this show is old is hard to find things in hd

2 in 1 shot by shot

I did a “shot by shot” of the “2 in 1” promo.  I slowed it down to .25 speed and played it on my HD 24 in screen.  I’ll list the shots w/ my commentary in italics

1. old house door – the one Kelly is in?
2. Dean slices his hand for spell – his watch is evident in multiple shots later
3. Crowley’s hand reaching out of his grave – personally, I find this a ‘standard’ shot used in many TV genre TV shows (Buffy, Being Human, etc… ) not some “property of Dean Winchester” shot.  
4. Mystery Figure w/ guns:

thoughts: Later we see him shooting a gun REMARKABLY similar to Dean’s. OTOH, where’s the bowlegs?  Also, does this person have a slight paunch?  My first instinct is JDM. But he’s so very skinny these days.  Still, JDM wants Jensen to direct him.  Jensen is directing in S13 – likely the 3rd episode (as always) and we could still be in the Other World at that point.  So… JDM could be in as many as 4 episodes and Jensen gets to direct him.  But… it’s a stretch.  Alternatively, there could be some temporal phenomenon going on and this is Dean after years in the Other World (again….. the shoulder to hip ratio is definitely NOT Sam and doesn’t really look Jensen).  Bobby?  I know Bobby may have been sent elsewhere two years ago.  But Jim Beaver is either trolling us hard or that is not Bobby.  So… I’m going 1) JDM, 2) Bobby, 3) young John, 4) Dean, or 5) “other”.
5. Lawrence House staircase – likely in the past
6. Dean w/ cutup leg – bowlegs evident
7. Someone washing off a grisly looking claw device
8. Dean wired up in the Bunker for a mind trip. Note, bunker lights are fully ON.
9. Baby crib in what looks like a 1960’s living room - did Cas hide Kelly in the past?
10. Cas by pristine lake
11. BMoL red shirts grabbing guns in their compound
12. Black & White picture of Lucifer coming out of Crowley’s early lair (the New York asylum)
13. Cas reaching up with a finger to touch someone at the old house by the lake
14. Kelly, pregnant, in comfy bed
15. Luci swirling a lock of Rowena’s hair in a fancy room w/ blood on the chair – it sure implies he got her
16. Somebody depressing a detonator switch
17. Mystery Man walking
18. Ketch calling either Sam or Dean’s phone – looks like they are in the motel room based on placemat
19. Dean crying
20. Sam closing his eyes (with emotion) in BMoL compound, Jody in background
21. More Mystery Man walking, this time towards a prone Cas
22. Satellite photo of a city with a spot marked in the center
23. Kelly painting baby’s room
24. Mystery Man walking towards prone Cas, firing over Cas’ head at some other target – gun looks just like the one Dean uses in the promo
25. Other World Sam with shocked face
24. Bloody footprint on wood floor
25. Other World Dean with shocked face
26. Dean’s hand w/ Enochian brass knuckles
27. Dean pointing to blueprint along the curved wall (perhaps under the telescope level)?
28. Hand-cuffed Lady Toni w/ancient MoL gear attached to modern tablet
29. Dead-looking bloody dude – I agree it’s a random hunter
30. 4 spires in Other World w/ rocks and three dead dude – one non-human sitting, two prone
31. Jody’s picture on a cell phone w/ her Sioux Falls location
32. Lucifer looking at someone
33. Sam and Dean, looking tired and sweaty, sitting on the ground next to a curved wall with a relatively shallow portion smashed out. Laterns and emergency power evident. Empty bottle of scotch. – Looks like “smash our way out doesn’t work”.
34. BMoL conference room
35. Jodi’s truck moving quickly
36. Cas looks out of old house window
37. Bloody Dean face – he looks satisfied
38. Ketch goes flying in MoL Bunker, across the table, the lights are on like normal.
39. Ketch w/ snub gun, bleeding
40. Ketch appears injured in upper arm/shoulder, in continuation of fight.
41. Electronic evesdropping display
42. Jody at BMoL compound
43. Spell bowl lights up
44. Ketch’s phone says “Lester’s down. Who’s next.”
45. Mary’s face showing shock in Other World
46. Kelly in bed.
47. Cas touching Dean w/ two fingers & glowing thing is happening in old house
48. Sam looks stunned (in old house)
49. Cas says “you” to Mystery Man in Other World

Comments based on all sources (this promo, regular promo, pictures, and BTS):

Scene locations:
- MoL Bunker w/out power, motel, MoL Bunker WITH power, BMoL compound
- Old house, Other World

Action sequences:
- Looks like it’s Dean vs Ketch & I think Dean wins
- Sam seems to be at the BMoL compound
- Dean seems to be recovering Mary
- The boys & Lady Toni use a spell to get out of the Bunker
- They boys are in a motel room plotting
- The boys & Mary are recovered and in the Bunker talking about Lucifer
- Cas & Kelly have some quiet moments at the Lake House
- Sam, Dean and I think Lucifer show up at the Lake House – I’m struggling with the two different cribs (one in a 60’s living room, one in nephilim baby’s bedroom… neither are Sams’)
- Otherworld has two sequences – one w/ Luci, Cas, Sam, Dean & Mary and the other w/ Cas and Mystery Man

- We aren’t in Kansas anymore in Otherworld. Doesn’t look Oz but it looks different (future, different realm, don’t know)
- There may be temporal thing going on – and/or a time shift

Secrets - SoA: Chapter 1

Summary: Female reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 1: The reader has made it to Charming and meets some of the Sons.
Warnings: language and blatant flirting
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, so SPOILERS.
Word Count:  3600
Tags: @telford-ortiz-teller  @sam-samcro
IF YOU WISH TO BE TAGGED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN SOME WAY. ASK BOX IS SAFEST WAY, BUT I DO TRY TO LOOK AT ALL COMMENTS AND REBLOGS. If you asked to be added and I didn’t do it, please remind me (I’m forgetful!).


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Part 3: Another 10 Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Part 1: Animation Beyond Pixar
Part 2: 10 More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar
Part 4: Some More Animated Movies Beyond Pixar

Before you start: I’d like to apologize for the terrible quality in a few of these screenshots. A few of the older/less successful movies are impossible to find in HD. With that, let’s get started! I hope you find something cool!

Sword of the Stranger (Stranja Mukōhadan, 2007)

It’s easy to forget what a good action movie looks like, and even easier to forget that there used to be action movies with actual grit, where the characters aren’t too clever to be fooled or hurt. Sword of the Stranger is both a good action movie and is absolutely caked in grit.

You won’t find many technical innovations in this Sword of the Stranger, and though the styling is beautiful in an austere way it’s definitely not a piece of glittering eye candy. That said, you will immediately be absorbed by its interesting characters and engrossing plot. It’s a testament to the power of good character development and satisfying plot progression/resolution, traits that animated movies often stumble over.

A young boy living among monks escapes as his home monastery is burned to the ground. Pursued by a band of elite Chinese warriors with mysterious motives, the boy runs across a disgraced samurai and strikes a deal for protection.


The Painting (Le Tableau, 2011)

(This movie is currently available on Netflix US!)

Part of the reason many 3D animated movies are terrible is their sheer banality. Too many of them are about small animals doing something silly for poorly-established reasons (coughDREAMWORKScough). That’s why it’s so incredibly refreshing when a small studio goes for novelty, and turns their creativity towards describing a fascinating premise.

The Painting is an undeniably gorgeous movie, where CGI is turned towards emulating different styles of paintings in really successful and interesting ways.

An unfinished painting sits, abandoned, in an artist’s tiny cabin. Inside the painting the figures have created a stratified culture made up of Alldunns, Halfies, and Scribbles. The only thing that sustains the Halfies and the Scribbles is the idea that their creator might return to complete the painting, but hope is fading fast. With mounting oppression from the Alldunns a Halfie, a Scribble, and a sympathetic Alldunn set out to find their creator, to ask him to finish their painting.


The Story of Mr. Sorry (Je-bool-chal-ssi I-ya-gi, 2008)

(This movie is currently available on Netflix US!)

Korea’s animation industry is weird. There’s a huge talent pool that regularly produces amazing work, but almost all of it is in the service of American TV shows. Stuff like Young Justice and Legend of Korra are largely designed and animated in South Korea. There’s very little by-and-for Korean animation available, and what is available is often indie (which means that giant talent pool usually isn’t involved).

The Story of Mr. Sorry is one of those indie movies. A dark fantasy animated with cut-out drawings (which, if anything, are vaguely reminiscent of Monty Python, no anime-styling here). The movie is cerebral, sometimes very literally. In tone and substance it’s a bit like Being John Malkovich, kind of quirky, depressive, and willfully weird.

A timid young man is shrunk to the size of a spider and works as an ear-cleaner. While cleaning ears he discovers that he can delve into peoples’ subconscious.


Heavy Metal (1981)

I love this ridiculous movie. Here’s what you need to know: Heavy Metal was produced by the publishers of Heavy Metal magazine, a British sci-fi/fantasy comics magazine started in the 70s that still runs today. Heavy Metal magazine publishes an extremely specific form of fantasy comic, which is a bit hard to describe. Imagine if Conan the Barbarian fought cyber-goblins in the old west.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s almost nothing good about this movie. Choppy animation, horrible voice acting, bad action, bad storytelling. Critical fails all around. The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s so completely, wonderfully ridiculous that you have to keep watching. There’s also an inexplicably good soundtrack with cuts from Black Sabbath, Devo, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Oyster Cult, and many more. All of this has made Heavy Metal kind of an animated version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film has always had a cult following, but it really found its audience once it started being used at midnight movie screenings, with people acting along to the ridiculously juvenile stories.

I’m not even going to try to describe the story here. There’s an orb that invades a house for some reason, then a lady who rides a flying horse-thing has to fight a cyborg, then a nerd turns into a body builder so he can beat up horny orcs… It’s just great.


Waltz with Bashir (Vals Im Bashir, 2008)

This is an incredible, sobering movie, and an impressive re-entry into feature-length animation for Israel. The style is impeccable, looking exactly like someone brought an inky, moody comic book to life, in spite of frequent photographic & 3D-rendered backgrounds & effects. Equally-impressive is that not one frame of the movie was rotoscoped, even though you’d swear it was given the incredibly natural movement of the characters.

It’s also a documentary.

Filmmaker Ari Folman meets an old friend for a drink. While catching up his friend relates an disturbing, war-related dream to Ari, which in turn makes Ari realize that he has blanked out his entire time as an Israeli soldier during the 1982 Lebanon war. Later that night Ari has an inexplicable dream regarding his time in Beirut. Unsettled, Ari begins talking to friends, members of his old combat unit, war journalists, and psychiatrists in an attempt to understand the dream, which seems to be related to the gruesome Sabra and Shatila massacre.


Roujin Z (Rōjin Zetto, 1991)

The early-90s were an odd time for anime, sort of a lull between the giant anime boom of the late 80s and its resurgence via licensed manga properties in the late-90s. It’s always fun to see what an entertainment industry does when the public stopped paying attention. Usually because lots of really innovative and strange ideas manage to seep through the studio filters in that situation. That was definitely the case with Roujin Z, which is somehow an action-comedy about a bedridden old man. Smart and darkly-funny, Roujin Z plays out like the most satisfying kind of satire.

In the near-future the Ministry of Public Welfare unveils its new innovation in senior-care: a robotic, artificially-intelligent hospital bed that can bathe, clothe, feed, and entertain its occupant. However, not everything about the bed is as it seems, and when it goes haywire it sets off a mad-dash between government agencies to contain the situation.


Fierro (sometimes Martín Fierro, 2007)

Based on a pair of epic poems by Argentinian writer José Hernández, the story of Martín Fierro is considered an indispensable touchstone for Argentinian national identity.

The titular (and fictitious) Martín Fierro is a poor goucho, an everyman who is unjustly conscripted by a Spanish governor to defend a frontier outpost against native attacks. Fierro’s fearsome sense of independence and open rebellion against his Spanish commanding officers made him an instant folk hero in 1890s Argentina.

That sense of national pride really comes through in this production, with a lot of gorgeous background paintings and a really lovingly-crafted score giving the movie a suitably epic, sweeping feel. That said, there are a few problems. Fierro’s simplistic character designs and oddly-placed comedic bits give the movie tonal problems, which the dramatic soundtrack can sometimes exacerbate. It’s sometimes unclear if Fierro wants to be a grand saga or a silly spaghetti western.


Aya of Yop City (Aya de Yopougon, 2012)

Aya of Yop City depicts a version of Africa that is almost never seen in the west: A peaceful, rapidly-modernizing society with an emerging middle class. It’s based on a series of graphic novels by Marguerite Abouet, who in turn based the series on her own experiences growing up in 1970s Côte d’Ivoire.

This is apparently Abouet’s directorial debut, and right off the bat it is an amazing piece of visual storytelling. I actually wasn’t able to find a subtitle of this movie, but the art direction is so spot-on that I managed to glean most of the movie off of character interactions & tone.

Though the figure-movement can be a bit stiff, everything else about Aya absolutely pops. The character designs are simple but immediately charming, the backgrounds are lovingly rendered for every scene, the score is infectious, and the movie never once feels slow or boring. If this is Abouet’s debut then she’s clearly a fierce talent.

Told from the perspective of Aya, a young adult in the middle-class neighborhood of Yop City, the story follows the travails of Aya’s neighbors. Adjoua, one of Aya’s closest friends, has just discovered she’s pregnant. The father seems to be Moussa, the only son of one of the richest families in Côte d’Ivoire, and he and Adjoua are quickly married. However, when the baby is born Moussa’s domineering father starts doubting the parentage. Meanwhile Aya’s other friend, Bintou, has started dating a rich Parisian man who isn’t what he seems.


The Thief and the Cobbler (1993)

The Thief and the Cobbler can be viewed as the ultimate cautionary tale for animators. It stands as testament to the fact that no matter how great the creator’s pedigree, how beautiful the film, or how many amazing actors are on board, no film is safe from studio meddling.

It had a notoriously long and troubled production time, starting in 1964 and not seeing the light of day until 1993, having passed through several major production studios and ending up at a cut-rate production bond company. What was intended to be the masterpiece of veteran animator Richard Williams was drastically and haphazardly recut into a direct-to-video yawn. And it’s really our loss, the original animation in The Thief and the Cobbler is absolutely peerless. The amount of beautiful fluidity, or amazingly genuine idiosyncrasies in movement ascribed to drawings still hasn’t been equalled by a major studio.

Thankfully, TTatC got a second life in the animation underground. For years a workprint copy of the movie was circulated by animation fans, and to this day you can still find recuts of the movie on the internet, each one claiming to be closer to Williams’ original intent than the last. The best-known of these recuts is probably Garrett Gilchrist’s “The Recobbled Cut”, released in 2006. Seek it out, it is worth the effort.

The story: The Golden City is an arabesque paradise, ruled by the good King Nod. An ancient prophecy foretells that the city is guarded by three golden balls on its highest spire, and if those balls are ever removed the city will fall to warlike race of one-eyed creatures. If this should ever come to pass the city’s only hope is, “the simplest of souls with the smallest of things.” Meanwhile city-life is moving along predictably for the young cobbler Tack, until a chance encounter with a thief puts him in the clutches of the city’s scheming Vizier, Zigzag, while the thief absconds with the three golden balls.


The Triplets of Belleville (Les Triplettes de Belleville, 2003)

As the first French animated feature to make a splash overseas, The Triplets of Belleville has become many peoples’ gateway to Francophone animation. And no wonder, it’s a wonderful example of the power of visual storytelling, relying almost entirely on pantomime to communicate its story.

The first feature-length film of Sylvain Chomet (who you might recognize as the director of The Illusionist, another wonderful animated movie), TToB blew everyone away when it first debuted. Somehow it manages to be moody and light, silly and touching, & downtrodden but upbeat all at once. Moreover, in spite of its novel story and ample world-building, it moves along at a very brisk, immensely satisfying pace. You never once catch yourself counting the minutes, wishing the story would move along. That’s an accomplishment in a medium that often inspires self-indulgence.

Madame Souza has trained her grandson, Champion, for years to compete in the Tour de France. However, in the last leg of the race Champion is kidnapped. It’s up to Souza and her chubby dog Bruno to save him. Things look grim as the two follow Champion’s trail to the overstuffed city of Belleville, but a chance encounter with three aging music hall singers may provide the help they need.

AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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anonymous asked:

Yes the request box is open ~ <3 may I request some relationship, romantic, as a married man, (being a) father and nsfw (inclusive kinks) headcanon for Phipps? x3 Your writings are so great.. keep up your great work x3

You can find nsfw headcanons for him HERE.

Charles Phipps:


  • He will be like your own prince charming, the quiet and strict one but still. Charles would try to win your attention by adoring you like a gentelman he is; giving you flowers, inviting you to the restaurants or dinners prepared by himself, buying you jewerly which he would find suitable (you would be surprised how GREAT his taste is) or simply taking you to the places that could be considered as romantic. He would never push you further into relationship, only if you truly and visibly want it, then he would take small steps to get to know you better, falling in love with you more and more everyday and doing his best to make you feel the same toward him.
  • As mentioned before, Charles will have a great taste in almost everything he does, that is why presents given by him will be always suitable. Nothing he chooses is random so if you would receive something from him, you may want to check the meaning hidden under the language of flowers, popular opinions and rumors about the place he had took you to, the symbolism of stones in your new jewerly or the important quotes from the books he would give you. He is an educated man who has a rather large knowledge about the world and he will impress you with that more than once.
  • Charles is surprisingly good at handicraft and he will gladly teach you things you want to learn about it. It is a perfect opportunity to spend some time together in peace and something productive at the same time, not to mention showing you how great partner he could be for you.

After marriage:

  • He is definitely not the type who would stop adoring you after the wedding, on the contrary, he will be proud to have you as his wife and do everything to make you feel good in your relationship. He may not be the easiest one to be around, he has his job which takes most of his time and is actually quite stressful so he will need your presence and patience in his life, sometimes dealing with a breakdowns, wanting to be alone for a while or two, taming his emotions inside and - the most important - he will love you with his whole heart for staying with him no matter what.
  • He will want to make sure that you are feeling safe with him. Naturally, he can physically protect you from almost everything so you don’t have to worry about any harm that could happen to you from the ‘outside’. He has a high position in the whole kingdom, too so you should prepare to being asked a lot of questions and knowing many inquisitive people who would want to learn about your personal life as a wife of the Queen’s butler. However, his rank will make it possible for you to attend to the royal events and enjoy the noble life. He is going to make sure that the people who are troubling you don’t have the admission to attend the balls that you are going to participate in.
  • Charles is the type who will be faithful to you until his own end, even if you two will be old, wrinked and grumpy, he will still bring you flowers so you wouldn’t forget about his love.

Being a father:

  • Spending the rest of his life with you would be even better if you would have a child (or three) but if it will be only you two in the end, he won’t complain and still be more than satisfied.
  • At first, he will be rather afraid to hold his baby but after some assuring that he can’t hurt them, he won’t want to let them out of his hands, walking around the room, humming lullabies and trying to guess if they are going to be more similiar to you or to him when they grow up.
  • Even though he has the possibilities and wealth to do this, he won’t want to spoil his kids, rather to have them know the importance of the hard work, learning about the world and manners and being good, respectable humans in the future. Sometimes he may be harsh toward them but it will be just his perfectionism and the desire to give them the best of him.

mcmartinsci  asked:

best musicals to watch and where can I watch them (as in, not live)

Alrighty, so I’m not sure where you stand with musical theatre, so I’m just going to mix my faves with some must-sees. 


I don’t care that everybody is a total musical theatre snob about Wicked, it’s one of my favorites and I think the music is great. Plus, the plot line kills me and I am a hardcore Fiyeraba shipper. This version has my favorite– Donna Vivino. I love her Elphaba, especially because her No Good Deed is astounding. 


Dogfight is my favorite musical of all time ever. I love the music to bits and pieces. It is about a marine named Eddie who is about to ship out, but the night before he goes he and his fellow marines have a dogfight– put $50 into the pot, and the marine with the ugliest date takes it home. Eddie takes Rose Fenny, who is one of my favorite female characters of all time (I used to be able to fool Akinator with her, but not anymore) to the dogfight, but he ends up genuinely liking her and they spend his last night together. I would suggest you look up the soundtrack before you watch– be sure to check out Pretty Funny and First Date, Last Night, but basically every song is amazing. 

TW: Rape

Spring Awakening

This is easily one of the most provocative musicals on Broadway. It is a folksy rock musical about a group of 14 year olds (played by people in their twenties) growing up in 19th century Germany who have all been shielded by their parents from sex, and therefore are now discovering their own curiosities about adulthood and what it means to grow up. It is absolutely heartbreaking, but the music is amazing and the acting is unreal. There’s a really graphic sex scene at the end of act I, so this musical is not for kiddies. 

TW: Rape, sexual abuse, abortion, suicide

The Last Five Years

Every single link I find for this musical is broken, so I would suggest you grab the movie. It’s worth it! Feel free to listen to the original Broadway cast recording with Norbert Leo Butz or the 2013 revival with Betsy Wolfe, though– those are great. Betsy Wolfe seriously acts the part. Anyways, TL5Y stars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan (who is one of Broadway’s kings) as they go through their five year relationship. Cathy begins the musical by singing “Jamie is over and Jamie is gone,” as she has just found out that Jamie wants a divorce, officially. Jamie goes through their relationship top-to-bottom (chronologically) and sings about falling in love with her. The only time they sing together is at their wedding and at the very end. Keep an ear out for the musical pattern that plays at the very beginning and occasionally during Cathy and Jamie’s songs. It is the intro to the musical, but words are never applied to it until the final song in the show, when Jamie sing “I could never rescue you/All you ever wanted. No, I could never rescue you/no matter how I tried. All I could do was love you hard and let you go.”

Legally Blonde

This musical is just… hella freaking fun. I can’t actually tell you why it’s good, I just know that it is. The truth is, the writing is only okay, a lot of the instrumentals are cheesy, as are some of the jokes. But for some reason, this thing right here manages to captivate me. Nobody really understands why it’s so good– I’ve had full-fledged conversations about this, it makes no sense– but it might have to do with the amazing development of Elle and Emmet’s relationship. TBH, the musical does it better than the movie. No Reece Witherspoon, but Laura Bell Bundy is unreal. Listen to “So Much Better.” You will feel empowered. 

Phantom of the Opera

I think this is just one of those musicals everybody should see. The link I’ve provided above is for a version with Norm Lewis (the first black Phantom and an extraordinarily talented human being) and Sierra Boggess (who is most people’s favorite Christine, if I’m not mistaken, and she’s also an actual Disney Princess). If you want a more HD version, there’s a 25th anniversary that used to be on Netflix (I remember because my friends and I came home after a school dance a few years ago and watched it because the dance sucked so bad) and there’s also a movie with Emmy Rossum, who helped me realize just how bi I really am. Anyways, Phantom is the longest running musical on Broadway and is still going. All I Ask of You destroys me and The Final Lair is one of my favorite songs in musical theatre. 

Oncethis is the soundtrack because I couldn’t find a link that wasn’t broken, but it’s still more than worth listening to. I listen to it when I’m writing constantly. 

Fun fact: I saw this when Arthur Darvill was in it. He did a great job. I actually came away from this show screaming about how amazing the set changes were. They danced their way through set changes and it was graceful and beautiful and superb. You’ve probably already heard one of the songs from Once– Falling Slowly won the Oscar for best original song in 2008. This musical is beautiful and has so much heart. The actors sit onstage with their heads down when they’re not in play, and as soon as they’re in the scene, they stand up and walk onto the set. All of them play their own instruments– there isn’t a pit. The story is heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I will tell you that it hurts and I cried and I loved every second of it. 

Next To Normal

When thinking about opening up a dialogue about sensitive issues, this musical is one that I would reference. It is about a family that wishes to simply be ‘next to normal,’ but they can’t because the mother has bipolar disorder. This leads to the daughter probably having depression and the father feeling a level of helplessness expressed beautifully by my favorite song in the musical, I’ve Been. Yet the music is totally beautiful and the emotions expressed are raw and painful. Somehow there is still so much joy in the instrumentation. This musical makes you think about what normal truly is (is there such a thing?) and about what it means to be a family. I Am The One, Superbody and the Invisible Girl, and I’m Alive are musical theatre insta-classics. 


I didn’t put a link here because a) I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has already scene this movie, and b) if you haven’t seen the movie, rent the movie. The original Broadway cast recording has awful awful synth and the cast is the same except for Mimi. Anyways, Rent tells the story of a bunch of misfit New Yorkers in the 90s who are happily embracing the bohemian movement and who are all being either directly or indirectly affected by AIDs. It is sad. You will cry. But it’s also amazing, and the music is beautiful (the I’ll Cover You reprise is my favorite song. Ouch!?). 

Other musicals that I don’t have a link to but you should listen through: Hamilton, 1776 (this is just my personal bias; it’s one of my faves from when I was a smol fry), Heathers, Fun Home, Book of Mormon (just cuz it’s funny.) 

Breathless Part 5

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : Never Stop by Safetysuit

Summary : Being at a SPNCON, Jensen was up to perform a song. But once he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t stop himself from staring. After, as everyone made their way to the lobby, you had realized you left your phone somewhere. While calling it, in hopes you could find it, Jensen answers.

A/N : I am so amazed by how well this series is going! Thank you all for the positive feedback. It makes my day !! Also, play this song. this is what jensen sings in the story! Enjoy!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

The night was young, and you and Jensen were hanging out with Jared and Gen at their house, to watch the game.  

It was a normal routine. 

You four always got together every week and it felt like home. They felt like home.

Everything was moving fast, and time was beyond your reach. It’s been 6 months since you and Jensen made it official at the awards show, and it was beyond the best months of your life. 

He took you to places you’ve never been. Made adventures with you. Memories you hope to never forget. 

During his off time, he would either stay at your place or you’d stay at his. He showered you with love and it was something you weren’t used too. But on his busy days, when he either had work or conventions, he always made time for you. No matter what. 

You felt special. Even hd to pinch yourself because it seemed too good to be true. 

Everything was great, until your pictures were plastered all over Twitter, and some fans began to throw some hate your way. 

You tried to keep away from those things, too ignore them. But it was hard. Especially when you were alone. 

“So I am throwing Jared a surprise party for his birthday next week.” Gen muttered, holding the wine glass up to her face so the boys couldn’t see what she was saying. “And I was wondering if you could help?” She batted her eyes and smiled. 

“Of course! Anything for you.” You stammered. “Maybe we could get male strippers. I’m sure he’d love that.” You winked. 

Gen laughed, louder than expected, causing the boys to snap their eyes on you. 

“What’s so funny?” Jared smiled. 

“Oh nothing, just making jokes about stuff.” She cackled. 

The boys both furrowed their brows and nodded. 

“Yeah okay.” He stammered. “Bet they’re plotting on how to murder us.” He whispered to Jensen. 

Jensen chuckled to himself, and turned to look at you.

He enjoyed watching you smile. Seeing you and Gen grow closer. It meant everything to him that you two got along. 

“Come on, it’s about to start.” Jared yelped. 

You and gen made your way next to the boys. 

Gen sat on Jareds lap while you snuggled up next to Jensen. 

You felt his lips press firmly on your head, as he tangled his hands into yours.
“Come on!! I don’t give a shit about commercials. I want to see the damn game!” Jared grunted. 

You felt Jensen chuckle as he looked at his best friend. “Eat a snickers you old man.” He teased. 

You looked at the smiles on their faces, and felt at ease. They were family. 


Both you and Jensen were exhausted from your evening at Jareds.
Finally making it back to your place, Jensen decided to take a quick shower. Leaving you alone. 

Your phone kept going off through the night. But you were too busy to notice. Until now. 

You could feel your stomach churn as you read the notification. It was messages from people on Twitter. 

You took in a deep breath and opened the app. As you read each tweet, ‘He deserves so much more! She’s nothing’ ‘She isn’t even cute’ ‘Why is he even with her? Is he blind?’ ‘Bet this won’t even last another month.' 

You felt your heart drop and a knot form in your throat. Tears welled in your eyes, and it was excruciating. 

You threw your phone. As the words stitched into you. 

“Hey baby. Where’s the lotion?” Jensen muttered, walking into the room in nothing but a towel that was wrapped around his waist. 

You wiped the tears away and sniffed in a deep breath. Trying to hold your composure. 

“Here.” You whispered as you handed him the lotion. 

He flashed a smile and met your gaze for moment. Taking another look, he furrowed his eye brows and pulled your face up to his. 

“What’s wrong babe?” He asked, looking concerned. 

You tried to laugh it off, but the tears were overbearing. “Nothing I’m fine.”
“Something is bothering you. What is it?“ 

You let out a long sigh and dropped your head. Your body began to shake as you wept into your hands. 

“I’m not good enough for you!” You finally let out.  

Jensen was baffled. Hurt even. “W-what? Where is this coming from?“ 

"Does it matter?” You asked, meeting his gaze. “I’m not rich, I’m not in movies, I’m not pretty like a model, I’m no one. Nothing." 

Jensen pursed his lips together, and knelt down in front of you. Cupping your face, he wanted you to know so bad of how he felt. "You’re the most beautiful person I have ever met. You know that? Whenever you look at me or smile or even laugh, I lose my breath. You have no idea how much you mean to me.” He whispered. “I don’t care about your money, or the fact that you aren’t rich and famous. I care that you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside." 

You felt your stomach flutter as your lips slowly curved up.
"You’re amazing.” You smiled. 

“I know.” He smirked. 

You rolled your eyes as you both chuckled. 

“I’m going to take my makeup off and brush my teeth.” You exclaimed.
He nodded and gently pressed his lips to yours. “Hurry up so we can go to sleep, cause I’m beat.” He cackled. 

“Okay old man.” You teased. 

As you made your way to the bathroom, Jensen slipped into his boxers, and hung the towel on the rack. He noticed your phone on the floor and picked it up to place in on your nightstand. Until the screen lit up like crazy.  

“What the hell?” He whispered. Opening the app, he read through the nasty messages, that she was tagged in. 

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, especially since they were from his fans. He felt sick. Annoyed. 

And he knew exactly what he had to do. 

“Hey babe. Don’t make plans this weekend ok?” He stammered.
“What why?” You yelped through the door. 

“Because, im taking you to the convention okay? It’ll be fun! It’s the thing that brought us together in the first place.” He smiled as the images of that night flooded his mind. 

You felt the blood rush up to your cheeks. “Sure. Yea that sounds fun.”

You looked into the mirror, and your lips slowly fell. You were a mess, and it made you feel even worse. Even making you second guess the decision to go. But it was too late to change your mind. 

"Awesome.” You sighed. 


(The weekend of the con)

The room was crowded with fans. Some cosplaying as the characters as other dressed normally. You haven’t been to one in months, not since the night your life changed. 

You sat in the very back with Felicia and Gen. As the boys were on stage, singing and dancing. Making fools of themselves.
It was hilarious. 

But as the night rolled in, Jensen decided to do a solo.
He took a seat as he held the guitar close to him. 

“So this song-” he paused looking up at you, as he began to play the cords. “This song is for my girlfriend.” He flashed a smile. 

Your stomach fluttered as the blood rushed up to your cheeks.
Jensen kept his gaze on your for a moment, until he leaned in to the mic. 

This is my love song to you. 

Let every woman know I’m yours. 

So you could fall asleep each night babe. 

And know I’m dreaming of your more.”

Your eyes began to well with tears as you watched your boyfriend dedicate a song to you. Gen and Felicia were in tears as well, as a smile plastered on their faces. Lingering on every word he sang, you were mesmerized. 

You’re always hoping that we make it. 

You always want to keep my gaze, 

Well you’re the only one I see and 

That’s the one thing that won’t change." 

Gen slipped her hand into yours and squeezed. "This is so freakin adorable.” She whispered. 

I will never stop trying. 

I will never stop watching as you leave.

I will never stop losing my breath-” Jensen looked up, and locked his gaze with yours. 

Every time I see you looking back at me. 

I’ll never stop holding your hand. 

I’ll never stop opening your door. 

I’ll never stop choosing your babe. 

I’ll never get used to you." 

The tears streamed down, staining your cheeks. Your heart raced as your smile grew more and more. 

Jensen couldn’t keep his gaze off you, as he sang each word. He had been extremely nervous, especially since he wanted it everything to be perfect.
You still get my heart racing, still get my heart racing for you.“ 

The fans were in awe. You could hear people sniffling, and other crying as he came to the end. Some even looked back at you then back at him, recording you both. 

It was like something out of a movie. 

As he played the last chord, everyone jumped up and cheered. Felicia and Gen mirrored their actions as you kept your gaze on him. 

He looked around the room, his smile was big. Like a little kid on Christmas morning. 

And when he looked at you, he grabbed the mic. 

"I’ll never get used to you Y/N.” He stammered. “Well thank you all for an amazing night! See you guys tomorrow!” He smiled. Waving goodbye to the crowd. 

You watched as he made his way to you. Cameras followed him, pictures were being taken. But he was the only thing you saw. 

Your cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, but you couldn’t help it. You were filled with nothing but happiness. 

He cupped your face, and crashed his lips to yours. Echoes of people screaming and pictures being taken. And even Gen and Felicia were ecstatic.
“Come on let’s go.” He whispered. 

You felt him guide you out of the room and into the back where all the other cast members waited. 

“Well wasn’t that just so romantic!” The boys teased. Pretending to seem touched, as they pressed their hands to their chest. 

“You’re just so dreamy!” Richard croaked. 

“Oh shut up.” Jensen chuckled, wrapping his arms over your chest as he rested his chin on your head. 

“So what’s the plan? Are we going out to eat or what?” Jared asked, sitting on the couch. 

“We are going to get food. Because after that performance, well let’s just say I worked up an appetite.” Misha flashed a dirty wink. 

Laughter filled the air as you all gathered your belongings. 

The crew made their way out of the conference room and you were two. Until Jensen pulled you back into him. 

“Come on. We’re going to be late.” You muttered. Still smiling like an idiot, or so you felt. 

He pushed your hair behind your ear, his eyes were soft as the locked into yours. “I know, I just want to tell you something." 

You furrowed your brows. "Okay? What’s up?" 

Jensen was quiet for a moment, keeping his gaze on you as he felt his palms begin to sweat and his heart race. He was extremely nervous. 

"I-i love you.” He exhaled. 

You grew bashful. Your tears fell from your eyes. This was the first time he has ever said those words. And honestly, you were beginning to think he was never going to. 

And now here you are. 

“I love you too.” Your voice shook. 

He gently pressed his lips to yours. He tasted of something sweet. Just like the night you two met. 

“Okay. Enough chick flick moments.” You flashed a wink. 

Jensen belted out in laughter, throwing his head back as he cackled. “Oh God. You are such a fan girl." 

"Shut up, Dean. Now let’s go, before Jared eats all of the food.” You chuckled.
Jensen nodded and lead the way, his hand holding yours. 

“Want to race? Bet I can beat you.” He challenged. 

You raised an eye brow and nodded. “Ok. Loser has to pay.”

"Great. On the count of three.” You muttered.  

“One, tw-" 

You pushed him down and began to run toward the lobby. 

"H-hey that’s cheating!” He grunted as he propped himself up and followed behind you. 

“Can’t hear you! I don’t speak loser!” You cackled.

anonymous asked:

Your blog appeared on my dashboard and I clicked the follow button almost instantly. However I have a question related to vaporwave, why there are people saying vaporwave is dead? I found something similar related to Macintosh hd (or something like that) with an edited version of her album cover in which the statue face is gone, symbolizing vaporwave's death?

Okay so first of all, thanks for asking me because God knows I don’t get to talk about this stuff IRL and get taken seriously very often.

There are many ways to interpret this idea, so I’ll take them one at a time.

1. Vaporwave is dead is a final give up and frustrated sigh to some (mostly /mu/ frequenters on 4chan imo). To them, Vaporwave exists as an anonymous music genre first and foremost. It posits the idea of post-identity, seeing as many artists and creators choose to remain nameless and faceless. After all, the namesake vaporwave and “waves of vapor” mean meaningless, fleeting, not substantial, nihilistic, etc. 

What prompts people to say Vaporwave is Dead comes from people choosing to put a name and face to themselves, whether it’s Chuck Person being revealed to be Daniel Lopatin, or the ever-famous Floral Shoppe’s Macintosh Plus being tracked down to Ramona Xavier and Vektroid. This flies in the face of “what Vaporwave is arbitrarily supposed to be about” according to them.

2. Not only that, but many who subscribe to the Vaporwave is Dead slogan are also frustrated with a lack of actual talent in the genre. At some points, it’s like finding a diamond in the rough only to have that diamond lost again forever within an endless soundcloud playlist. 

Personally, I tend to almost exclusively look at Vaporwave that has been recommended to me and I hold onto those tracks because I know it’s hard to actually find good vaporwave these days. Any nerdy 15 year old with basic knowledge of audio engineering can call themselves a “vaporwave artist” much like many a nerd who can rhyme sometimes will take a stab at being a soundcloud rapper. This isn’t a diss at aspiring artists, far from it, but because Vaporwave has no mainstream appeal, it’s incredibly difficult to know who went to college for 5+ years to make their sound and who spent 30 minutes on a free audio mixer. A lot of it is shit. And people get frustrated with having to spend countless hours to find one new good song in a genre that’s maybe 8 years old at best. 

2a. This isn’t even mentioning the idea that some assholes and eternal hipsters think they’re the only ones qualified to enjoy Vaporwave and will intentionally say bad music is good because “Well you just don’t get it” when in reality, anyone willing to sit down and decide what they like in the genre can find something enjoyable. It’s challenging sometimes, but not impossible. Because of this factor, many have moved on from Vaporwave, deeming it unfit for their challenging hipster needs.

3. An easier reason to say Vaporwave is Dead comes from the idea that Vaporwave is in effect, obsessed with death and the past. Sure, the past that Vaporwave shamelessly romanticizes is only 30 years ago, but if you notice, themes that often pop up in the aesthetic are skeletons, empty buildings, lifeless roman busts, fake plants, as well as the idea of consumerism and it’s affect on us today. This third point is admittedly a lot more shallow than the previous two, but I’m trying to be as all encompassing as I can.

I’ll give you a link to Vaporwave: A Brief History, because it is amazing if you want to know more about it. They get very philosophical and it’s a pretty long video so have a snack ready, but I got a good crash course into what Vaporwave is from that video. 


People get buttmad because their precious underground genre is going a little more mainstream while the quality tanks. 

My theory as to the redone cover to “symbolize the death of vaporwave” is that Ramona Xavier (the Macintosh Plus artist) simply didn’t want to be pigeon holed into “one hit wonder”-dom and she was probably a little (rightly) upset that no one seemed to care about her other work. It’s also possible she simply did what Vaporwave was meant to do; dissolve and disappear until the next puff of vapor inevitably shows up.

In the end, there isn’t really an answer we can point to until/unless she speaks out about it personally. As for me, I don’t think Vaporwave is dead, because we’ve seen it grow as a genre and branch off into other subsets of weird crazy music. It’s most often seen as aesthetic over substance, but that doesn’t make Vaporwave any less worthwhile to look at and contemplate. 

Maybe Vaporwave is meant to be enjoyed.

Maybe not. 

That’s a question for a different day.

Thanks so much for following me and thanks again soooooo much for asking me this question, I love answering these kinds of things!


anonymous asked:

can you write something about lucas being able to comfort maya when nobody else can? just like fluffy, cute stuff?

Her dad came back to town a few weeks ago, demanding to meet with her, and she hasn’t been quite the same since.

Everyone in their friend group has tried to talk with her, that is except for Lucas. Today was his turn to try and get her to talk.

He knows exactly where to find her. The art room in their old middle school. The place she always runs off too when things get a little too hard, a little too much, a little too scary. He’s always been able to find her there.

He walks into the art room and of course, she’s there.

“Maya?” He quietly says, approaching her slowly, trying not to scare her off.

She doesn’t acknowledge him besides the dip of her paintbrush into the red paint.

He pulls up at a chair next to her, and sits down.

“I heard that your dad came back.” Lucas gently nudges her in the arm, worried. “Do you want to talk about it?”


Lucas doesn’t buy it.


She sighs and turns to face him. “What?”

“I know you.” He reaches over and takes her hand, squeezing it. “I know that you bottle things up, I know it explodes even when you try not to let it. I know you need to talk.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Fine.” She huffs and sets down her brush, wiping her messy hands on her old, worn jeans. “He came back a month ago. Said he wanted to talk to me about something.” She sniffs and he can see the tears forming in her eyes. “He showed me a picture of a family, and I didn’t think anything of it until he pointed out that it was his new family.”

“Oh, Maya.”

“He has a new family. And it’s not me and my mom. He left us, Lucas. I can’t help but love him still, but I wish I hated him.”

“Maya.” Lucas shakes his head, gently placing his hands on both sides of her face. “He doesn’t deserve you. You don’t deserve to have someone leave you, you don’t deserve to feel sad over the fact that he wasn’t ready to be a father and left. It was not your fault.”

“Damn right he doesn’t deserve me.” Maya wipes her teary eyes.

Lucas lets out a small laugh, agreeing with her.

“You have me, and all our friends. We love you, and that’s all that matters.” He continues.

Maya smiles softly at him.

“Thank you, huckleberry.”

She huffs and pulls him in for a sweet hug, leaning her head on his shoulder and looping her hand around his neck.

“You’re welcome, Maya. I’d do anything for you.”

Becoming Hawking: How Eddie Redmayne Prepared to Play a Brilliant Scientist

In order to play the many sides of famed British scientist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything,” actor Eddie Redmayne kept a trio of images tacked up on the wall of his trailer for inspiration.

One, for genius, was a photo of Albert Einstein. Next was James Dean, because, he says, Hawking is “such a ladies man.” And third, a joker from a deck of cards. Why? So he never forgot Hawking’s wry sense of humor. “If you’re in a room with him, he’s definitely running the room,” Redmayne told the Associated Press.

The inspiration worked. Calling it “the closest I will come to time travel,” Hawking recently praised the actor’s performance in “Theory of Everything,” available to own now on Digital HD and Feb. 17 on Blu-ray/DVD. And Hawking is not alone.

Keep reading

An open letter from me to you, indefinite hiatus

Dear person(s),

Let me start off by saying thank you. Thank you for your support throughout the years for my music. It’s been a crazy 10 years of writing and performing. It all started with a song, “How’s  San Diego Pauli?”, and a dream of mine to be successful in music. I have to say … that dream is reality — and while it may not be success in music the way that most people see it, it’s a lot more than I could ever ask for.

I’ve written songs and have had people share videos of them online covering them. People sing along in the crowd at my shows. The best experience is when someone whom I’ve never met before comes up to me and tells me how much my music has affected their life in a positive way and helped them get through hardships. That’s what I do it for.

With all of this being said, I have to explain why I’m taking a break from the live music scene. Shows are a bit different than they were when YouTube was new and fresh and a place to find new artists ALL the time. Back then, fans and artists alike were excited to get together to play music on the same stage. Even non-musicians would all come to these shows, ready to make cameos on stage with their friends. It was a bunch of us having fun and being ourselves. And whoever was watching loved it. They didn’t care if we goofed around on stage, or danced around while our friends were singing. They just loved that we were there, at their school, in their city, and because we could relate to them. We were just like them — just a bunch of kids who still live with their parents, trying to get by, and doing what we love to do.

I grew up around people who were discovering their love for performance. When I first started playing shows from 2004-2008, I met a lot of people through MySpace and YouTube. A lot of them were first-time performers; booked for a gig through their “booking email” with no idea what to do when they got on stage. We were all used to making a persona online, writing songs, covering popular songs and putting them on YouTube. But a lot of us weren’t used to performing live in front of actual people. I mean, most of us were Asian, so of course we had karaoke in front of our parents … but this was different. Still, even though a lot of us got nervous on stage or were perfecting our craft in front of our growing audience, they loved us anyway. There wasn’t a show where people weren’t screaming as loud as they could or making a commotion after the show trying to meet us just to take a picture.

Now, I’m not speaking on behalf of everyone, but a lot of us are experiencing getting back to those days — when everyone was excited, and every time we had a new song it would be a huge deal. These days, big companies are seeing that we have the “numbers” to pull crowds so they invest or sponsor us. When people don’t show up — they blame us. They say we didn’t “promote” enough when we were doing the exact same thing we were years ago. But years ago was when the scene wasn’t over-saturated. Before, there were only a handful of us who could gain the courage to put ourselves out there on YouTube and social media. Nowadays, there’s a formula to become a “YouTuber” or a “YouTube cover artist.” There’s not a lot of creativity being showcased.

Listen: Everyone can be talented. But you gotta be different. You gotta be unique. You gotta be you. Because no one else can be you.

So now the days of copying everyone else is here — with the same cover songs being put out there, in the same style and on the same HD format and the same camera angles. Remember when YouTube first came out? It evened the playing field for all of us. No one was doing what we were doing — writing songs and putting it out there, or just singing or playing our instrument in front of a webcam. It would do just as well as other “mainstream” artists and a lot of us were even in the top 50 channels of YouTube next to artists we grew up listening to. Now it’s back to where mainstream and YouTube independent-ness is once again as far from each other as the Earth and Pluto. YouTube gives the help they once gave to independent creators all to the record labels who are mad that their artists aren’t getting the views they think they “deserve.” Vevo is taking over, and artists doing parodies is getting old. And you see a lot of creators with their quality of video being the highest quality ever made in the history of highest quality, on a song that isn’t theirs. Don’t get me wrong — I love doing covers. And doing covers has helped me so much in my career. But that’s not what I’m about. And people know that. Now, covers are taking over and the artists who are doing them are being called “cover artists” when they know damn well in their heart that they want to be original. They want to be what they’ve always wanted to be; respected as much as the artists on the radio — the artists who are doing their own songs (or songs that are written for them).

So for the artists who don’t want to completely give in to the system, we struggle. We struggle with monetizing our own original material. And we try to put up this front as if we’re still doing the same as we were even two years ago. Yeah, our views are still growing — but not nearly as fast as 2008-2011. Our subscriber count doesn’t mean a thing when the videos aren’t even popping up into our subscribers’ feed. A video of mine can max out after two weeks around 50,000 views, when before I could upload a video on a Friday and know it would get at least 100,000 over the weekend. Announcement videos for shows max out at 10,000 or less, and those are the important ones for the shows we’re promoting. Things aren’t the same, even for some who are growing exponentially as artists. You see their music mature but the view count doesn’t show that — it shows a decrease — even though we’ve been working hard to write new material and work with producers and engineers to make our music even more listenable. We are becoming “irrelevant” to some fans because we don’t get the views we used to get — or it’s the fact that we can’t sell out 500-people venues anymore. We just won’t admit that things are getting harder.

But I can admit that things are getting harder. It’s harder for me as an independent musician to be financially stable nowadays. I played a tour last year where it was 5 cities, and a TOTAL of 300 people came to the shows. The promoter thought I would sell out 500 capacity venues because of my 100 million views and 500,000 subs on YouTube. And that burns a little, to be honest. It hurts when people are so hyped over you selling all these tickets and getting you excited for playing for all these people — and then you get there and it’s not at all how you expected. But then again, when you do meet the 30 or so people who did come to that show — you have the satisfaction you’ve always wanted — the fact that people relate to your story, and listen to what you’ve created. That makes up for it all, really. But realistically, you can’t make a living off satisfaction alone. We need to have a business mind set as well if we want to survive outside of our parents’ home. And that’s just reality.

So I’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from performing live and booking shows. Not sure if I’ll ever come back to it because I’ll be exploring a lot of different options. I have four or five last shows that I’ve committed to, some with my band and some solo gigs, and I’ll be posting all that information on my social media outlets. The last show will be at the end of August.

My band has been nothing but amazing to me. I love them all like brothers and I wish them the best of luck. But it’s time for us to focus on the separate paths we’ve chosen, with all of us choosing to live on opposite sides of the country. It’s not easy having a band that doesn’t get to practice, write together, or even just hang a lot. All the gigs we’ve played recently have either had one night of practice or no practice at all. It’s like we show up for work and then bounce right after. We have to find that spark again. And whether or not it comes back, just know that I remember every moment on stage with you guys. It’s been one hell of a ride.

I won’t stop posting videos on YouTube, though it won’t be as frequent as it was last year. Nothing will ever keep me away from making music, so you’ll still be seeing me around — online. It’s been an awesome 10 years of playing shows all around the world … The people I’ve met and the musicians I’ve played with over the years, I won’t forget.

I’ll still be doing what I love, writing songs and making melodies … so actually, this hiatus is not as dramatic as you may think it is. I just need to reassess and focus on myself. This last year has been tough on me with a lot of personal things happening. I just need to focus on why I was called to play music in the first place. If I find that again, I’ll let you guys know.



A very detailed analysis of Keep Holding On with Achele(or Faberry) being sly!!

This time I’m exploring all the Achele and Faberry feelings during Keep Holding On, the season 5 version, although I might do season 1 too sometime soon. This review was requested by JabeLee and is dedicated to her. Sorry for taking so long!!

Be warned my Quinn Fabray and Faberry feelings were really hurt this time around and I might rant a little bit more, over Quinn and the fantasy couple and not the real one.

So, Puck decides to sing KHO to Quinn, because F**k logic!! KHO to what my friend?? The past you say? I hear you! I know the past defines us, but there is a little thing called moving on. And what exactly should she hold on to? Getting pregnant at 16? The pain of giving away her child? Being drunk and (legally) date rapped at a party? I hate Ryan Murphy with a burning passion like I hated no one before!

Do the same things apply to all the rest of the characters then? What about poor Rachel? Should she hold on to being bullied, to being a Lima loser? To the ghost of a man that only hurt and fancied her when it was convenient? 

And what about your past, bro?? Didn’t you humiliate Quinn time and time again? Especially when she was pregnant! Slept with the adoptive mother of your child, sided against Quinn every single chance you got, tried to force her in to a physical relationship, sexted every other girl when you were trying to be with her and a million other things I don’t feel like recalling. Keep Holding On Puck! 

*Le sigh* Sorry for that, you were warned..

Anyway trying to make sense to song choices and find reason in what characters do in glee is like trying to win the age old argument of the chicken and the egg. Won’t happen anytime soon.

So the singing begins and we are brought to the auditorium with all the gleeks sitting in a cycle minding their own business. Lea/Rachel being very smooth chooses the least suspicious seat to gaze at Dianna/Quinn. Although let me tell you something Lea it is still suspicious since people, well the rest of the gleeks, tend to look at the person performing, but not you, Lea! Of course not when Di is sitting there looking all dolled up, but points to you for managing to make sitting look so… endearing I think is the right word for it. I so wish for an hd of the pic below! Quality sucks but you can still see how sweetly Lea/Rachel looks at Dianna/Quinn.

Because Achele is always very sneaky, the easier way to catch them is usually at the beginning or end of a performance, when the spotlight isn’t on them. So let’s over analize the above 2 pics. Mark/Puck, is sitting across from Dianna/Quinn, so she by default should be looking straight ahead.. and not say left, to where Lea/Rachel is sitting.

But before we see exactly where Dianna/Quinn is looking, after we zoom in on the 2 pics above. We see: A)Di is serious in the first(left), but smiles in the second(right). You can tell by the change in her cheeks.

And B)Lea is smiling in the first(left) and turning serious in the second(right), as the singing begins. 

To show you that Lea is in fact smiling a toothy grin, i’m giving you the super duper zoomed in version of the above pic. Even thought the pics are not clear you can still notice that in the first one(left) Lea’s lip line is not visible(no dark line) and there is a little white there, so she is smiling toothily at her lady. You can tell because in the second(right) Lea’s lip line or where her lips meet(whatever it’s called) is visible!!(There is dark line.)

Meaning Lea threw her girl one encouraging smile before the charade began, and Dianna returned it and it was also caught on camera. Because, next thing camera cuts in Dianna’s face and she is in fact smiling, lovingly if i may add, and looking left to where Lea is! 

Seriously, look at this face!! Look how she is looking at Lea..

Moving on.. Dianna remembers where she is.. and she faces forward to Puck/Mark. Her smile is fading little by little.

Camera cuts out to the rest of the gleeks for a second and when it comes back, Dianna’s face represents the whole Quinn Fabray fandom, as we all catch up to what is going on here.

Step 1. Is this really happening?

Step 2. Denial/Hair toss. Nooo..they wouldn’t go there, it’s ridiculous. PS someone make a hair toss GIF! We need this!

Step 3. OMFG, they are really doing this!! Why??

Step 4. Someone help!!

Step 5. LEA HELP!!!

*Sigh* At least Lea looks pretty…

Dianna’s/Quinn’s expressions during KHO are priceless. Could she look more awkward?? Except, of course when she looks at Lea, like the pic above, and almost smiles! (like every damn time! I think i counted 3 times it happened during the performance.)

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