this show gave us some beautiful moments

Thank you

We really dont praise TMNT 2012 and the people who work on this show enough…..

They give us exactly what we want, sure not right away, but they still do it.

When we wanted Karai and Splinter to reunite, they did, and they put a lot into it, unlike other shows where they’d probably just put 50% of effort into it, the creators of this show really put it all into it.

We wanted a very well done Mikey episode, they surely gave it to us.

The invasion was one of the best finales ive ever seen in a kids show, it had great timing, there was shocking surprises,very well done animation, and such beautiful music that makes you feel very emotionally invested to the characters. These guys gave us a lot of stuff we wanted.

They are now giving us so much more, like going back to the city, having more leo and april moments, the love triangle seemed to have some what chilled (at least in my eyes)

They listen to us, unlike most cartoons or even shows in general for that matter that say “Fuck you, this is our show not yours.”

These people of this show really wants us to be happy. They’ve given us so much, and what do we do? some complain, some ask for more and more, it seems that sometimes this fandom doesnt see how much they take for granted. We got a well structured show, and all we can do is argue, or fight, sometimes harshly criticize the people behind it all.

Sometimes we really just need to step back and think about how lucky we are, and thank you for those who gave us such a wonderful enjoyment.

The show is not perfect, yes, but it doesnt need to be. Its flaws is what makes it so great and sometimes we can relate to most things. Im not trying to start anything, or have people agree with me. I just wanted to really say….

Thank you to everyone who made a wonderful show that i can fully enjoy and be passionate about.

(And thank you Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for making such amazing characters, even if it was supposed to be a joke, im glad you guys continued to create more of these heroes in half shells that made their way into our lives and into our hearts)

And never give up, no matter what.