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im seeing lots of discussion of “nickelodeon characters that were totally lesbians” and i feel obliged to include penelope “obsessed with meeting amanda bynes, dedicates her life to her and sleeps with pillows that have her face on them” taynt to the list for the sake of completionism

honest voltron

Allura: I’m Allura, princess of Altea and paladin of the blue lion. I am the most dynamic and plot centric character and yet somehow i’m not the main character. I’ll give you one guess as to why and if your guess was “because it’s an ensemble show and all the characters get equal screentime” then you can probably hear Lauren Montgomery’s laughter in the distance. The writers wanted to introduce a grey morality plotline and for some reason decided to use me; a survivor of genocide and victim of oppression as an example…of a racist.

Lance: Hi i’m Lance, the show will introduce me as the primary protagonist but don’t worry; by season 2 the writers have successfully forgotten how to actually write my character and so they just kind of, don’t. Despite the creator’s best efforts I am the fan favorite because my initial characterization is pretty damn good. After months of begging from fans the writers finally decided to return to my character arc only to make it entirely about Keith. Which the fans are surprisingly ok with because Klance is the most popular ship.

Shiro: I’m Takashi Shirogane, Shiro for short. I’m an asian american amputee who has been given visible symptoms of PTSD. But the fandom would rather ignore all that and write porn of me with the children I mentor. And the writers mostly use me to coddle their golden boy, Keith. Or to torture me on screen for no plot related reason. Am I a clone? was I a clone to begin with? who is sven? why are there so many Shiros? I just want to go home.

Pidge: My name is Katie Holt but I continue to go by Pidge despite everyone knowing my real name for no adequately explained reason. The writers think they’re progressive because i’m a boy in the original 80′s voltron but after 30 years all they’ve done is add a second girl to a cast of seven characters and then make my story revolve almost entirely around my brother. I wish I could say the fandom ignores me as much as Allura, because then there wouldn’t be mountains and mountains of porn of me; a 14 year old. I’m trans coded and autistic coded but good luck pointing that out without someone sending you a death threat.

Hunk: I’m Hunk and if you genuinely forgot who I am then I wouldn’t be surprised because the writers sure have. I got a great character arc the first half of season 1 but don’t get used to it because I will spend the rest of the series as a fat joke. The fandom complains that I don’t get enough attention but largely ignores me. My tag is full of cross tagged posts about other characters. I’m the only character who has absolutely no history given in the show. But that’s ok, have this scene of me falling down and farting instead.

Keith: I’m Keith, self described Loner. After three seasons of The Keith Show you would think I would have a really solid well written character arc but apparently the writers are so incompetent that even if a character gets most of the screentime they still can’t write me properly. I spend most of my time messing up and having my mistakes justified by the narrative instead of learning something and even when I do learn and grow the writers put me right back at square one whenever it’s convenient to the plot. The fans mostly only care about me in the context of ships and because i’m asian coded they like to draw me even younger than I am and call me a “shota”. My fans like to blame all my mistakes on Allura.

Walking briskly, Draco headed towards the quidditch pitch. The Gryffindor practice had started a few minutes ago. He was normally never late but he had valiantly attempted to curb his addiction to watching Potter train. Unfortunately it seemed as though he lived to torture himself. He sighed as he hefted his too heavy bag onto his shoulder. He needed his books after all, to keep up appearances.

Harry looked around and was shocked by the depth of his disappointment. They finished their warm up lap and landed again to stretch. Harry landed sullenly and half heartedly joined in the team stretch. He wasn’t really paying attention to what anyone was saying, but he heard snickering and looked up. Fred and George were whispering behind their hands and pointing at the stands. Harry’s head whipped towards the stands, his heart racing when he spotted white blonde hair gleaming in the sunlight.

Fred shook his head as Harry whipped off his shirt, stretching extravagantly. George made a gagging noise that had Fred snorting. “Could they be any more obvious?” He asked.
“They could be as obvious as they were oblivious.” George quipped.
Fred laughed. “Right you are.”
“Hey, Fred?”
“Yes, George?”
“Should we help them along?”
Fred grinned wickedly. “It would be the kind thing to do, I think.”
George’s expression mirrored his own. “Lovely.”

Harry had put his shirt back on to fly, it was chilly otherwise. Wood had just finished yelling at him for losing focus, which happened pretty often when Malfoy happened to be studying when they had practice.
“Hiya, Harry.” Fred grinned as he pulled up next to Harry.
“Hello, Fred. How’s it going?” He asked.
“Good, wish we didn’t have to practice on such a lovely day though.” He said looking around at the perfect summer day.
“Yeah- hey why is George going to talk to Malfoy?” Harry asked, alarmed. What if George was going to ask him to stop coming to watch the practices?
“Ah, a shame really.” Fred said with sympathy. “We heard him having a fight with his ex boyfriend. Seems like a messy break up. George is probably just checking on him.” Fred shook his head sadly, unaware of the turmoil that had been unleashed. “Right nasty piece of work he was. I hope Malfoy keeps an eye open. He deserves a better guy than that.” And with that he flew away.

Draco very nearly dropped his book when one of the Weasley twins flew to a stop several feet from where he was sitting. “Hiya, Malfoy.” He said with a smile.
Draco inclined his head. “Weasley.”
“Are you enjoying the view?” Weasley asked him innocently.
“What?” Draco sputtered.
“Lovely day, isn’t it? Perfect day to be outside and view nature at its best.” He answered.
“Oh, yes.” Draco replied, relieved. “Very, um, sunny.”
Weasley laughed and came closer. “So, Draco. Why don’t you just tell Harry you like him?”
“What?!” Draco asked again, indignant. He could feel his face getting warmer. Weasley just smiled knowingly. “I came here to study. That’s all.”
“Mm. And studying with the book upside down helps, because..?” He taunted. Draco did drop the book then. He groaned and buried his face in his hands.
Weasley laughed, not unkindly. “Look, don’t feel bad Malfoy. He never acts like a prat until you show up.” Draco looked up questioningly. Weasley rolled his eyes. “You know, taking off his shirt and all the posing.” Draco could only gape at him. Weasley smiled. “He was having a right sulk until you showed up today.”
“So what should I do?” He asked.
“Something, Malfoy. Please just do something.”

The next day Harry was walking alone to the library. He paused at the entrance, seeing a white blonde head bowed low over a book alone at a table. He let out a heavy breath and made his way over. “Hi, Malfoy. Do you mind if I sit here?”
Draco’s head jerked up and he dropped his quill. “Um, okay.” He frowned and got busy cleaning the mess his quill had made. He kept shooting furtive glances Harry’s way. “Actually, Potter. I wanted to ask if you’d be interested in a one on one seeker game tomorrow.” He said without making eye contact.
Surprised, Harry answered. “Yeah, that sounds cool.”
Draco smiled.

Draco made sure to get there early, so that when Harry got there landed after a warm up lap.
“Hi.” Harry smiled at him shyly.
Draco was glad that he had the excuse of the wind for the pink on his cheeks. “Hey, Potter.” He cleared his throat. “I’m just warming up.” And with a fortifying breath, he whipped his shirt off.

There was so much pale, creamy skin. Malfoy was lean, with muscle definition that had Harry’s eyes traveling all over. He leaned back to stretch his back and Harry’s eyes dipped lower..
with a jerk Harry tore his gaze up to Malfoy’s amused grey eyes. He shut his mouth with an audible snap that had Malfoy smirking.
Narrowing his eyes he said, “I should warm up too.” And promptly removed his shirt. He watched as Malfoy’s eyes greedily flitted over his exposed chest and arms. He grinned in satisfaction as he saw how hard it was for Malfoy to tear his gaze away. When he eventually looked up and saw Harry grinning he blushed.
“You know, Harry.” He started. “I have a better way we could warm up.”

Fred and George were hunkered down in the hufflepuff stands breathless with silent laughter. Having heard the exchange, they couldn’t stop laughing after the two boys quickly pulled their shirts on and walked hand in hand to a thicket of trees near the forbidden forest.
Eventually they caught their breath and wiped away their tears.
Fred said. “A pair of posturing fools. Standing on the quidditch pitch with their shirts off.” He sighed a laugh.
George snickered.
“Hey, George?”
“Yes, Fred?”
“Let’s go find Ron and send him that way.”
They were howling with laughter as they stumbled towards the castle.

Inspired by a post by @rosalyfart!

When you are feeling low, try this list of distractions and find what works for you, even if it only works for a second:

-Cook a meal and take the time to plate it nicely

-Draw intricate patterns focusing solely on what you are drawing

-Read a novel or fanfiction

-Watch a movie or tv show

-Take a shower/bath and allow your muscles to relax as the hot water hits them.

-Take a nap


-If you have a pet play with it

-Walk around

-Play video games

-Write your feelings down, you can destroy what you write after

-Drink some tea or hot cocoa 

-Talk to family or friends

-Just try not to give in to the thoughts

But know that if you do you are not a failure, try again next time.

repeat this list as needed and try your best, thats all I ask

destielonfire  asked:

Ok Tink, can you give us some speculation (no promises ofc, just your personal opinion) about ep 2? What do you think we're going to see? Do you think Dean's grief will be expanded on via certain scenes/visuals, or will the focus be on something else this ep?

13x02! :D (I know it’s Bucklemming but…) ok. Here goes.

The Rising Son

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: WHAT EVIL THIS WAY COMES… — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) begin to explore what Jack (Alexander Calvert) is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello (guest star Keith Szarbajka) alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. There is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus (guest star Jeffrey Vincent Parise), and with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack. The episode was directed by Thomas J. Wright and written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#1302). Original airdate 10/19/2017. 

Well ok first thing, it’s Bucklemming. Expect Destiel and rape allusions of some sort, too many characters and subplots (seems like it, we’ve got Asmodeus and his minions, Asmodeus v the boys, the AU, Donatello, boys + Jack and likely others too), it’s going to be jam packed with plot.

I do expect Dean’s grief (and Sam’s) to be explored more, definitely. Given Buckner in the sneak peek pretty much only talked about how utterly low Dean is, how alone they are, how he’s full of inertia and pain at the loss and how it’s only when Cas comes back that he can pull himself out of it, I do expect that he has written this in this episode. 

Director: Thomas Wright of this scene

Originally posted by destihellion

Excellent :)

My wishlist:

- This shot is in this episode, either at the beginning (best) or the end :

Also this was the shot when Buckner was talking in the sneak peek and fully goes with what he said so I hope it is in his episode “Dean is as low as we’ve ever seen him, the show is about resilience and turning disaster around but he just doesn’t seem to be at that point”…

- Some kind of allusion to the fact that Dean is not sleeping or having nightmares.

- Dean being awful with Jack at first. “He’s not God, he’s not Cas, he’s not Simba, he’s the freaking DEVIL!”

- Dean finding out that Jack sees Cas as his father. (extra wishlist item some may not agree with: Jack outright telling him he didn’t control Cas, therefore his death wasn’t his fault, leading to Dean being super upset as that was his last hope, that he could blame something else for Cas’ death but now all he can blame it on is himself for not supporting Cas enough and Cas himself and that kills him. Dean always ends up blaming himself, blaming Jack was just about what got him through. Gee please gimme the pain I beg you).

- Dean begrudgingly realising that Jack isn’t all evil.

- Dean storming out of the room or being visibly upset when Jack does something super Cas-like.

- Sam being supportive of Dean but also firm about Jack. Showing he can also make his own choices and not always do as Dean tells him, being on equal footing and even more able to take the lead when Dean is emotionally compromised.

- Asmodeus being KICK ASS. He looks so cool I so hope he is a brilliantly evil villain.

- Jack showing that he can learn to control his powers but it’s taking time, losing control at some point and potentially hurting someone by accident or even rage-hurting someone then regretting it. Something like this.

- I already wrote about how the set for the burger eating Sam, Dean + Jack scene is FULL of important props and significance so I hope to see a ton of Cas relevant set design everywhere and lots of callbacks to him continued, plus other references to Lucifer etc.

- I would love it if we got textual or very blatant Dean coping mechanisms in this episode (either he full on says / makes it obvious they’re coping mechanisms or they are really strong in this episode to be said so later in another episode) like the drinking and if he has sex with someone but looks extremely unsatisfied I’ll scream with joy.

There you go! I dunno how much others will agree and how much will be validated, but that’s my view with the little we know already :)

Okay so here have a post saying why they are my favourite characters that nobody asked for.

Reasons why I love Lance:

I actually understand how it felt like to be a seventh wheel.

Always wear a mask

Would always care and support friends

Reasons why I love Keith:

Everybody he loves has disappear from his life
(They didn’t disappear from me, they just find someone new and replace me, now I got my bff beside me, she is just the best)

Hates people giving disappointing glares

Hate people thinking that he is weak

They are the most relatable characters out of the show though.

That’s the reason why Lance and Keith are my favourite characters.

Also don’t worry anymore, I’m not a seventh wheel anymore and I just moved to another school that makes me feel comfortable so yeah.

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YES! TRL is honestly shit. They said the twins were going to be hosts, but they have them drinking punch out of shoes? Doing handstands and drinking water? Putting ice down their pants? I mean seriously?! That's so offensive. Whoever is their manager NEEDS to get them out of this fucked up contract. They're making them look like jokes, like they're nothing but a pretty face.

This! What kind of stupid challenges are these? Like yeah, sure, they’re doing stupid challenges on their youtube videos because that’s what they’re all about but the producers are treating them like garbage, it’s nowhere near funny. I was so against this from the start but I felt like keeping my mouth shut was probably the best option. Doesn’t feel like it is the best option anymore. I just sincerely hope that the twins won’t stick around for long, because they’re being humiliated in every way on that trashy show.


hey guys !! I’ve been getting a lot of hate recently (if u haven’t noticed) & ngl it’s starting to get to me (even tho I know that’s what they want). First of all, thank you guys so much for the all the messages y'all sent- seriously I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time in liking my stuff & backing me up when I get hate- y'all the best & even tho I don’t show how much I appreciate y'all, u guys really do make my day a lot better. But I’ve been getting hate like almost weekly and it’s been taking a toll- I’ve been trying my hardest to stay positive but even w/ thick skin, there’s always a tipping point. I might take some time off editing for now & just lurk around & reply to y'all idk. I know by doing this I’m being a hypocrite since I always preach to not give a fuck about haters but yeuno it gets tiring haha. Dw about me y'all :+) it’ll prob take a day or two to recover but I’ll be around !! I don’t want to sound dramatic cause it’s smt little & I know that but I always conflict w/ my self bleh. But remember that I love you guys so so so much & I’m always here if u need anything. Stay positive & stay hydrated 💕

I love to think that Uncle Donald dresses his three Nephews

And it’s always according to what they need most. 

Della had given the three of them their colors. Donald can’t find it in himself to give them new color schemes. Not when the cling to them. He gets that. It’s part of their mother, and it makes them feel closer. More attached to this image they had of her. Have of her.

But that also doesn’t mean that they don’t have individual issues that need to be addressed. Through clothing. 

Louie is always getting into trouble, and it became tiresome for Donald to chase after the kid to try and snatch him away from whatever expensive thing he was trying to lay his hands on. 

The hoodie helped.

Both as a way to make him look cooler (as Donald convinced him it did) but also worked as an incredibly convenient leash when need be. And my god… the need arose far more often then not. 

A good reach over and a yank was all it took to grab the youngest triplet off the ground and deposit him three feet back. 

Dewey is a whole matter all his own. 

For years, he’d gone around in only a blue shirt. Until his uncle had noticed the odd shivers that ran up and down his nephew. The kind that made the little kids feathers stand and quake if only for a moment, but enough of a moment to notice. 

The doctors all looked, humming and tutting away. Donald was scared that perhaps whatever the eldest triplet had (an array of things, as it would turn out) was somehow clinging to the middle one as well. He wasn’t sure how he’d handle two children like that. How he’d be able to manage the tears and the strife and the awful, nagging failure that sits in the pit of his stomach -you’re not enough for him… you never will be. He’d find a way. He knew he would. And so he prepared himself for that. 

It wasn’t that. 

Anxiety. Brought on by an almost violent need to achieve at a higher level. The little tyke was constantly at odds with himself. To be better. Do better. The therapist said it had to something to do with ego or something like that… That the kid looked up to people and latched onto their successes. That he strove to be like them to the point of exhaustion. 

“He needs comfort,” the psychologist said. “He does well in a nest space, yes?”

He did, actually. Both him and his eldest both did well in smaller, enclosed, warm spaces. Like the one he’d made for them out of pillows and blankets. 

Dewey relied on that time in the pillow fort of a nest for comfort. 

It was his security blanket. 

So Donald got him a pressure shirt. 

He found it in a ski store. It was blue. Just like his little pullover t-shirt. There was some resistance at first. He said it looked weird. But Donald showed him his sailor suit (long sleeves! see? do you think I’m weird?) and it all sorted itself out from there. 

Huey, the eldest, is a runt. I’ve already established that that’s my head canon, and that so much of his health depends on Donald getting him the right medications and putting him on the best eating schedule. He’s got soft, downy fluff and delicate feet and a fragile immune system. He was given red by his mother- but Donald found it best to brighten it up, and add a hat, which Huey needed no persuasion to put on. The tiniest of the three was so much easier to spot through a crowd with that on his head. 

Huey had also tried to convince his uncle to make him look bigger. He’d cried so consistently about being the smallest of the three. That it wasn’t fair. That he was so small. So weak looking. So quick to be made fun of by whoever was closest and meanest and biggest. So his uncle had found a red shirt with a collar. “Like your suits!” Huey had cheeped, breathless with happiness, pulling it on over his head. 

The three of them were all given their colors by their mother. 

Their Uncle Donald was the one who made sure their colors kept them healthy, happy, and whole. 

Could you?

Summary: Y/n and Steve get stuck in a Hydra base, the Hydra agents still coming.

Prompt: ,,Did you really think I would leave without you?”

Word Count: 798

Pairings: Steve x reader

Warnings: I think it’s just my bad writing, yeah.

A/N: So this is for @buckthegrump’s ‘Pick Your Poison Writing Challenge.’ I dunno. It’s just bad. :D I’m bad in ending stories… Yeah, and if you didn’t get it, the reader has an ability to hide in shadows. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get it, though. :D

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Headcanons for a polyship with Bokuto and Iwaizumi?

Omg, my two favorite boys thrown into a polyship? This is one of the best days of my life!

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

  • Just, to start, can you imagine ams nights with these two? Both Bokuto and Iwaizumi would be giving it their all and if their significant other is also competitive, it’s all over. Guaranteed these nights end in more petty fights than it really should.
    • More often than not - probably because Bokuto would end up pouting for the remainder of the night - they typically have movie nights or they have a show they watch weekly (or maybe that they’ve been bingeing nightly).
  • And my mind instantly brings me to nights in bed with these two. First that Bokuto steals all of the blankets without fail - finally Iwaizumi insisted on him having his own, but all three still share so Bokuto doesn’t feel so separated from the other two.
    • And they’re always in the middle of these beefy boys. And it’s a spooning train with Bokuto being the littlest spoon and Iwaizumi being the biggest. They always make sure to have at least one hand on each of them - one on Iwaizumi’s thigh and the other laced with Bokuto’s.
  • Morning are always early. The two boys are always the first ones up so that they can go on their morning run. They’re more than welcome to come but if they don’t then the boys would crawl back into bed when they’ve finished and coax them out for a group shower.
  • Bet you anything they brought home a stray dog in hopes of keeping it. Bokuto’s in love immediately while Iwaizumi have a hard no. But they wore him down so that they got to keep the dog and it’s literally Iwaizumi’s soulmate.
  • Of the three, Iwaizumi’s the mediator during fights and arguments. He’s definitely the one that eases everything out and instigates the comfort cuddles and kisses. But really they all very much work together to keep things as balanced as possible, because they love each other and never want to leave each others sides.

coffee-w-iriswa  asked:

I agree with your post. Finally, the show allowed Iris to vent out her pent up emotions when Barry left. She's only human and should be allowed to be one. And expressing her innermost feelings, in a constructive manner, is a big step towards healing & recovery. Honestly, it was liberating & fulfilling; it was like releasing a deep sigh of relief. Gone are the unrealistic, unhealthy numbing of herself to keep it together. And the symbolism of the ring? Commitment as one. WA is the Gold standard.


Iris has been holding on to so much for SO long to actually get to see her voice her feelings was damn near the best thing I’ve ever seen on that show. I never realized just how much I needed it until we actually got it. 

It was especially nice because it showed that Iris finally truly had someone she could confide in. Yes, Barry has always been her best friend but he hasn’t always been her go-to person, especially in 2A. No one was her go-to person back then, which is just stupid, but I digress…

Now, not only does she get to voice her feelings but she gets to do it with ‘her person’. He’s not just a friend or close like family he’s her other half. His problems are her problems and vice versa, she doesn’t have to carry her burden alone and neither does he. That is what it all boiled down to. Some haters people want to focus on what she said and use it to bash her for being selfish but the truth of the matter is  WHY she said and why it needed to be said is what’s truly important. That connection needed to be made not only for them, but for the audience as well. Barry and Iris are a unit now, they’re a team in and of themselves, and that’s the way it’s going to be going forward. 

Secret sessions are the best not just for what people get to experience but for what it really shows how we are as a fandom, it makes me so happy seeing everyone so happy for one another, swifites together forever ❤️

My roommate just finished bingewatching Agents of Shield and the most important thing I got out of our conversation over it is that she thinks the show is going to have Robbie and Daisy get together because of “that look” at the end

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i finally built up the courage to let my best friend of almost 20 years read my fic. i know that might sound weird, but literally no one in my real life knows that i write. i linked her to my stuff as meirenyu and also as my old ao3 (wherein I wrote shit that makes my meirenyu stuff look like dr. fucking seuss).

and I was so terrified that she’d think I was some kind of horrible monster, but like

she was just like “okay good this is making me feel normal bc honestly it’s a little tame compared to some of the things i’m into” and i’m just like

this is my person, you guys. she’s my person. she’s always been there, and she always will be, and she was like

“this is the best written smut i’ve ever read” “don’t be embarrassed” “i need more links”

and it may seem stupid to you guys that i was so worried, but it just shows me that even after 20 years, this woman makes me feel valid and special and awesome, and i just

i don’t deserve her

Falling For You

This is a little bughead one shot that @a92vm​ (my new bff) gave me the idea for ;)

Betty would do anything for a chance to meet Jughead Jones. Which includes standing in the freezing cold rain with a wimpy umbrella she got at the gas station. It was worth it, the way he looked at her and said her name. Like she was the only girl in the world, even though millions knew his name.

Read on ao3 here

I don’t know anything about movie/show production or anything in terms of fans watching/standing around, so just don’t pay too much attention to those bits! 

I don’t have a beta reader/am a lazy editor so, all mistakes are my own.

Betty stared at her phone screen for what seemed like forever. Veronica’s text message going unanswered as she processed the words her best friend had sent her. Another ‘ping’ came from her phone and another message from her popped up on the screen.

V: are you in or not B?

Before she could reply another one popped in.

V: I can go without you..

Betty’s fingers flew across her phone at the thought of not being there, missing out, giving her more anxiety than being there might.

B: don’t worry, I’m in V.

She bit her lip, thinking about all the possible scenarios that could play out. She typed out another message.

B: can’t let you make a fool of yourself ;)

She grinned a little. Not that Veronica could ever do that, she was perfectly poised. But anyone could lose their shit around a celebrity. And this was Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews they were talking about.

They were both in New York shooting for a movie they has signed on for, together. Everyone was freaking out about it. They had both been in a show together as children, one that Betty grew up watching, Six Times Goodnight. It was her favorite show, and she loved Jughead’s character the most. When Veronica moved to Riverdale their freshman year they had bonded over the last season of the show.

Things had been quiet after the show for the two actors the girls admired. She supposed they each wanted to experience high school and college normally, having grown up on television and their childhood being quite different than most.  They were only a year older than Betty and Veronica, so they had graduated college at the end of last year. They had decided to make a return to acting and they were doing a movie together. It was no secret that they remained best friends from the show. So people were freaking out.

Including Betty and Veronica.

When they found out the movie would be shooting in New York, Veronica instantly took to social media to find out where they would be shooting. She proved to have some excellent connections from living there before her move.

Now they were going to drive upstate an hour to Mayweather Farm which was right next to an old amusement park they were using for the movie. They were hoping to catch a glimpse of Jughead and Archie and maybe get a photo and autograph. Her heart was beating fast and her palms were already sweaty. This was crazy.

Or was she crazy?

She had grown up watching these guys, they had lived normal lives for the better part of six years now. How would they feel getting swamped by a crazy fan?

Betty’s fists clenched, nails curling into the skin of her palms. The sharp bites of pain making her slow her breathing, able to focus on the pain. Her thoughts were cloudy, loud and overwhelming. She was being ridiculous.

She was also very, very attracted to Jughead Jones.

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Halloween Requests: OPEN!

Hello! Just wanted to let you guys know I’m working on the last request of the latest bunch, so now my ask box is open. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to open requests, but spice things up a bit and do a little Halloween special. So you guys can send fluffly, smutty or maybe some spook-ish suggestions that are Halloween themed (requests that aren’t about Halloween will be DELETED). 

Oh, also keep in mind that in Brazil this isn’t much of a traditional festivity for us, all that I know about Halloween, I learned with american TV shows, so I’m sorry in advance if anything comes out superficial, it’s just not part of my culture, but I’ll do my best!

See you in my ask box!^^