this show is dumb i like it

I know this is so dumb to get mad over but I remember after s2 I saw people on twitter talk about how bad of a leader Shiro was and how he didn’t deserve to be the black paladin because “he shows favoritism to Keith and Pidge” like god forbid the guy have a best friend! it’s almost like he’s not actually anyone’s dad! It’s almost like he feels guilty for escaping while Pidge’s brother didn’t and probably feels the need to act as an older brother in place of him! its almost like he’s inexperienced when it comes to handling leadership because he’s not as old and sophisticated as fandom makes him out to be!

Why my first impression for the Zyra skin was Dragon themed

When I woke up my friend had left a message showing the teaser. My first impression was ‘wtf is this skin supposed to be’, and he was the one that suggested it was dragon themed. I didn’t even consider void at all, and while I thought a dragon theme for her sounded dumb and not very logical, I did think that her silhouette reminded me of Maleficent, and the creature coming off her like her plants usually do looks dragonlike. I expressed that it didn’t make sense to me, and quite honestly sounded dumb, and he suggested that her plants sprouting would be eggs spawning and hatching into dragons.

Void sounds so much better, and makes me so much more excited for this skin. I hope it looks awesome. Don’t let us Zyra mains down, rito!

I decided to turn that “making bets until they make out with each other” fic into a multichapter fic and I’m getting impatient because the first chapter’s not done yet but I want to show you guuuuyyysss

/bounces impatiently

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whn john showed the finnpoe pic what did he say?

ok so like, I don’t fully remember what he had said bc I’m dumb and was too shook, but his manager/producer (I cant remember what he said he was) brought out The Picture and said something like “lets talk about this” and John grabbed it and I cant remember what he said when he grabbed it (I’m sorry I’m not the best person to explain what happened omkjgdah) but I think he said “people want them to be in a relationship” and then he mentioned talking about it w/ Oscar and he said “I think Oscar agrees”

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I feel so fucking stupid and it's probably an overreaction but I grew up in an extremely abusive home, the type of domestic violence where I knew cops by name and my father threatened to kill me twice.. And I'm not saying Mon-Hell is that bad but so many of the tricks my father used, he used too. Like the jealousy but making it Kara's fault, and he treats her as "his" and an object, not to mention that new guy blackmailing Kara which really brought back memories. I feel dumb it's just a show

Oh sweetheart, I am so so so sorry. You are completely right about the abuse and the gaslighting, and I am so proud of you for recognizing it, both in the show and in your own life: that is so difficult to do.

But honey, I promise you: you are not stupid. You are not overreacting. And you are not “dumb.” You are valid, and you are real, and you are so, so, so intelligent. You’re smart, and you’re clever, because you can see the warning signs, even when the warning signs are “just” in a show.

Honey, fiction is fiction, sure, but it is also so real. It’s so real that we look for ourselves in it all the time. All of us do. And we celebrate when we see positive representations: it makes so much sense that such horrific things can also trigger you, even if it’s “just” fiction. Because it’s never “just” fiction, darling. It always has emotional roots inside us, and you are completely legitimate – and certainly not alone – in responding in this way.

I am so proud of you for being exactly who you are. You are powerful and you deserve the best of all things. I am sending you all my love, darling: you deserve that and so much more <3 <3 <3

Sorry I think that new danny phantom, tuff puppy, Bunsen short was kinda…dumb? The action with danny fighting the ghosts was so slow. Like since I watched it I feel like tuff puppy is a really annoying and loud show (thankfully I’ve never watched it. The dog looks like a character I hate and I love Spencer from iCarly) and seeing the fairly odd parents after hearing how bad the past season was leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And Bunsen just seems…too random?

The signs as comebacks/insults

Aries : Remember that time I said I thought you were cool? I lied.

Taurus : You only annoy me when you’re breathing, really.

Gemini : Do yourself a favor and ignore anyone who tells you to be yourself. Bad idea in your case.

Cancer: Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in awhile, but you really abuse the privilege.

Leo : Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

Virgo: Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither.

Libra : Do your parents even realize they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Scorpio : Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d gotten enough oxygen at birth?

Sagittarius : Are you always such an idiot, or do you just show off when I’m around?

Capricorn : There are some remarkably dumb people in this world. Thanks for helping me understand that.

Aquarius: I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than whatever you just said.

Pisces : Some day you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.

tbh i love how Coran’s Concerned Parent Mode activates when he sees Lance walk by him all upset like

“why is my son cry??”

it was really nice of him to go check on Lance and talk to him? 

thank you Coran for being there for the blue shitlord.

Ok, so interesting stuff I gathered from the new su episodes:

-the gems from Amethyst’s kindergarden are the most amazing thing ever

-apparently the beta gems are miscoloured?

-jasper was the only one who made it a) off earth or b) off zoo duty

-blue diamond is easily persuaded holy shit

-the guard gem (i can’t remember her name) just had her whole life turned around and is probably gonna have an existential crisis over a pearl telling her off

-blue diamond is a grieving mess but that doesn’t excuse KIDNAPPING PEOPLE AND SHATTERING GEMS BECAUSE THEY’VE FUSED ARE YOU KIDDING ME

-yellow diamond doesn’t know how grief works and she’s gonna have a breakdown

- i really liked the beta gem they showed us (was it another jasper, a carneol maybe?)


-ruby holds sapphire’s hand to keep her from freezing herself

-ruby is NOT dumb

-garnet is scared af of blue diamond (understandably)


-blue pearl is indeed a shy little thing and apparently dancing with yellow pearl is nice ™

-blue Diamond’s voice makes me cry

-like, I thought she was gonna be some stone cold calculating ice rock but she just cries all the time (although we did get a glimpse of how terrifying she can be as soon as there’s subjects around)


-yellow diamond admits that they all love pink diamond

-the lyrics got me (There’s no use in feeling [pause] blue)

-like, was i the only one who went ‘damn, that’s a double meaning if I’ve ever seen one’ 1) There’s no use in feeling, Blue or 2) There’s no use in feeling blue (feeling blue = feeling sad)

-the humans in the zoo do not handle rejection well

-i wonder if their earrings tell them how to procreate too?


-the zoo is creepy

-the guard gem played herself

-She has her gem on the back of her head - we’ve never seen that before, so that’s interesting

-i’m dead

-like, I legit died watching this


big news i love victor nikiforov!! he is Good!! please take these headcanons!!

  • he’s incredibly perceptive. catches on fast. doesn’t hesitate to drag someone, even if it’s subtle
  • any semblance of chill when it comes to yuuri katsuki?? those words, together,, don’t even make sense,,,
  • this has been said before but when it comes to flirting he can dish it out but he can’t take it. yuuri knows this and shows no mercy
  • absolutely Not a ditz like he’s super smart and can basically own the floor in any academic situation
  • loves learning new things!! loves words and speaking and languages!!
  • loves to be happy and wants everyone else around him to be happy! he just has so much love to give!!
  • it’s nearly impossible to go grocery shopping with him bc he gets very excited and sneaky and starts sliding the most ridiculous items in the cart when yuuri’s not looking
  • is fluffy. giant fluffy doge
  • wakes up at the asscrack of dawn, tracksuit on and ready for a run while yuuri’s still knocked tf out somewhere under the sheets
  • such a great listener. plays with yuuri’s hands while he talks and traces figure eights on his palms and doesn’t interrupt. very patient and understanding
  • gives the best cuddles
  • always has the urge to grab a pigeon but like what would he do if he actually caught it
  • “move, i’m gay”
  • very ticklish. the second yuuri found out this vital piece of information victor knew he was screwed
  • the most avid participant in the St. Petersburg Crew groupchat. bombards everyone with memes at 2am, doesn’t know what half of them mean
  • “is this what the kids call hip these days”
  • stops whatever he’s doing if he sees a dog. says hi to them and hugs them. tells them he loves them. makkachin knows this and encourages it
  • he enjoys stealing yuuri’s clothes, which are too small for him but it makes yuuri laugh so he does it anyway, despite the audible rip that one time he “slipped on” yuuri’s old pokemon pajamas
  • (more like wrestled on)
  • he’s a ride or die. would do Anything for his husband
  • his youtube history is just cute dog videos
  • loves patterned socks. owns like ten million pairs of patterned socks. his Look is rolled up pant legs and patterned socks
  • “first of all, language. second of all, fuck.”
  • his favorite movie is probably Air Bud because he can’t get through Marley & Me without straight up (gay up) bawling
  • soft, is held by yuuri

12 New Anime Shows From 2016 To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Watch if you like: competitive sports, romance, men so beautiful that you will weep”

I love opening up buzzfeed and seeing these two 

I love Team Skull♡♡

Can I emphasize how much I love Team Skull-??

They have so much characterization and in depth personality, more than any other crime gang in the other games-

Like, just to list a few things-

1) A lot of the grunts exclude Gladion from the team. But when you first meet Plumeria, apparently it’s GLADION who went and told her about you. She then states how she hates that you’re messing with her cute, dumb siblings. Gladion literally went and told on you to Plumeria, and momma bear came rushing over just to show you not to mess with her baby brothers and sisters.

Best part? You beat her, she let’s you off with a warning, and leaves. She literally came over just to teach you a lesson. Not to steal your pokemon. Not to take your money. Not anything evil. Nothing like that. Nada.

2) Guzma was most likely abused by his father, or had a strained relationship with his father. BUT LOOK AT HIM TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY-

He could’ve easily turned out just like his father, but he didn’t. And I like to think if Plumeria is like a big sister to the underlings, Guzma is like the big brother-

3) The grunts are so relatable and down to Earth. They have low self-esteem. They feel ignored and shunned a lot. This is painfully relatable, gives them human traits that make them likeable, and I LOVE them-

ALSO! I love how everyone in Alola state that they’re more like troublemakers than actual evil crime gang members- It’s cute and I love it- ALSO THEIR THEME MUSIC IS SO NICE!




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i’m rewatching yuri on ice (who isn’t right now?) and noticed something adorable

like we already know yuuri and phichit have an enviably warm and supportive friendship right from when they were training in detroit

and they both trained under Celestino, who’s Phichit’s current coach

(look at him just ignoring his wards in the background like)

they even have their own nickname for him: Ciao Ciao, because that’s how he greets everyone 

it’s the sort of mischievous nicknames friends have between themselves, even for people they like and i love how realistic this show is help me

but i realised something somehow funnier because

“Ciao Ciao”, as when Phichit says it, sounds an awful lot like “Chow Chow”

And a Chow Chow is a giant ball of fur and happiness dog that looks like a chubby lion 

…which adds another layer to the nickname and it cracks me tf up like wow 

and if this isn’t something two exhausted college students would laugh and bond over and remember forever as a dumb inside joke then idk what is

  • Someone: *doesn't like something I like*
  • Me: How DARE they!
  • My brain: they are a different person with different opinions and views
  • Me: But why wouldn't they like it??
  • My brain: because they're a different person with different opinions and views
  • Me: but-
  • My brain: different opinions and views you dumb bitch

Hc that the members of Overwatch don’t really see Junkrat as a smart guy. Like they just see him and Roadhog as these junker criminals who know nothing but destruction

But in reality Junkrat is actually super smart. Like he just doesn’t show it like Winston does or Symmetra. He doesn’t write out equations or really know all those fancy calculations and formulas. Overtime he had come up with his own terms for everything which may confuse the others since they don’t know what he’s talking about and gets confused that they’re confused

But he understands how to do the math and science he just can’t like the others can. I mean he’s built his tire and his other weapons, his arm and leg too all from scratch and spare parts

So overall junkrat is very smart and just shows it differently
Bonus for Roadhog threatening anyone who makes fun of Junkrat and calls him dumb or anything