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Me *checking out wolf 359 fandom to see if I wanna listen to the show*: huh this looks cool, comedy… found family… things get dark but it seems like the crew of the Hephaestus is pretty close and can take care of each other and handle whatever’s coming their way.
Me *actually listening to the show*: hoLY SHIT half of the crew wants to kill the other half the crew like 98% of the time

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Pretty crappy name but this is one of many upcoming Monster World WWE Halloween themed one shots for @jazziethuqqins-blog. This is based in the world of Vamp Shield, Wolf Enzo and so on. Your ring name will still be Blaire Wilde like in the vamp shield series and you’ll be human but the smut with the shield has NOT occurred here. No vamp smut in general is linked to this.

This first fic is finding out your besties Becky and Sasha are…hmm…Not spoiling it yet cause this is gonna be one fun ride so I just got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

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“Y/n!” you giggled as Bayley practically jumped into your arms and you spun her around for a hug. 

“You always give the best hugs!” your voice was muffled in her shoulder and Bayley laughed as you set her down. 

“Well…it’s a gift.” she grinned. “And speaking of gifts I know it’s someone’s birthday todayyy~!” Bayleyy sang with another grin as you were suddenly tackled from behind and you almost panicked but when a flash of pink hair fluttered by, you gave a happy squeal.

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Companions react to a sole survivor with prosthetics? Like they've worn a lot of long sleeves with gloves or long pants with boots and one hot day they just decide to take it off for a short while?

I’m writing this as a Sole who thought they already told the companion or the companion knew, since most people with prosthetics don’t want to spring it on others. Alternatively Sole was embarrassed, etc. -Moss

CAIT- “Jesus, I didn’t know you were missin’ that. Scared the piss out of me.” She wants to hear the story behind the missing limb, since she’s used to raiders telling her about their grand adventures of stand-offs with Deathclaws that ended with one of the parties leaving about 15 pounds lighter. If Sole doesn’t want to talk about it, she shrugs and leaves it at that. They were badass before she knew, and they’re still badass.

CODSWORTH- Most likely already knew about the prosthetic and maybe performed regular maintenance on it for Sole if requested, like washing the liner or socks, etc. In the Commonwealth he makes sure that Sole is still taking care of their limb. It might be the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean that Sole doesn’t have to do their stretches!

CURIE- As a Nurse Handy, Curie was equipped with a knowledge of prosthetics and stumps, so although she’s initially a little shocked, she shakes it off and starts thinking about improvements she could make to the prosthetic. She’s always available to do routine check-ups if Sole gets a rash or anything, and like Codsworth, mother hens Sole about caring for their limb and prosthetic properly.

DANSE- He’s disappointed that Sole kept this from him and suggests that they see Proctor Ingram about modifying their power armor to accommodate the missing limb/prosthetic. As far as he’s concerned, it’s not an issue, since he’s already seen that Sole is well capable of handling themselves in combat. Besides, the Brotherhood has their back now. They don’t need to worry about broken parts or difficult adjustments.

DEACON- Deacon kicks himself for not noticing before. Hell, he’d been watching Sole for weeks before they met, and he somehow missed something like this? His secondary reaction is him immediately wanting to have Tinker Tom check the limb out to see if he can install any cool upgrades (probably not possible, but hey, if the guy can make a teleporter work…).

DOGMEAT- Tilts his head, confused. He didn’t know Sole could do that! He knew the prosthetic wasn’t flesh- he’s a dog, after all- but he thought that it was a part of Sole. Despite his initial confusion, he doesn’t care much, and maybe tries to help out when Sole is putting on the prosthetic by bringing them the stump socks that are on a table across the room.

HANCOCK- At first he thinks he’s hallucinating, but he shakes it off and realises that he’s not seeing things- it’s just a prosthetic. He’s the last person to judge- amputation is a common occurrence for a ghoul since they don’t tend to, uh, hold together very well. He asks Sole to show him how it works, especially if it’s mechanised, and secretly wonders if he’s ever going to need something like that.

MACCREADY- “Holy shi- aggh. Sorry, Sole. I didn’t know you had a prosthetic.” He’s embarrassed that he was startled and hopes Sole knows he’s not grossed out or anything. He actually wants to check out the prosthetic, since the pre-war kind Sole has probably isn’t common in the Wasteland or Commonwealth, and thinks it’s pretty cool. He wonders if Sole was embarrassed, and makes sure to let them know that they don’t have to be, not with him.

NICK- “Don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you’re missing something.” Nick is a little disappointed that Sole neglected to mention this, since a lot of frequent walking/activity breaks are making more sense now, but he also knows that Sole has a right to their privacy, something that’s important to him after years of living like a zoo animal in a glass cage. He knows what it’s like to be missing pieces and to have to re-adapt to a new body better than most people.

PIPER- Piper screams a little at first, thinking something awful happened, and then immediately feels guilty and apologises. It’s not like prosthetics are uncommon in the Commonwealth. She asks Sole if there’s anything she needs to know in a pinch. They are traversing the a Commonwealth together, and she wouldn’t want to be caught empty handed should the need arise. (Depending on what Sole’s missing, that might be a pun.)

PRESTON- Preston’s eyes widen, and he comments that he had no idea that Sole wore a prosthetic. He has a tendency to be a worry wart, so he would constantly be asking if Sole needed help while they fiddled with their prosthetic, cleaning it or adjusting it or whatever. If it bothers Sole, he makes sure to impress upon them that he knows they’re capable of taking care of themselves- he just wants them to know that he’s available if they ever need him for anything.

STRONG- Strong would probably be impressed that humans can recover from a lost limb with a prosthetic, although his initial reaction leaves a lot to be desired. “Where human’s leg go? Strong hungry.”

X6- Nothing fazes X6, least of all a fake limb. Sole could throw their prosthetic at him and he’d say, “I don’t think this is behaviour suitable for the next Director, sir/ma'am.” X6 thinks it only proves that Sole is tough as nails, a true testament to Father’s genetics- it’s hard enough up there in the wastes without having to worry about taking care of a prosthetic. He reminds Sole that the Institute can most likely provide them with an adequate replacement prosthetic should the need arise.


So bedroom neon signs are quite expensive to buy, but I found a cool video showing you how to make your own, check it out its actually pretty simple!


We’re in space, Chica!

@markiplier and Chica in space suits, with background and transparent.

I did some research on space suits and did a pretty proper design for Mark. Chica isn’t as lucky; Soviet dog space suits are hard to draw. Hers is actually based on a NASA space suit. 

Mark just loves space so much.

(Bonus messy gif that shows how I usually do art:

I am sorry and you’re welcome.)

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I read that you can ask your domestics to be your familiars— I have 2 cats, and this morning I went to ask one of my cats to become my familiar by placing my power hand on him and asking him. After I finished making my proposal, he stared at me for about thirty seconds, I asked him to show me a sign if he wanted to or not. Instantly, her took off and ran past me to his catbed. That's pretty straight forward, right? Or does that have nothing to do with the matter? Should I try again or leave him?

Actually if you’re curious about how to obtain or “create” imps, I would check out “Traditional Crafte by Robin Artisan. A friend got that book, and it has a section about this. It also includes how to spirit ride your imp into the otherworld. Some really cool stuff.

Another thing, to forge a true relationship with a familiar a pact must be made between the two. Now, a lot of older texts will state you must feed the familiar your blood to make the bond. I can definitely understand the discomfort with that. 

You can try this instead. For the pact, you two must share a silent meal together. Food from the same dish, liquid from the same cup. With this connect, the pact is forged.  

You might also try getting hair from your cat and a lock of your own. Burn them together, and rub the ashes upon yourself and your feline to forge the pact.

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Since when i asked if i should do reviews for this show i got so many YEESS haha i’m gonna start today with the very first episode, the one that started my obsessin with this tv show.

So the episode starts with Stefan narrating, the first time i saw it i though it was kinda creepy, but now i’m okay. It’s a very intriguing way to start the episode. I wasn’t so scared for the first murder because i used to watch Supernatural (still do great show you should check it out). To think that it was actually Damon killing those people !

Then we meet Elena a teenage girl writing in her diary about her parents death and the first day of school. I think she was really pretty even then, it’s so weird seeing all of them younger again ! Jenna and Jeremy were okay…just a typical morning for any family. It was really cool of Jenna to take care of them after their parents died. 

Bonnie !! She was sooo young !! I really liked her in earlier episode because she was happy and talkative now i feel like she’s always in pain and the moments where she actually has fun are so rare ! And that thing about her being psychic was so funny haha. We also meet Matt.

Caroline !! God when i remember i used to hate her here haha. Jeremy being a stoner was…surprinsing the first time i saw the show. Tyler was a jerk and Vicky was a whore, never really liked her.

And Stefan’s “hot back” haha it was so funny the way Bonnie looked at him. Elena and Bonnie on their first day reminded me again why i love their friendship. It was so cute the way Elena and Stefan first met, if only this happened in reality…and we finally see Stefan’s face.

And texting in class on those old cellphones seems so funny now ! 

I really felt sorry for Elena when she was writing in her diary at the cemetery because it must be really hard to lose your parents and she was so strong. Also the crow was so creppy ! I still can’t believe that Stefan had no idea that Damon was there. When they started talking was so cute !!! This brings back so many Stelena feels !!

Is interesting to see that Caroline was very much interested in Stefan the first time they met, but he never gave her a chance. There was just so much chemistry between Elena and Stefan from the very first episode, it’s crazy ! And when she came into The Grill with Stefan, how everybody turned to look at them haha.

The Salvatore mansion !!! I actually really liked Zack. Seeing for the first time that picture of Katherine from 1864 was so freaky. We can see Stefan writing in his diary as well.

The campfire party was pretty cool because we can see all the characters interacting. It was so funny when Stefan used his super hearing to hear what Bonnie and Elena were talking haha. 

I loved the talk that Stefan and Elena had on the bridge. And OMG I forgot that Tyler tried to rape Vicky !! That gives me another reason not to like him. Didn’t really care that much about Vicky being attacked…

And the moment i’ve been waiting for !! HELLO BROTHER ! And the moment i fell completely in love with Damon !!! He’s just the best villain ! To think that back then he was the most dangerous thing is Mystic Falls !

I also love the relationship that Elena and Jeremy have because you can really tell that she really cares about him.

The last scene with Elena and Stefan was just perfection, the perfect way to end the pilot !