this show hits home like no other show

a CP ficlet, as promised

(idea courtesy of @echoing-artemis, who said CAPTIVE PRINCE BACHELOR AU which then turned into UNREAL AU in my head because let’s face it, in any situation like this, laurent will still be full of machinations.)


When Damen laces his hands together, the left thumb is on top. Laurent fixes this detail with a look that is, as it were, a warm-up for the look he’s about to direct at Damen’s face. Damen is perched on the edge of the plush, over-quilted, impeccably white satin bedspread, elbows resting on his spread knees. He is crushing some of the red rose petals. Laurent makes a mental note to send a production assistant in here with fresh ones before they film the individual segments after the cocktail party.

Someone knocks at the closed door and says, “Um, I think–”

No,” snarls Laurent, wasting the first and most icily searing few seconds of his expression on the door. Silence follows.

“All right, what is it?” Laurent demands of Damen. “Is it drugs? Do I need to send someone out for some cocaine? Do you have a fucking headache? Has a soft-hearted AD whom I will summarily fire snuck you your phone, and you’ve found out that your cat’s died?”

“No,” Damen says, apparently to all of the above. After a moment he adds, in a tone that Laurent can’t parse, “I don’t have a cat.”

“Then what the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve seen potato salad with more vivacity than you’re showing out there.”

“It’s all so–staged,” Damen says, with distaste.

Laurent manages not to roll his eyes, but the violence with which he wishes he were rolling his eyes causes dull pain to gather behind them like a stormcloud.

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Guys I’m like not even being funny when I say I want to send a 10 page long letter to the show writers as well as a freaking bouquet. Black Sails is one of the most extraordinary pieces of storytelling this century and it hasn’t received nearly the amount of attention or accolades it deserves. I’m genuinely so appreciative of this one in a million show. Hoes (including me lmao) be out here throwing money at bore fests like the walking dead and hit and misses like game of thrones when black sails is essentially flawless. Like it should be shown in film and creative writing classes.

One thing I want to hammer home is that this show didn’t go the tragedy porn route like the aforementioned programmes and other wannabe hits. The characters got closure, realistic endings that were also profoundly satisfactory, dare I say happy?? Characters dying in a world as unforgivable as black sails and other period shows is expected and more than plausible, but it’s not mandatory. Anne could have died for Jack and his crew, and it would’ve made sense. But she got to LIVE, the story continued, she made up with Max and got better. Flint could have been killed by Silver and never learned of Thomas - BUT HE DIDN’T. THEY LET HIM HAVE AN ENDING. Nowadays there’s such a trend of killing and tormenting characters to be “edgy” or to elicit a reaction from audiences. It is so much more difficult to not kill your darlings, but to let them play out their mistakes and claw their way back to redemption. It’s also more satisfying for those watching, or so I think. When I think of characters like Ned Stark or Glenn Rhee, I do get sad and reflective, and the spectacles surrounding their demises were controversial enough to make friggin headlines. Black Sails, with its queer male lead, who is also a pirate king; its POC female former slave and leader of a rebellion; the rest of its legion of female powerhouses like max, eleanor, anne, miranda, madame guthrie; the glorious, often heinous shades of grey in charles vane, woodes rogers and john silver; that show won’t make headlines, but hopefully in time people will realise how rare and amazing it was.

Now we wait 20 years for the cast to age, so they can make a treasure island miniseries sequel….

Dear Rhett and Link,

As a kingdom of Mythical Beasts, we (particularly your LGBTQQIA fans and allies) wanted to thank you for choosing the Trevor Project for Gifticality this month. So several of us have written to let you know what it means to see you supporting LGBTQ people. 

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IF YOU WERE AN 80s or 90s baby, this story hits home.

I grew up on some of her most lovable, iconic, memorable characters! Her voice was truly one of a kind!

CHUCKIE - Rugrats
BABE - Remember, Bah Ram Ewe! Lol
DEXTER - Dexter’s Laboratory
GOSALYN - Darkwing Duck - theme songs in the day were fiya!! Still know the words! That was the show!
OBLINA - Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
BUNNIE RABBOT - Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)

She also lent her talented voice in other classic childhood film & tv shows like Aladdin, Beethoven, Powerpuff Girls, The Wild Thornberrys, Balto…

You are forever in our fond childhood memories and hearts! ♡


anonymous asked:

Hello, I just wanted to ask if you have some things you absolutely always connect to Tony Stark? For example, because of iron man 1, a lot of people connect blueberries with Tony, and I just love things like that. Do you have any? :)

Oh wow, you shouldn’t have asked me that!

  • Fire/ashes/phoenixes
    • Because of the whole phoenix metaphor in im2 and the flame thrower thing in im1. But also because fire can be beautiful and cleansing but also very dangerous.
  • Anything that glows blue
    • For obvious reasons. The arc reactor and practically all Tony’s tech glows blue.
  • Donuts
    • Because I think Tony has a sweet tooth and I really liked the scene in im2 where Tony eats donuts in a giant donut. haha
  • Omeletts
    • Because of the omelette Tony tried to cook Pepper on the plane in im2. I actually think he’s a decent if not great chef, in the mentioned situation he was just very nervous and distracted.
  • Space/stars/galaxies
    • Because I believe Tony’s been fascinated by space since he was a little kid. And I really like the conflict it creates when it’s space that caused a lot of his troubles and traumas. I like the inward fight he’d have because he LOVES space but damn does it scare him
  • Medieval stuff/armours/swords
    • Well, he canonically like arthur and all those stories and it’s aesthetically pleasing but also very intriguing since he’s so focused on the future but loves the past. I like contrasts ok.
    • A lot of this is also @knightinironarmor‘s fault
  • Metal/concrete
    • Makes me think of his workshop and general design of his houses.
  • Coffee
    • Well, duh! Might be fandom that made coffee such a big deal for Tony but damn if I don’t love it!
  • Ripped jeans
    • I feel like Tony would have comfort-clothes that are like a safety thing for him. Soft and worn, his favourites that he’ll never throw away. I see some of these clothes being a couple of pairs of jeans that are full of rips and holes but his favourite to wear. :)
  • Soft fabrics
    • Coupled with the ripped jeans thing. Comfortable clothes Tony can snuggle up in when he doesn’t have to be The Tony Stark. I also read a headcanon of Tony with spd and it really hit home. And like I do, I think he’d have favourite soft clothes to wrap himself up in when everything else is just too much.
  • Scars
    • Scars shows that you’ve been hurt but made it through to the other side. They show strength and Tony has a lot of strength. Stark even translates to strong in swedish!

I told you, you shouldn’t have asked. I could also totally think of like a ton more of these haha

After a long day working on his new Broadway show, Andy Blankenbuehler recently came home, poured himself a glass of wine and tried to unwind the way only he can.

The director-choreographer logged onto Pinterest and cruised through dozens of folders, examining images of the way folds of clothing catch light. That’s how this Tony winner unwinds? For Blankenbuehler, it’s like therapy.

“All I was looking at was light hitting dancers,” he explained. “Many people think that I’m very tunnel-visioned because I’m quietly absorbing.”

Blankenbuehler is directing the new musical “Bandstand,” which this month competes on Broadway with two other musicals he choreographed — the revival of “Cats” and a little show called “Hamilton.” And next month, his reimagining of the film “Dirty Dancing” arrives on ABC.

“I’m just a kid in a candy store for me to be able to have such amazing projects to work on,” he said. Even so, he recognizes the pressure coming off his work on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s bio of Alexander Hamilton. “A show like ‘Hamilton’ changes the stakes in a lot of ways as an artist and as a business person.”


Blankenbuehler, 47, started dancing when he was 3. He had an older sister who attended dance classes and — like a scene from “A Chorus Line” — he went, too, with his mother crocheting in the hall. “My sister stopped dancing. I kept dancing,” he said.


Blankenbuehler isn’t a choreographer who gets hung up on proper technique or perfect leaps. His movements are inspired by things as varied as architecture or the way people act in subways.

“I was always the person who was like, 'Oh, look at the way that clown looks!’ or 'Look at the way that person is bending over because their bag is so heavy.’ Those are the things that are interesting to me.”

One of the best things about “Hamilton” was Blankenbuehler’s use of an ensemble member to carry a bullet across the stage in slow motion, a feat he happily confesses he lifted from Quentin Tarantino films.

“For me, I’m like this mad scientists in the corner,” he said. “You have to live in a way that you’re awake.”

“Why do you like Yuri!!! on ice?”

Me: *internally* Because I have never seen such an intensely relatable and human show, at least to my life and my circumstances. The fact that it shows this character whose life seemed so rock bottom at 23, struggling with very real anxiety, come out of this slump and fight his way back into happiness in a BELIEVABLE way is so inspiring and hits so close to home to me and so many others in similar situations.  Add in this absolutely beautiful relationship with such a wonderful love interest who doesn’t try to change, but instead encourages confidence in Yuuri.  And the fact that Yuuris anxiety is never cured but dealt with. The fact that Victor has to learn about it because he doesn’t understand, but they get through it.  The amazing, warm atmosphere with so much love, and so many kinds of love, and passion, and heart, and healing.  There are so many amazing characters who I can not wait to see again.  The fact that I got to see myself in these people, in a way I’ve never seen myself before in an anime, to see these people living happily as themselves, in a healthy but not PERFECT relationship, made me want to be myself loudly and authentically enough that I actually fucking started to do just that, something which I thought was impossible.  I honestly dont know where I’d be without it in my life, it gave me strength to get up and do something about where I was, and I’m a happier person because of it.  

Me: “Victor Nikiforov is hot and I am gay.” 

anonymous asked:

A is a hitman and B is his victim (a prince). After A kidnaps him they live together, hating each other, while A is still deciding if he's going to kill B or not. Do you have some ideas about what A can do that may makes B like him until they go from enemies to friends, then lovers?

It would probably be some kind of act of kindness. Id assume the prince, like most people, would automatically assume that a hit-man is bad person.If your Prince see’s the hit-man doing something unexpected, like going out of his way to help someone, showing mercy, or perhaps even acting like a dork in their own home. Some kind of act that is proof that person A is far more then just a hit-man. Show your prince that he is a human being with multiple sides, both good and bad. This humanization, if you would, will open up that door to different relationships. So honestly, just let them get to know each other, and see multiple sides of each other until they are no longer just ‘The Prince’ and ‘The Hit-man’ to each other. 

I hope this helps, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to contact me! 

redarcanacustom  asked:

In response to sinxpenceee heals, I demand Dreamer DPSs where you physically fight people for a commission.

!!!!! EXCELLENT IDEA, MY DUDE, here’s the concept sketch:

Dreamer Harms

For the sum of whatever the cheapest mug of beer costs in your local bar, I will show up in your home and I will fight you. You only have to fill a questionnaire first which includes stuff like where I shouldn’t hit you, what weapons are allowed, if you are disabled or not, and other medical concerns you and I might have. Once I review and invariably approve of your solicitation, I show up and we fight. I can show up at your home, work, parking lot, or family event of choice. I will do it. I will do it. After we are done discharging our steam, we go to that bar and we drink together (you can drink whatever you want if you don’t do alcohol) and we have the best and funnest chat in our lives.

If you have a friend who wants to fight as well, for the price of two mugs of beer, we can make this a tag team match. I will bring my own guy or girl. Just point it out in the questionnaire. 

Here’s my Patreon. Shoot me any questions you may have.

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Ooh, I definitely agree with you about Jumin. Honestly, I hate the way the most of the fandom portrays him. I do actually enjoy him a lot in the game except in his own route (and jaehee's too lmao he was just too mean), because I feel like he got worse, in a sense. I prefer the older brother type that comes off cold but is fiercely protective of those he cares about. His route ruined his character for me, and that so many people seem to love it turns me off from a lot of fandom Jumin stuff.

Are you me? Because I swear, I feel the exact same way, hah. I was actually supposed to play Jumin’s route after Jaehee’s, but good lord, I don’t know if it’s because Jaehee’s route hit much closer to home and felt much more personal to me, but Jumin put me off there. He was fine in other routes, so seeing his behaviour in Jaehee’s route had me squirming, and I ended up skipping his route and going for Seven’s instead first. As for his route itself, I found it off-putting as well. Rather than showing his good side, it seemed to portray him poorly instead. I can see what Cheritz was trying to show with his character, but I feel like it wasn’t executed properly.
Cold but really just awkwardly protective and ignorant about commoner stuff Jumin is my jam.♥I wish there were more portrayals of him like that.

ariadnequagmire  asked:

OKAY PROMPT TIME modern au, vet!clarke takes care of the werewolf that shows up on her porch on full moons... little does she know that the werewolf is the hot bartender she flirt/argues with at every opportunity :)) because he trusts her :)) and likes her :)) and doesnt know how to tell her :))

Disclaimer: I know nothing about being a vet so don’t expect fully accurate content below the cut. I don’t want anyone saying “that’s not how that works” because this is a fic about fucking werewolves. This isn’t my best work but if Aby likes it, I’m happy. I may do more in this verse since this skips around a lot and such. And we’ll maybe find out who else is in Bellamy’s pack.

tw for very brief mentions of animal euthanasia

Clarke sighed, dropping her head on the bar with a loud thump.

“Bad day?” the bartender asked.

“The worst,” she groaned, wallowing in self pity for half a minute longer before lifting her head to meet his eyes. “I had to put down three animals.”

Bellamy winced, his mouth turning down into a grimace. Despite their differences, and there were many, she could always count on the animal lover in him to sympathize with the worst part of her job.

“They were in pain,” he said, pouring her a drink.

“Doesn’t make it easier,” Clarke mumbled, accepting the whiskey sour without hesitation.

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Each era, of course, has it own share of box office juggernauts. The new millennium gave us “”The Producers,” “Wicked,” “The Book of Mormon” “Jersey Boys” and, God forgive us, “Mamma Mia!” The ’90s were dominated by “Miss Saigon,” “The Lion King” (other Disney family hits escape me) and “Rent.” The Brits colonized the ’80s with “Cats,” “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables.” And the recessionary ’70s coughed up “A Chorus Line.”

But none of these shows shifted the zeitgeist quite like “Hamilton.” A confluence of factors has helped create this phenomenon. Chiefly, the artistry of Miranda, 36, a prodigy whose first Broadway show (“In the Heights”) took home the Tony for best musical in 2008.

A prolific presence on Twitter, Miranda favors variations of the phrase “secret sauce” in his high-spirited 140-character pronouncements, and it’s clear that the secret sauce of his musical is the score, which brings to Broadway the sound millennials are streaming directly into their ears. The cast recording of “Hamilton” isn’t just one of the biggest-selling Broadway albums in history — it also gave Drake a run for his money on the rap charts.

By reconnecting popular music with the contemporary stage — a link that had been lost long before Stephen Sondheim — “Hamilton” has won the favor of a whole raft of contemporary hip-hop and R&B recording artists. Prince, who saw the show in March a few weeks before he died, tweeted: “THE BEST HISTORY CLASS EVER!” Beyonce and Jay Z took backstage pictures, which wouldn’t you know, went viral.

All of this cooler-than-usual fanfare (boosted by a performance by the cast of “Hamilton” on the Grammy Awards telecast) has helped bring a new audience to the show. But the most powerful endorsement, no doubt, came from the White House, where Miranda keeps getting invited back to perform. President Obama has seen the musical more than once, and Michelle Obama, also a return customer, didn’t couch her praise in the least, calling the show “the best piece of art in any form that I have ever seen.”

Usually, this kind of sensational acclaim provokes a backlash, but that hasn’t really happened for “Hamilton,” despite a few scholars raising questions about biographical accuracy and some uproar about the skyrocketing price of virtually unobtainable tickets.

The high-octane camaraderie of the cast, which received an astonishing seven acting nominations (a credit to Thomas Kail, a shoo-in for the directing award), has been infectious. These performers are having a quintessential New York moment. But it’s bigger than that. A path has been broken for all of us.

Broadway is still a ruthless marketplace, catering to upper-income brackets. But something is changing before our eyes. Producers are taking risks on innovative directors (European auteur Ivo van Hove’s deconstructions of Arthur Miller’s “A View From the Bridge” and “The Crucible” weren’t forgotten by the Tony nominating committee) and intrepid playwrights (David Harrower’s psychologically brutal “Blackbird” was nominated for best play revival, along with lead actor and actress nominations for Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams).

But what’s even more encouraging, the stage is holding the mirror up to nature, as Hamlet centuries ago said that it should. The front-runner for best play, “The Humans” by Stephen Karam, offers an unflinching look at how we live in this post-American-dream era. And all across Broadway, characters from different ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds are better reflecting the composite of our country and the wider world.

There’s still a long way to go, but history, thanks to “Hamilton,” is moving to a bouncier rhythm. I’ll bet even the peerless McDonald is celebrating.

Black Heart

Part Three (1,133 words)

Part [1] [2

Pairings: Daughter!ReaderxCrowley, ReaderxDean

Warnings: Implied sex

Summary: You two conflicting lives seem to run smoothly alongside each other until Castiel drops a bombshell.

It had been five months since you’d save the Winchester’s lives and you’d never regretted anything less. In the last few months you’d some how miraculously managed to live as both a demon spy and a human hunter without the two ever crossing paths. You reported back often just like you were told to, barely revealing anything while you avoided joining the hunts that included the brothers ganking demons, afraid your whole pretense would crumble around you with devastating consequences. Much to your like neither your father nor Sam and Dean had any suspicions or asked any questions.

“So I’ve been thinking.” Dean reached over and turned down the Impala radio, the old classic rock song faded into the back ground so you could hear him better.

“Uh oh.” You widened your eyes in mock horror as you pretended that all Dean’s ideas were terrible.

“Just hear me out.” He laughed, glancing quickly at you before turning back to the road. “I talked to Sam and we both agreed that it would be a good idea if you moved into the bunker.”

“Dean Winchester are you asking me to move in with you?” You used humor as a way of deflecting your shook, never a million years would you have seen that one coming. You and Dean had continuously grown closer, you’d lost count on how many nights the two of you had shared in bed together and you were almost pretty sure that he called you on hunts simply more to see you than he did because he needed your help. Sam could see it too, he teased his brother endlessly whether you were there or not. 

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He shifted in his seat, the idea of settling down and being in a serious relationship was not one Dean was found of. “It would just make sense.”

“Dean I don’t think that’s a good idea.” You wanted nothing more to accept his offer and move straight in, pretending that, that was your only life. But the truth was, it simply wasn’t and you had to do the opposite of what you wanted.

“Oh.” You could practically see Dean’s heart sink as you rejected the idea.

“Common Dean don’t be like that. I just like my own independence and to be able to hunt by myself, moving in would mean giving that up.” You spouted any lies you could think of that could be used as acceptable excuses. 

“It’s fine, you don’t need to explain yourself to me.” His eyes said different as he stared down the road in front of him, you could see he was upset. 

“Hey I still promise to be your hunting buddy.” You prodded him in the side as you slid closer to him so you could drop your voice dangerously low. “And your fuck buddy.” 

Dean’s eyes grew dark as he squirmed under your words. You could see he was trying his best not to let what you said effect him because if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pulling over and taking you right there in front of passing cars.

“Will you at least come back with me now, just for the day?” He was looking over at you now, that old smile back on his face as tried to change the subject.

“What to see the bunker, or your bed?” You smirked as you winked out at him. Your flirtatious comment had caused him to erupt in laughter, a warm rich sound that washed over you and made you feel giddy. 

“Both.” It was his turn to smirk now, the promising look in his eyes provoking butterflies in your stomach, the words settling right between your thighs.

“Fine, fine.” You held your hands up in way of showing defeat. If you were honest you were actually sort of curious to find out more about the bunker after everything he’d told you about it. “Show me your magical place.”

“Are we still talking about the bunker or have we actually moved on to my bed?” The two of you continued to laugh as he turned the car around and headed home. You loved every part of the journey there. You’d spent it laughing, joking and teasing each other. You’d even stopped to grab a burger and to have a quick teenage like make out session before hitting the road again. You both sung as loud as you could to a number of rock tracks, Dean loving that you knew every single word. When you eventually got there Sam was waiting.

“Hey Y/N.” He smiled up at you from his seat before staring down at his book. “Dean convinced you to move in then?”

“Not quite, this is just flying visit.” You had his full attention now while Dean acted like he wasn’t listening. 

“You owe me $10, I knew she wouldn’t give in.” You looked between the brothers, a shocked laugh escaping your lips at the fact that they’d actual bet on it. 

“Yeah yeah, c'mon I’ll show you around.” Dean playfully pushed you away from Sam and waited until you were both out of his sight before attacking your lips with his own. 

“What was that for?” You pulled back breathless, your heart skipping a beat at the playful look in his eyes. 

“Do I need a reason?” His teeth dragged along his bottom lip as his hands found their to your hips. 

“You’re meant to be showing me around.” You reminded him, your voice now shaky with anticipation. 

“I thought we could start with my bedroom.” His voice was a low growl and it was now your turn to kiss him. Your hands roamed each other’s bodies, your lips never parting as you clumsily made your to his room. Just as you found the right door and made your way past it, you were interrupted by a voice you hadn’t heard before. 

“Hello Dean.” The blue eyed man stared up at you innocently from his position from across the room. You could barely breathe when you looked back at him, you could see his true form, the one Dean was oblivious too. He was an angel, and if you could see him then that meant you were in hell of a lot of trouble.

“Cas man, what have I told you about personal space!” He whined at his friend in frustration but Castiel wasn’t listening anymore. He was staring at you, his head cocked to the side, his eyes narrowed, his whole face twisted in uncertainty. He was struggling to work out exactly what you were. 

“Cas what is it?” Dean was staring back and forth between you both now, he wanted in on what ever was going on. 

“Dean are you aware she’s a demon?”

Part Four

Can we talk about how they addressed that your distress is still valid if it’s something small or large - it can be overwhelming no matter the size.

They showed that so beautifully in Steven Universe today with Ruby’s singular butterfly and Sapphire’s swarm.

It was overwhelming for both.
I think that’s so important since some feel like their distress is trivial or invalid if it isn’t “big enough” in comparison to others

This hit so damn close to home.
I love this show.
I do.
FOX, Fox television: Keep Red Band Society on the Air!

Red Band Society  is an American  teen   medical   comedy-drama  television series on  Fox  for the  2014–15 American television season  developed by Margaret Nagle. The series premiered on September 17, 2014. Based upon the  Spanish  drama series  Polseres vermelles , the series is a  dramedy  focused on a group of  teenagers  living together as patients in a hospital's  pediatric ward . Red Band Society is at risk of being cancelled  by FOX because of low ratings. Some people, like me, have fallen in love with the show since it aired.  For me, being someone who has spent a lot of time in the hospital, Red Band Society hits close to home and brightens my outlook on pediatric wards. It is the first show to make me happy in a long time, and it has done so for many others as well. If this show gets cancelled, those who adore this show will be distraught. Please give it another chance to gain more viewers. It is still a new show, and renewing it or bringing it back for more episodes after the fall finale can boost it’s ratings.

I know this isn’t Dylan related but if you are a fan of the Fox show Red Band Society, please sign the above petition to try and get Fox to continue production of the show! Also please tell all of your friends & family to sign & if they would like to catch up on all episodes, they can view all episodes on 

Thank you! :) 

I had a therapy session yesterday, and I showed my therapist both Here Comes a Thought and a clip of the last few minutes of the episode. She loved them, and she said she might even show the song to other clients because it’s such an important message about dealing with those thoughts that overwhelm you. 

And she also said ,“and this show is on Cartoon Network? That’s wonderful that kids are getting to see stuff like this.”

I said it before, but this episode really hit home with me and i’m so glad that Steven Universe exists.
We need more signatures on THIS petition to get Amazon to take on In The Flesh

Recently, In The Flesh was disappointingly cancelled by BBC Three. The show achieved so much, including being a BAFTA winner . We also won the Radio Times poll for Best Show Of 2014, beating giants like Sherlock.  We believe that In The Flesh would be both incredibly popular and a hit on Amazon Prime. Although the figures for Series 1 and 2 weren’t incredible, we believe Series 3 will have an incredible viewer rate, due to the amount of people who have started watching the show over the past year, as well as the fact In The Flesh is still dominating media and selling many copies on Amazon. In The Flesh would fit perfectly with Amazon Prime, and we believe with your help, we can give our beautiful show, a new home. Our other polls, suggesting to save the show, have got 30,000 signatures, and we have trended worldwide with #RenewInTheFlesh. 

This petition is the newest yet and so has the least signatures. Problem being that Amazon is currently the most likely way we’re going to get our show back. I know people are kind of cooling off now, but I ask you to renew your rage, disappointment, and righteous indignation for a tiny moment and give this a sign. 

Anyone that reblogs this gets my eternal love. Even if you don’t watch the show, it’d be a swell thing for you to do. If one of your shows gets cancelled, I promise we’ll return the favour. 

Ain't It Fun (Taylor Caniff Fanfic Part 1)

Ever since you were a little girl you had always wanted to be an actress. While all the other little girls on the playground wanted to be princesses, you had your mind set on being an entertainer, and making an impact on peoples lives for the better. When you were 15 your parents agreed to let you have 5 auditions and if you didn’t get any call backs that was it until you could pay for the trip to LA yourself. You see, you were a small town girl from the east cost living a horribly average life and you hated it. No one really went out of their way to get to know you unless they wanted answers because you were one of those super smart people but even then they only pretended to care. Other than that you really only talked to like 2 or 3 people. You were pretty invisible and that was the last thing you wanted to be.  That summer you and your dad took off for LA, for what you hoped would be the trip that would take you out of that godforsaken small town that was only there to hold you back.

That was the summer your whole life changed, you went for invisible to visible. You managed to get a callback to all 5 auditions and before you knew it, you were starring in your own movie. It seemed to be over night that all of this happened, you couldn’t even process it all even though you were living it every day. You were no longer that terribly average girl from the east coast. You were (Y/N), the lovable girl that everyone seemed to know of and you were loving every second of it. By this time you and your dad had moved out to LA, leaving everything behind you.

Over the few months after you had moved out to LA you had landed a role on a new TV show, called Deception, that was about the Princesses and Princes of the Renaissance era. (Basically like the tv show Reign) You were super excited about it because you got to wear amazing dresses all the time, not to mention playing a Princess was pretty cool.

You pulled out your phone to check Twitter while your stylist did you hair for the filming you had to do today for, Deception. You looked through your mentions and a good half were linking you too a video, and they were all the same video. You clicked on it curiously and instantly a few guys and an interviewer appeared. You recognized all 5 of the guys, they were Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Dillon Rupp, Shawn Mendes and Sam Wilkinson. You wondered why in the world your fans were sending you a video of them.

A year and a half ago when you were a nobody you were a hardcore fangirl. I mean of course you never openly admitted that now because well….that would be a little weird to admit you had sat in your bed and cried over some of these people that you now worked with. The main people that you had fangirled over were the magcon boys.You still did fangirl, you just happened to be real quiet about it.

You hit play on the video and watched silently as the interviewer began, “So  tell us…. Who are your celebrity crushes?” the interviewer sat back in his chair and waited for the boys response.

Dillon let out a laugh “Taylor has more than a crush on one celebrity in particular.” Taylor’s face turned bright red as he shot Dillon a glare. Dillon was unphased by this, and he just plastered a bright smile on his face.

“Yeah he’s pretty much obsessed with her.” Aaron added.

Sam perked up in his seat “the her is (your full name), I’m pretty sure she is even his background” Sam added with a smug smile, and watched as Shawn grabbed Taylor’s phone. Shawn hit the home button lighting up the screen to show a picture of you from your latest photoshoot. He showed the camera with a laugh before Taylor quickly grabbed his phone away from Shawn while the other boys laughed.

Taylor seemed to have regained his control, and didn’t seem embarrassed anymore. “Yes, it’s true I like (Y/N) but I mean have you seen her? She’s perfection in a person.” He admitted with a shrug of his shoulders like it was no big deal.

You looked at the screen and your mouth fell open. You wanted to start screaming to say the least…. Taylor… The Taylor Caniff just admitted to liking you and he called you perfect. The guy who you had fangirled over just admitted to liking you. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest. Your stylist chuckled, when you hit the pause button on the video.

“You seem to be pretty popular with the boys (Y/N)” Clara (your stylist) said with a laugh.

You felt your face get hot. “I guess so..” you let out a laugh.. You weren’t used to guys actually liking you, back when you were normal you were pretty invisible… You still hadn’t fully adjusted to this life and you never thought you would but this was the most fun that you have ever had and you were so thankful that this was your life. You wouldn’t change it for the world.

You hit the play button once more wanting to see the rest of the video.

The interview smiled and started speaking, “You guys told me earlier that you were going to Austin Mahone’s birthday party this Friday right?” the interviewer asked for clarification. All the boys nodded and Shawn told him, yup. “Well you do know than that (Y/N) is going to be there too?” he said more as a question than a statement.

A huge smile spread across Shawn’s face “Looks like lover boy is finally going to meet her!” he said with a laugh.

Taylor grinned “I’m even more excited for the party now.” he added..

And that was the end of the video, you couldn’t even believe what you just watched. Your hair was now finished and you had to start filming for your TV show now but all you could think about was Taylor, and how him of all people was excited to meet you… The party was tomorrow and to say the least you were beyond excited.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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thewriterofawesomeness  asked:

Would you rather have SuperCat become acknowledged canon, but never shown on screen, or have them doing cute things on the show as if they were a couple, but they "are totally straight, what are you talking about?"? Clarification: in the second instance, there would be beards and random straight™ romances in canon.

This is such a good question, jesus christ. I really had to think hard about my answer, but here it is:

I would have SuperCat become acknowledged canon, but never shown on screen.

Even though it would break my heart, in a way, to no longer get all those sweet little interactions between them, I have a couple reasons for this answer.

1) A thing I think of as the Rizzoli & Isles effect. We basically got the “doing cute things on the show as if they were a couple, but they “are totally straight, what are you talking about?” scenario on Rizzoli & Isles for 7 seasons, and I watched til the very end. They slept in the same bed, they went on “dates,” they ended every episode by sharing their feelings with each other. But here’s the thing - in the end, it just wasn’t that satisfying. The writers ran that show like a fluffy lesbian fanfic but it never really hit home because it was hollow.

2) We’ve had enough “but they act kinda gay so that’s probably good enough for the queer audience.” We’ve had so so much of that. And it would just be really refreshing for the main character’s endgame romantic storyline to be queer, even if I had to sacrifice seeing it on screen.

3) This fandom’s writers are so talented that I trust them implicitly. If Supercat writers were given the gift of canonically romantic Supercat, even if we never saw it on screen again, our writers would knock it out of the park. They’d give us every scene, elaborate on every little mention of the relationship. All Kara would have to say is some off-handed comment like “Cat and I were shopping last week…” and our writers would turn it into a steaming hot sex monster.

First Date (Mikey)

You were standing in your bathroom finishing your hair and jamming out before your first date with Mikey. You had met at the Blink 182 show last week when your friend had ditched you to push her way to the front of the crowd. A pit had opened up near you and Mikey had pulled you back when a fist came dangerously close to your face. By the time your friend found you at the end of the show you and Mikey had exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up later that week. 

“Y/n” your mom said as she popped her head in the bathroom. You jumped and shouted, she had scared you. She laughed “There’s a boy with colorful hair waiting for you”. You checked the mirror one more time before grabbing your bag and rushing down the hallway after her before she could embarrass you. You slid on the floor and ended up hitting the couch and falling over the armrest, landing on the couch itself. You looked up in shock to see your mom and Mikey both giggling. You felt your face flush red and said “I forgot my shoes”. Mikey’s eyes sparkled as he giggled and your mom said “Would you believe that she does that nearly once a week? The couch has been in the same spot for years”. 

You walked back out, this time with your shoes on and greeted Mikey with a shy “Hey”. “Hi, y/n” he responded. You looked him up and down and let out a sigh of relief “I was afraid I might be underdressed”. “You look great” Mikey said at the same time and smiled at you. Both of you were just wearing skinny jeans and t shirts. He had told you that you didn’t need to dress up but you we so nervous about everything. “Alright. You ready to go?” Mikey said after a minute in silence. “Yea. Let’s go” you said and started walking towards the door. “Bye Mom! I’ll be back before midnight” you shouted back to her. “It was nice meeting you” Mikey said before he walked out the door.

“So.. Where are we going?” you asked as you hopped in the passenger side of Mikey’s car. “We have a dinner reservation downtown” Mikey responded and looked over at you for approval. You nodded. “Let’s go” you said with a smile. You pulled up to the restaurant and Mikey quickly got out and ran around to your side to open the door. You smiled and giggled quietly to which he did dramatic bow and offered his elbow for you to take. You linked arms with him and walked up to the restaurant. 

Over dinner you talked about nearly everything and were fascinated with everything he was saying. When you asked what he did he was really quiet as if he didn’t want to say anything but he finally answered “I’m in a band”. You thought he must be shy or embarrassed about it because it wasn’t a ‘real job’. You told him you were still in school and were studying art. He smiled and said “Maybe you can design something for my band sometimes”. “I’ll have to hear your music first” you teased. 

“Are we doing anything else tonight?” you asked. “Actually some of my friends are playing a little gig a few blocks away. Wanna go?” he asked nervously. “I’m always down for a show!” you exclaimed. He mumbled something along the lines of “Oh, it’ll definitely be a show” as he opened the car door for you. It took a few minutes to get there and the first thing you noticed was that it was completely packed, there wasn’t an empty spot out front. Mikey drove to park in the back next to a big van, which you assumed was his friend’s. He turned to you before he got out and said “Listen, I told them I wasn’t going to be here tonight and they’re the type to cause a scene, in the best way possible of course. So don’t freak out, yea?”. “Yea, of course” you replied, confused as to why he would be clarifying this. 

You were walking inside when Mikey slipped his hand in yours then he paused, frozen for a moment. “Uh. Is this okay?” he asked nervously, swinging your hand slightly. You smiled “Yes it’s okay Mikey”. You saw relief wash over him just as you walked through the door. All Mikey had to do was make eye contact with the bouncer and he nodded and moved out of the way to let you through. You walked into a room filled with screaming girls with three boys on stage. You tugged on Mikey’s hand and he leaned down. “You’re friends, they seem pretty popular” you shouted over the music. “Yea. This is kind of a small show. It was a surprise, last minute thing they decided to do because they were bored” he shouted back, almost hesitant to tell you and his cheeks flushing dark red. The way he was acting was starting to get weird. 

You pulled him into the crowd, wanting to get closer to be able to see his friends play. Mikey walked with you through the crowd with his head ducked slightly, like he didn’t want anybody to notice him. You assumed it was because he told his friends he wouldn’t be able to make it. You made it to a spot where you could see the band through the crowd and hoped Mikey wasn’t too uncomfortable. When the song ended you were about to lean in to tell Mikey that you enjoyed the band’s music when you heard an “OI”. One of the boys on stage was looking directly at Mikey.

Suddenly it felt like everybody was looking at Mikey and also you because your fingers were still intertwined and Mikey had pulled you closer. “Lad, I thought you were busy” the blonde boy who had been singing yelled. “I’m on a date” Mikey shouted back, his face becoming more red than before. “Bring her here so we can meet her” the dark hair boy said as the other two laughed. Mikey began apologizing profusely as you walked towards the stage, you laughed it off insisting that it was okay. “Hi” you shouted when you got to the front. “Hey pretty lady. I’m Calum, that’s Luke, and back there is Ashton” he said. “I’m y/n” you yelled so they could hear you. “I guess she’s a good enough reason to ditch us. I would’ve done the same” Calum said. 

“Alright lad. You have to join us for at least one song. Then you and your lady friend can leave and finish your night in peace” Ashton said from behind his drums. It suddenly hit you, he was acting weird because he had ditched his own band to go out with you. You smiled up at him and squeezed his hand. “I’d love to see you play” you said. That was all the convincing it took, suddenly Mikey was on stage and grabbing a spare guitar. He gestured for the band to meet back by Ashton. They leaned in to hear Mikey as he spoke and all nodded in agreement. 

Mikey walked up to a mic and said “Alright. I’m going to play two songs. This one is called Voodoo Doll and the next one will be a cover”. The girls in the audience screamed. You stood in the front fascinated with how Mikey was on stage, feeding off the energy of the crowd. You picked up on the beat quickly and began to dance, smirking at Mikey and enjoying yourself. When the song finished Mikey leaned into the mic and asked “Y/n, do you like my stupid hair?” You both laughed and he continued with “You know, when you smile I melt inside”. You got the reference immediately and the band launched into First Date by Blink 182. 

You walked out of the small venue with Mikey’s arm draped around your shoulder. “You’re so great! Why didn’t you tell me about your band?” you shouted. He laughed “Didn’t want to scare you away on the first date. And I believe I did mention I was in a band”. “Shove it” you laughed. “I’d love to come to another show. You know, if you want to continue to see each other that is” you added. “Well I like you and the lads in there seem to approve. So wanna do this again this weekend?” he asked. You smiled and nodded.

“Well, I know a guy. So maybe you can get back stage for one of the shows” he smiled as he drove you home. You laughed and hit his arm playfully. He pulled up in front of your house and once again rushed out of the car to open your door for you only this time you locked it before he could grab the handle. Mikey pouted and you laughed from inside the car and unlocked the door. “Could I give you a kiss goodnight?” he asked. “I’d like that” you said as you started to lean in. You bumped noses and you pulled away to laugh. “I dread the thought of our very first kiss, a target that I’m probably gonna miss” you said. He chuckled and pulled you back in to place a gentle kiss on your lips. “I didn’t miss that time. Goodnight y/n” he smirked.