this show is actually a comedy

“I want a mainstream comedy show that doesn’t resort to homophobia/transphobia/racism/sexism/ableism for its jokes and is actually funny”

“I want a show where a gay, black person is in a position of power and is good at what they do” 

“I want a show that addresses racism, homophobia, and sexism in a respectful manner while also being funny and lighthearted overall”

“I want a show with a diverse cast and characters that aren’t cheap stereotypes” 

“I want a show that addresses the issues with our justice system, including high incarceration rates, police brutality, and racism.” 

“I want a comedy show with actual plot and characters that I’ll get attached to.”

shows on netflix u should definitely be watching
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - ITS A COMEDY MUSICAL, GUYS, CREATED BY RACHEL BLOOM (who won a golden globe?? YES HER). get to the 3rd episode at least. there’s an OPENLY BISEXUAL CHARACTER (later on in the season) and its such a good representation of love & what it actually is and growing up and letting go?? such a good show
  • BoJack Horseman - just a really, really good & cleverly written show about an anthropomorphic horse. 7000% animal puns. 5000% describes exactly how u feel about life and sadness.
  • Jane the Virgin - CUTE!! mock telenovela that deals with lots of social issues, like immigration, etc (the last episode i watched had the narrator checking every scene for the bechdel test omg) ALSO, arrested development level narration, fam, get on this. gina rodriguez will slay ur ass
  • Bob’s Burgers - such a good lil family show about a burger joint. watch this when you need to laugh or just to lift ur spirits. also, we are all either gene, louise, or tina. don’t lie
  • Lovesick (prev. Scrotal Recall) - adorable show prev. suffering from a truly tragic name. cute & british, about a man who finds out he has chlamydia and has to tell all of his previous sexual partners. you’ll fall in love with these characters by the end of s1, they’re all so dear to me
  • Master of None - aziz ansari’s show. each episode is basically a lil movie. the love story is ridiculously cute and it talks on some subjects rlly well
  • Jessica Jones - !!!!!!! if you haven’t seen this, GET ON IT. esp. if you’re a girl, cause this is SUCH A RELATABLE SHOW FOR WOMEN. grizzled neo-noir female detective? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. also, watch daredevil if u wanna be caught up for Marvel’s Defenders, which is gonna be sofuckinggood
  • Sense8 - HOW HAS NOBODY SEEN THIS ONE? god, it’s so good. it’s got some problems but overall it does well @ showing other cultures and also some kickass sequences and wow main the characters interacting is just A1
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League - this is. so funny. get past the 1st season and its such a good garbage show. the characters are such assholes, dude. they’re horrible. super dark humor, only watch if ur into that/ funny show abt a fantasy football league. both garbage shows and i love them w all my heart
  • Arrested Development - just in case u haven’t seen the best show ever written. basis of basically every comedy show u love. watch.
  • The Office - how have u not binged the office?? binge the office.
  • Comedy Specials - comedy specials are an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE on netflix. some of my fave comedians are John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Donald Glover, Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari.

BONUS - non-netflix shows u should also be watching

  • You’re The Worst - messed up characters and darkkk dry humor, but the second season does such an EXCELLENT job at portraying depression!! also, a dysfunctional relationship that is not necessarily unhealthy (sometimes, tho, sometimes)
  • Community - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. Gets emotional so quickly. S1-3 are some of the best moments on television. skip S4. S5-6 are good but S1-3 are amazing. characters will become all of ur faves
  • Westworld - my expectations for this show were sky-high and it has oNLY PROVED THEM RIGHT! half sci-fi, half western fantasy VR, all badass. i have no idea what’s going on and i love it. literally Robots With Anxiety #relatable

pls add to this if you have any great shows, and i’ll update this list whenever i find something else wonderful that i don’t hear people talking about

Ok guys I fucking love Teen Titans Go, I think it is hilarious and the comedy writing is killer and the animation is actually excellent. I was a huge fan of the original animated series in high school, and although I was skeptical of TTG at first, it’s been fun to see the new show taking the characters in such a weird and silly direction. Although, I’m not a huge fan of the new style/character design, but I think it works with the overall feel of the show (and anyway a lot of the background art is super gorgeous.)

ANYWAY, been having fun drawing and exploring Raven recently! I really like the idea of her being powerful/badass in battle, but also a shy/socially anxious prickly nerd who uses sarcasm and grumpiness as a defense mechanism. I also love to draw her with muscular legs because DEM LEGSSS

things brooklyn nine nine has called out/for in the first seven (!!!) episodes of season four:

  • homophobia (several times)
  • transphobia
  • victim blaming
  • gun control (the lack thereof)
  • cops
  • people who like to eat meat but live in denial about the fact that it kills animals
  • gender equality
  • feminism
  • honestly if i forgot something feel free to add. this is just off the top of my head

and the most important thing to me is that these things are not just hinted at, but actually spoken out loud. they don’t dramatically revolve an entire episode around the theme or make a Huge Deal about it, but it’s still said with such significance to make us remember that you can be a comedy show and still be woke af

I get the sense the Trump administration desperately want to be the villains out of an Orwell book.  Except, well, they never actually *read* an Orwell book.

I’ll never forget Trevor Noah’s point about Steve Bannon: “What kind of evil mastermind goes on the cover of Time Magazine and openly says they are a evil mastermind?”

Does anyone else get the thing where if you’re watching a TV show you genuinely can’t handle any chaos or drama, like if a character messes something up I find it so frustrating, even though I know it’s written for comedy purposes or plot development

It means I’ve skipped scenes, episodes, or even a full season of shows to avoid having to rewatch all the chaos

im sorry to all the americans that are Going Thru This (all of u) but its actually like….. scarily entertaining (maybe not the right word, but like, its fucked up, but its entertaining in some capacity nevertheless) watching interviews and videos about trump supporters like it’s like watching a comedy tv show? its like watching scary movie, like all of them are so….. mislead and brainwashed and dont seem to think in any sort of logical way at all???? its like the blind leading the blind but the blind leader is deranged and lost in his psychopathic head’s version of reality???? its almost like he’s just saying the most fucked up things he can just to see ho wmuch he can get away with??? its like hes just conducting one huge social experiment that he’ll submit to moma and be like sorry this was actually just a social experiment i was just seeing how many ppl i could brainwash and how many idiotic things i can get people to say and think and do. and then moma is like sorry thats really fucked up ur going to jail now for causing such widespread stress and drama and hurt and angst and then he goes to jail and the world goes back to normal


What kind of shadowy manipulator actually goes on the cover of Time Magazine admitting he’s a shadowy manipulator?

Trevor Noah on Steve Bannon.

Seriously, though. Thomas Cromwell would roll over in his grave at this man’s sheer and utter amateurishness.


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Sam! I just binge watched all 5 seasons of Leverage and I LOVED it...but now it's over D: Any other recs? I feel like I've seen so many shows but there have to be awesome ones I haven't seen! (I love sci-fi, fantasy, character driven comedy [ie. B99, Parks&Rec, Community], procedurals like Leverage or White Collar but only if characters are amazing. No body horror like Hannibal or Nip/Tuck) Was wondering if you had a rec list laying around

LOL, you named off the three I was going to recc, which were Brooklyn 99, Community, and White Collar….

I would actually recommend the original House of Cards, the BBC miniseries – it was in three parts, each part having only four episodes. It was a lot more narratively compact than the Netflix remake (which is also good but suffered from the usual problems of a 13-episode season, which is that they filled in the gaps with a lot of boring pornbait) and there’s a lot of skulduggery and con-artistry. I’m not sure if it’s back on Netflix though so it may be hard to find. Also, some of the nuance is lost if you don’t have a familiarity with the British class system (the government stuff you pick up pretty fast, but the class stuff is a little stranger and more difficult to parse).  

There’s a show called Sirens that ran for a few seasons which you might enjoy; it’s not on the level of Brooklyn Nine Nine but it’s a similar conceit, a sitcom about a group of EMTs. The quality of the show varied wildly from episode to episode but it was good enough I saved many of the episodes in my TV folder.

The first few seasons of Suits was pretty good – somewhat similar to White Collar in character dynamic, but as a legal procedural, so less con-man hijinks and more legal sleight of hand.  

You might also take a swing at The Librarians. It’s SUPER cheesy SFF, but it’s fun, and the characters have some real meat to them. Christian Kane, who played Eliot, is one of the regular ensemble cast, playing a pretty similar character (an Okie ranch boy who secretly yearns to be an academic). Noah Wylie’s character seems to annoy the hell out of most viewers – I’m not bothered, but I see how others would be – but after the first episode he’s barely in it.  

Readers feel free to chime in, but remember to do it in comments or reblogs, as I don’t post asks sent in response to other asks. Happy viewing! 

How the signs want to raise their kids

Aries: Sports games, movie marathons, actual marathons, out to eat at the “cool” places, let’s them have coffee before most parents, shows them the wild side of childhood in a safe yet cool fashion sometimes the kids won’t even know there are rules.. When in fact there are. Aries is the cool parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Libra

Taurus: Dress up, homemade hot cocoa, showing them how to build ikea furniture, serious talks over comedy shows, watches them grow with doe eyes and always wants them to do their best. Taurus is the soft parent, you’ll hardly ever hear them yell.
Most compatible parenting partner: Pisces

Gemini: Made up stories in bed, turning the house into a jungle gym, getting them into hard rock when they are 3, using intimate objects as toys, lots of random outings to new places, giving them the gift of wise and well thought out advice. Gemini is the playful parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Leo

Cancer: Talking about your day every night before bed, playing in the park, sunhats and beaches, taking them to work with you, singing them to sleep with a lullaby, giving them a pendent as their first present so they can have it for life. Cancer is the sentimental parent. 
Most compatible parenting partner: Capricorn

Leo: Morning stretches, nacho nights, teaching them how to make the perfect cup of tea, shopping trips, letting them drive for the very first time, teaching them how to woo the ladies/men, Leo is the passionate parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Gemini

Virgo: Picking flowers, small town living, fresh food all the time, packing their lunches, leaving them sweet notes, talking about the magic of Christmas time, buying them their very own mug. Virgo is the gentle parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Scorpio

Libra: Letting them help paint the wall, arts and crafts that get incredibly sticky, homemade rice krispy treats, teaching them all about the dos and donts of fashion, inside jokes, picking them up and throwing them in the air, kissing all over their face even when they are teenagers. Libra is the expressive parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Aries

Scorpio: Staying quiet and letting them choose, showing them how to lead the way, taking them to small concerts and slowly getting them to go to bigger concerts, raising them with tons of different types of music so they can make their own choice, giving them secret supportive loving smiles when they aren’t looking, tough love. Scorpio is the adaptable parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Virgo

Sagittarius: Giving them stability, letting them paint their room any color they want, taking them out on their first motorcycle ride, little vacations here and there, showing them how to stand up on their own, comedy. Sagittarius is the vibrant parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Aquarius

Capricorn: To do lists, expectations, high hopes, lots of encouragement, rewards, morning pancakes, teaching them how to use a computer, playing video games at midnight, tons of adorable selfies together, photo albums filled to the brim. Capricorn is the encouraging parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Cancer

Aquarius: Flying kites, making ice cream at home, taking them out to new and weird places, art shows, riding buses and trains so they can learn the system, tea and cookies while talking about how their day was, lectures if they do something wrong never ever lets them get away with it. Aquarius is the tough but badass parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Sagittarius

Pisces: Writes stories with them, always helps with homework, goes to trampoline places often, loves to just take them on drives, plays music while they cook together, cooking classes, always wants them to go the extra mile, gives them the utmost belief and seriously never ever gives up on their kid. Pisces is the strong parent.
Most compatible parenting partner: Taurus


Two things I’m happy about this morning!  New workout shirt (I really think this would help, by the way, and one of my work programs focuses on teaching empathy through reading) and my breakfast!  The breakfast is always prettier before I mix it, but man, yogurt with berries and granola is the best!  So delicious!

Tomorrow, tickets for Dave Chappelle at the ACL Live theater go on sale, and I’m really hoping I can grab two to surprise the husband!  The actual show is close to our wedding anniversary date, too, so they’d be the perfect gift!  He has been so damn sweet to me lately even though I’ve been feeling a bit icky, so I want to do this for him.  We enjoy comedy shows but haven’t been to one in a while.  Jim Gaffigan also has a show coming up there in April–that will be my back up plan (or additional plan) if I can’t get the Chappelle tickets.

I have lunch with a fabulous friend to look forward to this afternoon.  I honestly cannot believe she has time as she was just this week promoted to vice president of her international company. I honestly cannot even imagine.  Our lives are nothing alike, but that doesn’t matter because she’s an amazing person and so kind and thoughtful and warm!  Whenever we see each other, we’re able to immediately get down to important things! :)  Looking forward to it!  Now, back to work! ;) 

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Hello! I'm really anxious to ask this, lol. But why does the Phandom hate Butch Hartman? I'm genuinely confused because I thought everyone liked him. I'm sorry if he's actually a big jerk and this comes across as rude ;-; Have a nice day!

(i justed turned off anon for a while bc im gettin hate so this might be my last anon ask for a while lol)

we mostly hates him because he butcchered danny phantom to a slapstick comedy with little plot and used the fandom behind his show to advertise his other shows, like the most recent film we got that was a crossover with the faries, the furries, and Bundson is a Beast

also hes pretty homophobic and transphobic and a trump supporter (just look at his snap story) and if he had given danny phantom a plot like gravity falls it would have made so much more money and better plots rather then the cheesy heterosexual romance we got at the end of PP

in general, we dont rly HATE him necessarily, but we do more or less disagree with him and make fun of him. We’re bitter af

Episode Talks: The Music Hole

Adventure Time season 7 episode 36 The Music Hole, is basically an anti-depressant for me. Now, that’s a bit dramatic, and I’d say my actual anti-depressants probably do a better job, but regardless, I do tend to watch it when I’m down, and it brings me a sense of warmth and comfort. I tend to get into a particular depressive slump around January, and I’ve already watched this episode a few times this month. To me, The Music Hole exemplifies everything great about Adventure Time in just eleven minutes.

Further thoughts under a read more.

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modern!alina things/headcanons (that may or may not include other characters):

- yellow leggings, yellow nailpolish, a speck of gold in the inner corner of her eyes, yellow doc martens/boots, a faux leather jacket
- cuts her hair short having it long for actual literal centuries
- so basically rocks a pixie cut and always has one bright streak on either side - it could be cobalt blue or royal purple or fiery red, either way it’s always there to show the little rebel in her
- watches sitcoms and thoroughly enjoys light, good-spirited comedies (esp older ones since you know, she’s practically ancient)
- did i mention that yes, she has her powers :)))) and they never went away in the first place
- meets inej!! is friends with inej!! probably helps inej at the social service center!!
- ACTIVELY helps people in need even if it’s just by providing them with food and clothes
- goes to marches and is VERY passionate about social justice
- goes on vacation with genya at least once a month (it doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic, sometimes it’s just a quick trip to the countryside)
- gorges on blini and pastries and blesses nina up and down for introducing her to this super cute bakery two blocks down where the walls are painted bright yellow and there are star stickers on the ceiling
- probably works as an art teacher (she also probably prefers to teach young kids bc high school gives her anxiety sometimes although she has a degree/certificate for both)
- visits nikolai often despite him running a successful business (sailing business?? boating business?? idk what’s the proper term but you get the idea) and being one Very Busy (and wanted) Man
- dandelions tucked behind her ear and headbands in fun, bright colours
- can’t wear heels if her life depended on it?? so she sticks to flats and simple sneakers but that’s just part of her style
- it takes her a few years to stop looking over her shoulder to see if the shadows move but when she does, she actually loves to just sit there in the dark at night and let her mind drift
- keeps in touch with all her grisha friends but is closest to zoya, genya and tamar
- adopts a homeless black kitten and calls her volcra so many times it eventually becomes her official name? which leads to zoya scoffing and nikolai laughing like, “the scariest volcra i’ve ever seen, hell hath no whiskers”
- STILL doesn’t like herring or any type of sea food for that matter
- makes an exception for sushi but mostly bc she enjoys watching zoya eat it bc she tends to make a soy sauce mess out of herself (alina’s surprisingly good with chopsticks though)
- her style is minimalistic and her entire wardrobe is super vibrant and chic (and maybe a little quirky)
- takes a sunbath every morning
- wears a sun pendant 24/7 like. literally never takes it off
- you know the mona lisa smile? alina’s developed a sun summoner smile and it makes you wonder what she’s hiding
- but also makes you fall in love in (or under) 0.2 seconds


Thus every Tully child is taught: “Family, Duty, Honor”, the Tully words and pains in the Tully arse.

ASOUE Netflix Show! *here there be spoilers*


There are SO MANY THINGS I want to talk about but I will do non-spoilery things before the cut first. 

1. TONE. THEY GOT IT RIGHT. The perfect blend of absurdist comedy, genuine sadness and sheer terror. THAT was probably the most important thing for me.

2. The changes/additions (mostly additions) to the original material all felt right, more like we were getting a different angle on the same events rather than “random car/train collision added in for funsies because we screwed up the plot” (can you tell I don’t like the movie)

3. I loved all the actors, absolutely brilliant, including the kids :D

4. The few clips from the trailer that I was uncertain about fitted perfectly in the actual context of the show, which was a relief!

Now for more detail and spoilers :D for all eight episodes! as well as all thirteen books, and some stuff from All the Wrong Questions! you have been warned!

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