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If I’m being honest, I thought ghosts like Nocturne and Undergrowth were just… ancient ghosts. Not so much as ‘wise and all-seeing’ like the Watchers or Clockwork, but just ghosts that came from a point so far back in time all they remembered was what they were obsessed with. 

Undergrowth was obsessed with plants, so he made his body to look like a massive, intimidating plant in order to keep other ghosts away. He could finally see everything they see, hear everything they hear, feel everything they feel, to his utter delight. 

Nocturn was obsessed with dreams (I particularly believe nightmares) and came from so far back that he made his body as dark as night, able to twist and turn into a boneless-shape so that way he could reach out and touch peoples’ minds. His head grew horns to fit with the creator of the nightmares he now controlled, the devil himself, his grins becoming shark-toothed and full of malice.

So, yeah. Less of them being creatures from another dimension, more of them being so old they make a new body to fit with their obsessions.

Okay so like one of the biggest things I 


about Regular Show is how it never loses sight of its decidedly masculine spin. All the characters involved are really well defined, and even the ones who are more feminine in expression are still recognizably and healthily masculine. My absolute favorite part is seeing these guys stick their necks out for each other, when Mordecai and Rigby look out for each other, when Mordecai looks out for Skips, when Pop looks out for Mordecai and Rigby, they all show they care for each other in ways that are just… 

It’s rough and tumble, it’s competitive, it’s rude and full of pranks and deceit, it’s yelling, it’s punching, it’s relenting for the sake of each other’s self esteem, it’s being happy for someone who’s usually a jerk to you because you know that their jerkiness is actually them being themselves in healthy and unharmful ways. 

And when it does become harmful? When Mordecai’s angry, empty threats accidentally have severe consequences for Rigby? When Rigby’s competitiveness gets him in trouble? When Skips’ pride gets in the way, when Benson’s yelling gets too personal, when Muscle Man’s pranks go too far, when Pops is forced to be someone other than himself? They always prove that those instances can be harmful just as much, if not more than just regular masculinity. 

It’s really great to me, because it’s a glimpse at the world through the lens of a male that doesn’t pretend it’s the default. It doesn’t have a “unisex and therefor automatically male” tone, it has a masculine tone. It knows it’s for boys, and about boys, and it refuses to just let that be the default. The show explores masculinity, or at least demonstrates it, in a way that people who might be confused about it or might not understand what it really means to “be a man” can grasp. 

It certainly helped me figure out the difference between regular masculinity and its toxic, exaggerated counterpart, back when I first discovered it several years ago.

Imagine Jeonghan getting excited when he realizes you’ve both accidentally managed to twin with your outfits for the day.

  • me, a Certified Asian-diaspora kid: italy's eurovision song and clip makes me VERY uncomfortable because regardless of intent, it is still fetishising and homogenising Asian cultures and religions, and regardless of whether it is done ironically or unironically, we don't really need more white people doing that.
  • white eurofans: omg you fucking idiot, he's making FUN of white people for being racist?? it's irony??? Let me pull this 5000-word essay straight out of my anus, to show your dumb ass exactly why the song is really about WESTERNERS SPEAKING OVER ACTUAL PEOPLE OF COLOUR, because I have no sense of self-reflexivity!

ryu jun yeol as je su ho + smiling


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