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Words: 4,778.

Genre: Hogwarts!AU, fluff.

Summary: Ask any girl that thought Jeon Jungkook was handsome or any boy that thought Jungkook was a god and they would say he smelled like the purest form of any man with a harmonious smell of musk, cedar wood, and oak; like fresh rain that soaked in the middle of a mossy forest, spices, and black coffee – but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

A/N: I have no idea what made me want to write this but it was fun and I’m most definitely thinking of making an au for all the boys.

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Jessie’s Girl

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Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Request: “ITS SO SAD OMFG! PART 2???”

“I love the angst, id love it if you did a part two x”

“Part 2 please omfg my heart hurts”

“Chasing pavements part 2?

“Part 2 of chasing pavements? Jsjsjsjsjs hmmmm maybe the reader gets sad and Dustin decides to ask her to dance because he knows what’s going on and make her laugh. Not romantic or anything. Just plain babies having fun?🐳”

Summary: Dustin cheered (Y/N) up after Eleven’s arrival at the ball, but he also managed to make someone jealous.

Word count: 1.507

Posted: 23rd of November 2017

A/N: OMG GUYS! I am so overwhelmed for the comments that I have received. I really thank you for appreciating my work and nothing’s better than reading positive comments after a long and tiring day at school.

Anyway, part 2 is about Dustin and the reader, but I put Mike in the description because I wanted to put the imagine under Mike’s section in my masterlist. I also used Jessie’s Girl as my inspiration in this, so yeah! Please let me know what you think of it and, eventually, tell me if you want the third part, I would write it without any problems.

Thank you so much, guys! I love you so much. x

- G. x

Link: Chasing Pavements (Part 1); Jealous (Part 3); Can’t Fight This Feeling (Part 4)

After seeing your loved one dance to the rhythm of a love song with someone else, you felt your chest tightening and your eyes stinging. Mike and Eleven seemed so happy, showing blithe wide smiles on their faces. You were in a deep pain, because who wouldn’t? Mike was your first in different ways: best friend, crush, love and, sadly, heartbreak too. You couldn’t accept your situation, but you were also no one to ruin someone else’s happiness, so you preferred to keep your agony to yourself.

“Milady,” You carelessly wiped your glossy wet eyes as a cute and jolly Dustin popped up in front of you. You quickly flashed him a wide fake smile, but you knew that he has already noticed everything. He was your best friend too and, just like Mike, he knew how to recognize the different types of your smiles. “may I have this dance?”

“Of course, gentleman!” You playfully winked at him, shaking your thoughts and Mike off your head. It would be unfair to Dustin if you thought of Mike while dancing with him. Also, that would be rude.

Dustin grabbed your hand as he helped you to stand up from your chair, leaving your party’s table empty once again. You both headed to the dance floor, still holding each other’s hands.

“(Y/N)?” Dustin mumbled shyly. “I have a problem.”

“What is it?” You worriedly asked as you tried to detach your brain from Mike and Eleven, who were slow-dancing few metres away from you and Dustin. You couldn’t see them though, because they were behind you.

“I don’t know how to dance.” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hands as he gave you an uncomfortable smile, obviously embarrassed. You burst into a loud laughter, catching some of the people’s attention. Your friends, except Mike, shook their heads playfully as they thought that maybe Dustin has said something stupid, since it was his habit.

“Here.” You grabbed his other hand and you rested them on your waist. “Then we just sway to the song’s beat.” You stated as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. You slowly moved your body and Dustin followed you.

There was a comfortable atmosphere between you and Dustin. He was a dorky, but also an empathetic kid. He was a great observer too. In fact, he was aware of what has happened between you and Mike. He could read your mind too and he had the capacity of putting himself on someone else’s shoes, this time they were your shoes.

“Who’s the girl with the ginger coloured hair?” You corrugated your forehead as you curiously blurted the question out. You needed to distract yourself, that was why you took advantage of the situation to clear some things in your head.

“Oh,” He glanced at the girl that you were referring to and you smiled at her when she noticed your gaze. “she’s Max, Lucas’ girlfriend.” He faced you once again as he answered your question. You nodded your head in response and you tried to catch Lucas’ happy eyes.

“He’s growing up too fast!” You pouted in disappointment and you faked a cry, pretending to be melancholically nostalgic. Lucas was a sweetheart and he has always protected you from the bullies, being the courageous kid that he was.

He laughed out of nowhere and he murmured you something. “I liked her too, but I think that she was happier with Lucas.”

“Aw, Dusty. You will find someone better!” You caressed his cheek with your thumb as you felt sad for him. He smiled at you, but shrugged his shoulders. You then looked at Will, catching his big brown orbs. “And Will? Is he fine?” You worriedly questioned and Dustin’s eyes were suddenly filled with fear, you assumed that it was because of the Mind Flayer that Mike has mentioned earlier, and sadness. He cared about his friends a lot and you knew that he was afraid too.

“He’s getting a lot better now,” Dustin quietly answered and you unleashed a long and deep sigh. You wanted to be by your friends’ side in times of need, but you missed the chance. You felt guilty as you knew that they needed you. “thankfully.”

“Luckily!” You sighed in relief. “I missed you all, did you know that?” You sweetly chimed, trying not to hum to the song that was playing while you talked to your best friend.

“We missed you too, (Y/N),” Your heart melted at his statement, but you noticed that his eyes were focused to someone else. A grin was slowly forming on his face as he noticed something unbelievable was happening behind your back. “mostly Mike.”

“Eleven is back too.” You murmured and you noticed that he tightened his grip on your waist. You completely ignored the extra information that he gave you. He was shocked that you brought out the argument, so he quickly focused his gaze on you, letting the smirk fall back.

“As it seems, (Y/N).” Dustin sighed, feeling bad for not telling you earlier. “I’m sorry.”

“I can’t control Mike’s feelings, Dustin.” You downheartedly smiled and a comfortable silence was quickly built between the two of you. “I can’t tell him who to love or not. I am just his best friend, not his heart.”

“I know, but nothing is impossible. Right?” He hopefully cheered you up, flickering his eyes between you and the someone else who he kept on looking at. You chose to ignore his gestures as you thought that boys could be stupid and crazy sometimes.

Your conversation quickly died as the topic went to Mike and Eleven. You knew that your friends were sorry, mostly because they wanted you to be happy. Obviously, you were all young and you thought about nothing but happiness.

“I really missed a lot of things in these months, didn’t I?” You giggled as you tried to start your conversation once again, finally letting go of the topic about Mike and Eleven.

“You did!” Dustin smirked once again as he thought of something dorky to make you smile. “In fact, I have them now!” He smiled widely to show you his brightly white teeth and you have just noticed that he already had the complete set.

“Oh my God,” You excitedly exclaimed. “you have teeth!” You remembered when Troy used to call Dustin toothless. What were you saying, Troy?

“Crazy, right?” He loudly laughed. “And do you think that you could just miss these pearls?” He cheekily purred in the middle of your slow and sweet dance, making you laugh out loud. He was an idiot, but you couldn’t deny that you loved it.

“You’re such a dork, Henderson!” You shook your head in disbelief with a big smile on your face. He was trying to make you laugh, but he has always been successful in doing it, even without trying hardly.

“I know.” He proudly agreed. “And remember Steve Harrington?”

“Of course. What’s with him?” Your eyebrows were knitted together, questioning yourself why someone like him was involved in your friends’ adventurous problem.

“He helped me with the demo-dogs.” He widely smiled at the thought of his new friend. “That son of a bitch is so cool!”

“You and Lucas used to call him a douchebag.” You nonchalantly remembered him, but he just let it go, making you laugh once again. He was a little incoherent, but maybe people has changed while you were gone.

“Are you feeling better?” Dustin worriedly questioned you, completely changing the argument as he hoped that he made you feel better somehow.

“I am, Dusty.” You nodded to thank him. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s always a pleasure, (Y/N).” He shook his head with a great smile on his face. “A best friend is someone that you’d do anything for.”

He honestly was grateful, because he made his best friend laugh with his dorky actions. He tried to make you happy even though you were oblivious of the stinging death glares that he received from someone that stood behind you.

Dustin stayed by your side and tried to fix your broken heart, but little did you know that someone else’s heart was breaking into little pieces too: slowly, but then all at once, right after you gave Dustin a quick kiss on his cheek and pulled him tightly into a warm hug to thank him endlessly. He wrapped his arms around your waist to embrace you back without any malice, but the people that surrounded you thought that he finally conquered the girl of his dreams.

Everybody shouted and cheered for you and Dustin, making you both blush in embarrassment and awkwardness. You sheepishly smiled at everyone and something strange quickly caught your gaze.  

Dustin was a good friend of his, but something suddenly changed and it wasn’t that hard to define: his best friend has just got a girl and he wanted to make her his.

In fact, everybody cheered for them, except one. The one.

the right bite | 01

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vampire!minghao x reader fluff,
angst, and (eventual) smut

16,180 words

a/n: sooo…here’s the vampire minghao fic…it is…very explicitly halloween-themed lol…but i changed the whole concept at the last minute n it’s taken me awhile to write…so here it is in early november instead of on halloween as promised. i’m sorry. it was hard for me to get into halloween this year :( so this is my love letter and “i’ll try harder next time” to my favorite holiday. part 2 has the smut! it’s almost done n will be out in a couple of days. enjoy!!!

~ in which you fall for some guy at some party without meaning to and soon discover he’s not exactly what he says he is…

Tues., October 31st, 2017 @ Kennedy South Residence Hall, 6:24 P.M.

 In the grand scheme of things, you knew that you’d been through a lot worse than this, and if history was any indicator, there was worse yet to come. But right here, right now, rolling around on your friend’s closet floor on the verge of tears—you decided this was the worst moment of your life.

 Momo wasn’t of much help, of course, with all of her attention hyper-focused on her phone instead of anything you were up to. If you had only one chance to guess exactly what she was doing or be mauled to death by a bear, you’d bet your entire life that she was sexting Mina…and your suspicions were confirmed when you popped your head up out of the laundry pile you’d buried yourself beneath and caught sight of the “racy” picture that your friend was drooling over. A pout, a loose sweater, some sort of bedroom eyes. Gross.

 "It’s just her shoulder,“ you whined, "you’ve spent the better half of the last two years elbow deep in her front bottom and you’re gonna bust a fucking nut over that?” Any other time Momo’s glare would have split you in half, but after this long, exhausting month you’d had, you were impenetrable. It was a shame, really. You’d have preferred to melt under her gaze than live just one agonizing second longer.

 And you couldn’t believe you were feeling this low in October of all months. Sure, you’d had a few bad Marches and a shitty September or two, but you loved Halloween. You loved pumpkin spice everything and leaves falling and screaming at all the scares you knew were coming in movies you’d seen eighty times and running out of haunted houses—you lived for all that shit.

 Leave it to some stupid boy to ruin your favorite time of the year.

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November Third (part seven)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o good morning, good morning.

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part sevenupdates to come…

Draco woke up early. Potter would be back today. He had to be. It was November third. It would all be over soon. Potter would make sure of that.

But Potter didn’t storm into the Great Hall during breakfast. He didn’t overtake the castle during classes. In fact, there was no sign of him or his friends at all. But Potter had to show up. Draco had been waiting for it ever since Potter skipped the Hogwarts Express at the start of term. Draco knew he’d only have to wait a couple of months. That’s what had kept him going all this time.

But still, no Potter. Was he waiting until after curfew to sneak into the castle? Did he need help?

Draco knew he didn’t have to seek out Potter - that he would come to him by the end of the day regardless of Draco’s actions. Fourth year had pretty much proved that. But the waiting! It was impossible. And Draco had one terrible thought he didn’t dare let stay in his head for more than one fleeting second at a time. What if Harry Potter was dead?

Draco paced the castle restlessly. He knew it was silly and completely pointless, but he was searching as he went, as if Potter would just be strolling down the corridor like any other year. It was as he was pacing the seventh floor when he heard someone behind him. Before he could turn around to face the person he hoped was Potter, a jolt hit him square in the back sending him face forward into the floor.

A burning pain danced throughout Draco’s body - a nasty stinging jinx - before settling in his left forearm. It wasn’t unusual - for Draco to be hexed, or for the pain to concentrate around his dark mark. The magic within the mark was still very much alive, and it was always reacting to other magic passing through it, the harsh lines pushing to the surface of Draco’s skin with a draining energy. Draco had learned to manage it when he cast his own spells, but getting hit with them was another story.

With the pain still radiating in his arm, Draco pulled himself into a sitting position and slumped against the corridor wall. If it was a stinging jinx like Draco suspected, then it would have been one of Potter’s Gryffindor crew. They’d grown rather audacious in their saviour’s absence.

Just where the fuck are you, Potter? Draco thought to himself in frustration. 

He didn’t expect another voice to answer back.


Potter! Draco recognised the voice immediately. He looked around but the corridor was empty. Where are you?

Me? Where are you?

What do you - It was then that Draco realised he hadn’t said anything out loud. Oh shit, Potter’s in my brain.

No, you’re in my brain. What are you doing? Are you spying on me?

That sounds far more like your game, Potter. And if I was going to spy on you, I’d at least try and get a decent visual as well so I could - wait, are you hearing everything I think?

I’m not sure. Try thinking something you don’t want me to hear. If I can hear him, then he can hear me. I can’t think about the horcruxes. Don’t think about the hor-

Don’t think about the horcruxes. That’s your big legilimency trick?

So we are hearing everything.

Not anymore, I’ve closed you off.

You’ve closed me off?  How did you do that? Teach me how to do that. He always was better at the intellectual stuff, the poncy -

I can hear you, Potter.

Then help me stop it please before I start thinking about something inappropriate like how - please stop me Malfoy - like how - no don’t think about anything dirty - don’t even think about -

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Forever | 5: Explanations, Part 2

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1232

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 8 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

Forever | 4

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Ribbons of Flame - Chapter Five

Previous Chapter // Masterlist 

A/N: So this is the last pre-written chapter I have. I’m currently trying to write chapter six but I tend to have to wait till inspiration strikes me. I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo which is a worldwide challenge where you try to write a full novel in the month of November (about 50k words.) I’m working on a separate novel  and dedicating most of my free time to that so I won’t really be working on ROF this month. It’s extremely likely that I’ll give up on the novel I’m working on or want to work on something else. If that’s the case then I will be spending the rest of the time working on ROF. It just really depends on how everything goes. I just thought I would warn you if you’re wondering why I’m not updating, 

Again, please let me know if you no longer want to be on the tag list, or if you perhaps want to be added if you’re not already. 

Tagging: @lilianaisarainbow  @highladyfxyre @high-lady-of-perranth @williamjem @photofeesh @escapingtheconstrictingboxes @thexscarletxwitchx @little-witchling-of-velaris @nerdperson524@crazybookladythings @illyrianinterrasen @dreamingofradescapes  @night-and-stars-eternal @theoptomisticwolfgirl@dayanna-hatter 

Trigger Warning: Physical assault

Word count: 3563

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I don't get what the boys management is trying to prove for not giving the boys enough promo, MM sold better because of all the promotion it got, the mv's, 1d day, the movie. Four was announced but they could have promoted it better. All we got for Four was a shit interview with Ben Winston, two mv's and no sleep.

I think 1DHQ have been attempting to play a long game for the last year and that’s why FOUR and OTRA have basically been forsaken.  By that time 1DHQ had decided that they were more interested in trying to set themselves up to not be completely ruined when One Direction left, both financially and reputation-wise. It’s funny since 1DHQ has never learned or cared how to play a long game when it comes to supporting One Direction’s career. 

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