this show is perfect ok

  • twenty one pilots performing during concerts: gods among men, no one can touch their talented greatness
  • twenty one pilots performing on live t.v shows: two weird potatoes ready to be boiled

be warned… these boyfriends will stand outside the school gate and gossip about you……

day 1: holding hands

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

you know what makes me mad

when i make gifs and i see that every frame

every single one




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Let people criticize SU, dude. Not everyone's going to think the show is perfect the way it is and that's ok.

Okaaay, I never said for people to stop criticizing it?

I said people should stop holding it to ridiculously high standards for a cartoon, and treating every problem with it like the creators are making them to personally antagonize the fandom and thus treating them like the devil incarnate. And maybe realize that the lessons the show is trying to teach aren’t as deep as they like to pretend they are?

The show has always had problems, and yet a majority of the fandom acts like every single issue is the most outrageously horrible thing to be done, when so many other cartoons have made the same mistakes in the past and never gotten as much flack as SU does from it’s fans.

The whole problem is that so many people expect the show to be perfect. And are constantly outraged when it fails to meet those frankly very stupid standards.

Basically I was just saying, give SU a break.

I have a serious question.

Please feel free to pile on I know I’m opening a can of worms.

When did it become not ok to be critical of OUAT?

Since I joined the fandom I’ve both flailed and criticized it. This isn’t new. People both in replies and on anon feel the need to reign in any and all criticism lately.

Not just here, I’m seeing it on my forum too.

Why is that?

Fandom and shows are not perfect. It’s ok to call out things you don’t like, isn’t it?

I understand people not wanting to see it on their dash. Which is why I typically tag if I feel a post is particularly negative.

I don’t recall having this happen when we criticized Smallville back a few years ago on the forum I posted on.

Is this a new phenomenon?

I don’t mean just discussion, I mean people being dismissive and rude in the name of positivity.

reasons why greek was the best show on abc family ever ever ever

  • strong female friendships. i mean, this makes the show a winner already. casey and ashleigh, casey and rebecca… strong female friendships are so important to me man. their friendships were never ruined over stupid things, or over guys. sO GOOD
  • strong friendships in general. greek is a show that puts friendship over relationships and promoting positive platonic friendship is something i can’t ever get enough of because good friendships are incredible things to have and you don’t see that enough in media.
  • calvin, and heath’s sexuality never defined them - they were just normal college guys, looking for relationships too. heath and calvin were kissing at frat parties without a care in the world and i love that. i love that they had LGBT characters who were never defined by their sexuality. they were people above all else - treated the same as all the straight characters.
  • they promoted positive sexual health and positive sex in general - katherine wanted advice on what kind of birth control to be on, rusty realised that he couldn’t be the one to take katherine’s virginity just because she wanted to loose it before law school (i don’t think sex and love come hand in hand don’t get me wrong but i do buy into the idea that your first time should probably be with someone you trust and katherine and rusty barely knew each other) sex was never a shameful thing for girls to be having (OK there was some issues and name-calling but for the most part girls having sex was GOOD and not a problem and girls can be sexual beings too yay)
  • rebecca realising that she deserved better than the way evan was treating her and ending the relationship despite how much she cared for him because she knew it was important to be in a relationship where both parties love equally
  • couples realising they have issues and need to work them out before they can actually be together (cough evan and rebecca cough)
  • calling out shitty behaviour even though its being done by your brothers (the whole calvin vs tripp thing)
  • it was funny and witty and made me laugh way too much
  • actual decent storylines
  • college is fuckin scary man and leaving it will probably be scarier and they didn’t shy away from that (cappie’s storyline basically) 
  • they didn’t magically get jobs and happy after they graduated (final season was in 2011 in the middle of a severe recession and they didn’t shy away from that fact either)
  • can we talk about casey and cappies love story for a second - “its a fairytale” “no other girl in the world compares to you” i mean come on they were such an incredible relationship and they felt almost real because they had issues and problems they couldn’t work through for a really long time
  • they (eventually) dealt with a love triangle far better than any other show i’ve watched to be honest (evan/casey/cappie)

so ok the show had its problems and it wasn’t perfect but it was a really damn good show and it has so many positive things and positive atributes and it was definitely the best show on ABC family they will never top it ever again bye


Ricky Ubeda
Slide (2013)
Choreography by Victor Smalley and Angel Armas

descendingfrost  asked:

What are your favorite Yoi fanfics? Any recs? Definitely keen to suffer through some Victuuri feels. 😊

Ahh hi! 

I feel like the ones I really like are already fairly popular (since I tend to find them thru recs) but I have a few!  Be warned tho, a lot of these are NSFW TV-MA 18+ Do Not Enter If Child, I’ll designate when I post though.  There are also no aus, possibly post canon/canon divergent but no aus bc they just arent my thing. 

Winter Song (Explicit) - proantagonist

Winter Song is EASILY my favorite YOI fic and one of my favorite fics of all time. Its a damn roller coaster of emotion, and the perfect companion fic to watching the show if you’re ok with smut.  The smut is fantastic (and I really hesitate to call it smut like the word ‘smut’ isnt good enough), but what makes me ADORE this fic is how well the author writes the characters and back stage happenings of YOI.  Its one of those situations where every aspect of it is like perfectly meshed together, and strengthens the narrative all together.   I’ve praised this fic a few times on my blog and its just. If this is the type of thing that interests you, this is a fantastic fic. And if you like that one, I also highly recommend Drive (Mature) by the same author. Its canon divergent, and just started, and I absolutely adore it already. 

Nerve Endings (Explicit) - Phyona

This one is also ongoing but its in like, en epilogue bonus stage right now. The overall story is complete.  This takes place AFTER the end of the series, and deals with Yuuri’s anxieties in moving to Russia. The timeline and development of the characters relationship happens more in this time period than in the canon storyline for this fic.  This fic deals heavily in anxiety and can get pretty dark and stressful, but its that way for a reason and I really like the way the author handled Yuuri and Victor’s stress.  Also check out Puppy Love (Teen and Up with references to sex)   by the same author, an awesome one shot, canon divergent story about Yuuri getting turned into a dog at the end of the Sochi Grand Prix Final and going to live with Victor. 

Tantalus, Reaching - (Teen and Up) -  chellethewriter

This author has other fics in this series I haven’t read yet, but I really enjoyed this one last night.  Its the series from Victors POV, a POV which I adore in fic.  Its that mix of humor and stress and confusion and love.  

Spark (Teen and Up) - Kurenaito

A post canon adoption fic about Victor and Yuuri adopting two children. I really liked this one. Its not my usual line of interest but I really loved it, I loved the children characters. And there’s plenty of big bro/uncle high school senior Yuri in this one and its great. 

Just for You, a Symphony (Explicit) - Caesaria

Bc I have a major weakness for first time fics and Yuuri knowing what he wants and getting it. 

These following fics havent updated in a little bit (1 month and 3) but I really enjoyed them and kind of check them daily.  

‘Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature (Explicit) -  ken_ichijouji

This one has a fantastic and short synopsis that I’ll let speak for itself: “The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order.”

Pacing Ourselves (Teen And Up)

Great demisexual!Yuuri fic that I really liked.  Even if the author decides not to continue this, I think its worth a read. Its canon compliant and takes place in the shows timeline.  Also BFF Phichit has good presence in this one thank god. 

Thats all I can think of for now that stands out in my mind, though I’ve read a few that I like and ill try to bookmark for future recs if i come across them. I really have a terrible memory for titles DX

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your gf is literally perfect. prefering the books over the tv show ;--; wow 😍


quick little tag dump!

I love rwby for exactly what it is

It’s real irritating watching a show grow so much from its first season only to be bashed and torn down by its “fans” for not being a master piece.

The animation, the writing, the story itself have come so far. Having watched it since volume 1 came out, I feel like I’m watching my child grow up. And I’m so happy that the show is becoming more popular.

At the same time it also breaks my heart. People don’t seem to realize the amount of time and effort that go into creating something like this. This show that started out as a side project for rooster teeth.

With every new episode this volume, it’s like all people want to do is find any kind of flaw and create this blown out of proportion discourse.

It’s not perfect and that’s ok. you can criticize the show and it’s writers all you want. If you’re not satisfied with what you’re watching either stop watching or (as my papa likes to remind me) go make your own thing.

I’m a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. But I also think that when it comes to art of any kind, some times you just have to appreciate it for what it was and what it is.

Shout out to Rooster Teeth and CRWBY. I love you guys.


[Arashi Blast in Hawaii]: Lovely Ohmiya moments ♥


today was a #ecd8d1 type of day