this show is seriously so hard to color


healer!strong woman do bong soon au
↳ do bong soon as seo jung hoo & ahn min hyuk as ahjumma + chae young shin

GOT7’s Jackson Talks About His Promotions In China And Future Hopes And Dreams

On October 11, GOT7 held an interview for the release of their new album “7 for 7.”

When Jackson was asked about his solo promotions in China, he joked, “It’s a bit of a sensitive subject.” More seriously, he added, “I want to promote as GOT7’s Jackson. Whether in Korea or in China, there will be people with negative opinions, but it’s hard to pay attention to all of that.”

He continued, “My solo work in China had a different ‘color’ than GOT7. The seven members of the group all have their own color. I’ve done a lot of variety so a lot of people see me as a fun type. My image has become a little lighthearted, and maybe because of that, some people thought I couldn’t do music. The image I show of myself on variety shows is just one side of me.”

Jackson also shared that he continues to make music and records on his phone when an idea strikes him. He added that should the opportunity arise, he wants to form a subunit with BamBam and Mark as GOT7’s rap line and members from abroad.



Oh my god I absolutely LOVED this animation!!! :D

Honestly I think Robin has outdone himself with this, I think he’s improved a lot as animator and as a video editor as well. I loved seeing all the references in it, I loved the expressions throughout this, the lighting is really good in this and everything is so colorful and just the overall pacing of it I feel was really good as well. I don’t I just loved this animation what else can I really say? I’m seriously constantly blown away with how talented Robin is and how hard work and time he puts into everything and I think that this animation really shows it. :)

Great job on this @pixlpit if you see this! ^_^

i just wrote two essays in a week and it was relatively painless and i am so happy and Not Stressed so here’s my process:

1. The Quotes

have you ever had an absolutely amazing claim, one you know is gonna win you all the awards with how insightful and great it is, and then run headlong into the giant brick wall of “I only have one quote to support this claim”?

Yeah, me too. That’s why you start with the quotes. No, seriously. It’s like a science lab conclusion - you gotta run the experiments, then draw the conclusion from the data. Similarly, you gotta look at the quotes, then make a claim from there,

My strat? As you read the book, write down quotes that stick out to you in a google doc. Organize it by theme or w/e, but just write them down!!! it makes you think more about the text, AS WELL as saves you that boring and tedious task of hunting down quotes and rereading the text.

2. Figure out your thesis

If you get to chose what you write the essay on, this will be easy. Just pick whatever topic you have the most evidence on. If you have topics assigned, you probably will have quotes if you were thorough, but some text rereads may be necessary. ugh.

In either case, you’re going to need to look through your quotes. Find a pattern in there or a side of the topic it leans more towards. Clear out all the other quotes, and focus on putting the ones you have in an order. If it’s something like “The feud in Romeo and Juliet caused the deaths of Mercutio and Lady Montague, and doomed the titular couple,” group the quotes by each event. If it’s something a little more like “The propaganda of the Cold War lead to fear mongering, which caused uneasy alliances, which finally engendered diplomacy,” then highlight bits of the text that relates to each side in different colors. (ex: if one part of the text shows alliances causing diplomacy, highlight the stuff about alliances in pink and the stuff about diplomacy in green.)

Seriously. Just bust out the color coding. It will make your life so much easier.

3. Add in the analysis

If you’re super extra gold-star about this, you might even include bullet pointed thoughts about the quotes as you put them in. If not, it’s not too hard to flesh out exactly what you were thinking. Just figure out the point you’re trying to make and apply it to the quote. Listen. You’ve done essays before. There isn’t any getting around this.

Oh, one trick for Lit. Essays: Analyze the word choice, it can help pad and flesh out points. 

4. Write the Intro and Conclusion

This is easy, because now you have body paragraphs to add in. You have an actual essay to introduce. You have this shit in the bag.

5. Edit, then Celebrate

I would read things out loud, stopping at commas and pausing to take breathes at periods. Does it sound natural? Make sure your commas are in the right place.

Read your essay backwards, line by line. It interrupts the familiar material that your brain just spat out. You’re more likely to catch a left out word or grammar error if your brain isn’t filling in the gaps for you.

Now go do something that makes you happy. You just wrote your essay.

“I-I like you! —– A-AS A FRIEND!!!! /////////”

I was never really that big of a fan of most of the character designs as they are, probably because they are all wearing the same thing and it’s hard to add personality when wearing a uniform, which is why I think Dev should have made it in an American school setting so we wouldn’t have these atrocious name puns and for more personality through clothing. That aside I liked the idea of Osana being a redhead, but I felt like she needed freckles, I gave her purple tips because in pysanky, the traditional Ukrainian form of egg dying, purple symbolizes faith, patience, and trust. Also, I tried to show pink as Osana’s main color rather than orange, because seriously Dev her color choice reason was stupid af.

I saw a screenshot of Yami picking of Yugi and @theabcsofjustice and @nightfurylover31 were talking about it and poof I drew what I thought would happen. It’s 4am and I’m not going to color his hair or clothes or anyone else’s for that matter so don’t fuss me. For the record, this is not good dating advice, this is the result of night doodling. Don’t try this out then blame me.

Here’s the text incase it’s too hard to read:

Yugi: I wish Anzu liked me

Yami: If you stick by me I’ll make her fall for you in no time

Yugi: Stop picking on me

Yami: No seriously

Yami Yugi’s Dating tips ♡

1) Wear leather. Bitches love leather

Cow: moo!

2) Show her your fully packed deck~

Note: Use protection

Kuriboh: Kuri!

II Card Sleeves

3) Be a gentleman and let her go first (but be sure to win. I taught you better)

Yugi: You can go first

Anzu: Aw, thanks Yugi!

4) Show off your arms when playing a card


Yugi: I draw…

5) If someone challenges her to a duel, take her place. Women love being rescued (plus card games)

Johnny: I challenge Anzu to a duel!

Yugi: I’ll do it for her!

Johnny: I’m ok with this!

Yugi: But you did all that and now she likes you



Yami: Get changed. I’ll get you two together before I leave this earth

Yugi: !

This is the screenshot that started it all:

About The Admin INTJ

You guys had some fantastic questions. We’re actually filling this out for each other so our answers are going to be exactly as we say them out loud. Thought you’d like that. Super excited… let’s see how this goes!

About the Admin

Name: Lydia

Nickname: Dia, Zee (like the end of crazy)

Between the Age of: 18-24

M/F: Female

*Orientation: Straight, golly whoever asked this was nosy… then again, I asked for that…

MBTI: INTJ obviously

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, but like, a good one

*Style of Clothing: Um… typically black leggings and a fandom shirt, or big heavy sweater… all in shades of black, grey, and charcoal… okay fine… sometimes really soft pink. But don’ t put that on there Drew.

*Three Positive Things About You: Augh!!! I’m so bad at these things (ENFP: what? bragging about yourself?) haha, fine… I love learning and do it well, I run a blog that people like… It does to count… and I’m an excellent violinist.

*Three Negative Things About You: When I’m not working on it I’m overly harsh, I tend to over analyze things to the point of annoyance of others, I get overwhelmed easily.

*One Really Odd Thing About You: Um…I’m a bee keeper… You didn’t know that? I thought I told you. Yeah, those are hives in my yard…

*Life Motto: Oh goodness this is hard… Um… probably “To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, of most of the people you see every day, is perhaps the most difficult act of heroism you can perform.“ Theodore H. White Not exactly a motto but definitely words to live by.

*Number of Siblings: Two! One younger sister and a twin brother who doesn’t live around here.

Number of Pets: Okay… so do you think they want me to include my farm animals? I’ll just put them all. These are mine by the way, this doesn’t include my family’s livestock. I have… 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, 20 ducks, 10 chickens, 3 goats, a pond of Koi, and 3 hives of bees.

*Number of Friends: 3… maybe 4. If you count my family then 7 including you guys.

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-5 hours


Dessert: Tiramisu

Food: Tomato basil soup… yep…

Hot Beverage: Tea! Tea! Always ALWAYS tea…

Color: Silver, black, and light light pink… SHUT UP Chris! I can be an INTJ who likes pink.

Number: 21

Book: Seriously? Nope… Can’t choose one.

Movie: This isn’t really any better… um… maybe the Imitation Game. Oh! the King’s Speech with Colin Firth is really good too… 

TV Show: Sherlock and Downton Abbey… and maybe some others… but I haven’t watched them yet so I don’t know for sure…

Song: This is just as hard as the others! I’ll just do my favourite type. I like Jazz a lot, and also Chopin… and Celtic Violin Music…

Actor: Actor? Benedict Cumberbatch, Geoffrey Rush, Eddie Redmayne, and Hough Jackman… maybe… the order tends to differ and names typically get replaced but Cumberbatch will always stay… Actress? Audrey Hepburn. Easily.

Movie Character: Euros Holmes and Sherlock… and Mycroft… except sometimes not him…

Book Character: Sirius Black, Sherlock Holmes, and Mr. Darcy… What?

Villain: TV? Moriarty in BBC Sherlock. Movie? Victoria Vinciguerra from Man from Uncle and Book? Ooh… Too many good ones.

Animal: Kestrels

*MBTI Type: What? Um… INTJ’s and maybe ENTJ’s and INTP’s, and ENFP’s and… you know what? I can’t choose they all have their benefits and I’m not going to post that I like one person over another on my blog!

*Sound: This is fun one! Um… I love the sound that bricks make when you drag them across each other. It sounds like opening an ancient door or something. You should try it sometime!

*Smell: Freshly baked peach cobbler. Yeah that’s what you smelled coming in. You want some? Let me finish this and we can get some. Wait. Drew… Don’t put this on there! What on earth!

*Flower: Oh goodness… you know roses are going to sound so typical but they are. They have to be the real, full, old English variety though… and they have to have the thorns in tact.

*Memory: Don’t have quite enough to choose from yet.

*Place: Home

This or That

*Marvel or DC: Ooh… this could potentially start a battle here. I’m actually equally fond of both.

Tea or Coffee: Uh… TEA! Duh!

Salty or Sweet: Salty

Dog or Cat: Cat

Dark or Light: Dark

Black or White: Black

*Home or Out: Home

*School or Work: School

Sleep or Awake: Well… I’d like to sleep but I’m always stuck awake.

Mind or Heart: Mind

*Logic or Love: Logic

Book or TV: Book

*Fruit or Vegetable: What the? Um… Fruit?

Random Choices

*Kill one of your group: Parker(ESFJ) No… I’m not going to! Yes, you can eat the cobbler. I wouldn’t waste a whole cobbler if I was going to try to kill you…

*Become a Mythical Creature: Dragon or Vampire… probably Vampire… You know what… I’m already a Vampire so we’re good…

Never watch this movie again: Interstellar… Sorry but I wouldn’t

*Get a Super Power: Flight… or the ability to become a kestrel at will…

*Deserted Island, choose your companion: Mycroft Holmes… we probably wouldn’t be deserted for too long.

*Live this Characters life: Hermione Granger’s

*Eat only this food: Soup… what? I like soup…

*Never leave this room: My room

*Who are you closest to in your group: This is getting tricky… Uh… to be honest Drew(ENFP)

*Three positive things about those in your group: Let’s see… Chris is clever, hard working, and rich… haha… it’s true though. Drew is kind, caring, and good at keeping the peace. Parker is… um… I’m kidding! Parker has a good sense of humor, no sense of fear, and good at making us do stupid things! That’s a GOOD thing!!!

*Three negative things about those in your group: Ooh… okay um… Chis is a bit prideful, too harsh sometimes, and kind of distant. Drew is overly sensitive, a bit over bearing, and tends to lose who he is in trying to please others. Parker is arrogant, and not always the brightest, I’m sure you tr- you’re actually spilling cobbler on your… yeah… there. Haha… that was funny… um and a bit too much for sometimes. Over all I really like you guys though!

That was really fun actually. ENFP is next but we’re going to take a break to finish the cobbler… So… Yay!

Flirty Rich (Jackson & BamBam Chaebol!AU)

Originally posted by igot7-love

Summary: Chaebol!BamBam and Chaebol!Jackson going to the same school as you. Both of them finding you interesting so they woo you. It’s honestly funny because you’re not into them that way but they keep buying you stuff. Pick up line battles ensues.

Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Crack, School!Au, Chaebol!Au

Length: 1.3K


You turn to find BamBam walking towards you with a bag in hand. You smile and lock your phone as BamBam bounces over to you. “Good morning princess! How’s class been? Those books look heavy, wow. Here, I got you something. Gimme those.” He says in one breath, giving you the bag as he pries your hands away from your textbooks.

BamBam was like a celebrity in your school, basically an ulzzang. He was a kid with great fashion sense and a face that god perfectly carved, not only that, he was also the son of the woman with chains of restaurants located all over the world; a chaebol if you may. He was a nice person too, happy and cheerful, funny, charismatic. It was everything girls in your school loved and lusted after, but you were an exception.  You loved BamBam as a friend but apparently he couldn’t understand that concept.

“Thanks Bam. It’s been usual, nothing much. How about you?” You asked, smiling warmly at the buzzing boy next to you.

“I couldn’t concentrate much in class, I was thinking about you too much.” He shamelessly flirts. “Oh, open the bag, I think you might like it.”

You open it to find your favorite deserts from an expensive bakery. “Wow! Thanks Bam, I’ve been craving for this since yesterday.” You laugh, shutting the box and putting it back into the bag.

You knew not to reject anything BamBam gave you because he would find a way to make you take it. One time you rejected a bag he got from Coach and he literally cried. “Take it please Y/N, if not, I’m going to go cry in the middle of the road.” A drama king who guilt tripped you into accepting the most expensive thing in your wardrobe.

Maybe it seemed like an asshole thing to do, but you’ve tried to make it clear multiple times that you did not like him that way. To be fair, you did always give him food and helped him out whenever he needed it.

BamBam smiles at you and basically stares at you as you both come to a standstill in the middle of the hallway.

“Y/N, you know that concert you wanted to go for? I got 2 VIP tickets and meet and greet passes. I was thinking that we could go together?” BamBam asked as your jaw drops in shock. “Bam! Those tickets sold out less than a minute after they were for sale! How’d you get them?”

“I got them for a bit more than usual… But anything for you really.” He smiles cutely at you. 

You felt your heart squeeze at that and nearly burst into tears. You’ve wanted to see your favorite Kpop group perform but knowing how much the tickets were, your hope had vanished. You could sell your kidneys, but that wouldn’t work out well in the long run.

“Thank you so much Bam! I really don’t know what to say. Seriously. You’re the best!”

BamBam just smiles at you as you link arms with him, merrily making your way to class. However you don’t notice Jackson who was walking out of a nearby classroom with a bag in hand.

“Y/N!” Jackson excited calls out, jogging over to you. “Hey beautiful, how you doing?” He asks, giving you a hug.

Ah… Jackson Wang. Amazing guy with an amazing face and body. Another ulzzang who was carved by god himself in his workshop. He was the school’s star fencer and had every girl falling at his feet. He was a flirt, but that’s just who he was. It did also help that his father was a world class trainer for athletes all around the world. Another hot guy, another chaebol. Once again, he was everyone’s cup of tea except yours. You liked him as a friend no doubt.

“I’m good, and you?” You reply, as the boys eye each other down.

“I’m great now that I’ve seen you.” He casually says, smirking.

“Wow Jackson, that was lame.”

“Like you could do better?”

Oh dear god no, these two boys and their pickup lines. It wasn’t the first time something like this happened.

You remember the day when the both of them literally started fighting in the middle of music class because they both overheard each other’s confessions to you.

“Wow BamBam, that confession was literally straight out of Descendants of The Sun. Could you please be more original?” Jackson dissed, laughing.

“Please. At least I tried. All you did was straight up ask her to be your girlfriend. What the hell is that even?” BamBam questioned, his eyebrows scrunching up.

“It’s called being chic!” Jackson yelled.

That day you had gotten a confession from both boys. The worst part? It was back to back. Once BamBam was done confessing, Jackson barged in and asked you the golden question.

That was the day you rejected both of them and it suddenly became a competition for them to make you their girlfriend. Which meant they used the lamest pickup lines on you and bought you stuff, just to get you to go out with them.

Not much had changed over the past year as the boys started telling you pickup lines with an intensity you’ve never seen before.

“Are you a doctor? Because you heal me.”

“Lame. Hey Y/N, do you want to go out to dinner? I know what’s on the menu tonight. It’s me and you.”

“God BamBam cliché. Y/N, could you touch me?”

You look at Jackson with widened eyes before he realized what he said, “Oh n-no! Not like that. If you did, I would tell everyone I was touched by an angel.”

“Wow smooth Jackson.”

By now you were just lurking by your locker, dropping stuff off, as the boys continue their… Argument? Contest? A few people were starting to stare and a small crowd was forming.

“Y/N… Roses are red, violets are blue, I didn’t know what was perfect… Until I met you.” BamBam tells you, holding onto your hand.

“No BamBam, perfection didn’t exist before Y/N.” Jackson argues, holding onto your other hand.

It was ridiculously hilarious and you had a big smile plastered on your face the whole time.

“Boys…” You call out, effectively causing them to pay attention to you.

“That’s very sweet but… I’ve got class to go for. Not to mention, those pickup lines were… Uh… interesting. Good bye boys.” You tell them, releasing yourself from their grips and taking your books back from BamBam.

“Wait Y/N!”

You turn back one last time and see Jackson holding up the bag you saw earlier. “What’s that?” You asked as he came closer to show you.

“Holy shit Jackson. How’d you get these? Oh my god! They’re beautiful.” You exclaimed, not believe what was in front of you.

“My dad’s players had sponsorships and I requested for these pair of sneakers. It took a bit of hard work and persuasion but jjang! The newest edition of sneakers in your favorite colors.” Jackson tells you, grinning brightly at you.

“Thank you so much Jackson! You and BamBam are seriously too good for me. How’d I get best friends like you guys?” You asked as Jackson handed you the bag.

Once again, you couldn’t reject Jackson’s presents. He would just beg you with his puppy dog eyes and you couldn’t just resist them. He wasn’t as dramatic as BamBam when it came to begging you to take the presents, but when you rejected them, they would just appear wherever you went. Cafeteria? On your table. Class? On your table. Toilet? On the sink. Library? On a bookshelf. Home? Your doorstep. It was scary but you knew it was just his way of getting you to accept the gifts.

You quickly made your way back to your locker to keep the sneakers before bidding both boys good bye. Of course they begged you to skip class to stay with them.

“Will you guys be okay with me hanging out with the other one?”

They both shook their heads, looking at each other before simultaneously yelling, “No!”

You shrugged your shoulders before walking off, but not before you heard BamBam mumble something.

“Dude… How good are you at acting?”

Tag Game

I was tagged by @xiuminscheeks and @veroshi0704 and i just remembered it *hides face* Thank you very very much <3 

Relationship status: Hahahahahahaha… Haha.. haaa~ I’m single af

Favorite color: purple, blue, black

Lipstick or chapstick: Lately chapstick

Last I listened to: Lay - Shake

Last movie watched: L.O. R.D. Legends Of Ravaging Dynasties (for the the 4th time…)

Top three shows: I watch cartoons mostly so… Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Big bang theory

Top Three Characters: Uuugh this is hard… Peppermint Butler, Bill Cipher and Ice Bear from We Bare Bears.

Last book read:  Warrior of the Light: A Manual by Paulo Coelho

One hobby: Knitting

Favorite time of day: Around sunset

Coffee shop/Cafe shop order: Sweet iced latte

Favorite childhood movie: Winnie the Pooh: Storries from the Heart (the only one that comes to mind rn)

Favorite tumblr coloring trend: I have no idea what this means…

Favorite Holiday and why: Christmas because the break is longer and there’s sweet and presents~ (it would be halloween but we don’t cellebrate it here … *cries*)

I’m going to tag : @alwaysdressedinallblack , @ukiyeol , @kairamelcappuccino , @achenlove@smolsleepybabb , @fluffybunbunjimin (you don’t have to do it of course O:) ) 

Tagged by: My buddy @lilkitsunemischief ! I love doing these so thank you!

Last Movie: Little Shop of Horrors (Director’s Cut). I love this movie to death, prefer the Director’s Ending, and honestly y'all should know I am a SLUT for Little Shop AUs so if you ever wanna take about one just hit me up. Seriously I fucking love this movie?? Only complaint is that even the original cut shortened “The Meek Shall Inherit” and completely removed “Now (It’s Just the Gas)” hhhhhhHHHHh.

Relationship status: Taken

Fave colors: Crimson, Teal, Forest Green, Dark Purple

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick, though I don’t wear either very often

Last song: “Hard Times” by Paramore

Top 3 Shows:

-DT 2017

-South Park (it’s incredibly crude and edgy but that’s my sense of humor. No show makes me laugh harder, it’s such a joy)

-Rick and Morty (I was into it BEFORE Szechuan Sauce and Pickle Rick were a thing okay. And it’s just a funny show man don’t lump me in with the nugget gremlins plz)

Top 3 Ships (At the moment, subject to change):

-M A G I C S T O N E

-Glark! (Esp in Negaverse)

-The most obscure of rarepairs: Molly Mallard and Titus “Dirty Dingus” McDuck. Soft girl and angery dirt boi,,,, I love them,,,,,,,,,,,

(All my spare time- which I have little of- is going into writing ficlets of them. If I have to build up this ship brick by fucking brick I will,.,,, )

Uhhh the tagging system’s not working rn so anyone who wants to do this challenge should!

I did this in literally one sitting, and I’m seriously pretty damn proud of what I made.

I used to not really like Nitori, because I thought that he was an annoying, clingy, little boy, but then I saw his true colors through character development… He was determined, strong, very emotionally capable, and an utterly honorable hard-worker. He dedicated so much of himself and spent so much of his time trying to prove his worth by showing that he could be up there with the best and be able to swim with his friends. I love this sweet little baby, and I’m so, so proud of the person that he’s become.

So this goes out to my lovelies who adore Nitori as much as I do.<3

Orange Juice (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Plot: Imagine Steve Rogers as your next door neighbor and he has a gigantic crush on you. Bucky and Natasha come up with a plan to get him to talk to you…with orange juice.

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Reader, Natasha Romanov, Bucky Barnes

Requested: Nah

Trigger Warning: Swearing, some slight nudity, embarrassment overload, cute Steve overload

(Y/N): your name, (Y/L/N): your last name, (Y/H/C): your hair color, (Y/F/TV/S): your favorite television show

Hey guys! This is my first imagine! I was seriously just playing around, trying not to be bored and came up with this. I hope you likey! Xxx

It was the only thing Natasha failed at. The only thing. It was so hard. So very fucking hard.

Natasha Romanov could not get Steve Rogers to talk to girls. Yes, he spoke to them at work or to buy a coffee, but like really talk with a woman besides her or the TV (who Bucky named Sarah and calls a ‘she.’) He just couldn’t flirt or at least attempt to even smirk at a woman.

It annoyed Natasha. She just wanted him to date someone, ANYONE! Even if it was Bucky or Tony (which would be hilarious), she wouldn’t care! She didn’t know why, but there was a hole inside her that she needed to fill with the pleasure of seeing Steve with someone.

She recommended everyone, even Bucky!

“What about Shannon from the coffee shop? She was looking you up and down. She’s cute.”

“No thanks.”

“What about that yoga instructor you met at the gym after picking Sam’s niece up? Amy right? She seemed nice.”

“Nat, I’m busy.”

“Alright, how about Bucky? Maybe you’re into guys. I dunno.”

“What?!” The two boys had both screamed and locked Natasha out. She got back in. Steve forgot the spare key he lent her. (Bucky: “Really Steve?”)

Natasha didn’t know why Steve wasn’t interested. Maybe he got his junk cut off in war…that most certainly wasn’t mentioned in his file. Maybe…no. His suit was tight enough, everyone saw everything. He definitely still had his junk.

Bucky knew though and he found it quite annoying.

When Natasha wasn’t there, or she was busy with Bucky himself, Steve would always be pacing by the door hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N).

Bucky and Steve’s across the hall neighbor.

Steve was obsessing. She was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking for sure (Bucky always heard Steve gasping dreamily for air when he saw her).

It was disgustingly cute and Bucky wanted to punch him sometimes. He was sick of being the only one to know about Steve’s massive high-school girl crush on her.

So he told Nat.

“Steve likes (Y/N).” Bucky stated one morning as he shoveled eggs into his chops.

He and Steve had just gone for a jog with Sam who nearly had to be taken to the hospital. Steve was in the shower and Bucky was eating breakfast while he was waiting for the super soldier.

Natasha was lying on their couch when the two men had walked in, Steve still drooling from seeing (Y/N) in the lobby, getting your mail. She offered to make breakfast. They didn’t even need to speak as their stomachs growled menacingly at the red haired assassin.

“What?” Natasha nearly dropped the spatula. Her mouth wide open as she turned on her heel, gaping as Bucky continued shoving his food in his face.

“(Y/N). He likes her.” Bucky repeated, inbetween gulps of his orange juice and swallowing his food. From the look on Natasha’s face, he couldn’t tell if she was surprised or confused.

“You know, the (Y/C/H) that li-” Bucky started.

“Yeah, I know who you’re talking about.” Natasha waved her hand, still dazed. How could she not see it? Steve was basically a nervous wreck whenever he saw her in the apartment building gym only last week. He practically tensed and stopped everything when he heard the door across the hall open and close. How was she so stupid? Of all the people and she didn’t think to question Steve about (Y/N).

Natasha face-palmed. Right there. Right infront of Bucky who furrowed his eyebrows even more, frowning as he munched his sausage patties.

How was she going to get Steve to talk to her? There was no way he would just walk up to her and ask her out! No. Both of them knew that and Bucky had even seen in first-hand. It was ridiculous when Steve was around girls he liked.

He’d stutter, blush, sweat nervously, and even sometimes trip over nothing but the air.

Natasha needed a plan.

Pulling out the chair across from Bucky, she plopped down. “We need a plan. He is not going to beat around the bush and let her get away.” Natasha blurted. “He’s going to need to at least try.” She continued.

“But how do we get him to talk to her without being creepy?” Bucky asked, clinking his metal index finger against his fork.

Natasha sighed, furrowing her eyebrows. The shower water was still on and Steve took long showers. He would be done in about fifteen to twenty minutes if he times it just right.

“What about asking about a lost cat?” Natasha suggested. “Not allowed to have pets in the building unless it’s a service dog.” Bucky pointed out.

Then they were listing out scenarios, blurting them left and right, each time denying them and starting all over again.

Natasha’s shoulders fell. She was now discouraged. She had nothing else. They’d gone over everything from sneaking into her apartment and leaving Steve’s shield there to making Steve walk over there and asking for her number.

Steve would be out at any moment.

That’s when Bucky got the idea. It was perfect!

“What about the “can I borrow some sugar, neighbor?” Thing?“ Bucky suggested, eyebrow cocking as he grabbed the orange juice carton, pouring some in his glass.

Natasha’s eyes widened. “Holy shit! BUCK YOU’RE A GENIUS!” She jumped up, looking extremely happy.

“But we have sugar so…and it’d be cheesy.” Bucky stated, taking a drink of his orange juice, watching Natasha frown over his glass.

That’s when her eyes locked on his glass. Then she was grabbing the orange juice carton and the two others in the fridge, shoving them in the oven just as the bathroom door unlocked and socked feet came padding towards the kitchen.

Steve stepped into the tiny kitchenette, shirtless with sweats. He had a towel still, rubbing it over his head as he opened the fridge.

“Hey, Steve.”


Steve smiled, glancing at his friends as he searched the fridge. His eyebrows furrowed as he reached forward to move things, searching for a certain orange and white carton.


“Yeah, Stevie?”

“Didn’t I buy three cartons of orange juice just yesterday?”

Bucky glanced at Nat who was standing infront of the oven, making Steve some hot and fresh eggs. She glanced over her shoulder slighty but continued cooking, acting completely normal.

“Uh, I don’t remember. I didn’t go with you. I only remember one. I just finished it off.” Bucky stated, bringing his cup up to show that the orange juice was infact all gone.

Steve looked defeated as he stood up straight, pouting at his fridge. “I was certain I bought three…” He huffed.

“Maybe you left them at the store…or you’re actually catching up to your actual age and are getting dementia.” Natasha suggested and Steve glared at her.

But as he thought about it, maybe she was right. Maybe he accidentally left them at the store yesterday. It had been raining and he had forgotten his coat.

“Yeah…maybe I did leave them there.” Steve said, shrugging. “I guess I’ll just go get some from the store.” He said, turning towards the coat racket to find that both Steve and Bucky’s hoodies were gone.

Bucky was sitting in his seat smiling innocently as he adjusted his hoodie on his body. Natasha was wearing Steve’s, smiling at the eggs.

“It’s awfully cold in here Steve.” Natasha pretended to shiver, cuddling into his hoodie. Steve frowned, glancing at Bucky who was shoving the rest of his food in his mouth.

“I’ll just-”

“Maybe you should go across and ask (Y/N) if she has any extra that she’d like the lend.” Natasha suggested and Steve froze.

He felt a flush creep up his neck and he nervously rubbed at it. He laughed nervously. “She probably won’t have any. Heard that she doesn’t like sharing.” Steve lied horribly.

“You’re worse than Bruce, Steve. Just go over there and ask. It can’t be that hard.” Natasha rolled her eyes, snorting at her friend.

“Right Buck?” Natasha turned to him and he nodded, food still in his mouth like he didn’t want to swallow it just yet.

“Fine. I’ll go talk to (Y/N).” Steve grunted, turning to walk towards his bedroom when Bucky jumped up, swallowing his food and grabbing his friend’s arm.

“No time for a shirt, Steve. I want more orange juice and so do you. Let’s go.” Bucky pushed him towards the door.

Steve was surprised by how Bucky was acting, smiling awkwardly and uncomfortably.

He shrugged it off. Maybe Natasha said something to him. Steve’d talk about that later, maybe get a few shouts out for making his best friend feel uncomfortable.

But right now, he was trudging over to room 6B with a heart that was most likely beating faster than Pietro’s average heart rate, which was pretty damn fast.

Steve was literally sweating like a pig on the inside as he walked up in only his sweats. He brought his right hand up, knocking three times. The first knock was pathetic, but they got louder as he knocked.

Pulling his hand away, Steve waited patiently. He rocked back and forth on his feet, hands behind his back.

He turned to glance over his shoulder at his door which was propped wide open, Bucky and Nat both watching him.

The click of a lock brought his gaze back to the door he was standing infront of. Steve nearly died. Why was he doing this? Bucky was such a jerk.

The door opened wide to a sleepy looking (Y/N). In her own opinion, she looked like crap, in Steve’s opinion, she looked like an angel.

His blue eyes blew wide as he took her in. She was only wearing scrawny black shorts that looked much like underwear and a grey tank top that was a little too small, showing a little bit of her stomach. Her (Y/H/C) was messy and her eyes were drooping. Red lips glistened as she licked them again.

“What do you want?” She growled, sleep evident in her voice.

Steve snapped out of his trance.

“Oh uh Hi. I’m Steve. Y-your neighbor.” Steve waved awkwardly. (Y/N) rubbed her eyes. “Yes. Steve, you’re my neighbor. I know that. We met the first day I mov-oh…” She blinked, gaping at the bare chest infront of her.

Steve furrowed his eyebrows, looking down at himself. Oh yeah….

“W-what did you n-need, Steve?” She stuttered, rubbing her eyes again. She seriously could not believe that Steve Rogers was shirtless infront of her.

Steve opened his mouth to ask, except he’d forgotten what he was there for.

“STEVE HURRY UP! WHEEL OF FORTUNE IS ALMOST ON!” Natasha called and Bucky sniggered.

Steve felt a blush creep up his neck. He turned to glare at Natasha who was smirking around a glass of water while Bucky waved.

“Your girlfriend is pretty demanding, huh?” (Y/N) snorted, smirking up at Steve who was still mentally cursing the two assassins. She couldn’t help but feel jealous though as she teased him.

“Oh! She’s uh-she’s not my girlfriend. She’s…they’re together.” Steve smirked over his shoulder as he spoke the word, hearing a fork clattering against a plate and a loud spitting sound.

(Y/N) laughed, throwing her head back. The sight behind Steve was hilarious. The red head and the man were both glaring at the back of Steve’s head.

Steve was beaming as he watched her laugh. She was beautiful. Breathtaking.

“But seriously, what did you come over here for? I’ve still gotta catch up on (Y/F/TV/S). I’m on season one still.” (Y/N) crossed her arms, a small smile playing on her lips as she watched Steve’s dart everywhere but her.

“Orange juice.”


“Orange juice.”

“No, no, i heard you the first time, but really?” She rose an eyebrow, a large smile breaking onto her face.

Steve blushed fully now. He should have gone to the store and just waited in a long line just for three more cartons of orange juice.

“Yes…I just got out of the shower and I’m a little sore from working out still.” That was a horrible lie. “Didn’t feel like going to the store. Plus Bucky can’t drive and Natasha isn’t allowed to drive my car.” Steve rambled.

(Y/N) smiled. “It’s alright Steve.” She noticed he was nervous. He always rambled when he was nervous, she noticed. She’d seen him nervous, rambling to his door as he tried finding the right key to push into the lock. She’d seen him rambling to the man in his apartment as he looked nervous.

(Y/N) put up a finger. “I’ll be right back. I’ll get your orange juice.” She said before rushing off.

Steve was left standing there waiting patiently while he felt cold glares on his back.

Suddenly (Y/N) was rushing back, swooping her hair out of her face as she stopped infront of him.

“Alright. Here it is.” She beamed, holding two full cartons of orange juice in her hands. Steve frowned. “Oh…i only need one.” He said, not wanting to take too much and looking desperate.

“Oh no, no, I’m cool with it. Not really a fan of it. My old roommate was, she left it all here when she moved in with her boyfriend.” (Y/N) explained, shoving the cartons into his hands.

“Thank you.” Steve blushed, looking down at the cartons. “Really appreciate it.”

“No problem, Steve!” (Y/N) couldn’t help smiling widely as she noticed the blush.

“I’ll repay you, yeah?” Steve blurted. His stupid head. This is what got him into fights. His brain and the rest of his body didn’t always work with him. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Steve! Steve internally face-palmed.

(Y/N) chuckled. “Gunna buy me more orange juice?” She joked.

“No…I’ll uh…I’ll take you for coffee.” Steve blurted again. He was not getting out of this.

She looked surprised. “Oh. Okay then. How about sometime this week?”

“Yeah.” Steve bit his lip to keep from squealing like a little girl.

“Alright. It’s a date then. Just come over whenever. See you.” (Y/N) waved a little as she turned to shut the door.

Steve waved shyly, a blush hot on his cheeks.

He stumbled towards his apartment, squeezing the cartons to him tightly.

Bucky and Nat were standing their, both holding their hands behind them.

“How’d it go?” Nat asked.

“Got our orange juice and I’m taking her for coffee sometime this week.” Steve beamed, holding the cartons out.

Nat and Bucky in sync, pulled out the three orange juice cartons from behind their backs.

Steve’s eyes widened and Bucky burst out laughing as one of the orange juice boxes in his hands burst.

“You made me-” The blonde super soldier gaped.

Bucky was on the floor, having fallen down because apparently this was too funny for him.

“Yep. Plus, I got you a date. You better thank me.” Natasha said, smirk on her lips. Steve stared at her, face unreadable.

He approached her, making her feel weary as he lifted his arms. Then she was being squeezed into a giant Captain America bear hug.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU NAT!” Steve bellowed, jumping around with her tight in his embrace.

Once he set her down he turned to find a glaring Bucky. “I thought of the idea. Where the fuck is my hug?” He spat, crossing his arms.

“OH BUCKY!” Steve cooed in a high voice.


I hope you enjoyed! Stucky at the end though! Oops.

Anyway, go ahead and request imagines if you want some, I only really do the Avengers and I can probably do Spider-Man (Peter Parker). You can even request for my OCs if you want!

Love yas! Xxx

BTS - [NOW ] BTS in THAILAND (Photobook + DVD) (Limited Edition)

Hello beautiful people ~ I’m finally here with a new review. Yay ! It’s always a pretty nice surprise when I received package in the mail, so this fabulous photobook was a big one since I never really know when my stuffs came. I thought that I was going to wait until the end of the next, but not anymore.

I had the change to pre-order the photobook on Kpopmart before it came out of stock/out of print and since the publisher had no intention to reprint the photobook, I was like “Nope, I don’t care if I’m poor, I’m going to buy you piece of art”.
So, it was my first ordering from here. I like the fact that they send us a picture of the package before it got shipped.
It took my package 24 days to come and sadly the box where my photobook came was pretty damaged. I should have taken a picture of it. There has a big hole on it, and the book got slighly damaged since there was also a lack of bubble wrap and the box a bit too big.

As you can see on the picture, the texture of the cover is pretty nice with a lot of relief all over the photobook’s jacket. Or I don’t know how to name it so  ~

1. 화보집 콘텐츠 리스트(250P) 
-Pt.1 Hotel Room 
-Pt.2 Resort 
-Pt.3 Sports 
-Pt.4 Pool
-Pt.5 Hotel at Night
-Pt.6 Pattaya
-Pt.7 BTS Top Model (Group Mission) 

Interview : “NOW" 
Special Thank to. 

2. DVD 콘텐츠 리스트 
DISC 01 : 

A little close up on the BTS official sticker on the back of the book’s jacket.

And this is how it looks like when you open the book’s jacket. 

The photobook also includes 3 postcards and a mini poster who’s around the same size as the photobook, 18,5 x 26 cm. 

Cover of the photobook. Yay ~ I didn’t forget about the DVD, I’m just going to talk about it in the last part of my review so (❁´◡`❁)
Godness, I’m going to talk about this fabulous photobook who contains 250 pages of pure gold. Also showing some of my favorite pictures of the book. And since the photobook is really thick, it was a bit hard to take beautiful pictures. I swear to god I tried my best to have good quality pictures ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
Please, do not take, reblog or edit my pictures unless you ask for a permission first. 

The contents pages are so flashy seriously. There was also group photo on top.

Part 1. HOTEL ROOMAt the start of each part, there’s a camo design with the name of the ”chapter“. Also each of these pages got a different color ~

This is the 1st picture of the photobook. So much gold. And legs. There’s a lot of skin in this book tho. All of the photos are freaking beautiful, in high quality and all. There’s probably a couple part in the book where the pictures are in less quality because it was taken outside, in the dark. But still, they’re all so pretty anwsome ╮(─▽─)╭

Pretty Hobi (⊙△⊙✿)Jin & Jimin in the bath is one of my favorite part of the book ~

Part 2. RESORTThis is one of the part where the pictures are a bit low in quality, but they were taken during the night (as you can see on the DVD too) and they’re still pretty nice quality tho.I took more pictures of J-Hope. He’s one of my bias so I’m sorry for spamming you with is beautiful face (。≖△≖。✿)Flower boys ~

Part 3. SPORTSI think this is the part I took most of the pictures ~

J-Hope & Taehyung were playing Tennis.Rap Monster, Jin & Kookie were playing Ping PongFinally Suga & Jimin were playing Basketball.

Part 4. POOLSweet jesus lord oh I wish I had taken more pictures of this part. THIS IS MY FAV. So much gold, skin and half naked Kookie and Jimin in the pool. Pretty nice. I sound like a perverted noona ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)Jin being the princess he is (◡‿◡✿)

Part 5. HOTEL at NIGHTI really liked the concept of this part, even thought the quality is not at is best. But it’s better than nothing yo ~

Part 6. PATTAYA Oops ~ J-Hope again. And forever. Pretty boy.


At the last pages of the photobook, the boys had a kind of mini interview, with all the same questions for each members and they had to choose there’s favorite picture, as you can see on the bottom corner ⊙ω⊙

The credits part. This picture is so fabulous ~

And finally, sweet god, the back of the photobook. I really liked the concept for their cover photobook. Took from their sport part ⊙△⊙

DVDIt took me around 2 days before listening to the DVD. I had so much feels when I got my photobook, so watching this was not in my top priorities. 
The DVD is an all region category, with english, japanses and korean subtitles and the duration of the disc is around 30 minutes. It contains the making-of of the photobook and the surprise mission, who was on their last part in the book.

I don’t know what to say… Haaa ! This was pretty nice to see the behind the scene for the photobook. They showed up the making of each part, and the boys chilling out at each locations. There were some part that was pretty funny too.
For their mission, the boys were seprarated in 3 groups : Jin & Suga, RapMon & J-Hope, and the maknae line, Kookie, Jimin and V. They had to chose a theme and a location for a photoshoot. And if I remember well, the winning team was going to have full pages with their pictures on it. The funiest thing is that Jin & Suga had like only 7 minutes to do their photoshoot, while the other boys had around 20 minutes.
For the winning team (☞゚∀゚)☞ I’m not going to tell you. Nah. I’m kidding. The maknae line won this run. 
They also talked about their experience in Thailand, how the mission was and all. 

At last, those 30 minutes were pure gold. And I couldn’t stop giggling like a little schoolgirl having a freaking crush. Like. Yeah. Help ಥ‿ಥ

FINALLY, I just wanted to say despite his price that was kinda expensive with the shipping, I don’t regret anything. Every A.R.M.Y need this piece of gold, or at least, watch it one time in your lifetime. I hope to see more from the boys and up until now, they never disapointed me. 

Hope you liked my kind of review. Sorry for my long post and grammatical error. And stay tunned for my future release. And who knows, probably a giveaway ≖‿≖

thesatireneverdies  asked:

Could you elaborate a little on queer baiting? How it's used and why it's an issue? (I'm not saying it's not I just want to understand more about it)


Queerbaiting is when a form of media hints at a character being gay, lesbian, or bisexual, but never explicitly says or shows that they are.

It’s problematic for a few reasons:

1) It’s not representation. It’s important for non-heterosexual people to see themselves represented on TV, but if the character is never allowed to talk about or act upon their feelings, their experience is silenced.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every character who isn’t out from chapter one or episode one is being queerbaited. Discovering your sexual identity and coming out are usually a process, and it’s okay that that takes some time. It becomes queerbaiting when it’s dragged out over an excessive amount of time and when it doesn’t appear that the question will ever be answered.

2) It’s disrespectful. Queer people deserve to have their stories told. They deserve to have their identities taken seriously. While it’s gotten a lot better over the past five years, queer representation- especially for bisexuals, lesbians, and people of color- is still hard to find.

 So when it’s hinted at that a character might not be heterosexual, it’s exciting! It’s an opportunity for representation. But queerbaiting doesn’t follow through. It dangles the hope of possibility without ever giving you want you want and deserve.

3) It’s self-serving. When a show has a character who might be queer, it creates audience buzz. People become interested in the show who might not have otherwise. The show gets a lot of free promotion with websites writing blogs and articles about the character. The show benefits from all of this.

But queerbaiting means they never have to take the “risk” of actually outing the character and supposedly losing audience members because of it. This “risk” is becoming less and less of an excuse as more media is benefitting from having openly queer characters.

One of the best examples of queerbaiting I can think of is Dean Winchester from Supernatural. There have been hints from nearly the very beginning of the show, which has been on for ten years that Dean may be bisexual. The subtext became more pronounced as Castiel was introduced and their “profound bond” began to grow. It’s become even more significant over the last three seasons.

The show has gotten an incredible, ongoing amount of media attention line regarding Dean’s sexuality and his relationship with Cas, which the show has undeniably benefitted from.  But they have never followed through and they probably never intend to.

Despite their best efforts, the show has a significant based fandom of queer women. While their fans are the only reason they’re still on the air, they don’t seem to care enough about these fans to give them what they want or even to acknowledge the validity of their reading of the show and of Dean specifically.

And it’s really starting to backfire on them. They keep losing fans. Viewership has been down for the second half of this season, and ratings for the most recent episode (a huge gut punch to the fan base) were the lowest of the entire series. In the long run, queerbaiting doesn’t pay.

Nico Meets Rocky Horror (whether he wants to or not)

For bailci who asked for Solangelo #35 of the ask-meme “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Heavily inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show (link to wiki article). If you haven’t seen it, you should. 

I bang on the bathroom door. “Come on, Will. We’re supposed to be there in half an hour!”

“I know!” he calls back. “Just putting the last touches on my outfit!”

I throw up my hands and stomp back to the living room. I don’t even want to go to this thing. Jason invited us to some movie showing, a cult classic cabaret, and if Will hadn’t overheard him, maybe we would have had a nice night in for once. It’s not often Will has a free night with all the classes he’s taking.

I drop to the couch. I’m sulking, I know it.

Finally, the bathroom door opens, spilling out coconut scented steam. “All set!” he declares, sounding defiantly satisfied. I glare at the blank television set, wondering what is wrong with watching a movie here instead, and then I look up and my jaw drops.

He has to be kidding. He’s dressed in a black vinyl corset over shiny golden briefs, black nylon stockings held in place with garters. He has a red sequined glove on one hand running up over his elbow and a black one on the other, a red feathered boa draped over his shoulders and arms. He’s wearing make-up so his face looks like a mask, white for the base, his features outlined in black, eyelids highlighted and exaggerated with blue and his lips in cherry red. His nipples show over the top of the corset and his blond hair shines blonder than ever.

I stare, not quite believing my eyes.

He stamps his foot, and I see he’s wearing heels too. “Well, come on. We’re going to be late! Jason and Piper are going as Riff-Raff and Magenta, and Percy and Annabeth as Brad and Janet. You look fine as Eddie.”

These words are nonsense in my ears. He isn’t serious about going out in public, dressed like this.

“Off!” My voice sounds hoarse to my own ears. He’s too fucking sexy for his own good and there is no way in Hades I’m letting anybody else see him like this.

“What?” he asks, frowning at me. “Tell me you didn’t lie about watching the movie when I asked you to. Everybody’s going to be dressed like this.”

I shake my head. No way. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” I’m not sure if it’s anger I’m feeling or if I just want to watch him undress. Man, those golden panties cling to him so well. My face is hot, my eyes wide. I’m almost ready to pounce on him and tear him out of the clothes myself.

Will knows me too well. He plays me for all I’m worth. He walks over to me, his heels putting him a good foot taller and walks me backwards until I hit the wall, his knee sliding effortlessly between my thighs, pinning me in place.

“Nico di Angelo. I have been wanting to go to a live Rocky Horror Cabaret for the last ten years. You will not talk me out of it.” I swallow hard. His eyes are beautiful on their own, but with the eyeliner and color, they hold me enthralled. It’s fear that has my heart pounding so hard, I know it is. Will could seriously own me if he wanted to. He grabs my crotch and smirks. “I promise to take care of this after the show, capiche?”

I nod, forcing myself to close my mouth. I get it. If we don’t go, I don’t get laid.

He grins, then looks at my forehead. “Damn. I need to grab a couple of pencils. You’re supposed to have a gash right under your hairline.” He steps away and walks to the bathroom, calling over his shoulder: “We’ll need to shadow travel. There’s no way we’ll make it otherwise.”

I close my eyes, taking deep breaths. When he comes back and writes the letters spelling out LOVE and HATE above my knuckles, and I can only smile, I’m sure of it: I’m owned.

Stranger still, I don’t think I really mind.

The ask-meme is now complete. Please check out my Masterlist of fills.