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Star (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Words: 4000+

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of sex, ?

A/N: an anon requested a poly!hamilsquad x reader soulmate au and i had no idea how to do it so it’s been in my inbox for like a month. im so sorry i took so long ;-; i never posted this late (or early before so enjoy!)

“Y/N, for crying out loud, aren’t you the tiniest bit curious as to who it might be? I mean, come on, you have an incomplete triangle on your wrist!” Angelica said, trying to pull up your sleeve. You swatted her hand away, pushing it back down. She always pestered you about the mark on your wrist. Since she does not have one of her own, she tells you that she lives vicariously through you.

There were only a handful of people in the world that had markings on their skin. It was what scientists called soulmate links, people you were meant to be with. Unfortunately for you, and this was your opinion, you hated being one of the few to have it. You didn’t believe in people “meant to be together”, and would rather just find someone that you loved for who they are, not what your skin says.

And the mark on your wrist was so small, it could just be a birthmark.

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anonymous asked:

"N-no, please," Lance trembled. "Keith! You promised promised this wouldn't happen!"

“N-no, please,” Lance trembled. “Keith! You promised promised this wouldn’t happen!”

“I’m sorry, Lance. I-I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t thinking.” Keith replied with a frown. He genuinely felt really bad. This was so important to Lance, he knew that, and yet he still did this to him. Even if it was really was an accident caused by him just not thinking at the time, he still felt quite horrible about it. 

“Now how am I supposed to keep my skin staying flawless without my skin care products that you used up!!” Lance whined in distress. 

“Can’t we just.. Go get more?” Keith suggested, hoping that the answer would be yes.

Lance sighed in response, “yes, but I guess I have to get double the products now since you’re apparently using it all too!”

“I can’t help it. You showed me the light. My skin has never felt softer. It feels like a soft blanket.” Keith replied as he pet his face.

Lance gave another sigh, “You know, I love you, Keith, but this is not okay. Please don’t do it again.”

Keith froze, “wait… Did you just-”

Lance’s eyes widened as he realized what he just said and he hurriedly ran out of the bathroom, “well, I better get right on getting those products before something happens that prevents me from getting them, goodbye, Keith!!!”

Keith stared at the doorway, “oh my god….”

Your reply to an anon where you said Sasuke’s “bond with Naruto was on a pedestal that was above all others in the show” just had me thinking. It’s explicitly stated in the manga that Sasuke felt a bond with Naruto way before they ever became teammates, let alone friends. Because they were both orphans and outcasts (or at least Sasuke felt alienated as The Last Uchiha) and seeing Naruto try to forge bonds with people made Sasuke feel “relieved” as he puts it. Basically Naruto was the first person after the massacre who gave Sasuke hope that one day he might be okay, too, that maybe he’ll be able to make friends and start a family and his life won’t suck forever. It’s nothing that Naruto told him or did to him, it was just Naruto’s very existence and attitude that gave him hope.

So my point is: that’s not love, it’s empathy. That’s what Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship is based on, that’s why they feel such intense emotions towards each other. It’s not because they love each other more than they love their wives and kids and closest friends (though I don’t doubt that they came to love each other as friends over time), it’s simply because they understand and relate to each other on an exceptionally deep level. To put it in a really banal way, they are like two sides of the same coin; they were both lied to, used and abused by the village, the difference is that Sasuke is consumed by his pain and hatred while Naruto isn’t. Forget curses and reincarnation and all that crazy stuff for a moment and just look at the story’s themes; a major one is that hate begets hate. Naruto makes the good decisions, Sasuke makes the bad ones. That’s why Kishi made them opposites in many ways while giving them similarly miserable childhoods; 

Sasuke was created as a foil for Naruto and that’s why theirs is the central relationship. It has greater narrative importance than the romantic relationships, but that’s because the story itself is not a romance.

That was an anonymous submission, and I have to say, bravo to you :)

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Why did you have to submit that to me? A post as good as that deserves to be posted on the blog of the original creator Anon!

I also took the liberty of bolding your final sentence because truer words have never been spoken. Seriously, that sentence deserves to be framed ^_^


You didn’t want to share your brother with anybody. He had raised you on his own, telling you that the same demon were your father. He mostly kept quiet about you to keep you safe but now he wanted you to meet this Shadowhunter Alec.
When he talked about him his eyes always lightened up. Maybe it was the reason why you were jealous. No matter how hard you tried, you never made them light up in the same way.

So when you came in the room, where the tall guy was waiting, you tried not to care about him. Maybe he wouldn’t like you anyway. You were just a little child after all. But he looked at you with a curious gaze and seemed really interested in you.

“Hey (y/n). I’m Alec. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m stronger than I look. So if you break his heart I will hurt you”, you gave back and slipped you hand through your hair.
You could feel Magnus’s body tense behind you but Alec only smiled.
“Okay. Sounds like a deal.”

Maybe this Shadowhunter was really okay and you would like him too. 

requested by @shinfinitexo-genius
hope you like it (I HAD to take such a little girl because it was so cute in 2x05)

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Summary: Sebastian Stan takes dance lessons. He wants to impress his beloved woman (reader). One day he comes back home really late. His girlfriend awaits, really angry that he’s late again. She asks him to show her what he had taught at lessons, so he agrees. It ends in obvious way…

Word Count: 1999

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex

Author: Beast

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Klaus Mikaelson: CHRISTMAS PART 1

Words count: 1360

Warning: None lots of pictures. I own nothing of the pics or the gifs. I don’t celebrate Christmas so all I know is from movies and YouTube vlogers.

Summer: It’s your first Christmas with the Mikaelson’s.


“NIK!” You shouted as you busted into your shared bedroom, excited. Klaus sat up quickly and looked around the room for the source of danger.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Nik asked you and you jumped onto the bed.

“It’s Christmas you silly.” You laughed and hugged him.

“y/n it’s 7 in the morning.” Nik groaned and pulled you down as he laid back down on the bed. He had his arms around you with his face in the crook of your neck.

“It’s almost 8 and everyone is already up.” You told him but cuddled him. “We’re all waiting for you to get up.”

“Can’t you all wait?” Nik mumbled.

“NO! Now get up.” You told him and kissed his cheek before pulling away from him. “Nik come on it’s our first Christmas together, so get up, please, for me.”

You pouted and gave him a sad look, Nik looked at you for a moment before he sighed.

“Fine you win this time, love.” Nik said and you let out a shriek and a smile broke into your face and you ran out of the room. Nik took notice of your Christmas jumper and pajama pants, your hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Nik smiled at how cute you looked. He decided to get out of bed before you came back and pulled him out of bed yourself.

Nik slowly got out of bed and got out of the bedroom, he looked down at the yard in the abattoir. You had demanded for it to be changed into a Christmassy living room, there was comfy sofas and a big Christmas tree that had gifts under it. The coffee table was full of food and snakes all Christmas themed. It was your first Christmas with the Mikaelson and it was the first time Nik saw you excited about something that much.

“Nik come down.” Rebekah called for her big brother. The yard was filled with Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, Davina, Finn, Sage, Elijah, Hayley, Hope, Cami and you. Marcel, Rebekah, Finn, Elijah and Cami were all dressed for the day but the rest of you were still in pajamas or Christmas jumpers.

“Coming little sister.” Nik said and got down to you all. Everyone was talking and eating and sitting around the living-room. You were sitting on the floor with your back against Elijah’s leg as he sat on the sofa. You were holding Hope while talking to Cami and Davina, Kol sitting next to Davina on the carpeted floor.

“Finally brother, we thought you’d never show up.” Kol said and smiled at his older brother.

“Well I couldn’t really say no to y/n.” Nik said and sat down next to you.

“No one say no to me.” You told him and laughed as Nik pulled you to him so you were leaning onto his chest, with Hope in your arms.

“That’s true.” Cami said and smiled.

“I believe it’s time to open gifts.” Elijah said, you smiled excited to see how everyone will react to your gifts.  

“Why not start from the youngest?” Hayley said.

“That’s cruel.” Marcel said and we laughed.

“Yeah, some of us are really old.” Sage said.

“My point exactly.” Hayley said.

“Hayley is right, Hope is first, then Davina and after her Hayley and then we’ll go on.” Cami said and you nodded.

“I agree with Hayley and Cami.” You said and everyone agreed.

“So Hayley and Klaus open Hope’s gifts.” Rebekah said, Nik and Hayley both moved to the tree Nik also took Hope from you, you moved so you were sitting next to Cami. They both got the big pile Hope got and started to open the gifts. Everyone had shoes a wrapping paper so you could tell who got what. Hope was the most spoiled kid ever, she got so many things, but you decided to get her funny clothes and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Cami did know what you got Hope, as she was with you when you went Christmas shopping.

“Okay, who go these?” Hayley asked holding your gifts, they were wrapped separately but held together with a string.

“I did.” “y/n did.” You and Cami said at the same time after sharing a look.

“Ookay.” Hayley said suspension of you two. Hayley opened the first one. She giggled and showed everyone what you got.

“I have a feeling this is how she’ll be when she get older.” Kol said and Sage nodded.

“Only if Niklaus raised her alone.” Finn said and you raised a hand and said “I agree.”

“I thought you loved me.” Nik said faking hurt.

“No, Elijah just compelled me to.”

“Burn.” Marcel said and high fived you.

“Okay next two, one for me to open and one for Klaus.” Hayley said and gave one to Klaus and they both opened them at the same time. They both laughed at the quotes on the baby romper.

“I want to see.” Rebekah said and she took the rompers and showed everyone and again laughter filled the room.

“I wish you were here every Christmas.” Kol said as he calmed down from his laughter.

“Well I think you could count me in from now on.” You told him and smiled.

“I told you getting them was a good idea.” Cami said and you nodded. Davina then opened her gifts, you and nick got her a gold and diamond earrings and necklace. Davina slowly opened the black velvet box.

“Oh my god.” She said her eyes going wide. “Guys this is too much.”

“Davina nothing is too much for you, plus with how much these guys hold balls and all these stuff it’s good to have something to wear.” You told her and gave her a hug. You could tell that Kol appreciated what you got her and what you said, as Davina was still feeling like an outcast between you all.

It was then Hayley’s turn, she got some creative things, you decided to get her a bubble bath gift box and a painting of a wolf that you knew she’d love.

“y/n thank you so much, these are amazing.” Hayley gave you a hug. “And I’ll be using the bubble bath kit as soon as I can, I’m in need of one.”

“No worries, I’m glad you liked them.” You told her. After Hayley finished it was your turn. You felt so spoiled with all the things you got.







You save Nik for the last you knew he was nervous. You locked eyes with Nik as you held the big box in your hand, you winked at him as you slowly pulled one end of the bow.

“Y/N! Just bloody open it.” Rebekah said and you smirked.

“I will.” You said and opened it faster. It was a beautiful ball gown, you saw in a shop once but wasn’t too sure if it will look good on you. You smiled and looked up at Nik. You silently pulled him closer and gave him a hug, you pulled back silently and kissed his lips slowly, and pulled back. “Thank you, I love it.”

“I’ll give you the rest later.” Nik said and you gave him a confused look but nodded. Everyone then opened his gift, you got Nik a handmade wooden watch with his initials in the back and cuffslinks with hopes initials and a picture of her inside of it.

After everyone was done opening their gifts, you all drifted into your own conversations. You were taking to sage and Finn when you felt a hand sneak around your waist and you were suddenly pulled back into a muscular chest. You smiled and leaned back into your boyfriend.

“Excuse me, but I’m going to steal y/n for a moment.” Nik told Finn and Sage who gave Nik a knowing look that caused you to frown.

“Sure, enjoy.” Sage said and sent you a wink, before you could question her you were suddenly in the big balcony in your bedroom, this is where you and Nik had your first kiss.

“What was that all about” You asked Nik.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

About Time // Part 6

| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Type/Genre: Angst, Alternate Universe (Time Travel!au, Soulmate!au)

Character: Jungkook x reader / Jimin x reader (feat. BTS)

Word count: 11,666 words

Prompts: “What if you find your soulmate… at the wrong time?” - Lauren Kate, Passion

Summary: Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?

Warning: Mentions of cancer/character death

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     feel free to change any pronouns & such & make it more like your muse would say it, if you need to ! <3

“ have you been writing those letters to yourself? ”
“ dear ____, today’s gonna be a good day & here’s why…”
“ can we try to have an optimistic outlook, huh? ”
“ can we buck up just enough to see the world won’t fall apart? ”
“ we’re not giving up before we’ve tried. ”
“ this year, we make a new start. ”
“ perfect. ”
“ i’m proud of you already. ”
“ another stellar conversation for the scrapbook. ”
“ i’m kinda coming up empty. ”
“ does anybody have a map? ”
“ anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this? ”
“ i don’t know if you can tell, but this is just me pretending to know. ”
“ i need a clue. ”
“ the scary truth is i’m flying blind. ”
“ i’m making this up as i go. ”
“ you are not missing the first day. ”
“ i already said i’d go tomorrow. ”
“ he doesn’t listen. ”
“ look at him, he’s probably high.”
“ he’s definitely high. ”
“ each days another wrong turn. ”
“ i’ve learned to slam on the brake before i even turn the key. ”
“ give them no reason to stare. ”

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ironic dyslexia

pairing: lin x reader (go figure)

prompt: dyslexic author writes a book that lin loves and he meets her and invites her to see hamilton

warnings: hastag makeout and swearing

word count: 3,069

a/n: happy to write some more for you all. this is one of my favorites. kind of pointless, very sweet. i love lin, but what’s new honestly (ps mY SISTER GOT ENGAGED AND IM SO HAPPY)

Masterlist / Prompt List

Today was hard. You could usually manage, but there was something about today that just made writing so fucking hard. God, you couldn’t even get through a paragraph without the little red line haunting every mistake you made while typing. You had an interview today with a publishing company - what if they asked you to read a chapter from your book? The job would be gone the first time you messed up your w’s and m’s. You groaned, pushing your computer away from you seat at the diner.

It was strange. You would go to type a ‘g’ and think, “g is the lowercase version of G,” and “G looks like a 6,” so you would type a 6. It took much longer for you to get your thoughts out, and you often had to stop and think about what you were writing. God, you hoped they wouldn’t give you a typing test. Do they even still do those?

The waiter brought over a plate of hash browns and your cup of coffee. You ate silently, hoping that maybe the food and caffeine would lift your moral. Dyslexia was hard enough, but being an author made it ten times worse.

Your mom laughed - actually laughed out loud - when you told her that you were writing your first book. She thought you had been completely joking. You pushed it though, not only proving her wrong, but more importantly proving to yourself that a disability wasn’t your definition.

And you did. Your first book was off the charts, every day gaining more attention and praise. You even did a segment on The Ellen Show; that’s what happens when you work your ass off.

You had just started packing up your laptop when a voice startled you.

“Excuse me?”

Your head turned quickly as you jumped back slightly. You settled when you realized it was just a young girl. She was kicking the ground, embarrassed. You laughed lightly, “Yes?”

She looked back up to you - she couldn’t be older than ten. “Are you Y/N?”

You nodded, “What can I do for you, love?”

Her smile grew. She pushed a piece of hair from eyes behind her ear, “My mom read me your book and it’s my favorite.”

Taking in a breath, you grinned. This was a whole new community of people that you hadn’t expected to reach, “Thank you so much, that means the world to me.”

She smiled a little bigger, “I have dyslexia too,” she said. Then, instantly embarrassed, she looked back down.

Your heart swelled; you were rarely confronted about your reading disability. Still, rather than being sheepish over the comment, you felt empowered - inspired even.

You leaned in a little closer, touching her shoulder. “Don’t ever let it stop you from doing what you love, okay?”

She looked back up, then nodding a little, she gave you a hug before running back to the table where her dad sat. He gave you a nod of gratitude before looking back to his daughter.

Honest to God, this had never happened to you before. Sure, you had met a few teens who had read your book, but never anyone younger. Even then, never someone who had felt empowered by reading your story. It was a story about a beach house for God’s sake. And they probably had no idea how many times you spelt ‘beach’ 'baech.’ Still, your heart smiled at the gesture. Maybe today wouldn’t be so hard after all.

Pulling your bag over your shoulder, you headed towards the door before you were stopped once again.

“Wait!” Someone called from behind you, your foot halfway out the door. You were rarely noticed in public - and especially not twice in one morning.

It was a man with a shoulder length hair, the top pulled back from his face. He had a book in his hand. It wasn’t until he was right in front of you that you recognized the cover; it was your book. You let a small smile escape, a blush flooding your cheeks. He was handsome.

He let out half a grin, “Y/N?” You nodded, cueing him to continue. “I’m a huge fan - I’m actually kind of awestruck right now and I’m rambling because you’re very pretty and very talented and -”

You laughed, interrupting him, “Thank you.”

He took in a sharp breath, shoving an outstretched hand towards you, “I’m Lin.”

You shook his hand, thinking about how Lin shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. “Y/N,” you greeted, hoping your hands weren’t too clammy.

After a moment of holding your hand too long, he quickly pulled back, scratching the back of his neck.

“What can I do for you?” You asked softly, bringing his eyes back to yours.

“Oh!” He laughed, extending the book towards you, “I was wondering if you could sign my book for me.”

You fished around your bag for a pen for a moment before realizing that he had a sharpie in his hand. You giggled before started writing in his book.

Lin -
     Thank you so much for reading my book. And don’t worry - your nervous ramble was adorable.

Rereading your note to make sure you hadn’t mixed any letters up, you debated on adding your phone number, but you figured that was much riskier than you felt like being.

He gratefully took the book back, shutting it before even reading it. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled, “My cast is going to flip.”

“Cast?” You questioned, suddenly confused.

“Uh, yeah - I’m in this musical about Alexander Hamilton.” He said sheepishly.

Your eyes went wide, “The one here?”

He nodded, “Why? Is there more than one?” He threw you a wink, making your heart skip despite your eye roll.

Still, you giggled before shaking your head, “I don’t think so. My sister just saw it a few weeks ago.”

He smiled with his entire face, “Really? What’d she think of it?”

“She said it was incredible.”

Lin laughed before doing a little dance, “I can try and score you some tickets - the cast would love to meet you. We’ve all read your book.”

You snatched his copy from his, causing his brows to furrow. Quickly, under your name you scribbled out your number. He smirked at the addition, accepting the book once more.

“Call me?” You asked, using your back to push the door open.

“Definitely,” he said, waving slightly as you walked off. Once you had turned around completely, he gave himself a power fist. “Go Lin,” he smirked.

And call he did. Ten minutes after you left the shop, actually.

“I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake number,” he defended.

Feeling flirty, you teased back, “Why would I give a cute guy a fake number?”

“Because you’re way out of his league?” He curbed, making your face flush red.

“Tease,” you mumbled under your breath.

He called that night too: “I wanted to double check it wasn’t a fake number.”

“Lin, you already called me. You know it’s real.”

“Okay, maybe I just wanted to talk to you some more.”

And again in the morning, you hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

“Good morning!” He chirped, eliciting a groan out of you as you quickly turned down the volume on your phone.

“Too early,” you mumbled.

“Noted,” he said before continuing. “I got you a ticket for Friday night.”

This seemed to wake you up, “Really?”

He nodded before realizing you couldn’t see him, “Does that work?”

“Yeah,” you said, sitting up and smoothing back your hair. “What do I wear?” You thought aloud.

He laughed, “A dress. But comfortable. It’s a long show.”

“Okay,” you grinned, “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he answered quickly. “But you have to promise to meet the cast afterwards - they’ll be pissed if they know they didn’t get to meet you.”

“Absolutely. I’ll be the starstruck one.”

“Doubtful,” he said. You could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

You were writing again the next day. Your mind was elsewhere, thinking about Lin and what dress to wear and Friday. Still, when you went back to correct your mistakes, your writing had a different tone to it; much lighter and more fluid.

Friday came soon enough and you were a wreck. You had called your sister and explained what happened. She instantly gushed about how attractive Lin was - and how talented he was. You called him after, frustrated that he hadn’t told you he was the star of the show.

“You’re telling me that my writing is good, but you’re an Emmy winner for your musicals! I feel like you gassed me up.” You heard him laugh through the phone, making you frown. “Lin,” you whined.

“Okay, okay!” He giggled, “I play Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, but I didn’t gas you up. I’m actually obsessed with your book.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled. He only laughed again.

“You’re adorable,” he settled on, making you blush. “But seriously, Jasmine - you’ll meet her, she is so talented - was the first to read it, right? She gave it to Pippa - you’ll meet her too - and then Diggs -“

“His name is Diggs?”

“Daveed Diggs, he’s ridiculous. He’s a rapper.”


“And then they gave it to me because they wouldn’t shut up about the book, and they were annoyed that I couldn’t talk about it with them.”

You were smiling by now, listening smoothly, “So you’ve got a book club,” you teased.

He threw his head back, “I suppose you could call it that.”

The two of you talked for the rest of the night, by the time it was midnight, he suggested that you just come over.

“Lin, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Well, it depends how you look at it, in some parts of the world -“

“Lin,” you laughed. “For someone who has a never ending supply of energy, how is it that you don’t need sleep? It’s so ironic.”

He smiled into the phone, “Says the dyslexic author.”

You let out a hard laugh. It was new to laugh so freely about something that had limited you for so long. He wasn’t using it against you, simply acknowledging it.

“Too far?” He asked, suddenly nervous.

“Absolutely not. It feels good to laugh about it. To recognize it.”

Lin smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the show?”

“In a dress,” you returned.

“Goodnight,” he said, lingering.

“Goodnight, Lin,” you said. You waited a moment before handing up the phone. You fell asleep smiling that night.

You spent an hour picking out a dress. An hour. Even then, you settled on a simple low cut red dress - it wasn’t even that excessive! Still, you curled your hair and did your makeup, giving yourself ample time to get to the theater.

The show started at seven and you arrived around 6:30. A few people noticed who you were, a pair of teenage girls even asked if you were planning on writing more.

“I’m working on something right now, actually,” you smiled, playing the tease you knew you were.

Their eyes lit up as they begged for details. You laughed as you shook your head, “Sorry! You’ll just have to wait.”

After snapping a photo with them, you found your seat, still clutching your playbill. You flipped through the book, a paper falling out with the cast list on it. The cast changed frequently, so they used scrap paper instead of printing the bios and photos of the new actors. Your heart leapt when you saw Lin’s name across the dotted line of Alexander Hamilton.

The lights dimmed and the show began, the beat instantly pulling you in. You had no idea what you were in for, but boy, did you love it.

You weren’t sure what to do at the end of the show to be completely honest. After the final bow, you were overwhelmed to say the least. Sure, you had written a book. But that? Hamilton? They just made magic onstage.

You waited a few minutes before deciding to text him. What was he thinking? What were you thinking? You had absolutely no idea where to go or who to talk to. Before you could get your phone out of your bag, however, an usher had placed a hand on your arm.

“Miss L/N?” He smiled. When you nodded, he continued, “Mr. Miranda asked that I invite you backstage.”

A smile rushed your face as you followed him towards a back door, still gripping your playbill as if your life depended on it.

The guy who had played Hercules Mulligan was waiting for you behind the door. Thanking the usher, he pulled you back into the dark hallways with a grin so big it filled his face. He hugged you, making you jump for a moment before accepting the gesture and returning it quickly.

“I’m Oak, I love your book.” He said as he pulled away.

“I loved your performance,” you smiled, feeling awestruck.

He laughed but was abruptly shoved away, “Oh my gosh,” the girl behind him said.

“Jas, this is Y/N,” Oak introduced.

A curly head bobbed over, instantly hugging you, “You are one of my biggest inspirations.”

You took in a breath, softly thanking her before hugging her back. When you pulled away, you squinted before asking, “You’re Jasmine, right?”

She nodded quickly, slightly slapping Oak on the chest before turning and whispering, “She knows who I am.” Suddenly, Jasmine was pulled away from you to reveal a dressed down Lin. He had on some sweats and a black Hamilton tee. The sight of him made your heart skip. Who the hell looked that good in sweats? He was unreal.

He puffed up his cheeks before slowly breathing out.

“Hi,” you said.

Lin shook his head slightly before offering a hand and leading you away. Gratefully, you accepted. His hand left yours, resting on the small of your back, flooding your body with fire; making you burn.

His lips trailed to your ear, slowly breathing out, “You look incredible.” Electricity traveled down your spine as his words hit you.

You tried to push your smile down, but his hand fit perfectly and his hair was messy but he was so damn hot and you couldn’t help it.

“Only one person to dress for,” you quipped, moving a little closer to him, as if there was any room between you. He let out a soft groan, moving you more curtly to his dressing room.

He took a deep breath when he got into the room, as if to calm himself down. Lin pulled you to the couch, sitting much closer than two friends would.

“So what did you think?” He asked, nudging your shoulder, “Was your sister right?”

You let out a laugh before you nodded, “For the first time in her life.” You turned to face him. His grin made it’s way to his eyes, “You are ridiculously talented,” you said, still starstruck.

“Then I won’t let you see Javi play Hamilton. You might like him more than me,” he laughed. His laugh was breezy, like the conversation wasn’t filled with heat.

“Who says I like you?” You said, your brows furrowed, a teasing tone making its way off your lips.

“That dress,” he said quickly, easily. You let out small gasp, rarely allowing yourself to flirt so liberally. Speechless, you shook your head with a smile on your lips. He played off of this, taking your hand in his. “But seriously, you liked it?” He asked, turning the subject.

You nodded instantly, “It… was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

He rolled his eyes, “That’s exaggerating.”

“Maybe, but it was still amazing.” You shrugged.

He was closer than he was before. When did he get so close?

“You’re amazing,” he tried.

You crinkled your nose, “Cheesy.”

He giggled, placing his other hand on your cheek before touching his lips to yours. Melting immediately, your hands found his neck and you pulled him closer. His hands dropped back to your hips as his lips molded yours. Your lips parted as his kisses got longer, hotter. You sighed into him, tugging his hair lightly when he nipped your bottom lip. The fire in your chest had traveled to every part of your body and you had never felt so good.

“Dude! Why didn’t you tell me Y/N was here - oh shit!” Someone yelled, barging into the dressing room and causing you two to pull apart. Accidentally, you smacked Lin in the face as you jumped back to the end of the couch.

“Shit,” you both groaned, you in embarrassment, him in pain. Reaching towards him, your placed your hand back to his jaw where it had previously been in much different context.

He laughed lightly, “I’m okay,” he assured you. Your eyes were still worried so he leaned forward and pecked your lips once more, making you smile.

A curly haired boy walked in sheepishly alongside Jasmine. Lin laughed, flopping back on the couch. “Go figure.” He laughed.

The boy furrowed his brows, letting out a slight huff.

Throwing a hand up, he introduced you, “Anthony, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony.”

You offered a small wave, your blush undeniable. Quickly, Jasmine broke the tension with a laugh, “You couldn’t even lock the door, Lin?”

Lin face palmed, slapping a hand over his eyes. You looked down, trying not to giggle (and failing). Maybe it was the way Jasmine leaned so easily against the counter, like this was something enjoyable for her to see, or maybe the way Lin had kept one hand around your waist during the entire affair, but you weren’t nearly as embarrassed as you should be.

“We’re going to get some pizza if you want to come,” Anthony said, scratching the back of his neck.

Jasmine was quick to kid, just like Lin, “Unless you guys are preoccupied.”

Lin groaned, standing up and ushering out the door, mumbling something in Spanish before turning back to you, “I am so sorry.”

You shook your head, “Don’t worry about it. I love your cast.”

He was back to the couch, sitting just as close as he had before. “Oh yeah?” He grinned, giving you no time to respond before his lips were back on yours.

Naruto Canon Couples Foreshadowing

So many people post about why they think certain pairings “make no sense,” “never had development,” or why their ship is “the only couple that makes sense in the whole series”. So I decided to talk about how there isn’t only just one super special magic couple that “makes sense” in the entire Naruto series solely because you like it better than the others, and that most of the canon couples have some sort of development or moment at some point :)

I’m also just limiting this post to canon so it doesn’t get too long and out of hand! I may do a non-canon post later for fun, who knows! :)

As always, my pretty disclaimer: I am pro-Sakura. You will not find me bashing Sakura on here at all. (I wish I didn’t even have to say that… Jeez.) Oh, and same with Hinata. I won’t be spending time bashing her either. I like to keep things civil :)

And I promise I am not saying “this is why you should like and ship them so there”. That isn’t it at all!! You have the right to ship whoever you want!! (Trust me, kakasaku I also have kakasaku crack ships kakasaku that I enjoy kakasaku.)

I am just trying to express that Kishi didn’t just throw people together by drawing their names randomly from a hat.

Anyway, I won’t get into much detail, I just want to provide at least one example for most of the cannon couples on why there was, indeed, some sort of moment or hint that they might end up together and that it wasn’t “totally unexpected”.

First off, Sasusaku:

I hate when people claim that Sakura and Sasuke have “no development”. Just because you do not want to acknowledge the development does not mean it never happened. Some people try to make it sound like Sakura and Sasuke never ever freaking met each other until the last chapter. Since it’d take way too much time to go over and explain everything related to Sasuke and Sakura’s development because there is a ton of it, I’ll just hit a major point or two.

If you want to discount any interactions between Sasuke and Sakura between the beginning of the series until the chunin exams, I’m okay with that. A lot of people don’t care about it (not me personally though). But the moment Sasuke received that curse mark, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship took a much more serious turn. In fact, many people began shipping them around that time. Even the data books state that it was Sakura’s heart that helped Sasuke keep his curse mark from controlling him (ya know, in case you couldn’t already tell that from reading and watching it all unfold in the forest of death).

I also chose this moment as an example because after this point, it’s quite hard to argue that Sakura just had superficial feelings for Sasuke. She had seen the darkness taking control of him, and wanted to be at his side and help him stop it from ruining him. She didn’t want to run away because it was too much drama for her or just his problem. She saw how much he suffered, and she wanted nothing more but to help him.

Okay, I could go on forever about that moment, since it’s one of my favorites, but my point is that moment alone should show that there was SOME development. This is when Sakura’s love became completely selfless, in my opinion, as well. It was a really big moment, not only in personal character development, but in the relationship between the two as well. It was one of the reasons, I’m sure, that Sasuke thanked Sakura before he left the village (the first time). I won’t go into that moment, however, because it’s pretty self explanatory (although people to love to argue about it).

Honestly I could make a huge blog post just dedicated to the development of SasuSaku alone (which, hell, I may just end up doing later), so I will just move on before I start. Point was to give you a moment of development.

I really want to bring up the Sakura bringing Sasuke back to the right dimension thing right now too, but that will have a lot of explaining to it as well because of some of the ridiculous arguments around that… SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST MEGAN AND MOVE ON ALREADY.

Now for NaruHina:

I know, I know. It’s not everyone’s favorite couple. I think the reason for that is a good chunk of the NaruSaku fans are bitter (I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be, I’m just saying it’s a reason why).

But it was foreshadowed. I could even tell that while reading the chunin exam chapters as a kid.

It wasn’t all about Hinata’s growth as a character in the exams. It was about how her respect and love for Naruto helped get her there. (I won’t lie though, I do not enjoy that so much of her character was based on Naruto. I feel like Kishi should have given her more of a chance to stand up for herself because of something other than her love for Naruto. I mean, women can do things without men around ya know!)

It also showed that Naruto started to notice her as a person, rather than the weird girl who gets shy around him.

Hinata was also shown to be the only girl who liked Naruto for himself as children. She wasn’t a Sasuke fangirl like the majority of the girls. That was a big part of why she ended up with him (and yes, I know Sakura and Naruto became close, but that isn’t what we are arguing about right now. Plus, as I mentioned in another post, I see Naruto and Sakura’s development as platonic.)

And then Kishi even had the whole war scene. But I won’t get into that, because it’s a bit self explanatory and I don’t feel the need to get into it.


Honestly, I don’t think I need to defend them. Their fanbase never really argues about what development they did or didn’t have (that I have seen at least). The little drama about the pairing is always so pleasant. (Well, until someone says “They are the only pairing that ever had development!” and start a fight. Hence why I am blogging this.)

ShikaTema’s development (for me) began when she helped him against the sound ninja (one of my favorite moments, by the way). I know people can use the chunin exams as an example of development, which is a-okay, but I personally didn’t feel it there (but again, that is JUST ME).

Also, remember when Shikamaru’s dad told him that No matter how strong-minded a woman is, she will show kindness to the man she loves” That description TOTALLY describes Temari. Super foreshadowing!! :) That cute smile she gave him after she blew away that sound ninja, that did it for me. Loved it so much. Then Temari snapped right back and became the strong/blunt woman she is once again when she had to help snap Shikamaru back into his senses when he became irate at himself about letting Choji almost die.

Oh, and please let me add this too, because it made me happy as well:


As for SaiIno, they didn’t really have development, per say, in the manga besides a few small hints (Ino stating she thought Sai was cute, and including Sai in her dream during the war where he fought Sasuke over her).

Plus there was this cute little bit from one of Kishi’s side chapters:

But with this couple, I feel like Kishi put them together because, well, it just made sense.

What I mean is that, to me, it makes sense because Sai is able to take Ino’s last name, so the new InoShikaCho formation could exist (well, by name anyway). Plus Sai feels more like he belongs to a family now I’m sure, considering he was just known by one name, which wasn’t even his birth name to begin with (I hate Danzo so much I really really do). Plus, Sai seems pretty happy, and I love seeing Sai happy :) (Plus, Ino’s sassiness with Sai’s bluntness! Perfect combination!) However I will agree there was barely any development for SaiIno.

… And honestly, I have nothing for Choji and his wife. No one really does. That was pretty random. I like it though. Chocho is freaking adorable with all that sass.

Okay so this is getting too long, so I’ll stop here for now. I guess I just wanted to point out some solid “there was development” moments.

Hope I didn’t bore ya! Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it!

Silent [M]

Request: Hoseok smut where you’re in the dorm and have to be quiet omg I’m dead at the thought. pls 👏🏼

A/n: I dedicate this to @chokemejimin / @the95liner for reaching 20k. and I also would like to dedicate this to all my Hobi babes. there are too many of you to tag haha

Genre: SMUT, Dom!Hoseok, breath play

Words: 2.6kish

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

You moaned as your back sank into the mattress. Your tired body welcomed the softness with open arms, grateful that Hoseok had convince you to buy a mattress cover. You pulled his sweatshirt over your face and breathed in the comfort. If you couldn’t be near him, at least you could smell him.

The two of you hadn’t spend a lot of time together as he has spent every waking hour in the practice studio preparing for his comeback and you were swamped with trying to balance school and your waitressing job. You missed him, more than you wanted to admit. Most nights you spent playing phone tag, hoping that both of you would be awake at the same time.

Like clockwork, your phone went off. You reached for your phone only to see his name flash across the screen and you smiled.

Hoseok 2:35 AM: Come over

Hoseok 2:35 AM: I need you

Hoseok 2:36 AM: Now

You shot up in bed as your read his messages, a growing panic rising in your chest. “Shit” you muttered as your dropped your phone as soon as you pressed the call button. When you held the phone to your ear all you could hear was deep breathing.

“Hoseok? What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly.

But he kept breathing. “Hoseok?” You called again.

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In The Arms of Another

Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 2122

Warnings: Swearing, cheating, slight angst

A/N: Hey I felt really bad about not posting for a week, so I’m editing a second imagine for today rn! I know this wasn’t exactly a request, but I took it as one because I’ve wanted to right something like this for a while. I hope you have an amazing day or night!! I LOVE YOU CUTIES!!

Request: Hi! So I really love your work– it’s amazing, really! But I was wondering: in the Lafayette fox “A Year of Memories” I believe, there’s a scene of angst where Lafayette thinks you kissed Jefferson?? I tried looking for it but didn’t find it. I’m sorry if I’m being a bother but could you link it if it’s already written, and just floating around? If it’s not already written, and just a wip, I understand. I hope you have a good night/day! -Anon

“This is gonna be so fun!” You exclaimed, dragging Laf up the steep hill.

“I know, that’s the tenth time you’ve said that.” Laf chuckled, making you scoff.

“You’re exaggerating. I said it seven times at most! Besides, can you blame me? It’s finally spring! We can finally have a nice picnic and just enjoy the sun.” You grinned, causing one to form on Lafayette’s face as well.

“Eh, I don’t really enjoy spring that much.” Laf said sarcastically, causing you to roll your eyes.

“You’re lying!” You huffed, slightly out of breath from finally having climbed the tall hill.

“No it’s true! Compared to you, spring is nothing, mon cher.” Laf smirked, putting an arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple.

“That wasn’t even smooth. I’m very disappointed in your attempts at flirting.” You said, pushing yourself out of his loose grip.

“Wow, maybe I won’t go back down to the car and get us the drinks out of the car now.” Lafayette shook his head, laying out the picnic blanket he had been carrying.

“No! It was smooth, I promise. I’m practically swooning!” You protested, placing a kiss to his cheek.

“Fine, I’ll go get the drinks. Don’t start eating without me!” Laf exclaimed, wiggling his finger in your face before he began to walk down the hill.

“No promises!” You called after him, hearing him chuckle as he made his way back to the car.

You couldn’t stop the wide grin on your face. You didn’t understand how he could have such a power over you. Then again, you sometimes forgot how you had him completely wrapped around your finger.

You began to take things out of the picnic basket and place them on the blanket. You didn’t hear someone come up from behind you. When they placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, you couldn’t stop the horrified screech that left your mouth.

“Wow! It’s just me!” Thomas said in between bursts of laughter.

“Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to get back here so fast.” You shrugged, not looking back at him as you continued to unpack the basket.

From behind you, Thomas furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He then remembered the small bun that his hair was pulled up in. His eyes lit up with an idea and a smirk made it’s way on his face.

“I am very fast, mon amour.” Thomas said, the french accent almost a little too thick.

“No need to brag, babe.” You laughed, still not looking up from your task.

“Kiss me?” Thomas asked you, the smirk still on his face.

“You know you don’t have to ask, Laf.” You smiled, letting Thomas pull you in for a kiss.

The kiss was more rough than you were used to. Lafayette would only kiss you like this if you were alone at home. Never in public had he shoved his tongue harshly against your own. Starting to feel slightly uncomfortable, you pushed back against his chest to escape the kiss.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Laf screamed, pulling Thomas roughly off of you.

“Laf?” You asked in confusion before looking between the two of them. Dear god, you had just made a horrible mistake.

“Thomas, why are you kissing (Y/N)?” Laf growled, staring down Thomas with more hatred than you could ever imagine Laf having.

“Uh…well…” Thomas stuttered looking for a way to get out of the mess he had created.

“I could kill you right here and no one would know.” Laf threatened, his voice getting lower and quieter.

“Well, Laf I wasn’t the only one doing the kissing. You did see (Y/N) kissing me back right?” Thomas chuckled nervously, trying to direct the attention away from him.

Lafayette’s expression faltered for a second. No longer did he seem scary and intimidating, but a man who was lost and heartbroken. After staring at you for a few seconds, Laf turned back to Thomas and gave him a hard right hook.

“Oh my god!” You shouted, having heard the crack come from Thomas’s nose.

Laf turned to look at you before shaking his head and storming off. You chased after him, calling his name but he didn’t even flinch. He was acting as if you weren’t even there. Luckily, he waited for you to get in the car before flooring it back to your apartment.


“You kissed him…” Laf trailed off, tears streaming down his face.

“It’s not like that Laf, listen to me!” You cried, trying to get him to pay attention to what you were saying.

“What do you mean it’s not like that? That’s what happened, you kissed him. Am I not enough, (Y/N)?” Laf choked, a sob fighting it’s way to come out of his throat.

“Laf, Thomas had his hair pulled up in a bun. I was too focused on making sure the food hadn’t spoiled to actually look at him. I thought he was you!” You exclaimed, trying to make him understand what happened.

“You don’t need to lie to me, (Y/N). Thomas is a good man, I’m sure he could make you happy.” Laf sighed, turning to walk away from you.

“Laf, you’re not hearing what I am saying! I would never just kiss Thomas, he looked and was acting like you! I didn’t know!” You yelled after Laf as he walked away.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad…I just wish it hadn’t ended this way.” Laf said softly, not looking back at you once.

“Lafayette.” You whispered, crying as he slammed the door of the apartment.

You wrapped your hands around yourself, stumbling over to the couch where you began to sob uncontrollably. You had no one to blame for this, but yourself. If you had just been more careful than you wouldn’t have made the man you love walk out the door.


Laf tried to silence the sobs crawling up his throat as he left the apartment building and began to walk towards Alex’s apartment. He had trusted you and you had betrayed him. He could physically feel his heart breaking down into small pieces. Each of those shards stabbing his chest repeatedly.

Two images in Lafayette’s mind appeared again and again on his walk. The first, was you kissing Thomas Jefferson passionately, as you would usually kiss him. The second, was your heartbroken face as he left the apartment. Both of them caused him an immense amount of heartbreak. He didn’t know who he was hurting more by leaving. Himself? Or you?

He finally reached Alex’s apartment that he shared with John and Hercules. He knocked, tears still running down his face as he impatiently waited.

“Lafayette?” Alex asked, his tired eyes looking worriedly over Laf’s red and blotchy face.

“Hey dude, I need your help.” Laf said, pushing past Alex and into the apartment.

“Why are you here at midnight?” Alex asked, following Laf into the living room where John was sitting.

“(Y/N) kissed Thomas.” Laf stated, both boys snapping their heads to look at Lafayette in shock.

“Oh Laf, dude I’m so sorry!” John exclaimed, standing up to wrap Laf in a comforting hug.

“Why would they do this?” Laf’s voice cracked, not fighting the sob that was crawling it’s way up his throat. “I love them and if Thomas makes them happy than I can support that, but why did they have to hurt me like this?”

“Did you ask (Y/N) why they kissed him before you left?” Alex asked, pushing Laf to sit down on the couch next to him.

“They said it was a mistake and they thought it was me! How could you confuse me and Thomas!” Laf flung up his hands in the air in frustration.

“Well…I sometimes get confused when you let your hair down or he pulls it up…” John said cautiously, hoping not to upset his friend more.

“Jefferson did have his hair up, but they should still know the difference! They have been dating me for months now!” Laf sniffed, taking a tissue from the box sitting on the coffee table.

“What exactly happened?” Alex questioned, wanting to know the full story and not just bits and pieces.

“Okay, so I took (Y/N) out to go have a fun little picnic for dinner. I left them at the top of the hill to take the food out while I went to get our drinks from the car. When I came back (Y/N) was kissing Thomas Jefferson! I ripped them apart, punched Thomas in the face and then stormed to the car with (Y/N) following right behind me.” Lafayette told a shortened version of the story.

“This could seriously be a huge misunderstanding. Why don’t you go back home right now and talk to (Y/N). Figure this out together and listen to what they have to say.” John suggested, Alex nodding in agreement.

“You want me to just be okay with (Y/N) kissing another man? You want me to be okay with them cheating on me?” Laf asked in disbelief.

“That’s not what we’re saying! It’s never okay for someone to cheat on you, but (Y/N) is not the type of person to cheat. It’s obvious that they love you more than anything, everything they do shows that. They get pretty focused on the simplest tasks, they probably weren’t paying attention. Just, hear their side of the story before jumping to conclusions. And I mean actually listen, not be blinded by your anger to hear the truth.” Alex gave Laf an encouraging smile.

“You may be right.” Lafayette sighed, feeling slightly stupid for jumping to conclusions without listening to you. “I’m sure that (Y/N) is asleep right now. I will go home in the morning and talk to them about it.”

“Okay dude, you are totally welcome to sleep on the couch.” John offered, standing up from where he sat and stretching.

“Thanks man.” Laf nodded in appreciation. “Where’s Herc?”

“Oh, he left a little bit before you came. He said it was an emergency.” Alex shrugged, slightly defeated from not getting more details before the man had left.

The front door to the apartment opening silenced the three men’s conversation. They could hear quiet sobbing coming from the entry way. The three exchanged worried looks before rushing to where they thought they’d find a crying Hercules. Instead they were met with Hercules holding you tightly as you cried.

“(Y/N)?” Laf asked in shock at the state you were in.

You were in your sweats instead of the nice outfit you had worn for the picnic. Your hair was a complete rat’s nest. Your eyes were red and puffy. Your cheeks were tear stained and had pieces of your hair sticking to it. You were a complete mess and it broke Lafayette’s heart even more than when he had seen you kissing Thomas. The worst part was that he knew he was the reason that you were feeling like this. He was the reason you had completely broken down.

“I’m so sorry Laf! I thought it was you, I swear! I would never purposely hurt you like that. I love you. I love you more than anything!” You cried out between hiccups, Herc rubbing your back in soothing circles.

“Oh (Y/N)!” Laf swooped you up in his arms, trying to dry the never ending pool of tears leaving your eyes. “I should have listened to your side of the story. I didn’t mean to hurt you either! I love you too, mon amour. Please stop crying!”

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, putting your arms around his waist and digging your face into his neck.

“I forgive you.” Laf whispered back to you, pulling your shaking body closer to his.

Laf kissed the top of your head as you tried to calm your crying. Lafayette silently scolded himself for not listening to what you had to say. He never wanted to cause you this much pain for something that was an honest mistake. Now Thomas on the other hand…well the next day he would be getting a lot of bad karma for taking advantage of you. Laf and the boys would make sure of that.

“Can we go home?” You asked, finally had regained your composure.

“Of course.” Laf smiled, grabbing your hand in his and letting you lead him out of the apartment and back down the street towards your own.

Even if you had an argument that night, Laf was just glad to be going home with the one he loved knowing they felt the same for him. He was glad to be going home with you.

Chapter 3: Meet the Parents

Lafayette x Reader

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Note: Look I’d say that I’m sorry about the ending but… I’m really not. 

Disclaimer: I don’t speak french more than the basics so all my French comes from google translate. I apologize if it’s dreadful.

Word Count:1,763

Tagged: @texasprincess3 @chuckisgod @hamiltonsquills @pearltheartist @zoemonster200 @dem-shitposts-n-stuff 

Originally posted by sinmineral

Lafayette’s grip on Y/N’s hand tightens as they stand outside the front door of her family home. He’s been putting this off for the past two months, doing everything he can to get out of meeting her parents.

He’s not even sure why he’s been so nervous. He knows that no matter what happens, even if they don’t don’t like him, it won’t change Y/N’s opinion of him.

“Um Gil? If you squeeze any harder I think you’re going to break my hand” Y/N points out, a small grin gracing her lips as she watches her nervous soulmate fidget and shuffle back and forth.

He glances down at their linked hands and quickly drops her hand and stares at her with wide eyes.

“Amour, I’m sorry” he mumbles, looking down at the ground. Y/N reaches up to press a gentle kiss to his cheek.

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Butterflies - Fred Weasley

Requested by anonymous. This is one of my first Fred fics in so long!!

Your apartment door swung open with a creak, as you walked into the dimly lit kitchen. You placed your grocery bags down on the counter before sitting down on one of the stools. Fred was most likely still in the shop, considering that you could hear some of the firecrackers going off underneath. 

Fred and you had plans to get dinner after work, so you decided to finish up some of your paperwork before you had to go. Grabbing your briefcase, you opened it up to finish some of your files. Working in the ministry meant that you always had at least something to do, and today it was filling in information about magical creatures that had been recently discovered. 

The door creaked open again and Fred and George both walked in. Fred came over to kiss you, and then George kissed your forehead.

“Hello, darling,” Fred said, sitting next to you, touching your knee softly. You smiled at him and then looked back at George. 

“What’s going on?”

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, spinning you back to face him. 

“Yeah?” He nodded and looked behind you at George. When you turned around, George was smiling too. “Are you pregnant?” you asked. They both laughed.

“No,” Fred said. “You aren’t either, are you?” 

“No, baby,” you said, shaking your head. Fred let out a sigh, and George walked over so you could face them both.

“Okay, so you know we’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, and that’s because we’ve been working on a new product.”

“Ooh,” you said, scooting a little closer to him. 

“Actually we’ve been working on two,” George said. “But I don’t think you’d be interested in a taffy that makes you talk in a different dialect based on what flavor you choose.”

“You made that?”

“Yes, but we’ll try it later. I don’t want you to be talking to me in a German accent all night.” You laughed and touched his knee. 

“Okay, so what did you make?”

“A product that I based off of you.”

“Of me?” you asked, looking between the two boys to make sure they weren’t joking. Both of their faces remained serious, so you went back to focusing on Fred. 

“Yes, well, you know how I’m crazy about you,” he said, smiling at you widely.

“Yes, the wedding ring on my finger gave some clue to that.” 

“Right,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “Well, I’m crazy about you, and I wanted to create a product that made people feel how I feel when I’m around you.” You smiled and leaned in to kiss him. 

“Hey, I came up with the product, too,” George said. You looked up at him and waved him over, before kissing his cheek. 

“Okay, so show me what it is,” you said. Fred nodded and reached into his pocket, pulling out a little purple vial. He handed it to you, and you read the name on the bottle. 

“Butterfly juice?”

“The name is still in the making,” he said, blushing ever so slightly. You touched his cheek softly, and then look down at the vial again.

“So what does it do?”

“It gives you butterflies in your stomach,” George said. You giggled and looked at Fred.

“You are a nerd,” you said. He laughed and ran his hand through his hair nervously again. “Can I take some?”

“You’re not pregnant right?” George asked. You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“No, we’ve covered that.”

“Then take it,” Fred said. You nodded and took a drink of the vial. It tickled as it slid down your throat, and you could feel it the second it hit your stomach. When it did, it felt like actual butterflies were flying around. It made you laugh, and you felt a little nervous, but mostly happy. 

“Oh my god,” you said. 

“How does it feel? Like the real thing?”

“Yes,” you said, touching your stomach. “Is this really how I make you feel? Even now?”

“Of course,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for another kiss. 

“I love you,” you said. You wrapped your arms around his neck, and he held onto your waist, pulling you into his lap. “George-”

“I love you, too,” he said, touching your shoulder. 

“Actually,” you said, pulling away from Fred for a minute. “I was gonna ask you to leave so I could make out with your brother.” 

“Yeah, beat it, Georgie,” Fred said, situating you better onto his lap, holding your ass. You winked at George as he walked towards the door, before going back to kiss the more handsome twin. (At least in your opinion.)

“You think we should bring some of this butterfly stuff into our room?” you asked, wagging your eyebrows at him. He smiled and picked you up, grabbing the little vial. 

“Most definitely,” he said, kissing you again.

“We’re not going to dinner, are we?”

“No, not yet.” You beamed and wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him as he carried you back to your bedroom.

“You’re the most amazing husband. Thank you for the butterfly juice, even if it has a terrible name.” He laughed as he laid you down on the bed.

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry we’ll work on the name. Essence of Y/N? ” he asked, kissing you quickly. “Y/N juice?”

“Shut up,” you said, smacking his arm. “Those are all awful.”

“I know, you’re right.”

“Just kiss me.”

“Sounds good,” he said with a smile, bringing his lips back to yours.

Kurt Wagner x Reader - Mein Engel

Your mutation: Angel Wings
Word Count: 1154
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: One mention of sex, language

gif credit to claracivry  

“Shit.” you swore under your breath, erasing the small mistake you made on your sketch. Being the new girl wasn’t always fun and games; so far, no one had even spoken to you yet. You expected a school full of mutants to have a lot more people who stood out, but sadly almost everyone looked normal. There was one person who had caught your eye so far. On the other side of the field, at a table with his friends sat a blue boy. He had a tail, elf-like ears and scars in his skin. He was beautiful.

You shifted to stretch your wings out before they began to cramp. A few students glanced your way, staring at the huge, white wings on your back. This is why you had hoped that students here would all stand out, so maybe, for once, you could blend in. You shook your head and turned back to your sketch of the blue boy.

The sketch was almost finished and it was your best work you had done in a long time. You brought your head up to steal another look at the blue boy when you noticed he was staring right at you. Quickly, you ducked your head down, hoping that the boy hadn’t spotted you looking at him.

On the opposite side of the field, Kurt and the other X-Men sat together eating lunch and having small conversations. Kurt had drifted off into thought again; completely zoning out. He suddenly felt a nudge on his shoulder.

“Cute girl staring at Kurt at 12 o’clock.” Jubilee giggled, bringing her hand up to point at you.

“Damn. Kurt, you should go say something. She is hot as hell.” Peter whistled. Kurt looked over at you, meeting your eyes. You quickly glanced away, but Kurt couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

“Sie ist wunderschön. (She is beautiful)” Kurt whispered.

“Kurt, you went German on us again. What did you say?” Scott asked. Kurt shook his head, trying to pull his eyes away from you. He was enamored by how angelic you looked. Kurt felt like he had finally found his angel.

“Nothing. I vas just… thinking about something.” he mumbled, turning back to his meal.

“Go talk to her. Maybe you’ve finally found your angel.” Jean gave Kurt a soft smile. Kurt wondered had Jean had been able to so perfectly depict exactly what he was thinking.

“Kurt, I’m a telepath. Of course I know what you’re thinking. Go say hi.” Jean giggled, pushing Kurt out of his seat and in your direction. He took a deep breath and teleported to you.

You were just adding one more thing to your drawing when you heard a *BAMF* in front of you.

“Ah!” You squealed, slamming your sketchbook shut and scrambling to stand up. The blue boy stood in front of you, a nervous look on his face.

“I am so sorry! I vas not meaning to scare you.” he stuttered out. You stretched out your wings, fluttering them. It was a nervous habit you had.

“It’s fine. Um, hi. I’m (Y/N). I’m new here. Sorry if I, uh, freaked you out a bit earlier. I didn’t mean to stare. I know how awful it feels, feeling like someone is staring at you because you’re different. So, uh, if I made you feel like that I’m, um, sorry.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck anxiously.

“It is alright. I am Kurt. I know what it is like to be new. And you did not freak me out. I am sure you understand what is like to get stares. Not because of your, uh, wings. Because you are j-just so, uh, wunderschön. (beautiful)” Kurt ducked his head, avoiding your eyes. The two of you had settled into a silence, exchanging smiles with one another.

“Vould you, uh, like me to show you around the mansion?” Kurt suggested. You hadn’t seen much of the mansion yet, and seeing it with this handsome blue boy was a dream. You gave him a smile and nodded your head.

“YEAH KURT! GET SOME!” You heard someone yell across the field. Kurt’s cheeks turned a light shade of purple.

“That is Peter. He is… annoying to say the least.” Kurt chuckled. Kurt began to show you all around the mansion; every room was something different and it was all beautiful.

“Come over here, (Y/N). I have to show you something, but you must promise me that you vill not tell anyone.” Kurt gave you a small smile, leading you over to a wooden panel in the hallway. He pressed his hand on it and a passageway folded open. Kurt quickly looked over both shoulders and ducked inside, pulling you in after him.

“Wow. Out of everything I’ve seen in the mansion, this is the coolest.” You said. It was a small hallway that entered to what looked like a panic room, but had been decorated to Kurt’s liking.

“I spend time here vhenever I feel like I need to get avay. Now you know how to get here, so if you ever feel like you need to get avay from everything, just come here.” Kurt’s face lit up with the first real smile you had seen on his face all day.

“This is so cool Kurt. Thank you so much for showing me around.” You gave him a hug and felt him tense up.

“Are you okay?” you asked, stepping back.

“I-I am sorry. I am, uh, not very used to people touching me. It is something I vill get accustomed to, I am sure. You just, um, caught me off guard.” He mumbled.

“I’m so sorry, Kurt. I should have asked first.” You apologized. How stupid could you be? You had gotten too caught up in the moment.

“No! No, it is fine. Here, quickly, vrap your hand around my waist.” He gestured for you to come close. You began to ask why, but within a flash, a feeling like falling and a *BAMF* the two of you were out on the field again.

“That was so cool, Kurt!” you exclaimed. His mutation was far better than yours was. Being able to teleport?!

“Thank you.” Kurt said, a small blush growing on his cheeks.

“Thanks for showing me around today. We should hang out sometime.” you smiled, sheepishly.

“Kann ich küsse dich auf die wange? (Can I kiss you on the cheek?)” Kurt asked, slipping into German.

“I’m sorry, what?” You giggled. His German accent was very attractive.

“I asked if um, I could kiss you? On the cheek, of course.” You began to blush and gave him a nod. The blue boy leaned in, giving you a small kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Kurt. For everything.” You smiled at him.

“No problem, mein engel. (my angel)” He gave you a full smile; one that made his face light up.

You and the blue boy would definitely be seeing more of each other.

Thank you all so much for reading! I worked really hard on this imagine and I’m super proud of it. I’m absolutely in love with Kurt’s character and I hope you all like him too <3

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nessian + fire (do your worst! 😘)

It was for a while now that Nesta couldn’t get Cassian out of her head. She thought about his stupid face while she was training, reading, showering and especially when she was alone in the bed. His stupid face was everywhere.

She knew he was in love with her. You didn’t have to be a genius to figure that out. He didn’t try to hide it after all.

Azriel was usually training her but Rhys sent him away, to do cauldron knows what. She spent 10 minutes walking around her room and naming pros and cons of asking Cassian to train her.

“Get your fat ass off the bed. You’re going to train me today.” She said after she barged into his room and threw his fighting leathers at him.

“Good morning to you too, sweetheart. Azriel’s out of town I see. Luck is finally at your side since you’ll have to look at this all day”, he pointed to himself and winked.

They made a deal, her and Azriel, to not tell anyone how good she was with her new powers. First, she wanted to feel confident enough so when someone asks her to show what she got, she won’t fail.

“Okay, Azriel told me that you’re still at the basics so try to light this candle, would you? Or is it too much?” He gave her his cocky grin.

Oh how much she wanted to wipe away that stupid grin from his face. She gave one of her vicious smiles, one that will tell Cassian he did something wrong. And then, with a mere thought she put his clothes to fire.

He screamed, he actually screamed like a little girl. Nesta was laughing so hard it started to hurt. She make fire disappear but she wasn’t thinking about the fact that if his clothes burned out…

“Damn Nesta, if you wanted to see me naked you could just a-” and she was kissing him before he could finish, before she even counted the pros and cons. She didn’t care anymore.

leonard snart cares so much about jax omg

okay like seriously you guys i can’t believe i have to make this post but like i’m gonna

so here are some cold hard facts

-in the pilot (ep1), leonard is the one who makes jax stay behind on the ship; “i said i’d take care of you” already in big-brother mode honey? really?

-in blood ties (ep3), leonard tells jax about his father, with barely any prompting. he is honest, and there is nothing that he gains from telling jax that his father was an abusive piece of shit. n o t h i n g. all he gets? jax probably realizing that there’s more to leonard than meets the eye. maybe a bit of sympathy. 

-in white knights (ep4), jax gets injured. leonard is on the bridge with raymond, and the second jax limps onto the bridge with blood on his shirt, leonard’s entire demeanor changes. his face falls, his posture changes to be more attentive and less *sultry lurking*. he looks PISSED. he looks like “who the fuck hurt jax i’m gonna murder them immediately.” then he leaves the bridge. why? did he accidentally show a feeling? idk man you tell me i’m not a mind-reader here.

-in night of the hawk (ep8), first of all, look at leonard’s face when they realize jax was turned into the monster thingy HE IS IN PAIN OKAY THAT IS LIKE THE SAME LOOK HE JUST GAVE MICK WHEN HE ABANDONED HIM?? LIKE?? HOW CAN YOU LOOK AT THAT AND THINK LEONARD DOESN’T CARE ABOUT JAX?? 

“Jax, don’t make me do this!” okay like damn leonard have MORE FEELINGS about this situation okay thanks

jax claws at leonard and instead of leonard retaliating, he shoots at the pipe and runs away okay cool

they run into jax again, jax swipes at him again, and he L E A P S back and like holds up his hand? like calming? like i know jax just knocked your gun out but like it’s a calming stance not a fighting stance honey you know jax has no idea who you and stein are right now b u t there’s probably something more effective you could’ve done but he doesn’t want to hurt jax seriouslyyyy

leonard lurking over jax in the med-bay looking so concerned like damn 

“let’s not get sentimental. another minute and things may have gone very differently” okay honey sure you were going to just switch it up that quickly after being on the defensive for the entire time and just try to kick his ass uh-huh i absolutely believe you

“after last night i know enough about monsters to know that you’re not one” “stop i’m getting misty-eyed” LEONARD YOU ARE THE KING OF DEFLECTIONS OH MY GOD the body language here, he’s curled up into himself, and jax apologizes and he struts forward, back to appearing confident and in control

-in magnificent eight (ep11), when jax gets taken by the stillwater gang, the first person to comment is leonard “NOT WITHOUT JAX” snart

“the town is still in danger” “SO IS THE KID” okay but leonard doesn’t care about jax not even a little bit okay sure

-in river of time (ep14), leonard is just. so pissed. at rip. about jax getting his ass kicked by the time drive and those side effects and HE LITERALLY PACES IN THE MED BAY AND THEN HE SAYS “you deserve better” 



-in conclusion, leonard snart thinks of jax as a little brother, cares about him so very, very much, and would probably die for him or at least murder a whole bunch of people for him

choose your battles

im?? starting another series?? sorry. its cute what do u want from me.

3.1k words 

i think the pairing to come in the next few parts is fairly obvious but im gonna wait until it’s a bit more predominant to put the pairing up here. 

part 2 here

part 3 here!


Turning the key to the hotel room, you sighed, happy to be ridding yourself of the true horror that today had been. Pushing your way into the hotel, you paid no mind to the talking that you could hear, assuming it was from one of the neighboring rooms. You walked in and set your bag down on the floor and moved to pull your hair up before turning to see a blond man, sitting behind a laptop, staring at you with a gun in his hand.

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Frosting Kisses - Tyler x Reader

I had just got done making cookies, the whole house smelled of them. I had sat down to read my book, music playing in the background, scooping the remainder of the frosting in the jar onto my spoon and licking it off as I read my book. I was waiting for Tyler to come over so we could hang out. Lately, he had been busy with work, I wasn’t bitter it just sucked he had to work so much. At least I shouldn’t be bitter after all me and him are just friends.
“I’ll be back later y/n” Ethan called, I glanced up at the blue haired boy and nodded.
Ethan was one of my close friends and ended up moving in with me so I wasn’t alone in the apartment.
“Okay, Eth, Tylers coming over anyway,” I said closing my book with my thumb in between the pages to keep my place.
“I know” he smirked, “That’s why I’m leaving to give you too some alone time” he winked.
“Shut up nerd,” I said throwing a pillow from the couch at him, he caught it laughing “You know me and Tyler are just friends, he’ll think I like him if you keep making weird comments like that” I huffed.
“But you do like him” Ethan teased bending down to tie his shoes.
“No, I don’t! You know what just leave” I huffed “You call a guy cute once” I mumbled under my breath the pillow I threw at Ethan hit me in the head and I playfully glared at him.
Ethan quickly dashed out the door giving a quick ‘see ya’ before closing it. I sighed and got back to reading and eating the frosting, I was focused on my book when the door opened I glanced up and saw Tyler, I pretended not to notice him and go back to reading. I had been the one to invite him over in the first place, but I also wanted to finish the chapter.
“Hey! smells good,” Tyler said sitting on the couch next to me.
I put up a finger telling him to wait a minute.
“Are you eating frosting out of the can?” he asked a bit judgmental.
“Shut up you ate a cold hot pocket cause you were too lazy to put it back in the microwave,” I said putting my book down and smirking at him.
“Okay fair enough” he chuckled.
“We don’t hang out enough anymore,” I said.
“I know, I’m sorry I’ve been busy. Why is it so important to you anyway?” Tyler asked looking at me.
“It’s not!” I said stubbornly “I just don’t want to lose someone like you” I mumbled.
“Someone like me?”
“Nevermind… it’s stupid” I sighed licking the frosting, Tyler knew better than to press me further about it.
We sat in silence for a bit and I looked over at him
“So you want to-” he was looking at me weirdly “why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.
“nothing- what were you saying?” he asked.
“Oh, do you want to watch a movie?” I asked.
I looked back to my spoon it was almost gone I put the rest in my mouth and pulled the spoon out clean of frosting, I looked back at him.
“I have-” I was cut off my Tyler lips on mine, he was leaning over me as he kissed me.
I was frozen in place I couldn’t do anything, eventually, though I melted into the kiss, he licked my lips and pulled back. I pushed him off of me.
“What was that for?” I asked covering my face trying to hide how red it was.
“You had frosting on your lips,” Tyler said.
I peeked from in between my fingers to see him with a sly smirk.
“Well tell me don’t kiss me!” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a worried look “You didn’t like it?” he asked.
I paused feeling my face go even redder if possible “Well I didn’t say that…” I mumbled crossing my arms.
“So you liked it?” he smiled.
“Didn’t say that either” I huffed.
Tyler gave me a confused look, and let out a breathy laugh uncovering my face and looking at him.
“I’ll uh leave… if you want me too,” Tyler said.
“n-no… I mean you don’t- I mean I don’t want you to” I said.
“Okay,” he nodded.
Awkward silence, at least it felt awkward to me, I was trying to gather up my feeling about the kiss, it felt like it was a dream, I looked at Tyler again and looked down. I coughed to break the silence and he looked at me, I met his gaze and gave him a soft smile to show I wasn’t mad at him, it seemed to relax the worried look he had.
“Kiss me again” I mumbled.
“What?” he sounded surprised
“I said kiss me again…. before I change my mind!” I huffed.
Tyler smiled with a soft laugh before he leaned in slowly pressing our lips together again, this time I responded much faster, my hands were quick to tangle themselves into his hair leaning down slightly uncomfortably on armrest of the couch, I didn’t mind at the moment, his hands went to my hips as we kissed, he licked my lips this time asking for entrance, when I didn’t give him it his bit my lip gently causing me to gasp, he took that time to push his tongue into my mouth.
There was a small gasp from someone cause me and Tyler to pull apart, both of are faced flushed, I was almost hoping it was an intruder there to steal our stuff, but I looked up and met blueish-greenish eyes.
“Ha! I knew you liked him!” Ethan said though he was blushing too from walking in on us basically making out.
“S-Shut up!” I growled.
Tyler got off of me and I sat up.
“I’ll leave you guys alone I just forgot my wallet,” he said.
Ethan went to his room.
“So you like me huh?” Tyler teased.
“No that was a pitty make out,” I said but then sighed “Fine… I guess I like you… a lot, that’s also why I spend a lot of time with you, so you can’t meet someone else” I admitted sheepishly.
“Why did you tell me?” Tyler asked.
“Because I didn’t want to lose you as a friend,” I said.
“Well… I don’t want you as a friend” Tyler said.
I looked at him a bit hurt, Tyler, chuckled at my expression, though “I don’t want you as a friend ‘cause I want you as something more”
“Is that okay?” he asked.
I smiled at him kissing him gently “Yeah that’s perfect”
“Awe” Ethan said.
I growled and started throwing pillow after pillow at him until he ran out of the house.
“He’s gonna tell everyone isn’t he?” I said.
“Probably” Tyler shrugged “are you okay with that?”
“Yeah… if you are,” I said.
“I’m fine with everyone in the world knowing you’re mine” Tyler smiled.