this show deserves more love and so does the cast

a thank you/love letter.

Six years ago, we stumbled into a little town in Maine called Storybrooke. We fought dragons, traveled through realms, defeated curses, found happy endings, and most importantly, we fell in love with possibly the most screwed up family tree in the history of the world.

Like for most of the fandom today, it’s been a really, really long week. We went from celebrating a wonderful wedding to feeling like the world had been abruptly yanked out from underneath our feet the next morning. This week has felt like it’s been leading up to a funeral and I’ve never been more heartbroken or devastated. And I know, for many fans, this finale is the end. 

I’ve been in plenty of fandoms and loved just as many shows as before OUAT came into my life and there will be probably more to come after. What I can’t imagine is anything else having so much of my heart as this show does. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have met many of the cast and long after this, I’ll always respect, support, and love them in their future endeavors as they deserve and I hope you all will too. 

The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, and the journey I’ve been on has made this show mean more to me than I’ve ever known before. To a lot of people outside of the fandom life, it’s just a show, it’s just a character, it’s just a movie, whatever. Never let anyone tell you that something as simple as a show can’t inspire the very best in people; or even worse, that they aren’t real. These characters were real, their relationships were real, their stories were real and they changed every single one of our lives.

Thank you to this spectacular cast of Ginnifer, Josh, Jennifer, Colin, Jared, Lana, Rebecca, Emilie, and Robert for everything they’ve given us. Thank you to the enormous supporting cast of actors and behind the scenes crew from Vancouver to LA.

And finally, thanks to you, our followers. We have had lots, lots of ups and downs in this fandom throughout the years, but one thing we’ve all agreed with and never wavered on is our love for this show. Storybrooke Mirror has been here since day one and we will continue to be long after it’s over. Whether or not you’ll be with us in Season 7, please do what makes you happy. And never forget the most important thing that OUAT taught us: there is always hope.

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I love how Black Sails writers have realised that they've got one of the best orators on tv and were like "we gonna write him so many speeches and monologues and some more mini-speeches and mini-monologues". It must've felt like a blessing to know that you can write the most complex text and he will deliver it. That it will not feel clunky and the audience will not go zzz *snore*. I miss Flint's speeches.

!!!!!!!!!!!! oH GFHDSOD I KNOW 

they really couldn’t have done a better job on both character writing and casting for flint. it’s unparalleled, i’ve never seen anything like it. toby’s line delivery alone, i mean it makes me want to go out there and fight for him, i’d fight the whole world for him. ride or die. every single time he does one of the speeches or monologues im like sobbing and doing a standing ovation even if it was about violently murdering people i mean what the fuck ??? how does he do it?! WHY DOES HE AFFECT ME SO?! i love when the cast and crew praise toby because he truly deserves every ounce of it and more. jon steinberg at one point said the show would’ve been a disaster without him, and while i believe that every member of that wonderful cast did an incredible job and made the show as great as it is, we would’ve definitely felt a huge and awful difference if it had been someone else playing flint. toby was born for this role and i’ll forever be grateful to him and to the black sails writers for bringing flint to life so beautifully 

About Matthew

I know that this was possibly said a thousand times already, but I feel like we need to do something about this issue or at least try. I’m getting seriously worried about the comments that Matthew’s getting on social media and more worried I am that he’ll get mad because of it (and he totally has the right tbfh).

Shit’s getting quite ugly and I don’t like it. There’s tons of things that people in the fandom are doing that are not only dumb af but disrespectful too. Look, I know that Matthew is handsome and that some of you like him only because of that, but please stop attacking him EVERY time he posts a picture of the sky or an animal. Please.

Stop telling him to “shut up” or “to post selfies”. Matthew is not there to give you what you want, he’s a person and as much as you have the right to post videos of cats on your social media accounts or long posts about your life or whatever thing you do, he has the right to be a dork and post dumb messages and post animals, because that’s what he loves. He’s his own person and nobody but him should have a say on what he publish or not.

Everytime Matthew goes out of his way to apologize or to explain why he isn’t posting selfies or anything I feel terribly bad because yeah, he might say it in a joking manner or whatever but I’m pretty sure that deep down he’s getting more and more tired of our bullshit.

Please be nice. Show some respect. You guys will regret being assholes when Matthew finally loses his shit and does something about it. He’s a nice and dorky cinnamon roll and we honestly don’t deserve him, so if you’re going to be love him, love him for being who he is and not only because he’s handsome.

(PS. Not talking about other cast members because I haven’t seen anything remarkable on this matter. But if you do, please say something. Let’s not ruin the fun for anyone.)

How to understand what NCIS haters say ;)

There’s haters in every fandom, that’s nothing new. Fangirls/boys and casual viewers and and and. Everyone has a favorite, a least favorite, and so on.

In the wild life, animals use a certain tactic: even tho they’re generally a quite small number they’re very vocal and loud. For wild animals it’s a mechanism for their defence. And we all have seen how haters are: vocal in a hateful manner which is hard to find the real interpretation for.

I found a post from a different fandom a while ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now I’ll do something similar with the statements from NCIS haters.

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Stiles always loved Lydia, he surely had feelings for Malia, he liked her, he cared about her and she was the first one who really noticed him but to me Stiles wasn’t in love with her, love is the way Stiles looks at Lydia everytime she’s in danger, he protects her and tries to do whatever it takes to save her
That’s love in my opinion, not just friendship. You can ship everything but you can’t deny stiles ’s love for her , which is grown in 5 seasons. At first it was a big crush, an obsession for the prettiest girl at school; but from season 3 the development is obvious for them. It’s not “nerd guy and popular girl ” anymore. His feelings for her has changed, grown, they are stronger and more mature. It’s love not a crush/obsession.
I can surely say that Stiles Stilinski loves Lydia Martin, but what Lydia feels about him it’s a puzzle, because it’s difficult to understand.
We know for sure that she was a bit jealous at first
(4x01 is a big example ) and sometimes I can give up and say “Ok she sees him only just a friend, maybe it’s just that ” but sometimes I see way more than that..
The way she looks at him, protect him.. they look so like a married couple sometimes.
There are so many episodes that make me think them as a couple in love
-3x11 (the kiss )
-3x14( when he saves her from the trap)
-3x15 (red strings of fate )
-3x24 (well, the entire episode)
-4x01 (the way they fight like a married couple , her jealousy about him and Malia )
-even when they hold their hands, look each other deeply, protect each other etc..
As a Stydia Shipper I admit that I see something with Parrish beside the supernatural connection, but I think it’s just physical attraction, a little crush maybe ? but not love.
I’ll always see stiles and lydia as something more than friendship, if he ends up with Malia and Parrish with lydia I think it’s unfair
Stydia connection it’s stronger than Marrish and Stalia
I love Malia and Parrish ’ s characters but not with Stiles and Lydia
Parrish is a good guy I can’t hate him and Malia? She’s grown so much.. I’ve loved her development on this season (5A-5B)
I don’t see Stalia and Marrish as that love story that make me say One True Pairing (OTP) or ‘I wish I had that in my life with someone forever ’
Stiles and Lydia does.
Stydia deserves happy ending
Stiles deserves that
Everyone ships them the cast and even on the show
Scott, Kira, Allison, Deaton, Aiden etc (yes she liked Lydia but he understood there was something more between them
Arden, Dylan O'Brien , Holland , Ian Bohen , Charlie Carver, Max Carver , Khylin, Cody, Jr, Linden , Crystal , Dylan S. etc.
so … why not ?
We’re waiting almost 5 years…
Stiles is waiting 10 years