this show gave us some beautiful moments

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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oncebittcn  asked:

OK friend, I'm obviously biased here, but in your opinion, out of all the unluckier characters, who least deserved their fate?

I’m slow and useless and this may have made me tear up to think about on a couple occasions so thanks for that! This one was really hard for me to consider. I even had to rewatch a few scenes to help with my decision! I should add that I had to consider their previous actions leading up to where they were, their immediate actions before their fate, if they are relevant. Lastly, I had to consider the type of fate and how it compares to their actions.

We can all pretty much agree that most of Katie’s characters are quite tragic in some way. So let’s list those to consider with the unluckiest of fates. We’ve got Harriet, Lucy, Morgana, Oriane and Zara. My poor bbys.

Harriet Chambers

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Harriet did not have a ton of development but I still had enough to work with. In a previous analysis, I mentioned how Harriet was definitely guilty of bullying Kenneth. Even though she was acting out in defense of her friend, it still wasn’t the way to handle the situation. Although it was unintentional, she was part of the reason Kenneth had his seizure and ended up in a coma. Whoops. DJ Harriet, cut the strobes please. Harriet did not argue much and was part of the group the stood by and agreed it would be best to leave Kenneth on the side of the road, outside the ER to save her own ass. Down the line, she showed only a little hesitation and remorse when she became of aware of Kenneth’s status and yet still decided it was best not to become clean. I can fully understand that she was trying to protect herself, her education, her status and her future career, but leaving someone to die because “Nobody gave a rats ass,” yeah, not cool. I think Harriet definitely deserved to be punished for her actions. However, how she died was horrid and completely unnecessary. That she did not deserve. Sigh… a moment of silence for our beautiful Irish doctor… thank you. Now let us move on.

Lucy Westenra

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Can I ever type or say that name without feeling like I’m being hit by a freight train?!?! Maybe some day. Today is not that day. Lucy had a pretty rough time. I mean her sole purpose in this show was to suffer and make us cry with her. It worked. Well done, Katie. When this all started, Lucy was simply a young girl in love that could do no wrong. As time went on, and we started to learn more about her, her internal struggles with her life and self became so clear. She was basically living a life that was chosen for her and she was happy with very little of it. Despite her feelings for Mina and jealousy toward Harker, Lucy still played her part as the best friend and was constantly there for Mina (although she did take a deserved jab at Harker on occasion).

Again, let us consider Lucy’s actions that led to her fate. After being hurt and rejected by the woman she loved, she seduced Harker after being convinced that Mina deserved to understand the pain of being hurt by someone she loved. She came to this decision and was coached by Lady Jayne. After going through with it, she felt terrible for what she did and confessed her actions to Mina out of guilt. Mina’s understandable reaction caused Lucy to feel even worse and it showed. While contemplating herself and everything that had unfolded, she was suddenly attacked by a livid Grayson. That sad look in her eyes will always kills me. Grayson told Lucy that if she insisted on behaving like a monster, he would make her into one, and he turned her. That meant that Lucy was doomed to live the harsh, cruel life of a vampire, but must also live eternally with the guilt of how she hurt Mina and the sorrow of not being loved in return. That is to assume that she and Mina never made amends (I think they would have eventually). Truly, I think Grayson needs to chill the hell out because that is a very harsh punishment for a mistake that a very trusting and naive Lucy made when she was in pain.

Lucy’s fate turned out to be incredibly tragic and was somewhat treated as one. However, Grayson’s words and reaction were intended to make us believe that she deserved what he gave her. Didn’t work, Grayson. You’re just rude and rash. Let us mourn our poor bby gay Vampire!Lucy. We could have had it all!

Morgana Pendragon

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I won’t let myself get into everything that led to Morgana becoming evil. A lot of you already sat and cried with me through that. Now I need to focus on her actions after she became evil. I need to focus on what she did after becoming a powerful, dark, magical presence. In season 4, we know that Morgana had come into her own as a sorceress. She no longer had Uther directly abusing her or Morgause manipulating her. She still had Merlin being dishonest with her, but part of me thinks by this point it would have been too late. That is especially so by season 5. As much as I loathe to admit, we have to consider the fact that all the decisions she made after becoming as powerful as she was were her own. All of the hell that rained on Camelot was her doing and hers alone. She no longer had Morgause whispering in her ear or pulling the strings. Morgana still, however, suffered a lot over the final 4 years of her life. Her anger and hatred for all of those against magic, and her drive for revenge only grew after being imprisoned and tortured for 3 years. After three years, I feel like the need to make those that wronged her suffer and bleed was greater than her original desire to take the throne to ensure people like her would live in peace.

When she finally had the opportunity to try and ensure her victory over Arthur and Camelot, events unfolded that caused her rage to fully consume her. Sadly, she became sloppy, no longer being “old friends” with patience. Part of her was even a little arrogant when she went out to finish the job and get her revenge. Finally, in that fateful moment she was vindictive to the very end. She knew her brother was doomed, “Don’t worry dear brother, I won’t let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you.” She could have left it there… however… “Until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood.” WHOA! Way to send off the one man that was always there for you before your fates forked off. Sad face! She also made the terrible mistake of underestimating Merlin. Again, this would have never happened if she knew the truth. I think a final showdown between these two was an opportunity missed. I would like to petition for a re-write.

Merlin was right to blame himself but was also right in saying the bloodshed had to end. At that point, what other way could there have been? Morgana went through so much pain in her life and we will never get over that. But objectively speaking, she caused a lot of pain as well. Even if she felt her actions were justified, even though there were some earlier times where she wasn’t always happy with her actions, she let her arrogance, rage, and need for vengeance take over. She did deserve punishment, and part of me will say that her actions immediately before her fate led to it. But I will never think her death was fair. Long live the Queen.

Oriane Congost

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Pfffft! Oriane… I just… Wow. Much less conflicted with her. I once said, that I always try to find a way to sympathize with characters. Katie and my thoughts of what Oriane most likely experienced prior to the narrative made it a little easier to sympathize with her. But… that doesn’t stop the fact that she was terrible! Just terrible!! She treated her younger sister with undeserved disdain, simply because she felt Alais was “the favorite.” She manipulated literally everyone she came into contact with in the series. She killed her father with poison and had some lovely words for him on his death bed, “The agony you’re feeling is my hatred twisting in your guts like a serpent. I know you’re not my real father. But your death alone with not satisfy me. Alais will suffer for your sins.” Damn.

Following that heartwarming moment, she held her niece (a toddler) hostage and put a blade to her throat, and she tried to kill her sister. Pretty much every bad thing that unfolded in the final moment in that cave were of her doing. Big old blood bath and Oriane was lighting the candles, setting the mood, and filling the tub. Yeah, I would say she deserved what happened to her. Sorry Ori. Don’t hate me. And please don’t stab me!

Zara Young

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I think all of us agree that poor, sweet Zara did not deserve what happened to her. I mean, literally all she did was show up for work that day. Zara had some extra responsibility thrown her way in the form of two kids. Sure, she lost track of them after they ran off, but I will always state that is not relevant to what happened to her. I still don’t believe that people out there make that argument. Get outta here!

Realistically speaking, Zara was simply a casualty of the chaos. However, she had the most gruesome death in the movie. It was torture! Getting picked up, fought over, dropped, dunked, picked pack up, dunked again, picked back up and then gone. Whyyyyy was that necessary? I mean other than showing off that Katie is a badass that does her own stunts and letting her live out what is most likely one of her top geek out moments. But why!? I will say, that you know, being aware of the things that have happened with Jurassic Park, Zara, love, maybe it wasn’t the best job to take? Let us say goodbye, to Zara Young, Jurassic World Employee of the Year. She will be missed.


Right so the verdict then! Who do I think was the least deserving of what happened to them. This was hard. Like really hard. I have a feeling some of you will hate me for my choice, but it is my final answer! I’ve been battling this for hours people!


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Again, Lucy literally existed in this telling of Dracula to be sad, suffering, pining, cast aside and technically killed. I am a bit of a romantic at times, and all I could think was how badly I just wanted Lucy to be happy with someone that deserved her affections and gave her the world. Seeing her go through the emotional turmoil that she did, while still trying to keep a brave and sassy front was hard. She was not driven by hate or revenge, she simply was young, naive, inexperienced and hurting. Yet she was viewed as a monster. That just doesn’t sit with me.

For those that want to kill me for not choosing them, Zara was my runner up! Followed by Morgana. Please direct hate mail here.

Thanks for the ask, friend! It was brilliant!

I wish there was a link to that speech shea gave Nina in untucked. People on here love to criticize drag race and some of that criticism is real, but you CAN’T deny how fucking important it is and that moment showed it.

I’m not black, I don’t claim to understand that experience, especially not one as nuanced as what Shea and Nina have, but that was so good and so inspiring and such a great moment.

“We aren’t doing this just for us” is such a beautiful sentiment and I’m so glad drag race highlighted it.


He had his hands on your eyes, not letting you see what laid ahead of you. You felt the cold wind hitting you, making you both shiver. But you could also feel the sun, feel its rays trying to warm you both. 
“Can I see now, Tao?” You whispered, feeling how the cold entered your mouth, as if you were swallowing the cold air.
No, not yet” His warm arms tried to protect you from the cool breeze. “Just a few steps more”

Do you remember that photograph you showed me?” You heard him say, your eyes still cold.
Yes I do, why?” All the mystery was a little bit frustrating but was also keeping you entertained.
When you open your eyes, I want you to stare at it. I just gave it to you.. so stare at it”
Not sure why your weird boyfriend was doing that, you opened your eyes and stared at the photograph he handed to you a few seconds ago. It was more like a postcard, you remembered the day you bought it. You had this part time job in a small cafeteria, in your hometown. They used to sell postcards from all over the world and the moment you saw it, you promised yourself you would go to that beautiful place it showed, with some one you love. I’ve never seen snow. You told your best friend as you explained why you bought the photograph. I’ve never touched it, never felt it on my skin. I bet it’s a special sensation, so I want to share it with someone special.

As you contemplated it, you realized that something white was surrounding it. It wasn’t the frame, it had no frame. It was on a second plane. It was the ground, the ground was white. Snow.
You looked up, looked at what was in front of you. For a moment you thought you were dreaming. You thought that no matter where you look, the picture would be in front of your eyes. But Tao’s arms surrounding you from behind brought you back from reality. His touch made you realize that it wasn’t a dream. It was a dream come true.  
H-how…?” Nothing came out of your mouth, you could barely think of anything to say.
It took me a while, but I finally found the place… do you like it?” You nodded. It really was special, just as you imagined.
T-thank you…Tao”
“Anything for my precious girl”

A/N: So I hope the anon that requested this likes it! Sorry it took some time. Anyways, Ilove you all. Ara~

Life's greatest commodity (part 1)

First fanfic, guys. Hope you like it.

They say life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, that life is learning how to dance in the rain. Learning how to express your every emotion not through words, but through graceful movements that tell a story. A story more powerful and meaningful than Romeo and Juliet; a tale more comical and childish than the Three Little Piglets. Dance is the only thing that can paint a picture better than a brush, tell a story better than a book, create music better than an instrument, and show love more than the heart. Tis only dance that can deliver all these valuable commodities in just one swift movement.

Or at least that’s what they say.

Although, I now realize that the saying is biased. Artists will think art is the most valuable commodity, authors will think writing, musicians will think music, and dancers will think dancing. I don’t believe that there is actually one that is more glorified than the other. Standing here though, backstage of the DBA Hollywood stage, I now realize that tonight I need to believe that music and acting are superior to all the other fine arts, in order for me to serve justice to the storyline.

“Showtime in five minutes,” Lisa, one of the show’s producers, broadcasted over the speakers.

Lindsay comes over to stand by me, the smallest hint of a smile on her face. “Are you nervous?” she asks but then adds, “This being our last show of the season, that is.”

I turn to look at her and say, “A little. This show is going to be everyone’s last impression of us. Not to mention, the whole Dancing With the Stars season 19 cast as well as the Pretty Little Liars cast and crew are in the audience. I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of them.”

She raises her eyebrows. “Haven’t they came to one of your shows before?” she asked and wiped away a smudge of lipstick that had gotten on her chin. “At least, I thought I saw them in the audience before.”

“No, you’re right,” I begin and turn to the full length mirror to examine myself once more. “But they’ve never come as a group. I think they wanted to come tonight because it’s New Years Eve and it’s my last performance until September of 2015.”

Lindsay opened her mouth to respond but was interrupted by the loud speaker, “Showtime in three minutes. All actors please report to the ‘on deck hall’.” She gave me an easy smile and watched as I fiddled with the ends of my short, white, lace dress.

A shiver went down my spine as she placed her hand on my shoulder and pulled one one of my curls forward. “Is he going to be here?” she asked innocently, but I could tell that she already knew the answer. I didn’t respond and continued to stare at my shoes from the reflection of the mirror. “Oh sweetie,” she whispered, “don’t doubt yourself now. Besides, your Janel. I’m sure you’ll blow their minds.” Giving her a coy smile, I murmured a quick thanks and exited the room.

The ‘on deck hall’ was completely filled. From the distance, I could see Rumer and Kiara quietly talking. They were probably discussing the fact that the show was completely sold out and how there was a long line of people outside hoping to sneak in. I had seen the line when I had first arrived here today. There had never been that many people waiting in line. Better yet, there hadn’t even been a line before.

The quiet whispering minimized when there was only a minute till show time, and then suddenly it stopped altogether. It was drop-a-pin quiet, but this is how it always is before a big show. At least there was still some sense of normality to this performance.

“We need all actors who are in Act 1 Scene 1 to please get ready to go on stage. Janel and Lindsay, you two are on deck,” Lisa’s voice echoed over the loudspeaker.

The only doors that separated us from the crowd flew open, and a loud, booming applause deafened me. But as soon as it had opened, it had closed, leaving only nine actors in the hallway.

As the show went on, I could occasionally hear a chorus of laughter and more often, catcalls. It seemed as if the show had been going on for hours, but in reality it had only been a few minutes. However, the moment of peacefulness was swallowed whole. Somebody began to push me forward, towards the entrance to the stage room. Lindsay was next to me again and she gave me a thumbs up.

“Go kick some ass out there, Juliet.”

I gave her a small smile and leaned in to whisper, “You too, Daisy.”

Rumer came to stand by us too. “Ready?” Rumer asked, her red dress bringing out her beautiful blonde hair. I was just about to respond when the doors opened and we were pushed on stage.

Rumer, Lindsay, and I took our spots by the piano. Putting my hands on the black wood of the piano, I hoisted myself up and sat down on the ledge. “Yes,” I whispered, answering Rumer’s question even though I know she can’t hear me.

Melina screeched as she ran gracefully across the stage towards us, and the show began.





“I didn’t know you could sing like that!” Sadie exclaimed and gave me a giant hug. “I mean you sounded exactly like Beyoncé. Actually, no. You sounded even better!”  

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. They didn’t hate it. I allow my muscles to relax and I bask in the warm feeling of delight. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed everyone, especially my Dancing with the Stars friends.

A small laugh bursts out of my mouth when I see Bethany trying to push past Tyler and Keegan. Finally managing to get through, she gives me a tight hug. “Congratulations, Janel! That was amazing!”  she squeals and squeezes me even harder. “I’m so glad you let Sadie and me come to your show, even though we’re not 21.”

“Oh Bethany, you just wait. Tomorrow, Janel will probably be sneaking you into your first night club,” a familiar voice said from behind me.

I turned towards the voice and a large smile made it’s way across my lips. I hadn’t seen my Pretty Little Liars cast mates since we shot the last episode of season five. It turns out, I missed them a lot more than initially thought.

Lucy gave me a giant, bone breaking hug. “I missed you, shorty. It sucks not having anyone to look down upon.”

“Your the one to talk,” I said and made a face. “The only person I’ve ever been able to look down at is Oreo. And she’s not even a person!”

After over a dozen more ‘congratulations’ and ‘you did greats’, I realized I hadn’t seen the one face I was most excited to see. For all I know, maybe he didn’t want to come to my show. He had already seen it before, anyways.

A large palm was placed on my back, and I turned around hoping to see him, but I was only met with a wave of disappointment.  “Hey, Alfonso.”

“Well, don’t you look thrilled to see me,” he teased and gave me a warm pat on the back. 

“I’m sorry. Truly, I am,” I say and give him a weak smile. 

It shouldn’t have to be this hard. If I am Juliet, shouldn’t my Romeo love me too? Shouldn’t he need me, kiss me, breath me? 

“If you’re looking for Val. He’s in the back booth about to sh*t his pants, because he’s so nervous to see you.”

Alfonso points me towards the booth in the very corner. I slowly make my way towards the booth my hands slightly shaking. What if my Romeo doesn’t love me. What if it really was all for attention? From a near distance, I could make out his silhouette. He looked mystical, to perfect to be human. 

“Just tell her you missed her and that your really glad to see her!” he shouted angrily, but then shook his head and said, “No. Just keep it low key and then when you get her alone tell her-“

“I like the second one. It leaves me hanging,” I say and step closer to him, making my presence known.

“Janel…” he whispers. 

And in that moment I know I was wrong. Love is the greatest commodity. It tells a story better than art, music, writing, acting, and dancing. Because love is the basis for everything. Love is what truly matters.



We are gonna hear Santanas snarky but absolutely perfect comments for the last time.
We are gonna see Brittany S. Pierce dance like it’s nobody business for the last time.
We are gonna hear Rachel Berry sing out a broadway tune for the last time.
We are gonna see Blaine Anderson in his printed shirts and bow ties & hear him perfect any song for the last time.
We are gonna see Kurt Hummel dressed to the T and confident as ever for the last time.
We are gonna hear Mercedes Jones belt out a song that even if it’s the happiest song in the world , we will all be in tears found r the last time.
We are gonna see Quinn Fabray as beautiful and soft spoken but wise as ever for the last time.
We are gonna see Noah Puckerman in his uniform with guitar in hand for the last time.
We are gonna see Artie Abrhams roll away with our hearts for the last time.
We are gonna hear Tina Cohen-Chang complain about how shes never in the spotlight for the last time.
We are gonna see Mike Chang tell a story with his dance one more time.

But you guys know what? No matter who you ship on this show & as much as you say it annoys you & you only watch it for a couple or a person. You are gonna miss it. I already miss it. These characters they have there moments but gosh am I going to miss watching Mercedes or Rachel sing with there heart on there sleeves and Artie having his hand up representing us in everything we feel lol. Or Quinns innocent smile but kick ass performances. Or Brittany and Santana dancing with each other & intertwining there pinkys with a peck on the lips. Or puck just sawing the guitar. Or Blaine singing those songs that he just dances so completely adorable too but being able to sit at a piano and completely touch you. Or Kurt singing a broadway song mostly sung by woman but better then most females could ever. Or Artie singing that song where you know how badly Kevin mchale wants to get up out of the chair and dance his ass off but he doesn’t because he loves Artie the way he is , just like we do.
Can I be honest with you guys? Well, I’m going to.
When we lost Cory , we all lost something very big to us. And I believe it pushed the Glee fandom apart or some glee fans just gave up on the show. When it should of brought us together because Finn Hudson was a beautiful character. He loved everyone with that big heart of his and made sure everyone felt welcome & Cory was very very similar to Finn. And we all lost sight of everything Glee was. A family. And I miss him so very much. So I’m taking in every last moment of season 6 just the way I did with season 5 cause I’m so happy that I had almost 2 more years with a show and cast that care about the work they do. And have never minded going to work and putting on that superhero outfit for almost 7 years now. Spread love guys ,please. I watch so called “gleeks” get bullied by each other constantly. And I’m sick of it. We are all apart of this family. Call me cheesy , I don’t care. I grew up on this show , I am now a college student & I started watching this in the beginning of high school. My heart belongs to these characters this last time around. Love one another guys! We are all SO similar. Love this family. I don’t know how there is any other way.

The GazettE Live in NYC

Wow it still feels so surreal to me that I actually saw them perform live haha. I mean, I used to talk about wanting to see them back when I was still in High School and now that I have….just wow.

I hadn’t listened to any of The GazettE’s music in a while, years actually. I haven’t been following that scene as much as I used too but…listening to their new album and seeing this live…there was just such a sense of nostalgia for me and it really rekindled my love for this genre of music.

I didn’t get a VIP ticket, just a general admissions one, but I heard that the meet and greet was amazing because the boys are all just…beautiful in person haha.

I got there roughly around 3:40ish-4 PM ish and talked to some people on line and made friends while we waited. @lacieleia showed up a couple hours later and there were a few moments when we all thought it was going to rain on us (I never did actually get the names of the people I was talking too…and I never gave mine either OTL).

We skipped the merch line to go get some spot in the mosh pit area, and I thought it was a pretty good spot, just off to the side and pretty close to the stage. Of course, when the concert really did start I was even closer to the stage and got to stare at Uruha even closer and just…gosh. That man is beautiful and just really knew how to work the crowd haha. Reita and Aoi came over a few times too. And Ruki came over so often, I was just amazed at how close I had been able to get to the stage…not that it wasn’t without it’s pain though.

I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy having two guys bigger than me resting their entire body weights on me for the majority of the concert because they wanted to push in front of me.There was a lot of shoving and pushing because people wanted to get closer to the stage. One girl fainted and like 4 or 5 people were pulled out for trying to crowd-surf. It was absolute chaos honestly. Every time there was a lull, people behind me kept shoving the rest of us forward or tried to elbow their way past us. A guy fainted on the merch line too actually.

Aside from that though, the live itself was just amazing. I haven’t really attended very many concerts before, I think this makes my 3rd or 4th concert?, and the only other concert that was in the same general genre was the X Japan concert I went to, but I was in the seating areas for that one.

I was screaming, and we were all so tightly pressed against each other that when the people around me were jumping, I honestly didn’t even have to try jumping, I literally had to. We were so close to the speakers and the lights, I’m positive I started going lightheaded at some point from it all plus the excitement.

Ruki and Uruha both spit water into the crowd and from where I was standing I got hit by both haha. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing? And then I think Kai threw water at us too…i’m not too sure cause I was trying to keep my footing at that moment. But it was just really great seeing them perform.

And even though I’m sitting here in a new hoodie typing this up, with my feet, back, and neck in complete pain…it still feels like such a surreal experience. It was great and i would love to see them again one day~

Thank you

We really dont praise TMNT 2012 and the people who work on this show enough…..

They give us exactly what we want, sure not right away, but they still do it.

When we wanted Karai and Splinter to reunite, they did, and they put a lot into it, unlike other shows where they’d probably just put 50% of effort into it, the creators of this show really put it all into it.

We wanted a very well done Mikey episode, they surely gave it to us.

The invasion was one of the best finales ive ever seen in a kids show, it had great timing, there was shocking surprises,very well done animation, and such beautiful music that makes you feel very emotionally invested to the characters. These guys gave us a lot of stuff we wanted.

They are now giving us so much more, like going back to the city, having more leo and april moments, the love triangle seemed to have some what chilled (at least in my eyes)

They listen to us, unlike most cartoons or even shows in general for that matter that say “Fuck you, this is our show not yours.”

These people of this show really wants us to be happy. They’ve given us so much, and what do we do? some complain, some ask for more and more, it seems that sometimes this fandom doesnt see how much they take for granted. We got a well structured show, and all we can do is argue, or fight, sometimes harshly criticize the people behind it all.

Sometimes we really just need to step back and think about how lucky we are, and thank you for those who gave us such a wonderful enjoyment.

The show is not perfect, yes, but it doesnt need to be. Its flaws is what makes it so great and sometimes we can relate to most things. Im not trying to start anything, or have people agree with me. I just wanted to really say….

Thank you to everyone who made a wonderful show that i can fully enjoy and be passionate about.

(And thank you Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for making such amazing characters, even if it was supposed to be a joke, im glad you guys continued to create more of these heroes in half shells that made their way into our lives and into our hearts)

And never give up, no matter what.