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Dabb's brain: Step 1. Cas almost dies in front of Dean, says "I love you." Step 2. Dean first time ever tells someone he loves them. Step 3. Cas actually dies in front of Dean. Step 4. ????13X1??? Step 5. Profit **Note: profit = Dean love declaration

I accidentally mind-melded with Dabb while watching 12x23. I have this bizarre feeling like he’s by no means the best writer at all. I mean in terms of being one of the transcendentally good writers on the show where something just sort of comes alive in their stories, I don’t think he’s really delivered a single episode that sparkled, but he’s weirdly competent. I mean, like, as I went through the episode I almost felt like I was going off a checklist built up from the season, and ticking every single thing (that 12x22 didn’t tick off already and I am giving Berens one hell of a runners up trophy for the 12x03/12x14/12x22 collection) and it was like one of those pictures where someone sorts out all the skittles into their colours and lines them up neatly or something. He knows exactly what he’s doing and produces a neat, tidy, tied up thing where all the stuff he blatantly set out to do, got done. 

(No I’m not referring to a single plot thing because his style is the plot runs around screaming with its head on fire but holy crap the emotional arcs going on underneath)

So yeah. I am genuinely baffled by that last DeanCas shot because I never actually figured they’d do something like that because it’s just all a bit too… obvious? Sam’s like brb connecting with the mytharc and Dean’s like… well crap my entire life is dead over here, now what? 

So when I imagine I have the hastily cobbled together clipboard missing half the points and all in the wrong order and yet I still feel that a huge chunk of fulfilling, obvious, loudly broadcast development got done this season… And then think what’s on Dabb’s clipboard? That “???” in the middle of the meme is just… I feel like we’re actually seeing the “???” that is normally only alluded to and we’re in the “???” and the next step IS “Profit” and that’s why it feels so “???” 

Something like that last scene… That’s the Destiel goes canon scene I figured would happen at the end of the show if we were unlucky. I mean that’s the camera angle and the positions and the wings and everything. 

*throws up hands and goes to watch the rest of Twin Peaks*

Most of these characters didn’t give a rat’s ass that HR died. And yeah, he was no Iris West. He wasn’t the love interest, the daughter, the brother, the best friend. But HR deserved more than a semi-teary farewell and Savitar seeming like he cared more about killing him than any of the people (aside from Tracy and Cisco) seemed to care about him dying.

Barry barely mentioned him after he died. Joe didn’t seem to care at all. Julian had an, “Oh wow, I missed a lot,” kind of reaction. Iris showed barely any grief about the situation until the funeral.

Like, I know the show didn’t care about HR, but this is just disgusting. And I’m probably one of about ten people who care because I see people shitting on him in the tag already.

I never grew up watching Lazytown. I knew nothing about it until last November.

Stefan Karl is the reason I have found this show and this community (albeit for terrible cancer-related reasons) and I can never thank him enough for that. I’ve never been so involved in a fandom before. I remember watching the Lazytown plays with 10 other people, giggling about memes and silly jokes and just… having a wonderful time.

Watching the ‘We Are Number One’ live stream was one of the best experiences ever.

I’ve met awesome people because of Stefan. I’ve had such joy watching Lazytown and seeing his selfies and giggling at #plantdad. For the first time EVER, I have actually been able to write fanfiction for something I love. And holy cow. It has been AWESOME.

You’re an amazing, wonderful person, Stefan. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to be a part of this.

Thank you Plant Dad <3

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"Best Arrow finale yet. Yup, even better than S2. Have the tissues ready though, because there will be a lot of emotions tomorrow night."-GATV. Ugh... this makes me really nervous. I just really hope they don't do anything to Olicity. I really hope Olicity stay together for good now! Do you think they will? Thanks.


I saw his tweets earlier and was excited to see what he said in the end. I feel the same, the bar standard for awesome finales is definitely 2x23. And I’ve felt for a while now that this one had the potential to be better. If he says so? I will trust it for now until I get to see it myself. 

I’m not sure how much (if at all) him saying that has to do with Olicity, tbh. Olicity isn’t the issue in the finale (it’s why they handled their relationship prior, with 5x20 and 5x22). I have a feeling the emotions will be about Merlyn’s sacrifice and also the flashbacks showing Moira getting the news Oliver is alive and things like that. I’m also hoping the resolution with Adrian is emotional and we get to see some beautiful (and earned) moments with William and Oliver. He’ll learn Oliver is his father, I believe. 

Hearing this helps me get more excited for the finale. I can’t wait to see it!

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I have a huge rape fetish (consensual ofc) but it's hard to explain to my daddy what exactly it is and how to go about doing so. Any advice?

I think, from my responses from followers, the victim in the situation gets more pleasure from the absolute attention (that primal desire to just be taken) and the freedom rape play gives them (to have no control, just focused on experiencing what the aggressor inflicts). For me personally, It’s a little of both. The focus I get. Pouring all of my desires into a single goal. Wanting to do something unforgivable (rape) to show someone just how badly I want them. Then there’s the purely evil aspect of taking something beautiful and tearing it apart.

Each person is unique in their desires, I’d say that the best way to bring it up with him, is to just be completely honest about what you think you’ll gain from the experience.

Growing up sucks…

“Ali, you’re going to have a beautiful baby.”

For all the haters and negative people, I am just going to say that this is probably the most grown up solution I have seen on this show. There is no way Paige can handle Ali having Emily’s baby and there is no way you can get Emily without Ali because of the baby, so this was the best solution. That had to be the hardest thing to walk away from, and instead of kicking and screaming, Paige showed a level of empathy and decorum that actually made me admire her. Good job to the writers, cast and crew for this one…

maknae line teaching you how to play pool

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  • tied with yoongi for worst player in korea
  • he does his best to teach you but, bless his heart, he doesn’t help you out much
  • meaning that you probably end up just as bad at it as him
  • it’s okay bc he’ll distract you w kisses and snacks

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  • another surprisingly good player
  • gets very serious and explains the rules to you in great detail
  • if your posture is even slightly off he will correct you
  • plays fair but happy to let you win

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  • the most competitive
  • shows off an awful lot
  • a huge fan of hands-on learning  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • leaning over you to make sure you’re positioned right

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  • Me: ... hmm, I should study tonight and then maybe watch an episode of one of the gazillion shows on my to-watch list
  • Brain: rewatch Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Me: why?
  • Brain: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Me: ... because the accurate and sensitive portrayal of anxiety, holding oneself to unreasonable standards, and severe burnout will make me feel better about my own exam stress?
  • Me: ... because it reminds me it's OK not to be the very best, the important thing is to keep working hard to improve?
  • Me: ... because Toshiyuki Toyonaga's voice, the soundtrack, and the beautifully animated skating scenes will calm me down ready for a good night's sleep so I can be productive in the morning?
  • Me: ... because the super-supportive relationships and friendly rivalries will remind me I'm not facing exams alone?
  • Brain: Wow
  • Brain: I was just going to say 'you gotta' but those are all really good points.

the most amazing feeling in the world is when someone says or does something that shows just how deeply they’ve gotten to know and understand you, especially when they do it super casually

like this one time my best friend and I were out getting ice cream kind of late at night, and she was talking about how she thought she’d found her dream home. then she paused and told me about how she couldn’t really imagine me as a house person, but envisioned me as a sort of perpetual traveler with a cozy book-filled apartment that I’d always have to come back to. she called it my perching place.

I’d never told her about that, but it was exactly how I’d always pictured my future life looking. and I don’t know, I just felt so known and understood in that that I could all but feel my heart expanding with how much I loved her.

pay attention to people. learn to understand them. it means so so much. 

iamvalc: no matter who wins tonight it’s been such a pleasure. Not just going from rooting for Rashad as the running back of my NYGiants and then sharing the floor with the man. Not just cause David Ross is one of the coolest/funniest/kindest people ever and happens to be a decent baseball player and get to now call him my friend. Not just cause Normani Kordei her talent and kindness gave me one of the best if not the best content I’ve ever produced on the show….. Honestly I’m grateful for this finale because the other two pros there with me couldn’t have been more deserving. What Lindsay created with David was beautiful because it was honest. What Emma was able to create with Rashad was magic because it was honest. They genuinely cared, and it showed like no other. Proud to be part of an amazing show with incredible people… oh and Tom was cool too 😝#dwts

Hey, my lovely duckies! Mackenzie here! I just wanted to thank you guys sooo much for 1,000 followers! This means the whole world to me! You guys are the best people in the world! You’ve made my life a little easier and a lot brighter! I’ve made awesome friends  and family because of Hamilton and this blog. So, to show you how much I appreciate you guys, I’ve decided to host a Write-a-thon for you guys! That’s right! Eight days with eight fic catergories! This is to show you guys that you are my motivation for writing so I wanted to motivate you guys with this celebration! Here are the catergories:

  • Day One: Soulmate AU

This is one of the most popular prompts for fanfiction so I wanted to give this a go! This can be ANY soulmate AU you like/find/know! Here’s a list of Soulmate AU ideas if you get stuck!

  • Day Two: Disney AU

Do you like Disney movies? Do you like certain scenes from Disney? Well, you can take the plot/storyline of ANY Disney film you like and make it into a fanfiction! Oh Boy!

  • Day Three: Time Period AU

So this is where you can choose ANY time period in history (1920s, World Wars, Revolutions, Modern, Futuristic, etc) and write about characters based in that period. What are their occupations? Where do they live? How do they dress? The choices are up to you! As long as you keep with the rules of your chosen time period!

  • Day Four: Tv Show AU

Love a certain Tv show? Think the storyline would me an awesome plot for a fanfic? Well, take your favorite Tv show and set your characters in that universe! Don’t forget to follow the rules and plotline for that show!

  • Day Five: College AU

This is one of the most unoriginal AUs in any fandome but they’re still pretty fucking fun to write. So, just choose a college setting and make your characters be the sleep-deprived coffee addicts they are destined to be in a college setting.

  • Day Six: Beach AU

Since it’s basically summer, let’s kick off the last day of May with a beach trip! Put your characters in a car and ship them off to do shenangians at the crowded public beach. Make sure to pack sunscreen and floaties for the ones who can’t swim!

  • Day Seven: Hospital AU

Everythings fun and games until someone ends up in the ER. Place your characters in a situation where one of them ends up in the hospital. OR, make your characters all work at the same hospital like it’s a Tv drama or something. It’s up to you!

  • Day Eight: Mackenzie AU

Mackenzie is me! To wrap up my first write-a-thon, I want you to write a fic with me as the main protagonist! You can use any setting or any AU! Just have fun! Kill me off if you want!

Those are the days of the write-a-thon! I hope you have fun and try to participate in at least one of the days. The fics you write can be ANY fandom with ANY characters (Canon/Actors who played said characters/RPF) as long as you have fun! The dates for this write-a-thon is May 26 through June 2. I hope to see your work! 


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Is Harry going to cancel his show tonight?

no news yet, but i do think most people wouldn’t be in their right state of mind tonight, let alone many parents would not send their children to the show after the devastating news from last night. on the other hand, canceling the show isn’t always the best way to solve things. it makes people more scared and anxious for future occasions, it puts much more pressure on the artist and everyone else involved, and we can’t live a world where it’s a constant fright to put your foot outside the door. if he decides to have the show, i will love and support him and every single person who is attending. i hope everyone stays safe, i hope the security does all the right and necessary security checks, i hope everything goes well and i hope everyone has fun.

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I was recently outed to my parents as bi, and although they're supportive and I'm grateful for this, it messed me up for a while that I didn't get the chance to come out myself. Now, some of my friends are at risk of being outed as well, except their parents are homophobic. Like conversion-therapy-level homophobic. What are some ways of celebrating your sexuality while still closeted, and how would you suggest best preventing yourself from being outed/staying safe if you're outed to homophobes?

Primarily, showing a marked interest in the opposite gender even if it’s faked. If it came up, then it would be more likely to blow over as just a nasty rumor. Also, avoiding these discussions at home. I was nearly outed over such a talk.

As for celebrating your sexuality, online you can be a lot more discreet. Moodboards, silly text posts, that kind of thing. It’s really a great resource that older generations didn’t have.

As a not, though, always have an innocent tab to switch to on short notice, and clear your internet history regularly.


Worries-Brett Talbot

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A/N: Not my gif so thank you to the original creator! This is just a little thing I whipped up, especially because I wish there was more Brett out there. Hope you enjoy!

“Brett will you just stop for one second and talk to me!” You insisted. For some reason your best friend has been ignoring you all week and won’t tell you what’s going on. You’re starting to get impatient with his attitude, so today you showed up at his house, unannounced, and have bombarding him with tons of questions. 

But to no surprise, all he does is keeps ignoring you and shrugging it off. Sure he was stubborn, but you always thought you were the one person he could talk to.

“Dammit Brett, will you just stop already” your voice was the loudest he has ever heard, causing his eyes to instantly lock to your face. However, he wasn’t prepared to see you have tears flowing down your face as you stood there with your fists clenched.

“(Y/n)” he cooed. His breath was shaky and uncertain, almost as if he was carefully choosing each word in order to stop you from crying. “I’m sorry, I really am. But you need to believe me when I say it’s better for you if I’m not in your life. You’ll be happier and safer.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean” you snapped back. He goes to reach for you, but you instantly retreat. “How can you just throw away our friendship just like that. You can’t expect me to give up that easily, you know that right?”

“Trust me, I know. I just don’t want you getting hurt” he sighed. He felt defeated and you could tell that there was something to his story that he wasn’t telling you. He sits on the edge of his bed, with his hands roaming through his hair.

“What do you mean you don’t want me getting hurt. You’re my best friend, my rock. You are the one person who I trust with my life.” You say as you sit next to him on the bed. You grab his hand from out of his hair, and lace your tiny fingers with his much larger ones.

“That’s what makes you so vulnerable, and puts you in the most danger” he says softly.

“Danger? What do you mean danger? I thought you were talking about hurting my feelings” you pause “but that’s not what you meant isn’t it?”

“No. I mean of course I would never hurt you emotionally, but I mean hurt as in physically. Because of how close you are to me, you may become an easy target.”

“An easy target for what” you question. When he doesn’t answer you right away goosebumps begin to fill your arms. “Brett, please. You’re scaring me. Just tell me what’s going on.”

“I haven’t been completely honest with you over the years” he says as you give him a look of confusion. Before you could say another word, his eyes glow a bright amber color and you let out a light gasp. “(Y/n) I’m not exactly what you think I am. I’m not normal, and my lifestyle is dangerous and wouldn’t dare bring you into that.”

“Brett I’m already in it, and I’m not going anywhere, so just tell me what’s going on and let me help.”

“I’m a werewolf, okay? I know, I know. It sounds crazy but it’s how I was born.” Brett began rambling on and on about his other life that you knew nothing about. An hour passed and now you two were laying in his bed, each on your side so that you are facing one another. Brett talked all about his pack, his special abilities, and the supernatural. You laid there in awe, as you never believed such a world existed.

“Brett can I ask you something” you finally spoke up after listening to him talk for awhile.

“Sure, I’m now an open book, and I’m sure you have millions of questions” he says with a chuckle.

“Why were you so scared to tell me” you say softly. He reaches to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

“Because you’re my best friend” he replies. A small sigh escapes your lips as you had hoped for a deeper answer. “And because if you ever got hurt I could never forgive myself.” He says as he sits himself up.

You copy him and look at his face which is covered with a worried expression.

“(Y/n), You know I love you” he says while taking your hands in his.

“Yeah I love you too, that’s why we are best friends” you say giving a soft smile.

“Yeah, of course. But I love you more than that.”

“Brett what are you talking about.”

“I’ve been in love with you. For awhile now actually. And I was so scared of telling you because if any of my enemies ever found out, you would be the first person they would go to hurt. That’s why I was just going to try and hold it all inside and just not talk to you anymore.” As he speaks you feel your heart sink deep into your chest, as you could never imagine a life without Brett in it. “What’s even worse is I’m so scared that you wont feel the same, and now I may have just lost you even more than if I were to just ignore you.”

A slow tear begins falling down Brett’s cheek and so you take your thumb to wipe it away. You keep your small hands on his cheeks as you go to turn his sulking face towards yours. You take a deep breath before you do something you’ve been longing to over the years.

You slowly inch your face closer to his, until your lips meet each other’s. Each of you move slowly, as if you want to make this moment last as long as possible. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate, as you situate yourself to where you are not straddling Brett.

“Does this mean you’ll go on a date with me” Brett says through kisses. A soft laugh escapes your mouth as you pull your face back to look him in the eyes. 

“Of course you idiot. I love you too. I was just so scared to tell you in case you didn’t feel the same” you say. He plants a small peck on your nose, which causes your face to scrunch.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” His tone was serious again and full of fear. “We need to be careful, and if you ever feel like something is wrong, or sense even an ounce of danger, you need to tell me. I can’t lose you.”

“And you never will” you say as you place another kiss on the boy you love. 

i don’t know why they didn’t have kara and lena together at the end of the episode. i know that it was supposed to be dramatic and all, and i’m not even saying this to support supercorp, but surely it’s a stronger message to show young girls that being in a relationship isn’t the only form of happiness? that friendships are also incredibly important? lena and kara are canonically best friends, they should have been there to support each other, lena supporting kara in the loss of mon el (though ew mon el) and kara should have been there with lena, who constantly feels as if there is no one on her side. it could have been an incredibly powerful message to show that even in the face of huge losses, there is still hope, even if it just comes from the friendships people share

re: that last post

It’s been on my mind a lot. I know this is going to sound super dramatic and y’all I know it’s just a TV show but the scenes between Tommy and Tatiana last season made me uncomfortable at best and physically sick at worst. It’s one thing to have rough and gritty sex scenes when they’re consensual and the participants are in a relatively healthy headspace. It’s entirely another to have two traumatized people using each other as an outlet for dealing with their unresolved trauma and self-loathing. It’s really, really hard to watch. I still haven’t been able to re-watch s3 all the way through because of it. 

I don’t think I can watch another season of Tommy self-destructing. I need some light. I need some goodness. I don’t need Tommy to find love, or get married, or any of that, but I’m not interested in watching another female character be subjected to such shitty, one-dimensional development. If they’re bringing May back, I want it to be for a good reason. Not so she can be another symptom of Tommy’s decay. 

I’m really nervous about s4 for this exact reason to be totally honest. S3 was such a punch in the gut, and not just because of Grace dying. It was 

  • Grace dying 
  • Michael confronting past abuse
  • Tommy being cruel to Polly 
  • Arthur and John killing innocent people unnecessarily 
  • Tommy getting his fucking skull crushed 
  • the darkness and desperation of the entire Russian plot line 
  • leaving that baby boy Blinder with the Russians and having to endure all kinds of horrible things
  • John being a jealous asshole with no consequences 
  • Charlie being kidnapped 
  • Tommy having to tunnel again 

I’m sure I’m even forgetting stuff. It was just too much. And I guess the point of this post is that I don’t think I can take another season of it. GIVE ME SOME LIGHT. Give me Arthur telling Michael about how he pushed him down Watery Lane in a shoebox. Give me Tommy and May flirting while John and Arthur try their best to embarrass him. Give me Tommy buying Polly a fucking house and telling her she deserves it. 

Give me a reason to root for these people again. 

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I ADORE La La Land. I saw it with my best friend and we were the only people in the theater (it was like 10 or 11 at night on a Wednesday) and it was fantastic. I BAWLED MY EYES OUT FOR 7 STRAIGHT MINUTES AT THE END. IT WAS AWESOME.

I saw it again the night before it left theaters. It was hilarious because we only had ten minutes until the final showing and Dad was like “let’s do it” so we got dressed in a hurry and drove across town. Made it just before the opening number!

After the movie:

Me: GEN 2 GEN 2 GEN 2 GEN 2
Me: That’s called fan fiction, Mom. That’s what I do.
Mom: Oh really?
Me: *running in circles in the theater hall* WHY WON’T THIS UPDATE LOAD ANY FASTERRRRR

We had nice discussions about the movie over dinner (and my suffering). Mom was still mad though. XD