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i'm really👀👀what is the meaning behind Louis' 28 tattoo, he keeps showing it a lot on his ig and pap photos, gets it re-done (sorry i don't know the right word but u know finger tattoos are easy to fade but he makes sure this one doesn't bc sometimes you can see it is a bit darker so i guess it is re-done/"colored") i mean it is not visually that "good" it is literally just 2 simply numbers but it clearly has a huge meaning, not to mentioin the ringfinger...

Ok so…Louis tweeted “Always” then posted a pic and SHOWED OFF HIS 28 tattoo and wrote “you” in the caption. He knows that we know that 28 is very important and special to him and is associated with Harry. So basically its AIMH 2.0 and the 28 is even more about Larry now! F u c k

it’s funny how he ensures specific tattoos make it into the frame like he did with the dagger wearing that rose shirt n*ce

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Why r u so mad I'm a jungkook Stan and it's not like Charlie did it on purpose ur acting immature tbh chill ppl can get his name wrong or any kpop idol name wrong sometimes. At least he tweeted saying he loved it focus on that it's OKAY....

Long distance is not easy.

It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you.

It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night.

To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love.

Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely.

Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up next to each other and fuck each other to sleep and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

—  you will always be worth it
  • <p> <b>Gryffindor:</b> high-fiving someone so hard it hurts your hand (on purpose, and you just get even more pumped up + happy), catching things right before they hit the ground, "home is not a place, it's a person", buying dozens of notebooks but only writing a couple of things in each of them, balconies, assuming everyone speaks the truth, instant noodles, carefree jokes in the middle of fighting in action movies, hitchhiking, board games (with friends), adopting slang words/expressions from other people, road trips, drinking/eating straight from the container, forgetting to brush your teeth, explaining things with your hands or by showing, volunteering (sometimes just so that those who REALLY don't want to do it won't have to), constantly changing your ringtone<p/><b>Ravenclaw:</b> reading funny/interesting facts and forgetting them right away (except for the VERY fascinating ones), going to a foreign country without knowing the language; learning as you go/by experiencing it yourself and through failed attempts, multitasking (with questionable results), space, tearing paper as a stress reliever, preferring ballpoint + mechanical pens because the line they draw is even, procrastination, blushing easily, either REALLY neat or REALLY messy handwriting, making sure everyone is drinking enough water (and not too much alcohol), never borrowing money but always lending it to others (with no rush to get it back), wind, green tea, talking really fast/loud when you get excited, laughing and smiling silently, only paying attention to the things that interest you<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> having a discussion with someone across the room by using just gestures and facial expressions/lip reading, ending up sharpening all the pencils instead of just the one you need, string instruments, both judgemental eye rolls and friendly and teasing eye rolls, never ignoring problems, taking one (or two) for the team, cutting your own hair/making your own jewellery and clothing; DIY, formal language with strangers and at work but swearing/using (internet) slang with friends and at home, never letting fate decide, keeping secrets (both others' and your own), forgiving relatively fast but NOT many times, avoiding telling white lies, mostly listening during conversations but impressing everyone with how intelligent and insightful you are when you do comment/speak<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> sunflowers and dandelions, (cookie) dough, colouring books, choosing the slightly smaller half of a halved pastry even though the other person said you could pick either one and they'd have the other one, bumblebees + honey bees, listening to loud music with headphones and constantly fearing others can hear it, humming and whistling, coffee and hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and spices, blanket forts, not feeling pressured to do anything "productive", always thinking it's your fault (it's not), having days for yourself; peace and quiet and self-care, movie/TV/Netflix marathons, procrastinating at first and then working for hours and hours straight just before the deadline, rain (heavy or light), chocolate and peppermint and fudge<p/></p>
Yuri’s weight issues

I was thinking about Yuri’s weight issues in the first couple of episodes of Yuri on Ice. When I was watching the show with @cassandrexx she commented with surprise on how quickly Yuri lost the weight and it’s true. Given what we see in the first episode, one would expect it to take a lot longer to get down to what Victor deems acceptable (and weight loss that fast would be seriously unhealthy).

But the thing is, Yuri’s appearance alters dramatically, sometimes from shot to shot. For example, there’s a shot of Yuri exercising in episode 1:

A few seconds later, the angle changes and we see him from the back.

He looks considerably thinner in the second shot. Now this could be put down to inconsistencies in the animation (there’s a moment in the airport scene in a later episode when Yuri’s coat changes colour, so the show doesn’t always get it perfectly right), but the thing is, we know Yuri is an unreliable narrator with a heap of self-esteem issues. What if his perception of his weight - and subsequently his appearance in the animation, fluctuates based on his mood?

For example, when Minako first brings up Yuri’s weight, his stomach is bulging out of his shirt:

He’s feeling really self-conscious and when his weight is brought up, he feels huge and his perception of himself changes.

A few minutes later, when he’s discussing other subjects with his sister, the weight isn’t nearly so obvious: He’s still got a bulge to his stomach, but it’s nothing like the picture above.

When he goes to skate, he’s focusing on the program and there’s no stomach bulge:

Even when we see him from the side:

Then, a few minutes later, Takeshi shows up and comments on Yuri’s weight, and we get this:

Either that t-shirt was really holding in his stomach, or the comments made him feel fat again, and thus it translated onto the screen.

Similarly, when Victor talks about Yuri’s weight in episode 2, Yuri’s stomach instantly shoots out when Victor mentions his weight. It’s possible that Yuri was trying to hold in his gut and couldn’t manage it anymore, but I like the interpretation that Yuri’s image on screen is based on his perception of himself.

I have no idea if this was the intention of the creators, but as someone who’s had serious weight-related issues for more than half my life, I like the idea that the show is presenting us with Yuri’s body dysmorphia.


“I’m sure the Library will be in good hands.”

it bothers me so much that one of the biggest complaints about BvS not being up to people’s tastes was the martha scene. like, you have the absolute freedom not to like a film, let alone a film that represents your favorite characters, but you don’t get to shit on the one scene that screams volumes about batman’s character, an aspect no other film and sometimes not even the comics dare to show this openly: bruce wayne was traumatized

there’s such a good chance bruce never dared to utter his mother’s name after his parents’ death, that he probably changed the subject or right out left the room when alfred so much as began mentioning her, and then he flat out hears it out of the mouth of the person he’s poured all his hate into, the individual he doesn’t even consider human up until that point? how can that moment be anything but bruce falling into complete disarray, even going as far as disassociating before his mind starts working in a polar opposite fashion? was that exhibition of vulnerability just not up to your standards of how big, bad, unbeatable batman is supposed to be?  

i’ve seen so many people ever since i can remember just throw around “trauma” and “batman” in the same sentence because yeah yeah, we know that for batman to be born, bruce wayne had to lose his parents, who doesn’t know this, but you all did a 180 when suddenly we could now clearly see what that trauma meant when it came to grown up bruce wayne. it wasn’t just part of some dusted origin of a hero that’s been around since the dawn of our lives for most of us; it was out there straight in our faces this time. it was palpable. the sudden, almost irrational reaction to a name that ended up turning the tides so much that the entire film was changed in the last 20 minutes. a trigger word that means nothing to us but managed to make bruce’s vindictive stance lose all force, not because the word martha was blessed by three mystical wizards with mind-controlling powers clark found when he went for that mountain hike, but because trauma is different for everyone, it’s unexplainable to those who don’t understand, and because if “gum wrapper” or something equally harmless makes someone lose their shit because it’s closely associated with the worst night of their lives, it doesn’t need to be explained with flawless script writing. this is how trauma and the surviving days, months, years, your entire life afterwards work: it’s not pretty, it’s not coherent, it’s not cinematic, it might be downright silly to the ones unaffected, and it was portrayed as honestly as it should have been

Dear Trump/Pence Supporters,

I realize you don’t know how to execute a boycott (e.g., buying coffee at Starbucks to protest Starbucks), so I’m going to help you out. I’ve seen some of you say that you have “cancelled” your Hamilton tickets. Now, you know you’re fibbing a bit, right? You can’t really cancel tickets to a Broadway show. Sometimes, you can get an exchange. But, come on, it’s Hamilton. I know you think it’s hilarious that you found a Google ad offering “75% off Hamilton tickets”; you not only think the ad is legit, but you also think your angry “boycott Hamilton” tweets somehow magically tanked the show overnight. But let’s get real:

If you have tickets to Hamilton and you want to boycott it because you think a vile, racist, homophobe, evil liar shouldn’t have to face the real fear and concern minorities and the disenfranchised feel because he and the cheeto lost the popular vote and may put all of our lives in peril, you’re going to have to eat those tickets.

Yep. Hundreds of dollars down the drain. Maybe thousands. 

But I can fix that. You see, I still haven’t seen Hamilton. My son is dying to see Hamilton. If you want to boycott, message me and I’ll buy your tickets. If you want, I’ll even send you the playbill so you can use it for target practice. (I don’t save them.)

Have fun with your boycott. I’m sure it will work out just as well as the many “family values” Disney boycotts. Good luck!

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Can I have a request where * if you can show pictures of it* the RFA ( v and saeren) go to the diamond shop to buy the perfect ring for MC but they just freak out because they don't know which one to get till they see THE ONE

(hi so I apologize if the image quality is low?? google sometimes shows the Perfect ring but in a very low resolution ;; also sorry of this seems sorta non-romantic lol I’m just very “???” with pretty weddings and engagements because my sense of romance is so skewed someone could propose to me with an onion ring and chances are I’d say yes bc I have low standards)


  • of course he’s freaking out
  • he sorta wanted to go with a gaming reference but no this is a wedding it’s srs business and he wants to show MC how seriously in love he is
  • the gaming references will be in the wedding he’s just holding back for the ring
  • it has to show how he sees MC, but… how does he do that. does he use symbolism?? does he just try to picture MC in a ring??
  • but then he sees IT
  • sure, it’s not too complex, but it’s perfect and he knows it will fit MC perfectly
  • he doesn’t even ask for the price before he’s dead set on getting that one


  • she’s super flustered as she walks around the store
  • what to do what to do what to do
  • she’s really nervous?? she does know she wants it to be minimal but also pretty and-
  • she can’t decide until she sees the one she likes
  • she really, really likes it. she can imagine herself wearing it and can also picture MC wearing it-
  • she blushes thinking of MC wearing the ring. this is too good how did she get such a good life
  • she is also really happy with the color, because she does want it to have a more personal feeling


  • he’s so nervous the whole time
  • he just, really loves MC so much
  • the ring needs to show how much he loves them
  • he wants a ring that will combine with both his and MC’s beauty 
  • so he’s looking very thoroughly and checking every single ring
  • finally, after hours, he finds one that he just. knows
  • that’s it that’s the one it’s amazing
  • it just really fits the aesthetic of the whole thing?? it’s fit for someone as pretty as MC. he’s sure


  • tbh before meeting MC he’d just have said something like “just get the biggest diamond”
  • but now that he knows how real love feels he just knows it can’t be just a shiny stone. he needs a ring that resonates to MC’s soul
  • that… that doesn’t mean he’s not getting a super expensive ring though
  • he is honestly not even worried about the price?? is he ever when it comes to MC??
  • he doesn’t want to get something that will bother MC’s finger, though
  • most of the large diamonds look like they could potentially hurt MC’s finger so those are out
  • he ends up going for a very nice platinum ring with blue tones because THAT’S THE ONE THAT IS BEAUTIFUL AND MC DESERVES BEAUTY


  • keep calm and browse the rings
  • it’s not like this is the ring that he’ll show to ask MC to be his life partner and stay with him forever, an important and lifelong commitment that should be the biggest step in their relationship so far,
  • needless to say he’s having a Blast and by that I mean Stress Blast
  • still, he can’t help but smile like a dork when he sees huge ass rings that he knows are unpracticall as hell and probably unwearable
  • but then he sees one and he knows. he just knows
  • that’s the kinda ring one uses to get married in the space station

(and yes sorry this is edited i just couldn’t find the Perfect ring)


  • he can hardly contain himself??
  • he keeps seeing rings that he thinks are good but he can’t decide??
  • the clerks are actually a bit intimidated by him
  • they think his silent brooding form is scary but he is actually thinking about what ring would look prettier on MC
  • finally a clerk shows him a ring that he just knows. it’s that one. the perfect one
  • it just… seems so pretty?? and he really likes it. it shines just like MC but it still feels like something nice and something MC could wear 


  • the shop attendants have been there for an hour 
  • describing each ring with amazing detail so he gets a general idea of how they look
  • V feels super guilty because he feels like he’s taking so much time??
  • but what can he do. he’s blind af
  • still, one clerk describes a ring that just- sounds right
  • he asks to hold the ring and asks more about it- color, luster, all that 
  • and that ring, something just resonates with it that seems to be the same as MC for him
  • delicate, pretty, and yet precious

I think yuri on ice is a blessing that came in the right time, i mean 2016 was so shitty from reality to even TV shows and somehow we had this beautiful beautiful innocent and healthy representation of LGBT+ community and people who suffer from anxiety and people of different ages and nationalities on a Japanese anime how rare is that? Also to show case how exquisite ice skating is and how fragile and delicate the skaters are. How it’s relatable and deals with so many issues about a person’s character, emotions weakness and strengths and how the people around him perceives it. Like literally i get so depressed sometimes and it really gets to me how 2016 is sometimes too brutal but tbh i smile helplessly everytime i remember yoi exists and it’s real and our ship is Canon and it’s targeted towards everyone, a gay couple out and far away of the context of oversexualizing males to straight female audiences CAN YOU IMAGINE SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT? Anyhow enough with my burst of emotions Have a nice victuuri day everyday my babies

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Rhett and I have the same outfit on today – woo! – Uh, usually if we’re carpooling, I pick him up, he comes out with the same outfit sometimes, or same shirt, and then he goes right back in and changes shirts – go back inside – but we drove separate today, so we get all the way into work and here we are, dressed the same. [x]

Headcanon #7

Imagine people asking Remus how he got his scars. Of course, being the precious cinnamon roll of a person he is he would be to nervous/insecure to answer them himself so the Marauders would answer for him everytime. Let’s just say their responses became increasingly more fucking insane over time. 

For instance in first year if you asked Remus how he got his scars Sirius would say “well we do a lot of pranks and so we get hurt sometimes, dangerous stuff ya know?”

But by their seventh year Sirius would hear someone ask Remus this and Sirius just responds with,” FUCK ITS A FUCKING WILD STORY. LIKE YOU ARENT EVEN GONNA BELIEVE THIS. Okay okay so get this we’re walking down the street just chilling, right? Then suddenly out of fucking nowhere the QUEEN SHOWS UP? And I’m like hOLY FUCK MOONY ITS THE QUEEN. Moony just looks at her with resentment in his eyes. Moony looks her in the eyes and says “So we meet again”. And at this point I’m like whAT THE FUCK. So the Queen chuckles and says “So it seems”. Then she’s like “you just never learn your lesson”. Then she just starts beating Moony’s ass. Like she’s whoopin the ever-loving-fuck out of Remus at this point. So Remus starts fighting back like I’m not gonna take this shit from you. He knocks Queen Lizzie back a couple feet and she’s bleeding. She wipes blood from her face and chuckles again and says,”you fool, this isn’t even my final form”. And that’s when shit got crazy. Wait where are you going? You can’t leave yet. I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. Next is the part where John Lennon comes in. Wait!”

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I think the thing that resonates so strongly about Rogue One is that it felt right for this year, you know? So many good people died. So many bad things happened, and the world looks really bad right now. But the ending of Rogue One was a reminder that even in the darkest times, even when we’ve lost people that mattered, there’s still hope to be found. So 2016 was bad. Maybe 2017 will be too. But sometimes you have to steal the plans for the Death Star (and destroy it too) before you get anywhere close to freedom or victory. Rogue One showed that even though the crew of Rogue One didn’t get recognized for what they did, even though history didn’t remember their names, they still mattered. The people that died this year mattered too, whether you knew them or not. And that’s why I’m so grateful that Rogue One was what it was, and that it ended with Princess Leia smiling and reminding us that there’s still hope.

Just imagine

Cliché alien abduction where they kidnap a human to get info so they can invade, right? And once the aliens get around the language barrier, they question the human. And as they ask questions, they get more and more terrified.
Humans can live in -20-100 degrees Fahrenheit no probs
Sometimes the ground SHAKES for no reason, and we usually go on with our daily lives
We have oceans, pools of water literally miles deep
Not to mention the humans themselves
We will literally die for each other, for the good of the group
We have technology that will show us the stars
We can do extraordinary physical feats when under duress
When we lose limbs, we make metal to do the same job
And of course, the human who is telling the aliens this MIGHT exaggerate a bit
“I once saw a guy whose entire body was made of metal. First he lost an arm, then a leg…”
“Oh yeah, humans have huge underground cities, they can live down their for centuries!”

I miss possessive!Remus, alright?

  • Remus’ stared, expressionless, at Caleb Brice.
  • Well, Caleb Brice’s hand to be more precise.
  • His hand that was dangerously low on Sirius’ back, palm pressed just over the curve of his arse.
  • It made Remus’ blood boil.
  • He stayed motionless at his desk, however, staring over the rim of his cauldron as Brice attempted to help Sirius get potion ingredients - apparently that included touching Sirius in his opinion
  • And Sirius wasn’t squirming - but Remus couldn’t be mad about that. Sirius had always been rather oblivious about people hitting on him.
  • So, Remus supposed, it was his job to keep it from happening.
  • And he was pushing back from his Potion’s station, crossing to the store cupboard in long strides until he was right behind the two. He just caught the end of what Brice was saying.
  • “-I know all about dragon’s blood… I could… show you sometime, y’know…” He was smirking suggestively, hand sinking lower and lower, “Maybe you come to the common room… show you what us Ravenclaws are made of-“
  • “Nothing he couldn’t find in a book.” Remus interrupted, his hand closed tightly around Brice’s wrist, rendering his hand motionless and making Brice’s eyes go wide at the surprisingly strong grip. Their eyes connected, Remus’ staying hard and narrowed, “Don’t you agree, Caleb?”
  • “Wh.. What?” The Ravenclaw stuttered, caught off guard.
  • Sirius stood there, smirking knowingly at Remus, sliding away from Caleb’s hand and pressing into Remus’ side.
  • “The dragon’s blood.” Remus continued, raising an eyebrow, “Most likely in the library.”
  • “Well… Well, yeah.”
  • “Good, I’m glad you agree.” Remus started backing up, tugging Sirius with him, “No need for this little one-on-one meet and greet, then.”
  • And with that, he turned with a smirk, leading Sirius out of the classroom just as Slughorn opened his mouth to tell them class was over.
  • Sirius was pressing right up to Remus’ side as they walked the second they were out of earshot,
  • “Jealous, are we?”
  • Remus just kept walking, “Oblivious, are we?”
  • And then Sirius was tugging them around a corner into a deserted hallway, hidden from view, pressing Remus into the wall. He had to tilt onto his tiptoes a bit to keep their lips almost brushing, “Says who?” He breathed.
  • Remus rolled his eyes, “Oh please. He was all over you, Pads. Breathing down your neck, with his hand..” His eyes narrowed pressing his palm over the place where Brice’s hand had been. In doing so he pressed their bodies together making Sirius’ breath catch.
  • “You didn’t even catch what he was saying?” Remus said lowly, their foreheads touching now, “What did you think, he was inviting you to his common room for a cup of tea?”
  • But the smirk was yet to be wiped from Sirius’ face, “Who says I didn’t know exactly what he was saying?” Remus felt his fingers move down to his waist and under the hem of his shirt, thumbs drawing circles on his hips, “Maybe… I just wanted to see you come stop it..”
  • And then Remus’s eyes were widening in realization and suddenly Sirius was the one pinned against the wall, Remus towering over him, “You little faker..” Remus’ hands slide down, smoothing over Sirius’ arse and squeezing lightly.
  • Sirius bit his lip, eyes glazing over slightly, his body leaning towards Remus on its own.
  • Remus’ hand tightened on Sirius’ hip, the other one still on his back, fingers spread, “You were flirting on purpose, were you?” He grazed his lips over Sirius’ cheek by his ear.
  • Sirius’ hand caught against the wall, keeping himself upright, “I know what it does to you..” He breathed, “I love what it does to you.”
  • Remus just shakes his head, “You git.”
  • And Sirius is just smirking against Remus’ mouth, “C’mon, Re…” His  teeth graze Remus’ bottom lip, “You know you want to remind me whose I am..”
  • And Remus is growling softly in his throat and pressing his lips hotly to Sirius’, pressing their bodies close together.
  • And Sirius just smiles into the kiss because the old flirting trick never fails to bring out this side of Remus- a side that he can’t get enough of.

The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 96

Last week Heiko told you the best way to flee from Waldo are bicycles. If Waldo isn’t following you and you’re to lazy to ride your bicycle or the way is too long you can always use the underground or metro. I think we all know the situation when you have to wait for the overdue train (hmm, or the train was punctual and you were too late?). So that you don’t get too bored in the waiting time some stations have screens. Screens with short news, weather, sometimes jokes or short movies and of course advertising.
The first photo shows one of these underground screens in Cologne and the second photo shows one in Munich.
To be honest I still prefer to read a book in my waiting time. Once Frank Zappa said “so many books, so little time” and Frank Zappa is right because he looks like my uncle.
This week’s praise to Frank Zappa and a surprisingly fluffy bird who brightened my waiting time more than once.

How The Moon Signs Should Chill Tf Down
  • Aries: Chill with the raged passion - sometimes people have different perspectives, and whilst you're not wrong, becoming heated and aggressive isn't going to make you any more right
  • Taurus: Chill with the stubbornness - it's nice to let go of silly things because they just waste energy, no one is gonna judge you for being wrong, so don't waste energy trying to make something right if I can't be! 1 and 1 can't be 5!
  • Gemini: Chill with the chilling - I know you're just trying to get through things the best you can, but sometimes things get worse when you don't care enough, so go the extra mile to show your friend you're sorry instead of 'letting it all brush over'.
  • Cancer: Chill with the reasoning/bargaining - some things just happen, some people just leave, and sometimes people are to blame. But that doesn't mean you can make who is to blame (even if it's you) feel bad, and it also doesn't mean it can change. Let go and move onto happiness.
  • Leo: Chill with the pride - pride is great and we should all have pride because we're all awesome, but occasionally pride (in the sense of knowing you are right on perhaps a subject or matter) can get in the way of friendships or other things.
  • Virgo: Chill with the blaming - whether it's on you or someone else, some things don't need blame. Things just happen and we must find a way to cope, not put someone at fault. It'd be better for you and whoever involved to move on rather than look back and point fingers.
  • Libra: Chill with the worrying - I know it upsets you when people think wrong of you or think you did them wrong, but I promise this situation means nothing and is probably a big fuss over nothing. You don't have to feel guilty.
  • Scorpio: Chill with the meddling - you can get easily caught up in others lives and emotions, and whilst you make a great rock, it's not on you to support them constantly, especially if you may be doing more damaged. Withdraw and look after yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Chill with the achieving - this has to be the most productive and intelligent (not just academically) moon I know. You do so well and what you aim for and I want you to know you're allowed a break! Go relax, tiger!
  • Capricorn: Chill with the calculating - risks are there to be taken and I know sometimes that scares you, but I also know living your life in the caution zone won't make you happy. Try a risk you want to take and cling to it like you mean it!
  • Aquarius: Chill with the helping - I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice that actually Aquarius is one of the most friend-oriented and helpful moons, and whilst they can take time to themselves, they outta do it more! Take a chill day!
  • Pisces: Chill with the excusing - you have a habit to excuse others actions whether against you or not. You are allowed to feel wronged and not like someone if it's justified, so let your inner lion roar!
By the way...

For the past 4 years (at least), the BBC has announced its Christmas programming approximately a month ahead of Christmas Day.

As a New Year’s Day show, Sherlock is considered part of the Christmas programming.

So odds are pretty good we’ll get at least a photo & blurb sometime this week.

Welcome to Week TWO of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List!!! Another week of beautiful writing once again… you guys seriously brought it this week! I love to see more of you tagging me in your stuff! I also added some of the other things I’ve seen on my dash as well again… Please PLEASE keep tagging me! And if you aren’t tagging me, please start to do so!! Sometimes it’s hard for me to go out and find fics so if I get tagged, bam! it’s right there in my notifications. I really love to read all of your wonderful writing and I would hate to miss it!

So without further ado…. Read, enjoy, and leave these authors feedback!!! xx

Almost Gone by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
OKAY CLIFFHANGER!! Does he wake up? Does she get to tell him how she feels? Does he feel the same way?? No way you can leave it like that… Your writing is beautiful as always, my dear. I loved the fairy-tale within the story and how you connected it back to the reader. I hope our poor Spencer wakes up… (if you write a part 2 to this, please don’t break my heart…)

One Night Later by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
*squeals excitedly* I LOVED THIS! I’ve always wanted to see Spencer as a dad… no, I need to see Spencer as a dad. “…you were always it for me” UGH I love this line. So simple yet so romantic that it gives me chills. This is always such a great trope that I could never get tired of reading. I’m so happy that I found your blog! You are a great writer :)

The Constant by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, I just want to say that I love your writing style… all of the detail you use is so awesome. This was so cute! I like how you left it open for us to imagine what would happen next… Once again, I feel like you always capture our favorite doctor’s awkward, quirky character so well. You continue to grow with each and every story you write and I am living in it!!! Seeing a notification that you tagged me in something makes me so so happy. 

Passive-Agressive Partnership (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Have I ever told you how much I hate admire you? You pump out quality stories like it’s no one’s business… You are my idol, lol. Anyway, this series is phenomenal! I’m loving this dynamic you have going on between the reader and Spencer. The reader seems very Temperance Brennan-y and I’m a huge fan of that. Finally, a woman that can keep up with Spencer! Can’t wait to read more. :)

The Perfect Family (1, 2) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m totally blown away by this so far like I’m already obsessed with this series. I honestly can’t stop thinking about this lol. I’ve read a lot of fanfiction (and I mean a lot) and I’ve never seen this scenario done with Spencer before. You’re a rockstar. I am not so patiently waiting to see more of this! (Pretty please? I’ll bribe you…)

Coffee and You by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was amazing, Bry. There’s this post I’ve read somewhere that states something along the lines of: “We all have that one writer where they could write a McNugget AU and we’d still read it.” You are that writer to me. Everything in this flows so beautifully and honestly, I have a hard time putting it into words how much I love this story and all of your stories. I always get so excited when I see a story of yours on my timeline!

Softly (1, 2) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Personally, I hated this story. And I hate you. Why would you do this to poor Urnayme? After all she’s been through? I only put this story on here so I could tell everyone how much I hated it. (But seriously, this is one of the most unique Spencer stories I’ve ever read. You’re an asshole amazing writer) It’s not like I needed my heart anyway…

The Best Kind of Punishment by @zugzwangxo (Luke Alvez x Reader)
*briskly fans self* I didn’t know how much I needed this until I read this masterpiece… WOWZA Lee!! If all y’all need some Luke Alvez in your life, I recommend you read this. Thank you for writing this. There’s not enough Luke Alvez fics out there… Could I please get some more Luke Alvez fics from you? You write him so well… Please? I’m open to dishing out bribes now…

Are You Still Awake? by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh you know how much I love fluff… My guilty pleasure! Not only did I enjoy this so much because of your wonderful writing, but because this is similar to how my boyfriend and I started dating… We started out as best friends as well, which is why I especially love to read fics including best friends turned more. Your writing makes me so happy, Jasey!!! Never stop xx

Things The Signs Have Said To Me:
  • Aries: I remember that faze
  • Taurus: lol I can't read but that's cool
  • Gemini: my stomach is really soft, right?
  • Cancer: my gosh, you clean a lot
  • Leo: but u look cute tho
  • Virgo: I'm so glad my dad didn't see that
  • Libra: wOw, u actually said something conservative. I'm so proud of u :')
  • Scorpio: wait, are we showing each other our butts or what's going on here??
  • Sagittarius: u gotta be careful with sequels bc sometimes they get a little too - romantic - !!!
  • Capricorn: are u brain dead, child?
  • Aquarius: wowww I can't believe ur Aquarius too hahaAhah