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How inconsistent children casting on TWD is? One would think it's not a big deal, especially if the children are practically babies and not a big factor in the story, but I think details are important no matter what and are what defines quality in all its aspects. You, as a writer, surely know what I mean. No matter how superfluous something in your story is (I personally think that nothing is superfluous, tho. Otherwise, it'd mean the writers is not a good writer), it has to be consistent. >>

It has to feel real. I get that it’s not easy to find twins a certain age who live in Atlanta, but Judith literally changed her eyes’ colors through the seasons. And what about Andre? They couldn’t find a three years old child whose skin color was consistent with his parents’? Those are details, but, you know, to those who pay attention and like to watch well thought out and written stuff, can’t help but notice. That’s why I love your ffs, they’re always so consistent and details are everything.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Don’t even get me started on the Andre thing. 🙄Like, do they not have anybody Black in or around casting that could’ve said, “Hey, he’s a little too bright for these two dark-skinned people.” Because I don’t know a single Black person irl that hasn’t commented on that scene. Even Danai said her sister was like wtf. Y’all shoot in ATLANTA. I can’t leave my house without seeing mainly Black folks. Do better. 

I’m slightly more understanding with the Judith thing, because once they found one baby, they had to find another every half season that looked enough like the previous that it wouldn’t be distracting. So finding lookalikes, and twins at that, even-tempered enough to shoot in the Georgia heat probably wasn’t easy. Also, this current Judith is adorable and I love her and I’m glad they’ve kept her. However, even back in season 4 when people were talking about Judith having blue eyes, Kirkman was basically like, “Yeah… we weren’t really paying attention to that.” I’m sorry, what? What kind of slipshod operation are they running over there? As you said, details matter, and any production worth its salt would pay attention to that when casting a baby – especially when the drama surrounding said baby is her paternity. That’s ridiculous. And it’s that kind of disregard for detail that keeps TWD from being one of the greats. As a fanfiction writer who does this shit for free, I shouldn’t be putting more thought into its logistics than the people making the show. Especially when they have this stellar set of actors who do give everything and they deserve greatness. Do.👏🏿 better.👏🏿

Anyway. That was a bit of a rant, but thank you for this lovely compliment. I’m not perfect, but I really do try, because it drives me crazy when you can tell someone didn’t give a shit. I promise if I ever get to that point, I’m just gonna stop writing. 😄