this show is making me lose my mind

The signs:

Aries: Something about you makes my blood boil in a unique, uncomfortable way, you are full of mystery. You have black holes for eyes, remarkably, that are too intense for most people to look into. You have no control over your greatness, you were born this way. Notice it and blossom. Not a single person on earth can blossom like you can. Not a single person can blossom like you will. You have great and empowering words to say in this life, make sure to say all of them without fear. You are not afraid. Be great.

Taurus: You are so lovely, the embodiment of nature, the embodiment of all the naturality in life created by the one and only, engulfing creator. I remember losing you and all nature that surrounded me seemed to shrivel and die. My heart ached when I heard the crunch under my feet of every dead leaf I walked upon. It brought me so much pain, i felt like death. I lost my vision and a bright white light came over me, fading into a soft glow and all I could see was your face. If I was dying, this was my glimpse of heaven, it made me want to die. I would rather die with your image in my mind than not have you in such a short, sometimes seemingly meaningless life such as this one. Perhaps you were just too lovely to be with someone like me, perhaps too lovely to be in my filthy grasp. You are my glimpse of heaven. How I long to be able to tell you that. How I long to be able to sing to you and whisper you the sweet words I never did. I am so sorry.

Gemini: I feel so naked when I’m with you. You strip me of my walls, you strip me of my guarded defenses, leaving me completely and utterly vulnerable. You shatter any mental boundaries I possess. You open my mind to the awareness of a mind. You show me to simply have a mind, such a power house is astonishing. You leave me breathless with your aura and creative, rhythmic way of speaking to everyone. You introduce open mindedness like no other, freedom like no other, a genius. With you, losing my mind and falling into madness is okay, almost a necessity. In life there simply seems to never be enough time. You show me how to embrace the lack of time we all have, you show me that death is the inevitable and that its not as important as we make it. The important thing is to experience life fully, entirely, with every part of our being. To be thankful of the rare oddity, the rare adventure we have all been gifted with called life, to dance with the music of life. I swear I’m out of my mind and that’s a wonderfully beautiful thing. Thank you for teaching me that.

Cancer: I would make love to you in the sweetest, most enticing way because I deeply believe you deserve to be made love to like no other. I hope you remain soft, I hope you have the strength to. I say this even though I know you will. You have always remained selfless, you have always remained kind, somehow. I do not understand how someone can turn such pain into beauty. Your creations are just as beautiful as you are, that is so admirable. You shock people with such generosity, you are completely, utterly and naturally divine to the point you are unhealthly wanted by every pair of eyes, even the blind. I swear its like the blind regain their sight in your presence. People notice you in a crowd, don’t doubt that. People especially notice you when you think you are not being noticed. You are the most beautiful conscious being and that will never change. You have angel lips as sweet as honey, your voice is melodic. I have always ached and dreamed for you to love me. Please one day love someone like me. Your being is so lovely that I can’t help myself from hopelessly weeping. You are a walking art piece, a priceless masterpiece. I lost everything the first time I looked in your eyes. I lost everything.

Leo: Remember that people want to be like you, just as much as you want to be like them. You can be admirable of others, you absolutely can be, but live your life knowing without a doubt that you are the best there is. Countless people admire you and want to be just like you. Effortlessly you shine brighter than the sun itself and when you smile, every pair of knees weaken, instinctively and inescapably bowing down to the ingenius design you are. Your mind and appearance radiate exuberance. I pray you can fathom just how special and gifted you are because you yourself are the unfathomable. You are inspiration and ambition, the abstract dreams I have at night that inspire my creativity, that lead me to create the never before seen. You are surrealistic art, our God’s most treasured and individualistic specimen. You are not only that but also the sun that lights the entire sky, you are the sun beams that sink into and warm my skin when I stand in such brilliant light. You are the light that keeps me from opening my eyes, preventing blindness but how I foolishly dont mind and long to go blind by such greatness.

Virgo: You remind me of sleep but you also remind me of night terrors. I feel like I don’t know who you are, slightly fearing you. Seemingly the most difficult puzzle to put together. I wonder and ponder if you are the worlds never ending puzzle, if I will ever figure you out, i have never been able to entirely comprehend your depth and mystery. You are almost frightening, shockingly and startlingly enchanting. You are hypnotic and maneuver with magic. I do not know the depth of your mind and apart of me never wants to. I enjoy the enigma you are, forever intriguing and intelligent. Ask me personal, peculiar questions and I will unintentionally and completely open up to you, instinctively trusting you. Your questions are always intense yet tender, your mind must be filled to the brim with intellect and perplexing art. Your mind is a masterpiece and your soul is ethereal. Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. I hope you can live with and fall in love with your sly mind. I am in love. May you always be yourself, may you feel everything you are meant to feel in this life and may you surface from the darkness.

Libra: You are the bittersweet lonliness that the sad and dreamy ones feel midday, swirling like the wind, leading long, lovely hair to flow, swirlingly and gracfully making your way through clothes, sending goosebumps down backs, leaving a lasting, cold and drowzy sensation. You’re the words in a book that readers grow tiresome of until finally falling asleep, leaving them with their adventurous dreams connected to the adventurous story they just took in. I see you in every free, soaring bird. I feel you in every unique and precious song that lively birds compose. You are melody, rhythm, sound, the grand orchestra. You are poetry, expression, a famous sonnet. You walk with fearlessness, you live with each lovers name you’ve ever loved written and embedded on your flashy skin. You are autheticly rare and always ready to entirely open yourself up, to let the flowers you encompass within bloom for all to see , appreciate and mesmerize. My god, do people mesmerize you.

Scorpio: I’m so lustful of you, lustful out of complete, biting love. I’ve never fallen so deeply and madly in love with a soul, It is insanity. You are full of demons that I face from loving you everyday and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be you and live with them, deep inside, haunting and strange. I have been face to face with insanity, letting your wickedness and sin make its way within me. It all makes me more infatuated. No matter how hard I try to find your core, your raw center, I can never seem to dig deep enough, I can never seem to withstand the screams, painful howls and blackness that your inner monsters let out and intensely sophocate me with when I try. When I give up, it’s like you see my vulnerability and you see it as me being submissive, knowing this is when you can strip me naked and consume me entirely, this is when you know and are proud of the secrets you keep from me, this is when you know you own me because I will fail to figure you out, i will fail to get anything from you yet continuously crawl back for something, for anything I can get from you. You have me in a trance that I can’t snap out of, you need the control because it brings you security and deep, sinful satisfaction. You experience a sense of peace in knowing that you can cause me to feel pain so that you won’t feel so alone and lost in your own. I want to make love to you and feel the pain I experience from being in love with you. I am incapable of leaving you alone, regardless of the sorrow i experience. I will never let you feel alone. I will feel this pain with you, right by your side, my ride or die. You are not alone. Maybe this isn’t love, maybe it is just madness but I’ve always been mad.. but not as mad as you.

Sagittarius: You are the book of everything, a book holding all the knowledge in existence. You are the infinity sign, you are lively, always hungry for life and full of wisdom. Youre the feeling you get on a hot summer day, laying in the center of a sweetly scented meadow, taking in every bit of the sun, not being able to suppress a tight smile. Feeling at complete peace, no worries or a feeling of weight on your back, feeling free and open in the mind. I want to be alone with you and hear you speak about all the things that go on in your head. I imagine you have a billion things to say, or maybe nothing to say, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is exist and you are performing one of the most incredible things possible. People forget that simply being alive is utterly mindblowing in itself. You give inspiring advice and shock people with your spunk and inner lightening. I appreciate your uniqueness and ability to be open to every side of a spectrum. You are the instant, refreshing feeling you get from diving into a cool pool on a hot day, your my child hood memories, you are the embodiment of an entirely fulfilled life. Your soul has lived a thousand different lives, you will exist for eternity. You are existence itself. Live free and die free, make your inevitable mark on this world. It belongs to you.

Capricorn: no one’s ever ready for what you’ve got to offer to this world, you can do so much with so little and have an achingly powerful mind and aura. You don’t have to do anything to shock and mesmerize mankind, just be yourself. You change the world with your ambitious actions, you change people simply with your way of presenting yourself. You are intelligence, skillful and have the ability to accept time, accept that everything takes time. That’s something a lot of people can’t do. You can do so many things others can’t, but you are not flashy. You are low-key while remaing self assured. Maybe you experience a lot of self doubt, but im telling you right now, you shouldnt. Your jokes and attitude are like a fun house, utterly amusing and dirty, sometimes scary. You are full of original ideas that you can easily bring to life. I hope you know how much you actually benefit and effect our species. You have immense purpose, see that you are the greatest and anything you want can be obtained. I hope you know how attractive and special you are. Absolutely outstanding.

Aquarius: life is a lonesome experience, you understand that more than anyone. You carry the weight of humanity itself with you everywhere you go on your back. To fit in seems like a maze that is unsolvable. Your aquarius minds are unending, no limitations, you are mad men. Not only ingenius but geniuses yourselves. You obtain something no one else can obtain and this can never be taken away from you. Nobody quite understands what makes you different, you dont even understand it yourself but you feel it deep within your bones. “I do not belong here, I do not belong anywhere and I don’t want to belong anywhere.” So hard to comprehend or understand, you are utterly perplexing but so fucking beautiful. I can’t fully convey in words how astoundingly beautiful each and every one of you are. Let someone take a look into your eyes and theyll travel through space, adventuring and absorbing the sight of multiple universes. Let someone take a long look at your face and watch them get lost in mesmerization. Magnetic, mystifying, heartless, mythical beings. A world such as this one does not deserve you or your revolutionary touch. You are the lone, last star of each ending night, still shining brightly as the sun begins to rise. Glowing alone to express your individuality, glowing as brightly as you can until the sun puts you out but you are always going to be there again when the sun goes down and you are always going to be the last one shining when it rises again.

Pisces: you are hands that are made to create art, you are the creases in the hands of an infant. You are the start of life, the start of plant life, the start of a human life, the start of an animals life. You are the smoke from my cigarettes, dispersing through out the air. I hear you everywhere I go, echoing in the back of my head as a guide to being a better person. You make me want to be a better person. You are the sweet cherries around my sweet ice cream, you’re the soft, enchanting scented lotion I spread on my skin. You are the goosebumps left after a lovers sensitive touch. You are the feathers that fill my softest of pillows. You are the sweetest of piano music ever played. I love you. I miss you. You will be with me.

Katara: It’s not magic. It’s waterbending, and it’s-
Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah. Look, I’m just saying that if I had weird powers, I’d keep my weirdness to myself. 

So I wanted to talk a little about Katara, because I think we often focus on her grief for her mother, and forget her relationship to her culture, and her experience of the Southern Water Tribe genocide (unlike the Air Nomads genocide, which was for the greater part over after four big terrifyingly effective simultaneous strikes, this one took place over a long length of time - more than 40 years? 50? - and it wasn’t total, but it definitely was one. genocide = the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group, fwiw)

(Kanna’s village - before and after)

All of the Southern water benders were exterminated or taken away to rot in prison (where they all died eventually except for Hama). Katara was born the only bender left in the whole South Pole. Then when she was eight years old, she survived a raid that was meant to kill her, but took her mother instead (she probably was too young to realize that, to her it must have been a question mark up until she met Yon Rha - gratuitous cruelty? Why her mother in particular? They took nothing else!).

So Katara from a young age had a double burden to bear: that of her mother, and the legacy of her bending (and she was shown as painfully aware of her situation and what it meant on both front). But here’s the thing: Katara could be a mother, she was naturally good at it, and her grandmother could teach her what she didn’t already knew. Her family and tribe demanded that of her, they needed her to be that for them (especially after her father and the rest of the men basically abandoned them). However, there was no one left to teach her how to waterbend - she had almost no hope of ever becoming a master without formal training, her brother thought it was silly and weird and let her know, her grandmother thought it was a waste of time. But she kept practicing, because she knew how important it was, to her and to her tribe, that she kept trying (as the only one left who could).

(…an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah…)

(Of course she would obsess over that waterbending scroll)

When she gets to the North Pole, she meets Pakku, and with him the opportunity of finally becoming a true master. But because she is a girl, he judges her unworthy. He judges her, the only remaining southern waterbender, unworthy of carrying on their culture. The Fire Nation didn’t care about the gender of their prisoners, men and women - they all fought side by side for their freedom in the South, and they were all taken away to the last one, and killed to the last one. In the South, the women had the choice to learn how to fight, or be defenseless. And privileged master Pakku couldn’t possible realize the extend of what he was denying her in that moment.

Katara had to prove herself, she had to earn her right to these teachings. And if she had been less good or less stubborn or not Kanna’s granddaughter - well the North would have refused their sister-tribe the power to use their common cultural heritage to fight back against the nation that destroyed them.

(It’s sexist and terrible.)

Meh, thankfully, she was that good, stubborn, and Kanna’s granddaughter, and she did get to become a master.


But, of course, her story doesn’t end here, and wrt her culture, the next chapter is a much more traumatizing experience. In the Fire Nation, she meets another master. This time it’s an old woman from the South like her (“You’re a waterbender! I’ve never met another waterbender from our tribe!”), and she is, ah, more than willing to help her.

Look how happy Katara looks at the idea to learn from her in particular:

Katara: I can’t tell you what it means to meet you. It’s an honor! You’re a hero.
Hama: I never thought I’d meet another southern waterbender. I‘d like to teach you what I know so that you can carry on the southern tradition when I’m gone.
Katara: Yes! Yes, of course! To learn about my heritage… it would mean everything to me.

But when Hama starts her lesson, the techniques she teaches have been obviously developed with one goal in mind: survival in enemy territory. They can’t possibly have been invented in the South Pole, where water is abundant everywhere. They are deadly and cruel, and the damage they do to the environment leaves Katara sad and uncomfortable, but Hama waves that off as unimportant. It doesn’t matter, she doesn’t have the time to worry about flowers or beauty or nature. To her that peace and beauty is probably just an illusion anyway, a lie: years after her escape she is still living the war, and war is ugly and rotten and messy (her world is ugly and rotten and messy - this is her comfort zone).

The last technique she teaches Katara is bloodbending. She forces Katara to learn something she finds disgusting, repulsive (just like Hama was forced to learn?) by torturing her (Hama was tortured), by overpowering her, invading her, making her lose control over her own body, bending her blood (Hama herself is clinging to the last remain of control she managed to get back after rotting in prison for years), and finally by threatening to have the two people she cares most about in the world kill each other right under her eyes (Hama lost everyone too, she had to say goodbye).

(Katara: But, to reach inside someone and control them? I don’t know if I want that kind of power.
Hama: The choice is not yours. The power exists…and it’s your duty to use the gifts you’ve been given to win this war. Katara, they tried to wipe us out, our entire culture… your mother!
Katara: I know.
Hama: Then you should understand what I’m talking about. We’re the last Waterbenders of the Southern Tribe. We have to fight these people whenever we can. Wherever they are, with any means necessary!
Katara: It’s you. You’re the one who’s making people disappear during the full moons.
Hama: They threw me in prison to rot, along with my brothers and sisters. They deserve the same. You must carry on my work.)

And this, this, is the only truly southern waterbending Katara is ever going to learn. This is her tribe’s bending heritage, what’s left of it: blood, grief, suffering, hatred, loss of control over both your body and mind (because it’s terrible, but I think that’s what’s implied by the show: bloodbending makes you lose your mind. Hama’s only mean of regaining physical freedom ended up trapping her in another nightmare). Hama gifts her with a power she despises (but will use anyway in her darkest hour when she loses control) and a philosophy of violence and revenge.

Katara chose peace and forgiveness. As an adult, she will have bloodbending outlawed, she will become the greatest healer in the world, and she’ll teach her daughter, the next avatar, probably many others. These choices matter, and we should talk about them with that background in mind. Katara redefined her heritage - or rather she created a new one for herself: she refused the condition that was forced upon her (bloodbender) and ensured nobody could legally do to someone else what Hama did to her (and it’s implied this law is valid anywhere in the world). She transmitted Pakku’s warrior teachings, the ones she fought for, to the next generations (and did a great job of it!), but she also taught them how to heal, refusing to separate the arts as in Northern Water Tribe tradition - and healing was something she discovered by herself, that she felt was always a part of her. At that, she became the universally acknowledged best. Her legacy, despite everything that happened to her, will never be one of violence.

tl;dr: Katara is one of the strongest fictional characters ever created bye

Actual quotes from “The War”, EXO's album:

“Yeah, I want it, yeah, I need it.”
“You can tease me however you want.”
“Baby, a time just for us. What you do? Like this, ooh, I love you, ooh.”
“Baby we can go higher.”
“I want to lean into this night and wrap myself around you.”
“Come closer so I can feel more, I want to go even farther.”
“Let’s stay up all night.”
“I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body.”
“I’m thirsty, thirsty.”
“Yo, nice skirt, you push me up to the mound pitcher.”
“Put it to work.”
“Hit me and we’re going hard.”
“Something completely raw.”
“Let’s take this to the end, rock and roller.”
“A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop, a burning heat all over my body, enduring through time.”
“I’m already back to you tied up.”
“I keep going deeper, like I’m addicted to you.”
“An adrenaline rush, pumping through my whole body. I don’t know what you do to me.”
“Up and down like a roller coaster.”
“I spread through you softly, like something familiar.”
“It goes down, down baby, leave your body to the rhythm. It goes down, down baby, let it go and scream.”
“Baby, are you down?”
“It’s our last night, a night just for us. Don’t be nervous and come to me, leave it all to me.”
“And my hands lose their way, baby, my hands, my hands.”
“In front of me now you’re feeling good now. Yeah, I’m feeling good now. (…) My mind blacks out.”
“I wake up my imagination and come up with hundreds of ideas of you.”
“With just one small move of your hands you can completely shake me up. Shake it, babe.”
“Your pale fingertips… Oh, like they’re trying to tempt me. Sometimes like they don’t care. Your gestures make me dizzy, show me more of you.”

The Signs:

Aries: Something about you makes my blood boil in a unique, uncomfortable way, you are full of mystery. You have black holes for eyes, remarkably, that are too intense for most people to look into. You have no control over your greatness, you were born this way. Notice it and blossom. Not a single person on earth can blossom like you can. Not a single person can blossom like you will. You have great and empowering words to say in this life, make sure to say all of them without fear. You are not afraid. Be great.

Taurus: You are so lovely, the embodiment of nature, the embodiment of all the naturality in life created by the one and only, engulfing creator. I remember losing you and all nature that surrounded me seemed to shrivel and die. My heart ached when I heard the crunch under my feet of every dead leaf I walked upon. It brought me so much pain, i felt like death. I lost my vision and a bright 

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One of the things I adore about the banquet reveal was how well everything came together at once, and you get this epiphany moment I hadn’t experienced since reading Fight Club for the first time. It pulled together not only the most obvious pieces of the story (e.g., poor Victor’s desperation to get laid in the first 3 episodes), but also the tiniest lines, and the latter is what I wanna talk about. 

The attention to detail on this show makes me lose my mind. There’s so much work that has to be done to get foreshadowing to work properly; I think your audience should be smacking themselves with the realization that “we were told, but we didn’t listen!” and YOI  managed to do that with at least a couple short lines that came quickly and unassumingly and left just as quick. The first line I noticed was in the first episode, and it’s something Yuuko says after Yuuri performs Stammi Vicino for her: 

“A perfect copy of Victor.” You have no idea how much that line bothered me, because, based on all the evidence we had in the first couple episodes, there was no reason Yuuri should be a perfect copy of Victor! Stammi is a song about longing for another/something and not being able to reach them/it. We knew early on what this song means to Yuuri; we knew already that Victor was Yuuri’s idol and Yuuri’s version of the skate could easily be (and probably is/was) about him. Yuuri was where he perceived to be at the rock bottom of his life, so it makes sense for him to feel that sort of longing. Therefore, the comparison to Victor, a playboy at the top of the world who can have anything/one he wants at any moment, seemingly made no sense. 

(Funnily enough, I remember tagging a gifset of Victor skating Stammi with something along the lines of “i’d like to see his skating post-yuuri, i’m interested in how different it would be,” oh past me, you had a big storm comin!)

The other one occurred in episode 5 at the Japanese regionals. During Yuuri’s Eros, he says this:

And I remember being like “?????what????why????” well-crafted shows never bring attention to something we already know about unless it’s incredibly important to the story. 

We all know the original Eros story: playboy comes into town, seduces most beautiful woman, leaves her heartbroken in the end. The moment Yuuri identified himself with the woman in the story in episode 3, the woman becomes a stand-in for Yuuri. Any time the woman is mentioned after this point, it’s specifically about Yuuri. 

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Yuuri changes the story around. The woman, Yuuri himself, leaves at the end of the story and breaks the heart of playboy instead. I think at this point in the series, it’s valid to identify Victor with the playboy since, you know, that’s who Yuuri’s trying to seduce outside of the story. 

(lol also they have a shot of Victor when he says “love-crazed couple,” like……subtle guys…….)

Now, there’s a difference between lines for the audience and lines for the characters. I think this one falls under both categories. 

Pre-banquet reveal, this can only be interpreted as character development for Yuuri. He’s gaining confidence and can create the idea that he could have the power over another person to break their heart. This is a huge step for Yuuri and his self worth. 

That’s the line in-canon, or the line for the characters as I said above. Here’s the line as for the audience. 

Post-banquet reveal, we can now interpret that line as a massive hint to us about the true Eros story! The sentence is not only Yuuri’s progression through his arc, but also foreshadowing for the audience to pick up on later! 

I love this show!!

(moral of story: if something you’re watching or reading has a line, or a look, or an event that’s repeated or specifically brought attention to, even in the most casual way, it’s probably something you should look for later. it’s gonna be important.)



❝ Any day I think I’m gonna break now. ❞
❝ I’m hearing voices in my head. ❞
❝ It’s never making any sense. ❞
❝ I’ve got a burning in my heart. ❞
❝ It’s tearing me apart. ❞
❝ Somebody call the doctor!
❝ Hey, I think I’m losing my mind now. ❞
❝ Having trouble finding a way out. ❞
❝ Shine so bright, this star’s gonna burn out. ❞
❝ I take and don’t know how to give. ❞
❝ You know I never mean well. ❞
❝ I can’t help but to help myself. ❞
❝ The mirror showed somebody else. ❞
❝ There’s dents in every cause. ❞
❝ They don’t take ya very far. ❞
❝ We’re in a special kind of hell. ❞
❝ It’s like a monster in the night. ❞
❝ It’s giving me a fright. ❞
❝ Oh when did I begin?


❝ I’m down but you know I’m not out. ❞
❝ I’m coming back again. ❞
❝ Can’t break me, I’m not givin’ up. ❞
❝ I gotta prove them wrong. ❞
❝ Take your time ‘cause I’m not taking mine. ❞
❝ Voice in my head said to keep on going. ❞
❝ Don’t let ‘em see you bleed, don’t want your weakness showing. ❞
❝ Tell me it’ll all be fine. ❞
❝ That’s a lie, if I don’t reach out then how could it be mine? ❞ 
❝ My whole world was crumbling down. ❞
❝ What doesn’t kill you’s bound to come back for another. ❞
❝ I’ve found a way to tame my own monster inside. ❞
❝ Yeah we’ll survive the night. ❞


❝ Pull out the stops. ❞
❝ I got a way that we can get it. ❞
❝ Just say the word, I’ll kick it up to eleven. ❞ 
❝ We’re knocking on your door. ❞
❝ Don’t break it up, break it down. ❞
❝ We’ll kill the night. ❞
❝ And we’ll never see the sun. ❞
❝ I’ll call the shots. ❞
❝ Don’t you tell me when I’m done. ❞
❝ Live it up, this life is amazing!
❝ Don’t need to show no mercy, cause heroes never die. ❞
❝ Now listen up, I’m gonna give you a rundown. ❞
❝ Got you in my sights. ❞
❝ You know I’ve got this on lockdown. ❞
❝ This life was meant for me. ❞
❝ Step to the plate. ❞
❝ You gotta show me what you got. ❞


❝ What can I make and what can I sell?
❝ Am I a fraud or a genuine scam?
❝ Am I a monster or worse, just a man?
❝ But in the end we’re all the same. ❞
❝ To the grave we only take our names. ❞ 
❝ There’s an ocean made of dreams. ❞
❝ But the current strands you out at sea. ❞
❝ I wake up to find the passing of time. ❞
❝ Made my mirror show someone I don’t know. ❞
❝ But all kingdoms drown. ❞
❝ Tides bring them down. ❞ 
❝ My army has fallen. ❞
❝ The subjects stay loyal but don’t wait their turn. ❞
❝ Now blindly they follow their king to the fray. ❞
❝ But s/he has no action. ❞
❝ And they have no say. ❞
❝ But in the end we’re bound to change. ❞
❝ We’re made for more than all of these numbers and names. ❞
❝ We could all go down in flames. ❞
❝ Relinquish these words from my mouth. ❞
❝ The sirens, they sing laments just for me. ❞
❝ I fall to my knees and beg for release. ❞
❝ When my kingdom comes my will be undone. ❞
❝ My world then decides where to hang my hide. ❞
❝ Maybe one day you’ll find humanity. ❞
❝ Until then don’t you dare say that we are the same. ❞


made the mistake of watching this again and GOD. im forever gonna be bitter over this show i think because this is honestly one of the most romantic scenes in anime. 

reina showing up to the date dressed up all fancy and hiking a mountain in friggen heels to impress. ya girl kumiko hauling her heavy as hell euphonium up a mountain for reina when she had previously declined to even carry it to the riverbank for practice. “but i don’t hate pain” “what? thats kind of hot.” frank discussion of the incident that has been plaguing their relationship since episode 1. “it’s a confession of love.” “it makes me want to peel that good girl skin off of you.” bonding over wanting to be special and stand out from the crowd. The fucking intense moment when Reina cuts off her “kousaka-san” and quietly but firmly orders her to use her first name with no honorific. the worshipful way Kumiko whispers “…Reina.” “At that moment, i felt like i wouldn’t mind losing my life.” The Lip Touch. the ending duet.

Like at least we’ll always have this and the other later confession scene, but i can never forgive this show for giving us such a good and intense relationship and then dancing back away from it to say they’re just Gal Pals. 

Right, so now that I have revealed myself to be actual Ladybug trash, time to make this one post that’s been on my mind for a while. If you don’t follow me for Miraculous Ladybug stuff (a.k.a. all my followers) then sorry about this.

So, a big fad throughout the fandom at the moment is giving Miraculouses to the supporting cast, and I am SO BEHIND THIS. It would develop the show beyond the status quo and freshen it up spectacularly across seasons, because if it keeps being a magical girl monster-of-the-week show with wacky antics ad nauseum then I’m going to probably lose interest fairly quickly. Some of the most popular miraculous assignments are Alya receiving the fox miraculous, Nino receiving the turtle miraculous ( @thelastpilot ) and alternatively Lila receiving the real, actual fox miraculous. I’m going to throw my two cents in on what thematically would work with the rest of the show.

First of all, we know three miraculous holders for definite and one for almost definite. Marinette is Ladybug, Adrien is Cat Noir, Master Fu is the unnamed turtle hero and the likelihood is Gabriel is Hawkmoth/Papillon. The thing is, if you look at miraculous holders and their miraculouses, a pattern of character starts emerging.

Let’s start with Marinette.

Marinette is, in short, a clumsy klutz with terrible luck, who normally you wouldn’t trust with giving an ounce of responsibility to – not because she wouldn’t take it seriously, but because she seems totally incompetent. The ladybug miraculous, on the other hand, is the miraculous of luck itself, with the most responsibility of all the miraculouses – and indeed, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug, almost all her clumsiness goes straight out the nearest window and she gains HUGE amounts of responsibility – she’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess after an Akuma attack. The miraculous is not given to Marinette because she’s the best person for the job – far from it, she acknowledges in the origins episode Alya would be a far better fit. However, what’s important is that she has the capacity to grow into the role of Ladybug – and she well and truly does.

Now, let’s look at Adrien.

Adrien is a rich kid who’s incredibly lucky – he’s had everything fall into his lap from a young age, and has had competence (fencing, multilingualism etc.) drilled into him, at the cost of not being able to loosen up and socialise. His miraculous transforms him into Cat Noir, the poster boy for destruction and bad luck, with a kwami, Plagg, who’s constantly getting himself into the kind of destructive shenanigans you’d expect from Marinette through his own hedonism. See the pattern? Adrien and Marinette both receive the miraculouses that don’t represent them – they represent everything they aren’t – but everything they could be if they developed.

Now let’s look at Master Fu and Gabriel, because they’re a little different, but equally as important.

Master Fu, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the turtle in terms of alignment. The turtle in symbolism represents age, wisdom, protection. Master Fu stands for all these things – but Master Fu is a miraculous holder beyond his prime. He is at the end of his development. I have a feeling if we ever saw young Fu, we’d see him as a figure of youthful energy, who just wants to let loose and have fun, possibly even be anti-authoritarian when it comes to adults. This should sound true of another character in the show, and I’ll get back to that.

Gabriel, if everything is hinting at what we think it’s hinting at, however, does not fit the butterfly miraculous at all. The butterfly represents stages of life, and change, moving on, transformation. It’s heavily hinted Gabriel’s wife is dead – at the very least, Hawkmoth/Papillon has Adrien’s mother’s picture in his locket. Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal now seems to be to attain the miraculouses so he can resurrect his dead wife. He’s not accepting death, and he’s not accepting the creed of his miraculous – he’s rejecting it, twisting it, corrupting it, thus becoming the supervillain who uses his Kwami’s powers against their will.

When a miraculous is granted to an owner, they can choose to learn from it, or reject it. But most importantly, they are granted to people who lack the qualities their miraculouses represent – their character flaws are what the miraculous works to iron out. That being said, let’s look at Lila.

Lila is a compulsive liar. Her Akumatised form is presumably the actual hero that emerges from the fox miraculous – a hero of lies and illusions. This is unhealthy for her – the miraculous isn’t helping her overcome her weaknesses, it’s only accentuating her character flaws. Lila will never grow as a person if she truly becomes Volpina.

So who actually needs secrets, lies and illusions in their life? Well, it’d be someone for whom truth is all-consumingly destructive. Someone whose self-destructive pursuit of the truth puts not only herself, but other people in the line of fire, and whose Akumatised form represents truth at all costs. I’m talking, of course, about Alya.

This is why fox!Alya appeals to me so much – because Alya would be able to learn and grow from the fox miraculous, because it represents traits that she needs to attain. Now, let’s look at the other popular miraculous assignment – turtle!Nino. That thing I mentioned earlier? Here it comes again.

Nino is the epitome of youthful vigour in the show – everything from his style to his DJing to his horribly outdated slang in the English dub (seriously, who the hell is a Totally Radical Dude in the 21st Century!? No-one. No-one is who.) His Akumatised form is Bubbler, a childish clown who tries to exile all adults. If there’s one person in the show who NEEDS the turtle miraculous and its traits of wisdom, age and protection, it’s Nino. This miraculous was MADE for Nino – right down to the outdated slang, providing an added meta bonus to the English dub that Nino becomes a massive allusion to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is why I love fox!Alya and turtle!Nino – because they work thematically with who has already received miraculouses. This begs the question – what happens to Lila?

I’d like to suggest something I think no-one else has thought of. I present, a digression: Peacock!Lila.

Peacocks are about vision, kind-heartedness and integrity – the peacock miraculous represents everything the fox miraculous doesn’t. If Lila became the peacock miraculous hero, she’d learn and develop SO MUCH MORE than if she became Volpina. She’d truly have the redemption and character arc that she needs – she’d learn there are more ways to solve a problem than lies, and that truth can be just as valuable. Likewise, this is why Peacock!Alya would actually be unhealthy for her – because it would only drive her even deeper into her already destructive drive for truth and justice.

This is what I call the Miraculous Character Development Theory. I dunno, it was just a thing that occurred to me.

tl;dr: fox!Alya and turtle!Nino work thematically and so does the rather outlandish peacock!Lila. Sorry this has been a mile long post about a god damn kids’ show. I have… several problems.

Can I just tell you something that makes me cry?

Dean told Benny in the Purgatory flashbacks of S8E01 that there was no way out of Purgatory, right? Of course, he was wrong, but do you understand?

Dean was prepared to stay there for the rest of his days–which is terribly sad–and the one thing he was after was what? Not a way to get out, no no no. 

It was Cas. He wanted Cas, and then damn the rest. 

Like?? I’m stressing out. Rewatching this show was a bad idea because I’m losing my mind, and my Destiel heart is about to burst.

P.S. notice how Dean started to talk like Benny after spending so much time with him? Super adorable. 

Losing my mind
Wasting your time
Tell you that I’m gonna change
But I never fucking try
I’ve been feeling empty
Like the lining of my wallet
I’m constantly fearing the future
And I’m just being honest
God damn, show me the lay of the land
Put your faith in my hands
I promise I’ll disappoint you
When you find out my head is a mess like my bed
I’m a lost cause
And I got flaws
And I swear to God that I care a lot
Or I used to, so I make due
With the hole in soul
Pretend like I’m fine like you do

You can see the void in my eyes
I know you know I’m lying when I say I’m fine
If you love me you should think twice
Cause no one wants a deadbeat valentine

—  nothing,nowhere.
Stuff // Theo Raeken

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My thumb gently glides along his jawline, I swear if it was any sharper I would have a cut along my finger. “Like what you see?” Theo smiled, his face only becoming that much more attractive with the addition of a genuine smile. “You could say that.” I replied, a smile on my face to match his. I look at his bright green eyes, his messily tousled hair thanks to yours truly, and his soft rosy lips, God he’s so attractive. And clearly he knew it too, the way he used his good looks and charm to get me to come over so last minute to his place, not that I regretted it, a steamy make out with the gorgeous Theo is hardly something I would regret. “You’re lucky I like you and that you’re so damn good looking.” I teased, scooting my way closer to him in his plush bed, his arm wrapping around me as I did. “Tell me something I don’t already know, Y/N.” I roll my eyes and nudge his side with my elbow, a slight scoff slipping from my mouth. “I mean you’re lucky that I like you enough to skip out on my after school studying to come over and make out with you.” A smirk appears on Theo’s face, a proud one at that while he leans in closer, his lips nearly against mine yet again. “What kind of bad boy am I if I can’t convince my own girlfriend to ditch studying for me?” I couldn’t help but laugh, shaking my head before leaning in to kiss his soft lips yet again.

Our kiss is interrupted with a buzz, Theo’s phone lighting up with a text, but my eyes aren’t focused on the text but rather the time. “Shit, is that the time?” I ask hurriedly, quickly pulling away from the comfort of Theo’s arms and standing up to grab my shirt, tossing it back on. “Yeah, 7:28…Why do you have somewhere to be?” He asks, slowly reaching for his shirt and pulling it on over his strong and chiseled torso. “There’s a pack meeting at my house tonight, I’m supposed to be there, my brother made me promise to help.” I scrambled around Theo’s room, looking for my jacket before he whistles at me, pointing over to his desk where it must’ve landed after being thrown off. Grabbing the jacket, I reach inside to find my phone, a stream of notifications popping up. “Shit, I gotta go.” I mumble, gathering the rest of my things together. “So you’re just gonna use me for my body and then leave? I thought you were different than that Y/N.” Theo taunted, coming over to me and placing his hands on my hips, giving me that alluring look that got us here in the first place. “Ha ha very funny Theo. I really have to go, I’ve already have seven missed calls, four voicemails, and 18 texts from my brother, he’s probably in the process of sending out an APB already.” Theo shook his head, he knew I was right, my older brother is the overprotective type. “Come on, I’ll drive you, don’t want your brother to lose his mind…again.” He joked, making me turn to give him a stern look, his hands raising in surrenderance to show it was a harmless jab.

Once we had gotten into the car and got going I decided to call my brother, taking a deep breath as I held the phone to my ear, waiting for him to pick up and for the crazy to ensue. “Y/N! Why the hell didn’t you answer your phone!” I sighed, closing my eyes as the pestering questions started to roll in on the other line. “Are you okay?” “S-, Yes I’m perfectly fine.” I began, trying to reassure him I wasn’t in any distress. “ What the hell were you doing?” “ I was just d-,” “I called, texted, left voicema-.” “CAN YOU LET ME SPEAK?!” I shouted, completely sick of being interrupted a million times over, taking his newly given silence as a yes. I huffed in relief, finally I was able to talk. “I was just busy doing…stuff.” I look over at Theo, a grin on his smug face as he drove, one hand on the wheel and the other holding onto my knee. A resigned sigh is given off and what was probably a few mumbles of sarcasm on the other end of the call, “Just get home please, we need your brains now.” Looking up at the road we were only a few miles away now, stopped at a redlight. “I’ll be there soon…Okay, I love you too, bye.” I hung up and shoved my phone back into my jacket pocket, leaning my head back against the headrest of the car seat. “Trouble with the big bro?” Theo rhetorically asked, giving my knee a squeeze before we started moving again. “You know how he is, overprotective and paranoid…Not to mention if he knew I was with you he would actually lose his mind.” I turn my head to look over at Theo, his eyes focused on the road but a shrug came from his shoulders, “He’s gonna find out sooner or later babe, not sure I can keep my distance from you at school much longer.” I smiled, leaning over to press a kiss into his cheek as we pulled into my neighborhood, Theo’s truck parked just a few houses down from mine, a standard routine we made up on the nights when Theo would sneak into my room. “Thanks for a good time, text me later?” My hand resting over the nape of his neck while he nodded. “See you later beautiful.”

After a quick peck goodbye, I hopped out of Theo’s truck, making my way down to my house, mentally preparing myself for the madness that is my brother. I knocked on the door, hearing my brother rush over, opening it quickly. “Hey, sorry I’m late.” I mumble, looking up at him and his puzzled face. “Remind me again what stuff you were doing that kept you so busy that you’re nearly an hour late to a pack meeting.” He asked, that squinty questioning face of his staring back at me. “Stiles, I told you, I was doing stuff, you don’t need to worry about it!” I try to step into my house when I feel a strong arm wrap around my waist, pulling me back, making me gasp not only out of surprise but because of Theo’s open presence in front of my brother. “Hey, I’m stuff.” Theo so self-contentedly announced, a proud and devilish smirk on his face.

Just then I look up at Stiles, my face flushed bright red, heating up by the second the more I stood there with Theo beside me. Stiles’ eyes bounced back and forth between Theo and I, his stare lingering on Theo, his eyes narrowing at him. But once his line of sight meets with the dark hickey on Theo’s neck, he immediately grabs my arm and yanks me inside the house, slamming the front door closed in the process; leaving Theo outside on the porch to smirk to himself once he heard what Stiles had so obnoxiously yelled. “Y/N Stilinski, you are NEVER seeing that sparkly eyed demon again.”

Inspo for this imagine was a comic, you can find it here!

Writer’s Note: Sorry guys! I got a little side-tracked, but here it is! Thank you @lexsdesires for her amazing writing once again!

Here is a story all about the best moment of JAX Con for myself. I was going up to get Jared’s auto and had a photo op to get signed, but I thought I want something more meaningful. I have struggled with depression and serve anxiety since I was 16 years old. In August of 2015, I lost my best friend, my light, my mother. A friend suggest to watch Supernatural to get my mind off things. Well, about a month later I was hooked. This show carried my through long nights of horrible grief, early mornings of stressful choices I had to make after losing my mom, and was an outlet for me to feel somewhat reconnected with her via the classic rock, the humor, and so many other things.
During the JAX Con J2 panel, he had stated his therapist was actually the one who had told him the whole I am enough line. For months I took that to heart, I wrote it down daily. It helped in ways I can’t even express.
I went up to him with this blank sheet of card stock and said I know you’re probably not allowed but could you write I am enough so I could get it tattooed. He so kindly said, I will write whatever you want. So, he wrote it, paused for a moment, looked at me and said, now I want you to write it down right underneath mine. Starting to tear up, I grabbed the sharpie, and jotted down the phrase that had carried me daily. He then grabbed it back and signed it, then said now you sign your signature too. I was so taken back by the fact that he didn’t want it to just be about him, he wanted me to know that I am no different than he is. That I too am enough. I looked up and he shook my hand, and he said hey, what are you? I said, I am enough. His reply, Fuck yeah you are.

This man is something we should all strive to be. Caring, loving, open about our struggles so that other people can feel encouraged by them as well. I can’t say how grateful I am for this card stock piece of paper. I cannot wait to get it tattooed as a reminder of one of the best days of my life, but as a daily reminder that I am enough.. just as I am.

And yes, I cried typing this.
To all my fellow friends and followers please know you are enough just as you are.

Broken Trust

Request: @brettalbotsbetas

“Just wanted to say your imagines are amazing. You really have a great talent :) Could you write an imagine with Harry where he embarrasses you in front of his famous friends? Maybe he tells them a secret about yourself that only you and Harry knew about. You lose your trust with him but by the end are willing to repair that trust :)”

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! I hope you like it xxx


The air was oddly humid in New York that night, my dress feeling almost sticky against my skin. Harry and I were on our way to the bar he and I were meeting some of his friends at for some casual drinks before he and I flew back to England.

“You look beautiful tonight, love.” Harry whispered in my ear, his breath fanning across my cheek as they became heated at his compliment.

“You’ve already said that like a billion times, but thank you.” I replied with a smile, trying to play off my flustered state.

We arrived at the bar within a short amount of time, Harry being able to get a park surprisingly close to our destination, yet somehow the walk still had made me feel sweaty and clammy. Maybe it was just the heat, or maybe (and more probably) it was the fact that I was completely and utterly nervous about seeing Harry’s famous friends. 

Sure, I had met a couple of them countless times before but I was never really a people person. I hated situations where I had to interact with other people and feel like I needed to live up to a label. That label in this case being ‘Harry Styles’ girlfriend’. Because these instances made me so nervous I often found myself hanging closer to Harry than I normally might in public, in fear of being targeted for conversation if I didn’t leave his side. The only issue with this being that I hated feeling like I was being clingy.

“Hey!” Harry greeted his friends as I followed with a small ‘hello’ and offered them a smile as they all welcomed us. We sat at a large table round table, Jeff to the right of Harry with his girlfriend Glenne beside him, a couple of people next to them that I didn’t recognise but was quickly introduced to, and Fionn - the only other person I knew - sitting to the left of me. 

The night went okay, I managed to get by with just saying a couple word answers and having a few short conversations with Fionn and Glenne. I felt insecure, I didn’t fit in. How could I? I was so plain compared to everyone else here, actors, singers, models, you name it. But I wasn’t anything like them. I excused myself from the table to use the restroom and that’s when things really kicked off. 

My ears were filled with the familiar melody of Harry’s laugh as I made my way back to the group, the sound mingling with the laughs of everyone else. They had not been laughing quite that hard before I left and it made me wonder what had happened. I stopped abruptly when I heard my name slip passed Harry’s lips.

“Y/n’s worried about sayin’ or doin’ the wrong thing. Somethin’ about not havin’ many friends when she was younger ‘cause she was too shy. God, she’s so scared she doesn’t fit in.” 

My blood began to boil and my eyes stung. How could he just reveal that to his friends like it was nothing?! I was so embarrassed by the fact that I was extremely quiet around new people. I didn’t ask to be like this! He knew that.

I felt my eyes burn and tears well-up in my eyes, watching as everyone at the table laughed along with Harry. Laughing at my expense. Fionn was the first to notice me as I turned and walked out of the bar, fresh tears flowing freely down my cheeks, I could taste the salt on my lips.

“Y/n!” That familiar voice, it chilled me to the core yet made my blood radiate heat of anger all at once. “Y/n!”

I was harshly tugged around by Harry’s warm and slightly sweaty hand wrapping around my arm. Looking him in the eyes I could see his confusion.

“Why’d you walk out like that?” Is he fucking serious?!

“Oh so you don’t think I heard?” I questioned, my voice oddly calm with hints of hostility laced through it. I knew it scared Harry, the fact that I didn’t yell or scream, that’s when he knew he really fucked up.

“What do you-  Y/n I didn’t mean- I’m sorry.”

“I trusted you with that secret. You know how things were for me when I was younger. And you know how embarrassed I am about it.” I knew my expression was blank, the only anger you could see being within my eyes. I could feel the rage burning bright behind them. Yet, no matter how angry I felt, the main feeling was of outright embarrassment. I could never bare to look those people in the eyes again.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I-”

“No. I don’t even want to hear it. Give me the keys.”


“Give. Me. The. Keys.” Harry sighed as his hand shuffled around in the pocket of his trousers before pulling out the keys and placing the cool metal in my outstretched hand.

I got back to where we were staying in no time and quickly kicked of my shoes before sitting on the floor, my back to the bedroom door as I let everything out. I cried. I cried like I hadn’t in years. I knew I shouldn’t be getting so worked up over something so seemingly little but Harry knew how hard it was for me to admit things. After the childhood  - if you could even call it that - I had it was hard for me to trust anyone with anything, let alone things I classified as deep secrets of great insecurity. I rarely cried with actual sobs, but I felt betrayed and the pain was weighing heavily on my chest.

Harry’s POV

I rushed up to the hotel room, twisting the knob of the door to find it open. I was sure she’d have locked me out. I quickly made my way in but stopped at what I heard.

It broke my heart. Completely shattered it, to hear her crying like that. I’d rarely heard it ever so… pained. And all I could think of was that I did this. I betrayed her. I broke her trust. I caused her pain.

My feet carried me down the hall without me even processing the act to run. I tried to open the door but it was locked. The crying immediately stopped.

“Fuck off, Harry.” She sounded so broken.

“Y/n. Please, I’m so sorry. Let me apologise to you properly, Baby. Please.” I got nothing in response. “Y/n, I will break down this damn door if I have to.” Again. nothing.

I took a step back and ran at the door, the sound of wood splitting as I forced it open. I glanced around the room and the site of Y/n sitting curled in the corner brought me to my knees.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” I started but she just turned away from me. “Y/n.”

“I don’t want to hear it, Harry. You know how hard it is for me to trust people in general let alone with secrets. You know that and you promised that you would always respect me and keep those secrets. You promised to never break my trust. But you did. Are you ashamed of me?”

“What?! No, Angel. Not in the slightest am I ashamed of you. I don’t have an explanation as to why I told them, they asked why you were so quiet and that’s what I told them. I know I shouldn’t have and I know I fucked up. Big time. I’m so sorry I betrayed your trust. I’m sorry I hurt you so bad.” It was only now that I noticed the cool wet streaming down my face, my eyes feeling puffy, like I had been crying this entire time. I probably had been.

“I don’t want t lose you. Please, Y/n, I’m sorry.” That’s when I realised how terrified I was of losing her. The only thing that kept me sane. I blew it and I was petrified. “I’m so sorry, Y/n.Let me make it up to you. Let me show you how sorry I am. I will never, ever give you another reason to not trust me ever again. Please.”

“Just- Just hold me.” My head snapped up at this. After everything I had done, she wanted me to hold her. I didn’t hesitate moving closer to her, but made sure to slow when I went to put my arms around her, in case she changed her mind. Soothingly I lifted her up unto my lap and wrapped my arms tightly around her, so she knew I was never going to let go.

“This doesn’t mean I forgive you. Or that I trust you, not yet. But I can’t live without you, Harry.” I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Thank God.

I knew it was hard to gain her trust, I had had to do it once before. It was going to take awhile but I would do everything in my power and wait as long as I had to as long as she trusted me again.

Best  Catfish and the Bottlemen Quotes

‘And it’s not as if you didn’t notice/ That I tried to steer you clear of this place/ And wound up with nothing to show for it’ - Homesick

‘The lights come back on and the dreaded walk home in the rain / You’ll never hijack these eyes again’ - Bite Down Salvador

‘I must admit/ I’ve been known to lose my way a bit/ Cause six days in/ I swear I lost my patience’ - Emily

‘And all these vision tricks are making my mind tick / And I’m a matter-of-time bomb’ - Collide

‘I want to endorse you/ I want you to exhaust me’ - Sidewinder

And I know I’ll wake up / To the bottom of the bed, coughed guts / And she won’t look the same to me’ - Harlot

‘Offer my hand, I’ll take your name/ Share my shower, kiss my frame’ - Hourglass

‘And you feel like it all starts falling/ And you feels like your luck need changing /
Yes, I’ll be there when it all falls’ - Postpone

Letters From My Lovers: Baekhyun

Author’s Note: happy birthday week @kpopfanfictrash <3 in this story he does not have a mullet
Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: angst
Summary: Your guardian angel has fallen in love with you. He isn’t mad he’s falling, but he’d like to show you his feathers and what they mean.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied sex
Word Count: 2,375

Jimin | Taehyung | Jongin | Baekhyun | Jinyoung

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If I do my job correctly, you will never see this.

If I do my job correctly, you will never see me.

This, of course, is the problem. I want to be seen. I want you to see me.

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Diabolik Lovers Para-Selene Vol. 5 Sakamaki Laito (TRANSLATION)


I already have 400 followers, WOW! :D So it’s a present for all my wonderful followers~ Thank you! ^^ This time it’s Laito’s new drama CD! ^^

After bad Lost Eden, I expected a lot of this drama and I have to say I really enjoyed it! :D

As always, special thanks to @violet-sin for the opportunity to listen and translate this amazing drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! :D

And please don’t repost!


You were spending your sweet, happy days with Laito. But one day, because of Para-Selene - a phenomenon which created light around the moon - you lost all your memories of Laito. Reason for your amnesia is a Para-Selene illness, but he noticed that your memories will eventually come back, so he enjoys your condition and repeats over and over again your former pleasure - sucking blood. And in this act you notice your feeling for him… Memories of love awakened by pain. In the end, will you be able to remember your beloved one…?

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lucky-nagisa  asked:



also i lied about there being no WoH they’re in here

first up we have the crack AU me and my friends made up: Instead of a killing game, it’s an Uno tournament. If you lose, you’re out.

I forgot how to draw Komaru orz

Next up we have the Naegi sibs strangling Junko

Why did I draw them like rotisserie chickens? I dont know

Next we have a shitpost I made in a skype call. Make of it what you will.

everyone is alive except peko

i really don’t like komaeda but i shitpost about him anyway

me and my friend on flockdraw (hey look it’s that one nagisa)


I was in a Skype call trying to draw with my left hand and my friend and I made up a story…Kotoko is trying to shoot Nagisa (why? Idk) and jataro is trying to backstab Nagisa, Komaeda is trying to stop them and Masaru is gonna jump on Komaeda. Also Hinata is crying.

This is just a draw your squad meme lmao



(I spelled literally wrong smh)

anonymous asked:

howdy, could you making a mini tutorial drawing furry? general anatomy, body proportions something like that (at least some tips) plese (:

I can’t do a really concrete tutorial on this stuff but I can show u how I go about things with my art if that helps???????

I start out with general anatomy like this. BREAKIN’ EVERYTHING DOWN so my ADHD riddled mind can focus more easily. IF I try to do too much at once I either lose interest, or lose sight of the overall anatomy of the draw i’m doing. This is basically the gesture drawing part for me, it allows me to get the motion of the pose in one go without worrying about a character’s weight/height, and general shape. Although, doing this also allows me to really work out how tall a character is gonna be compared to another one like so :

this is really messy and not accurate to proportions but also this is what my underlying sketches usually look like before I get into all that nitty gritty stuff :’) i’m sorry, but notice how BND’s torso line is much longer than Jenn’s! (i accidentally connected it with their neck line bUT I CAN SEE WHERE I WAS TRYING TO DO WITH IT) Also messing with the shapes can allude to the characters build a bit. I used a more triangular shape for BND’s torso because they’re a lot more angular than Jenn is, who is chubby so I use rounder shapes for them!

I used the same process with this one here, but added a few vague details to help me distinguish what is what (tho it looks messy as heck, I can read it well enough that when I do the lineart i’m not constantly flipping trying to figure out where one limb ends and the body begins etc..) Again, this is more like a gesture draw process for me, so getting to this point took me 30 seconds.

This is how I start all of my works, even backgrounds and busts. It’s a good starting point! It works for pretty much any pose and the simple use of lines leaves lots of room for experimenting with body types.

As stated here, don’t be afraid if the line of action you’re using for the spine looks “broken”. Spines are pretty nimble so you can push that in your art. Besides, exaggerating shapes is FUN and adds a lot of personality to your characters! Which also comes in handy when you’re drawing different animals for more animal anthropomorphic art.

In terms of proportions and stuff, that highly depends on you and the animal you’re drawing and the body type you’re going for. Also depends on how real to life you want your character to be. If you’re modeling a character after yourself, trying looking in the mirror and trying to get a feel of what shapes your body is composed of.  My fursona, Jenn, is modeled after me irl, I have a very rounded and chubby bodytype, so I use a lot of rounded shapes when drawing them! BND in comparison is pretty lanky and angular under all their fluff, so I use a lot of sharper more straighter lines with them. If you want your character to strongly resemble the animal you’re drawing them as, I suggest looking at as many pictures of the animal as possible and trying to pick out the shapes that way (i’ll make a separate post about that in a moment)

BUT UHHH YEAH THIS IS BASICALLY IT! Keep in mind, this is just me and how I do things! If this helps you out in anyway I’M CONTENT!

henryhook  asked:

3 + nurseyrans

3. “I can fall in love with anyone, but I’m staying in love with you.”

you’re a godsend, an angel, a blessing, i love you thank you for sending me these prompts

Justin’s anxiety sometimes affects other parts of his life, it’s not just centered around testing.

Testing season is the worst of it, when it takes control and then promptly loses control and leaves him vulnerable, shaking on the floor muttering about the subject matter he’s trying to cram into his brain, bare for the entire world to see.

The pressure is just too much to take during those times.

But most days, it’s not like that. Most days the anxious energy is a quiet hum in the background of his day to day life.

It’s the quiet voice which asks if he locked the door and makes him double and triple check before leaving the house.

It’s the quiet voice which asks if he dropped his phone, even though it’s sitting in the palm of his hand.

It’s the quiet voice which asks if his boyfriend deserves better than him, and if he’s gonna go out and try to find it.

It’s an unfair voice, a nasty intruder which has wormed its way into his thoughts and tries to take apart the very foundation his life is based upon. And sometimes he can push it aside for a few days, but he can’t ignore it forever.

The thing is, Nursey has made things so easy. He has impressed upon Justin that it’s ok to ask things; if he has any doubts or questions or concerns he can ask and he can ask again and again and again and Nursey will answer him with the same easy tone as the first time.

So he can ask “Did I lock the door?” and Nursey will say “Yes, and you turned off the stove and you turned off the water faucet and you locked the security door too and then put the key in your pocket” and Justin can tap his pocket and feel it there.

He can also ask “Can you hold my phone for me? I don’t wanna lose it and I don’t wanna be hyper focused on it during this date, and I trust you won’t lose it” and Nursey will smile softly, say “Yeah, of course”, take it from him and make a show of putting it in his pocket.

And he can ask “Do you love me?” and Nursey will stop whatever he’s doing, turn his entire body and attention to Justin, make some sort of physical contact and say “With everything in me.”

Justin can admit “Sometimes I convince myself you deserve better than dealing with me and all my anxious behaviors” and Nursey will say “First of all, your peace of mind is very important to me, so your behaviors - though not always convenient - don’t upset me. Second of all, I think I get to decide what I deserve. And I think I deserve you.”

And Justin can take the other man’s hand in his and play with his fingers and say “But you could have anyone. You could walk out that door and bump into anyone and fall madly in love and they wouldn’t put you through all this” and Nursey will clasp their hands together and bring them to his mouth and press soft kisses along each of Justin’s knuckles and say “I could fall in love with anyone, maybe, sure. But I’d rather stay in love with you.”

And Justin can feel himself easing into a better space but still with small inklings of something in the back of his mind so he can ask “Is that something you can help? Is that something you have any real say in?” and Nursey will look him in the eye and say “Love is a choice. I choose to love you forever. No matter what.”

And Justin will smile softly and let the anxious voice in his head retreat into its little corner, mollified for now.