Here we have a gift for the lovely Inkayamba and Microphone, showing the serpent being faced with one of the closest things she has to a weakness, bunnies.

Bunny Felpur and bunny Baera languishing in the company of a salivating and conflicted mistress, what could possibly go wrong?

Inkaymaba is :inkanyambaicon:
Baera is :microphoneicon:


Another thing - even and especially with Thor’s super-human strength, you don’t grab a frail human being by the arm and then fling them by that arm at least 50 feet into the air without that human being at the very least dislocating their shoulder.  Even with adrenaline, you don’t catch them and then haul them up by that arm without them passing out from the pain.  And they certainly wouldn’t be able to use that arm to climb up, even with a boost (which undoubtedly Cap is giving her). [X]

Allow me to introduce you, Joss, to the concept of willful suspension of disbelief and why it’s important to not go past it and jar your audience out of it.

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AHH ADVICE PLEASE IF THATS OK um I have a crush on this person on Tumblr but I dunno how to talk with them and whatnot I just wanna become their friend how do

Do it! owo Just play it cool and be yourself! Don’t come off too overbearing, real friendships take time to set and build a foundation. You just gotta try and spark interests between you - what do you guys have in common? Fandoms? Ships? Hobbies? A gift or two are nice ways to show appreciation (but don’t drown somebody, because then you end up putting them off). If they reciprocate interest, then you can work from there! Gradually increasing - their interest should become mutual after a while if something is forming between you.

Not all friendships will work, but being yourself gives yourself the best shot. You want the person to like you for who you are, right? Again, good things take time. But as time goes on, hopefully your feelings will be reciprocated! I’m rooting for you owo7

Just wanted to show my badges of Snowflake, one of them was a gift and the other two were commissions. I wanted to post these cause the “ask hugs” just came in yesterday x3 I’m just getting ready when she arrives home :‘3

f2f | sydney + santana

Taking a swig from the bottle Sydney stares down at the mugs on her coffee table. She went out on a date with someone and ruined it due to her hardheaded bullshit. Santana didn’t deserve it. She doesn’t know why she was being so heartless. That usually isn’t her style. Sydney isn’t sure what she should do with these mugs. Would Santana even want hers? She knows that she should apologize, especially for what she said about Santana’s sisters, but she feels like this isn’t all her fault. Santana should just accept her for who she is. If they’re going to have something together then they shouldn’t be constantly trying to change one other or force things. Taking it slow should have been the way to go, but Sydney doubts either of then really understand what that means.

Sydney drains the rest of the bottle and steels her reserves. Santana should be home about now, she’s going to go visit and drop off a little gift. Show her a bit of what she’s gotten herself into. Grabbing the mugs and locking up her loft Sydney makes her way to Santana’s, trying to keep herself up on her feet. Arriving at her destination Sydney pounds on the door, forgetting about Santana’s roommate.

“Open up, San. I’ve got something for you.” She yells in a sing-song tone.


“I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?”