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Sebastian Kiss

I am not trying here to defend the kiss or defend Sebastian for what he did. 

I am here to explain this. Look I know we are all like: ugh wth?? but the thing is I think that was a clever thing to show it. I know, I know, let me explain.

It is kind of understandable in a way. This kid who has demon blood, who never in his life understood what is love. He does not know the difference between couple love or family love. He does not understand this feeling he has with Clary. This girl defended him, humanized him and said things that he never heard in his life.

I mean, what would be his interpretation of that if he never learn about it? That was the point in the books. The fact that this twisted demon never knew how to interpret love or what it means so he just lets his primal side determinate that. The side that is physiological, that does not have any logic. Like if we use Freud’s example, he uses the id part of his brain and there is not super ego involved to determinate what is right or wrong.

It is pretty complex concept. And before you start hating on the show because of that, then don’t watch it. I don’t understand why you want a show that is so simple and superficial. Isn’t it great when the villain becomes complex? isn’t it great when a show shows smart writing? 

That is the point of villains like the Joker from batman. The fact that we try to think why they behave that way because they are so complex is what makes them great villains. It does not mean you need to support their decision. 

It continually baffles me that Elementary isn’t mentioned very often on tumblr. It’s like four seasons of televised, well-done Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. Just for starters:

  • It casts the criminally under-appreciated Lucy Liu as the show’s version of Watson
  • The show’s creator has been holding the line for four years that Sherlock and Joan will NOT hook up because “it’s too easy,” and the show “doesn’t need it.”
  • It doesn’t downplay Sherlock’s (canonical) addiction to heroin, and in fact turns his recovery and continued sobriety into an issue he constantly struggles with
  • Sherlock’s character is well-balanced as a rude, arrogant, anti-social misanthrope who is still capable of being kind and treats those few he considers friends with respect
  • Likewise, Joan is intensely empathetic and nurturing to people in need, but does not tolerate bullshit (Sherlock’s especially) and is perfectly capable of beating up grown man a hundred pounds heavier than her with a police-baton
  • Sherlock teaches Joan cane-fighting (a fighting style he had in the books), and is an avid beekeeper (another detail from the books)
  • Sherlock and Joan share a pet turtle named Clyde. He paints.
  • The cast orbiting Sherlock and Joan are diverse, three dimensional, and exist as more than cannon fodder for Sherlock to prove his superiority at every turn.
  • Ms. Hudson is a trans woman (played by a trans actress) that cleans up Sherlock and Joan’s place when she’s not cohabitating with her sugar daddies
  • The mysteries are pretty cool and creative detective stories
  • Lucy Liu herself has said that a non-sexual relationship is more “dynamic” and “interesting” to play and considers the lack of romance between them a “sacred” part of the characters
  • The show is unabashedly practical when it comes to sexuality: Sherlock has arrangements with women that are non-romantic but respectful, and has suggested that Joan is “dissatisfied” with traditional relationships and might be more inclined to an open or even polyamorous relationship
  • I can’t even ruin it but just…Moriarty is magnificent
  • Again: a male and a female lead in a deep, significant platonic relationship based on mutual respect.
Notes for a young character designer

Dear E. 

Thanks for your email.

I don’t work at Cartoon Network any more. But I’m going to give you a very quick portfolio review in hopes that you find it helpful! Here are some things I noticed when looking at your stuff - lessons I learned from brilliant people while working on AT for two years: 

 1) AVOID SYMMETRY. Humans are organic, randomly shaped animals. Perfect symmetry rarely exists in nature and if it does, it’s conspicuous - it’s the exception rather than the rule. Find interesting ways to throw your characters off-balance. 

Don’t repeat objects in twos - (buttons or rips or whatever) - it feels prescribed - cluster things in threes or fives if necessary. 

 2) AVOID CONCAVITY - I don’t know what else to call this. But it’s those lines that go “in” rather than “out”. You are using inward sloping lines to describe many of your characters. As an exercise, try using outward, rounded, voluminous lines to draw EVERYTHING. Humans are fleshy lumps connected together by other fleshy lumps. Each mass is either in front of or behind other masses and as a designer, it’s your job to tell the animator where it is. As a designer, you are providing a technical blueprint for the location of masses. 

Only occasionally allow a concavity to connect two convexities. Look at the work of Robert Ryan Cory (spongebob), Tom Herpich (Adventure Time) or Phil Rynda (AT / Gravity Falls) - master character designers - for examples of this. If you need to, trace a couple of their drawings and you will see what I mean. 

 3) AVOID GRAPHIC DETAILS - Some shows use a graphic style; it’s very appealing and looks clever when done right. But in animation, everything needs to move in space - so if you use a graphic element - it needs to correspond with an actual 3D thing that can move. Therefore it is better to start with a voluminous style and then revert to graphic elements where appropriate. Art directors will look for this. Do not jump straight to graphic representation if you do not yet know what you are representing.

Look at the work of Tiffany Ford and Jasmin Lai for amazing examples of volume expressed graphically.

 4) STUDY JAMES MCMULLEN - To truly understand volume, and fully respect your subject, you should read very carefully High Focus Figure Drawing by James McMullen. Slow down and think about drawing “around” your subjects. It’s a truly meditative experience when you get there. Think about the weight and mass that your characters, props and effects are experiencing. Many students from SVA - Tomer Hanuka, Becky Cloonan, Rebecca Sugar, James Jean - studied under McMullen’s philosophy and you can see this common richness in their work. 

Jeffrey Smith, a top student of McMullen’s now teaches life drawing at Art Center. These are two of the best illustration schools in North America - anyone who is interested in drawing living things, should probably read his book. Also look at the work of Andy Ristaino or Danny Hynes - two other character designers’ whose work is seething with volume. 

I hope this is useful and I hope you have a wonderful career. 



ELI5: Why people say "pardon my French" right before/after they swear?

In the early 19th century, intellectuals and those well-traveled would often drop French words into the conversation to show how clever they were. They would then point out that the word they had just used was French, often to embarrass someone nearby who was less fluent in the language.

To counter this, the less well-traveled (often poorer) people would, after swearing, loudly proclaim, towards those that had previously used French in the conversation, “Pardon my French.” - The latter stuck.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

OK but this panel says so much about Bokuto!

Saying that he’s aware of his moodiness and how he is on court shows that he’s so much more clever than most people give him credit for. he’s clever and he’s observant and he’s aware of his surroundings even if no one thinks he does (his teammates probably don’t know considering the one who knoWs him best, Akaashi, was SHOCKED): Bokuto is aware of what he’s like on and off court, and probably of his teammates’ annoyance. But he’s also aware of their trust in him. And trust is the reason why, being aware of his behavior and habits, he still lets himself be himself, thanks to his team!

I will never say this enough but Bokuto Koutarou is NOT the happy-go-lucky, moody and dork Ace. He’s the fourth top spiker of the country, Ace and Captain of a powerhouse of Tokyo, and he didn’t get there thanks to some muscles and a positive attitude. You need intelligence to get there - perhaps not the best scholar results or the most brilliant mind; he doesn’t have the cunningness of Kuroo, the wit of Oikawa or the intelligence of Akaashi but he’s still clever and observant and should not be underestimated!

Why is SKAM so popular,

you may ask.

If you’re new or feel the same, read this:

1. This show is super clever. You have to pay attention to every little detail, cause everything is for a reason.

2. It is from Norway. You haven’t heard much about what Norway is like, have you? 

Neither have I. But now I think I’m falling in love with it when I start knowing more and more about this beautiful country.

3. It is happening live. YES, by LIVE I mean you get messages characters exchange and little parts of the episode which airs on fridays. You get these clues live like it was happening right now. And through the whole week almost everyday you get new clues.

4. Beautiful styling. Norwegian teenagers dress like they are taught that in school but you’ll never see expensive clothing or a new dress every freaking scene. They wear the same clothes combining them and looking incredible.

5. This TV show is KIND. Although characters make mistakes as if they were REAL people, they learn, grow and change. Real bad shit happens to them but they find their way out. They TEACH US.

6. The last but not least: ACTING SKILLS. These little young people act like they have been actors for a century. I’m honestly amazed by each one of them. They act 100 times better than hollywood stars of their age. 

And I hope that after this show’s success they get discovered.

That is why it cannot and must not be copied in ANY remakes.

Thank you.


@thelostmoongazer I may not have access to a computer right now but you inspired me and so I tried traditional for the first time since 2013. My name on another site is Starbits and I follow people who have posted art of their objecthead ocs I am amazed I didn’t think of this sooner.

I was just about to post and then I remembered your friend had a sun head persona and it was like “I gotta.”

Magnus Bane , phone conversation analysis

When Alec says “I’d rather you not” (be by my side the whole time), Magnus responds “Did I do something wrong?” Which reveals how insecure Magnus must be feeling, as rather than asking Alec what’s wrong? Or what do you mean? He instead jumps to the assumption that he must have done something that upset Alec.
You can see how worried he looks:

When Alec explains, Magnus looks down and smiles, a momentary sense of relief. But his smile drops as soon as it’s formed and he looks so dejected:

He then begins to pace, perhaps a sign of nervousness?

His suggestion that maybe “another warlock should go instead?” sounds like a genuine attempt to try and convince Alec to ask someone else, as I couldn’t detect any annoyance or sarcasm in his voice. Plus, when Alec reassures him “No, I need you there”, Magnus still doesn’t look happy:

In fact, rapid blinking is a sign of distress, and the way he hesitates with his mouth open looks to me like he is trying to think of something to say that could get him out of going.

When Alec asks “is that okay?”, Magnus smiles and shakes his head, perhaps generally moved by how sweet Alec is too make sure he is fine with this. Or maybe he is thinking about how impossible it is to say no to his boyfriend. Whatever is going through his mind that makes him feel happy doesn’t last though, as a moment later the smile falls from his face.

He hesitates for a second, before quickly replying “of course” doing his best to make his voice sound upbeat and certain, in order to convince Alec that he is fine. But as Magnus elaborates on why he agrees with Alec’s decision, we can see how nervous he is actually feeling because of the way his eyes frantically dart about and from how his hand is shaking his phone:

We don’t get to see Magnus’ expression when the phone call ends, but I doubt he would look happy at having to go back to the institute. Which is understandable given that the last time he was there, he was tortured. Of course, he will be nervous and perhaps even terrified that going back there will overwhelm him with traumatic memories, that he is trying his best to avoid thinking about. Plus, acting like you are okay when you are not is completely exhausting, so it is also understandable that he just wants to be alone, and doesn’t feel up to socialising and discussing politics.

I thought this scene was very clever because it shows how from Alec’s perspective, Magnus’ sounds fine. But we as a viewer who can see his facial expressions and body language know that is far from the case. Also, it further demonstrates how Magnus is doing his best to hide his pain and distress from Alec when he is clearly struggling. Luckily that will change in the next episode. 

hello i was really inspired by elsewhere university so i wrote what could be considered a first person account of a freshman? i hope you like it!!!


You apply to college because you know you’re supposed to. You’re not sure if you’re ready for it, though. In the past, your grades have fluctuated because you have executive dysfunction and also you never learned how to study. Smart kid problems, your dad always said.

You only apply to one college. If you don’t get in, you’re going to take a year off from school. You don’t really know what you’ll do, but you’ll figure it out. You apply to one of the most prestigious schools in the world: Elsewhere University.

Elsewhere University is a lot like any other university, from what you understand. You did your research. There’s weird rules, and there’s a whole blog dedicated to the culture surrounding that particular school. There’s something in each post that makes you think that there’s something the authors aren’t saying, but you never get a response when you ask in the comments or by emailing. One woman replied, but all she said was, “Be careful, but it’s a good school. I highly recommend it.”

You tried to find pass/fail rates of the school, but you can’t find anything. Apparently nobody fails out of Elsewhere university, only drops out or disappears. In fact, there’s a strangely high amount of disappearances from Elsewhere University that nobody seems to be making a fuss about. You almost regret applying when you learn about that.

Your best friend’s sister’s girlfriend graduated from Elsewhere U, so you ask your best friend to put you in contact with her. She does. Her sister’s girlfriend gives you a load of advice, and also highly recommends the school. She tells you that it’s an actual fact that nobody fails out of Elsewhere University, but that lots drop out or vanish. She says “vanish” a little wistfully, and you remember that time about five years ago when she’d vanished for a week, but then showed back up weirdly wiser and cleverer. You don’t ask about it.

Her advice consists of weird superstitions that she swears by: keep a bit of iron tucked away, carry some salt with you, and to carry candy and sweets with you. She doesn’t explain why, but you pack an old horseshoe, a container of salt, and your entire stash of candy.

She also gives you a list of rules.  

  1. Don’t eat anything they give you.
  2. Be polite to them.
  3. Don’t break any promises to them.
  4. Be careful making deals with them.
  5. Don’t say “I’m sorry,” say “Pardon me.” Also, don’t say “Thank you,” say “I appreciate it”
  6. Be nice to plants and animals.
  7. Feed the crows.

You have no idea what any of that means, but you know that you will soon. You thank her for her advice. It’s an easy job to type up the list of rules she gave you and turn it into your new background. You have trouble with social stuff, so having a list of rules is a godsend.

Your grandpa takes you down to your school. You don’t really know where it is, but his GPS knows where to go apparently. You have no idea how long the ride is. It feels like forever, and you start to worry about your fish. The GPS says you’ll be there in an hour. The GPS said you’d be there in an hour, an hour ago. You hope your betta fish will be okay. He’s been in his travel container for what feels like too long.

When you arrive, there’s a group of volunteers helping people like you move in. A team of three grabs up all of your stuff. You carry your fish and your newly acquired keys. The volunteer who signs you in warns you to keep track of your keys, that They can beep into the dorms and will raid your room for shiny stuff. You ask what she means. She shakes her head and calls you a freshie. You don’t ask again.

The three who help you take your stuff to your room give you advice. The girl tells you to stay away from the library and the dining hall at 3am. The boy tells you not to make deals at the point where two crosswalks create a crossroads in front of the Briggs building.

The person of indeterminate gender asks you what your major is, and when you tell them you’re thinking about creative writing, they tell you to be extremely careful and to never accept food from strangers under any circumstances and to be careful in even the dining hall and that if you can’t be absolutely sure that whoever is giving you food is human and to politely reject it otherwise and also don’t let the Fair Folk critique your stories because they’ll consider that a favor and you don’t want to owe them a favor and-

The girl hisses at them to shut up, that they’re scaring you. She’s not wrong. You want to hear more, though, so the person of indeterminate gender who tells you to call them Jules. You have a feeling that Jules isn’t their birth name. You tell them to call you by the nickname your friend gave you. They grin at you and say you’re already learning.

The trio leaves you in your room, alone. Your roommate isn’t here yet. You take the side of the room with the comfy chair, but leave them the good wardrobe. You feel like that’s a fair trade. It doesn’t take you long to unpack, and by the time your roommate shows up, all you’re doing is putting up your last poster (a Captain America “propaganda” poster).

She gives your poster a disgusted look. You say hello. She says hello back. She doesn’t thank the volunteers when they leave. She sets up her side of the room quickly, and complains about her wardrobe being slightly tilted. You point out that yours doesn’t close all the way. She scoffs, but quits complaining.

You never really get to like your roommate. She’s out all the time, she joins a sorority, and when she is in the room, her boyfriend is with her. Having him in the room makes you itch. He’s a nice guy, but something about him makes you dislike him instantly.

You stay polite, but when she vanishes, you aren’t really concerned. She’s often gone for a night or two. It’s only on the third night that you think you should probably report that she’s gone.

You knock on the RA’s door before your first class. She’s half asleep and tells you she’ll look into it, but that if your roommate shows up on her own to tell her. Oh and, she adds, if she comes back weird, be careful, Freshie.

Your roommate never comes back. Your RA shows up at your door after two weeks with a teary-eyed middle aged couple to pack her stuff up. You leave for the library with a thin excuse. You try to avoid the library, but it’s a good place to go when it’s nine at night and nothing is open except the student union. You already ate tonight, and going to the student union always makes you hungry, even when you’ve just eaten. The library is safer on your wallet.

You linger for an hour and a half. Half of your homework is done, including that essay you were sure would take you days to finish. You think you might come to the library more often after this.

When you return to your dorm, you pass by your RA’s open door. She said to leave the half of the room that isn’t yours empty, that you’d be getting a new roommate soon. You agree easily. You hope this next roommate is nicer than the last one. One of your classmates, who only goes by Elly, says that her roommate was replaced by something that looked just like them, but acted wrong. A junior hushed her, but it was enough to leave you thankful that your roommate had just vanished.

The next morning, you give one of the campus crows a slice of ham from your sandwich. It bows its head in thanks. It flies away after that. You decide to keep feeding the crows. You’ve always been superstitious, and it’s always good to have crows on your side, right? Your best friend’s sister’s girlfriend even said to feed the crows. Even if it’s just mumbo-jumbo, it can’t hurt, right?

You feed the crows. You go to class. You eat dinner in the dining hall, and only take food that’s being served by the workers who are clearly human. You don’t look at the shadowy figures when you go to your night class. You don’t speak to the cloaked figures you see at all times of the day, but you nod politely in passing. You never say thank you, or I’m sorry. You follow the rules, and when time comes that someone who doesn’t look quite right stops you at the crossed sidewalk in front of the O’Brien building, you carefully only offer a handful of candy in exchange for the study guide the stranger offers you. They happily accept the candy, and you happily go over your new guide.

You like Elsewhere University. Your classes are going great, you have a few friends, and you’re starting to understand what’s going on around campus.

You feel like you’re going to do just fine here.

my two pence regarding the “inshallah” clip:

  • mikael, once again, is the most visible in the balloon squad, right next to yousef, dressed the same (adam has a white top too but his back is to us and we barely see him)
  • carrots are phallic
  • we have a gentle clash of generations with sana and her mother followed by a radio show talking about extremists (if i’m not mistaken?) so it’s showing us, in a very short time again, a lot of different opinions within islam
  • yousef coming into the kitchen with the song and the moment he passed behind sana had me think this was a daydream/fantasy sequence for a minute: the way time seems to slow down when he passes behind her (i had to make sure it wasn’t another slow-mo, but no, they just made yousef physically slow down and sana almost stop moving, it’s “just” the acting) + the music
  • on a side note: people have compared the moment when yousef passes behind sana to the almost kiss between even and isak in s3: the tension is there in both, but in s3 even and isak are facing each other. here, yousef and sana are not and i think that’s important
  • the parallels with the kardemomme clip were so blatant everyone picked up on them immediately. there are a bunch of giffed comparisons on tumblr. yes SKAM likes its parallels. but it doesn’t do copies. copies are boring and SKAM is a clever show. at this point, it’s not paralleling evak anymore it’s copying it and that should make us all suspicious. 
  • the talk about kids and football, to me, could be another play on our expectations. again, it’s so cliche and straight. we get a wedding mentioned, “my husband will cook”, talks of kids, and football. it’s very heteronormative and i think that could be a good tool for julie for whatever she has planned if yousana isn’t endgame. it’s playing with what we’re used to seeing: straight couples talking marriage and how many children they want and football practice.
  • the evak storyline ended with them being happy together but for the longest time people thought even was playing isak, that the love was unrequited. so them ending up together was not as obvious and straightforward at the time. it was really not obvious to a lot of viewers.
  • but here, because people now know to look for parallels in SKAM and are familiar with some writing tricks, a lot of folks see the paralells with evak as a confirmation yousana is headed to the same ending. “they love each other, it’s blatant, they’re going to end up happy together!”
    my, and other people’s, point is not “just” that they’re “too obviously” perfect for each other. it’s that the seemingly requited love is set up extremely soon, with nothing obvious making us doubt it (like even revealing he’s dating sonja at the end of s3e2), and very blatantly paralleling famous early evak scenes.
  • the way elias comes in is making me 👀👀👀; @darker-sooner is the one who made me notice that the way he interrupts is…first he comes in looking for yousef and asks him why he is still in the kitchen with this kind of fake casual look (also why would he notice and worry enough to come and look for him when it’s only been a couple of minutes?) and then yousef’s voice gets a bit quiet while he says he was helping sana and elias’ smile seems to falter and he changes the topic and says that the guys are waiting for him (for what? they were just playing ball?)
  • and so now i’m not sure what to think but remember that everything in a good story must serve a purpose. why this whole exchange between yousef and elias if we just needed elias to interrupt the yousana moment and nothing else? what informations this is giving us?
  • and now i’m thinking about when sana caught yousef dancing and he and elias thought they were alone in the house, and how when elias said flammemoji in the youtube vid the emojis went from him to yousef and…idk


I’m not sure why Tumblr isn’t all over White Collar. Seriously, it’s an incredible show with wit, great humor, clever plots, and AMAZING character development. Not to mention:

  • Gay actor Matt Bomer is the lead
  • Neal Caffrey: super suave con-man art-thief with a heart of gold and an intense love of all things artistic (he’s an adorable puppy dog cinnamon roll)
  • Diana Barrigan: daughter of a diplomat and a badass lesbian woman of color who isn’t sexualized 
  • Clinton Jones: A black Harvard-educated Navy man turned FBI agent who is cool as hell
  • June: super awesome black woman who is so sweet but also crafty and on occasion helps the guys with cons 
  • Mozzie: conspiracy theorist comic relief with a penchant for philosophic quotes and completely random eccentricities - who has a REALLY SAD BACKSTORY WHY?! 
  • Peter and El: They have the BEST marriage ever. Both are supportive, encouraging, and SO TRUSTING. Seriously, Peter constantly gets thrown into compromising positions where he has to flirt with other women, and each time they set it up like El think he’s having an affair but she just laughs at him because he sucks at flirting - Sorry I just really love the Burkes
  • Satchmo the dog saves the day more than once 

It’s funny, light-hearted, with great writing and acting, and touches on deep themes with grace. This show is INCREDIBLE and went out with a hell of a bang. It’s all on Netflix and you should totally go watch it right now. 

Aaron’s Review: El Tigre-The Adventures of Manny Rivera

I…have no problems with this show. No seriously. This is straight up one of my favorite shows. I liked it as a kid. So, when I rewatched it as an adult, I figured my opinion would be lowered a little. Nostalgia goggles and all. I am so happy it still holds up.

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Guys, Gals, & Non-Binary Pals, this is Animated-Aaron’s Review of ‘El Tigre-The Adventures of Manny Rivera’


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Explained as a part of the intro, Manny Rivera is the son of super hero ‘White Pantera’ and is the grandson of super villain ‘Puma Loco’. Thus, he’s constantly trying to be a hero but is tempted to do villainous things. Or, he uses tactics a villain would in order to stop other villains. Either way, the show is about his going back and forth between being good and bad.

!The Story!

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There is so much creativity put into these 11 minute A & B stories. Manny is either trying to live up to his father’s respectable reputation or enjoy being like his crime loving grandfather.

There’s an episode where all the villains in the city get loose while the heroes are trapped. He stops them by reading a ‘villain quarterly’ magazine to find out where the one who imprisoned them would most likely hit and tricks her using a technique his grandpa did. Another episode is about him using the money for guacamole to buy an instant tattoo machine instead. He gets a bootleg jar of guacamole from a super villain in disguise who wants revenge on his father. Now, his father and grandpa are turned into guacamole monsters. Another good episode is where a nerdy kid wants to be El Tigre’s side kick but sucks and is annoying. You feel kind of bad for how much smack Manny & his friend Frida are talking about the kid, but the line delivery of each insult is so funny that it doesn’t really matter.

Okay, so the set ups for the episodes aren’t original. But there’s always some kind of twist of sense of off the rails passion put into the jokes that makes up for it. Usually both. It’s so much fun watching how these situations come about. Either it’s a constantly changing story with lots of twist and turns. Or it’s just a scenario created to see how many one liners and crazy expressions the characters can dish out.

Let’s talk about the characters, shall we?


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The title character, Manny Rivera, is sort of that trouble loving but well-meaning protagonist that’s been in a lot of children’s shows. What’s the twist? The show focuses on his switching sides. There’s a very subtle nature vs nurture debacle going on with his character where he wants to be respected. If it’s his dad, then he’s a hero who catches the bad guys. If it’s…pretty much anyone else in Miracle City, Manny will show off his powers, destroy school property, and get into fights with bullies. Manny is surprisingly pretty accurate for a 13-year-old.

He does this prank where he gets fudge to shoot out of city water pipes (physics takes a vacation in this show) cause he and Frida want something to do. But, in the same episode, a friend of his is framed for a crime and he goes undercover to help clear their name. He’s a well thought out take on what’s usually a very typical character.

His best friend Frida is…not a good influence on him. A lot of the comedy between them comes from her one liners and want for disruption. Where Manny does bad things cause it’s fun and he’s getting peer pressured, Frida is sort of a brat for no other reason than because it’s fun. Normally, this would make her an annoying character. But, her voice actress puts so much variety and passion into her lines that you can’t help but laugh at her antics. She’s goofy. She’s cocky. She’s greedy. But she never takes up to much of the spotlight. She’s also never fully ‘evil’. She’s usually helping Manny and his grandpa steal stuff if they’re on a bender. She’s also the first to help Manny with his good deeds. She’ll complain as she does it, but she’s got his back. There may be a line about her doing something horrible, but it’s rarely shown.

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Manny’s dad, White Pantera/Rodolfo Rivera is this sort of stuffed shirt type of hero. Remember the days when super heroes would tell you, ‘brush your teeth and pick up trash’? Yeah, Rodolfo is that kind of guy. He sucks at lying and is kind of a dork. He’s strict and well-disciplined so when he chastises Manny, you can feel how deep it cuts for both of them. A simple character who perfectly does his job and is voiced perfectly.

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Final character I’ll talk about is Grandpapi/Puma Loco. While he puts his family above all else, he still does criminal acts. You get the sense that it’s more out of habit do to him doing it for so long, but he still plans out robberies as if he wasn’t retired. There’s this very odd atmosphere with the character when he’s interacting with others. He wants Manny to be a villain like him, but he also wants his grandson to be happy. Thus there’s not a lot of lectures but just hard looks. That’s pretty clever.

Honestly, that’s how I would describe this show. Clever.

!The Show!

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The editing, the expressions, and the voice acting are what put this show in my top 10 favorite shows of all time. That is not an exaggeration.

The editing during fight scenes is very face paced but not so fast that the jokes don’t sink in. The animators out do themselves with these rapid fire visuals and over the top expressions on the characters. The way their faces contort when screaming and laughing and even when coughing have me laughing until I cough. You can watch this on mute and just enjoy flash animation at its best on its own. But then you’d miss the voice acting.

There is not a single actor/actress that doesn’t bring their A-game. Carlos Alazraqui as Grandpapi. Eric Bauza as Rodolfo Rivera. Grey DeLisle as Frida Suarez. Alanna Ubach as Manny Rivera. These people are putting so much passion into each and every line that it’s just fun listening to their conversations. There’s a lot of side characters that I can’t get into. Not because they’re not good, but because they are that good! I’d be here praising April Stewart (Maria Rivera), Susan Sio (Sartana of the Dead), Jeff Bennett (Sergio), Richard Horvitz (Dr. Chipotle Jr. & Sr.) all day.


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I have…no problems with this show. I think there’s like, 1 joke per episode I didn’t laugh at. Or I just over think a joke cause of a twist it did. Aside from that. Nothing. I’m surprised more people don’t talk about this show. Hopefully that’ll change. Because my God, El Tigre is glorious!

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El Tigre: A+

Final Word: It’s the prime example of how to do a simple slapstick heavy, tongue and cheek, cartoon.

What’s Your Opinion?

Remember in the beginning of The Adventure Zone when Justin made an explicit character decision, stating “Taako is dumb“?

Now think about how much Taako’s changed since the beginning of the story; he went from being “but a simple idiot wizard” to one of the most complex, clever, and in-depth characters in the entire show, to the extent of him giving advise to Lup like “sometime there are just decisions,” or to Barry about “everyone I know dies except the six of you, so why should I bother giving a fuck”. Putting aside his growth in his magical prowess, Taako went from being a simple idiot wizard to an actual philosopher, and not just in the musical reality where he wrote a book of stolen motivational quotes. He actually created the Philosopher’s Stone (which Griffin invented way before Justin made Taako a philosopher), and ended up giving some pretty sage advise to his friends throughout their journeys. He had one of the most dynamic character growths in the show, and honestly I think Taako’s development has really been a huge part of what makes TAZ so great.