this show is not just for kids

i just wanna say that code lyoko is an underrated good ass children’s tv show and i loved that shit as a kid also the characters all had big ass heads so i could really relate to them

u know… i cant help but be a lil bit hurt to see people leave the lazytown fandom bc its an ‘old meme’ 

like…. no offense…. but lazytown aint just a meme for shits n giggles, you know? i mean sure its a kids show, but…. my fandom isnt a joke. stefan karl isnt a joke… he loves his fans so much…. to see someone say that the fandom is just last years meme and its not important anymore & seeing mean comments on his stuff saying the meme is over and he needs to stop posting things hurts

he literally cares about his fans so much. its just heartbreaking and i dont know how many of u feel the same way but…. im not going to be leaving this fandom any time soon. i hope you guys will stay here w/ me??? i love u guys a lot

Missing Stuff

I’ve been thinking about the stuff we saw during setlock, but didn’t see in the show. 

I keep forgetting my full list of stuff, but hey, I can start:

+ Teen Sherlock

+ Did we see kid!Myccrft?

+ 26-pg scene

+ John’s solo scene

And there’s stuff from TAB:

+ Walking with the dog

+ The bed scene inside the church (or maybe that was just a false rumor).

I’ll keep adding to the list as I remember more stuff. Feel free to help me, too.

Supernatural — Castiel quotes  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hey, ass-butt!”
  • “I won´t ask twice.”
  • “I am not kidding you.”
  • “Destiny can´t be changed.”
  • “What? I was being bad cop.”
  • “I just thought I’d sit here quietly.”
  • “I’m very pop culture savvy now.”
  • “I don´t understand that reference.”
  • “You should show me some respect.”
  • “I think I´m starting to feel something.”
  • “I found a liquor store… and I drank it.”
  • “That’s why I’m here. I need your help.”
  • “Yeah, well, we’re making it up as we go.”
  • “I don’t think you pronounced that correctly.”
  • “Maybe one day, but today you’re my little bitch.”
  • “I don´t understand your definition of good news.”
  • “I´m hunted. I rebelled and I did it - all of it - for you.”
  • “And I lost everything for nothing.So keep your opinions to yourself.”
  • “Freedom is a length of rope.  God wants you to hang yourself with it.”
  • “I need your help, because you are the only one who’ll help me. Please.”
  • “I got your message. It was long, your message. I find the sound of your voice grating.”

colin is so strange to me. like, personality wise he’s so sweet and humble and SO self-deprecating - literally shouting in pain when ppl try to show pics of alexander, begging a director not to cast him bc he thought he might ruin the film, relieved no one threw bottles at him when he went on stage, always correcting himself whenever he says he’s a good actor/has talent, etc… just this Chill Dad who types one finger at a time and has an aol email and loves grocery shopping and more than anything wants to be in more animated movies to impress his kids

at the same time, here’s this dude who goes out of his way to make sure that his shirt never exceeds three (3) buttons.. takes time to choose which pair of earrings to wear that day….wears fake glasses for the sake of Fashion…. he’s so special and unabashedly himself and i love him

We’ve all gotten used to the idea that Eren would always fight Armin’s bullies to defend him, but what about the first time he ever did just that?

It didn’t sound like he witnessed Armin being beaten up just once, more like something he observed frequently enough to make him question it. He befriended Armin after one of those occasions. 

Imagine the day Armin was getting bullied by those kids as usual, but something changes. Someone shows up and actually interferes by fighting those bullies on Armin’s behalf. 

And that someone was Eren. 

Not that Eren won against them, but the fact that he was there and trying must have been unbelievable from Armin’s perspective. 

kell0x  asked:

So you mentioned the worst moments of Archie what are the best and your favorite archie moments?

^ One of the funniest pages in the series. I could’ve almost bust my gut laughing at this. From Sonic’s “Let’s not ask for miracles here” regarding convincing Julie-Su that she looks good in a dress to shoving Amy out to torment him and their joking about it. Hit the nail on the head for awesome comedy and it’s character-driven too.

^ I’ll cite the speech pior to this to show just how awesome this fight was;

“Impressive resume, Doc. You missed a couple of key points, though. Like how a group of kids with no real training took back that city. And you croaked, more or less. And about that empire of yours… you know about all the places you don’t control, right? The United Federation alone has at least a half-dozen city-states in it! And then there’s all the Freedom Fighter groups fighting you all over the world every day. And you aren’t too popular in the regions that you DO outright control. You can’t really claim to “control” the planet when you’re fighting for it your every waking hour! Sure, you beat me fair and square not long ago. I’ll give you props for that. But how many badniks have I stomped? How many times have I sent you packing? I’ve beaten you before, Eggman. A lot. And I’ll do it again.“

Awesomeness. Plain and simple. It’s an incredibly satisfying speech because not only is it all true but it’s payback for the speech Eggman used to try and break him in Issue #175.

^ A choice scene from issue #120. Which contains one of my fave stories of the entire comic’s run “The Royal Signet”. Very touching and real and one of the all too few examples of emotion used correctly. Notable for utilizing Queen Alicia fantastically.

^ Issue #18′s second story “In the Still of the Night” was, like “The Royal Signet”, a beautiful story.

^ From #276. This whole speech Sonic gives in that cell. I expected nothing less out of him given the streak Flynn’s had recently in nailing that part of Sonic’s character - His benevolent ability to reassure his friends when they’re down in the dumps over something. It was prevalent in the Fighters arc when he tried to instill confidence in Tails after Honey beat him in the ring. Just brilliant.

^ You go Sal! Loathesome bitch Fiona gets her dues after she attempts to manipulate Tails into siding with her. This was very cathartic.

There’s a lot more moments that stood-out to me for how great they were. But I’ll keep it to this number of examples for now.

Don’t see why I should pretend not to notice or care about this group of 20+ year olds who spearheaded a movement which outright and unequivocally promised “revolutionary” canon gay representation to other LGBT folks even though it was never their place to make that promise. Don’t see how the fact that they hurt themselves in the process somehow absolves them of responsibility for their complicity in the whole mess. When the creators of a show promise you in the clearest terms they can muster that they are not going to make your ship canon, and you keep counter-promising the impossible anyways, that’s not on the creators any more. That’s on you. And the LGBT kids who listened to you deserve to hear you admit that just as much as they deserve to hear Moffat and Gatiss apologize for the gay jokes. That’s all.

The Final Problem

The Good:

I thought seeing the Holmes’ childhood brought more depth and a lot more explanation to why Sherlock has preferred to be emotionally closed off this whole time, I mean…his kid brother…died; it definitely works as a back story in terms of explaining the man Sherlock has been throughout the show.

Mrs Hudson hoovering. Just. Queen

So many character driven moments that I found so emotional - the fact that Mycroft would sacrifice himself so readily for John (and Sherlock), just.

Moriarty. Just. Just everything about Moriarty. (The fact he’s dead is shit sure, but I mean, he shot himself in the head so…)

The ending could have been something definitive but instead left it as Sherlock should be left - John Watson and Sherlock Holmes solving crimes together, a continuation of S1 and 2 and the adventures they used to have even if the most recent series haven’t actually been showing us the adventures in the way a lot of fans have wanted.

Cinematography…amazing as usual.

And for all the Johnlock shippers, that ending was literally domestic parent!lock so if the show is gone for years at least it ended on that note??

mary’s lil speech was sweet “Miss me?” and “Miss you” was a cute link

The Bad:

Okay, I’m not gonna lie…This plot…was….well. It involved a secret not-so-secret sister and a plot twist brother. That doesn’t scream strong scriptwriting.

Euros’ level of power is practically equated to a god’s. how she was able to have achieved all that

wtf as if Molly hasn’t suffered enough throughout this series??? if that scene was necessary there could have been at least been some reconciliation at the end?????

who chained john to the bottom of the well?

did nobody really check that well for their brother that whole time?

why was/is Euros genuinely psychotic?

why did they lower a rope down to a man chained to the bottom?

it really sort of became a parody of the ring for quite a while ngl

Oh yeah and the queerbaiting in general but that’s not exactly new

Reading about all these little bitches whining about johnlock not being canon and I'm just like

Did you literally only watch the series for johnlock? Are you fucking kidding me?
In this show, we have human psychology, PURE GENIUS EXPLAINED TO US and displayed in an emotional, entertaining and amazingly put together way
And you are whining about a ship not being canon?
This is why I hate this fucking fandom


So my Dreamsicle save couldn’t make it through the two days left that I had of the generation. So I saved the household, aged everyone up and then took just Bellezza and Amour to a new Starlight Shores save to do one last show. After all, I never have experienced the big show venue, and that is on my to-do list for the Showtime expansion

So this last part of the generation will focus on Bellezza and Amour. Then I’ll show you some photoshoot images of all the kids aged up and we’ll begin generation 3 of the Dreamsicles!


I AM NOW GONNA WORK MY ASS OFF TO BECOME A SCREEN WRITER. I AM GONNA GET THE BEST GRADES I AM GONNA GET IN TO THE BEST UNI I AM GONNA ENTER ONLINE COMPETITIONS AND WORK IN LIBRARIES AND RADIO STATIONS AND BLOODY ANYWHERE TO GET THIS JOB. BECAUSE YOU DESERVE BETTER. NOT JUST FROM THEM, FROM EVERYONE. We put a lot of faith in ‘them’ but the truth is a lot of other people have let us down too. And I promise not to be one of those people. I swear to god one day I WILL give you something to blog about. And talk about. And show to your kids. I will give you slow burn romance and characters who hook up in the first episode and I swear to god every single character who 'just could’ve been straight’ won’t be. There will be subtext and damn outright love confessions and I promise you that if all I ever manage to do is publish one book I WILL PUT EVERYTHING IN TO IT.

Because we. Deserve. Better.


Charismatic, funny, energetic, talented, lovable & the king of giving love.

He’s more than just ‘Seventeen’s main vocal’, he is also the spark of the group, their number one fan, the one who doesn’t matter where he is: he’ll always make sure that everyone knows who they are, whether if it’s on a talk show, talking to people at the record store etc. I’m talking about the kid who even although he loves his mother more than anyone in this universe, he left her side to pursue his dream, and he’ll work hard to make the most of it…and so far, he is succeeding.

Happy Birthday our lovely Boo Seungkwan, we Carats are extremely thankful for your presence in the group. Thank you for being who you are, for showering the other members with love without caring about the ‘boys shouldn’t be touchy with boys’ steoreotype, specially considering that everyone are away from their families, you make them feel at home and that shows how pure your heart of gold is 💛 #LovelyBOODay #부승관_쇵일축하_허염쪄

Shu Headcanon (The Ex Edition)

You sit on a bench in the park with Shu beside you, his head leaning against your shoulder; sleeping.
‘Shu, you cutie.’ You grin and return to reading your book.
You look up. Oh no…your ex!
‘Uh. Hey?!’ You give an awkward smile. How can he be so brave to come over while Your boyfriend is draped over you sleeping?!
Little did you know that Shu was alert, but just not showing it.
‘So how are you?’ The guy asked.
'You are kidding me right?’ You scoff.
He broke up with you! Broke your heart!

'Leave.’ You both look at Shu. 'Excuse me?’ The guy asked. Shu looked up. He was glaring and even you felt a chill down your spine. 'I said leave…so bothersome..’ Your ex looked to you in surprise. You shrug, 'He’s my boyfriend.’ The guy nods and frowns before walking away. Shu growls and looks up at you. 'Don’t even look at another man.’

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There’s a difference between not putting a character back in the show because you don’t want her to be ruined, and not putting her back in because you can’t be bothered to think up an exciting, creative way of reintroducing her.

With a character like Irene Adler, there’s so much potential, so many ways to reintroduce a powerful, ambitious female character to the screen in a way that would be able to sustain itself, especially with the way television is going now with progressive new shows, but instead, she gets reduced to passing references (which are nice and all, but come on!)… and then we go back to the status quo. Back to the Baker Street Boys’ Club. Just goes to show: never get your hopes up, kids.

Okay, I liked Eurus/Euros, but this episode was a little too proud of itself, really. My inner pessimist was right.

And with that, I return to fanfic, AU and headcanons.

I just refuse to believe that that was the episode. That trash was what the writers who are so passionate about the show wrote. The climax all the other 11 episodes were always building up to. This was the culmination of the overarching goal of the entire series. Steven “Rugpull” Moffat and Mark “grumpy bisexual and camp gay” Gatiss. The writers who were inspired by tplosh and wanted to change something and believe that young queer kids should see themselves on tv. The writers who told us that “Sherlock is back and he’s in love.” “The writers who love these characters so much and know them so well. The writers who don’t care about hits or ratings and just want to give us their version of Sherlock Holmes (you just need to watch the unaired pilot to see that)The writers who wrote a femlock au in dr who. The writers who wanted to do something groundbreaking and make television history. The writers who put Uprising my Muse in their first trailer. The writers who told us that there would be “insane wish fulfilment”. The writers who knew exactly what they were doing when they put “I love you” in the fucking s4 trailer. The writers who told us there was a code in the drinks. They outright lied to us about what would happen in s4. Love didn’t conquer all. There was no “Insane wish fulfillment”.They didn’t do anything groundbreaking. It felt like we were watching an entirely different series. This entire series had such amazing potential to change the stories and become culturally iconic but instead they let it fall to pieces and become trash, even from a Casual perspective. They are definitely aware of our existence. They know how many hours of our lives have gone into this. They know how long some of us have been in this community. And they know how much this means to us and our community and they know exactly how this will affect us, what this will do to us when so many us suffer from mental illnesses. They know how many peoples’ lives were saved by this show. I’m not angry because my gay ship didn’t happen. I’m angry because they went out of their way to make it look like this was the story only to disappoint us with a shitty ending.