this show gave me feels okay

oh gosh okay so HERE’S THE DETAILS: the show was AMAZING  —  I mean genuinely incredible  —  all of the performances held their own & even though I went rufus-inclined I was honestly blown away by how the three men captivated all of us with their acting. From laughing out loud at the witty one liners to feeling genuinely sorry for Yvan or Serge themselves, I am still in total awe of the portrayals they all gave. I’d never been to the OV before, either, so it was a whole series of first time experiences for me. 

After the show it was raining but we hung around outside the stage door with a couple others  (Tim came out first & was so friendly & more than happy to stop for signatures & pictures despite the weather). We were waiting for about fifteen minutes after that for Rufus & even though the rain did get heavier  (good old England)  he, too, was ever so kind about photos & autographs (when he saw me his first words were “oh you’re waiting in the rain!”). 

My mum mentioned taking a photo  (which she called a selfie before standing in front of us lmao)  and Rufus started rambling on:  “more like a you-fie really…or an us-fie…or a demi…”  which made us both laugh while waiting for the pic :’)  I got a little hug before we left, too   —  the rain was pretty heavy by that point & we didn’t want to delay anyone else waiting but !! I’m so happy I met him & still can’t quite believe it; he’s such a warm & easygoing person that I honestly didn’t feel as starstruck or as nervous as I thought I would be once we got talking.  

If I could go back & watch it again I would.  It will definitely be one of my favourite evenings, forever.

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feelings on the batfam?

“They’re all nice— considering Bruce isn’t too big a fan of Team Arrow I’m surprised they gave me a chance to begin with. I didn’t meet most of them until after my time there was up so I guess that helped. Showed ‘em I was smart enough to get kicked out.”

“Babs is great, still like her even when she denies flirting with me. Dick’s been my buddy for years okay there is no one I’d rather watch survivor with. Tim’s neat, we were together during that invasion and he’s on top of his shit. Steph is like my little baby sister who I could never be annoyed with. Damian is— Damian. I used to think he didn’t like me but he’s coming around. Bruce is still a work in progress. And Jay’s fine.”

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I’ve watched the series seven times and I’m still surprised every time it happens. I keep thinking it’s an elaborate fever dream where I just wished a show into existence so I could have canon queer romance. But there it is…

That’s it, that’s exactly the feeling. I kept thinking it couldn’t be real. It kept being really fucking obvious. Amazing.

Okay but also like– Chris. Man’s gotta be bi as hell, am I right? Nothing… nothing he did gave me the impression he was STRAIGHT. 

okay being real for a sec here? that episode gave me the same chilling sense of raw emotion that left me speechless and frozen when i first watched the scene with pearl in rose’s scabbard so so long ago. it felt so fresh and genuine, like a smack to the face that leaves you staring in silence long after the episode has ended. i honestly never thought i would feel that again from this show

Fracture | The Flash | Barry Allen

So like last night’s episode gave me a lot of feels, okay.

(more Flash fanart)


“I, I go-got th-these, these ni-nice leg-leggings at, at the dr-drug, drug-g stor-store. Fe-feel the-them. Sil-silk-ky sm-smooth.” Angel attempts to grab at the other’s hands, draw fingers across the fabric on his thighs. “The, the ch-check-kout la-lad-dy ga-gave me this, this wei-weird-d loo-look-k when I bo-bought-ght them, bu-but I, I th-though-thought I ca-can alw-ways we-wear, wear them for, for paj-pajam-pajamas.”

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Omg I just saw your art for the first time and it made me so happy ☺ I feel like each fan artist brings something new to the boys, their own personal style that shows something new about each boy, and seeing your art was another one of those super cool moments so nice work 👌

Oh gosh oh wow okay just. Thank you so, so, so much.

Reading this gave me one of those stupidly big smiles on my face since I find the fanart bubble for 1d to be really…established? I guess that’s the best word to use. And really, I’ve only been drawing 1d fanart since 2016 since my university program was super demanding (shout-out to intensive studio-based fine art and design degrees) and I never had the time to spend drawing for myself till after I graduated. So I’m just getting into this like…six-ish years late and I’m also still developing and tweaking my style into something I love myself (and that hopefully will resonate with others in such a way that they enjoy and might want to see more of it, y’know?).

But anyways, I’m so, so unbelievably happy that my art has made YOU happy, and to be perfectly honest I was having a bad night and this lifted my spirits immensely so thank you for that as well. <3

Today I am angry about: Myrcella

I was rewatching the Season 5 finale yesterday and realized that the show never gave Myrcella any characterization at all this season. Ever. We know nothing about her. This somehow remains true even when she is talking about how she feels: “I know. I think a part of me has always known. And I’m glad. I’m glad you’re my father.” Okay, but… why? Why is she glad?

Has she always admired and identified with Jaime and finds validation in their connection?

Does she like knowing that she’s 100% Lannister, having always felt more connected to Lannister values and history?

Has she always had a thing for Tommen, so she completely understands where her parents are coming from?

Or is she pleased that her crush on Shireen isn’t incestuous?

Has she come to believe that the whole idea of hereditary monarchy and dynastic competition is absurd and appreciates that her parentage is a slap in the face to the system?

Does she hope that they can now go public with the truth and she’ll be freed from the stress and responsibilities of being a princess and allowed to follow her dreams?

Is she relieved that she was born out of love, not the bitter, abusive marriage between Robert and Cersei?

Or does she appreciate the skill involved in Jaime and Cersei keeping their secret for so long and take pride in being her mother’s revenge on Robert?

Is she just happy to have a father who’s still alive?

We don’t know. 

We don’t know anything. 

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Look how far we’ve come taylorswift
❤️ June 20th will forever be the best day in my life and I’ll never forget you as long as I live.

So here’s a little story for you, about my dream coming true:
I became a Swiftie at age 14 (in 2009) and since then, I’ve always imagined what it must feel like to be one of Taylor’s friends. I used to daydream about it and sometimes, I even talked to my posters (yeah okay you got me, I still do that sometimes lol). I also remember that one night I was watching the Ellen show via live stream at 2 am (because of time difference) where Taylor surprised a fan. When that girl saw Tay she started bawling and so did I. I was so happy for her. I never gave up on the thought that maybe, even when there’s such a small chance, this could be me someday and so held on to that dream. Of course there where times where I thought that Taylor will never notice me because I’m just another small town girl from Germany and her fame had grown bigger and bigger but I still had that spark of hope in me. Then, 2 days before my 19th Birthday (on October 15th), at a time where I least expected it, Taylor followed me on tumblr. Since then, she liked lots of posts of me and my Squad. A few month later Taylor even reblogged me and my friend Zoe and added #HAYYY GERMANY in the hashtags which meant, that she knew where I was from, she knew me. I cried so hard every time she liked something. But that wasn’t everything; on the tour weekend I got a DM from Taylor that said I’m a great fan. It meant that SHE wanted to meet ME. So when my Squad & I got into Loft 89, she considered us as her friends and screamed “OMG you’re my tumblr buddies! This is such a good group!” she continued to say so many beautiful, personal things to us and even remembered me as “her twin”. That’s when I realized that I ACTUALLY AM ONE OF TAYLORS FRIENDS.
I still can’t believe all of this happened in real life…all of these “silly” daydreams I used to had came true and I can’t even put into words, how much that means to me. But I think the sentence “Thanks to Taylor Swift she found herself, and somehow that was everything.” sums it up pretty well. I would not be the person that I am today, without growing up with her by my side. Taylor will forever be my person and I could not thank my younger self more for choosing her as my idol/ best friend. 😭❤️

From the girl who never thought she would ever be noticed or even be friends with her idol…

Love, Jana

K Return of Kings: EP 11, Kali-yuga


firstly, and I’m sure we’re all worked up about this, fUSHIMI. FUSHIMI. I JUST CAN’T GET OVER THIS.

If i were to be very honest, when Nagare talked about how Saru isn’t fit for Scepter 4 or HOMRA, I was scared. I scared because it’s true that Saru prefers to be a one-man show, both in the past and even now, and that <JUNGLE> suited this part of his personality the most. 

When Nagare was speaking about it, I was chanting 迷いてない which translate to “no hesitation” or basically - do not hesitate.

And Saru really did me proud because he said that the answer was obvious. He chose Scepter 4 over <JUNGLE>. He chose Scepter 4 despite how an overarching hierarchy was something he never fancied. Without a moment of hesitance.

He chose them.

I’ve never been more proud.

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Outside of Mr. Spock what has been your favorite acting role?

Playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. Tevye tried to hold on to crumbling traditions. I completely identified with the characters on stage. Their story was the story of my own family and their experience in coming to America from Russia. During the last week of the show, the cast gave my wife and me a gift, Sabbath candlesticks. On the base of each was inscribe [sic.] a line from the Sabbath prayer song in Fiddler, „Favor them oh Lord with Happiness and Peace.“ The experience of playing Tevye was so emotional and satisfying that I remember saying to myself if I never act again it will be okay. It was almost the way I feel about Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The High Holidays give me a sense of completion of a cycle and a fresh exciting start.

—  Leonard Nimoy (Source)

Okay, Anti Bonkai people, you need to stop using the tired old “the only reason Kai felt guilt and remorse toward Bonnie was because of the merge with Luke” excuse! Let me explain to you why that argument is false- yes Kai was able to finally feel things like remorse because of the merge with Luke, however, who he chose to focus his guilt about was entirely up to him. When Luke was on the show, he gave no indication that he cared about any of the MF gang at all, he really only cared about Liv during his entire life, so Luke was not the reason Kai wanted to apologize to Bonnie or the reason he saved her from committing suicide, Kai had feelings finally because of Luke, but he didn’t have to help save Bonnie at all, or apologize to her. Just wanted to clear that up for some in a certain fandom that may not understand-if anyone else has anything to add to help explain it more feel free!

It’s no surprise that I am extremely upset and disappointed about Lexa’s death. Not only was she a huge part of the show, but a huge part of my life. Alycia portrayed an incredible character that allowed those in the LGBT community, especially women, to feel empowered, respected, and feel that it is okay to be the way the are. I will never forget how Alycia and Lexa made me feel and how they helped me to feel okay with who I am.
Thank you Alycia for everything. For continuing to be my reason to smile, happiness, and for making a character that gave me hope. There aren’t enough words to describe what your work meant to me.

May we meet again. Reshop Heda, thank you Alycia.


HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY MARKIPOO!!!! You’ve made it so far in your YouTube chanel, you have over 13,000,000 subscribers. You’ve made people laugh when their sad, and you’ve made people forget all about their problems in their life. You gave them an escape from their life, you’ve made us feel like we’re actually doing okay in life. You’ve made us laugh and cry, and scream along with you. You’ve showed us just how important we really are, and we’ll never forget that. And just for what you’ve done we’ll always be your fans. You’ve made me laugh and smile when my parents are fighting or something is going on in my life. Watching one of your videos before a big test at school helps me calm down so I’m not scared. You’ve done way more for us then you’ll ever know. And we’ll forever want to do the same for you. I know I speak for thousand when I say, thank you Mark for the wonderful times you have given us. You’ve made us fall in love with you and your videos, and your personality. We’ll always be here for you, no matter what. You’ve done so much for us, and we’ll never be able to repay for what you’ve done. You’ve tought us that it’s okay to play video game, that it’s okay the be weird, it’s okay to be a little diffrent, because no matter what we’ll always have someone who is just like us, who is you, and we’ll always find friends who trust us and belive in us to the end. Don’t worry what people are saying about Amy. I for one support you both, I think you both look so happy and cute togther. People just need to mind their own business and grow the fuck up. No matter what I’ll always stay subscribed to your chanel. Hopefully you’ll still make videos for the years to come. And I hope that you and Amy stay together if you two are dating. Happy birthday Mark, we love you to the end of the world and back! @markiplier 💙


I decorated my grad cap, as if anyone’s surprised. 

I know everyone and their mother puts TARDISes on their caps but like, Doctor Who really means something to me. This dumb show got me a job, it introduced me to so many people whom I feel incredibly fortunate to know both as friends and in the professional sphere, and it gave me a place where I felt like I belonged (at least back in 2011 before the fandom went to shit haha heyo am i right). 

So uh, thank you Doctor Who for getting me through college and helping me into my future. Here’s to the next 50 years.

I still miss you sometimes

I still miss you sometimes.
It isn’t easy, even a few months later.
I dreamt of you last night, and it felt so real.
I wanted so badly to text you. And see you. And touch you.

I wonder when was the exact time you realized you don’t love me anymore;
And how long you tried to fight the feeling;
And how I looked like to you, not knowing something was wrong.

I know you tried your best.
I gave mine, but it’s not enough I guess.

I still sometimes wonder if you’d call me one day or show up on my door
I still hope sometimes that you’d do.

There are days like this that I miss you so.
And all I can do is write, and let the feeling pass.
All I can do is sit here and wait for me to be okay.