this show is hard 2 color i don't want to talk about it

paleclaw  asked:

Do you have any advice or tips for solo animators (students, hobbyists, freelancers, etc.)? Especially when it comes to workflow and how to get things done in a timely manner when you don't have a whole team to help you animate?

Hey there! Sorry I haven’t been able to get this sooner - I’ve been very occupied in my work lately.

I totally understand where you’re coming from though. Its hard to get a lot of work done in a timely manner by yourself when you’re pretty much your own boss. I suffer from this still, and from my experience - I do have thoughts to share. I’m going to talk about both freelance work, and doing personal work.
So here are my top advices on being professionally independent!

1. Set yourself a deadline, use special events as reference
Set a day on when you want/need to finish a certain project. A lot of my friends use events, conventions, and exhibitions as deadline placeholders for their own work. My former mentor and teacher uses things like CTNx to showcase a 2D project he’s been working on so that he can garner thoughts, reviews, and get people interested to help fund future projects. Trust me, when its set on a special day, there’s more reason to finish the work you set yourself to.

2. Organize yourself  workbook with a calender, a check list and notes
Now that I think about it, I would not have been able to complete my previous shorts without setting myself a calender. You can make yourself a physical book (or an online excel) with a calender, and a checklist of things needed to finish during that day/week/month. Start crossing out the days that go by, and see if you are able to manage your goals. If you don’t make the quota, then its probably time to start thinking of ways to limit the work put into the next shots. That leads to my next point.

3. Understand your limitations, prioritize important parts
In a lot of my animated work, there are shots that have high production value, and some that looked like it was clearly rushed. If your client gives you a sequence to animate, start thinking about shots that scream high quality, and then place the shots that don’t seem too important later on the list. For example, you might want to give yourself more time for a shot you feel will be highly difficult, and then less time for shots that can easily be done by you. If you’re still unsure about how to organize this, talk to your client and ask what parts of the animation do they want to have the best quality, so you can start thinking about prioritizing certain shots.

4. Do a pipeline test. Record notes and assess future problems and difficulties.

Depending on what your client asks for, you still need to do a pipeline test to see all the necessary steps you’ll be tackling in the future. Some clients will ask you to do from roughts to the final colors, or some will ask for rough animation only. The reason why pipeline tests exist is to see what future problems you’ll encounter. You should also record how long each step takes; how long it takes you to do certain footage of animation, so when you do plan your quota for the following days - you have a better idea in how to set it up.

5. Constantly check in with your client

If you’re lucky, you might get a client who is very hands on and is constantly checking up on you. This is good because its a good motivator to actually get work done! You’ll have more things work in progresses to show, and they can give feedback. It gives them a clear idea of the overall progress, so they have a better understanding on how long the work usually takes. You guys could also form some suggestions for future obstacles in the work.

6. Gather peers you trust and set up a frequent meet-up to show and share work

This mostly helps if you are doing your own personal work, but when its a project that is entirely under your control: its easy just to chill out and relax (I am highly guilty of this.) Some people can work on their own projects - and not show it to the world; whereas I constantly need to show work to my peers to keep me motivated. I’m the type of person who needs to get feedback and encouragement on continuing a project, so I’ve been showing people I really trust some things I’ve been doing on the side. This also helps keep you working on the project time to time.

7. If all still fails, hire yourself a production manager/personal producer/agent

The top advice I get when thinking about running a production is to hire a production assistant/personal producer/agent. A production assistant should be able to understand the overall process of the animation workflow, and should help you set up a schedule for it. They’ll also be able to organize meetings between your client and/or a team if you do decide to hire that extra work force - because hey; artists dealing with things like organizing conferences, time tables and budget handling is just too much. This can be highly time efficient for you, since you can just focus on the production side of things, while someone else handles the more “business” side of things.

Digital Painting: tips for beginners II

In my previous tutorial here, I talked about how value and color essentially replace line to produce form and walked through the first steps of my painting process to make painting more approachable for someone who’s only worked with sketches and lineart coloring before.

After doing the stuff in the first tut, I usually reach a point where I want to add more detail, but the lines themselves are kind of getting in the way. Like, I want the nose to be outlined with a light yellow, not a faded black. But if I draw a yellow line under the sketch layer, the faded black will still be on top of it. I could delete the sketch layer and keep rendering, but then I wouldn’t have my lines to help guide me anymore. I could also toggle the sketch layer on and off constantly, but that’s annoying.

So what I do instead is make new layers above the sketch and paint over it, covering up all the lines I don’t want anymore. This way I can keep the lines I like and the sketch ultimately becomes integrated into my final painting. If I mess up, I can just erase to see the sketch again and redo it.

You can see above I started covering up the sketch lines in the eyes, nose, and throat. In the throat, I selected the blue color I shaded with there and then kept shading, except in a layer over the lines. This covered up the sketch lines and rendered the neck, and it took all of two seconds. On the nose I selected the colors there to render its shape more and cover up those sketch lines. The eyes I was able to add brighter colors, where previously the sketch layer, being black, wouldn’t let me. All I’m doing is selecting colors I’ve already put down in the layer under the sketch, and transferring them to be above the sketch, while adding detail and refinement.

The above shows the same level of rendering with the sketch layer turned on and off, respectively. You can see how my painting style transforms the sketch into the painting itself.

I think this can be a really useful approach for someone who’s just starting painting and doesn’t know how to deal with “lineless” work. The thing is: you don’t have to go fully lineless at all. Rather, rework your lines to be part of the painting itself. Use the sketch as much as possible.

Some other tips:

1. Work on the same layer as much as possible. Definitely a trap that we fall into is wanting to keep each object on its own layer: skin, hair, eyes, clothes, background stuff. But in a painting, we don’t want gaps in the edges between things, and we want all our colors to work together. Remember, value becomes our edges; we can always use hard-edged brushes to simulate a line. A rule of thumb I follow intuitively is to change layers only when I’m seeking a new level of refinery/detail, not when I change subjects.

2. Don’t abuse layer effects such as overlay or hard light. I only use these when I need to adjust something, or emphasize an effect. I consider these supplementary tools. It can look unskilled if you’re relying on a multiply layer for shading, and it’s a good habit to develop to work as much in the “normal” layer style as possible. It makes the effects look more cohesive and natural, and it’s a skill transferable to traditional paints.

By the end of a painting, my layers will often be something like this:

Here I have four or five layers of actual substance, and they make up the majority of the painting. Everything else is super small lighting or color effects. “backgroundcolor,” “basecolor,” and “paint” 1 and 2 are pretty much the whole painting.

Four slices showing the same process above, from color sketch to completed picture. Just another example where I haven’t added any overlay/hard light effects until the very last stage of the painting. Everything else is on the normal/default layer style. You can see how the hair comes over the sketch layer, and I covered up some of the lines in the hand with blue.

Part three of this tutorial will talk about brush types and brush strokes in rendering shapes and shading.

umm some stuff okayyyyy <3 love u guyssssss  👇

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anonymous asked:

Dicta, I saw your great reblog about racism in fandom. I have a question that applies to white fic writers. There's this problem of white fans ignoring POC characters and failing to have good representation. At the same time, there's this issue of white people totally sucking when they try to do it. Saw a post recently like: "Non-Muslim people considering writing a Muslim character--just don't. Don't." Do you have any thoughts about dealing with this? Much love!

So many thoughts, anon. I’ve got a related ask that’s been hanging out a while and I’ve been waiting until I have enough time to sit down and properly answer, so I’ll have more and maybe more settled thoughts when I have a chance, hopefully soon. For now, these are sort of preliminary thoughts. Feedback is welcomed and valued and appreciated!

tl;dr: I think both of those arguments are right and it’s hard.

To be really candid, as a white fic writer, writing non-white characters makes me nervous, specifically because I really, really don’t want to fuck it up. But I don’t think my nervousness is an adequate end to the conversation; the experience of nervousness is nothing on the experience of constant erasure that I’ve experienced as a queer person within mainstream media, and I imagine that it’s nothing to the erasure that poc experience in fandom. So I think white people need to suck that one up, that  focusing on our nervousness as its own thing is not reason enough to stick with white guy slash.

The part abut there being real potential to fuck it up in harmful ways is the part we can’t gloss over, and I do think that’s worth being nervous about - but that nervousness needs to generate thoughtfulness and caution rather than inaction. There are two (and a half?) main questions I’ve had in my head about this. And again, I’m really open to pushback on all of this.

1) How useful is it to distinguish between writing about vs writing as? I’ve seen this distinction made elsewhere/seen it go around as a farely common piece of advice, between writing about marginalized characters but not pretending to write as a marginalized person - so, for instance, don’t write as a Muslim character, but do include well-researched and thoroughly considered Muslim characters in your story. That way you’re including marginalized characters without claiming that you know what it’s like to be marginalized. That’s something that makes me, like, hum consideringly in a not-bad way. But the research part feels really key. It’s not enough, imo, to write a character and then add a line about the color of their skin and call it a day. If your white POV character is dating or close friends with or in a close working relationship with a person of a different race, and especially if it’s their first time dealing with institutional racism in such an immediate and emotionally invested way, they’re going to need to deal with that. Even if it’s not the first time, that stuff is going to need to be in there if you want to avoid erasure. So if you’re going to write that you need to go read (and then give credit, in your author’s notes, to!) accounts of people who have lived with those experiences and who can point out dynamics you might not be aware of. For instance, someone sent me this article recently, about two friends trying to plan a vacation and the black woman having all her attempts to make an airbnb reservation declined, and then the white man getting his reservation accepted on the first try, and how that changed their dynamic and their trip. (See also: the classic on this.) So, say you’re writing a buddy cop au with a mixed race couple in a forced proximity/maybe bedsharing situation, how is your characters’ race (and location, and time period, and gender, etc.) going to change the process of getting that room? More generally, we need to not just say “this is Joe and by the way he’s [insert characteristic here]” - we need to consider how that would change their lives and where that would show up in our stories.

2) Does the way white fic writers approach writing characters of other races make a difference? I sometimes see people talking about writing diverse stories like it’s one of those tasks you do because you know you should, but you don’t really want to, and it sort of feels like a drag, and I can’t imagine that doesn’t come through? I mean, maybe not? But it definitely informs the sentiment around them and contributes to, I think, this sense that stories about people of color are somehow created with less joy and enthusiasm? And to be embarrassingly honest, there are times when it’s come really easily and felt really natural and obvious to me to have Kingsley or Lee in a certain role, and times (none of which have seen the light of ao3) when it’s felt forced, and then stilted as a result, when I’m doing it because I feel like I should. Otoh, I really really want to write fic for Moonlight. I had that instant fannish reaction when I saw it, like five story prompts in my head before we were out of the theatre, was on AO3 looking for fic in the car home, feel a deep soul-level need for 20k about the evolution of Kevin’s relationship with his hands, and another at least 10k about the last things Juan thought, and several dozen different stories that retell everything from Teresa’s point of view, and maybe a 70k slow burn bookmarked by Chiron’s reflections on the different ways Kevin touches him and the space in between the thing in the schoolyard and the thing in the apartment (I’m trying to be vague bc spoilers but thinking about it gives me serious feels). I don’t think that enthusiasm is enough on its own; does it make a different at all? I think it might - I think when they’re characters we love fannishly and want to understand, more people might be willing to do the research and put in the work to really understand what their lives are like, and that that could be a moment when fandom is pretty powerful.

2.5) So one thing we as white writers have to do, as this post from earlier said, is to “put in the effort to fall in love with POC characters.” That doesn’t mean forcing it, that doesn’t mean doing it with a sense of dread, but it does mean actively seeking out media that includes POC characters and it does mean thinking about and embracing them. This is partly an issue with canon creators, who often don’t give us much to work with, but that’s less and less true. There is stuff out there if we go look for it, and there are characters who will grab us by the heart if we give them the chance. If we have to go looking for that, that’s work we should be willing to do.

The common denominator here seems to be doing your research? That no matter what, that’s really really important. I think that’s a good takeaway. And the rest I float as thoughts more than suggestions because I think as a white person my perspective here is necessarily limited. Also this is a hard question! So again, thoughts and responses are welcome!

Thanks for asking, @la-petite-fadette! I made a separate post for this, since it was getting kind of long, hope that’s okay. 

And I was actually thinking of talking about this for Braven week when I saw the “when they became your otp” moment so, the question comes at a perfect time. It convinced me to actually type it out! 

To answer that question adequately- because I’m very wordy and incapable of answering quickly, watch me get off-topic under the cut as I try to walk you through my history of shipping on The 100. This is all a lot of honest rambles about what I shipped and why I stopped. 

Dear followers, if you ship B*llarke, don’t read this. It’s only going to upset you, so stay away :) 

Also, Braven shippers, this post talks about B*llarke a lot. and about Raven x W*ck a bit And about internalized bias and things like that. Just so you’re warned :) it does talk about braven though oF COURSE

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Prompt: “I meant to text the contact above you in my phone’s contact list for a booty call but i didn’t realize i hit your name until i sent it so now i’m just sitting here feeling those little three dots judging me hardcore.”

Originally wrote for this prompt ages back, but I didn’t like it. Still don’t, so have a rewrite.

Jonathan tossed back another shot of alcohol, the half empty bottle of bourbon sits next to him on the floor. He presses his forehead to the tops of his knees and sighs, he should’ve stopped drinking hours ago; he can feel the bottle calling his name and Jon feels only slightly proud that he hasn’t ditched the shot glass yet. The last time Jonathan felt as if he wasn’t human, wasn’t apart of his body, he just drank straight from a bottle of vodka and woke up next to Luke.

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Create A Band Asks!
  • 1: you’re a trainee in an entertainment agency; what is that agency and what are the pros and cons of said agency?
  • 2: who/what convinced you to join the agency you’re in?
  • 3: what is your personal idol back story? did your parents disapprove or support you?
  • 4: if you could create a band with any tumblr users, who would they be?
  • 5: what would your band name be and why?
  • 6: what would the name of your fanbase be?
  • 7: what would be your band chant/greeting?
  • 8: what would be your official band color?
  • 9: in your band, what position would you be? (i.e. visual, leader, main/lead vocal, sub-vocal, main/lead dancer, main/lead rapper, maknae, etc.)
  • 10: what would be your genre of music?
  • 11: would there be a story behind your band? if so, what would it be like? (i.e the story of B.A.P, Mato, and the Matokis)
  • 12: what kind of different concepts would your band do? what would be your favorite kind of concept?
  • 13: what kind of intense hairstyles/clothing styles do you think would look good for you and your band members?
  • 14: what would be the position do you think your other bandmates would be?
  • 15: what kind of nicknames or labels would you and your members have? (i.e. who would be the 4D one, the traitor, in charge of aegyo, village idiot, etc.)
  • 16: would each member have individual fanbase names? what do you think they would be?
  • 17: which band member do you think would be shipped with you most by your fans? why?
  • 18: if you were shipped with your bandmates, what would your ship names be?
  • 19: assuming you live together with your bandmates in a dorm, what chores would you be in charge of?
  • 20: who’s the best and worst cook in your band?
  • 21: who do you think would be the most difficult member to live with or has weird habits in your band?
  • 22: how would you spend your free time at the dorm?
  • 23: which member would be able to adjust the best or learn things the fastest?
  • 24: what kind of activities would your band do to bond at the dorm or when you’re not promoting?
  • 25: what does your band mean to you?
  • 26: outside of your band set positions, what do you think is yours and each of your members best quality?
  • 27: preform your position: if you’re a vocal/sub-vocal/leader, make an audio. if you’re a dancer, make a video. if you’re the visual, post a selca.
  • 28: would you write songs for your band? what are they about?
  • 29: would you make/help make the choreography for your band? what is the style?
  • 30: CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON YOUR FIRST AWARD! where would you want your first award to be and how long do you think it took you?
  • 31: giving a small speech for winning your first award.
  • 32: your band has the opportunity to do a world tour, which countries would you like to go to?
  • 33: what special side shows/break times would you do to introduce your band at the world tours? (i.e. activities you would do during the concerts that aren’t necessarily part of the tracklist like just talking to your fans.)
  • 34: which bandmate would be best suited/most like in the foreign countries?
  • 35: your band has the opportunity to do a variety show based on your daily lives, what would it be like?
  • 36: how would you deal with fans who invade yours and/or your bandmates personal space?
  • 37: of what bands or languages would your band do covers on?
  • 38: what’s the best and worst part about being an idol?
  • 39: what does being an idol mean to you?
  • 40: if you could say anything to inspire your fans, what would you say?
  • 41: would you have social networks to speak to your fans or see what they’re up to? if so, which social network(s)?
  • 42: would you ever date a fan or an idol? does it matter to you?
  • 43: if you can do activities with another band (including the tumblr ones that were possibly created through this ask meme), who would they be and what activities would you like to do with them? (i.e photo shoots, a song together, or maybe even a drama.)
  • 44: your band has the possibility to do mixed sub-group album. create the possible different duets/sub-groups that could have at least one single in this album. if there’s more than one sub-group, would there be a group that has more songs or would it be all even?
  • 45: you have worked hard promoting with your band for months now, what would you and your bandmates do if you have the opportunity to finally take a break?
  • 46: would you promote your songs in other countries and different languages? if so, which ones?
  • 47: if you had the opportunity to promote by yourself (like being in a movie or drama), would you take it if it means you’d take a break from your band?
  • 48: as an idol, you don’t get to see your family or friends often. what would you like to say to them if you had the opportunity?
  • 49: what are some activities would you consider doing outside of your band? (i.e acting, mc-ing, a radio show, modeling, etc.)
  • 50: give some love and write a letter to each of your bandmates as if you were one of their fans!
BTS - [NOW ] BTS in THAILAND (Photobook + DVD) (Limited Edition)

Hello beautiful people ~ I’m finally here with a new review. Yay ! It’s always a pretty nice surprise when I received package in the mail, so this fabulous photobook was a big one since I never really know when my stuffs came. I thought that I was going to wait until the end of the next, but not anymore.

I had the change to pre-order the photobook on Kpopmart before it came out of stock/out of print and since the publisher had no intention to reprint the photobook, I was like “Nope, I don’t care if I’m poor, I’m going to buy you piece of art”.
So, it was my first ordering from here. I like the fact that they send us a picture of the package before it got shipped.
It took my package 24 days to come and sadly the box where my photobook came was pretty damaged. I should have taken a picture of it. There has a big hole on it, and the book got slighly damaged since there was also a lack of bubble wrap and the box a bit too big.

As you can see on the picture, the texture of the cover is pretty nice with a lot of relief all over the photobook’s jacket. Or I don’t know how to name it so  ~

1. 화보집 콘텐츠 리스트(250P) 
-Pt.1 Hotel Room 
-Pt.2 Resort 
-Pt.3 Sports 
-Pt.4 Pool
-Pt.5 Hotel at Night
-Pt.6 Pattaya
-Pt.7 BTS Top Model (Group Mission) 

Interview : “NOW" 
Special Thank to. 

2. DVD 콘텐츠 리스트 
DISC 01 : 

A little close up on the BTS official sticker on the back of the book’s jacket.

And this is how it looks like when you open the book’s jacket. 

The photobook also includes 3 postcards and a mini poster who’s around the same size as the photobook, 18,5 x 26 cm. 

Cover of the photobook. Yay ~ I didn’t forget about the DVD, I’m just going to talk about it in the last part of my review so (❁´◡`❁)
Godness, I’m going to talk about this fabulous photobook who contains 250 pages of pure gold. Also showing some of my favorite pictures of the book. And since the photobook is really thick, it was a bit hard to take beautiful pictures. I swear to god I tried my best to have good quality pictures ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
Please, do not take, reblog or edit my pictures unless you ask for a permission first. 

The contents pages are so flashy seriously. There was also group photo on top.

Part 1. HOTEL ROOMAt the start of each part, there’s a camo design with the name of the ”chapter“. Also each of these pages got a different color ~

This is the 1st picture of the photobook. So much gold. And legs. There’s a lot of skin in this book tho. All of the photos are freaking beautiful, in high quality and all. There’s probably a couple part in the book where the pictures are in less quality because it was taken outside, in the dark. But still, they’re all so pretty anwsome ╮(─▽─)╭

Pretty Hobi (⊙△⊙✿)Jin & Jimin in the bath is one of my favorite part of the book ~

Part 2. RESORTThis is one of the part where the pictures are a bit low in quality, but they were taken during the night (as you can see on the DVD too) and they’re still pretty nice quality tho.I took more pictures of J-Hope. He’s one of my bias so I’m sorry for spamming you with is beautiful face (。≖△≖。✿)Flower boys ~

Part 3. SPORTSI think this is the part I took most of the pictures ~

J-Hope & Taehyung were playing Tennis.Rap Monster, Jin & Kookie were playing Ping PongFinally Suga & Jimin were playing Basketball.

Part 4. POOLSweet jesus lord oh I wish I had taken more pictures of this part. THIS IS MY FAV. So much gold, skin and half naked Kookie and Jimin in the pool. Pretty nice. I sound like a perverted noona ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)Jin being the princess he is (◡‿◡✿)

Part 5. HOTEL at NIGHTI really liked the concept of this part, even thought the quality is not at is best. But it’s better than nothing yo ~

Part 6. PATTAYA Oops ~ J-Hope again. And forever. Pretty boy.


At the last pages of the photobook, the boys had a kind of mini interview, with all the same questions for each members and they had to choose there’s favorite picture, as you can see on the bottom corner ⊙ω⊙

The credits part. This picture is so fabulous ~

And finally, sweet god, the back of the photobook. I really liked the concept for their cover photobook. Took from their sport part ⊙△⊙

DVDIt took me around 2 days before listening to the DVD. I had so much feels when I got my photobook, so watching this was not in my top priorities. 
The DVD is an all region category, with english, japanses and korean subtitles and the duration of the disc is around 30 minutes. It contains the making-of of the photobook and the surprise mission, who was on their last part in the book.

I don’t know what to say… Haaa ! This was pretty nice to see the behind the scene for the photobook. They showed up the making of each part, and the boys chilling out at each locations. There were some part that was pretty funny too.
For their mission, the boys were seprarated in 3 groups : Jin & Suga, RapMon & J-Hope, and the maknae line, Kookie, Jimin and V. They had to chose a theme and a location for a photoshoot. And if I remember well, the winning team was going to have full pages with their pictures on it. The funiest thing is that Jin & Suga had like only 7 minutes to do their photoshoot, while the other boys had around 20 minutes.
For the winning team (☞゚∀゚)☞ I’m not going to tell you. Nah. I’m kidding. The maknae line won this run. 
They also talked about their experience in Thailand, how the mission was and all. 

At last, those 30 minutes were pure gold. And I couldn’t stop giggling like a little schoolgirl having a freaking crush. Like. Yeah. Help ಥ‿ಥ

FINALLY, I just wanted to say despite his price that was kinda expensive with the shipping, I don’t regret anything. Every A.R.M.Y need this piece of gold, or at least, watch it one time in your lifetime. I hope to see more from the boys and up until now, they never disapointed me. 

Hope you liked my kind of review. Sorry for my long post and grammatical error. And stay tunned for my future release. And who knows, probably a giveaway ≖‿≖

A man's quest - Part 2
  • Lucy: So we've all gathered here to help Elfman's love life.
  • Elfman: Can't you just summon Loke and let me talk to him?
  • Lucy: He'll just fill your head with nonsense.
  • Natsu: This isn't so bad, Elfman. See? Nobody told Mira or Lisanna.
  • Erza: Now for the matter at hand. If you want to win a woman's heart you must work hard and earn it.
  • Lucy: Try giving her something she would love.
  • Levy: Like a book.
  • Bisca: Or a gun.
  • Cana: Or booze.
  • Erza: Or sweets.
  • Juvia: Or your half eaten meal.
  • Gray: Juvia no!
  • Bisca: Most importantly, you need to stop being shy and just show her your intentions.
  • Lucy: Like uprooting a blossoming cherry tree and putting it on a boat for her to see.
  • Natsu: Haha, where do you get those ideas Lucy?!
  • Lucy: Oh I don't know, got any ideas? *winks*
  • Kinana: You should promise to be her prince.
  • Levy: To make her big.
  • Erza: To always remember her hair color.
  • Juvia: To make the rain go away!
  • Elfman: How am I supposed to do that, what the heck is wrong with you?
  • Loke: You should hold her hand, look deep into her eyes and tell her they're the most beautiful diamonds you've ever seen.
  • Lucy: Loke?! When did you come here? and what's with this nonsense?
  • Gajeel: I don't know, his advice sounded the most practical so far.
  • Gray: I guess.
  • Cana: To bad my pops isn't around, he seems like a guy that knows his stuff.
  • Lucy: Fine. But if you want to compliment her you should tell her that even fairies can't rival her beauty. I'm sure Evergreen would love to hear that.
  • Elfman: What? Ever?!
  • Cana: Well yeah we're talking about her aren't we?
  • Gray: It's pretty obvious.
  • Erza: *nods in agreement*
  • Elfman: Just forget it!

mellifluousmagnate  asked:

sup again (and thanks for being open to this dialogue yo.). so you say "there’s a clear difference between varying by a few shades and having the character be a completely different color?" but, is there? who's to say what's the difference between a few shades and a "completely different color?" the Voltron characters don't even have canon races. it doesn't really justify using the term 'whitewashing' when people use varying shades for racially nondescript characters, in fan art.

Heya! Sorry this took a while to get to, I just got home.

I don’t think it matters if the characters don’t have a canonical race. They do have a canonical color, and while their race might be nondescript, their color certainly isn’t. You see the characters on the screen literally all the time. This isn’t a vague book description where it’s like “she had brown hair and olive skin” and people can interpret it however they want. It’s a cartoon. You see them on screen, you know what they look like, and you know their skin tones.

Lance has brown skin. Hunk has brown skin. Allura’s skin is dark as hell. This is canon and should be respected by artist.

You asked “who’s to say what’s the difference between a few shades and a “completely different color?”” 

I’m not too good at explaining things but here:

I’ll show you what I mean using this screenshot.

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anonymous asked:

I Want to cut but my arm is already full with scars and that hurts going other them. What should I do? And btw skills don't bring anything by me. Is leg okay?

Please do not self-harm, you can do a lot of things besides hurting yourself that much, you can always:

1.  Exercise.
2.  Put on fake tattoos.
3.  Draw on yourself with washable red marker-then take a shower and wash away your pain.
4. Scribble on sheets of paper.
5.  Write poetry.
6.  Cuddle with a stuffed toy.
7.  Be with other people.
8.  Watch a favorite TV show.
9.  Post on web boards or try answering other people’s posts.
10, Think about how “I DON’T WANT SCARS FOR SUMMER!!”
11.  Paint your nails a new color.
12.  Go out to see a movie.
13.  Eating something you can’t resist.
14. Do your school work.
15.  Write a letter to someone but never send it.
16. Go into chat rooms to talk.
17.  Call a friend and ask them to come hang out.
18.  Play a musical instrument.
19.  Sing.
20.  Look up at the sky, and  find the moon.  Study it.
21.  Make your own list of things to do instead of self-harm.
22.  Buy a punching  bag.
23.  Snap a rubber band (hair band) on your wrist.
24.  Cover yourself with band-aids where you want to cut.
25.  Go to the zoo and rename the animals.
26.  Let yourself cry, even if it is hard.
27.  Sleep, only if you are tired.
28. Do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.
29.  Play with a pet.
30.  Smile to at least 5 people.
31.  Re-organize and lable your linen closet.
32.  Go out and perform one act of kindness.
33. Have a pillow fight with a wall.
34.  Knit a scarf.
35.  Read a good book.
36. Dress up very glamorous, with makeup to match.
37.  Color your hair.
38.  Listen to music (nontriggering)
39.  Watch a candle burn, but no playing with flames or hot wax. Blow it out when you leave the room.
40.  Find someone else you can help. Do volunteer work.
41.  Meditate. Track your breathing.
42.  Call up an old friend and catch up.
43.  Work on a website or start a new one.
44.  Have a vivid fantasy love affair with a celebrity.
45.  Go somewhere very public.
46.  Bake cookies or another favorite food you like.
47.  Alphabetize your CD’s.
48.  Chew gum.
49.  Buy a henna tattoo kit.
50.  Paint or draw.
51. Rip paper into really small pieces.
52.  Give someone a hug.
53.  Write a letters or emails.
54.  Talk to yourself, and put it on tape.
55. Hug a pillow.
56.  Hyper-focus on something like a rock.
57.  Fingerpaint.
58.  Scream as loud as you want.
59.  Dance.
60.  Make hot chocolate.
61.  Pop bubble wrap.
62.  Play with play dough.
63.  Count to 100.
64.  Build a pillow fort.
65.  Blow up a balloon and pop it.
66.  Hug yourself.
67.  Write yourself an “I love myself because” letter and keep it. Read it when you feel down.
68.  Read things in a different language.
69.  Go for a nice long drive, walk, or jog.
70.  Complete something you have been putting off.
71.  Drink a cup of herbal tea.
72.  Fold paper and invent a new origomi shape.
73.  Write your memoirs.
74.  Build something.

You deserve a lot honey, and self-harm does not help at all even if your demons tell you it does. Don’t listen to them. Love yourself my baby!

Hallow Heart Mini (Luke POV)

(In case you missed it, here’s Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3)


“No stop. Let me explain. Please just-”

Michael stopped talking, going completely silent.

You heard his breath hitch a little before speaking again.

“Wait stop. Stop walking… holy shit”

Pushing past Abigail, you let your jaw drop open, completely in shock at the sight in front of you.

Glancing towards each of your eyes, she started to slowly walk backwards, confused by all of your stares.

Stopping, you saw something register on her face.

Holding your breath, you watched as a small stream of blood start to make its way down her forehead and nose.

Placing a shaky hand to the top of her head, she brought it down to eye level.

Moving her scared gaze from her bloody hand to Michael’s eyes, you watched them share an understanding.

Without realizing it, Michael managed to push her hard enough to split part of her head open.

Staring at Michael, you couldn’t believe he actually did this.

Passive, lovable Michael, really fucked up.


Hearing Ashton take a sharp breath in, you turned your gaze back on her.

You saw her eyes start to loose focus, not grasping anything around her. Tittering, she was trying to grab onto the bunks but her bloody hand slipped on the wood, causing her to start falling backwards.

Pushing Michael out of the way, Ashton lunged forwards, grabbing her just as she was about to hit the floor.


Ashton was yelling out, frantically, trying to get her to wake up.

Calum rushed out of the bus, going out to search for help.

Standing completely in shock, Michael and Abigail did nothing but stare.

Luke i need you to grab something to put against her head! She loosing a lot of blood! Holy shit-”

Not hearing the end of what he was saying, you quickly turned around looking for something to grab.

Panicing you settled on yanking the blanket off of your bunk, turning to hand it to Ashton.

For fucks sake Luke, get a fucking towel! This isn’t going to help correctly!”

Harshly pulling the blanket from your hands, Michael rushed over to kneel next you her still body.

Move so i can hold her head”

“Fucking no Ill do it… Stay the fuck away”

Ashton and Michael started arguing, each wanting to help.

You’re the one who caused this, you have-”

“You’re right i caused this now let me fucking fix it”

Still trying to push Ashton away, you saw each of them growing more and more aggressive towards each other.

Fucking hell just put the damn blanket to her head before she bleeds out!”

All of you turned to look at Abigail, shocked she even said a word.

Turning towards you, she gave you an expression you couldn’t decipher.

Well what are you waiting for, GO GET A TOWEL!”

Startled, you turned to run out of the bus, but not before taking in the sight of the other others.

Still holding her head in his lap, Ashton stayed quiet, clearly annoyed at the feeling of being so close to Michael.

Michael, placing pressure to parts of the blanket to her head, was clenching his jaw, completely agitated with the thought of someone else holding his girl.

Abigail, completely frightened, maneuvered around her still body, to help put more pressure.

Running out, you started to rush into the venue, feeling the humid air hit your skin.

As you made it to the doors, Calum came dashing out with some of the crew members behind him.

There’s already a team of paramedics on sight, they were here for the show incase a fan got hurt. They’re bringing the ambulance over here.”

Following Calum back towards the bus, you both waited outside, instructed by the crew.

Shaking your head, you turned to look at him.

What the fuck happened?”

Shaking his head, he let out a fast breath.

I don't know, i just heard her screams and i guess Abigail’s too. I don’t even know why the fuck she bothered to show her face around here.”

Pausing, he looked back to the bus door.

Speaking of the devil herself…”

Trailing off, he snapped his mouth shut.

Walking off the bus, she kept her head down, face full of fear.

Quickly glancing up to look at you and cal, you noticed her cheeks were starting to turn discolored. 

Avoiding your stares, she let on of the security guards start to escort her off the sight.

Guess y/n got a few good swings at her face”

Only nodding in agreeance with Cal, you couldn’t bring yourself to share his joking tone. Not when your two best friends were fighting and your other best friend was potentially bleeding out on the bus.

Feeling your stomach churn at the remembrance of the blood, you walked over to lean against the bus, fighting to stay focused.

Hearing the sirens start to edge closer, you could hear a quick set of footsteps rush down the stairs of the bus. 

Coming out first, you took in Ashton’s appearance, set with bloody hands and a blood stained shirt.

Soon following after him, Michael emerged with the same bloody hands and blood smeared on his cheek.

Both waiting expectedly at the door, they completely ignored the sight of you and Calum.

Almost immediately, the ambulance pulled up, with the paramedics jumping out.

Pulling out the stretcher from the back of the ambulance, they set it up directly in front of the door. 

All completely motionless, you guys stood wide eyed, frightened.

With the help of the crew members, the paramedics brought her out of the bus, still with the blanket pressed firmly to her head.

Laying her down on the stretcher, they put her neck in a brace and started buckling her down.

Looking up to Ashton, you saw so much pain etched in his face.

Glancing over to Michael, you saw complete guilt and agony set in his.

Quickly, the paramedics started rolling her away, asking questions in the process.

How did this happen?”

Still looking at Michael, you saw all the color drain from his face.

Speaking up, you didn’t want Ashton to answer.

She lost her balance on the bus and went head first into the bunks”

Giving you a suspicious gaze, the medic just nodded.

Well we need to get her to the hospital soon to get the bleeding stopped and get this stitched up. Are any of you coming with us?”

Not wasting a second, Michael hastily moved forwards.

Me… i’m her boyfriend… Ill go”

Snatching the back of Mikey’s shirt, Ashton walked in from of him.

Over my dead body you’re going… Im gonna go… You have no right to go”

Pushing his hands off of him, Michael got face to face with Ashton.

I have every right to go. She’s MY girlfriend, lets remember that yea”

Clenching his jaw, ashton retaliated.

Lets also remember who’s the fucking reason she’s in this situation yea?”

Watching them both start to ball up their fists, both you and Calum bolted to separate them.

Each trying to calm them down, you started to push Michael backwards, restraining him from going after Ashton.

Growing impatient, the medics started to close the doors.

Boys we need to leave. If you can’t decide, we’ll just ride without anyone”

Moving away from Calum, Ashton answered.

“No… I’m coming”

Giving Michael one last stare, Ashton turned to jump into the Ambulance with Calum following right behind him, giving you an apologetic shrug.

Michael tired to go after them but you pushed him back, trying to calm him down.

Michael stop… You need to clear your head…. We’ll just met them at the hospital…. Just let him go… They need to get her to the hospital so they can stop the bleeding… the more you fight the less chance she has of waking up sooner…”

Finally defeated, Michael stopped pushing, painfully watching the ambulance roll off, siren screaming around you both.

Soon after, a few members of the crew rushed off to jump in a car to follow.

Sitting in the back seat with Michael, you kept glancing over to him, trying to think of what to say.

Clenching and unclenching his fist, he stared out the side, not letting you see his eyes.

Every so often you could catch his reflection on and off through the window.

Sniffling, he kept letting out tears, never once bothering to wipe them off.

Once at the hospital, you all rushed to the waiting room, immediately seeing a distressed Calum and Ashton sitting.

What’s going on? Is everything okay?”

Hearing your voice, they both looked up. Ashton shifted his gaze over to Michael and jumped up off the couch.

Excuse me”

Bumping shoulders with Michael, he walked off to the other side of the room to sit with the crew members.

Sighing, Calum shook his head.

Yea everything’s fine. They stopped the bleeding and i think they’re in the process of giving her stitches… or staples. I can’t remember which on they said.”

Each letting out a breath of relief, Michael was the first to respond.

So she’s going to be okay?”

Nodding sadly, Calum carefully chose his next words.

Yea… For the most part…. She did lose quite a bit of blood and said they might need to put in a medically induced coma for a day or two. Just so she won’t be in so much pain from the injury.”

Finally losing the battle with himself, Michael defeatedly sat down on the chair, putting his head in his hands.

This is all my fucking fault”

Sobbing, he struggled to get a grasp on his breathing.

Moving to sit next to him, you rubbed his back, trying to comfort him.

Shifting your gaze in front of you, you saw Ashton look sadly over to Michael, but quickly retract his gaze.

Waiting for a few more hours everyone stayed on edge, hoping for better news soon.

Finally a doctor came out, calling her name.

All rushing up, you surrounded him.

Alright so we stopped the bleeding fairly quickly. She did end up needing 13 stitches but she's definitely going to make a full recovery very fast. We did have to keep her on anesthesia because of the severity of the trauma  I’d give it a couple of days until she wakes up, just to prevent her from the amount of pain and shock she’s probably going to have. If you like, you can go into her room, just be cautious of her condition”

Before the doctor could finish his last word, Michael and Ashton went sprinting down the hall, to her room.

Thanking the doctor, the rest of y'all started making your way over as well.

Once inside, you noticed Ashton was on the side closet to you and Michael was on the other, each holding one of her hands.

Once completely in, you finally took sight of her.

She had an oxygen tube in her nose, an iv stuck to her left arm and a series of other wires running from a machine on her right.

Peaceful as she looked, you couldn’t take you eyes off of her bandaged head.

Hearing nothing but the steady beeping of her heart monitor, no one said a word.

Patting your shoulder, the crew members stepped out of the room to make a few phone calls.

Walking to stand next to you, Calum was just as anxious as you were, watching Michael and Ashton, eerily quiet.

Over the rest of the day, neither of you made point to move from the room. You all decided to reschedule the next couple of dates, not feeling right continuing the show. It wasn’t as if you were going to be able to get your drummer and guitarist to leave the hospital after all.

For the night, you and Calum tried to get the other two to leave and come back in the morning, but they wouldn’t budge.

So, not trusting them to be alone, you all stayed the night, sleeping uncomfortably on the chairs and sofas of the room.

During the next day, one of the crew members called Michael out, letting him now his mom wanted to speak to him on the phone.

Reluctantly getting up, he walked out of the room, not wanting to disturb her.

Sitting criss crossed on the floor next to Calum, you watched her steady breathing.

Ashton was still sleeping, curled up in the chair.

Mate, i don't know what were going to do.”

Pinching the bridge of your nose, you nodded.

Me either. This who situation is so fucked up.”

Laughing humorlessly, Calum just shook his head, completely clueless at what to do now.

Furrowing your eyebrows, you blinked a few times, unsure of what you had just saw.

Getting up off the floor, you walked over to the edge of her bed.

Watching closely, you saw her head slightly twitch.

She was moving.

Motioning to Calum, he stood up, confused at what you wanted.

What Lu-”

Stopping he watched as her arm slightly moved.

Looking at her face, you saw her expression change from being peaceful to pained.

Suddenly her monitor started to beep faster and faster, waking Ashton up.

Jumping off his chair, he went to grab her arm.

“What’s going on? Is she okay?”

Panicking, he was looking around, trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

“I don’t know.. someone go call the doctor”

You said started to panic along with him.

“Fuck… okay… ill do it hold on”

Turning, Calum rushed out of the room, letting his hurried footsteps echo in the hallway.


Yelling now, Ashton held onto her hand, completely scared.

Soon the doctor and two nurses came running into the room with Calum hot on their heels.

Pushing ashton away, the nurses started to mess with the wires.

“Her heartbeat is increasing rapidly. She’s trying to fight the anesthesia”

The doctor started pressing buttons on the monitor while the other nurse, rushed around you to pull something out of one of the cabinets.

Focusing through all the commotion, you saw her eyes shoot open, full of fear.

Glancing down at her arm, she freaked, pulling.

Yelping, she stopped pulling and started to move her hands to her head.

Full of panic and fear she started clawing at the bandages, not aware of what was happening.

“Pin her arms down, we can’t let her take off the bandage. Not when the stitches are freshly placed.”

Frozen in place, you all watched as she fought to keep the nurses away from her with wild eyes.

“Stop! Let me go! What is going on! GET AWAY FROM ME!”

Scratchy and raw, you barely recognized the voice coming out from her mouth.

Fully yelling out in pain, she managed to yank the iv out of her arm.

Unable to look away, you felt yourself become more and more scared at the sight of her.

The nurse quickly stuck one of the needles in her arm, immediately causing her to settle unnaturally.

Still trying to stay focused, she kept her hazy gaze on the door.

Turning, you saw who she was staring at.

Standing in the doorway, Michael stood completely uneasy, letting out lone tears.

About to walk over to him, you saw Ashton hurl himself towards him, sending Mikey flying to the floor



(PART 4)

R & RC

So…I saw the whole Relationships & Red Carpets episode on the internet and it drives me insane.

I just… I’ve waited so much for this and it’s totally perfect! I can’t believe it guys! Three seasons, three amazing seasons… 

I’ll just talk about it…

1. The only scene that I’d seen before episode premiered was with them( Austin and Ally) walking in the practice room and hearing “ Auslly”  from Austin/Ross’s mouth made me wait. It’s just so sweet, thank you A & A writers!

2. Carrie is moving to LA?! Poor Dez…

3. So mister Jimmy Jerk Starr, dating Ally would make Austin’s fans to not buy his albums, but dating your daughter, Kirra is okay?! You’re such a jerk!( Good actor btw!)

4. It’s so funny that scene when they try to not hug and hold their hands, but they end doing these things anyway. (“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” )

5.I just love the way they were dressed and I totally enjoyed that parents’s scene.

6.Ohh Trish! She can be so sweet sometimes!  And Austin’s arrive? Oh My God,It felt so real…( I couldn’t stop but think at Ross too. Yep, Raura movie. * I can’t help it *). And man , when he saw her, he looked so lost...#loststaringatmygirl . But again, Jimmy Jerk comes in.( And Austin was trying to kiss or hug her or something. I liked Jimmy so much, but now.. Ugh!)

7. “You look cool, bro!”, and then it comes punch no. 1. I laughed so hard. I had tears in my eyes. It looked like she used some power. 

    “I just want to be near you.” Aww, my heart…

8. The interview… Really Aus’, really?! What can I say about Austin? He’s as good at hiding his feelings as Ross is, so yeah.. And BTW, who the hell is Jasmine? She needs to know what is personal space .

 ’‘Austin and Ally are definitely not a couple.“

’'Definitely not, bro.”(And here we go Ally, punch no. 2. That was even more hilarious than the first one. It looked painful a little and judging by Ross’ face, he was a little amused. Poor Austin…or not!)

9.Jerk? Now Jimmy is an ass and an… You know, he doesn't even worth the calories I burn talking about him.How can he be so heartless? C'mon! We’re talking about Austin freaking Moon! This guy brought him thousands of dollars!

  And seriously Dez? Screaming? Very subtle. 

10. This scene outside is just too emotional for me. Tears in my eyes because of that stupid guitar, because Ally can’t say that and Austin can’t just break like that (almost crying while he was saying: ‘‘I don’t want to lose you again!“) and him patting her with his hand, their foreheads touching…

 ” Maybe we’re not just meant to be together.“- you must kiddin’. You’re more than meant to be Ally! For God’s sake! You are a perfect match!!!!  

’'We’ll always be friends, best friends.” - Yes, but you’ll also always be more than best friends too

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.“

It’s just too emotional for me. 

11.Dez, LA. Poor Austin!

’'Without love, what is the point of any of this?”

 Okay Dez, this thing made me cry so much! One of the sweetest things ever!

12. Austin and Ally’s parents are just amazing! And seriously? How can that girl win when she’s competing with Ally Moon Dawson and Austin Monica Moon?!

13. Oh My God, Austin! You’re not doing what I think you’re doing… And Dez..He’s just Dez. 

“I can’t hide it anymore. When I came here tonight I was so excited to tell the world that I have a girlfriend. And her name is Ally Dawson. Ally, when I first met you I had no idea you’d be the best thing that ever happend to me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you Ally!”

The BEST thing ever! Austin Moon is the most romantic guy I’ve ever seen! He risked his career for Ally. He would do anything for her. And I’m crying. Like a Baby. 

I can’t not notice the way he said “love”. It sounds so strongly and full of meanings and… love.

14. The kiss was a necessity, a need. You can’t practically give up on your career for somebody because you love her with all you have and not expressing it in a kiss!

And that happend. That kiss was full of emotions and feelings and sweetness and love. And Auslly.[ And Raura. It doesn’t matter they don’t love each other that way *cough* yet  * cough*, their friendship is STRONG and they like each other and I think Austin’s declaration was real. They’d looked pretty nervous and emotional before they kissed. And that makes me so happy because it was real. It wasn’t scripted ( “THEY COULDN’T STOP THE LOVE!” - Ellington Ratliif) , it was an understanding by eyes. I think both of them are kind of 'scared’, confused about their feelings.The attraction and that confusing thing that happens between them( Ross and Laura) made that kiss even more perfect.]

15. And the end was just how it supposed to end you know? It felt right even through it brings us some questions.

“You’re ready to do this?”

“Yes I am.”

And I am so ready for season 4.

*I’ve just realized they wore red and blue twice on this episode ( first time when they told Jimmy about them dating again and second time at the finale). *They wear these colors like almost every time when they sing together *

This episode just rocks, okay? It’s full of sweet and sad moments. They’ve grown up so much!

I remember season 1 -Ally was a talented girl with stage fright, and Austin, that rockstar at the begging of his road, and Dez with his stupid jokes and Trish with those amazing jobs!

Austin & Ally is the best Disney show ever. I want a season 5 too. And a season 6.

anonymous asked:

I will get some hate for this, and I understand if you don't want to publish this, but why is it racist to cast white people in black roles? I mean, I get, it in a proffesional company you are taking a white person and spray-tanning them instead of hiring a black person that can do exactly the same, therefore discriminating. But in a school where the black candidate for a role can't sing the part and you have no other options, wouldn't taking a white person for the role and spray tanning (1/2)

(2/2) show that the only thing that is different between each other is the color of their skin and nothing else?

I understand what you’re saying, so I’ll see if I can organize my thoughts on the matter.  Obviously this is a hugely delicate matter, so if anybody feels as if I stepped out of line in my response, don’t hesitate to let me know.  I’m trying to talk about this in a respectful and educational way, and I’d love to start a discussion on it.  (Under the cut because it’s looooong)

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Marty McWho? 2/?

You can read part one here. I am slowly falling in love with the original prompt and I can’t wait to see where this goes. 

Lily opens her mouth to tell them her story and starts crying instead. Emma gapes at her and then Killian, completely unsure of what to do. Even in her fake memories of raising Henry, he had never spontaneously started sobbing, and Emma wouldn’t say that she’s very good at comforting people who aren’t her son or Killian. 

Killian’s different, though.

He sees this distraught teenage girl, their daughter from the future, crying and he immediately moves over to her, wrapping an arm around her shaking shoulders as she sobs. He murmurs to Lily reassuringly and Emma can’t help it - tears spring into her eyes. She thinks of what an amazing father he will be and the sight of him comforting this girl they barely know is almost too much for her.

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anonymous asked:

I'll be a year cut free in October but lately I just feel like shit about myself, I want to recover so bad but I feel that the whole worlds against me lately, I hate asking people for advice but I don't want to start over again and have everyone be even more disappointed in me than they already are, what can I do to get it off my mind?:/

I’m proud of you for being clean for so long!
Find distraction, here’s a little list of the things you can do. :)

1. Exercise.

2. Put on fake tattoos.

3. Draw on yourself with washable red marker-then take a shower and wash away your pain.

4. Scribble on sheets of paper.

5. Write poetry.

6. Cuddle with a stuffed toy.

7. Be with other people.

8. Watch a favorite TV show.

9. Post on web boards or try answering other people’s posts.

10, Think about how “I DON’T WANT SCARS FOR SUMMER!!”

11. Paint your nails a new color.

12. Go out to see a movie.

13. Eating something you can’t resist.

14. Do your school work.

15. Write a letter to someone but never send it.

16. Go into chat rooms to talk.

17. Call a friend and ask them to come hang out.

18. Play a musical instrument.

19. Sing.

20. Look up at the sky, and find the moon. Study it.

21. Draw.

22. Buy a punching bag (with gloves. Name it. Then, have a visit with Bob when you need to.

23. Snap a rubber band (hair band) on your wrist.

24. Cover yourself with band-aids where you want to cut.

25. Go to the zoo and rename the animals.

26. Let yourself cry, even if it is hard.

27. Sleep, only if you are tired.

28. Do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.

29. Play with a pet.

30. Smile to at least 5 people.

31. Re-organize and lable your linen closet.

32. Go out and perform one act of kindness.

33. Have a pillow fight with a wall.

34. Knit a scarf.

35. Read a good book.

36. Dress up very glamorous, with makeup to match.

37. Color your hair.

38. Listen to music (nontriggering)

39. Watch a candle burn, but no playing with flames or hot wax. Blow it out when you leave the room.

40. Find someone else you can help. Do volunteer work.

41. Meditate. Track your breathing.

42. Call up an old friend and catch up.

43. Work on a website or start a new one.

44. Have a vivid fantasy love affair with a celebrity.

45. Go somewhere very public.

46. Bake cookies or another favorite food you like.

47. Alphabetize your CD’s.

48. Chew gum.

49. Buy a henna tattoo kit.

50. Paint or draw.

51. Rip paper into really small pieces.

52. Give someone a hug.

53. Write letters or emails.

54. Talk to yourself, and put it on tape.

55. Hug a pillow.

56. Hyper-focus on something like a rock.

57. Fingerpaint.

58. Scream as loud as you want.

59. Dance.

60. Make hot chocolate.

61. Pop bubble wrap.

62. Play with play dough.

63. Count to 100.

64. Build a pillow fort.

65. Blow up a balloon and pop it.

66. Hug yourself.

67. Write yourself an “I love myself because” letter and keep it. Read it when you feel down.

68. Read things in a different language.

69. Go for a nice long drive, walk, or jog.

70. Complete something you have been putting off.

71. Drink a cup of herbal tea.

72. Fold paper and invent a new origomi shape.

73. Write your memoirs.

74. Build something.

75. Take up archery.

76. Go rock climbing.

77. Take up a new hobby you always dreamed of.

78. Organize bills, receipts, etc.

79. Cook a meal.

80. Go out for ice cream.

81. Buy a stuffed animal.

82. Look at pretty things-like flowers or art work.

83. Create something.

84. Throw your pillow against the wall.

85. Throw socks against the wall.

86. Make a list of blessings in your life.

87. Go to a friend’s house and open up.

88. Take up fencing.

89. Watch an old comedy movie.

90. Call your therapist or make an appointment with one.

91. Talk to someone close to you that you trust.

92. Throw a temper tantrum.

93. Ride a bicycle.

94. Polish silver or jewelry.

95, Start a garden or water your house plants.

96. Re-arrange a room.

97. Feed the ducks, birds, or squirrels.

98. Draw on the walls-or paint with watercolors if you don’t want permanence.

99. Play with face paint.

100. Play jacks or pick up sticks.

101. Color with crayons.

102. Memorize a song and sing it. Then, reflect on it’s message.

103. Put on boots and stomp.

104. Stretch.

105. Find a butterfly and catch it.

106. Watch fish.

107. Come up with baby names.

108. Go to a public place and watch people.

109. Make a CD of your favorite songs.

110. Name all of your stuffed animals.

111. Go shopping.

112. Get into your PJ’s and just veg.

113. Buy cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them

114. Throw everything on the ground except glass.

115. Go to a loud concert (Make sure it doen’t trigger you)

116. Think about your ideal life. What do you have to do to get there?

117. Plan your someday wedding day or upcoming prom.

118. Hunt for stuff on Ebay.

119. Alphabetize your books and magazines.

120. Hunt for your perfect home in the paper or online.

121. Take up Tai Chi.

122. Try to make as many words as possible out of your full name.

123. Count ceiling tiles or lights.

124. Go to the grocery store and buy yourself some flowers.

125. Search for ridiculous things on the web.

126. Google yourself.

127. Color co-oridinate your wardrobe.

128. Do a home tan on yourself. (Don’t turn into a carrot)

129. Take a hot bath and “be” in the moment.

130. Sort all you photographs.

131. Give yourself a pedicure.

132. Color or scribble over pretty women in magazines.

133. Plan a dinner party with menus and guest list, then carry it out.

134. Go through all your old stuff, and donate to Good Will.

135. Take a walk in the woods and breathe the fresh air.

136. Start a mood journal and write in it every day. Do patterns surface? Track your triggers.

137. Buy yourself some toys and play like you are 5 years old again!

138. Start to collect some thing.

139. Take up kick-boxing.

140. Read a magazine or newspaper.

141. Sew something.

142. Buy a stuffed animal.

143. Take your own dog, or a friend’s dog for a walk.

144. Read through this list again.