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Spider-Man: Homecoming Iconic Realistic High School™ Moments
  • “I’ll just be myself” “Peter nobody wants that" 
  • Oblivious shop teacher 
  • Michelle reading a book while pretending to work in gym class 
  • Liz and her friends playing FMK with the avengers 
  • Peter getting defensive about him being 15 not of 14 
  • Peter grabbing gummy worms and a sandwich so he has a snack while he’s off being spidey 
  • Ned’s party hat
  • Flash bullying Peter verbally using really lame puns of his name
  • Liz checking her makeup in her selfie camera and showing Peter funny/cute pictures on her phone on the way to Homecoming
  • Super awkward morning announcement videos from the film class and/ or student council 
  • Apathetic gym teacher showing required videos 
  • “What are you doing?” “Uhhhh… looking at porn?”
  • Ned and Peter’s secret handshake
  • Lego deathstar 
  • “What are you doing?” “Nothing… you?” “…Chess” 
  • “Where are you going we have a Spanish test?”
Signs when they first start dating you

Aries: is really hesitant about getting physical, even if they really want to

Taurus: will be super clingy even if they try not to be

Gemini: insults you and is super sarcastic but still likes you

Cancer: wants to just have a picnic and talk about life

Leo: will want to hold your hand and take cute photos with you

Virgo: showers you in food and gifts

Libra: will give you all the kisses, especially on the neck

Scorpio: isn’t sure on what’s off boundaries still and is hecka awkward

Sagittarius: moves it along quickly even if they know they should go slow

Capricorn: tells you all their favorite books and geeky movies

Aquarius: shows up to your house at 3am with pizza and flowers

Pisces: makes cute playlists for you or even mix tapes if they’re that hipster

NCT As Boyfriends

Anon requested:  Hi I hope this isn’t too much to ask for but can you guys do nct as your boyfriend? Thank you!

Genre: Fluff & SMut

Author: admin Karma

A/N: Hey, i’m sorry you had to wait so long
These are all members besided the minors and Lucas & Jungwoo since I don’t know much about them yet……… Also since it’s 10 members this is a long one….

Reminder! This is completely how I see them as boyfriends and it’s probably very inaccurate as I am not that good at reading people but i’ll do my best!! (this is for all genders) and since this is a smut acc, I will add some 16+ content to it ;)

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Voltron Keith and Shiro headcanon with a very sarcastic and spunky fem S/O pls

hell yeah i love these boys and the spunky, sarcastic s/o. enjoy!!


> At first it would be a bit hard for the red paladin to deal with because he’s quite the spunky, spunky teen himself.

> But, despite the sarcasm, he still finds himself easily joking around with her after a few minutes and he thinks it’s great they can get along after a while. 

> He has long conversations with her that’s literally just a bunch of sarcastic banter and teasing towards each other. Some of the team think it’s entertaining to watch while others tell them to quite it and make out already. 

> Such comments make both of them blush but she purposefully drags Keith away. They don’t really end up making out usually and only do it just to mess with the others.

> Keith knows his limits when it comes to the sarcasm. While both are incredibly determined and ready for any battle they both intensely support each other as well. Sometimes when they get back from battle, they’re abnormally quiet and lay in bed together under the covers. 

> These moments are what Keith cherishes the most. It’s the time he can see the side of her she shows no one else. He gets to watch her be cute, sweet, and just as funny as ever. It makes his heart pound. It makes him love her so much more. 

> Sometimes he’s a little awkward with affection because he wasn’t used to getting it throughout life but she’s slowly helping him through it. She acknowledges this and keeps the relationship slow despite their already immensely close relationship. 

> LOVES the “Shut up!” “Make me!” argument because we all know it leads to making out in front of everyone.

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> As the leader, he’d find trouble with this girl at first. She was so determined and courageous that he wasn’t sure if he was fit to be the leader with her attitude. However, she followed with ease and never really complained either. 

> Her sarcastic comments catch him off guard a l l t h e t i m e 

> He’ll give an order and she’ll make a witty comment right back which makes him stop and stare for a few minutes. He always gets this blank look on his face but ends up bubbling over with precious laughter in the end. It never fails to make him laugh either.

> She finds it adorable that he thinks her sarcasm is so funny but she notices he’s never used it himself. It leads to the horribly embarrassing confession for him actually not knowing how to use it properly. 

> This began a series of lessons in Sarcasm 101 because this poor baby needs it. 

> He catches on more quickly than she expects and it makes her proud. She knew he was such a leader type but she didn’t know he wasn’t sure on how to use sarcasm. Maybe because he felt the need to be serious all the time, he couldn’t be joking around.

> Shiro thanks her every time he uses it now and it’s adorable?? pls protect this boy

> When they’re alone he’ll ask how he did with sarcasm that day whether it was just lounging around the ship or in between battles, he genuinely wants to know. She gives him a good score every time and little tips as well. It makes them all bubbly and giggly and ends up in numerous loving kisses. 

> He’s happy she’s his and his only because without her, he may have never learned he can be a serious leader as well as a goofy one. He’s thankful for her to help him realize that and shows his longtime gratitude in affection and presents.

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Hc for RFA reacting to an mc who likes to shower them with kisses, but with each kiss she progressively says, "muah!" louder and louder until she's practically screaming in their face? My dad does this to my mom all the time and she's just pokerface about it lmao

I think we can all agree that kissing any of the RFA members would be magical! This is such a cute request so I made it as fluffy as possible! Thank you so much for your patience and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • One of Yoosung’s most favorite things in the world is your kisses
  • Like this boy won’t leave the house until you give him a goodbye kiss, it’s a very serious matter to him
  • And of course you love giving Yoosung kisses, because he has such a kissable face, but decided to try something new
  • Every time you would give him his goodbye kiss, you’d say ‘muah!’ and honestly this boy loved it
  • He didn’t mind that you’d start saying ‘muah’ in a loud, almost obnoxious volume
  • No, this boy found it to be simply adorable and would giggle every time you’d say it
  • He would be a bit startled whenever you’d basically scream ‘muah’ in his face but he wouldn’t mind because you could say it as loudly as you wanted as long as he got his kisses
  • Yoosung would always give you a small yet sweet kiss back whenever you’d kiss him although he was a little too embarrassed to say ‘muah’
  • “Your kisses are the best, MC! I love when you say ‘muah’ because it makes your kisses even better, if that’s even possible! You’re like my kissing queen!”


  • When Zen would kiss you, it was like being kissed by a love god
  • This boy’s kisses always seemed to leave you breathless and feeling hot even with a small kiss
  • But you wanted a break from the super passionate kisses and decided to try something new with Zen
  • You would stand on your tip-toes, since this boy was tall as heck, and give him a sweet kiss ending with a ‘muah!’
  • Zen adored this more lovable side to you, your little kisses and ‘muah’ noises made him blush all over from your cuteness
  • Sometimes, Zen would call you to come visit him while he was at his rehearsals just to give him a motivational kiss
  • When you started to say 'muah’ progressively louder, Zen would just love it even more
  • One day when you visited at the theater and practically screamed 'muah’ in his face, Zen was a bit surprised but fell in love with you even more
  • Zen would make you say 'muah’ after kisses in front of all of his co-actors to show them how adorable you are and just purposely kiss you all of the time
  • “You’re the cutest little thing, you know that MC? Your kisses always brighten my day so I’ll have to return the favor. C'mere MC, let me shower you with kisses my love!”


  • Jaehee would probably never get use to all of the kisses you gave her
  • But after coming home from a long day at work, Jaehee would always look forward to your sweet kisses
  • She was always a shy kisser but you knew that she enjoyed receiving them, so you wanted to try something fun with her
  • So when Jaehee would get home from work, you would give a cute 'muah!’ after each kiss
  • At first, Jaehee was confused but your weird noises but she grew to like them
  • But when you kept getting louder and louder with your 'muah’ noises, Jaehee was confused again
  • When you basically screamed 'muah’ in her face one night after a kiss, she finally asked what the heck you were doing
  • You shrugged and told her that you just felt like doing it because you thought it was cute and funny to see her flustered
  • For the sake of her eardrums, Jaehee asked you to tone down the yelling a bit but she really did think that your 'muah’ noises were adorable and wanted you to continue doing them
  • “I know I’m not very good at affection MC but I really like it when you do cute things like that. Here, let me try to give you a cute kiss myself although it may be awkward, I want to show you my love for you.”


  • Kisses for Jumin were something that he wasn’t familiar with but they soon became something he cherished
  • You could give this man a small peck on the cheek or full-on French kiss him and he’d love it either way
  • The thing was that Jumin wasn’t the best kisser himself, so you decided to give him some fun practice
  • When you welcomed him home from work with his usual kiss, you added a small 'muah!’ afterwards
  • Jumin blinked in confusion and just assumed that you were saying weird things to be funny and let it slide
  • But everyday you’d give him his usual kiss and a 'muah’ but each time you were louder
  • This man has no clue what you were doing and just kind of went with it
  • Until one day when you gave Jumin his kiss and yelled 'muah!’ to him
  • Having no idea what to do, Jumin cradled the back of your head, kissing you and finished with his own obnoxiously loud 'muah!’
  • You couldn’t stop the giggles from escaping because hearing the stoic and all-business Jumin say 'muah’ was basically the cutest thing in the world
  • When you explained to Jumin that you just said 'muah’ for fun, he nodded and said that he wanted to do the same
  • “I did throughly enjoy saying 'muah’ when I kissed you. I think we should make saying 'muah’ after kissing a special thing that only the two of us say to each other, especially after a tough day, that way we can always make each other smile, MC.”


  • It was Seven’s goal to give you 707 kisses when the two of you started dating
  • But this boy loves his smooches and ended up reaching his goal three months into your relationship
  • So now it was your turn to think of something creative to do when giving Seven the kisses he deserved
  • You clapped your hands together as you thought of the perfect idea and started putting your plan into action right away
  • Seven turned around to receive his usual nightly kiss from you except this time you let out a 'muah!’ after the kiss
  • At first, Seven thought that it was a one-time thing but oh no you gave this boy so many kisses throughout the day and each time you would end them with a 'muah’
  • While most people would have found your actions annoying, Seven adored your new kissing quirk, even when you started screaming 'muah!’ after every kiss
  • Seven was amazed at your determination to keep ending kisses with 'muah’ whether it was during a stressful day at his computer or even during sexy time
  • One day, Seven randomly asked why you would say 'muah’ all of the time
  • You gave him another kiss and 'muah’ and said that you did it just because, no reason in particular
  • Seven crushed you with a hug, rubbing his cheek against yours in adoration
  • “You’re seriously the most adorable person in the world MC! How can you be so darn cute? I’m going to smother you in my own kisses as a thank you my little cutie!”

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Yeah. Empty ask box. Exo reaction of their girlfriend being to shy to look at them after sexy time. 😉


He thinks it’s very cute and really wants to get you to look at him. He turns into an adorable ball of fluff and reassures that you don’t need to be shy. “C'mon Jagi, look at me!”


You’re both awkward after sexy time but he’s the one to try and make you feel comfortable. When his small attempts keep on failing he touches your arm gently. “Jagiya… There’s no need to be shy…”


He decides to tease you slightly and pokes you until you finally look at him, still shy. “Awh c'mon, show me that pretty face of yours, you cutie~!”


He respects the fact that you need some time to get over your shyness and waits until you’ll look at him, being a very sweet boyfriend. “Are you feeling okay, Jagi? Do you need anything?”


He’s a little shy and blushy as well but tries to make you look at him by hugging you and telling you sweet nothings. “You were so beautiful last night, princess~”


Starts off asking if you liked it and later beats himself up for making you even more shy. So he decides to wait a little and see if you’ll feel better. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m happy you’re not shy anymore”


Smiles all the time to make you feel better and tries to relax you by holding your hand until you’ll be feeling more comfortable. “You don’t have to look at me but please, don’t be shy about it”


Finds it both funny and cute, but doesn’t really get it what’s the matter. He doesn’t question you about it though. “Aw c'mon little one, let me give you a hug~ feeling better now?”


Tries to cover his own shyness by starting a conversation with you, but it gets pretty awkward when you’re still not looking at him. “It was… Good. Right? I liked it a lot… Did you?”


He’s holding you gently in his arms and kissing your head every once in a while, lightly squeezing your hand. “Jagiya, please show me your beautiful eyes… You know I love it when you look at me like this”


Teases you but is also careful not to make you uncomfortable. It’s Tao we’re talking about so he has to show off a little too. “Are you shy about the things we did last night? You were amazing! But I was too~”


Similar to D.O he wants to encourage you somehow and becomes a very sweet and caring boyfriend. “Do you feel okay? Does it hurt? Please tell me when you’ll need anything”

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

Wanna One reaction to their idol crush being on the same show as them

Can I have Wanna Ones reaction to you being a Idol, and they have a crush on you, and you guys go on the same show together?

Hey there, anon. I don’t generally write for wanna one I just really like them but I shall write this one up for you. I may possibly begin to write for them more in the future, though. The reactions are a little short as I feel like there’s only so many ways you can react during a shoot. Thanks for requesting :3 


Originally posted by aceyng

Jisung would be pretty nervous since he liked you so much and the fact that you were on the show meant that he could probably get your attention. He’d probably be super extra on the show even more extra than he usually was. He’d be pulling out all the stops, doing his classic Jisung clap and dancing to Gfriend. He’d really wanna get your attention. He’d probably try and find you after and smile shyly at you as he spoke to you. “Did you have fun at today’s shoot, y/n?”


Originally posted by sungwoona

Sungwoon would really want to impress you. Considering there was so many members he knew he would have to do something to stand out. He’d keep on glancing over at you and nudging one of his members to murmur to them. “She’s so pretty. I need to get her attention somehow,” he’d mumble. He’d totally try to show off his charms whenever he could. Whenever the shoot ended he’d find you and give you a little grin. “You were really great today, y/n. It’d be cool to see you more often.”  


Originally posted by kangbaeks

“Honestly, I’m a lot cooler off of broadcasts!” said Minhyun as he found you later during the shoots break. He had said something pretty awkward during the shoot which of course caused a lot of laughs but he felt super shy about it. He had found you later and had tried to strike up a conversation with you. You thought he was pretty cute and funny. “You did really great by the way, you’re totally fit for broadcasts. Did you like my silly dance, by the way?”


Originally posted by nottoday

The pressure was real. Seongwoo would be so pressured to be funny since you knew that you were going to be on the same show as him. He’d try to be extra funny just to see you laugh. He’d keep on glancing over at you and whenever you laughed at something he did he’d get super happy and get this huge, smug little grin on his face. He’d meet you after the shoot and grin happily over at you. “I’m pretty funny, don’t you think?” he’d ask, smiling to himself as he tried not to fanboy. 


Originally posted by sungwhoon

Extra. He’s going to be more extra than he usually is if that’s even possible. King of bluffing is totally going to bluff even more and he’d be super confident about it. He’d definitely try to make the hosts laugh and whenever he caught your eye he’d smile brightly and try not to let out that really loud laugh of his. Jaehwan would try to show his singing charms whenever it was his turn. When he saw you during the break he’d grin over at you and walk over. “Soo, did you like my singing?” 


Originally posted by peachyniel

Since he always had such a manly role to play on shows he’d try extra hard today to be extra sexy. Daniel would totally look over at you each time he did something. After the shoot he’d be giggling and smiling, trying not to cringe too hard at all the things he had to do. While eating little jellies he’d make his way over towards you and offer you some. “You did really well today, y/n. We should totally meet sometime after the show,” he’d say, as confidently as he could while squealing on the inside. 


Originally posted by fatenumberfor

“Jeojang!” said Jihoon for what seemed like the millionth time. He often had to act cute on camera but he could be pretty manly as well. He was hoping you’d notice him whenever it was his turn for a segment. He’d continuously glance over at you but look away quickly if you ever caught his eye. He’d be pretty shy. He’d eventually summon up the guts to talk to you after the shoot had ended. “The shoot was really great today, y/n. I think you looked really cute.” 


Originally posted by junior-royalz

When Woojin was asked to dance during the show he’d totally keep his eyes locked on yours as he did some pretty sexy movements. However, as soon as he was done he’d be super shy and super awkward. During the break he’d find you and compliment you on a dance you had performed as well. “You dance really well, by the way,” he’d say. He’d be talking quietly and smiling shyly at you. “We should totally practice together one day.” 


Originally posted by heseungs

He’s gonna try and act cool and most likely fail at it because he’s too cute. The hosts would probably tease him a bit and ask if he’s trying to impress anyone at the show. Jinyoung would suddenly get super shy and shake his head. “No, no. There’s just some really pretty groups here, is all,” he’d end up saying, further digging a hole for himself. He’d probably meet you after and shyly say hello. “I hope we get to see each other at another shoot soon, y/n.” 


Originally posted by epikcry

He’s gonna try and be extra cute and show off all his charms. He’s totally gonna win if there’s a girl group dancing section. If he ended up dancing with you he’d be smiling at you the entire time. Daehwi would be pretty confident in his skills and would be able to smoothly pull off most things. He’d probably get a little shy doing aegyo since he was doing it in front of you, his crush. After the shoot he’d find you. “Hey, y/n! What did you think of today’s shoot?” 


Originally posted by guanlliver

Guanlin is probably going to try and be mature and cool and hopefully avoid aegyo. However, since he’s the maknae the hosts would probably end up making him do aegyo to the other group. He’d end up shooting finger hearts towards you and cringing after. He’d be super shy when during a break he’d find you and he’d just awkwardly say hello. “Sorry about the finger hearts, I don’t usually do aegyo. I’m actually pretty mature,” he’d say. You’d probably find him cute which would make him get all flustered. 

Thanks for reading everyone <3 there’s a possibility I may include wanna one in our groups that we write for. Anyways, I hope you all liked this. 

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The signs introverted vs extroverted
  • A lot of posts say things like "___ is so loud ugh shut up" and it's not always this is for both types of people~
  • Aries extroverted: Funny af and has lots of friends. Probably has the "jock" style going on.
  • Aries introverted: punk af and has a few close friends. Is really good at sports on the low
  • Taurus extroverted: funny and wants to be the leader a lot. They need to be in charge
  • Taurus introverted: follows around other people but is so funny and usually the butt of the joke but is SO chill
  • Gemini extroverted: that person that hooks up with EVERYONE and their parents know all about it
  • Gemini introverted: A+ student but doesn't give a fuck
  • Cancer extroverted: the sweetest person and has all of the friends but probably does a lot of pda with their partner
  • Cancer introverted: mom. Cat videos 101
  • Leo extroverted: gorgeous and the squad leader
  • Leo introverted: makes up lies about people their crush likes because they're insecure just a lil
  • Virgo extroverted: basically just says hi to everyone and has tissues just in case you need to blow your nose. They got your back.
  • Virgo introverted: always has their laptop and has a tumblr with 4 followers. They're so good at math and still rlly nice and jus tries hard and yes fabulous
  • Libra extroverted: the cutest. Probably a hipster. Is friends with everyone but isn't so loud that they're always noticed. They just get along with everyone.
  • Libra introverted: Stylish and quiet. Probably likes otome. Charming in the cute quiet way
  • Scorpio extroverted: loud and tbh kinda annoying. Can be really funny and has a lot of friends, but has trust issues
  • Scorpio introverted: hot but no one really knows them. That quiet kid that has so much sass. Everyone wants to date them but they're hard to talk to
  • Sagittarius extroverted: so fucking funny. EVERYONE likes them. Very easy to fall in love with, and everyone does.
  • Sagittarius introverted: awkward cutie that must be protected at all costs
  • Capricorn extroverted: gets the good grades and is basically God
  • Capricorn introverted: resting bitch face but is a melted marshmallow on the inside. Their room is messy but it's so cute omg
  • Aquarius extroverted: hilarious, but probably has never been in a relationship. Everyone loves them because they let their inner nerd show.
  • Aquarius introverted: cute. Shy smiles 101. Teachers pet maybe but will go somewhere in life
  • Pisces extroverted: the lifesaver. Will talk with you about your feelings even if you're at a party. Caring and the sweetest person and everyone knows and protects them.
  • Pisces introverted: always asleep. You can probably murder them really easily. They're caring and will listen to you no matter how much you talk. They don't care about your virginity. They'll always tell you they love you too.
BTS Reation - Hugging Their Crush

Heya. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to ask anything you have on your mind.

~ BTS reaction to being hugged by their crush ~


You really love your neighbours, they are always so polite and kind. They have a kid named Jin, two years older than you. You are good childhood friends, you always played and had fun together as kids. You didn’t see him in a long time since he’s debuted in a kpop band. You always see him on TV and it seems like he changed a lot. He became even more handsome than before and people really appreciated him, not only for his looks, but for his talent aswell.

You kinda missed those days when you hanged out with him. Maybe his jokes were bad, but their lameness was funny. Those terrible puns never let you down when you had a bad day. He was there for you, he always knew what and when to say. It’s true, he was kind of an impulsive person, but that was his charm.

Even after your childhood friend, Jin, left for pursuing his dream, you still kept in touch with his parents. As you had promised Jin’s parents that you will prepare your special dish for them, today they invited you to their house. As you were about to knock, a familiar face opened the door.

“Jin? I didn’t expect to ever see you again.“ You said jokingly.

“Well here I am.”

You entered the house and saluted his family. He offered to help you in the kitchen since he knew better where to find the ingredients and tools. You cooked together while joking around. As you were putting some flour into a bowl, Jin cracked a joke that made you laugh so hard, you accidentally poured the flour on your clothes. Both you and Jin gasped dramatically and looked at each other in shock.

“This is all your fault, Jin. You clean it up.“

“But you should have payed attention to your cooking, not to me. Am I that handsome you can’t handle it?“ 

“Well, you should make some changes to your clothing. Too much black. You should opt for lighter clothes. Here let me help you.“ You said as you hugged him tightly, so all of that flour could rub on him too.

Jin at that moment felt … love. He missed you so much, and now, being so close to you seemed surreal. He hugged you back, not worring about his clothes. You, in his arms, was what really mattered. After breaking the hug, he will surely scold you. After all, he didn’t want you to find out about his feelings for you just yet.

Originally posted by jjilljj


You didn’t go out with your friends that much lately, so when they invited you to go ice skating you acceoted right away, although you’ve never been ice skating before. Besides, how hard could it be? Very difficult. You and your group of friends just entered the renk a few minutes ago and your legs were already shaking from the effort of staying on your feet. Your grip on the railing was so tight, your hands started to feel numb. Moreover, in the ice skating room was so cold, it didn’t make your situation any more pleasant.

Your friends were laughing together and enjoying their time, as they were skating too fast for you. However, you noticed that someone was missing. Min Yoongi was supposed to come today too, but guess he prefered to relax a bit at home after last chaotic days at his workplace. Just as you were trying to skate a bit more at your slow peace, someone approached you.

“Hi! I guess I’m not the only one who didn’t skate before, huh?“ Yoongi said cheerfully.

“What are you talking about? I’m doing peferctly fine. I just wanted to catch my breath a bit.“ You told him full of confidence. “What took you so long to get here?“

“I fell asleep a bit. I’m really tired, but I still don’t want to ditch you, so here I am.“

“You should really rest more; it isn’t good for your health.“ You said worryingly.

“I will. I promise. Now, why don’t you show me your skating skills, expert Y/N?“

You smile sarcastically and try to let go of the railing and make some steps forward, but fail miserably. You immediatelly fall. Your butt and your pride, both were so immensely damaged. Yoongi is trying his best not to laugh at you. You struggle to get up, everytime slipping again and again, in the end giving up. You turn your face to Yoongi and want to ask him to help you up, but he already is taking a firm grip on you lifting you back on your feet.

You feel so ashamed right now, not only your friends, but all the other people here saw what happened. You hug Yoongi tightly. You wanted to hide your face from everyone. Yoongi gave you one of his gummy smiles, patted you on the back encourangingly, and said:

“Since neither I, nor you, can stand ice skating, let’s get out of here and drink some hot chocolate together.”

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Hoseok was a really good friend of yours. Hanging out with him always gave you energy, since he was such a happy and hilarious person. Yoou haven’t seen him in a long time and you really missed him. He is away on tour with his kpop band, BTS. Ever since they’d won at BBMAs The Top Social Artist award, they had concerts in more and more countries all over the world. Their tours usually didn’t last more than six months, but this time they were away for a whole year.

Yesterday you heard that they finally came back in Korea. You were really excited, a lot has happened throughout a year and you couldn’t wait to tell at least all the juicy details to Hoseok.

Now it’s 7 pm. Just as you wondered what your friend Hoseok was doing, you received a text from him.

Sunshine: “Heya. I just got back from tour yesterday. Wanna come by the studio and talk for a bit? :)”

Y/N: “I’ll be there in 5.”

As you entered the little room, you were welcomed by Hoseok, who was smiling ear to ear. You suddenly felt the urge to hug him. You really did miss him. After he left, you had a hard time dealing with life’s problems all alone. He hugged you back, tightly.

“Woah, seems like someone really did miss me.“ He happily said as he kept on hugging you. He was blushing and he didn’t want you to see it.

“Of course, how couldn’t I? Your heart is beating so fast, Hoseok. This means that you’re really happy to see me aswell, right?“

Hoseok froze when he heard your words, but relaxed a bit after that. He thought you found out about his feelings. As he let you go, something in his mind tells him that he has to be sincere with you, but he brushes off that tought. He wants to enjoy this moment a bit more. He’s afraid that if he tells you how he feels, everything between you two would vanish. He was sure you didn’t feel the same way.

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Three months ago, you moved to Seoul. Why moving to Seoul? You just gratuated university and are looking for a job. So where are the most job offers? In the capital, exactly. Nearby the place you lived, there was a tall building. One night, sneaked out in there and went to the rooftop of the building. The night sky was amazing. However, you weren’t the only one who was on that rooftop. Since that night, you always went there for at least an hour or so, before going home to sleep. And every single night, you saw that man standing there, looking at the sky in deep thought.

One night you decided to get to know him. His name is Namjoon. You talked for hours. He was a fun person, with lots of interesting things on his mind. It didn’t feel awkward or anything. Even tough you weren’t the kind of person who knows how to keep a conversation going, he was. You felt bad that night when he had to leave. Since then, you always meet him on that rooftop. You never saw his face in the daylight, you never stayed to talk with him after 4 am. You started to grow closer and closer to him, sometimes you talked even about your private lives and your secrets. He was an open minded person and you loved it.

You told him about how felt more and more depressed as the days went by. If you didn’t find a job soon, you will have to move out and maybe go to your parents’ house. You felt as if you were a terrible, useless person. You couldn’t do anything right and those feelings really affected your mental health.

Namjoon always encouraged you to have more confidence in youself and not to think about unimportant things like those. He even told that if you lost you house, you could always come and stay with him, although it could be a little uncomfortable, since there were other six boys living with him.

One day, you broke down. There were too many problems in your life. You stayed on the rooftop and cried your eyes out. When Namjoon came like the usual, you didn’t have enough power to even cry. He sat next to you and told you that everything to be alright. Funny thing, you spend so much time with Namjoon, it almost felt like you were family, yet he never touched you, he never hugged you.

You hugged him and shivered in his arms. It was so warm and it felt like… home. He was surprised by your sudden skinship and showed you his honey-like smile. His dimples were so cute and his eyes were shiny as he looked at you. It was complete silence, but it wasn’t awkward. It was a nice silence. How long have stayed like this? The morning sun rayes hit his handsome face. With a weak voice, you told him:

“There’s a light in you and it makes me never fear the darkness in me.“

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Being the makeup artist of a kpop band wasn’t an easy task. Every person had different face features. Noisy surroundings, time pressure and feet going numb from standing up too much wasn’t something that surprised you anymore. There were some artists that made your job easier: staying still while you did their makeup and even thanking you after you finished. However, Park Jimin was a complete challenge. Always tried to initiate a conversation with you, even flirt and he was constantly moving around. Plus, his eyes were already small, but whenever he smiled, and that happened a lot, they were so tiny you felt like those artists that paint on rice grains.

Today, the usual Jimin. He was in a really good mood. He kept cracking up jokes and altough yoou were kind of annoyed by his actions, you couldn’t help laughing. To be honest, his puns were always hilarious.

As you were beginning to work on his eyes, someone screamed in your ear. This scared you so much, that you jumped on Jimin and hugged him. Jimin laughed as you were still hugging him and repeated over and over again how cute you are. You felt his chest vibrate from his laughters, his heart was beating faster and faster and his smell invaded your nostrils. God he was attractive as hell.

As you got up from Jimin and turned around, you saw that the person who scared you was no one other than your boyfriend.

“Hi babe, sorry for that.“ He said and gave you a peck on the lips. “I’ll go take soome food and come back to have lunch together. Are you going to finished by then?“

You nodded and he left the room. When you turned to face Jimin again, he seemed sad. “Are you ok, Jiminie?” you asked.

“Yeah. Let’s just finish with the makeup, I’m going to be late.“ he responded coldly.

As you did his makeup, he remained completely still and quiet, which worried you. Even when he left, he didn’t say a word, nor looked you in the eyes like he usually would.

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You were a huge anime fan, so when you went on holiday in Japan, you checked out all the shops that sold plushies with anime characters. In one shop, however, you had the surprinse of seeing your childish friend Tae. He was supposed to be on tour, not shopping for new toys. He was looking at Pokemon plushies with Jungkook, they were still wearing their performance clothes. Probably they had a little break before starting the repetitions for tonight’s concert. Now that you think a bit, the stadium isn’t that far from here.

You quietly approach the boys and back hug Tae. His body immediately froze since he didn’t expect that.

“Hey, guys. What’s up?“ you asked cheerfully.

“Just checking out some shops nearby before returning to the stadium.“ Sayed Jungkook with a warm smile.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?“ Tae laughed, still trying to collect himself after the shock from before.

“I’m on holiday.“ You respond as you observe Jungkook silently leaving you and Tae alone, going to see the mangas. “I’m leaving today. I wanted to buy some Pokemon plushies before I left, though.“

“Oh really? Let me help you.“ He took a lot of plushies in his arms, hug them tightly and handed them to you. “Look, they are just as huggable as you!” He stated excitedly.

“As me?“ You asked confused. You looked down and noticed the buldge in his pants that he was desperately trying to cover using the plushies stand. Realisation hit you and you were so embarassed. While back hugging him he felt your boobs. Your cheeks were flushed red.

“Uh, I think I don’t need Pokemon plushies anymore… see you in Korea, Tae.“ You avoided making any eyecontact with him and exited the shop as fast as you could.

Tae felt horrible for the situation he put you in. Because of how he made you feel, you couldn’t get the toys that you wanted to much. He bought the plushies and left for the stadium. Hopefully, when he returns home, you will forgive him.

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You were beyond excited for your friend, Jungkook. This was the first time he was going to perform his selfwritten song. He put all of his feelings in it and it was hard to keep his voice stable while singing it. You insisted on coming today to support him. He was nervous before going on stage, so you ecouraged him with kind words. He smiled wryly at you and off he went.

His song was about nonmutual love. He was in love with a girl and was too afraid to tell her so. She tought of him only as a really good friend. One particular verse caused some tears to roll off your cheeks: “You teached me how to cry at night in pure silence. Why won’t you love me now? I can’t bear you absence.”

You didn’t know why, but you felt terrible. You felt somehow guilty. He was so hurt by that girl even now. He must’ve really love her.

“Your loving eyes, your smile, aren’t for me. They are for someone else. I can feel this.“

“I’ve endured so much up ‘till now, please love me girl.“

While singing you could see tears forming in his eyes aswell, but his voice didn’t crack at all. You were so proud of his courage to open up to all of his fans about his life experiences. As he finished singing, he thanked the public and flashed a smile to the backstage door, where you were standing. It was his cute way of telling you “I did it!”.

When he came in the makeup room where you were waiting for him he asked you: “Did you like it?” 

“It was amazing!“ You hugged him and you heard him gulp. “How come we are such good friends, yet you never told me about this girl?“ You looked at him curiously.

He looked at you in complete shook. The words were stuck in his throat as he looked around the room searching for an answer.“Uhm… you are the girl“ He said quietly.

Your heart started racing and your lips formed into a smile. Funny how both of you had feelings fo each other. You mumbled “Me too.”, before Bang PD dragged him so he woud go back on stage. As he entered the stage he flashed a cute smile again, just for you.

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Hopes for Season 3

While I love that S2 made Steve into a cool character, I kinda hate that the Duffer Bros made him a little too sympathetic compared to Nancy and Jonathan. It opened the gates to the unfair and often misogynistic hate towards Nancy and Jonathan’s characters, who really didn’t have much time to shine in S2.

I’m really hoping we can get the kind of special focus Steve got that made him into a fan favorite for both Nancy and Jonathan, but especially the latter since he plain needs more focus. Something to repair the unwarranted hatred directed towards them both.

Have Jonathan be more open and make his awkward lighthearted jokes that we don’t get enough of. Have him interact with more of the cast. Give him scenes that will make people love him in the same way the Duffer Bros catered to Steve. Something cute and funny. Or something that boldly shows him to be very brave or sweet/gentle. Make him the center of attention for a lot of scenes. Let Steve take the backseat - he wasn’t meant to be a main character. Steve’s character arc is complete.

Same thing with Nancy. More sweet stuff like her bonding with Dustin. Her having more bonds with the cast. I’d especially like to see her bond with more of the ST ladies - Joyce, Eleven, or Max.

Please, Duffer Bros. Or, at the very least please don’t give into the opinions of the haters and have that negatively impact Jonathan and Nancy’s future plotlines in favor of Steve just because he’s a fan favorite. That is my only concern. :/

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I really liked the headcanon thing you did for the Arrancar with them liking someone who's emotionally oblivious. Would you be able to do that for the espada too? All of them or just the ones you want are fine too

Of course I can do that, thank you! <3

Starrk: He tries dropping hints everywhere, he really does try to get you to notice. But damn it, he’ll just calmly grab you and say something along the lines of, “Listen, I like you, like you.” 

Harribel: She’s definitely the most rational. After she figures out that you’re emotionally oblivious, she sits you down and explains her feelings to you. She may even hold your hand while doing it.

Ulquiorra: He is so frustrated it’s also hilarious to watch at the same time. Him trying to express he likes you in a romantic way when you’re so oblivious drives him insane because he doesn’t know how to say it!

Nnoitra: Okay, that’s fine. He’ll just have to show he likes you, then you’re bound to finally notice! That would be good and all, if his form of affection wasn’t dragging dead/nearly dead hollows in front of you.

Grimmjow: So this man doesn’t know how to say it in words, and when you can’t see that he’s trying to get you to like him because he likes you, he just grabs you and clumsily kisses you. It’s cute, funny, and awkward at the time.

Szayel: He just sighs, runs his hand through his hair, and finds a intelligent way to say that he adores you without making him look desperate. (flower swing, that’s all I got to say, prepare yourself!)

Aaroniero: He is panicking and sweating bullets. How does he, a life form with two heads floating around in a tank, confess that he’s attracted to you? He was so hoping you would confess first!

Yammy: He just confesses his feeling for you right there on the spot. Really…really…loudly. He also may punch a nearby wall to prove his point. 

Amazing Things about Wooden Overcoats Live Show at the Vaults!

- David K. Barnes’ introduction was hilarious and wonderful. He moves like a dapper inflatable tube man, it’s wonderful
- it was just. So cool. To see all these people live. It was great and the energy was amazing.
- the venue was awesome and occasionally you heard trains going overhead as it’s literally underneath the tracks at Waterloo
- I’m terrible with names so I can’t for the life of me remember the guy playing Reverend Wavering (not Andy Secombe) but he was great in the funeral scene. He was great as the Captain as well
- I felt like cause it was quite short we didn’t get a full impression of Georgie’s awesomeness but the way the anger in her voice steadily increased every time she said “fine.” was hilarious.
- little references to things that couldn’t be expanded on in the show but were mentioned and got big laughs - Dr Edgeware, Marjorie sounding slightly evil, Mayor Desmond and Reverend Wavering, etc.
- omg the hatred in the eyes of everyone at Funn Funerals as Chapman tries to joke about being competitors. Also Tom’s awkward laughter was wonderful he is the epitome of sunshine.
- the lighting was great, everything got brighter with Chapman around and then very gloomy with the twins
- “he took off as fast as his very little legs could carry him” *felix trench starts jogging very fast and comically on the spot*
- Nana Crusoe. Just. Nana Crusoe.
- Felix Trench is too cute to be Rudyard, he’s always grinning in the background and laughing over parts of the live show it’s great.
- Beth Eyre kind of ?? Vibrates?? it’s so funny and effective, especially with her steadily growing frustration about her raunchy book. Also the terrifying Antigone laugh was wonderful and terrifying
- the despair in Felix Trench’s voice as they enter Chapman’s (“we got a kettle half-an-hour ago” and sadly repeating in the background “you have a lift!”)
- The bit where Mayor Desmond accidentally read “wasn’t this a funeral home a moment ago” rather than “wasn’t this a antique shop a moment ago” and stayed in character, immediately going “I have absolutely no idea where I am.” the whole cast started giggling and had to take a moment to compose themselves especially when Felix Trench pointed out that his next line was simply “I’m confused”
- the sound effect for the shop door didn’t go off when Felix Trench was miming sticking his head outside the door and he got stuck on one leg, miming trying to force a stuck door.

Honestly it was all so great and I’m really glad I went. Thank you to the cast and crew of the the show, it was a great experience.
Also my friend who hadn’t heard it before loved it and wants to listen now!

Hui on We Got Married

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Idk if I will do all members for this but here’s Hui

Rip my soul for starting this omg it’s like 1 am and I got them feels so let’s just get to it

OK THIS IS WAY LONGER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE (and I would’ve added more but I can’t really think of anything else)

  • omg ok sunshine boy here would be so nervous 
  • but so excited at the same time
  • like at your first meeting he would not know what to wear or how to act
  • would ask the other members for help 
  • most likely Edawn 
  • cuz they are never apart 
  • ever 
  • fashionista Shinwon would probably be offended that Hui didn’t ask him for advice
  • would be something casual but stylish for sure 
  • flowers for you? of course
  • in reality he wanted to give you some kind of gift, but since he didn’t know who he was meeting, he didn’t know what he would get for you
  • you would meet at some activity cafe where you could do something together 
  • like make some kind of phonecase or your own coffee art idk
  • he would probably be very talkative because he was nervous 
  • and all you could do was giggle at times 
  • you really wanted to say something funny but you didn’t know him well enough to know what he would find funny 
  • cute eyesmiles all the time 
  • omg rip me 
  • when you had opened up to him you just felt so comfortable around each other like?????
  • meant to be
  • the photoshoot would be something fun for sure 
  • Hui would do all he could to make you laugh 
  • because he thought your laugh was the most beautiful ever
  • moving on
  • when introducing you to the members of pentagon he would be the proudest and happiest person ever
  • even though this was a fake marriage
  • he would walk around introducing you as his wife 
  • “have you met my wife?” 
  • “isn’t she beautiful?” 
  • “She’s so funny” 
  • Yeo One would probably be too nice to you for Hui’s liking 
  • and he would become overprotective 
  • but in a cute way 
  • moving in together would feel a bit weird and awkward for both of you
  • just because it was something new to get used to 
  • it was a fairly small apartment 
  • with 
  • one 
  • bedroom 
  • and one bed 
  • cuz that’s how this show works, kids
  • so obviously this was super awkward and left you both in silence for a short moment of time 
  • until Hui offered to sleep on the couch 
  • which he did 
  • but you felt sorry for him and it didn’t feel right that you were alone either
  • so for the 2nd night you took the mattress from the bed out to the living room 
  • neither one of you would fall asleep until like 4 am because you stayed up talking to each other about nothing and everything 
  • at any given random moment of the day he would start singing 
  • just any song that popped into his head 
  • when making food 
  • singing 
  • eating, singing 
  • watching TV, singing 
  • just whenever 
  • but tbh none of you were that good at making food 
  • so Hui would order jjajangmen as often as possible 
  • omg late night eating jjajangmen 
  • in your sleepover place in the living room 
  • more singing 
  • he’s always cracking bad puns 
  • but so are you so it’s fine 
  • honestly 
  • when you’re with anyone else they would be so sick of it but can’t help laughing because it looks like you two have so much fun
  • the wedding would be with all of his friends and your friends 
  • so many pictures 
  • so many selfies 
  • much dancing 
  • and you best believe Kino would own the dancefloor 
  • and you be like “damn boy can dance!” 
  • Hui be like “yes but no one is better than me lol” and do some weird random comedic dance 
  • “you’re right, no one is better than you” 
  • gaaahhhhhh his smile 
  • one night he would fall down from the couch in his sleep and end up on your mattress 
  • but too tired to care, he stayed there until morning 
  • you would both be surprise when you woke up but at the same time you didn’t really care
  • for the honeymoon you went to Jeju
  • how original i know 
  • but so much to see 
  • you honestly had the best time ever together with Hui  
  • When it was all coming to an end you felt very sad 
  • you didn’t think you would’ve gotten so close to him but you did 
  • honestly it was so sad to say goodbye for both of you 
  • but like 
  • no one said you couldn’t keep in touch after the show was over 
  • and you did 
  • :))))))))))))

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Helloo!!! How are you? I love your blog so much. Can I request a reaction of EXO singing and dancing their GF idol song for a stage (taking her role)? Thank you so much!!!! 😍😍

Ahhh~ thank you, we’re doing fine! Glad you like our stuff. ^^

- Admin Gumi


Has a lot of fun pretending to be you. Fans laugh when he starts singing purposely with a higher voice and makes girly dance moves, and in the end he starts laughing himself.


Is a little embarrassed at first but feels more comfortable when the music starts playing. Even though it’s clearly for fun, he slays the whole performance and fans love it.


He enjoys it a lot and isn’t embarrassed, instead he practically lets the fans die because of his sexy moves. He makes it look like it was all prepared for a male singer.


On the other hand feels pretty lost, but lets out his acting skills and shows everyone how good he can act a cute-sexy girl. Only at the end of the show he stops hiding his embarrassment.


Becomes intense and slays the dancing part, even if it’s girly. He enjoys the performance a lot and makes it all look pretty hot, probably also making you jealous of his moves.


He’s very awkward during the performance and laughs at what he’s doing, but fans think he’s just being his dorky self. He can’t really perform like you so it all is clearly just for fun.


Makes it look professional and doesn’t let himself get embarrassed at all, instead he just does what you would do if you were there, making it all pretty sexy.


At first doesn’t want to do it (because he won’t look manly!) but finally agrees, making it look awkward as hell but also cute. After that people think he’s made for such stages (but he doesn’t find it funny).


Honestly tries his best but can’t hide his blush during the show. In the end he goes off the stage and just cringes at how embarrassing it was for him.


He’s been dressed as a woman before so it’s nothing new for him. He smiles shyly during the performance but manages to make it look pretty well, so you’re later proud of him and his acting.

(imagine that he’s on stage)


Before starting he states “I’m a man, okay? I’ll do this only once” but later does it all pretty damn good. He looks cute and his voice sounds sweet so both his and your fans think it went very well.


Becomes a cute almost-girl and his dance moves show that he’s doing it for fun but still wants to make it look good. He ends the performance with confidence but blushes hearing the audience shout and clap.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian


OK, this scene has to be memorable for all arashians! Jun-kun is giving massage to his precious Sho-chan XD 

Please guys I hope you wont kill me… It is just parody and I swear I love Sakumoto and I ship them. (as friends ofc) I just found it funny and cute and so this meme was born XD I will end up in hell for this XD 

(my work, pls credit if use) 

Actually I love this scene. Sakumoto trying so hard to show us how they get along well. (well they do but they just dont show it, and when they show it is a bit awkward lol XD I am sooo lolling at overmotimated grinning Matsujun XD )

How INTPs express their affection/love

I had an ask a while back on how INTPs express affection/love to people they’re close to (and actually affectionate with, not just a crush). I thought I’d compile all the input from other INTPs as well.

If you’d like to contribute, reblog with your comment, and I’ll add it here.


Hmm…I don’t know if it applies to other INTPs but I’m very physically affectionate with someone I really like. I’d also try to help them with work problems or any life issues. I’d be more attentive than usual to their needs and changes in their emotional state (like if they’re slightly annoyed or sad). And do little things like these.


I’m the same. I have a tendency to give a lot of hugs to the people I’m close to, and I’m also good at noticing when they’re upset about something. I think it has to with them mattering enough to actually notice those things.


verbal (or written) expressions, cuddles and hugs. I’d be more willing to leave the internet just to hear them talking/ranting. Also harmless pranks.


I agree. I also tend to get kind of protective, and I’ll do them little favors and things like that. This doesn’t only apply with romantic interest, it’s how I am with my closest friends too. If I’m worrying about someone, it means I really care about them.


Try to offer solutions to things, write little notes (which probably isn’t very intp-ish), go for a long time without being very affectionate and then suddenly send them a list of why they’re awesome and why I love them because I just gotta tell ‘em


Well I am an female INTP. Im not very expressive verbally but usually I write letters or something that expresses that other than spoken words. Also time. I will be spending time if not with you then for you


Pretty much the same. I can be very physically affectionate, but love words, verbally? Nope. It’s really really hard for me to do it. Writing it is easier, tho. Something else? Well, I can buy things I know the person likes. If I really like them, I will, but could think about how useful could be or if it’s enough to make them smile with that for the time it lasts (if we’re talking about chocolates or flowers and so). I could take the time to do something myself for them… I guess that’s it.


wow this is me as hell i always thought i was an abnormal intp for being really physically affectionate also i like to make lists of why i love someone like “here is the empirical evidence i have gathered that proves you are loveable”


I am not physically affectionate at all.  At all. Almost positive that has more to do with my parental environment than being an INTP, though, since my ESTJ brother has the same problem (he lost a wife because of it, and my wife and I have had difficulty with this issue).

To me, love is just ‘best friend who I can be ‘intimate’ with. A degree of how much of my energy I’m willing to spend on you vs. me.  I have people who I would still consider ‘best friends’ that I haven’t talked to for ten years. I can go about … 3 days before I will want to talk to my wife again.


I do get pretty physically affectionate as well with the hugs and the gentle pushes and what not (though I can’t receive/display the same amount of affection publicly as opposed to privately) I also get them to (inconspicuously) take the love languages questionnaire in order to respond to their needs better (which, though arguably may seem rather impersonal to Fs, is a manifestation of my actual concern for that person). I’m also bothered to take heed of what they like (as well as jotting down their dates of birth etc)

Also, I do get pretty sappy (by my standards) in my written correspondences with the individual in question. I partake in a lot of cringing afterwards, but oh well.


Well, it’s the same as most people already put here. I tend to care about them a lot more than I do other people. I try my best to attend anything that’s important to them (from birthdays to public readings) and I also find myself making cards for them for even the littlest of things, haha 


Lots of hugs


I agree with the physical affection. I’m not a very touchy feely person unless I really care and trust someone. Also I have made lists of why I’m close friends with certain people that way if they ask I have an answer.

My inferior Fe is always double checking making sure that everyone’s okay. If I love someone that manifests itself in making sure that they are well taken care of and happy and aware that they are loved.

Not super into gift giving but I will pay for your food if I have the money and if you allow me to. Part of the whole “make sure everything’s okay” thing.


When I dedicate my time to spend with them although I yearn for solitude (as always). When I dedicate something for them. When I joke and laugh with them. When I seek out for a physical contact, like holding hands or encircling my hand around their arm.


Mhm, I relate to a lot of this. I give a lot of physical affection and try to help people I care about through their issues by giving them practical advice and a place to vent to or draw support from. If I care about someone I’ll actively seek to talk to them and know how they’re doing instead of letting them come to me like I do with most. I go out of my way to learn their behaviors and what it means in terms of how they’re feeling or what they might need in a situation, too.


I’m an INTP female and I like to be physically affectionate with people I love, but that’s not my relationship with everyone I’m close to.  What is pretty consistent -however- is me making sure people are healthy.  Being a person they can vent to, trying to help them find solutions to problems, and generally making sure they are on the right track w/whatever they’re doing.  I also like getting gifts and doing things like taking someone out for lunch.  I feel like I’m a very gift-giving kind of person.  I remind people to take their medication, and buy them coffee, more often than I say “I love you”


I actually enjoy talking to them and having a full on two person conversation/discussion as opposed to just listening to someone else drone on. I’ll try to spend as much time with them as possible, and will try to find out what’s going on with them emotionally and in their personal life. Lots of touching and doing/giving them little things as well


One person said something about sounding sappy when communicating, and I totally understand that, but I think the best expression of affection is loyalty.


Physical contact varies with person, generally not touchy. I love getting or making people gifts, and I’ll spend time with them (unless I’m anxious about their disinterest). Make sure they’re healthy and taking care of themselves, making sure they have someone to talk to if they need an ear. Ask them if they want advice or just to vent. I like giving them random bits of information that might be useful. I’ll be silly so they laugh, I’ll say ridiculous things so they focus on me. And laugh.

I really enjoy helping people solve problems. I’ll also troll them with an impish smile, or I’ll deadpan. Trolling intensifies the more I like a person, much to my ISTJ’s dismay. Friendly, non-violent trolling. Like Rick Rolling.


I’m kind of terrible at expressing how I’m feeling in person, and I struggle to show emotion and emoting in general. I tend to overthink my actions as though I need to convince my partner that I’m feeling what (I genuinely am) feeling but I’m also terrified that it’s coming off as mechanical. I also do a lot of little, cute things like little crafts, little love notes, and thought out gifts to show what I’m feeling. I can be misunderstood easily as well at times, when I put too much focus on showing them I love them when they (unbeknownst to me) already know.


Like other people have stated, I’m also really physically affectionate with the people I truly, truly connect with, like my boyfriend and my little sister. It’s super hard for me to be physically affectionate with anyone unless I REALLY REALLY like them. Otherwise it just feels fake and awkward. Like… what am I even expressing if I hug someone I don’t care about? Nothing! (Unless it’s an act of courtesy for a particular situation.)

Additionally, I’ll spontaneously think of cute/funny things to do for them, and because I’m often reminded of them by the things I encounter (like interesting facebook posts) I tend to send them waaaay more messages than I send to other people. And like a couple of people have said, I’ll actually start conversations with them instead of waiting for them to talk to me first. I’ve also written really sappy letters to my boyfriend before.

And I tend to be at my silliest around the people I love and connect with. They’re the only ones with whom I feel enough at ease that I can really be my silly stupid self.