this show is beautifully shot


This town in Mushishi season 2 episode 16 is full of canals and arranged like a formal garden. And many of the interstitial shots show it off beautifully, invoking the classic painting styles closely linked to garden design. Unlike most gardens, this village incorporates rice paddies seamlessly into its artful wetland aesthetic.


Beautifully set up shots showing the Force connection between Kylo and Leia. Leia reacts to Kylo’s grief.

This is very intriguing:

“We’ve had this debate as to whether Leia is [a Jedi?] because she uses her Force powers,” she continued. “Just because she’s not like, oh I’m going on an adventure like Luke doesn’t make her any less Forceful.”

–Daisy Ridley (

Pablo has also tweeted that he is more inclined to trust Leia’s read on any situation than Kylo’s. Leia’s read is that “there still light in him,” whereas Kylo’s is “it’s too late.” How does Leia know what is in Kylo’s heart? Is she just guessing? Or is she feeling something through the Force that gives her privileged information?

The movie shows that her emotions are connected to Kylo’s, because after Kylo kills Han, we get two beautiful reaction shots. First comes a close up of Kylo’s face, reacting in grief over what he’s done (he looks up and gasps, eyes widening). Then there is a quick cut to Leia reacting in grief, too. The camera moves in closer and closer, until her face is framed on the center left side of the screen, looking right, the almost the mirror image of the shot with Kylo just before (he was left of center, looking left). She raises her eyes and looks up, then lowers her eyes again in grief.

If she were reacting to Han’s pain, the shot would have come right after we saw Han’s face, right after his death. Instead, it comes after Kylo’s reaction, showing that the link is between Leia and Kylo, not between Leia and Han.

#TheMusketeersFest Day Six: Favorite episode

“Through a Glass Darkly” (Season 2 Episode 6)

Why is this my favorite ep? Beside being a get story, good action, and all that stuff the marks all of the good episodes of this show.

First off, it has an amazing look look. Just really beautifully shot.

And there are some great individual achievements. Like Ryan Gage just hitting it out of the park the entire ep.

It also has arguably my favorite shot, which is Athos bringing Treville wine, something awesome in its own right.

It’s also a fantastic ep for all of the canonical ships.

Even Portamis. ;)


Episode 3x5: Death and Hysteria