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What's oofuri?


Ok but since I am actually going to convince u to watch oofuri pls continue reading for a very in depth and personal analysis of this anime and manga that has ruined my entire life and simultaneously pulled me together and made me whole again. 

Ookiku Furikabutte is the full name of the show, and it centers around the protagonist Mihashi Ren (the little guy I use when I reply to all my asks, and the original baby birb) and he’s got anxiety. Like real bad anxiety. But that’s okay! Because his team accepts him for who he is, despite him being annoying at times, and jumping to conclusions, and fretting over little things. (Ex: If Abe’s not here, I can’t pitch…) One of the things I really love with this show is his anxiety and shit doesn’t magically get better through the “power of friendship” He continues to struggle with it, but he grows as a person and learns to tell himself otherwise, while coming out of his shell to his teammates, and learning to trust others again. (EX: “I’m not good enough… no… I am… good enough…”)

ok I actually went way into depth abt this so im putting it under a cut if u read it all i will give u a kiss on ur cheek

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I am so happy to be contributing for the 1 year anniversary of Miraculous! 

Okay, time to get deep for a minute! 

The first time I saw miraculous was when the PV came out, and I saw the characters and I was like.. This will not be good. WELL GUESS WHO WAS WRONG! I am so lucky to have re found this show because it has ruined my life in the best way possible. It keeps me inspired, and if I didn’t find this show, then I probably wouldn’t have continued on with my drawing! But only a year of drawing people has been improved so greatly because I spend everyday drawing Chat Noir! And I love it! Its now apart of my life and I may or may not have gotten a few of my friends obsessed with this. But they all liked Volpina and they ship Marinette with Adrien. And that is the only ship they shall ship! And I’m the only one who ships the whole love square + Djwifi. Yeah! It has turned me into a full blown trash can that can’t stop making puns! xD But yeah. I really want to thank Thomas but I’m to afraid to actually tell! ;~;.

 But this has been an amazing first year and this is the longest I’ve ever stayed in a fandom and drawn it a whole lot! WOW!!!!! But yeah! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY MIRACULOUS!!! also this isnt the only fan art I shall upload. I am going to upload all the ml fan art I haven’t uploaded yet!

I'm just gonna say it

I’m tired. I’m tired of waiting for the writers to rip the bandaid off. I’m tired of waiting for Jude to cheat on Connor with Jack, or for Jude to tell Callie that they decided to break up because long distance is just too hard. People say that Connor will be back, but for all we know that can just be a breakup Skype call. When and if he shows up again, that’ll be it. I admit, Jonnor wasn’t the only reason I started watching this show. But now it’s the only reason I bother to continue to watch. The writers should just end it now so I can stop watching the show and forget this ship ever ruined my life at all.
I’m just tired of waiting for the obvious breakup. I’m tired of trying to have hope. Before the show came back, I had some hope, but now, I’m just done. I don’t care if you give me shit for “only watching the show because of Jonnor.” It wasn’t always like that. But the other story lines have gotten bland to me. Brallie…what do we have left? Awkward gazes and bitter conversations? I want them to be together, but I’m just getting bored. New Jesus isn’t helping, either. Mariana and Lexi storyline, eh. Stef and Lena, that’s probably the only storyline I’d want to keep up with in the future. Since Stef has cancer and all. But overall, I’m tired of being in denial. Jonnor is dead. It was beautiful while it lasted, but from what it sounds/looks like, it’s over. For those of you that still have hope left, good for you. But tuning into the show just isn’t as exciting anymore. I’m sorry, but it’s just how I feel. I’ve learned, that Jonnor was, and will forever be my
ultimate ‘OTP’. Yes, I have many ships. Brallie, Spoby and Haleb from PLL, corpanga, (do I even have to say the show) but Jonnor is my OTP. The difference between simply shipping a couple, and a couple being your OTP, is that with the couples you just simply 'ship’, you’re not as hooked on them as you are with your OTP. Spoby, brallie? I love them together. I ship them. Breakups sucked but weren’t the end of the world for me. Fluff scenes were super cute but didn’t make me squeal like a toddler. But Jonnor? Oh boy. Those fluff scenes had me on the edge of tears. I do not simply just 'ship’ Jonnor. O-T-fucking-P. But the breakup scene which I know is coming, will leave me numb, and most likely just giving up on this show as a whole. “But they might get back together in the future!” Ha. Thanks for the chuckles.
This was very long, and I’m not very sorry.
But I just had to say this. I might not even continue to run this blog after Jonnor ends. Some of you might be thinking “Why are you so hopeless? Why you must have SOME hope.”
Do you blame me for acting like this?
Cmon. Quit drinking the kool aid, and wake the fuck up. (What does kool aid have to do with people being in denial? I still don’t understand that. Do they even make kool aid anymore? I’ve always liked that guy. Okay whatever bye)


Listen I know im a crazy girl and I post some pretty weird things about bangtan but I can be matured if I want to. BTS are human beings and I dont think shoving them and invading there privacy and screaming “BTS” in there ear is showing love. 

Cant you just be quiet and set aside and GIVE THEM SPACE and hold up your posters. 


 I remember BTS were so respectful towards their fans and always use to mention us and now……im not sure if they will continue that!

If you want BTS to “love you” be respectful and give them privacy. They are human beings with there own lifes you know!! THEY ARE NOT OBJECTS!

The concert did not even start yet and all this shiz is happening.

Listen I know there are SO MANY good armys right now who are such wonderful people but its one of those situations where the whole class in getting blamed for one student’s stupid actions.

The only way to solve this is if we work TOGETHERRRR

My request for armys now is to apologize for bangtan for EVERYTHING weve done wrong and please make a fresh start and earn our name back!

Spread the hashtag #WEARESORRYBTS and make BTS love armys again, they still do but im pretty sure they have a negative aura towards us!


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