he wasn’t a huge fan of them. But just having Supernatural nominated for something was a huge honor, and he would do anything to support the show.

A commotion from nearby snagged his attention, making him turn to see what was going on. The interviewer said something else, but Jensen didn’t even hear them. 

His entire being was focused on you.

You’d just arrived, wearing a stunning floor length dress that made his heart quicken in his chest. Your hair was half up, half down in some intricate bun thing that would forever fascinate him, leaving a few strands to frame your face. Just then your y/e/c eyes flicked up, meeting his from across the throngs of people. Somehow the two of you were always in tune, and this was yet another example. Of all the people milling about, you’d looked up and found him. And dammit did he want to go over there and show you just how beautiful you were. 

“Mr. Ackles?” The interviewer asked, probably for the fifth time and making Jensen snap back to the present. 

“Hmm?” he asked, only a little embarrassed that he’d completely missed whatever they’d asked.

“I asked if you wanted to comment on having Y/N as a regular on the show now,” the reporter asked with a knowing smile. Jensen laughed a little and gave them a shit-eating grin before glancing back over to where you were.

“Well I guess since you already caught me staring…” he said, rubbing the back of his neck and trying to fight the blush creeping up his neck. “Y/N really fits in well with everybody. It sort of felt like she’d always been with us, so it wasn’t hard to make a decision about keeping her on. She’s great to work with, and uh, she gives my shit right back to me, you know?” Jensen said, grinning when you made a face at him, “See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” he laughed, pointing over at you. That got your attention, and you made your way over to him. 

“Talking crap about me, Ackles?” You asked, raising a teasing eyebrow.

“Nah, just telling them how great you are,” he replied easily, giving you that smile that he knew drove you crazy as he slid his arm around you. 

“Damn straight,” you said, leaning into him a little. Right then and there, Jensen knew he’d have to do something about this. Maybe that night after the awards he’d tell you how he felt. He was sure it was there for you, too. He could see it in your eyes.

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Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

For space-saving reasons, I’ll put the rest beneath the read more

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[SUMMARY: Lisbeth sneaks into Negans compound, eventually finding his bedroom. Negan returns a lot sooner than she expected. As she is hiding, she realizes he is seriously wounded and he collapses in front of her.]

Semi fluff, flirty Negan.

Negan and Lisbeth.

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To utter dismay of some of us and endless happiness of others (the two of us being a good example of both), TVD is almost over. For eight seasons, we have followed our favorite character go through pain, happiness, more pain and even actual death. 

If TVD and Damon have been or even used to be a big part of your life, just the way it is with us, you can (and should!) take part in our big final event dedicated to the end of the show - Damon Salvatore Entire Show appreciation week. 

If you have been with us for a long enough time, you know how this works. The event lasts [a bit more than] a week. You can make gif sets, graphics, write meta, basically do any original work that corresponds to the theme. 

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Power Rangers: The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior (Jason Scott)

Prologue + O N E // Saturday Detention

As a child growing up, I didn’t have many friends. I was an outsider.

I don’t really socialize and I choose not to. I never had decided to be in society during elementary, junior high, and now in high school. My life actually began to become a mess when I hit high school. And it’s not in the way that you would think.

My grades didn’t get lower, they stayed the same. A’s and B’s. I still obeyed my parents’ rules. I meant that I was only crumbling inside.

But my story honestly couldn’t matter. Maybe not to anybody.

However, I dance through my pain. Don’t ask me how I morn through it all.

This is just who I am.

My name is Adelina Isabel Monet. And let me tell you, my life changes in a 1, 2, 3 to where I’m in an armor and fighting putties with 6 other strangers I met in Saturday detention.

And like life loves it, time will take something from me into something bigger. A one saving grace we’ll say.

* * *

“What’s going on with you?” My dad said after he parked the car.

“Everything was fine! And now you’re off doing some crap that I never thought you would do.”

I stayed silent.

“Speak!” He ordered. I let out a heavy breath and covered my face with my hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m just- I’m tired that’s all.” I looked to him as his eyebrows scrunched together. “So you being tired helped you make the decision of kicking a student in the face?” He said sternly.

“No I just-” My voice cracked.

“This was supposed to be the best year of your life. You had a scholarship, Adelina. I’ve had dance instructors and administrators come to your shows for that purpose. And you threw it all away in one day. You took all of your hard work and tried to rip it all to pieces. But you’re lucky that you didn’t lose it.” He said, “Yet now you have to spend every single Saturday here with a bunch of weirdos and criminals just so you can graduate! I wanted everything good in the world for you, Adelina. And now I just don’t know what to do since you never communicate and speak up. You never talk to me or your mother about anything. You’re such an outcast and you need some help!” He yelled.

I closed my eyes and pursed my lips, “Well I guess you didn’t know your daughter like you thought you did.” I quietly mumbled as I walked out of the car, and my dad did nothing but drive off. I could feel my tears streaming down and I jay-walked into the building. Clutching my bag, I tried getting myself together while walking through the long hall.

Walking into detention, I descended down the stairs as the loud annoying sound of teens filled my ears.

“Oh look! It’s Adelame!” Yelled a red head in my direction. I felt so many eyes on me and it felt super uncomfortable. I could see some familiar faces.

There was Zack Taylor. He’s rarely here in Angel Grove but I have him in calculus.

Tommy Oliver. This cool and chill dude who’s also dating Kimberly Hart, I’ve only ever talked to him once.

Trini Kwan. People say she’s a freak but I choose to not believe that.

Then there’s Kimberly Hart. Dance and cheer would be in the same gym practicing on their own side. We happen to be pretty mutual but only known with each other’s names. Not personally.

With Billy Cranston, he’s probably a genuine person. Yet I see that he’s brave, reminding the time where he knocked out the red head bully.

And then Jason Scott. Former head quarterback of the football team. He seems to have a lot on his plate that’s been a mess ever since the cow trouble I’ve heard about.

But like so, I don’t know him deeply. I kinda wish I did, not because I may have this attraction towards him, but basically that he just doesn’t know me.

I’m probably just a stranger to him.

Shaking my head, I ignored red head and sat in a desk. I took out my sketchbook from my bag and focused on a drawing of a dancer doing a ring leap that I’m currently working on.

There was a moment of silence for me, until I heard loud thump that caused everyone to turn and me to jump. “Hey there pretty babe.” I glared up at the red head as he leaned on your locker. I sighed and returned back to my drawing, “Please go away.”

“Aw come on babe, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be afraid.” He winked and leaned close so that I could feel his breath on my face. I made an expression of disgust and backed away. I could easily take him, but people might ask questions about how a small girl like me took out the bully with one big punch or kick. I wasn’t going to get myself in trouble again.

“Just walk away and we’ll forget about everything. This isn’t necessary.” I said focusing on my drawing. “Come on sweet cheeks. You’re in the dance team. Maybe you should give me a secret dance lesson,” He smirked, “How about we get outta here-”

I cut him off and stood up from my seat, “Listen up punk Ed Sheeran. I may be some quiet chick who doesn’t normally stick up for herself, but if you think that trying to mess with an innocent girl is the coolest thing in the world right now, then you should really have a second check on your priorities. So how about you go run off and play with your other emo friends, yeah?” I gritted my teeth and gave him a straight glare with no expression.

All he did was smile and immediately grabbed my waist to pull me closer which emitted a gasp from my lips, “Not so fierce now are ya?” He started. I tried pushing him off me, “Get off of me!”

“What’s wrong baby?” He smirked, gripping my hips. “Don’t touch me!”

“Hey! Get off of her!” A familiar voice shouted and pushed him away. And to my left, it was Jason Scott. Red head quickly got up and looked at Jason annoyed.

“How old are you five?” The whole class began to laugh lightly. “This isn’t any of your business Scott,”

“Yeah? What she does isn’t any of yours.” Jason retorted. I was really shocked at how THE Jason Scott is standing up for me.

“Now, unless you don’t want me to bitch slap you again like last time, I know I’m gonna be here everyday for what seems like the rest of my life and I’m sure that you are too, so let’s make a deal.” Jason walked closer to him, “Don’t sit near me or her,” He looked at me, “And we’ll be okay.” He said facing back at him.

And with that, Jason walked off taking a seat across from mine giving me a small wink as I sat back down. I looked over at Jason and before I didn’t knew, his head turned over at me. We had this full eye competition until I looked away, sinking into my seat a little as I felt my cheeks heating up. I can’t believe he made me blush. I peeked a look at Jason who looked away and smirked. And in just the nick of time, the teacher walked into the room.

* * * GUYSSSSS! Here it is!! The prologue AND the first chapter of my new Jason Scott fanfiction!! So you practically get a bonus. Plus, I changed the book title because I felt like The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior sounded like it fit the plot and not A Hero’s Inamorato. But I hope you guys enjoyed this! It’s short but I’ll try to make the second chapter longer!! Please like and reblog this! Thanks! -Mia

AAAah ! Oh la la, ils sont trop mignon !!

I got a lot of requests to make these two awesome characters and I couldn’t resist to animate them ^^

I really love their design, it’s so simple and adorable, it really make me feel happy !

I enjoyed a lot Banjo and Kazooie when I was young and still enjoy it, so I’m ready to live a new epic adventure with two epic heroes !

I saw that they reached their goal, I’m really happy for all the team, they worked hard so we had to show that we are still there, supporting !

I wish all of the best for the Playtonic team, can’t wait to play and listen to all the song !! (I listened to ukulele song while making this ^U^)

Yooka and Laylee (Really love their names !) belongs to Playtonicgames.

Probably going to be one of the last posts of the night.
I know I was supposed to do the Frank castle mornings thing but headcannons are so much easier to do.
So here’s some punisher headcannons to make up for the story that’s probably not coming any time soon(lol sorry)
Frank castle headcannons:

-Tbh this relationship probably started while on one of his missions.

-10/10 rescued you from one of the local gangs.

-Probably the most stable thing Frank’s been able to have for a while now.

-So, So nervous of keeping this relationship, because everything he’s ever loved has been ripped away from him.

-You’re the closest thing to heaven he’s ever felt. No lie, he feels like he’s going to wake up at any moment and you’ll be gone.

-This relationship is definitely a ride or die one. Either you stick to the program or roll on because he definitely doesn’t want something more to drag him down.

-Speaking of which, you’re his support, the one who makes living a little less hell for him.

-Loves coming home after a super long night on the job to see you and max sleeping on the couch waiting for him.

-Knew you were the one when max didn’t try to rip your throat out the first time he met you.

-Like really, max loves you.

-When you guys have sex, it’s not just sex to him. Yeah he may be a bit of a player, but for him to allow himself to love someone so deeply, it’s not just a simple fuck and go.

-Teaches you how to use a gun/how to defend yourself.

-Low key thinks it’s cute when you try to use the moves he taught you on him because he’s such a big mammoth of a man.

-Late night pillow talks.

-90% of the time the pillow talks reside of you talking about how your day was going and frank just lays there and listens.

-he never complains about these, he hangs onto every word that leaves your mouth, because it may be the last time he hears your voice due to his job.

-Keeps you as far as possible from Matt because he’s deep down afraid you’ll leave him.

-The thought of you leaving him always looms over his head because he knows you could do so much better.

-Keeps to himself almost 100% of the time, but you’re the only one who’s ever been able to knock down the walls enough for him to trust you.

-If he ever brings up any of these insecurities (which is a pretty big thing for him), make sure you take them VERY seriously. As I said, he usually keeps to himself 100% of the time, and for him to be in such a vulnerable place to open up to you, it means he trusts you.

-Loves eating your food. He’s so used to having the bare minimum at his apartment, that when he sees food filling the fridge and cabinets full, it makes him feel like he’s finally home.

-Literally melts every time he makes you smile or laugh. That laugh makes him melt.

-SUPER protective of you. Like really, he keeps his eyes wide open whenever you’re out. He’s not ready to lose you yet.

-Secretly wants children so he can know what it’s like to have an actual family.

-If you guys do have kids, he’ll probably leave his job. He doesn’t want to risk leaving you alone with no support, just like he lived.

-Down time is a must for this guy. He goes through hell and back just to keep you safe. So movie nights are a pretty big thing that literally happen every weekend.

-Can be an asshole at times, which leads to not so pleasant fights.

-When these fights happen, it rips frank apart inside knowing that not only is he making you hurt, but he’s caused those tears.

-After the fight he usually leaves you alone for a bit, letting you wallow and let the anger wash away before talking it over with you.

-Saying sorry is a big thing for him, it makes him feel weak and vulnerable. So when he says it, it’s not an empty lie, so take it wholeheartedly.

-Although he may not seem like the perfect relationship, he really is. It just takes a lot of trust and love to get it that way.

-He has a hard time sleeping at night, he’s a hardcore insomniac, until you came in his life. Sleep seems to come much easier for him.

-Will sacrifice anything for you, even the clothes off of his back.

-No joke, he hates to see you suffer, so he’ll do his damned to make sure he can help you through anything.

-If it’s a person bothering you, consider them dead, or extremely banged up. He’s a “show no mercy” kind of person, so knowing this person has put you through pain or had made you suffer? Frank will make sure they’d wish they were dead.

-If it’s emotional? He’ll try to help you through the pain, even though he’s not really good at dealing with other people’s emotions, he’ll try really really hard to help you through whatever you’re struggling with at the time.

-You are his weakness. So don’t take him for granted.

Aisle 13

by Justina Ireland

It’s two days before the last day of school, and I’m sitting in my Combatives class ready to die of boredom.  Mr. Vaughn is showing a demonstration video on how to slay a basilisk. Again. It was the last question on our final. Only half of us got it right.

I was not one of the lucky few.

No one is paying attention as the warrior in the party uses her reflective shield to distract the basilisk while a mage makes a big deal about putting the creature down with a sleep spell.  We’re all talking and thinking about the summer.

“What did you get in here?” Jeb asks from across the row.

“C,” I say.  “What about you?”

“D minus,” he says, waving his test at me.  His ears droop a little like a chastised puppy. Demons are so sensitive.

I shrug.  “At least you dodged a bullet. No summer school.”

“Yeah,” Jeb looks down at his test morosely.  “But still, you can’t kill a basilisk?  Who knew they were an endangered species?”

Mr. Vaughn is clip-clopping across the front of the room now, arms crossed as he gives one of his “these are skills for the real world” lectures once again. As fun as it is to watch a centaur go off on a tear, I’m over Mr. Vaughn and I’m over this school year.  

I don’t really care about the test, but I do hate when Jeb gets all emo.  “Look, we’re never going to use this anyway.  No one goes adventuring anymore.”

He nods and incinerates his test with a simple fire spell.  No one even glances at him.

“What are you doing this summer?” he asks after a long while, his voice low. He’s still bummed about his bad grade. Maybe I’ll take him out for frozen yogurt after school.  Cheer him up. Sprinkles would cheer anyone up.

I slouch down in my desk, stretching with a yawn.  Mr. Vaughn has given up on his lecture and has retreated to his desk to eat an apple someone brought him.  He’s much calmer now.  It’s probably the apple.  Centaurs freaking love apples.

“Nothing dude,” I say, finally answering Jeb’s question.  “Absolutely nothing.”


The second day of summer vacation my mom tells me I need to get a job.

We’re sitting at dinner eating Mom’s famous tavern stew, which is really just a bunch of random things boiled down to mush.  She’s still dressed in her work clothes: low cut white gown and flower crown.  I asked her once why the clinic makes her wear such a ridiculous outfit, and she just shrugged and said “It’s tradition. This is how healers dress.”  The men have an outfit that is just as stupid, tight white breeches and a flowy tunic, but I still think it sucks that my mom has to dress like a sex object to help people. Like, where is the self-respect in that?

“So, Caitlyn, what are your plans for summer?” Mom asks as I’m about to shovel in some of her stew.  My mouth is full so I just shrug and say “Uhnano.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? No big plans?” Mom is giving me this tight smile that means she wants a specific answer, but I have no idea what she’s looking for here.  It’s summer.  It’s two and a half months of not thinking about magic spells or chemistry or monster identification or algebra or anything, really.  So why is she hassling me?

“I was thinking of maybe taking my mage’s test or something,” I say, hoping it’s enough to distract Mom from whatever she’s about.  Dad isn’t even paying attention to the conversation. As usual he’s nose deep in Berserker Weekly.  Dad used to be this big time adventurer, walking through forests and bashing in heads for fun and profit.  That’s where he met Mom.  I think he saved her from an evil wizard or a druidic cult or something. It was a long time ago, though, and now he mainly consults for a living.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.  After you get your license maybe you could call Marcus and see if he’ll let you work in the Hex shop.  I mean, you should really get a job this summer.  Don’t you agree, Brock?”

A frown creases Dad’s dark face but he grunts in assent.

I take another bite of stew and look down at the bowl to avoid answering. There’s no way I’m going to work in my Uncle Marcus’s Hex shop. The thought of untangling curses all summer makes me want to turn myself into a frog and hide out in the forest.  Not to mention that my Uncle Marcus is the cheapest man alive.  I’d be lucky if he even paid me.

Mom pushes her bowl of stew away and jumps to her feet.  “Good! Caitlyn, I’ll send Marcus a note letting him know you’ll be there tomorrow bright and early—”

“I don’t want to work in the Hex shop. It’s gross.”

Mom stops and turns to me slowly.  Her skin is pale as usual but two spots of color have appeared high on her cheeks.  She is pissed.  “Removing hexes is not gross.  Your uncle gives those people their lives back.”

“A woman with boils all over her face is pretty gross, Mom.”  Last year when I had to pick a concentration Mom took me to see Marcus to convince me to pick cursework because it pays pretty well.  I chose spellweaving instead.  I’d rather work in a factory making love charms or fire spells than to have to turn frogs back into snotty princes all day.

Mom purses her lips and turns to my Dad.  “Brock, will you please talk some sense into your daughter?”

“Cursework is disgusting, Mel,” Dad says, lowering his paper.  “Why can’t the girl go adventuring like everyone else her age?”

“No one goes adventuring anymore, Dad,” I say.  Because it’s true. Adventuring is something your parents make you do because they don’t understand that it isn’t cool to slay dragons anymore or that maidens can rescue themselves.

I mean, adventuring is just so lame. Walking around, looking for a prophecy to fulfill, and then working really hard for something that may or may not come true? Yawn. I have better things to do.

“No one goes adventuring, huh?” Dad and Mom exchange a look, like they’re about to laugh at some inside joke.  Then Dad raises his paper again.  “Either way, you’re not going to sit around the house all summer and play video games.  Get a job, Caity-Bird, and if you can’t find one then your mother will call Marcus and you can spend all summer waking princesses.”

And that’s how I end up working at the Shop Quick.

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Dating Stiles would include

-Helping him with all the supernatural stuff

-Making sure he gets enough sleep

-Cuddling all day everyday

-Seriously Stiles loves being cuddled

-Him always wanting to touch you, whether it be holding your hand or wrapping his arms around you

-Him getting jealous super easily, even if someone else just looks as you, because he feels like you’re way out of his league

-Constantly reassuring him that you only want him

-Him telling you he loves you for the first time after you got hurt and almost died

-Him being so happy when you say it back

-Being huge dorks together and wearing matching clothes

-‘Ironically’ wearing matching batman and robin sweaters that everyone teases you for

-Feeling insecure about yourself after you find out about Stiles old crush on Lydia

-Him showing you just how much he loves you later that night (wink wink)

-The sheriff loving you like his own kid and constantly giving Stiles advice

-Scott loving you because of how happy you make Stiles

-Scott telling you embarrassing things about Stiles

-“Before he asked you out he used to talk about you all the time. He had such a huge crush, he was like a little school girl!”

-“Scott! (Y/n), he’s lying don’t listen to him!”

-Him constantly getting you to wear his clothes and leaving hickies in the most hard to cover places because he is just so amazed by the fact that someone as perfect as you would love him so he loves to show you off

-You wearing his shirts all the time because you love that proud little look he gets ever time you do

-Helping him through panic attacks and calming him down

-Making him have movie marathons and junk food feasts when he gets too stressed

-Him loving you with everything he has

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