this show is perfect why isn't everyone watching it

anonymous asked:

Why does everyone think Naruto is a terrible father? 0_0 He really isn't... I mean, if fans have been reading all those one-shots and actually watched the "Boruto" film, then they'll know that Naruto is a great father. The official photos show that Naruto is really loving to Boruto and Himawari. When he became Hokage, he got super busy since the village was at the peak of modernization, but he also regrets not paying enough attention to his family. He even apologizes to Boruto in the film.

naruto isn’t a perfect dad but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad one. he’s overworked (some of it self-inflicted) and struggles to find a balance between a demanding  job and his family.  sure he makes mistakes as any parent does but he still very much tries, which i think is important. 

also anyone who thinks naruto doesn’t love or care about his wife and kids can meet me in the pit