this show is just so fun to picspam


Since the release of the new trailer, everyone’s been so excited about the release of the Maze Runner movie, so we thought it’d be fun to have our own appreciation week! Starting on August 17th, the week will include:

  • Day 1: Favourite Glader
  • Day 2: Favourite Relationship (whether it be romantic or platonic, otp, brotp, or ot3; anything you like)
  • Day 3: Favourite Moment/Scene
  • Day 4: Favourite Quote(s)
  • Day 5: Favourite Book
  • Day 6: the Glade or the Maze
  • Day 7: General Appreciation (why you like the series, what it means to you, etc)

You can do whatever you want, gifsets, picspams, graphics, or even just text posts; anything to show your appreciation for the Maze Runner series. Make sure to tag your posts with #TMRAW14 so everyone can see (and you can tag dailygladers for anything you want us to see!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


TV Shows of 2016

↳ 2/50. Agent Carter

The cancellation of Agent Carter still hurts. The show really found its creative stride in its second season and the move to LA was perfect for Peggy Carter. The supporting cast got more things to do, especially the always delightful and loyal Edwin Jarvis. Most importantly the show was just so much fun every week. I really miss it and it stings knowing it won’t be returning. There is a chance that we could see Peggy again in the movies or even an Agents of SHIELD flashback but it seems unlikely we will ever see characters like Jarvis or Sousa again which is a huge loss to the MCU.