this show is so good icant

Important questions about the MV
  • Who thought it was a good idea to put in so many HIP THRUSTS FU 
  • Who styled their hair
  • Does Lay enjoy making me cry
  • and Xiumin too
  • And why not also Baekhyun and Kyungsoo… actually don’t answer that 
  • Who sculpted Tao’s arms
  • Suho pls allow me to be your greaser wife
  • Chanyeol pls rap at our wedding while Jongdae sings (in leather preferably)
  • Sehun why icant de a l with you
  • How are they going to fit a car on all these music show stages 
  • Can their pants get any tighter
  • Will they all wear those see-through tops at some point
  • And also this is just a personal sidenote but .. KIM JONGIN THAT WAS SO UNNECESSARY