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Hi I'm here to create a tragic story behind Katashi's scars (pls dont kill me). So he got attacked by a villain right? So it rly hurts a lot, he cries out in pain, Kenta desperately doing what he can to alleviate it, saying "You're going to be fine, just hang on for a bit. We're almost at Recovery Girl's" while biting his lips when the pain got to him, his hair blazing red. Every now and then he just stares at Katashi's eyes and hopes he won't see such suffering again :'>

o my god

republicans: literally cause the inevitable death of hundreds of thousands of people 

me: ummm?? 

democrats: now now. we must be careful. the left must show the right who is right. we must give the republicans a chance to kill some more people before we can warn them to stop killing people. and when they do kill people, we must ensure not to point out that they are killing people. that’s what it means to be a democrat. 

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I've heard no mention of Mark Pellegrino or Lucifer at SDCC. Obviously he's going to search for Jack, but I'm wondering what the plan is for Luci beyond that. The credit towards the end of s12 implied Mark P. will have a larger role, if not regular status.

Honestly I really don’t care? I mean, “regular status” is more of a contract thing than a size-of-role type thing. Ever since Lucifer came back to the plot in s11, I’ve been rooting for him to just die already. I was so hopeful that Amara had actually killed him when she pulled him out of Cas in 11.22, but he was at least interesting to me when he was being played by Rick Springfield. 

My dream scenario of Lucifer in s13 is that Mary takes those brass knuckles and punches him straight across that war world until they find another rift, and then Cas stabs him in the back the second they walk through it.

There is no character I care less about on this show. The fact he wasn’t at comicon, and that he wasn’t really mentioned much, pleased me greatly.

Sorry to the people who like him, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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1/2 I think HL really got into a kind of crossroads killing Quinn. Leaving the story with Carrie unfinished, we all now feel that they belonged together or at least deserved the attempt to be together. I don't even feel sorry for the enormity of the misunderstanding between these two. The writers decided that the characters would not even try.

And what I feel is anger. The tragedy is not because it is a lost love story. The tragedy is because the writers have decided to kill Quinn, without even really enter in the Carrie/Quinn love story. And these are two totally different things, at least for me.

I so feel this anger. One of the most frustrating things about this whole mess is how the last remaining interesting relationship on this show was so prematurely cut short. Carrie and Quinn were flat out just more interesting when they were together. I wanted to watch them together. I wanted their relationship explored. I wanted them to enter into a romantic relationship (or “try,” in your words) not because I was convinced they were “endgame” or “made for each other.” 

I just thought that would be a super compelling story that Claire and Rupert would have crushed and the writers probably could have rocked in a way that would have been satisfying for my black heart (I’m attracted to “hurts so good” pairings, which must be a huge shock). And that’s never gonna happen and it’s such a wasted opportunity. 

so i have a theory about the 1x05 promo. 

we see kat and adena happily kissing in adena’s house, then kat is leaving looking distraught and adena behind her on the phone. so my guess is coco called adena during their make out session and  adena picked the call and pretended that she wasnt just kissing kat so that coco doesnt suspect anything. so this was all too intense for kat and she left. adena later followed her to tell her that she will break up with coco(at least i hope) and kat then was like i will be the one to mess up this (kat clearly loves adena so I doubt she is having second thoughts about her attraction to adena,my best bet is that the coco situation is making her uncomfortable) relationship so maybe the situation got too complicated for kat and she wanted to bail out. 

can adena break up with coco already arghh

My main problem with “Tangled: Before Ever After.”

(I am SOOOOO late to this, but I really wanted to get this out. Two quick things: I really don’t hate this show, and these are just my opinions on mostly, TBEA. If you love everything about both TBEA and the show, that’s amazing. Keep loving it!)

Quick fact about me, I’ve adored Disney’s 50th animated movie, “Tangled,” since it first came out. Even though I know it’s not perfect, I still love everything about it. The story, the characters, the animation, the comedy, the design of literally everything, and more. (I mean, it’s freakin’ Disney!) I’ll defend my love for it anytime, and I will always be a total disnerd just because of it. 

When I first heard “Tangled” was going to be made into a series on Disney Channel with new characters, new stories to tell, plenty of mysteries to unravel, and so much to see and to do and to be, I had mixed feelings, but overall, I loved the idea. I never wanted a sequel, but the idea of TV series sounded so good. Plenty of time to develop characters and make new stories! I also really appreciated the fact that the original voice actors and musicians were coming back, so that made it even better. Yeah, the whole hair issue bugged me too, but that’s kind of in the past now, so just jump ahead to now.

To this day, I’ve watched the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Tangled: Before Ever After,” many times, and the first 7 episodes of “Tangled: The Series.” So far, I definitely have been entertained by all of them. There are some really funny moments, the music has been good (both lyrical and instrumental), the animation is beautiful (and even stunning at times), the old and new characters have flaws, but are still enjoyable, and I can just see the effort gone into each episode. It definitely has many elements to it that make it a great show for Disney Channel, but I just want to say that my biggest problem with this show and its pilot is . . . well .  . . everything I just said.

I just feel so passionate about the original, “Tangled,” that when it comes to the series, (the new situations, new music, new animation, new characters, their flaws, and new stories,) all these things are just so NEW that they make the whole show feel very disconnected from the original movie.

 In “Tangled: Before Ever After,” there are SO many things being added to the Tangled canon. That’d be fine if it felt consistent with the original, but personally, I don’t feel like the writing was good enough to make it feel that way. Why should I accept this random character (Cassandra) if she’s just making nothing but conflict? Why should I accept the King’s out-of-character reactions towards Rapunzel and her leaving the kingdom? (which do not at all reflect the ending of the movie) Why should I accept Eugene acting so clueless to Rapunzel’s feeling? Why should accept Rapunzel being very conceited about her feelings? Why should I accept that fact that magical freakin’ rocks that glow blue are able to give Rapunzel her magical hair back??  I mean, if I can’t accept what happens in the pilot, how am I going to accept anything that happens in the series?

Even though it may seem like the “Tangled: Before Ever After” is enough to make me not watch the Series, that’s (somehow) not true. I just feel like “Tangled: Before Ever After” was supposed to be the smooth transition from the end of the movie to the start of the series, and I personally feel like it didn’t do a good job of doing that. (Even Eugene and Rapunzel’s narration at the beginning sound oddly different compared to the beginning of the movie, but not in a good way.)

Anyway, I don’t even know why I should be complaining considering that this whole show began 4 months ago, but I felt like I needed to get my thoughts out. This is actually the briefest I can make it. (I literally spent one-two hours last night walking back and forth just mumbling my opinions on this show … I don’t THINK that’s normal.) Even through all this, I will still be watching each episode as they come out because, in the end, all that matters is something I like to call, E.L.F. questions. Was I entertained, did I learn something new, and did I have fun? If that answer is yes to at least one of these questions, I can consider my time not wasted.

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


I think, instead of telling kids ‘don’t do drugs, they’re bad’ we should show them the opiate withdrawal patient I had the other day

25 years old, in jail for god knows what, cops bring him in with a lac to his forehead from banging it on the wall repeatedly. He is already handcuffed so we put him in an isolation room, with sliding glass doors. Because he is in custody we take everything but the bed out of the room. 

Patient is screaming the whole time he doesn’t want to be there (same bro) with blood everywhere from the head lac. 

5min later, I hear this sickening crash, I’m pretty sure someone has just run head first into the glass doors, because mate I’ve done that before those curtains are assholes, so rounding the corner I see blood all over the glass door, patient still screaming he wants out but is now banging his head on the glass. 

It takes 4 security guards to hold this guy down, he is absolutely losing his shit, screaming and flailing and has no idea whats going on. Calling out for his mom, for Neil (???), for a sandwich, doesn’t know what day it is or just refuses to answer we can’t tell, pupils 4mm and sluggish but thats how it was when they brought him in, so security cuffs him to the bed so he can’t hit the wall. 

Fastforward 10 minutes and he has dislocated/broken his wrist trying to get out of the bed and to the door, he has puke and stool everywhere, refused to take the ativan so we gave midaz, but that didn’t touch him. 

This guy screamed from 2-7, we maxed out what we could give him for benzos and he was extraordinarily agitated and wouldn’t settle and was only in the beginning stages of withdrawals. It was terrifying, but the thing that got me was after screaming about how we took the 20′s (from his underwear??) he was quiet for a minute, I thought ‘shit the midaz finally caught up with him and now were gonna need to intubate’ but he then screams

“I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to be on drugs anymore, I want this to stop, I want to be clean, please someone help me”

And thats what got me. This guy was 25, had his whole life ahead of him, but got caught up in drugs and it was going to kill him, and he wanted out, but withdrawals were so bad that it was easier to keep using. 

Fuck telling kids don’t do drugs. Show them what its like to try to stop, how all your friends die from OD, how you are one phonecall-not-made away from death yourself, how you get to be tied to a bed in the ER and your nurses need to apologize to other patients because you can’t stop screaming and just shit yourself and puked the cookie I gave you and your body is on fire. 

Don’t just tell them not to do it, because that doesn’t work, show them what its like to try to stop, because sometimes fear works better than facts. 

Note: Throughout the day we gave him 4 of ativan, 27.5 of Midazlolam and 12 of haldol, and this guy still was still agitated and screaming and 100% inconsolable, and by that time the doc was like ‘we can’t give him anymore, but lets transfer him out before he crashes’. It was a fucking time

So from what I can tell:

  • Kaltenecker is alive and well bless, something good to come out from this show since s2
  • I want about 10 of those same creatures that attacked shiro because I want to feed them biscuits
  • Keith’s mom seems to be hanging back
  • Lance has his own seaspace horse
  • Shay and Allura are married
  • That one BoM galra is a big motherfucker and I want him to hug me, killing me instantly.
  • Hunk has a fangirl and she’s pretty cute
  • Kaltenecker looks fucking tired are you okay baby? Keith weighs like 2lbs you can’t be tired from that.
  • Sea creatures everywhere???
  • Laika’s still looking gorgeous and compared to Lance she’s fucking godzilla fucking damn. Need me a pupper like that.
  • Baby taujeer??? Fuck he cute????? Like a little slug on momma fuck.
  • Galra paul blart’s still here
  • My mermaid daughters are still alive and well everyone is okay
  • There’s a bunch of sea themed aliens so I automatically expect more Lance so they better fucking deliver
  • Haggar’s tryna be edgy and not show her face
  • Lance let his boyfriend ride his cow???? Goals honestly.
  • Thace is alive because good and pure things never fucking die
  • Shlav is canon????
  • Emo edgy mall teen is here apparently
  • There’s some galra looking dude top right that looks like he may have some significance to future episodes
  • Jellyfish fucking everywhere man
  • Hunk is still a shining beacon of light and hope and made a new chef friend
  • Seriously I know it smells like some kinda fish market
  • Apparently the two posters from s2 and this one go together to fit a lion in the bg so maybe they’ll do some gravity falls shit and form fucking voltron like that by the end of s8.
  • I’m convinced they are inside an aquarium

You know… if the Game of Thrones leaks are indeed true and Jonerys does indeed happen, I just can’t wait to see Jason Momoa’s reaction…

This guy still continues watching the series and showing support to his on-screen wifey, his reactions are the best: 

And this one is my favorite:

The “she hangs out with lesser men than me” kills me. 

I just love Jason Momoa, he is the best. 

things from the falsettos recording that touched my soul

- there’s this moment like during love is blind where marv pulls whizzer’s hair and That’s the beginning of the hair pulling kink
- the entirety of thrill of first love
- daddy’s kissing boys got the screentime it deserves
- trina has a star of david necklace and i adore it
- after trina and mendel get married she starts wearing a bracelet he wore at the beginning of the show
- after marv hits trina he says “oh no baby i wouldn’t…”
- during chess game there was this moment where marv is like isn’t this wonderful? and whiz tries to pull him closer and is like yes
- okay but jason hid behind mendel when marv hit trina
- jason’s face during the entirety of it killed me
- i cried when the lesbians came out
- cordelia did a little head bop during “and godchild of the lesbians from next door”
- after the second racquetball game charlotte muttered, “i’m gonna keep him here”

this is all i’m coherent enough to think of but feel free to add your own!!!!

that moment was so intense when Marion turns on the shower and you’re like NNNOOO DON’T DO IT and then she gets in the shower and there’s creepy ominous music and it’s storming outside and you keep thinking the door just opened and Norman will come in as Mother and stab reyrey to death and then she’s just –


If Attack on Titan was in the style of “The Office”

Eren: *gets to work two hours before everyone else*

“HAHA those cowards. If they were real soldiers then they would be here early like me!” 

*falls asleep*

*wakes up as everyone is going home and realizes he slept through the entire work day* 


*explains to Mikasa and Armin that it was the fault of the titans” 

Mikasa: *glares angrily at Eren flirting with Levi*

“There’s no one here that I hate. However, if a certain individual in the survey corps were to suddenly catch fire and I was the only one who had a bucket of water…I’d drink the water.” 

*smiles evilly at Levi* 

Armin: *chaos erupting behind him*

“In my opinion, do I think I am smarter than everyone else?”

 *turns around to see everyone being dumb and building on fire*

“I would say it’s more of a fact.”

Jean: *staring at Marco* 

“Who do I think is the hottest in the trainee corps?”

 *shot of Marco doing something so unbelievably adorable and Jean blushing* 

“Yeah…I’d have to say me.” 

Marco: *smiling into the camera looking all cute*

“I know I said I’d wait till marriage but Jean told me that God can’t see in the dark.”


Reiner: *looking at Connie doing something stupid*

“Connie is the Survey Corps idiot. No one really knows how he is still alive.”

Bert: *looks anxiously into the camera*

“So umm….do you guys like….always record us…..even when we are having private conversations?” 

*shot of Bert and Reiner and Annie talking about being Titans* 

“Because ummm…..if you do…..that’s not cool bro.” 

Annie: *rolling her eyes*

“Look I’m here for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to get me a piece of that blonde booty over there 

*shot of Armin holding back Eren from punching Jean* 

and two, to murder everyone in their sleep.”

Sasha: *looking blankly into the camera and smiling*

“Every once in a while they make me murder a giant naked person. At first I was opposed to it but then I started noticing that every time I kill one they feed me. So here I am.”

Connie: *wearing a pink toupee* 

“Reiner said pink really brings out my eyes” 

*Reiner laughing his ass off in the back* 

“I think he’s right cause everyone in the trainee corps won’t stop staring at me.”

*everyone in the back rolling on the floor crying of laughter* 

Erwin: *on the topic of Levi*

“I’m not really sure what Levi does around here. He kind of just showed up and started killing Titans. I remember that day very clearly because my eyebrows were the fleekiest they have ever been. Did I say that right? Fleekiest? Fleeky? Fleek? I’m not sure, I heard a child say it once so I thought I’d sprinkle it into my vocabulary to make me sound hipper.” 

Levi: *sleeping in a chair* *talking in his sleep*

“Yeah……oh yeah….you’re so dirty. You’re a dirty little cabinet aren’t you?” 

*wakes up and sees camera* 

“Do you really have to record me while I sleep? Don’t you guys ever have to take a shit?” 

Hanji: *takes off her glasses* 

“Oh these things? They’re fake. I wear them to make myself look smarter. They actually impair my vision quite severely. But you have to pick and choose your battles, am I right?” 

*points finger guns at camera and winks* 

Moblit: *Hanji causes a science experiment to explode causing Moblit to lose his eyebrows*

“Honestly, at this point, I’m not even mad at her. I’m just mad at myself.”

Squad Levi: *Gunther, Eld, and Oluo wrapping each other in scotch tape* *Petra shaking her head in disapproval*

Petra- “I used to partake in their shenanigans until one day I realized I wasn’t 6 years old.” 

(I wish I could draw these but I cannot draw) *cries* 

Ink and Kisses

Anon said to moi:

“Omg i want a tattoo artist jungkook!!!!!! 😭😩 smut/fluff/and honestly anything!!!! I just love tattoos artists jungkook but there aren’t alot of those fanfic…. can u help a poor girl out ??💖”

FIRst time trying a Tattoo artist AU. I had to do some reading before this, and JK is sO sexy i s2g. Still weird that I don’t really ever feel like doing the do with him. HOPE YOU ENJOY <3 1,400 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Tattooist au!

Part 1 | Part 2 (FINAL)

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No one would have ever imagined that hardcore badass Jeon Jungkook, the most well-known tattoo artist in the town, the guy who dropped out to follow his passion, was best friends with beautiful, sweet, top-scoring university student, Y/N. 

Physically, they seemed to be polar opposites. He had dragons inked onto his skin, three piercings on his left ear and two on his right, and always wore black; whilst you were a bright, clean slate – but you knew that was what he loved about you.

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As A Woman, Watching ‘Wonder Woman’ Served As A Beautiful Reminder That I Could Probably Kill Someone With A Sword

In the days since I saw Wonder Woman, I’ve had a lot to reflect on. The movie not only smashed box office earning records and featured a female director, but it also showed a powerful representation of a strong, confident female superhero kicking ass on-screen. As a woman, watching Wonder Woman was a transformative experience that I’ll never forget, because it served as a powerful reminder that I could probably kill someone with a sword.

As I left the theater, my eyes were opened to a totally new possibility: I could maybe someday stab and kill a person with a sword if I ever wanted to, and the fact that I was a woman wasn’t going to stop me.

When I saw Wonder Woman in full armor emerging from the trenches on a battlefield and killing Germans with her sword, I knew this movie would be different than any other movie I had seen before. As a woman, seeing a powerful feminine figure command the screen and shove her weapon deep within another human made me think about how swords actually don’t look that hard to use, and I could probably stab or slice someone to death, no problem. With the help of a fully fleshed-out, inspiring female character, I learned something very transformative about myself and my ability to harness the power of the blade that I, somewhere in my life living as a woman, had sadly forgotten. “I could… probably do some damage with a sword?” I thought to myself upon leaving the theater. “I could at least at least hack someone up pretty bad, if not outright kill them. Yeah?”


While Wonder Woman fought and stabbed her way through battle after battle, my eyes filled with tears. It finally hit me: I, a female, could buy a sword and kill someone with it, and that was a choice I could make. If I picked a random person on the street and just sort of swung that thing around, just like the totally kickass Wonder Woman showed me, I could probably hurt them pretty bad, if not murder them outright. These are thoughts I never had while watching a film in recent memory, and a thought that I hope empowers women everywhere.

Yes, I’ve seen men kill with swords in movies all the time, but when I looked in the mirror, I never saw Superman or Batman staring back. Now when I look in the mirror, I see myself, a proud woman holding a samurai sword looking kind of confused about how to hold it but also pretty sure she could figure it out if the urge to kill ever hit her hard enough. I wish I had this movie when I was a kid. If I had known at 10 that I could probably kill someone with a sword, where would I be today? I probably would not have killed anyone, for what it’s worth, but to know I could? That would have been priceless.

For me personally, Wonder Woman was a powerful reminder that I could stab someone with a sword. I spent my entire life not even thinking that this was a possibility, but now, thanks to this movie, I’ll never stop thinking about it. So, as a woman, I encourage every woman to see it and know that you could also probably kill with a sword. All you have to do is believe.

“things that have actually happened to me” prompts
  • i was really drunk and i saw this really huge, beefy football player sitting on a bench and crying. so i went into the bushes, gave him a flower, and we talked until he felt better. he gave me his number and said “call me if you ever want to vent too.”
  • i was at a straight bar and made friends with this gorgeous girl who i thought was straight. turns out she was a lesbian who was filthy rich and took me back to her place
    • bonus: she called me the next morning to take me out to brunch and take me on a $500 shopping spree as an “early birthday present”
    • sugar mama au?
  • i went on a date with a boy who had plans to take me to dinner and drinks. but he lost his wallet at a pizza place so we just walked around the neighborhood, sat in the park and talked. he was super embarrassed. 
    • bonus: three hours later, a guy fb messages him saying he found his wallet! so we bonded for hours and still got to have a late dinner and drinks!
  • i was at another party and was kindly asked by a fratbro to hold his snapback while he tried to show proper wrestling form using a tree as his opponent. idk if he did it right, but when he was done he gave me the biggest shit eating grin and said “you’re cool man. keep the hat.”
  • during finals my friends and i got so stressed out we just put our speakers on full blast and started dancing on the furniture to “feliz navidad.” it was may. 
  • my roommate and i came back to our dorm and found a huge waterbug on our sink. so we both locked ourselves in the closet and called public safety in a state of panic to come kill the bug. 
    • bonus: they actually came. it took three men to kill it. 
  • my friend decided to throw a beach-themed birthday party and, despite my protests, also decided to give live goldfish out as party favors. so in the midst of the party while everyone was getting drunk and dancing, my roommates and i stole all the fish and hoarded them in our rooms. and that’s how i became the mother to seventeen goldfish. 
  • a boy that i met in my psych lecture asked me out on a date so i said sure. the date took place in his room and it consisted mostly of me sitting on his bed and listening while he talked about himself. at one point, he went into his closet to look for a souvenir he picked up from brussels, so i got up, stole his tequila bottle, and left.