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Can you do a namjoon scenario where him and y/n are out with the rest of the band and while he's not looking she has some Hennessy ( you know hennny thing can happen lol) and she ends up getting touchy and needy and they have to go home early to ya know ( you can include the sex scene if you want to)


You were bored, and maybe even then that was an understatement. Looking around the movie theatre you saw the countless number of other people that filled in one by one to watch the premier of the new scary movie. Luckily for you, Namjoon and his six other friends wanted to come and see the movie as well. You tried your hardest to get out of it, creating every and any excuse on why you shouldn’t have to come. Namjoon saw right through your shit, he wasn’t letting you off the hook so easily. You were adamant of doing him the same way, dragging him to see sappy love stories or cheesy comedies when he begged you to just let him stay home and read his books. The worse to him was when you dragged him with you to look at the ‘discounted’ makeup sales going on in the malls. This was his payback for that and you were hating every moment on it.

“Aww come on y/n, you’ll see it won’t be that bad!” Jungkook shouted at you looking across Taehyung to stare at you a few seats over.

“Yeah, I mean Yoongi hyung doesn’t want to be here either so at least you’re not alone.” Jimin cooed out earning a grunt and a frown from Yoongi.

“I wanted to be here. This is my excited face.” He teased with a dry humor as the movie trailers for other movies started to roll on the screen.

“Come on baby, you’re going to have fun. I’ll let you ride my face for how long you want to later okay? Doesn’t matter if it takes all night.” Namjoon purred against your ear nibbling on the flesh softly pulling on your earlobe. You gave a soft whine but nodded your head leaning into him as you clung onto the purse in your hands.

Once the movie started you tried to be reassured, telling yourself that the oral later would make up for it but it was a lie. You were having a hard time adjusting to this. Huffing softly, you were sinking more and more into your seat. Becoming bored with the movie because you couldn’t get into it without being terrified of the monsters on the screen. Shifting more in your seat, the bag on your lap shifted causing you to feel the outline of a bottle and that’s when it hit you. You had Hennessey in your purse. Feeling like you had hit the jackpot you took out the bottle, drinking a swig of it. And then possibly two or three more to help the soft sting of the cool liquid that slid down your throat. In no time you were a giggling mess, causing Namjoon to lift an eyebrow as he tried not to become too distracted from the movie that was reaching the climax.

“Dimples.” You cooed out seductively turning on your side to look up at your boyfriend who gave you a questioningly look. When you didn’t answer he just gave a smile and wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you close. He knew you had a habit of staring at him, so he would gladly allow it, loving feeling needed and wanted by you. Your eyes roamed over his jaw structure how sharp and defined it looked. His soft dimples that seemed to poke out as he concentrated his face or nibbled on his bottom lip. His warm brown colored eyes that opened slightly as he tightened his hold on your body as a monster struck. It made your mind shift somewhere else as you looked down at his adam’s apple. Hearing him grunt softly suddenly made you think about how it sounded while he fucked you. The warm hand that was squeezing at your side was making you think about how he pinned your hips down to the bed as he fucked into you. How his lips traced your skin, how his eyebrows furrowed together because he wanted to concentrate on pleasuring you.

You were becoming needy by each passing second, your body also became heated not only from your arousal but also the alcohol that was feeding your system. You smiled softly as you leaned forward to kiss the corner of his mouth. “Daddy..” You muttered softly and Namjoon heard you, but he tried not to listen.

“Y/n not now.” He softly pleaded as he went back to the movie.

“Anything to keep me quiet.. Right?” You made it sound like a question, but you were really telling him that you wouldn’t stop. Your lips pressed more kisses against the corner of his mouth before you moved towards his jaw licking on the flesh there and biting down earning a soft grunt from him. He gripped harshly on your sides giving you a side look, almost a warning but you wouldn’t behave. Continuing to play dirty, your lips moved down to his neck sucking a hickey into the spot right under his jaw. Namjoon’s breathing became hard, he was losing concentration on the movie, and part of him was very upset about it because he really wanted to watch the movie, but he also really wanted to feel more of your lips on his skin, so he didn’t scold you. He also knew if he drew attention to the scenes the boys would never let him live it down for their beliefs.

Your lips trailed towards his adam’s apple sucking on the flesh as your hand trailed down the front of his chest slowly. It was dark in the movie theatres, but the members sat right beside you and Namjoon, most of them on his side since you wanted to sit towards the stairs incase you got too scared. Your hand started to roam lower to slip under his shirt. Tracing over his defining abs that you were there you mostly focused on playing with the outline of his hips tracing the line of his V-shape. You could feel his muscles tighten up, you could hear the way his breathing picked up, he was becoming just as aroused as you were, but he made no move to stop you or retaliate. He moved to kiss back up his ear as your fingertips drew soft patterns on his skin before sliding down to cup him through his pants. Namjoon put his hand over yours giving your hand a firm squeeze and in your own little retaliation you squeezed his shaft harshly causing him to gasp and sit up a bit straight but luckily everyone else was so caught in the movie no one noticed what you were doing.

“Come on daddy, I know you want it. To just take me out of this movie right now and fuck me against the wall for being a bad girl. Maybe in your car? Just fucking pound into my cute little pussy for distracting you hmm? Don’t be bashful, I know from how hard the monster is growing under my hand that you want it.” You teased him continuing to stroke your hand up and d own his shaft feeling the bulge come to life and become hard as a rock.

Namjoon wasn’t even paying attention to the movie anymore. He was paying attention to what you were doing to him, the things you were saying, and how you were making him feel. He wanted so bad to ruin you, but he didn’t he needed to teach you that you couldn’t always get what you wanted. But he would show you soon enough. Luckily for Namjoon, he was able to lean over and tell Jin he didn’t understand which resulted in Jin connecting the pieces that he had missed out on. You seeing this became a bit defeated and removed your hand from his bulge. Your plan was to get him to go but he wasn’t bulging causing you to become a needy princess.

“Daddy!” You whined with a whisper tugging on his arm sleeve. You continued to plant kisses against his arm, but when he didn’t pay you any more mind you gripped at your bag about to take the liquid back out when Namjoon gripped on your wrist. You couldn’t see his eyes, but you knew from how his jaw clenched and how he watched the movie you were riding on a thin line between being able to walk tomorrow or not.

When the movie was over, all of you stood up to walk out. Namjoon gripped on your hand lacing your fingers together tugging you close to his body. Namjoon was at ease talking and joking with the guys about the ending of the movie that you sadly caught and because of the booze you were a bit more sensitive to the movie ending making you cry.

“Are you guys going to come get a bite to eat with us?” Hoseok asked and you nodded your head but Namjoon shook his.

“I’m sorry guys I’m a bit tired. Besides y/n needs to go home so she can get ready for work tomorrow. I know we promised we would be out all night with you guys, but we will make it up I promise.” Namjoon bowed his head causing some of the guys to groan but they let you go anyway. Namjoon lead you towards the car asking you about tonight and how you enjoyed the movie. He was being sweet, which bothered you slightly. You wanted to call him out on it, but you didn’t know if he would tell you the truth or not so while you drove home you just stare out of the window listening to the music and nodding your head to the beat. Namjoon was still so calm on the outside but on the inside his mind was planning thirty things at once. He had to keep his expression poised for your sake because he knew you liked his rough dominate manner a bit too much.

Your condo building complex came into view and he pulled up in the parking lot. Getting out, he opened your door and grabbed your hand leading you inside and up the stairs to your room. Once the door was open, Namjoon slammed you against the wall, slamming the door shut with his foot he pressed your face against the brown painted wall as his hands gripped at your shorts, causing the purse to fall from your grip and hit the floor. Namjoon slipped them down as he ripped off your panties sliding his middle and ring finger inside of you thrusting them in and out at a quick place. Your back arched as you cried out for him, your shorts around your knees causing your legs to become stuck in place, trembling from the rough pace Namjoon was using. His free forearm pressed into your lower back holding you in place as he stretched you out. Your pussy easily became soaked out for him, your juices dripping down his wrist and your parted thighs as you scratched at the wall screaming in pleasure not giving a fuck if anyone else heard you our not. Your breast was hard, pressing against the wall as your pussy tightened up around his digits and you were so ready to meet you orgasm.

Namjoon pulled his fingers back, shoving them in your mouth as his hand unzipped his pants opening the slit so that he could pull his dick out of his boxers. He stroked the hardened heavy flesh with his hands and aligned it with your pussy surging his hips forward to bury himself inside of you. The wetness from your slick walls caused him to enter you with no problem being the perfect lubricate.

“Shut up and take this fucking dick. You don’t always need to be a loud slut for me to know that you enjoy my fucking dick inside of you. Can you taste yourself?” He teased as he slipped his dick out of your quivering pussy only to slip back inside of you. He kept this up, going ever so slowly to tease you. Not pushing his hips as deep as he could or fucking you as hard as you wanted. Your tongue grazed over his fingers messily cleaning up your juices as you slurped at him. Namjoon chuckled spreading his legs wide he loped one of his arms against both of yours trapping them behind your back in the crook of your arms. He started to slam into you, his hips smacking against yours, his balls pressing down against your pussy as he jackhammered into you. Your eyes rolled back at feeling restrained, the way his hips rolled forward and buried his dick into you made your toes curl in your shoes. The strands of your panties clinging to your thighs destroyed and you felt wonderful. Namjoon slipped his fingers from your lips to press the wet digits against your clit rubbing the bud quickly side to side causing you to bite down on your bottom lip listening to his warning.

“Such a fucking bad girl, you could’ve gotten us into so much trouble. What if they would have saw what you were doing to me? What if I would have become too hard and missed a movie because you couldn’t be a good girl? Are you really that fucking hungry to have my cock that you need to act out every time we are in public? It’s like I shut just put a collar on your fucking neck and make you stay on your knees just, so I can feed you my fucking cock.” He growled pulling his hand back to slap at your ass cheek spanking you until the flesh was red.

A strangled whine left your throat, but you did your best to screw your mouth shut letting your noises of pleasure die down in your throat. Namjoon shift his hips finding your spot without needing to do much. Becoming relentless with his thrusts he started to slam inside of you harshly. Your pussy gripped around his shaft sucking him in and squeezing around him. Your heart rate was spiked now, and your breathing had turned into pants as your head rolled back against his chest. Namjoon kissed down your neck sinking his teeth into your flesh marking you. With him pounding against your spot, your arms clenched together pressing against his lower stomach and he gripped tighter onto them keeping you restrained. Your eyes opened becoming glossed and he nodded his head seeing the need for release deep in your pupils. Nodding your head, you stare at him until you had to shut your eyes, cumming on his shaft your hips bucked and stuttered against his and Namjoon pounded into you, fucking deep into you as he made sure you released all your cream on his shaft. He wanted to cum so bad, but he didn’t. He pulled out of you letting your fall to the ground as he walked towards your bedroom shedding his shirt.

“If you think for one second I’m done with your ass you’re sadly mistaken. Take off you clothes and come get on your fucking knees. I’ll give you five minutes and I won’t tell you more than once, slut.”

Take Back Your Fandom Experience

There is a lot of disappointment about the questionable choices Starz has made related to show PR and how they engage (or don’t engage, or manipulate, or disrespect) Outlander fans.  Some of us roll our eyes over the lame attempts to entice us with S3 “teasers” that are merely still photos from previously-released content.  We guffaw at the ham-fisted captions that aren’t even accurate to the story line.  We side-eye yet another push of the non-existent “love triangle."  Our blood pressure goes up when a "journalist” wastes our time by asking the same stupid questions – or by saying cringe-worthy things instead of asking questions – during interviews.  And nearly all of us have become jaded by the promotion of cast-adjacent people who have absolutely nothing to do with the show yet who creep onto the sidelines full of innuendo to distract and anger us. 

But I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t let this ruin your experience.  We do not need to accept what we are being given.

We. Do. Not. Need. Starz.

We only need each other.

Think back to what brought you here in the first place.  It was the story, right?  Perhaps, like me, you were excited to find a community of people who love the books as much as you do.  Maybe you were also thrilled to see the story brought to life by a stellar cast.  You tried to predict how the plot would be adapted for television and engaged in healthy debates about what would make it to the screen and what would not.  You participated in dream casting discussions for characters coming up in future plotlines.  You posted swoon-worthy scenes from the books and sighed over the truly excellent fan fiction and art that was shared here.  You bonded with other fans, finding common points of view.

Eventually many of us were drawn in by PR and got spun up about the back story.  You probably rolled your eyes at Starz’s lack of promotion of their lead actress, even misspelling her name when they did finally acknowledge an award nomination.  You became frustrated by the inconsistent messages that were being sent.  You might even have been taunted by non-fans and bedeviled by the adjacent players.  You likely know someone who was bullied.

Sadly, all of this now overshadows the reason we came together and the community we’ve found.  I have been privileged to meet many of you in person and I always came away amazed at how intelligent, perceptive, and kind you all are.  We likely would not have met except for this forum, but we realize that we have things in common besides Outlander.  We celebrate life events together, provide encouragement to one another, and have each other’s back.  That’s pretty cool.

It pains me that we have already lost several members who could not get past the side show.  But I truly believe that we can go back.  Let’s not let Starz ruin our community.  We don’t need them in order to talk about the story.  We can discuss how *we* would end the series and what we want to see in Book 9.  Let’s revisit favorite passages and characters.  Debate whether the author should continue writing all the damn side quest novellas or just focus on the main story.  (I think you can guess my vote…)  Keep letting your creativity flow through fan fiction, artwork, gifs, and videos.  Continue talking about the stellar production values on the show and how amazingly the actors inhabit their roles.  Squee over seeing favorite scenes brought to life.  Dream about travels in Scotland.  (But don’t touch any standing stones, just in case.)

We have the power to choose how we engage with each other and we don’t have to let what is presented to us dictate our experience.  This doesn’t mean that we have to love everything without critique or excuse rude behavior – and we can still snark – but we don’t have to let the bad overshadow the good.  How powerful would it be to ignore the ineptitude and the side show antics and instead focus on the books, the show, and each other… like we used to?

Let’s take back our fandom.

do you ever just like,, die bc viktor spent his entire career trying to surprise people and make them happy with his skating and he NEVER got anything in return. he can’t surprise people anymore because nobody surprises him - and then, oh, yuuri katsuki, this awkward, anxious, bottom-of-the-gpf japanese boy drunkenly dances his way into his life and SURPRISES HIM and INSPIRES HIM and steals his fucking heart. the one thing viktor nikiforov needed in life was for someone else to surprise him, for him to felt something true and deep, and yuuri katsuki did exactly that. you see, yuuri wanted to surprise viktor as much as he surprised him and he sure as hell did that (whether it be intentional or not), from the moment they first met and viktor fell in love with him. he continued to do that, to surprise viktor nikiforov, the living legend, when he ended his free skate with viktor’s signature move, when he was the one to propose first, when he was the one to break viktor’s free skate record and i’m sure countless other times. yuuri’s given viktor all he’s ever wanted in life. that’s fucking beautiful, and if it isn’t love, i’m not sure what is.

tl;dr: this show has ruined me

About Gishwhes

I was determined to stay away from fandom drama, but since Misha announced that Gishwhes as we know it it coming to an end a lot of people who call themselves Misha-fans have been awful on social media. I understand that this is very important for many people, their opportunity to interact and connect with others, gave their fears, and do different acts of kindness. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to be mean and leave cruel and rude comments to Misha. He reads the replies (Not all off course, but he does) and people behaving so terribly and selfishly without trying to understand why he might have decided to end Gishwhes as we know it is being very ungrateful to him.

He didn’t have to create and share Gishwhes with us. The actors don’t owe us anything. They don’t have to go out of their way to be kind and interact with their fans and help them with silly videos and reciting poetry. And Misha has done all of that for us. So yes, grieve, but doesn’t be insensitive and an asshole. Enjoy the last Gishwhes as we know it and make sure to thank Misha instead of telling him how he’s ruining everything.

If he made this decision, it’s because he needed to. We don’t know what’s going on in his private life or if he has other professional engagements that wouldn’t allow him to continue Gishwhes like he wants to.

Be grateful and be kind. Show him that the kindness he has given us and stirred in us is there no matter what~

Constellations // Jaehyun - NCT

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@bossmyc; my love, Shelby, requested roommate Jaehyun but also stargazing date so I just threw them both together because it just worked that way. ;) 
Also I will mention that I am helllllaaa weak for Jaehyun, and Jaehyun in a hat makes my heart want to explode. Damn, is my love showing? 


“Your loser boyfriend sent you this,” Jaehyun comments, looking through the mail, shuffling envelope by envelop before coming across a piece for you. He tosses the manila envelope to your lap as you sit on the couch, and the name that stares up at you could bore a hole through your skull.

“I keep telling you, he’s not my boyfriend anymore,” you remind Jaehyun as your fingers are hesitant on the seal of the package. It’s been a while since your breakup, and Jaehyun, your roommate (bless him) was there with you every step of the way.

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Written for Royai Week 2015. This is the last of my one-shots. Maybe one day I’ll write the remaining ones for the other RW prompts, but it’s not in my plans for now. I might change some of these titles though because some are really terrible and I just called them by the prompts.

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It was the last weekend in Central before Edward and Alphonse returned to Resembool. Besides, the newly promoted Brigadier General Mustang, now that he finally had his old team of subordinates back, would be heading for Ishval in a matter of days. Everyone had agreed on meeting at Roy’s apartment tonight, for one last gathering before they went their separate ways.

Dinner went smoothly: jokes, sarcastic remarks, anecdotes, a few insults that caused no harm, praise for accomplishments and offers of help and support in the future if needed.

As she drank her coffee, Riza looked over the cup and watched the Elric brothers. Edward was enthusiastically eating a piece of cake, but Alphonse looked distracted; he rubbed one of his eyes and turned his head to the opposite side of his brother. He may have hidden it from Edward, but Riza noticed the yawn.

When Breda made a pause on his retelling of a story of his academy days, Riza used the moment to interrupt.


The blonde boy looked at her, along with everyone else at the table.

“You seem tired. Do you want me to drive you back to your dorm?”

Edward turned to his younger brother immediately and frowned. “Al, why didn’t you tell me?” He put a hand on his shoulder. “Come on, let’s head back.”

Alphonse shook his head. “No, no. I’m fine, brother!” He grinned so widely that his eyes were closed when he spoke. “You’re having a good time; I don’t want you to miss it just because I’m a little tired.”

Riza smiled sweetly. “I can take you, Al, and Edward can join you later.”

Roy, who was sitting next to Riza and a little too close, touched her arm. “No need for you to leave, Lieutenant.” He turned his attention to the boy. “Alphonse, take my bed. Whether you wake up in an hour or stay until morning, I won’t mind. We’ll probably stay up all night.”

Alphonse stared at Edward. “What do you say, brother?”

Edward shrugged. “It’s alright by me if you want to, Al. But if you want to leave, I’ll go with you.”

He shook his head again. “Uh-uh.” Then, he said to Roy, “Well, if it’s no bother…”

“Of course not,” Roy answered amiably.

Riza stood up. “Come on, Al. I’ll show you to his room.”

With help from Edward, Alphonse stood up and used his cane to walk behind Riza. “Thanks, Lieutenant,” he said.

The two of them left the dining room and, while Riza helped Al to bed, the men continued talking.

“And so Rebecca and I are going to be officially dating when we come back from Ishval,” Havoc said proudly.

Ed brushed a side of his hair with his fingers and groaned with frustration. “Seriously, you said that like five times already. Don’t you have anything new to share?”

Havoc gasped, and then lit a cigarette as he replied, “Well, excuse me for being happy. You’re just jealous you don’t have a girlfriend.” He put the cigarette in his mouth.

Fuery lifted an eyebrow. “But he does have one.” He turned to Ed and asked, “Aren’t you and Miss Rockbell together?”

Edward startled and blushed furiously. “What?! No, no, no!” He stood up and shook his arms in the air, crossing and uncrossing them at high speed. “We’re just friends! I don’t like her like that!”

Roy chuckled. “You should tell that to your face, you know?”

Edward sat back down, clearly ashamed and agitated. “Of course I’m going to blush if you’re going to suggest something like that about my childhood friend!” He sighed. “At least I’m better than someone who dates different women all the time with no shame.”

Roy leaned over the table and smirked. “You wish you could date such beautiful women.”

Ed rolled his eyes. “I don’t care about that. But one day, you’re going to actually love someone other than yourself and she will probably hate that attitude of yours.”

Roy relaxed in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest. Quietly, he said, “That’s some curious word you used there, Fullmetal. Do you honestly think I don’t love anyone?”

Edward blinked with confusion and lifted his chin. “What, you do?”

Falman coughed.

Very quietly, Fuery said, “Ed, don’t.”

Breda busied himself with another big piece of cake.

Havoc lit another cigarette.

Roy pursed his lips. “I’m surprised you ask, Edward. Everyone else here knows the answer to that, as you can see.”


Edward looked at the men. They were all nodding except for Fuery, who was wiping tears from his face.

Roy took a deep breath before speaking. “There is, in fact, one woman I love, Edward. I love her more than my own life, too.”

Edward listened with great interest, having not expected any reply of the sort.

“Tell you more,” Roy continued.

“Boss!” Havoc interrupted.

Roy ignored him. “She’s the only woman in this house right now.”

Riza sat down next to Roy.

Edward watched the scene agape. Aware of all the eyes on her, Riza simply took back her cup of coffee and drank the beverage again.

She made a face of disgust and left the cup on the table. “It’s cold.”

Edward gulped. “Uh, Lieutenant…?”

She looked at him. “Yes?”

He sighed. “I’m sorry. I asked Mustang about it. I don’t think he would have wanted you to hear—”

“Don’t worry, Ed. I already knew.”

“…You did?”

She smiled at Ed and nodded.

“Did… did he tell you?” he dared to ask.

Riza looked at Roy, her expression getting even softer, warmer. “It isn’t hard to see.”

Edward stared dumbfounded at the pair. The silence lasted for a whole minute. Roy was lost in Riza’s eyes; his expression serene and full of tenderness. It was obvious that he was totally in love with the woman at his side. Ed mentally kicked himself for not having noticed it earlier.

The awkwardness grew as the seconds passed, and Ed felt like just standing up, waking up his brother and getting out of there.

“Do you want to know, Ed?”

The older Elric looked at the person who talked to him. Riza was patiently waiting for a reply.

“Know what?”

“If I love the General.”

He started to sweat and talked nervously. “No, no, it’s none of my business, really. I mean, unless you want to tell me, but I’m not asking; not at all.”

“I do,” Riza said. “I do love him.”

Havoc had a lit cigarette in each hand. Fuery was weeping, failing miserably at trying to dry his cheeks with a handkerchief. Falman was reading a magazine he found nearby, and Breda served himself the last piece of cake.

Edward was speechless. He didn’t understand. How had he missed this for so long?

“But…” he said. “You’re not dating, are you?”

“Of course not,” Roy replied. “It is one thing to have this feeling for each other, but it’s against the military rules to act on it.”

Ed looked down. “So you can’t be together, even if you want to,” he concluded.

“Right,” Riza said.

He frowned sadly. “I’m sorry.”

She showed him a wry smile. “It’s alright, Ed. This is the life we chose.”

Edward was about to say something else, but Riza continued.

“But please,” she said, “do not talk about this to anyone. Our careers are at stake. This is very important, Edward.” Her tone got even more serious. “We’re trusting you with this information.”

Ed nodded, knowing better than thinking of ruining Roy’s and Riza’s lives with a simple slip of his tongue. “I promise I won’t tell.” He frowned. “But what about Al?”

Riza smiled. “You can tell your brother, Ed. But no one else, please.”

“You have my word, Lieutenant.”

Soon enough, the topic of conversation changed, and everyone else became talkative again. When it was time to leave, Edward went to the bedroom and woke up his brother. Falman and Fuery had left minutes ago, and Havoc would take Breda and the Elric brothers to their dorms. Riza said she would stay a little longer, just to help Roy tidy up the place.

By the time they were back and got ready for sleep, Edward had told Alphonse everything he missed at the table. The younger brother was happy to hear about Roy and Riza, and he couldn’t keep his grin off of his face as he changed clothes.

“Hey, Al,” Edward said. He was helping Al to lie down on his bed. “I know it’s great that Mustang and Hawkeye know that they love each other and all that, but there isn’t much to be happy about. They can’t be together after all.”

Al smiled. “I’m sorry, brother. You’re right. It’s just that…” He turned off the lamp on his bedside table. “Something weird happened when I went to sleep to the General’s room. I told the Lieutenant that the mattress was amazing; hard enough to help me keep a good posture, but still soft enough to be very comfortable.”

Ed got into his bed and lifted an eyebrow. “What’s so weird about that?”

Alphonse closed his eyes. “That the Lieutenant smiled at me and said, believe me Alphonse, I know.”

Romeo And Juliet (Cole Sprouse Imagine)

College Cole Sprouse Imagine ;) Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera A/N : sorry it took so long! Hope you like it 💓 ————

“Yes! OK, I will call you after Y/BF/N, my tour is here,” you rushed down the phone, aware that a teacher was walking in your direction.

“Ok Y/N, good luck babe!” She cheered from the other end of the line.
Without another word to each other, you hung up. Today was the day that was going to shape your future. You were starting college.

Your family had only just moved to North Carolina from London, and you were starting your new school. Ever since you were little, you have wanted to act. It has been your life ambition and finally, it was coming true. Your parents new how much this meant to you, so when you got accepted into The Royal Academy of Performing Arts in North Carolina, you moved out here. It was hard saying goodbye to all your best friends; Y/BF/N had cried so hard and given you a beautiful photo of the two of you taken at your 16th birthday, two years ago. It was even harder getting on the plane and watching the home you knew so well just fade away, and eventually turn to nothing.

But the hardest thing was how you stuck out like a sore thumb by wearing a woolly jumper and jeans in one of the hottest states in America, on one of the hottest days of the year. It wasn’t your fault you had packed wrong, your clothes were suited to the rain and wind of England, not the sun and sea of North Carolina. Now you had to suffer.
Excited as you were, there was a small downside; you were joining in the middle of a term. People would already have partners for their projects, and you would be lonely at the back of the classroom.

But there was no point in complaining – your dream was coming true at last.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” The teacher asked in a strong American accent as he eventually arrived in front of you, a clipboard and pen in hand.

You smiled shyly, unsure how to react to a new person in a new place, “Hi.”

The man gave you a reassuring look, “I’m Professor Warren, your drama teacher. The receptionist told me you would be here, and,” he continued, handing you a colourful piece of paper, “this is your time table.”

You looked down at the busy schedule in your hands.

“As you will notice,” Professor Warren kept going, “you actually do have two periods of drama now, so we’ll get going, shall we?” He finished, and before you could reply, he started to walk.

Grabbing your bag off the bench and shoving both your timetable and phone into it, you started to walk into the colleges main building. It was a relief to be out of the sun with your thick jumper on, and you were already looking forward to arriving to the classroom when you could take it off for good.

After a couple of minutes of walking in silence, Professor Warren slowed down in front of a classroom with a fully black painted door.

“This,” he indicated towards the door behind him, “is a sound-proof room where magic happens. It’s also your drama room for the next two years so I would make yourself at home. Are you ready?” He asked nicely.

You took a deep breath inwards, and nodded firmly, trying to convince yourself more than anything.

You were an actor – even if you weren’t ready for a new step in your life, you could at least pretend it. But there was no need.

Because Professor Warren opened the door, and a whirlwind of noise was released like a dragon awakening.

Brightly coloured posters littered the walls, and rails and rails of handmade-costumes stood proudly at the sides, each stitch holding someone’s blood, sweat and tears. The graffiti covered desks were pushed into circle around the outside of the brightly lit room, and in the middle, there was a performance taking place. It seemed quite extravagant, with the use of a mannequin and a feather boa, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it due to the roars of laughter erupting every five seconds. The actors were tall, both boys. You could only see the back of the their heads, but when their audience looked in your direction and silenced, they stopped abruptly and turned.

Automatically, your heart stopped. The two boys were most definitely twins, the only difference being one had blonde hair, whereas the other had raven-coloured and bluer eyes that were looking directly at you. His gaze made you shiver slightly and react in such a way that was unusual – it was almost like you loved the attention, but hated his eyes directly upon you. Conscious of you standing awkwardly, you tucked your hair behind your ear and broke contact with the cute boy.

“Guys, I would like to introduce Y/N Y/L/N,” Professor Warren announced, answering the stares of the onlookers whose thoughts you could all hear judging you, “she’s new, just moved from England. Please make her feel welcome.” He gave a stern look to a particular girl at the back of the class who had her feet on the desk and was chewing gum quite obnoxiously. You made a mental note to keep away from her.

You stole a quick glance at the tall, dark and mysterious boy in the middle of the room and took in his appearance: white shirt, blue flannel over the top with black skinny jeans. He was tall enough too be attractive, not too tall to be weird. His fair skin contrasted elegantly with his ocean blue eyes…which happened to still be directly staring at you. A tingle went down your spine like lightning at the thought of someone finding you remotely interesting to look at - you never thought your looks were of such a high quality standard.

But obviously, he thought otherwise.

“Ok so the groups you were in yesterday, I want you to rejoin and I will give you your new assignment. Y/N, you can join Dylan’s group,” Professor Warren instructed.

You didn’t have to ask who Cole was, because at the sound of his name, someone whooped. Glancing backwards, you saw that it was the blonde twin who looked highly excited to have you joining his group. Someone was making sure everything was going effect for you today, and you made a note to thank them if you ever got to meet them.

Turning on your heels, both hesitantly and eagerly, you started to make your way to the centre of the room. Nobody was paying an interest to you anymore as they were all focused on their own groups and trying to swap so they could be with their friends like they were back in high school.

As you silently walked towards the group, Professor Warren started writing on the board at the front of the room.

“Your assignment in your groups is to re-enact a scene of Romeo and Juliet. It will go towards your final semester grade so make sure you work on it properly,” he justified.

The blonde twin stuck his hand out to you, “Hey, I’m Dylan.”

You smiled graciously, thankful someone was making an effort to get to know you.

He was definitely nice on the eye, but he wasn’t the one catching your interest.

The tall blonde boy on his left spoke next - “I’m Luke.”

You smiled at them both, and a feeling in your stomach told you that you were going to be friends for a long time.

The girl who had previously had her feet on the desk was in your group, but she just stared at you in disgust. There was always one girl who was judgemental so you weren’t particularly fussed.

“Emma, don’t be rude,” Dylan told her, his American accent sounding particularly good on him.

She huffed, “well you’ve just said my name, so there’s no point in me saying it then.” And with that she started to bite at her perfectly-precise-hot-pink nails.

The one person you wanted to speak still hasn’t. He was staring intently at you, as if you were some sort of puzzle he was trying to decode.

“Dude, say something!” Luke hit him playfully, following his gaze and seeing the intense eye contact you two were inducing.

The mystery guy was snapped back to reality, clearing his throat and looking at you once again with his soft eyes that melted your soul.

He smiled at you, and you returned it.

“I’m Cole.”


“And that is our story!” You proudly told the group of people in front of you.

They were in awe at you and your boyfriend holding hands at the table.

Camilas eyes were full of longing, “So you honestly just met in college two years ago?”

You nodded at looked at the smitten boy perched on the arm of your chair. Cole smiled back down at you, a simple action making your heart erupt.

“No, I don’t believe that’s the end. What about Romeo and Juliet?” Lili questioned, her ears not fully satisfied until they had been exposed to the cuteness of the ending.

“I can explain this part,” Cole told you, his eyes lighting up like stars when they looked straight at you.
“So we worked on the Romeo and Juliet play, and Professor Warren wanted to see what Y/N could do, so she was given the part of Juliet. Dylan was originally given the part of Romeo, but when he found out that I had started to like Y/N, he swapped for Mercutio. It just went on from there - we had to spend so much time together to work ok out parts and eventually we became best friends. Something just clicked and we just had a laugh. Trouble is, I was more than friends. Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love her at first sight. And little did I know, Y/N liked me back. Remember the other girl Emma? Well turns out she had had some sort of thing for me, so on the day of the performance she tried to sabotage it by ruining Y/N’s costume. The security cameras told the truth though when she tried to lie her way out of it. In the end, the show went on and she was given detention. The show was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever done, but that might be because I had a good partner.”

You blushed.

Cole continued, “so many people congratulated us afterwards and asked if we were dating in real life. Y/N here was about to answer no, but I managed to say yes before she could. She just looked at me and smiled, held my hand and that was it. We started dating there and then.”

You smiled up at Cole, your heart longing to hold onto this moment forever.

Lili and Cami stared the connection you had lighting up between you two. It was magical.

“ALL ACTORS FOR SCENE 7 PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE STUDIO,” a voice over the loud speaker announced.

You had managed to snatch a last minute starring role on Riverdale, which was incredible as you got to do your favourite thing in the world with your favourite person in the universe.

Your entire table stood up, Cole taking a hold of your hand. The scene would only be quick, it was a shot of the gang on the school field.

Before you had chance to follow Lili out of the room, Coles grabbed your arm gently, keeping you rooted to the spot. You waited until the girls had left and turned around to face a sincere looking boyfriend.

“Y/N?” Cole spoke quietly, his eyes not leaving yours.


He gave you such a small smile that it was almost missed, but his eyes lit up like fireworks. The lingered on your face, taking every inch of your presence into his mind, body and soul.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against your own, the invisible shield between you shimmering away and melting into his arms that were resting carefully on your waist. Your own entangled themselves into his soft raven hair, keeping you connected at all costs.
It just felt right with him. It was cliché, but the truth when you said - you were falling deeper in love with Cole Sprouse every day.

And little did you know, he was feeling the exact same way.

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Nothing Holding Me Back - Michael Gray

@saintalicee wanted -  Hi, love your work ❤️ can I request a Michael Gray imagine based off the song Theres Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes, and you see what works best from the song lyrics 😊

“Hello, my love.”

Michael turned around and smiled at your attendance, his heart beating a tad faster at the sight of you. He wasn’t a nervous person, but whenever you entered the room, he swore that he stopped breathing for a moment. You placed yourself down next to him, speedily glancing at the sheets in front of him before quickly pressing a innocent kiss against his lips. Michael smiled at the actions, but inside he was feeling low. There was too much flirting in the friendship that you shared, and not enough expressing. It was obvious that both you and Michael had feelings for each other yet no-one decided to act upon it.

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Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie Spoiler!!! Please don’t read this post if you don’t want to be spoiled




(Granted, Helga did risk a lot to help Arnold too, so Helga is also a second MVP BUT I wanted Gerald to get some recognition okay, I feel like he is not recognized enough for his efforts in the movie and the tv series, so he deserves the love)


Like I low key shipped them in the series and they became canon in the movie so I’m very happy about that. Yay love!













On a side note: Helga did reject holding Arnold’s hand at the end of the movie, but the smile on her face after she refused him shows she still loves him and Arnold smiling after the rejection shows he still loves her too.

two explanations to Helga’s reactions:

1. She is so used to rejecting Arnold all this time, that it will take some time for her to learn that she no longer has to pretend she hates him anymore and can get over her aggressive ways of handling love.

2. She doesn’t want to go public with her relationship with Arnold just yet


So yeah

I’m so happy that Helga and Arnold got together

I’m really happy this movie answered a lot of unaswered questions from the series

And I’m so happy to have been involved with “Hey Arnold”. It’s such a wholesome show you guys. One of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Everyone should see a few episodes of Hey Arnold. It will really make you feel good and shines a huge light on helping others (which we need to continue doing in this world).

I’m kinda sad that Hey Arnold is officially over.

But I’m glad the creators ended the show in a way that didn’t ruin the show. It ended very nicely.


Thanks for reading my spiel.

Love you all

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I’ve been curious about the time travelling thing for years, but recently one of my favourite historical blogs recommended it. So I started watching it.

The first half of the first season was disappointing. Instead of historical events, it looked more like a Marquise de Sade novel, where everywhere Claire goes she’s at a danger of rape (which is probably historically accurate but I’m not the one to judge, I just don’t like rape ok). So I stopped watching after episode 8 or 9… Then I was bored and continued watching it, thought it’d be funny…




Oh my God, Claire told him that she’s from the future, and Jamie is an angel full of love and understanding!!! Murtagh is like the BEST character ever ok?! I can’t even tell you how the last two episodes of season one RUINED ME?! Season two?! FRANCE?! BITCH SIGN ME UP!!! Fergus and Hildegarde are freaking amazing?! I loved how they showed Claire’s PTSD?! Brianne acted like a little bitch but it’s all because of her fiery Fraser blood?!

I love Gaelic now?! I love the “Sing me a song” song so much?! The opening, with one of the first faerie scenes?! I CAN’T?! Late 1960s fashion?!

Ok but I need more Jamie in the next season. And I need Claire and Jamie to be together again. I probably can’t survive this show without Murtagh, but OK, I’ll fasten my seatbelts.


The Right Wrong Choice - Chapter 10 (Eric X Fox)

Rating: M (swearing, violence, smut - everything you’ve come to expect from me :* )

Genre: General/Humor/Drama/Eventual Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS SO AWESOME!!!

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**********UPCOMING TRIGGER WARNINGS************


Death. That is Eric’s sentence. Two counts of murder for the dead guards; one count of attempted murder for Jeanine.

I has been two days since my world ended, and it is no easier to breathe than it was then. I can’t function, my heart is trapped with Eric. They haven’t let me see him yet, although I demand it ceaselessly. Jeanine is said to visit me today, in my padded room in the Erudite hospital, my first true visitor since everything collapsed. She’ll want a promise of loyalty from me, and I’ll say anything to be granted freedom, to see Eric again. They hurt him, as I was being dragged from the room I heard him yell in pain and everything went grey. When my vision cleared again, three guards clutch their broken limbs, two more hold me on the ground while an Erudite woman stabs me in the neck with a needle. I woke up here hours later, my throat parched, my limbs leaden and bruised. The doctor that observed me through the door told me the time and day, and I realized I’d lost nearly six hours since the council hearing. An official letter told me of Eric’s sentence, and the date of his chosen execution. Today, at 5 pm. I pace the cell, it is past noon, Jeanine is toying with me.

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 A/N: Coz Khazumi is now sorta… Taken? teehee ;P Kidding… or not? Kidding Love, I am, I am :) … If you ever see this. I’m dead.

AU? Maybe.. not magical.. pretty sure… hmm… college? Bubbly by Colbie is one of my all-time favorite sonnngssss. Also Last Chance by MYMP <3

Warning… Rushed? Super Rushed. SO… bad pacing… and might not be good? But still…


~Shintori Khazumi

Tapping her foot against the wooden floor paneling of the semi-rustic designed coffee shop, Diana gave her final sigh of impatience before giving up on all this waiting, her cup-o-joe long since drained of its content.

So her date was going to be a no-show, she supposed, disappointed, mad, and sad.

Years of sorting out feelings and such, all gone to waste in just a matter of days. This very special first date, ruined. Diana’s single life… continued.

“Hey Lovely thing, don’t scrunch up your brows. They make you lose some of that charm.”

With a groan, Diana stood abruptly, surprising the flirty fellow customer of the shop. She didn’t need another buffoon to aid her in thinning out her patience.

Leaving a few bills on the table, she walked to the direction of the door, but was quickly blocked by the man’s arm. Diana immediately got a small whiff of his… masculinity… uncontrolled. Eyes narrowed, she glared him down, earning a small whimper to which she inwardly smirked.

“Out of my way.” She commanded.

“Hey now darling,” The male said, putting up a bravado that seemed to annoy Diana even further as he did not do as she wished. Couldn’t he see she just wanted to get out? To not remember this place, the reason why she was here? He spoke up again, to her immense irritation. “I noticed you’ve been alone for some time. Jerk stood you up? Got no class, that guy, but maybe…”

Diana had to lean back as the man seemed to lack any sense of personal space… and personal hygiene as well, it seemed.

“I could show you what a real man is like.”

Diana threw up in her mouth a bit, flicking the man unashamed on the forehead to get him to back off. “Well, if I think about it…” She saw that hopeful, lustful glint in his eyes, smiling slightly before pulling a glare. “… NO.”

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New Student

Produce 101 / YH’s Justin Huang X Reader

Word count: 1681 

Fluff, uLTIMATE FLUFF i guess lol

• you’re new to the school
• and Justin’s ( volunteers ) been assigned to show you around
• ft. bff Yuehua trainees

i’ve said it but i will say it again
thannnk you for requesting this anon, i made it as fluffy as I could, hopefully it lives up to your expectations. I’M SORRY IF IT DIDN’T DROP ME A MESSAGE IF YOU WANT IT REWRITTEN ( applies to all my works )

- admin L
PS: Admin N is quickly approaching the last segment of her finals pls cheer her on my girl out there making moves i know there are some reqs she hasn’t done but I knOW SHE WILL


Wind rushed by you, tossing your hair in about twenty different directions as you trudged to your new school reluctantly, footsteps heavy.

It really wasn’t your day today.

To start things off, today was your first day at your new school in Korea - your family had to move due to your parent’s job allocation. You weren’t fluent in Korean but even if you were, you were not a very…outgoing person and you had already established a pretty reliable social network at your old school. Now, you had to start from square one.

Who even wanted to interact with the new kid who came in mid-term? The thought of being completely ostracised by society scared you and it didn’t help that you weren’t the best at making friends. You weren’t sure what to expect either.

Whispers began floating about the second you stepped into your new classroom, you were sure they had heard of the new student from their teacher or something. That wasn’t… totally terrible was it?

Your face burned as you sat stiffly in a row that seemed to be rather empty. Your peers eyed you as if you were some mutated creature, even if you had attempted to smile or wave politely. Some of them shot you looks of pity or small smiles but were too caught up with their own conversations to start one new.

It was humiliating, really.

Finally, someone tapped you on the shoulder. You turned around, a rather plastic smile painted on your face. “Hi-”

“Sorry, you’re in my seat,” a boy with brown hair that swept across his forehead said, looking apologetic. He wore a pair of silver circular glasses too.

“Oh! Right, my bad.” You blushed, hastily ducking out of his seat and standing awkwardly at the side.

“Woah, Seunghyuk chill. I think you scared the new student.” That voice caught your attention and made you focus it on another boy. This time, he had blonde hair and large brown eyes, he grinned at you cheekily. “I’m Justin. This is Seunghyuk. You must be new.” Justin and Seunghyuk emitted this aura of freshness and royalty. They seemed popular.

You fiddled with the strap of your backpack, cheeks reddening. “If it isn’t obvious enough already…..”

Justin chuckled, “It’s okay! Welcome to the school, I’m sure-”

He was cut off by the abrupt slamming of the door and scramble of students for seats.

“Good morning class!”


Your feet rooted you to the space behind Justin and Seunghyuk, a part of you wishing the teacher wouldn’t catch sight of you but of course, she did.

“Ah! Y/N? Class, please welcome the new student, Y/N! Um…” she trailed off, scanning the room for any spare seats available. “Hang on a second….Y/N could you please sit next to Hyunjin? Okay? Good.”

Hyunjin waved you over, plucking her bag off the spare seat next to her. She seemed friendly enough but wasn’t exactly welcoming either. Her hand wasn’t even partly raised when your teacher asked for volunteers to show you around the school. “I would’ve assigned a student already should it not have been examination period…..”

“Miss! I’ll do it!”

All heads turned to the back of the class where a certain tall, blonde, Chinese boy sat. His hand shot up in the air, an eager expression on his face. Justin seemed to be bouncing with excitement, maybe even desperation. Suddenly, his eyes met yours and he sent over a playful smile. When the teacher hesitated, he pouted sulkily. “Miss, you don’t believe I can do a good job?”

“All right, you can show Y/N around the school during your break time, Ming Hao,” she fired back. “Everyone, open your textbooks-”

“Miss? His name is actually Justin.” A girl from the left centre row piped up, causing a couple of other classmates to nod.

Wow, he’s popular among everyone. You thought, internally scoffing. But he does seem pretty nice……

Justin laughed awkwardly. “It’s okay, Ming Hao is my name too.” You heard him sigh in defeat before looking down at his shoes, ears reddening. The sight of that was enough for your heart to flutter, a soft giggle escaping your lips before you could stop it. As soon as it did, you blushed and turned to face the other direction, anticipating the end of your first class already.

Seunghyuk caught your laugh, he elbowed Justin in the rib and whispered to him. Justin only turned pinker, even though it was his favourite class, he couldn’t wait for his break to begin.

As soon as the bell rung, students rushed out of the class but you took your time with packing up your things and scanning your schedule. It read that you stayed in this half of the class for science after break.

“Hi!” The cheerful voice nearly made you drop your files, a few unbound worksheets flew out.

Justin gasped, looking apologetic as he helped you gather your things. Seunghyuk scoffed. “Yah, I thought you were supposed to be helping her, not ruining her life, Huang Ming Hao.” He scolded jokingly.

“It’s-it’s fine! I’m fine!” You blurted out, gripping your things extra tight.

Justin traded looks with Seunghyuk. They grinned at each other, then Seunghyuk trailed behind as he dialled a number.

“Come on, it’s break now so we can do whatever. I guess you must be hungry, I’ll show you to the canteen,” Justin said. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and continued. “I hope you don’t mind sitting with me and my friends. Don’t worry! They’ll love you!” The smile on his face seemed so genuine, how was he perpetually happy?

“Um sure, but I don’t want to intrude-”

Justin blinked at your words and you trailed off after witnessing his amused expression. “No? I won’t be intruding? Are you sure?”

“Yah Y/N, don’t worry about that. We’re nice people,” he assured though sounding offended.

Your eyes widened. “Oh, no! No! I didn’t mean it like that…You know what I mean- I-I…you know!” You spluttered, flustered beyond coherent sentences.

Just great, you go around offending nice, popular and handsome boys on your first day of school. Great job, Y/N. How will you survive like this?

Luckily, Justin just doubled over in laughter, shaking his head. He slipped an arm over your shoulder and practically skipped excitedly towards the canteen.

Three other good-looking boys waved to the duo that walked in. A look of confusion crossed their faces when they spotted you, they whispered among themselves. One of them cleared his throat as you approached.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I’m a new student here and Justin’s showing me around school,” you introduced yourself before anyone uttered a word. Their clique seemed relatively relaxed, not some clique of stuck up, popular rich boys like your first impression of them, should you have only looked at their exterior.

A boy with black hair beamed at you, offering his hand out to shake. “Hello, welcome to the school. My name is Euiwoong.”

“I’m Hyungseob!” called a guy who was stuffing his face with food yet still managed to look elegant. “Hi, I’m Zheng Ting.” The final friend introduced, smiling. “Oh! You can sit with me,” he offered, gesturing to the empty chair beside him. You settled into that chair, sandwiched by him and Seunghyuk, Justin rushed into the chair directly opposite from yours.

Hyungseob slid two trays over. “Sorry, there’s only two because we didn’t know you were coming, Y/N,” he apologised even though it wasn’t his fault.

You shook it off, “It’s okay. It isn’t your fault. I’m not that hungry anyways.”

“No way. You need to eat, meals are important and breaks rarely come our way after this. I can share with you. You need to eat,"Justin insisted, already using his utensils to divide the portions. His actions did warm your heart, they made it pound faster than necessary. That was most likely the cause of your pink face.

Zheng Ting cooed at Justin, Euiwoong snickered but they both said nothing. Instead, they asked you questions.

"So, where are you from?”

“How did your first class go?”

“Do you think Justin is cute?”

You answered to the best of your abilities. Then, Zheng Ting suggested something. “We’re headed to the basketball courts on the roof after school to play. Would you like to join us?”

You shrugged nonchalantly. “Sure, why not.”

Your new friends spent the remainder of your break showing you multiple facilities of the school. Euiwoong even insisted on showing off his locker as well. Eventually, the break ended and the group split up to go to their respective classes. This time you had science with Justin, who heaved all his things across the classroom just to sit next to you because, “I can’t leave you hanging, Y/N.”. ( wink ) It made you sigh but secretly, you found it extremely cute. Justin was a nice boy, you gave him that.

The last bell finally rang and the two of you strolled towards the courts.

“Y/N,” Justin began.

“Yeah?” You replied, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.

“I’m really glad you transferred. No offence! But, I’m just happy I met someone nice like you.”

“Aw, thank you. Thanks for showing me around today,” you said, heart fluttering.

Stop, stop, stop!

Justin slung his arm around your shoulder, minimising the space between you. “Yah, let’s be good friends and get closer. Pinky promise?” He offered his pinky out for you to enclose.

You did. “Promise.”

“If you can, we’ll take you to our favourite fried chicken restaurant after school for lunch. It’ll be fun!” Justin shrieked in excitement, then flushed red. You giggled. “Okay. I don’t mind.”

He squealed and hugged you. “I can’t wait! Welcome to your new school Y/N! Welcome to your new group of friends! We’ll treat you well, I will treat you better.”

You hugged Justin back, heart thudding. You too, were happy about your new school and all the happening adventures with your group of friends.

sudayevs  asked:

Opinion on marlene king :)

YES, you know I’ve been waiting for this one. Buckle your seatbelts kids. 

Okay, where do we even start with her?? Of course I don’t know her personally, so I’m not going to bash her as a person. But as a writer, that’s where the problem lies. Miss I. (ruin your ships as well as your life) Marlene King is the biggest liar of them all tbh. The first four seasons of the show were written well in my opinion. Ships aside, the episodes kept my interest and had suspense. Moving on to season 5 is where things got messy.

Season 5 and beyond is where Marlene got greedy in my opinion. She saw the money the show was bringing in and couldn’t stop. It’s fine if she wanted to continue, but honestly, she had no more storylines left to give. Take the time-jump as a prime example. Nobody’s storylines made sense. Everyone was petty as fuck and back to their season 1 selves. That time-jump made everyone soooo terribly ooc, but Mar didn’t seem to care. However, she cared a whole hell of a lot about those ‘HbO LeVeL sCeNeS!!!!” of some irrelevant ass ships, like Jordan/Hanna and Spencer/Caleb. No offense if anyone likes those ships, but if Mar knew they weren’t going to last, why go on and on about these scenes on Twitter, hyping them up??  

But through this all, I gave her the benefit of the doubt. It can’t be easy to run a tv show. Being the pll fan that I was, I trusted her word. I trusted her when she baited us for months about certain scenes or ships. Told us countless times on Twitter how ‘good things are worth the wait’. Now this is where any respect I had for her went down the tubes.  

THE FINALE. Don’t get me fucking started. She absolutely blew it and she knew it. After the constant baiting, we were handed with that finale. All of our feelings pushed aside because she thought ‘shock value’ was more important than the loyal fanbase that kept pretty little trash going for as long as it did. 

The way the show treated rape and mental illness is absolutely disgusting. Mar did nothing to fix this and didn’t seem to care. In fact, I recall her saying that the Alex/Toby scene in the finale was ‘a hot sex scene’ or something like that. WAKE UP CALL HONEY, that’s not sex, that’s rape. Why can’t Mar admit that?? Why can’t she admit that she wrote rape into her show and chose not to address it?? She took a lot of fucking serious issues and tried to normalize them. This includes several jokes about mental illness that were shown in the show for a ‘quick laugh’. Not sure why she thinks that would be funny. 

But one of my biggest gripes is the way she reacts to fans of her show. After the finale, many of us were upset, for rightful reasons. Now, this is no excuse for people to bully her or call her names, but we have a right to voice our opinions on the show. When several fans began expressing their concerns with the finale, she never seemed to listen. Instead, she always felt the need to back up her storylines, even if they were extremely problematic. 

Take spoby as an example (because when am I not spoby as fuq let’s be real). When fans asked why we were baited to keep watching and when we civilly expressed our concerns, she shut us down. To this day, she is still defending shit on Twitter. She makes fans feel like our opinions don’t matter. Like we all have to agree that spoby ‘HaD aN ePiC tRuE lOvE sCeNe!!!!!’ She sure goes on a lot about how great the finale was, but has yet to address mental illness jokes or rape that occur on the show. 

And how she always mentions how the show is about friendship. Bitch, where???? I don’t remember a genuine friendship scene between these girls in ages. Aria was up Ezra’s ass the whole time and couldn’t care wtf was going on, Hanna didn’t seem to care much about anything the entire time-jump, Emily was given some shit ass storylines (like why did Wayne have to die??? still unsure), and Spence (although she’s my fave), acted completely ooc, only caring about Rat Rivers. And the only guy friendship on the show was shattered too with that dumbass Caleb love triangle. 

Clearly, I still have some open wounds here and I’m tired of Mar acting like our opinions aren’t valid.  


Prince On Every Tour: 1999

It’s Friday night Tumblr, it’s 8:30, and part of me wants to hightail it to bed again like I did last night. Is it just me or has it been THE LONGEST WEEK?! A lot going on, but I’m using the scraps of energy I have left to get into the next Prince on every tour. Shall we begin? Tonight’s show is a real treat for me and is easily one of my favorites:


Overview:  Okay. OKAY. I just want you all to understand that this post was almost certainly about to look like this:

BUT, I’m trying to do better in life. So I stopped, collected myself, and decided to try to give some semblance of a readable post. This my attempt. 

We find Prince in the same arena a year later, yet he’s of course hit another level up. At least he gave us more than 6 months to cope with the greatness of the Controversy tour we attended. We’ve decided that the last concert was him definitely coming more into his own, but maybe with still a bit of an unrefined touch to it. By this show, it’s ALL refined. And I say that not just because he is my fave here ya’ll. I mean it sincerely.

Let’s start with the dancing. He was so full of energy before that some of it came off awkward, but completely endearing. Here though, we see that Prince swag that some may know from Purple Rain onwards. But I promise ya’ll it’s here in 1999. We’re seeing his signature splits become more prominent, and the overall James Brown influence has fully emerged in his movements. We also are seeing that dual femininity/masculinity element to his movements become more evident. They’re elegant and graceful, but you don’t doubt for a second that he would also be able to… handle you. Or me. I will speak for myself. Actually, yeah, none of you think about that. Keep moving. Bye.

Sorry. Focused again. Promise. Basically, P just seems to be so much more comfortable on the stage overall by this point, therefore more playful than before. Take, for example, one of the most glorious 14 minute portions of a concert I’ve ever witnessed - How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore. He starts with just a piano jam sesh ( “ ‘Scuse me, I’m just jammin’ “) that turns extremely funky and EXCEEDINGLY rude. He sings, quite soulfully, that he really wants your *insert kitty emoji here* this evening. One would think that as many times as I’ve watched JUST THAT PART, it wouldn’t affect me, but no. I’ve had no growth as far as that’s concerned. I’m fine with it. As the sesh turns into How Come, he gets increasingly extra, until the breakdown (MAD FUNKY) in which he then graces us with the most of that liquid velvet (what I refer to his voice as) we’ve heard thus far on a tour as he accuses us of having another man…or woman, how we’re to blame for him screaming out our name while tryna make love to his other woman, and pleading with us to call him some time, all culminating in asking us if we wanna play with his tootsie roll. To which I answer a resounding YES. I know this was purposeful. I know it was intentional. I know. But do I care? I SURE DONT. To quote boyfriend “now if you think that I’mma fool who’ll go for any line, honey put down all your money, you’d win every time.” I ghost wrote that. It’s who I am. *kanye shrug* 

His bandleader skills are also a 10 here. Not only can you see his growth on stage, but you can see everyone else’s. Dez is jamming and making his way across the stage with no shirt and that haircut I hate so much, Brownmark is having a ball on the bass, also shirtless. Fink continues to amaze on his solos. The sound is airtight, but if anything did go wrong, they knew how to make sure we couldn’t tell. More than anything, you can tell how much they’re all enjoying themselves. It’s infectious to watch. 

Production has stepped up. Not a whole lot going on besides the International Lover bed prop and my personal fave, the pole he refuses to stop sliding down for 3 tours in a row. But you can tell by the lighting, transitions between songs, etc. that he has honed every aspect  of the experience. At this point, we’re just waiting on funds (which are well on their way)  as the final part to having the type of production a performer like P needs. 

This entire concert (and tour in my opinion from all the shows I’ve seen) was executed with a confidence and swagger we had not yet seen from him before, but one we will continue to see blossom into a dangerous flower of swag and life ruining. It is, and forgive me (or don’t, this is what’s in my soul ya’ll) the emergence of daddy. Point. Blank. Period.

Favorite Number:
You can try to tell me there was a bad number in this show, but you’d be a double drag fool. Despite the fact that this era produced some of my absolute favorite music from him, these were all still stellar performances. I can’t imagine a single person in attendance not being on their feet for the duration of this show. 

Pretty much, I am stuck here. I would typically go with Lady Cab Driver, but nothing beats the Detroit 82 soundboard version. DMSR is always a jam, and I love the coordinated two step between him, Dez, and Brownmark. Let’s Work is always a hard jam too, and I LIVE for his dance on that song as well. So swaggy. Vocally, Do Me Baby and International Lover are standouts. His range on the recorded version of International Lover is INCREDIBLE, so hearing that live…just let me ascend please. How Come, for obvious reasons and also another vocally amazing performance. 

As I sit here in an internal battle with myself, I feel like I’m going International Lover. It’s a favorite from the album, he’s extra, he’s rude, and he’s sangin’. A combination of all the things I love. 

Favorite Outfit:
There weren’t many outfit changes here. He started out with the iconic purple trench, open-chested opera blouse, and the fitted, buttons-down-the-sides pants we’re used to now. It’s an outfit we’ve come to know and love. However, I’m thinking that I’m loving the moto jacket that matches his pants (perfectly cropped to not deprive us any portion of his booty, bless) fit the best. He just looks so doggone good in that all black getup. LORDT. Honorable mention to the purple moto jacket and headband he wore during International Lover though. It almost won simply because of my love of Prince in a headband/headwrap. Especially with those perfect 1999 curls cascading over it. 

Still Would Rating: Clearly.

Overall Rating: So I know several will think that this rating is based simply on the fact that this is my favorite iteration in one of my favorite shows. That is partially true. I mean, it’s a favorite for a reason, right? However, take all that away, and it was still an AMAZING show. He is on the precipice of his superstardom, so getting to see that before the clamor of Purple Rain (and trust me, I love PR) is thrilling to me. It’s like being privy to a secret a lot of people might not have really known yet. Like “ya’ll have no idea how he’s about to slay you for the next 30 years.” Plus, this era spawned some of my favorite music, not just from him, but from The Time (What Time Is It is their BEST album; let’s argue) and Vanity 6 (I am the obnoxious person who does all THREE sides of the conversation in If A Girl Answers), so being able to see those sets too was great. But even without those factors, if I knew nothing of Prince, I’d walk away from  having watched this feeling exhilarated, wanting more, and thinking “this dude is gonna be a legend.” 


imaginetho  asked:

hello kumiko-chan! may i please request a fluff scenario with akashi where its a rainy night so him and his s/o decide to stay home all day?

Hello there! I hope your blog is going well! Everyone knows I can’t refuse an Akashi request (really any request, but especially an Akashi one) so I’m more than happy to write this for you! I hope it’s fluffy enough and that you like it! My love for anime characters is so unreal like…I’m completely hopeless… I’m too in love with people Akashi and Himuro that will never love me back, why world why?!?!

The sound of rain pelting the windows serves as an unfortunate reminder of your circumstance. Sighing in frustration, you pout at your now ruined plans. Chuckling at your adorable reaction, Akashi smiles, “You know you can always show me your favorite coffee shop another day.” Puffing out your cheeks you reply, “But today was supposed to be special, Sei. I was going to show you one of my most favorite places to go and we were going to have a normal date. But the rain had to ruin it.” Akashi raised an eyebrow at your declaration, “Are you telling me that our dates aren’t normal?”

Shaking your head you explain yourself, “No! I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just…you’re wealthy and you live your life completely different from mine. I kind of just wanted to show you how I live mine, you know since we are brought up differently…” you trail off, unsure of how to continue. His eyes slightly widen in understanding, “I’m sorry, love. I didn’t know that this meant so much to you. I remember you telling me something about a movie marathon if I’m not mistaken. We can try that? I promise we can go to that cafe soon.” he spoke earnestly.

Your eyes light up in excitement at his idea, your previous issue forgotten. Picking out a few movies from Akashi’s massive collection, you instruct him to grab a blanket and some snacks. You turn off the lights and start the movie, curling up on the couch under the warm blanket. Sitting next to Akashi, your legs are folded under you, hands resting on your thighs. Slightly rolling his eyes at your position, Akashi wraps his arm around your back and pulls you toward him, situating you on his lap. Legs off to the side, his arms encase your figure and his warm breath tickles your neck. Your head lays on his firm chest and you flush at the slightly intimate position.

“Comfortable?” he asks, his hot breath trailing your neck. Nodding, you try to focus on the film but the only thing that registers in your brain is the warmth radiating on your back from his stomach as well as the sound of his heartbeat. Closing your eyes, you listen to the rhythmic noise, a calm feeling washing over you. Akashi looks down when he feels your head heavily leaning against his chest. Your face was so peaceful and calm, he couldn’t get himself to wake you up. Wrapping an arm under your legs and another around your back, you carries you to his room to make sure you have a good night’s rest.

Carefully laying you on the bed, he pulls up the covers and turns to leave when you quietly whimper in your sleep. Deducing that you’re having a nightmare, Akashi lays your head on his lap and gently strokes your hair in a soothing manner. Instantly, you quiet down, a small smile on your face. Quietly laughing at your cute reactions, he kisses your forehead and whispers words of love and sweet dreams, before falling asleep himself.

Basically me showing my art to people.

Friend: “I don’t see what’s wrong with it! It looks super good!”

Me: “NO, I ruined it! Look! Look at this!” 

*vigorously pointing at tiny dot of marker outside the line* 

“It’s noticeable and it throws the whole thing off and-” *continues to complain*

Friend *whispering*: I fucking s2g-.

Kamikaze 1/3

Prior to Russian Roulette.

→ Reader x Kai

→ A popular call girl is hired by a rich CEO to ruin his old friend Kai’s career and life.

→ Warnings: Angst/Thriller. Mentions of sex.

Word count: 1,8K

I had only expected another normal call.

Normal in my sense though, you know - the same greasy guys that had absolutely no chance to have sex with, I suppose, a normal person. They would hit me up with the same cringe-worthy ‘heey’ every time but it was alright because that was my job and I had gotten to this point in my life myself. I was alright.

But this- this was so far from normal.

Only a couple of minutes before I officially closed my line for they day, the phone had rung obnoxiously, startling me out of my small and cozy nap. I was prepared to kindly tell this person calling that he was a bit late and that I would not be able to schedule anything with him now- and that he could call earlier tomorrow.

Grabbing the phone and saying hello into the line, I was shocked to not hear another greasy ‘hey’ but instead a mature and deep voice speaking quickly. He spoke so fast and curtly that I was almost not able to understand anything. When I was finally able to focus, the voice stopped.

“Eh.. Hello?” My jaw was slack and I was only able to stare with wide eyes into the grungy wallpaper of my small apartment. I made a quick, internal note to starts saving some money to fix the place up.

The voice on the other side chuckled before sighing and starting again; slower this time. 

“Is this Y/N?”

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An Other Side of the War (Part 4)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

~ Before year sixth ~

The Malfoy Manor was huge and impressive, but you couldn’t fucus on that more than two seconds. You all stopped at the living room - Draco close to your side, his mother in front of you; she had a hard time to start to speak. When she did, your fears became real. 

“Y/N… “ - she started in a low, teary voice. “There’s no good way to telling this… and I’m sorry that you have to hear it from me. After the events at the Ministry, your parents died.” 

The feeling was like somebody hit you in your chest extremely hard. Your heart skipped a beat and you wanted to scream really loud, but your breath stucked in your troath. Tears blurred your vision and you felt dizzy - you couldn’t see or hear anything anymore, only your heartbeat.  Slowly you started collapsing, until Draco’s hand catched you and pull you over to the couch. He sat beside you and you hugged him instantly, so hard and tightly that your hands started to hurt around his shoulder after a few minutes. You cried and cried and he said nothing, just gently storked your back. 

When you started to calm down a little and could use your brain again, you stood up quickly.

“How did they die?” - you asked Draco because Narcissa wasn’t there anymore, but when she heard your shout, she came back from the kitchen.

“I’m not sure you should know.” - she muttered.

“I think I deserve to know how my parents died! It was him, right?” She hesitated for a few seconds, but then she started. 

“The Dark Lord wasn’t pleased after the incidence at the Ministry. He cast the Cruciatus Curse on your mother, and when your father tried to protect her… well…”

She didn’t continue, but you didn’t care. Now you were angry; the words did not stuck in your throath anymore.

“Was it worth it?” - you shouted at her. “Is it worth it? Being so loyal and all to your beloved lord, yeah my parents were loyal, and look at where are they now! Look at where your husband are now… All of you just ruined your families lifes!” 

Her eyes was mildly teary as she answered you. “As long as you stay in my house, I’d like to ask you to show some respect.”

“Staying in here? Oh no, I’m not planning to stay with you any minute longer now.” And you were already on your way to the door, but Draco grabbed your arm. 

“Y/N, please. Your aunt will come and pick you up later on this month, but now, you’re alone. Let us help you.” If you wouldn’t be so emotionally unstable at that moment, you’d just probably stormed out, but as you looked in to his eyes that you never seen so sad earlier, you stayed. 

You stayed your room at the rest of the day, and nobody bothered you. But in the next morning, Draco came in to tell you the breakfast is ready; you were still in bed. 

“I’m not hungry.” - you answered without glanced at him.

“You should eat something. You skipped dinner yesterday too.” You didn’t answer to this, just stared the wall. He came closer and sat the edge of the bed, his hand on your shoudler. 

“I know how are you feeling…”

“You don’t.” - you cut him off with an edgy tone. He pulled his hand away from you.

“Right. I don’t. My mother is alive. My father is just in the Azkaban. But don’t forget they are on the same side. D’you think I never think about that that easily can happen to them too?” You felt ashamed. It was so easy to forget that he’s in a similar situation.. As you sat up you hugged him and murmured an “I’m sorry” in his ears. You went down to the dining room. At the table, Draco’s mother sat in front of you.

“Mrs. Malfoy, I’d like to apoligize for my behaviour yesterday. I didn’t mean to offended you or your family.” - you said. 

She let out a small smile. “It’s alright, Y/N, you’re hurt. And please call me Narcissa.” 

Your relationship with Draco and his mother now was restored, but your day wasn’t any better. You felt emptyness and deep sandess in turn. At night, you couldn’t sleep, so you decided to go to Draco’s room. You knocked and found him awake. “Is something wrong?” 

“I just couldn’t sleep. Can I… sleep with you?” He nodded and you went into his room, layed beside him. At least an hour passed, and you were still wide awake when you startet to cry silently. Draco probably was awake too, because he heard you immediately. He leaned above to you and gently made you to turn on to him, and you hugged him instantly, crying just more loudly. You buried your face into his neck as he wrapped his arms around you, running circles in your back with his hand. 

“It hurts so much.” - you whispered. 

“I know.” You fell asleep in his arms, and in the next morning you wake up in the smiliar positon.  

And from that day you got close to each other every day. It wasn’t like that cheeky flirting what you did in the last two years. It was more mature, deeper and honest. You kept sleeping with him, though you spent most of the night with deep converstations. He opened up to you and you opened up to him in a way that you never did before with anybody else earlier, and you were sure it was mutual. When he kissed you after months again, you felt you want him, no matter what will happen after that. 

After what happened with your parents, this summer could have been easily the worst period of your life. However, staying at the Malfoy Manor was a good choise afterall - Draco not just helped you to feel yourself better, but you clearly fell in love with him every day just more and more; you had so many sweet moments. 

Like when you took a hot bubble bath and he sat next to the tub in a chair, reading to you from his favourite book. Or when he teached you how to play Quidditch in their backyard - even if you thought you were hopeless in this. Or the night when he took your virginity; and he was kind and gentle and worried - “I don’t want to hurt you.” - he said too many times before you convinced him you’ll be fine. 

And that sleepy late morning, when both of you were still in bed, eyes just slightly open, and you draw circles on his bare shoulder with your fingertip. 

“What will happen now? There’s war.” - you muttered. 

“At this point I only know one thing - I love you. And I’ll do everything to keep you safe. We’ll figure it out.” he smiled, and you knew it’s not that easy, but his words was so calming. 

After a month your aunt came for you. It was hard to say him goodbye, even if you knew you’ll see him again within four weeks. 

“Write to me.” - you said at the doorway, wrapped in his arms.

“Of course I will.” He kissed your forehead, you hugged Narcissa aswell, and disapparated with your aunt.