this show is perfect why isn't everyone watching it

I’m watching the replay of French nationals because I wasn’t able to watch earlier and look who’s there judyhajr HIIII KEVIN!! (and other Kevin and Val in yellow they were so precious)

also they basically only showed the pole vaulting. Which is sad but also fine by me because it was amazing and fluffy! So fluffy! Renaud attempted 6m18 and his 2nd try was pretty damn close. Cleared 6m01. Val and Kevin cleared 5m66 but couldn’t clear 5m72.

They DID show the last race of the heptathlon though and GAËL SLAYING yes Gaël NATIONAL CHAMPION my boy he was like 10 seconds faster than everybody else and as always everyone died at the end but Gaël was just walking around like no this is fine I can do it again let’s do it again