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This Friday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

[This post refers to TDoV 2017; other years will have TDoV on a different day of the week]

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride #transresistance #trans resistance

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.

Wonder Woman!!

I took my mom to go see Wonder Woman today and OH MY GOD. The hype is real. It’s an AMAZING movie. I was in tears probably five times and that’s just a guess.

The AMAZONS. Holy crap. These women could conquer the world. These are not your average female superhero characters. Some wear makeup, but they are not airbrushed, caked, and contoured. Some lip stain and some eye makeup, but that appeared to be it. Instead of the glamazons we could have gotten from a different person’s vision, these women are BRONZED and FRECKLED from the sun. Their skin proudly bear scars. The older ladies appear legitimately older, rather than appearing unrealistically young and too similar to the younger ladies. The movie allowed them to show their age, because it wouldn’t MATTER on Themiscira! And every single one of them was still gorgeous. Their clothing is designed for free and easy movement, rather than to show off their fantastic bodies. They are thick with muscle. I mean THICC. The muscles ripple and flex and brought me to TEARS, I tell you.

The only cheesecake shot was of Chris Pine’s beautiful naked body. Oh, that man’s blue eyes, omg, so blue… He makes a gorgeous damsel.

Also, when I saw Robin Wright’s name next to Antiope, I hadn’t even recognized her! But I instantly thought “Well, I guess I know what Princess Buttercup did in her retirement.” LOL

Gal Gadot was beyond perfect. Seriously. I would say more, but that’s really it. She’s perfect. She IS Wonder Woman. I love her now and forever.

The most amazing fight choreography I’ve ever seen.

The diversity! 

The time period specific dialogue in the heavier moments, it really gave the film weight. It made Diana’s decision even more meaningful and spoke to the audience at the same time about the wars of the past, something important in our current landscape. 

The script itself is really awesome, it’s so witty! I laughed so many times!

Just… this movie, you guys. THIS MOVIE. It is the ultimate PUMP IT UP movie. I felt SO DAMN EMPOWERED. Everyone should see this movie. Girls will see that they can do anything and boys will see that women are to be respected. Because women are WONDERful.

Park Encounter Part 2

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Warnings: Language

On the way to the coffeshop you wouldn’t stop talking. You discovered that he is also very funny and open minded.

“What do you want to drink? A banana milkshake maybe?”

“How did you know?”

“Ehmm… I have seen your interviews.”

 When you arrived you ordered a coffee, something to drink yourself and a banana milkshake for the handsome man standing next to you.

Your order arrived and when you were about to pay, KJ steped in and tried to do the same. “Ehm… No fucking way!” 

You tried to push him away but he grabbed you and pinned you in his body. You were so close that you could feel his breath in your neck and you suddenly forgot how to breathe yourself.  He, of course, paid, since you couldn’t move and then -unfortunately- he freed you smiling while doing so.

“Thank you! You really didn’t have to!” you said while exiting the coffeeshop.

“You have cream in your lips.”

“Of course I fucking do. You should see me eat. The food is always getting everywhere.”

“Let me help you with that.” He came closer to you. Staring at your lips he used his thumb to wipe the cream of your lips. He then brought his thumb to his mouth while looking directly into your eyes. “You have really nice lips.”

“Thank you! It is one of my best features.”

“What are your other best features?” he said seductively.

“Legs and hair. And many other things that it would be too narcissic to say. Why? What were you expecting?”

“I was not expecting anything. I wanna find out myself.” he winked. “Do you want me to take you home?”

“Do YOU want to take me home?” you said bitting your lower lip while never breaking eye contact.

“Hell yes!” he said looking again at your lips. “Let’s go!”

The ride to your appartment was realy fun. You were singing together to them most ridicoulous songs you had on your phone like “Wannabe” and “Milkshake”.

“So who’s your celebrity crush?” he asked you. 

“Chris Evans and you.” you said like the smooth motherfucker you are.

“Oh is that so?” he asked palyfully.

“Yup. Yours?”

“Kendall Jenner and you.”

“But I am no celebrity.”

“You will be one day. Either for your talent or for dating me. Maybe both.”

“Oh stop it you. You will make me blush.” Lie. You were already blushing.

“You are one of the most fascinating human beeings I have ever encountered (Y/N) (Y/L/N)”

“Wow! You must have encountered really few then.” you said and you both laughed.

“Wanna come upstairs?” you asked him when you arrived.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Hahaha come on then!” 

When you opened the door, you found your roomate studying. You gave her her coffee and you introduced her to KJ.

“Thank you for the coffee. Well that explains why you hang up soo quickly. Wait! Isn’t he the guy you painted last month?” 

“Wait! You have painted me? May I see?”

“Ehmm… Yeah sure. Follow me.”

You quided him to your room where a bra was thrown on your chair. “Sorry about that.”

“Ha! Like I mind….”

Your room was full with paintings, paint, brushes and books. 

“You are unbelievable! These are amazing!”

“Here.” you said showing him his portrait. It was full of colors and you had captured his beauty perfectly. He was amazed. He looked at you shocked and then he grabbed your face and kissed you, his lips connecting with yours. The perfect fit. It was like when you put two pieces of a puzzle together. That’s how the kiss felt.

“Wow! I guess you liked it!” you said when parting so that you could breathe.

“You bet I do. It’s amazing! Fantastic! GREAT! You know what else I like?”


“Kissing you.” He said and did just that.

What do you guys thik? DId you like it?

The Song In Your Heart 6x20

Ok. Again, I don’t usually do this, but my heart and mind are too full and I have to sleep sometime tonight so I’ve got to get this out.

This was, without any doubt, one of my favorite episodes of the entire series!!! I would have a very hard time choosing between this and the CS movie.

First off, can I just say that the composers are certifiably BRILLIANT!!! Absolute geniuses!!!!! Every single song was outstanding!!! As I heard each song, it was my favorite!!!! Each one was written for the character and these brilliant, talented actors sang them all soooooo beautifully!!! If I had to rank them, I’d say my top favorites were Hook’s, Emma’s, and Zelena’s. But again, they were all soooooo perfectly written and performed! I just can’t say enough about the music!!!! BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BRILLIANT FANTASTIC OUTSTANDING LOVELY EXQUISITE… well, you get the idea.

And now on to the individual songs…
Powerful Magic: Pure. Disney. So beautiful! And so perfect for this perfect couple!!! Snow immediately knowing something was wrong and putting her hands over her mouth were both soooo adorable!!! Charming’s lines were a hoot! And the love between the two was on perfect display! I only wish there was more harmony in the song.
The Queen Sings (Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance): sooooo perfect for this character!!!! And Lana belting it out was fantastic!!! The little snippets from the dwarves, Granny, and Marco were soooo cute! I LOVED how she showed up in each of their locations and sang to them as well. The blatant sexuality of the queen was on full display during the song, both times. And it created a perfect juxtaposition up against the True Love of Snowing both one right after the other and in their trio.
Revenge is Gonna Be Mine: what can I say? Colin as Captain Hook singing this song was just… just… I can’t get over it!!!! @lillpon did an analysis this week of Colin’s voice and the high notes in the song that was just outstanding!!! I knew it was high, but I didn’t know it was THAT high. If you’re interested in her analysis, search #Colin O'Donoghue or #ouat musical. The vengeful pirate was on full display and Colin performed magnificently!!! And doing all that with a broken foot!!!!! Ouch!!!!
Wicked Always Wins: beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!! And what a voice Bex has!!!! This one was one of my favorites! The beauty of the song not only displayed her envy and hatred, but also her longing for love and acceptance. It was a beautiful song beautifully performed.
Emma’s Theme: No. words. All right. Never mind. Just a few. GORGEOUS!!! PERFECT!!! The love and songs inside of her saved her and saved her family. And the fact that it was her theme from the VERY BEGINNING OF THE SERIES only made it more special and outstanding!!!! And the WORDS!!!!! No words!!!!! *Ugly sobbing*
A Happy Beginning: what a way to end the episode!!!! Everyone singing and dancing together to celebrate our OTP FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👰🏼🤵🏻💒. Cue the tears 😭😭😭😭😭!!!!!!!

Next, the non-musical parts of the episode. I’m sorry (not really) but I’m so glad Emma couldn’t wear Snows wedding dress. I never liked that dress. But I didn’t expect the BF to show up so early in the episode. And Killian in a white tux???? Ugh… NO!!!!!! And he knew… he KNEW!!!! He knew exactly what she was doing!!!! Bless him!!!! I LOVE him sooooo much!!!! And then taking off to take care of the crocodile and getting himself captured in the process… not surprising at all!!! And may I just say that I am right back solidly on the side of HATING Rumple!!!!! I really thought that he was playing the BF somehow and he was on the side of the heroes, but after tonight, I cannot think of any way that plays out. We’ll see. Blue putting the songs in Emma before she was even born was excellent!!! It gave her the power to defeat the BF and that whole thing answered the question of why Snow, Charming, and Hook didn’t recognize each other. Henry… my poor Henry!!!! His despair and anger over not being able to help his mom was agonizing!!!!! But finding those pages and showing Emma that she had it inside her all along? Priceless!!!!! As well as the BF’s face when Emma wouldn’t die. And Emma’s tears when she had saved them all, I had tears too! And then the wedding itself. Cue the sobbing… I didn’t think it was rushed. We got our Emma and Snowing moments, Killian and Charming shaking hands, Captain Believer, beautiful, heart wrenching personal vows, their kiss, song, and first dance. What else did we need?

This episode was magnificent in every way on so many levels!!! A true masterpiece!!! And now I’m on the edge of my seat for next week and the Final Battle!!!!
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“Last Night in Bucharest”

by Bjørn Jakobsen, the wonderful and amazing husband of Lisa Jakobsen, aka lowkeysebastianstan

So this happened. My husband, who, I’ll gladly admit, functions as a daily sounding board for all things Bucky, had me stunned and in a heap of tears on Christmas Eve when I opened his gift for me, the introduction of my story in comic book form. I can’t even begin to describe the level of gratefulness and astonishment I felt when I realised what he’d been working on, I mean, I thought he might give me a painting, but this… I’m in awe and so thankful to have this person in my life, he’s an amazing human, and my best friend. And it’s perfect. Just perfect. My pal, my buddy, my Bjørn, I love you.

UPDATE: So after that beyond anything beautiful, stunning, magnificent gift my fantastic and extraordinary husband made me for Christmas, my birthday rolled around and he gave me the cover. I cried, I swooned, I bawled, I laughed, we hugged, we kissed, I called Cindy, we squeed, he got embarrassed, we didn’t give a flying fuck, there was a bit more crying… You know, the usual. And so I’m finally updating the post to show you guys. I didn’t do it sooner bc a) it took a while for it to be scanned, and b) I’m a master of making up involved excuses for not doing something bc it has to be just right and perfect.  Which is insane, bc this actually is. I love it so much, I’m still baffled and dazed he’ve done this for me, and I’m not at all imagining him doing the whole thing… Nope.

Last Night in Bucharest

Even More Underappreciated KakaIru

A followup to this other rec list!  These fics are even more underappreciated than the ones on that first list. Show them some love!

My must-reads are marked with a *


*Red by spinel | 4002 words
The perfect homecoming, dealing with post-mission issues fic.

*Nut Kin by Josey (cestus) | 4310 words
Part of a Telephone Exchange, so be sure to also check the notes at the bottom to read the remix by Kita_the_Spaz! An adorable story about Kakashi and Iruka’s summons’ view of an argument.

A Beautiful View by radkoko | 656 words
Iruka enjoying the sight of Kakashi being fitted for his Hokage robes. Short & sweet!

Kaleidoscope by Sandyclaws68 | 2909 words
A story about the Mangekyo Sharingan. Fantastic Kakashi/Iruka interaction.

Night in Mirkwood by Miasen | 4455 words
LOTR AU! Elf!Iruka! Sexy times!

Stirred, Not Shaken by Aviss | 1151 words
Drunk Kakashi is a kissing monster. :D

(Not) Perfect by Aviss | 1408 words
Features Kakashi touching himself while Iruka watches. YUM.

*Like sweet rain by megyal | 1302 words
Domestic arguing, sex in the rain. This fic is PERFECT. Fight me.

Going Overboard by Sandyclaws68 | 3141 words
Kakashi sets up an elaborate birthday surprise for Iruka. So sweet, and imaginative!

*Love in a Time of Fire by water_bby | 3356 words
Super cool future AU where Iruka is an Archaeology professor and Kakashi is a warrior from the past.

A Private Celebration by Aviss | 3113 words
A festival for Hokage Kakashi. Beautiful character interaction.

Sunlight and Sofas by Sandyclaws68 | 369 words
A pitch-perfect slice-of-life moment.

Dry Clean Only by Sandyclaws68 | 5026 words
Kakashi and Iruka ‘fight’ over celebrating Kakashi’s birthday. Not angsty at all I promise! Adorable and funny.

Say it Properly by Aviss | 2043 words
Hilarious. And sweet. :)

Deniability by theskywasblue | 607
A super hot little don’t-get-caught moment.

Adagio by panda_shi | 2862 words
SUPER BIG ANGST/DEATH WARNING. But it’s so, so heart-wrenchingly good. But holy crap, don’t read this unless you actually want to cry.

Unexpectedly Inevitable by Kiterie | 4473 words
Features the best shinobi-undressing scene I have yet read. Seriously!

Distractions by DdraigCoch | 3354 words
A dreamy mash-up of compelling moments.

*Blow Your Cover by windfallswest | 650 words
Smoking hot Cop AU featuring undercover fauxhawk!Iruka and the best punny title ever.

Winter in a Bottle by windfallswest | 12,180 words
A fusion AU but you don’t need to know the source to enjoy it. A magic/supernatural type setting featuring getting trapped in a cave together!

anonymous asked:

Please write a massive essay on Ryan Ross and his perfectness as the answer to this question

Have you ever wondered what perfection was? Have you ever seen real beauty? Let me tell you of this beautiful man like no other who is the reason the sun shines and the reason stars sparkle. George Ryan Ross the third is the definition of beauty, you may think I’m exaggerating but let me show you this world of magnificence! He has honey eyes that get you lost in a feeling of joy and warmth, his smile so radiant that it makes flowers blossom, his hair as soft as a cloud that no matter what hairstyle looks fantastic. His button nose that so buttony you just have to boop it. Ryan’s voice is like no other, it’s as if Angels are singing. Saying Ryan Ross is just beautiful is a lie, he is more than that, words can’t describe Ryan Ross. His heart pure and filled with good. The words he speaks and writes are magical. Ryan is something else, his laugh can bring peace and his giggle make the skies clear. Even nature can see the beauty in him. Inside and out this man makes jaws drop. People can’t help but stare to see the gorgeousness that is Ryan. He has naturals curls that resemble waves, the touch of his hand can stop a baby from crying. He is good with animals and music and it’s a beautiful touch to his perfection. The music he has made is as beautiful as the man himself. Ryan is perfect and you can’t deny that. Perfect didn’t exist until Ryan Ross.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god I have autism and I agree wholeheartedly!! I've always related with 2D because of it, and I wish wish wish it'd be confirmed by the crew. I think it'd be such a nice representation and I think it would make me love them even more haha

I wish they’d confirm it, too. I mean, if they’re going to have Murdoc make ableist jokes about him, they might as well at least confirm it, right?

And I think it’d be fantastic representation too, I mean 2D’s kind, beautiful, talented, intelligent in his own right… Showing that a character can be all those things and autistic would mean so much. Of course the rep wouldn’t be perfect just because everyone treats him like shit and calls him a moron (even Noodle does it), but it’d be something, especially if the writers turned that around and made people respect him more.

I’ve had high hopes that we’ll get a confirmation this phase just because of how social issue-heavy it is, so here’s to hoping! 💙🤞🏾

so i just watched the first 2 episodes of little wtich acadamia and it’s so cute and has such a beautiful art style that works perfectly for the kind of story it is


i don’t remember the last time i’ve had such a strong desire for a chracter to be gaaayyy.

 Akko and Diana would be a fantastic gay pairing, i has the perfect set up for a ship, like hardcore. but unfortunately there is no romance in the show (as according ot reddit), but even so, one can dream


“Game Over, Charles” - Alternate Ending 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3


During her frequent visits with Charles at Radley, Jessica encountered the father of another patient named Bethany Young. She and Mr. Young bonded over the struggle of having a child locked away and found comfort in eachother’s company. Soon their friendly relationship blossomed into an affair. Even after Charles was released, Jessica would come to Radley to meet with her lover while he visited Bethany. From time to time, she would take Bethany out on her own and even buy her gifts in an attempt to win the child over. Bethany, however, saw through the facade and believed it was all a ploy to keep stringing her dad a long. As time went on, she began to feel as though her father was coming to visit Mrs. DiLaurentis more than he was coming to visit her, and her resentment for the woman grew. 

One day, Bethany saw Jessica walking down the hall, and in a fit of rage, followed her all the way up to the roof and pushed her off. Only it wasn’t Jessica, it was another patient, Marion Cavanaugh; Bethany’s delusions and outbursts had gotten the best of her once again. Out of loyalty to Mr. Young, Jessica used her status on the board at Radley to cover up the murder and have Marion’s death listed as a suicide so Bethany would not be subject to punishment.

Bethany saw this as an act of leverage, but her father saw it as an act of kindness. She watched him become closer than ever to Jessica. She listened as Mrs. D told Mr. Young fantastic about her two youngest children, looked on as she showed him pictures of her perfect life and perfect daughter. Bethany was jealous. She knew her dad would rather have beautiful, smart, not-crazy Alison DiLaurentis as a daughter than the drugged-up, messed-up, locked-up, murdererous Bethany Young. So one day, wearing an outfit Jessica gave her, and a bracelet she made in art therapy to match the one Alison wore in photos, Bethany escaped Radley with a mission: to get rid of Alison and take her place. 

Mrs. D received a call from the institution warning her that a patient she had a relationship with was the loose. Knowing Bethany’s tendencies and just what she was capable of, Jessica asked Alison not to go anywhere that night. Alison didn’t listen. Her mom’s worst suspicions were realized when she witnessed through a window the “fragile patient” striking Alison with a rock. She ran outside, but it was too late. Bethany was gone, and Alison was dead. Confused, panicked, and feeling somehow responsible, Mrs. D buried her own daughter in a shallow grave, and went inside to call Mr. Young and tell him what transpired.

Meanwhile,  Wilden was on his way to the DiLaurentis home. He and Alison hooked up over the summer while on Vacation, and she told him she might be pregnant. After hearing she was back in Rosewood, he knew he needed to confront her about the situation. Wilden arrived and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be Alison standing in her backyard. As he approached, his gaze landed on a shovel nearby, and survival instincts took over. In the heat of the moment, Wilden decided to eliminate the problem altogether. Grabbing the shovel, he walked up behind the girl and hit her over the head without a single word. He fled the scene immediately. Wilden never realized it wasn’t Alison he hit, but an unsuspecting Bethany Young, who had returned to complete her masterplan and take Alison’s place. Ironically, she got exactly what she hoped for. She took Alison’s place not in life, but in her grave.

You know how folks like to discuss the five people, living or dead, who they’d like to have dinner with or whatever? I’ve been thinking about the five dogs, living or dead that I’d like to have a playdate with.

1. Shawnee

This one is pretty easy for me. Shawnee is the only dog I’ve ever owned, and we had to put her down about 13 years ago because she got really sick. She was the laziest, most gentle golden retriever ever and I loved her a lot. Here’s an old polaroid of me and her as pups (and also our parents).

2. Laika

Laika is my favourite historical dog - she was Earth’s greatest pioneer, being the first earthling to go to space. She didn’t survive long up there, and the Sputnik 2 scientists have always lamented the fact that they sacrificed her, while learning very little in the process. I have a shirt and two books featuring her and I would like to show them to her.

3. Maple

I love Trench and his dog Maple. They are the perfect team and the only reason I think Vine deserves to exist. Trench makes beautiful music and Maple helps out and provides a calming background imagery for most of his videos just by being herself.

4. Fritz

Fritz is famous from his “Fritz Learns to Catch” series of videos, where his owner will toss a piece of food up and Fritz will gleefully try to catch it, but usually fail at doing so pretty fantastically. The first Fritz Learns to Catch video cheered me up a lot on a pretty bad day and I would like to thank him by handing him lots of treats. Gently.

5. London (The Littlest Hobo)

There’s an old show from the late 70s and early 80s called The Littlest Hobo - it’s about a dog who wanders around from place to place, solving random people’s problems. He’ll do all sorts of crazy shit, too - in the very first episode he jumps out of a helicopter and parachutes to deliver an antidote to a poisoned child. The dog has ingrained himself into Canadian culture, being referenced in BOTH of our other shows - Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas. Anyway, Hobo is badass and has definitely earned my last pick.

Shawnee, Laika, Maple, Fritz, London and I would have the best day ever, I assure you.

Ghibli’s Guide on How to be a Woman.

By Esther Doyle

So we’ve all heard that Studio Ghibli may be closing down now that genius writer and director Hayao Miyazaki is finally retiring after a long and fruitful career. So, I thought I would make a small tribute to the amazing film company that has produced some of the best female characters in cinematic history, and particularly animation. In this piece I have picked my favourite characters that I believe will help to mould the minds of young girls into becoming strong, smart, sensual women.

Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind taught me that Women can be good leaders.

Although Nausicaa is royalty, she doesn’t act like your typical princess character; she takes action instead of being acted upon. This is the kind of modern day roll model we need for our young girls; one that shows them that fighting for justice is not just for men but for women too. Her strong determination to protect endangered animals only makes her an even more amazing character to most that have come across her.

Another princess from the Ghibli ranks was Princess Mononoke, also known as San. Man is she fierce, figuratively and literally! She fights with her bare hands to protect her family and the forest world that they live in from the interference of meddlesome humans.

If San were to give you dating advice it would be, “Trust no man! Don’t be taken in by flattery! And try and find someone who has the same interests as you. (Ashitaka and I both love animals, enjoy fighting and have a keen interest in saving the world and it’s spirits from the death juices that pour out from the throat of the forest God).”

And once again San is an advocate for the conservation of natural habitats, emphasizing that being conscious of the environment is something to be considered ‘cool’.

Chihiro from Spirited Away is a far more average character. A typically grumpy young teen who’s annoyed at her lack of say in the decision made by her parents to move house; a situation we can all sympathise with.

And that is precisely why Chihiro is such a wonderful female character. We can empathise with her! Chihiro does not live in a magical world and she does not have any magical powers, she is just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. While Nausicaa and San would have been unfazed by suddenly having to deal with strange spells upon their parents, and oppressive villains trying to enslave them, Chihiro reacts the way that all of us ordinary folk would do too: with fear and apprehension. Still, despite her distressing situation Chihiro’s love for her parents, and honest goodness, allows her to triumph in saving herself, her family and her friends. Chihiro teaches young girls that anyone can be brave and heroic, not just the warrior princesses.

My final Ghibli Girl (okay so normally I don’t like to infantilise women by calling them girls, but I was told that alliterations make you sound clever), is Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle, purely because of the great character progression that she shows. At the start of the film she’s timid, shy and has a low opinion of herself, constantly hinting towards the idea that she is plain and unremarkable unlike the other girls around her.

This is something that most young women can identify with. This seems like the perfect set up for some charming dude to come along and tell her, “You don’t know you’re beautiful, and that’s why I dig you.” Yet that’s not how this story goes. Instead, Sophie teaches herself that she is important and beautiful in her own way and by the end of the story she’s the one saving the leading man from his own personal demons, showing that women can also be emotionally strong.

There are so many more fantastic women in the Ghibli universe that I could write about, but this post would then go on forever, so I shall just say that all of Ghibli’s women are interesting strong and versatile, because Hayao Miyazaki created characters (not damsels in distress) and I couldn’t be happier about it!

For all those that were asking about @pajamas-of-vengeance and I’s NJCon photo op, here it is! It’s so beautiful. They’re so beautiful. Everyone is just so beautiful. I just noticed that my bracelet from the concert is noticeable in this picture so it’s showing, XXX, like this is some kind of porno. Awesome. Two thumbs up.

Because my dash is still 75% the Steven Universe/Brony drama...

I’m just going to put my two cents out, like anybody really demanded them in the first place tho…

When MLP:FIM first came out, I was in college.  I saw the animation, laughed at the Adobe Flash-y style, and didn’t think much of it.  Then I kept hearing about the writing quality and gave it a second chance.  The show turned out to be really good.  Not only that, but it was gaining the attention of guys as well as girls!  The controversy opened my eyes again to the debate of “boy-targeted media = everybody and must be top quality, while girl-targeted media = girls and therefore it can be done lazily”; and I started to get behind the fanbase.  Because fuck yeah, a show for little girls (and their families) can be of good quality, there is no reason for it to be lazily written, acted and animated.  Also fuck yeah at the idea of grown men liking a show aimed at little girls and not feeling like their precious testosterone would be destroyed when they looked at something with pink in it.

So yeah, I was a big brony supporter.  I debated in their favor multiple times online and offline.  Who the fuck says a boy can’t like a show like that?  It was great, gender roles were being discussed and it felt like girl’s media would be treated differently in the future.

But then things started to turn south.  Honestly, I started to notice it when the infamous “Derpy” scene popped out.  You don’t need me to give a backstory of this character, she’s a nod to the brony fanbase and was always treated like an easter egg.  This was the first time she was treated like a character, and it was pretty awesome to see the team behind the show acknowledging the more adult fanbase in a subtle yet cute way.  But then a certain someone voiced their opinion.  I didn’t agree with them 100% on the matter (at the time, my views have changed since) and thought they were being too sensitive, again, I was behind the bronies.

Then I noticed their Deviantart page.

Nothing but shouts on their page containing nothing but death threats, slurs, and attacking their gender.  Then more and more people cross the line, usually I am 100% behind brony music, but then THIS was brought up to my attention during the time of the controversy (warning for death threats, transphobic messages, homophobic messages and slurs).

That was the point when I started to drift from their favor.  Before, the phrase when met with hate was “Love and Tolerate”, aka “let them be angry at these folks liking a show, don’t mudsling, don’t attack back, be the better person”.

This was no longer the case.  I also started noticing stories of brony behavior at cons, then noticed how they did NOTHING to hide the more 18+ fanart/songs/fanfiction/etc.  Everything started piling up.

When the show brought Discord back, it was then that I started to notice just… how the team kept with the show’s target audience, little kids.  Soon, almost every plot point, every in-joke, it was all catering to bronies.  Wait a minute, WHO is this show made for again?

I dropped out of their support all together, yes, there DO exist bronies out there with their hearts in the right place.  I support the people behind “Safe Search Wrap-Up” and the people that are still genuine fans of the show while being respectful to the initial audience.  And yes, I still watch the show.

But the “Brony” label has soured over time.

It went from being a group of adults marching for the support of a genuine show that was actually well written DESPITE the fact that it could have been so EASILY botched… to a group of men that literally made anything relate-able to the show toxic.

I know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

Let me repeat that so it can sink in.

I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls watch My Little Pony because of the bronies.  I personally know mothers that don’t let their little girls search for My Little Pony related things online because of the bronies.

There are mothers that have to put a parental block on My Fucking Little Pony.

When little girls can’t safety look up a show about friendship pastel colored plastic horses online because of all the porn and the attitude of a community saying “this show was made for men”, then you have yourself a gigantic mondo problem.  And I’m not saying that drawing porn of a show is the problem.  That was inevitable, porn of MLP existed before FIM came around.  The problem is that the bronies treated it like MLP was an adult show that little kids wouldn’t be looking for online.

Little kids aren’t going to google “Bob’s Burgers” or “Cowboy Bebop”, and even then porn of those shows is pretty well hidden!  You have to go on an 18+ site in order to even FIND the shit!  My Little Pony on the other hand can be easily accessible on Deviantart, Tumblr, Google, and the various MLP sites without any filters (need I bring up the Molestia controversy?).  And that’s not to say that Steven Universe isn’t without porn either, I’ve personally had to report child porn three times on the SU tag because I find the very idea of CP disgusting whether the character is drawn or not.  But guess how many times I’ve had to report CP on an MLP blog.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than twice than what I’ve had to report on the SU tag.

If you’ve kept up with me through this, then do you see why the Steven Universe fanbase acted the way they did when it was announced that there might be an Equestria Daily equivalent to Steven Universe?

Nobody is saying that you’re not allowed to watch the show if you’re a man.  Nobody is saying that you can’t like the show or enjoy it.  But Steven Universe is an incredibly important show for so many, women, bigendered, chubby, skinny, black, hispanic, indian, LGBT, etc.  This is a show I plan to raise my future children on because of how perfect it is at showing the power of love, family, and representation.

When bronies grew too overpowered, they kicked little girls out of their own show.  We just don’t want that to happen to the Steven and his family.

If you want to watch the show and become a part of the community, then by fucking all means, watch the show.  It’s a beautiful show, it’s well written, has a gorgeous soundtrack, has fantastic messages, it’s just a good, good, GOOD show.  But for the love of god, don’t make it about YOU by trying to make a “gemtleman” label and grabbing for attention.  This isn’t a show strictly for you, it’s a show for everybody.  Just call yourself a fan of Steven Universe and leave it at that.  This is too important of a show to let that happen again.

Glee 2009-2015

The show has come to an end. After 6 seasons,121 episodes,746 performances. We’ve been through so much in the past 6 years: beautiful songs, original songs, epic love stories, unnecessary love triangles, proposals, weddings, deaths, wonderful episodes, heatbreaking episodes, break ups, bad writing, fantastic writing, perfect song choices, wonderful acting, stupid ship wars, and so much more. It helped us to accept ourselves for who we really are and taught us not to be ashamed just because we’re a little different, because there are people out there who love us just the way we are. It also made us see the world differently. Glee was not just a tv-show, it was so much more than that. It was the best time of my life and being in this fandom with you guys is an honor. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or staight or anything in between. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Europe or America or any other part of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. It doesn’t even matter which couples you ship. It doesn’t matter that we have almost nothing in common except that one thing: We’re all Gleeks. And we will be for the rest of our lives, because we can never forget the show that changed our lives, helped us find ourselves and brought us all together. And Glee will never be over, because we are Glee.

Cult Television Strategies + Your Roleplays

This is somewhere between a guide and a masterlist. I’ve read a plethora of scholarship on cult television (and other media) this year, and a lot of the characteristics and strategies used could apply to roleplays. Both cult TV and roleplay are engaging enough so that the creators are not the only participants.

Endlessly Deferred Narratives: Many plots have a central question that drives the plot and characters. Roleplays that keep the central question relevant without ever answering it can carry on for longer than a game that resolves its central question. Games focused around character interactions from the get-go might be able to survive, but ones with a key plot point need another question to (not) answer if placed in this position.

Think of it this way: How much easier is it to be creative when your character has a ship that has not solidified into a relationship yet? The push and pull is often more fun than a stable relationship to play out. Certainly, fun and interesting long-term relationships can be played, but it is hard to make that the center of a plot unless outside forces are actually making the plot something more than two (or more) people kissing happily.

That same logic applies to roleplays. Once your characters defeat the main antagonist, solve the mystery or figure out what is so crazy about that town, there needs to be something equally as compelling to progress the plot and character development.

Hyperdiegetic World: Many shows or other works of media that attract a devoted following are more fun because they have a detailed world to explore and play around in. Roleplays based on shows often do well because they have a world in place already that the roleplay can build off of further! Creating a beautiful world for characters to interact in is not a necessity, but it can make players more invested in the roleplay.

Harry Potter is immensely popular, right? What separates it from the rest of fantasy? One of the reasons might be the complicated world that is just out of sight of our own Muggle one. The hundreds of characters and spells, the castle that moves of its own accord, the house system, the creatures, etc. enrich the world and make it a place players might want to be in.

Plot Arcs: This is something that serial television generally has. While not all cult TV is serial, roleplays are. Sometimes, it is easy to forget details from before, but how rewarding is it when two characters have an epic confrontation and recall how much has changed since they met? Placing characters in trying situations that they need to resolve on a para by para basis gives endless opportunity for growth. Remember to look back at paras and interactions you and other characters wrote. Besides being able to pull these details into a more fulfilling plot, nostalgia is fun and might remind you of character details that got pushed aside along the way.

Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue: Characters are people. Treat them like they are. Many of your characters might reflect something about yourself, but characters become deeper when their way of speaking is characteristic of them rather than an extension of the player.

Further, snappy dialogue makes the roleplay experience more fun! Memorable quotes and distinct speech patterns can help define characters like a biography cannot. Typing in a thick accent might be hard to read, but appropriately used and research regional terms and phrases help enrich the character!

If you are a bio roleplay’s admin trying to choose who to accept, look at how the character speaks. Sure, a player’s interpretation might shift over time, but clever and characteristic dialogue will show how well an applicant can take on your character.

Gift Economy: Pulling away from the roleplay and interactions themselves, roleplay is one huge gift economy. Like the exchange of fanfiction, fanart and kudos for those, roleplay has an unspoken currency. Replying to paras with approximately the same length is proper etiquette. RPHs that make manips, do reviews, and the rest get paid chiefly through appreciation: likes and compliments. Remember not to forsake the people whom you play with and the ones whose resources you use. Online roleplaying is a hobby, but the economy of roleplay gets disrupted severely when anon hate or bigoted interactions occur.

Genre: The most frequently occurring genres of cult television are sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and sometimes mystery. Genre is useful to establish a world, but remember not to be glued to it. Genre by the book has been done to death. Some of the most successfully cult shows mixed and/or subverted genres- Whedon’s Firefly and Buffy are terrific examples. Modifying convention is important to keep ideas fresh, so don’t let ideas (not even just genre conventions) get stale by reusing them until they are trite.

Representation: Cult shows often acquire their cult because of characters and/or settings that are different than what television as a whole gives viewers. How groundbreaking has Star Trek been, giving interracial and interspecies relationships? Sometimes, sure, they did not go about ideally, but going against the grain of hegemonic society can break new ground. Television can change lives, and the most engaging of programs have repeated viewers taking in these ideas on a weekly basis. As a roleplay admin, remember that your players frequently interact in the world that you have created.

Cult Television is Imperfect: Some programs like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos might be hailed as overwhelmingly fantastic, but there is always room for fan enthusiasm. Was every episode really that perfect? If you think that a show is so perfect that there is no room for change, then perhaps there is no room for fan enthusiasm. Your roleplay is going to have problems, and sometimes everything will feel like a mess. But your players can make it better and help it come to life!

And some roleplays are a mess. It’s okay if your game is not fantastically beautiful with graphics bought from the Photoshop Overlords. As long as you have a group of players that enjoy your game and can find all of the information that they need, you’re good.

Premature Cancellation: Not every show will make it past the first season, and not every roleplay will last more than a week. That does not make them bad roleplays! Pushing Daisies is a beloved show, but it only lasted two short seasons. For every Supernatural that gets season after season, there will always be many more shows that could not make the Nielsen ratings.

Marketing: Many shows were cancelled because their marketing strategy was flawed. Some shows don’t get marketed at all and therefore fail quietly, but others had misleading marketing campaigns. Freaks & Geeks might get a lot of love now, but the advertising campaign misrepresented the show as simply a school comedy.

Represent your roleplay strategically, and understand that some games are a harder sell than others.


If you are curious about more scholarship, just ask! My favorite theorists were Matt Hills, Henry Jenkins (with a caveat that his writing is always a product of its time), Jancovich & Hunt and Roz Kaveney. Jane Espenson, who has written for some of the culty-est shows there are, inspired a great deal of this list/guide with “Playing Hard to Get.”

—  I don’t think you understand the way you make me melt, the way you make my stomach turn in the greatest way possible. I don’t think you could ever possibly feel the same way about me, because I never knew love like this existed. I know past is past and it hurts to look back, but you’re my future and I love looking forward. Why grieve over loses, when I have the most amazing woman right her, to call my own? Dumb right? Well sweetheart I hope I am the last person to receive the privilege of loving you, because I plan on spending the rest of my days making sure yours are beyond fantastic. I am so proud with the progress you’ve been making with your foot, baby you’re so strong. And remember take your time, but the sooner you heal the sooner we see each other and god I can’t fucking wait. Thank you for always being there for me, and showing me that beautiful smile that I fell in love with. You are  perfection……and fuck am I so lucky to have you. I love you baby girl……sooo soooo much, more than ice cream.
Meet Arjen Robben | FC Bayern München

sooo todays post is about arjen robben because soooo many people only know him as a “diver” or that he is “selfish” and hate him because he has a “bad personality” - well, let me tell you something: he hasn’t. he’s an amazing player and mostly bvb fans hate him because of reasons (we’ll talk about that later)and yeah so here we go

arjen, who is also known as “Mister Wembley” or “the bee slayer” plays at bayern munich since 2009, his jersey number is number 10 and normally he plays on the right wing

he also played for PSV Eindhoven (2002-2004)

Chelsea FC (2004-2007)

and Real Madrid (2007-2009)

he also plays for the dutch national team and is their vice captain behind robin van persie, he really loves his country and is very proud to play for his national team

he was vice world cup winner with the dutch national team in 2010 and is third of the 2014 world cup in brazil

he played an absoutley fantastic world cup

he’s married to his beautiful wife bernadien since 2007

they’ve got three kids and seriously, his wife is so beautiful, look

she’s so pretty

and his kids, luka, kai and lynn, are the sweetest ever

his family is perfect and means everything to him - he’s a great dad

but let’s start with arjens own story in which he show what a true fighter he is

the whole drama started in the dfb final in 2012 (we lost it 5:2 against bvb, don’t you even dare to talk about it)

this video summarize his own, personal story against the bees perfectly

arjen missed a penalty kick and yeah.. the drama continued

in the champions league final 2012 against chelsea, arjen missed a penalty we got in the extra time and later, in the penalty shootout he did not dare to go to the spot

we lost

and everyone blamed him - but it was not just his fault

our own fans booed and whistled at him because they blamed him for the loss and this was so unfair

mark van bommel (arjens former team mate at bayern and in the dutch national team) said: “If I would be Arjen, I would think twice about staying in Munich.”

arjen went through a hard time in summer 2012, but he did not give up and stayed at bayern (even if a lot of people think he wouldn’t stay because he was also often injured)

and he got his revenge against the bees - it started in the dfb quarter finals against dortmund, he scored the winning goal

and in the champions league final 2013 against bvb, he scored the winning goal in the 89. minute and saved our ass - and also brought us our fifth champions league trophy

nobody deserved it more than him (okay maybe basti but this is not about him)
this songs wrote bayern fans for him (x)

he got his revenge and he’s still not done

in the dfb pokal final 2014 he also scored against the bvb

and in the last match against the bees, on november the first, he also saved our ass

and you know what ? his winning goal was a penalty

this video is so amazing and accurate

sadly most people only see him as a selfish person who always dives - and not as that awesome player and amazing human being he is

YES he did this a lot of times, but it became less - and have you seen neymar ?

YES it’s true that he played damn selfish - but it stopped after the lost champions league final 212, he changed

he is still a bit selfish sometimes, but we can live with it - at least, no player is perfect

he loves bayern with all his heart and says, we are his family - in 2014 he extended his contract for three years to 2017

and he scores so many beautiful goals for us

like this one against schalke (x)

or this one against manchester united (x)

and his skills are just fucking awesome (x)

he and thiago showing us their skills (x)

they also have a lot of fun together (x)

you remember his beautiful goal against barca ?

so, besides all his amazing footballer skills he is such a nice and kind person and his german is so sweet :’) he talks about thomas hitzelsbergers outing as homosexual in this video (another amazing side of arjen: he says it’s normal and that it is a great thing)

his team mates appreciate him a lot like javi for example

and he’s such a cutie, after the champions legue final 2013 he was aked if he could put into words what this meant to him and he was just like “no“ :)

and i think they enjoy driving with him a lot

i mean, really, he’s always so nice and kind and smiling, how could you hate him?!

he would give everything for his club and country, is always honest and ambitious - he was the only one who seemed motivated during the champions league semi finals against real madrid tbh

he works so hard and is always so determined on the pitch

seriously, you can not like him, but hate? and saying he’s the worst player ever? there are even worse players than him and it’s just pathetic that you judge him for two facts

he is one of the nicest players in our squad and one of the few, who always give eveything - in every fucking match. and saying his personality is shit - are you kidding me ?! do you know him? i don’t know him either but as far as we know he’s an amazing person and player and, in my opinion, the only one next to cristiano ronaldo who would deserve the ballon d’or 2014. thank you and please - form your own opinion about him before you just say what others say. arjen does not deserve all this shit and hate and he’s fucking amazing

The feels, y’all. The. Freaking. Goddamn. Feels. Are. Too. Much.

This episode was, in my humble opinion, fantastic. In all its angst glory. 

The absolute best thing, the most beautiful thing, the thing I’m so incredibly grateful for that we’re getting to see for Oliver and Felicity is this: in the midst of their superhero lives, their relationship is so human, portrayed so realistic, rooted in the real world, with true and real emotions, never excluding the darker times, but always letting you see the light

They’re not afraid to show that absolutely no relationship is perfect, even if they equally show that their relationship is filled to the brim with beauty, respect and so much love. They’re not afraid to show that no matter how good of a person you are, no matter how in love you are with someone, it’s inevitable you’re going to make mistakes, as everyone has their flaws. Nobody, not even a couple as strong as Oliver and Felicity, is going to be excluded from hard times. And that even a relationship as rooted and solid as Oliver and Felicity’s has its cracks. 

It’s adult, it’s raw, it’s real, it’s everything

It makes it all so heartbreaking, because that’s just what life is. But we all know that Oliver and Felicity deserve the perfectness. We all wish for them to be able to go back to the blissful times in Ivy Town, where everything was so much simpler, so much easier, where the only thing they might squabble about is whether or not they were going to have eggs in the slow-cooker again for brunch. They’ve gone through enough together. They’ve gone through enough separately. They both deserve the kind of love Oliver and Felicity have for one another. We all know they would never do something to intentionally hurt each other. Hell, they fight every single day for a better world, part of it because they believe in each other’s goodness so much. They’re trying so hard to work on things within themselves, to become an even better person for themselves and for the people that they love. 

But they live in a reality where darkness surrounds them every single day. Where not only their city is clouded in a dark veil of crime, but the darkness finds it way to slip into their personal lives too. And that darkness can make a person break. 

It makes you attentive to the frustrating parts: Felicity reverting back to solely focusing on her brain, trying to ignore the emotional turmoil going on inside of her, her passive-aggressive reactions to things Oliver says. Oliver trying to ignore - in the words of his sister - the elephant in the room while they’re working on the missions, doing what he’s always done, over and over again: compartmentalizing his life.

It makes you attentive to the utter beautiful parts: hearing Oliver say what he needed to say to Felicity, what he needed Felicity to hear through the vows. Hearing him say that Felicity made him see that he deserved the light within him. Hearing him say that he just wants a chance to be hers. Hearing Felicity say - maybe too afraid to say it directly to him, but still saying the words - that Oliver brought out the best version of herself. Hearing Felicity say that she’s lucky enough to have experienced love with Oliver.

It makes you attentive to the utter heartbreaking parts: the pain that this is causing both of them, clearly written in every look. The stabs you can almost feel in your own heart looking at how Felicity could really not handle the fake wedding. The tears you feel coming up because Felicity devestatingly says that there is no fixing this. The gut-punch you can feel making your insides twitch at how Oliver looks so lost and broken to hearing Felicity say that it’s too hard to be in the lair with him and not be together with him at the same time. The fear they feel of the prospect of this break-up being very, very real. The fear of the decision that’s going to fall of letting each other go.

It makes you attentive to the utter devastating parts: Both of them expressing and knowing that they love each other, both of them expressing and knowing that they don’t want to let each other go, but it feels like there is no other way out right now.

All of it makes you root for both of them, because both of them are right and wrong in this situation. Both of them have legitimate reasons for doing what they’re doing in this situation. Both of them stay human in this situation. And because this situation, this dive into the patch of darkness is leading to one single thing: