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The Charlie and Daddy Show EPISODE 3

An animated comic based on the end scene from “Not What He Seems”

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So Gravity Falls has quickly become one of, if not my favorite, shows on television right now. Like most, the latest episode had a huge impact on me. I loved everything about it, the writing, the animation, the visuals, the voice acting, characterization, etc. There was so much love and thought and talent that had gone into every aspect that it really inspired me to make an homage to my favorite scene. So I hope you enjoy! And join me in pensive agony as we wait for the next episode this summer. 

Juphelia Headcanon

Ophelia knows a lot of random cute little places near campus that she likes to introduce Jules too and take her on dates too.

-A little dinner run by a single mom and her two sons that looks a bit run down but has the best food that Jules has ever tasted.

-A cute little coffee shop that Ophelia likes to study in because it has the best coffee and the best atmosphere, and there is never more than five people in it. And when she takes Jules there, it becomes Jules’s favorite too.

-An old drive in movie theater that’s still up and runing that shows movies every weekend. It quickly becomes their favorite go to date place.

-A skating rink that is old, and run down on the outside but the inside is redone, and it never has more than five people in it. Plus, it always plays good music. Ophelia says that she’s been coming here since she was fourteen, and Jules believes it.

-A shooting range that Ophelia goes too every once in a while to blow off some steam and she takes Jules to it because Jules was upset and need to blow off some steam and Ophelia said she knew just the place.

-A few cute little shops that are all in the same area that are Ophelia’s favorite places to buy gifts and clothes, and she takes Jules there when they go Christmas shopping and Jules falls in love with the little shopping area.

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“the saddest conversation that i have on a regular basis”

Hello Fannibals!

I watched Hannibal 3 months ago and it quickly became my favorite show and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since!                                                                   Unfortunately, I’m incredibly shy, which is why I didn’t have the courage to talk to anyone on here up until now. :/                                                                      I’ve been lurking around here for a bit though and you guys all seem so incredibly nice and welcoming that I finally decided to step forward and become an official part of this fandom.                                                                             So if you guys will have me, I’d be so happy to finally have some people I can talk to about this amazing show! :)

1967. Some Muggleborn students get together after graduation to build an internet cafe in Hogsmeade. It quickly becomes extremely popular for students who are experiencing internet withdrawal or who want to catch up on their favorite shows. Surprisingly, it also gets a lot of business from purebloods and even from teachers who are curious about what all the fuss is about.

Before sunrise, he is your son

Author’s Note: Dadko scene, inspired by one of my favorite Lion King scenes

Rating: General Audiences

Pairing: Katara/Zuko

Night was nearly over in Fire Nation, quietly in distance the first sun rays were beginning to show.

Crown Prince Sol was already up. Jumping excitedly out of his king sized bed, the young prince run to the big curtains of his bedroom and pulled them away. Peeking through the glass of the window, Sol watched the night sky becoming a lilac tone. A happy grin plastered all over the eight-year old prince as he saw the first, shy, sun rays starting to show in distance.

Quickly the boy changed from his night clothes into his normal prince ones. Leaving his chambers, he run three doors to his left and opened it. Still in her king-sized bed was his six-year old sister, Princess Kaya, sleeping soundly. The boy frowned and pouted…his sister isn’t a firebender like he is and therefor she ‘doesn’t rise with the sun’.

 ‘Oh well…she will lose all the fun!’ thought the Prince before, quietly, closing the door and continue running through the extensive hall. Soon reaching his parents’ chambers, Sol opened the door excitedly while yelling

-Dad! Dad!- he run to his parents’ bed and jumped on it, falling on his mother’s back which caused a tired ‘huff’ to leave her lips -Sorry mom! Come on, dad, we gotta go!- 

He shook Zuko’s arm. The Fire Lord was snoring lightly, still not daring to open his eyes despise the morning noise he was already used to -Dad!- Sol called again, now frowning -Daaaad…!-

Katara kept her eyes closed but a tiny, tired smile appeared on her lips as she whispered -Your son is awake…- in the background she could still hear Sol calling his father countless times 

Zuko did not open his eyes either -Before sunrise he is your son…- he mumbled

-Daaaaad!!- Sol called again, now annoyed that his father wouldn’t answer his pleas -Come on dad!- he pulled on the blankets that covered his father’s body but Zuko gripped them tighter, frowning while keeping his eyes closed. When he tugged, hard, on the blanket, it caused Sol’s grip to loosened up making the young Prince roll a few centimeters away.

But that wasn’t enough to stop the boy’s attempts to get his father out of bed. Quickly he jumped on Zuko’s back as hard as he could, a mischivious yet annoyed glint in his blue eyes -You promised!- yelled the young Prince. Zuko finally opened one eye, staring at his son’s eyes…Agni they were just like his mother’s!

Sighing, the Fire Lord answered -Okay, okay! I’m up, I’m up!- Sol let out a happy yell as he finally got out of his father’s back and off the huge bed. Zuko yawned as he grabbed hold of his dark red robe. Before getting up, he looked back at Katara, still lying yet with one eye opened. He chuckled slightly before leaning in and stealing a kiss from her lips -He really is his mother’s son, you know. Too persuasive.-

Katara closed her opened eye before snuggling in the pillow’s warmth -I know…I carried him for nine months.-

BTS When a Member Has a BF, Not GF

EXO Version (x)

Of course I can! Gifs aren’t mine. -Admin A.M

Jin: Despite his initial shock when Suga brings home a boy instead of the girl he had anticipated, he quickly becomes warm and friendly, showing his approval.
“Hi, my name is Jin. Welcome to our dorm!”

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Suga: At first glance, he only sees a couple cute boys holding hands walking down the street, but as they get closer, he realizes one of them looks familiar.
“Oh my god, is that J-Hope? How’d he score a guy that cute?”

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J-Hope: While all the members are happy their leader is in a relationship, J-hope would be the most enthusiastic, wanting to know everything about the new boyfriend.
“What his favorite color? Does he have any siblings? When can we meet him?”

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Rap Monster: Despite the fact Jimin had been dropping hints for a week about a boyfriend, he wouldn’t figure anything out until 3 seconds before Jimin introduced them.
“OH! Jimin has a BOYFRIEND!”

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Jimin: Not even a little surprised when V walks in with a boy, he would keep up his general flirty and charming attitude and tease his friend nonstop.
“Why did you bring your boyfriend here? Aren’t you worried he’s going to leave you for this?”

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V: When he walks into a room to find Jungkook getting it on with a boy, he would be shellshocked from witnessing more of Jungkook’s personal life then he would’ve liked to.
“… … … ok…”

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Jungkook: As Jin scrambles to explain that whatever he had seen wasn’t what it looked like, Jungkook would just roll his eyes since he didn’t even think twice about it.
“Hyung, it’s your life so do whatever you want. I don’t care.”

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pheonixhat replied to your post “Does it weird anyone else out that in her age and attitude, Peebee is…”

Liara was 106, barely an adult for asari, I can’t remember PeeBee’s age but its not much different I don’t think so I don’t think it’s too weird. I headcannon my Ryder as fairly young too though, and I haven’t got massively far yet to see if it is a problem, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. And although she’s quite exuberant, she doesn’t seem to be that immature when it actually counts. She’s quickly becoming one of my favorites :)

I’m not knocking her as a character and she’s a very smart one… but she keeps hitting me as teenager, from the way she dresses to the way she carries herself.  I don’t know, maybe it’s showing MY age, lol.  She’s going to hit off of everyone differently, though, so just an option I think I’ll be passing over.

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•one video game: can this be an app? because temple run is my favorite

•two bands/artists: the fray, fall out boy

•three shows: the originals, gossip girl, this is us

•four people: danielle campbell, phillipa soo, madelaine petsch, and paul wesley

•five songs: control - halsey, gasoline - halsey, death of a bachelor - panic! at the disco, i don’t care - fall out boy, burn - hamilton musical

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Sing me a song

You are such a fantastic writer, you are quickly becoming my favorite <3. Could you do one where he spots you in the crowd at a show and is acting all flirty and he gets his security to bring you backstage 😉😉😉

Thanks for the lovely compliments, you are a sweetheart. hope you like this one. xxx

This wasn’t the first show they performed, not at all, but the adrenaline was always there. Some would think that after all those years they got used to it, and in a way they did, but when you face thousands of people that aspect the best performance you could give them, well, the nerves kinda struck. 

Seeing a new crowd, new faces, different languages, different cultures, felt always a tad overwhelming.

The lights were all off and the tension was vibrant, on the mere seconds before the  strings of the guitars went off, the crowd went silent, waiting, knowing that at any moment now they would finally see them. The air was charged, the trepidation arising at its peak.

Harry jumped up and down, trying to release some of the pressure, stretching his neck, then his arms, glancing over to Paddy and flipping him off, eliciting a heavy rolling of eyes. Niall checking his guitar, Louis and Liam pushing each other like kindergarteners.

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Fan Fic Writers Appreciation Day Fic Recs (McHaleinski)

Today’s THE DAY to show your favorite authors (or the author of any fic you enjoyed) some love! Comment on their fics, send them a message or make a rec list!

Here are some of my favorite McHaleinski fics (I may have recced a couple of these already, but bear with me).

(also, this dumb ship is quickly becoming my favorite and I blame everything on Alex and Kat)

Two Beds + Three People by authorkurikuri (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 5K
  • Summary:  “You’re not going to try out the bed, Derek?” Scott asks, and Derek really, really hopes Scott doesn’t notice the way his heart skips a beat. There are many ways Derek can think of trying out Scott and Stiles’ hotel bed, none of them appropriate.(Or: sour skittles at a werewolf convention.)
  • Comments: I love pretty much every fic that Kuri writes, and this one is no exception. I always love werewolf convention fics, because they’re guaranteed to be slightly ridiculous just on the premise alone (not that this fic is actual ridiculous. I just like to giggle about werewolf conventions tbh, and wonder of I could ever get myself invited). What I particularly liked about this fic was Derek’s self induced angst (because, what would Derek Hale be without a little pining) as well as his protectiveness of Scott as his alpha and the pack as a whole. Not to mention that Scott & Stiles characteristics were spot on. I just love it.
  • Excerpt: He finally manages to tear his eyes away, rolling out of bed and slinking to the shower like a chastised dog. (And wouldn’t Stiles get a kick out of that, if he heard Derek think of himself in those terms. God knows he makes enough dog jokes already.) He relaxes somewhat as the warm water cascades over his shoulders, and he can’t quite keep his mind from straying back to Scott and Stiles, pressed together in sleep – and if there was any way he’d fit. For a moment, he imagines himself pressed up behind Stiles, the biggest of the big spoons, but no; he’d just be an unnecessary accessory, trying to cling to an already established pair. In the middle, maybe? But what right does he have to separate them?Maybe…He can almost picture it, him as the little spoon, Scott sandwiched between him and Stiles, their alpha securely guarded. And Stiles, for all that he looks small, is all long limbs, and if Stiles is as determinedly clingy as he appears, then he could probably reach over both of them, fingers brushing Derek’s sides as he throws his arms over.

Triangles Are My Favorite Shape by apollonian

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Teen & Up
  • Words: 5K
  • Summary:   Scott has a crush on Derek, and he has a crush on Stiles, and then he has a crush on Derek and Stiles and nothing’s turning out the way he expected (spoiler: it’s way better).
  • Comments: Scott is the mist adorable little munchkin and I love it so much. Everything is so perfect, and I really enjoyed Stiles anger about a certain issue at the end. It totally seemed like something he’s jump to conclusions about. 
  • Excerpt: Well, he relaxes until he sees the familiar head of messy brown hair sitting across from Derek, and then he walks over to the table in kind of a weird zombie haze. He rarely sees either Stiles or Derek outside of class, and seeing both of his crushes together, in such close proximity – that’s like asking for a heart attack.It’s going to be alright, he tells himself, just act casual. He even believes it, until he reaches the table and Derek grins at him and says, “Hey, Scott! This is my boyfriend, Stiles,” and Stiles looks up at him, ever-present mischievous glint in his eye, and says, “Oh, we’ve met."Scott stammers out a hello and it hits him all in a rush - Derek is The Boyfriend. Derek is the guy who’s perfect for Stiles. Derek and Stiles are boyfriends. They’re holding hands, Scott notices with a kind of detached panic, because they’re boyfriends, and oh god, Scott’s been trying to flirt with Derek and all this time he was in a committed relationship.He is seriously so screwed.

Dreams And Thereafter by dragonspell

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 6K
  • Summary:  Derek’s kneeling stark naked on the bed, his back to Stiles so Stiles can see all the hard, cut lines of muscle, the swirl of his tattoo as it flexes and bends, the soft swell of his ass, down to where his legs stretch out across the burgundy sheets pointing back at Stiles. He’s also got his head tossed back, eyes closed and mouth wide open as he pants because Scott’s balls deep inside of him and Derek loves getting fucked. Loves it. “You’re doing so well, Princess,” Stiles says, his voice low and warm. Derek shudders as Stiles skims his hand lightly over Derek’s back.Or a Scott/Stiles/Derek threesome where Scott and Stiles double-team Derek and sometimes call him Princess. It’s porn. It’s definitely porn.
  • Comments: So, so, so hot. I just… I don’t even have words for it. Also made me giggle towards the end, which as ya’ll know, I LOVE FICS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH.
  • Excerpt: Stiles remembers how Derek used to be. Shy, halting, afraid to ask for what he wanted, certain that he’d be rejected for even thinking of such things, convinced that he’d be left alone again. It had taken months, years before he’d finally believed. Stiles had worn him down with deliberate touches and a whole lot of the praise thing that makes Derek shiver and his cheeks go red, which is kind of cute and hot at the same time. Whenever he can, Stiles tells Derek how smart he is, how brave, how sweet, how beautiful and Derek looks at him like he’s a god. Stiles gets off on that about as much as anything else. Derek’s undisguised devotion to those he cares about is sexy as hell. Knowing that Stiles is one of the two people who get to see that look in its pure form? Mind-blowing.Scott, of course, just had to use his whole general Scottness—that aggressively “Cool if I just curl up inside of you and stay there for the rest of your life, dude? Thanks” way that he has. At first, Derek had been befuddled by it and it had been hilarious—those blinks of confusion whenever Scott had intruded on Derek’s brooding loneliness, usually with Stiles in tow, and that little frown on his face as he tried to figure out what Scott’s game was—until he’d figured out that Scott wasn’t playing a game but was instead just being himself. Stiles isn’t surprised that Derek had fallen for Scott like he did. Hell, Stiles had done the same thing years before.

You’ve Got Me Looking Through Blinds by queerhawkeye (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 10K
  • Summary:  Saying that Derek’s first interaction with his new neighbors isn’t exactly pleasant would be an understatement. When he calls his sisters to tell them the story, they laugh for five minutes straight and Cora tells him that he’s "being over-dramatic, I know college boys are bad but they can’t be that bad."College boys are, indeed, that bad.
  • Comments: THIS WAS THE BEST. I’m a sucker for stoner, frat boy vibe fics, and I just adored the characterization of Scott (especially) and Stiles. Just everything is so perfect, and Derek is being his usual angsty self. Love, love, love.
  • Excerpt: There are books scattered over the floor and out on the balcony, and there’s a fallen bookshelf. Derek still doesn’t understand the distribution mapping of that apartment. He suspects it might all be a single space, but he’s sure the couch he can see now wasn’t there before. Or the sideways chair. He’s wondering what the hell they’re doing when one of them stumbles back into the range of Derek’s view. He’s heard enough of their conversations to guess crooked jaw, California accent and raspy voice is Scott; so fratty-cap, lower pitch and Jersey’s slurred r’s must be StilesScott isn’t facing the window but looking at something else, and he has so many tattoos that it takes Derek a second to realize he’s completely naked. Derek’s brain is still trying to start working again when Stiles appears, wearing only an open shirt and holding a box of condoms as if it was the Olympic torch. Derek is out of bed, out of his room and trying really hard to get that image out of his mind in less than three seconds, but it takes one long, long cold shower to stop him from feeling like his face is on fire.

Strike Us Like Matches by queerlyalex (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 4K
  • Summary:   Scott tries not to think about it too hard. Stiles and Derek are perfect for each other in every sense.
  • Comments: So, this was the first McHaleinski fic I ever read. I had just started following Alex at the time, and they posted it, and I figured that since Alex wrote it, it had to be good. Obviously it is fantastic, and here we are, months later, with me trolling the McHaleinski tag on AO3 searching for more. Sigh. ANYWAYS, I have recced this fic before, but it will always be one of my favorites. I love reading things from Scott’s POV, and I just felt like this was super realistic (while also being super hot). 
  • Excerpt: They met for coffee and lunch and study dates and kept up a steady stream of text messages that never made it past salacious, but edged into flirty. At least, flirting from Scott. It turns out that Scott had no idea what was going on. One minute he was firmly planted in the idea that he was going to ask Stiles on a date and the next – Derek interrupted their anatomy study date with a kiss to Stiles’ mouth and Scott’s heart stalled up in his chest.That wasn’t the worst part either. The worst part was Stiles making Derek take off his shirt so he could show Scott the muscles in his boyfriend’s nicely developed shoulder girdle. Bulging deltoids that disappeared into biceps and triceps, Derek’s pronounced pectorals, both major and minor. Scott had to watch Stiles walk his gorgeous, long fingers along Derek’s defined muscular structure and it was torture. Scott was turned on and confused all at once, he fled as soon as he could.

Now You’re In The Right Place by sleepy-skittles (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 6K
  • Summary:   Scott and Stiles are boyfriends living in an apartment complex together. Derek moves in next to them.
  • Comments: KAT IS MY FAVORITE. This is so cute and sweet and funny, and Derek’s a virgin doing a Cialis commercial and it’s basically the best thing ever. I love the dynamics between the three of them, 
  • Excerpt: Scott glances at Stiles over Derek’s shoulder, checking to make sure, and when Stiles winks and puckers his lips, Scott leans in and presses a soft kiss, just brushing Derek’s lips. Derek’s eyes go wide, and Scott thinks he’ll pull away. He’s as surprised as Derek seems to be when Derek pushes in, deepens the kiss, only pulling away once Scott can feel the skin around his lips prickling from Derek’s stubble.They’ve only been separated for a heartbeat when Stiles pipes up. “My turn,” he demands, and Derek laughs, deep and throaty, before turning to give Stiles what he wants.They don’t send Derek home at the end of the night. It’s 4 AM when they’re ready to sleep, and Derek is dozing off on their couch, happy and settled and well-kissed, so they drag him to their bed. It’s probably a bit quick for it, by most people’s standards, but to them it feels natural. They’ll talk in the morning, but for now, they let him strip his jeans off and they squeeze to make room for him, fitting three people in a bed made for two. Stiles almost kicks Scott off the bed, and Derek drools all over Stiles’ shirt.

Do Wrong Right by relax-itsjustbolognese (AO3)

  • Pairing: Scott/Stiles/Derek
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Words: 4.5K
  • Summary:  Stiles isn’t sure why he’s always so intent on being there when Scott and Derek get back from their chartered fishing trips. It’s not like it would be a big deal if he got there once they were already in the marina, something in him just enjoys watching them arrive. And he gets a sort of sick pleasure from the burn in his thighs as he jogs past the tourist shops and restaurants until he gets to the spot designated in the marina for the Sea Wolf.He makes it there just as the boat is turning into the docks and the first thing his eyes focus on is Scott, shirtless in board shorts and perched at the very front of the boat with one foot propped up like Odysseus returning from his fated voyage. His hair is knotted up in a loose bun on top of his head, a few tendrils loose and flying in the breeze. From here, Stiles can already make out the contrast between his blinding smile and tanned skin and it makes his knees a little weak.
  • Excerpt: Although, one of the reasons their ship is doing so well is because of the bronzed goofball bouncing around in front of him, with his ridiculous smile and consistent-shirtlessness. The other reason is walking down the steps from the wheelhouse with his shirt completely unbuttoned and hairy chest all on display. Stiles chances a glance to his right and sees the mom of the family obviously checking Derek out while trying to corral the kids towards one of the picnic tables on the dock. It’s not surprising, either, when he notices the dad checking Derek out as well. It’s kinda obvious that there are two very big reasons for the Sea Wolf’s success. But Derek’s fisherman abilities and Scott’s dexterous hands shouldn’t ever be discounted.Very, very dexterous hands. Which are now throwing all the caught fish from the icebox on the boat into a cart to take them for cleaning. It’s definitely Stiles’s least favorite part of their business. He wastes zero time joining Derek on the deck of the boat where he’s cleaning the fishing rods.

I always need more mchaleinski so REC ME SOME FICS PLEASE

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Nostalgia Cynic

Pearl learns her favorite cheesy soap opera from the early 1980s is being revived, but her mood quickly sours when she discovers it’s nothing but an uninspired retread that leans too heavily on nostalgia. She writes a scathing review of the new show that becomes popular on the Internet, inspiring her to begin a new career critiquing pop culture. But when Pearl’s newfound cynicism goes too far and she develops a snarky attitude toward Steven and the Gems, only Amethyst and a Li’l Butler marathon can bring her back to reality.

Minerva McGonagall considered herself an accomplished educator and a gifted disciplinarian. She had no children of her own, but considered all of the boys and girls that passed through Gryffindor house over the years, her children. She loved them all dearly and equally. That was until 1971, when 4 small boys had been sorted into gryffindor. Those four boys had quickly become her favorite, she’d never show it outside of her own head and heart, but they were.

Sirius Black, the only lion in a family of snakes going back centuries. James Potter, a loved and pampered boy who worked his way around every rule. Peter Pettigrew, the smallest of the four, he was quiet and average. She always wondered what they saw in him, he was nothing like the rest of them. Then, there was Remus Lupin. He was by and far Minerva’s favorite of the 4. He was bright and clever, always carrying a book in his hands. Over the course of 7 years, he had never failed an exam, never been late to class, she could not figure out how he did it.

She knew, of course, about his disease. Dumbledore had shared it with her in hopes that he’d have at least a couple of adults on his side if push came to shove. She loved the boy even more for it. The nights of the full moon were excruciating for him. Even with his friends there with him, she could not see how he had managed all his life with his affliction.

She had found herself, one morning during their 4th year, waiting for her boys in the misty, early morning air. The sky was turning a light purple and the sun made its way lazily up. She had brought along sandwiches and a thermos full of piping hot cocoa, courtesy of the schools house elves. She sat and waited on a fallen tree, just outside the reaches of the brand new whomping willow. She didn’t have to wait long. Her boys came barreling out from the opening of the tree, laughing with their arms around each other. She thought they looked rather like brothers in that moment.

Sirius, James, and Peter veered off toward the castle straight away while Remus made his way over to the fallen tree, he hadn’t looked up yet and therefore did not notice the stern face of his head of house, did not see her features soften at the sight of him. Scratched and dirty, dried blood on his legs and wrapped only in a robe. With a flick of her wand she produced a plate for the sandwiches and a large steaming mug of hot cocoa. Placing them on the fallen tree, she sipped hers as though this was an ordinary occurrence. Remus gave a start when he finally noticed her, he sat down, and looked up at her quizzically. “Eat, Mr. Lupin, there is some hot cocoa there for you as well. I daresay you must be hungry after the night you’ve had.” with that, she sipped her hot cocoa. Neither of them spoke a word. Neither of them needed to. They simply found comfort in each others presence.

This would quickly become Minerva’s favorite tradition. Every month, during the full moon, she’d wait outside with some breakfast for her favorite student. Sometimes they would talk, sometimes they’d sit in silence. But, most importantly, Remus treasured these moments. It meant that he had an adult, a mother figure who was not afraid of him, not disgusted by his affliction, she was on his side. That was worth a million galleons to him.


Had a fun night out to dinner on Thursday with some of my girlfriends. Then, we came back to my place and shared a bottle of wine and popcorn while watching the first few episodes of parks and recreation on Netflix :) One of my friends had not ever seen the show before.

The top above is quickly becoming my favorite one for going out in the fall. As we left dinner, I was leading the way out and some guy was just rounding the corner. He looked at me in this outfit (also wearing skinny jeans and my tall boots with no coat cause it was so warm out).. and he says.. “Mmhmm, Show me what you GOT!!” 

The rest of my friends were making their way out of the door and we walked by him as a group and he didn’t say anything else.

I am kind of glad I was not walking to my car by myself in that particular instance, because I am still not used to dealing with direct attention from men who have that reaction to me. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

I’m going to be putting together a sketch­book inspired by NXT and it’s amaz­ing ros­ter! Here’s a sketch of Finn Balor…if his body paint was more of a Venom type sym­biote. The book will con­sist of a few sketches of wrestlers with one full color sketch of a wrestler, like this one. I’m hop­ing to fin­ish it in time for Comic­palooza. After that you will also be able to pick one up on the Night­mare Pro Wrestling Shop!
Finn Balor, the for­mer Prince Devitt, is quickly becom­ing one of my favorite Wrestlers on the show. Here’s hop­ing he changes up his body paint more often since it’s been a lit­tle sim­i­lar the last cou­ple of times.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I’m really enjoy­ing NXT and it’s by far the best prod­uct WWE is cur­rently putting out. I’m pretty much just pay­ing for the WWE Net­work to see NXT.