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Intense Staredown with Norman Reedus & Jimmy Fallon - The Tonight Show March 24, 2017

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What was your first job out of college and what was your first animation-related job if you didnt get one right away?

My first animation related job was like 3 hours of work I did during college drawing inbetweens at 0:38 of this:

Immediately after college, like maybe a month after school ended, I moved to China and became an English teacher. I got a TEFL in China certificate after taking a course in Beijing, then I taught in Shenzhen for one year and then two years in Shanghai. The school in the “Hello China” episode of Regular Show is entirely based on the school I taught at in Shenzhen. The establishing shots are basically just traced images of the school. I hear the students that are currently attending that school are extremely excited about it.

During my last year of teaching I decided to move back to the US and live in Los Angeles until I could get an animation job. My plan was to live in my car until I figured something out. However, while I was still in China, my friend @tobyjones who already worked on Regular Show told me they had an opening. Regular Show sent me the storyboard test, JG liked it, and I got hired (even though he had reservations because I was some random guy living in China that he’d never met).