this show can be pretty when it wants to be

As a feminist I think Kara has the right to make her own decisions


Monel changed his entire view towards women he has treated her with nothing but respect

Were both stated in the same comment I just read. Have we been watching the same show?? Did you watch the last episode??

Because continuously being told that Kara is self centred for wanting to use her powers to help people seems pretty disrespectful to me. Continuously ignoring what Kara asks and going off to try and fix things himself instead of saying how can I help you, seems pretty disrespectful to me. The two of them yelling at each other when they are angry and then making up two seconds later without actually talking about their problems doesn’t seem very respectful (or healthy) to me. And as feminist you don’t think it is the right of those in the fandom to express their issues with this relationship and to take it up with the writers of the show? Especially when they see that these decisions seem so out of character? And to do so without having people make comments that seem to have the intent of making other feminists doubt themselves for wanting Kara to re-evaluate the decisions she is making. 


Dig into my muse’s life | headcanons

@ask-the-three-eyes sent 7 & 12 (7 will be answered with a separate post, I got two 7′s to answer! ^^)

12:  What is your muse’s happiest memory from their childhood?

From what I can remember, that day really changed a lot for me. I thought Mama would be angry with me for wanting to wear make-up, but it turns out she wasn’t! 

Each time I think back to that day, it always brings a smile to my face because I knew then I could feel safe being myself around her. 

((Fun fact, I also have to admit that when my mom showed me how to do make-up for the first time, it was pretty much one of the best and funnest days of my life. Tricky, but it was a fun bonding session we had when I was starting out with make-up c: ))

Garnet lied about Blue

When the latest batch of episodes leaked I could not for the life of me get over how different Blue Diamond was from how she seemed in The Answer. I mean look at this shit

In her story, Garnet portrayed Blue as as a calm, cold, ruthless queen who would had no issue with ordering Ruby’s death on the spot for stepping out of line, that’s a pretty far cry from the big moping blueberry that we got here.

Now you can go and say that this was before Pink Diamond was shattered, but look at Blue’s court. It’s all bluish and pinkish gems with none of any other color, and the rubies assigned to Sapphire didn’t have a diamond on their uniform to show who they were working for. This was right after Pink Died!

Now take a moment to rewatch how Garnet acted when Blue Diamond was involved. Garnet was scared, mortally terrified of Blue, to the point that she didn’t want to get anywhere near her.

Do you think someone this terrified could really have given an accurate recollection of what happened on the day she was sentenced to death?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a minute that Blue called for Ruby to be shattered, but I don’t think it was because Garnet broke some insane interracial love taboo. No, Blue had her sister’s murderer right there in front of her, and Sapphire had confirmed that she would face judgement…


Does this mean Blue Diamond was right to have Ruby executed? Fuck no it doesn’t, but all the same Blue here isn’t the insane, bigoted, love-hating tyrant that Garnet told us she was. She’s a deeply hurt, deeply flawed individual in a position of power struggling to hold it together after she watched her sister’s killer escape justice because a bumbling guard distracted everyone!

So yeah, she may still ordered an execution, but give Blue a break. At least half a break. This definitely was not in cold blood.

Dating Raphael Santiago would include...
  • sassy/ sarcastic/ snarky remarks. 
  • he might finish sentences with “stupid” when explaining something to you but he’ll definetely snap if someone else is referring to you like that.
  • fights/tough can be pretty intense but deep down he is just a dork - just an example: “You suck” would definetly make him burst into laughter. Argument over.
  • Eye rolls are on your side when you want him to be a bit more “romantic” or want him to show more affection - but don’t ignore the little smile curving his lips.
  • Dating a human is probably a rare thing, but he’d be very very protective. Just imagine another vamp coming at you and him getting immediately getting in the way, saying “this is my little human” (of course a bit teasingly, but hey, he saved your life here)
  • he’d tell you 676573 times not go near Camille or any other ‘prominent’ downworlders (but he’d never admit he’s caring a lot)
  • he might be a tease but when you’re alone, he is a huge gentleman.
Give me love
Lately when this song comes on I think of you. It’s not the song itself, I think I only showed it to you once; and I was pretty drunk. It’s the meaning behind the song. Because it shows me that you create everything around you. And I created my own sadness, my own loneliness, my own miseries. This song shows me that because I wanted love so badly, I got none entirely. It shows me that I have to love myself before I can even start loving someone else or hope that they love me back.
God forgive me for this ship

This is without a doubt the worst content you will ever see on this blog, but I’m saying it anyway. Sorry, come back some other time when we have actual content and not another set of boring townie episodes

Steven’s uncle Andy is a lonely, unhappy man, and based on the recurring symbolism of a single groom on a wedding cake it’s not just a desire for family ether. Andy wants a wife, and even though it’s pretty damn clear he doesn’t deserve one, if he’s not just a one-off character you can mark my words that the crew is going to pair him off with someone else.

There’s just one problem: What character in this show is legitimately horrible enough to end up with him? Well believe it or not loyal readers, there is someone for everyone, and her name is Big Buff Cheeto Puff

Okay, this pairing may seem to have just come out of the orange but believe me I think it has potential in a lot of ways. 

For staters, both of them are lonely, and desperate enough that they’ve developed complexes over nobody wanting to stay with them. In addition, they’re both highly macho and conservative

Andy has also hinted that he shared Greg’s tastes in enormous women, but what really caught my attention is this:

Andy is a pilot

Why does this matter? Well remember this line?

Jasper: We could fly!

Oh, i’m sorry, did you think that was a throwaway? Fuck no! We’re getting fucking apache up in here, using every part of the goddamn joke. Next we’re use Greg’s murdecock as the pole for a teepee, like and subscribe for more “pitching a tent jokes”

Okay, but seriously. There’s one more thing. Notice how this was the thanksgiving episode? Well here’s two things you can’t separate from the tradition of thanksgiving:

  1. Colonialism
  2. that hideous orange color scheme

Coincidence? Hell yes it is, but at this point I’ve got nothing else to post about except the very remote possibility that Marty is related to Greg

Andy! Jasper! a match made in hell, or new jersey. Same damn thing

When you find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will stand in front of you when other’s cast stones, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who will hold your hand when your sick, who thinks your pretty without makeup, the one who turns to his friends and say, ‘that’s her’, the one that would bear your rejection because losing you means losing his will to live, who kisses you when you screw up, watches the stars and names one for you and will hold and rock that baby for hours so you can sleep… marry him all over again
—  Shannon L. Alder

-you’re friends would be pissed

-but you’d bring out his good side

-he’d try to be all tough guy in the relationship but his eyes would betray his inner feelings

-Damon would be around you 24/7 just to piss Kai off

-TBH, Kai would be totally possessive and the jealous type

-he would love showing you off, and showing you’re his

-his arm, constantly over your shoulders while you’re out and about


-helping with his mood swings

-calming him down (he really likes it when you run your fingers through his hair)

-love bites, i mean come on, this is Kai we’re talking about

-he would actually be pretty sappy too though, like he loves you and he’s never felt that before and he doesnt want to lose you

-so romantic dates (that you can’t tell anyone about because it would ruin his rep. (but you would totally tell your friends))

-he doesnt have many friends to gush about you to, and he’s accidentally gushed about you to Damon before (which will never happen again)

-he would actually love cuddling, because he loves having you in his arms

-piggy back rides

-after a while he wouldent even mind showing he loves you

-he would say ‘i love you’ a lot because he does

-but he would be like ‘i dont get this. my stomach doesnt feel good, its like butterflies. but its good?’

-he would love it when you fall asleep on his chest, like when you watch movies. and he would love running his fingers through your hair (then you’d wake up and he would have braided your hair and it would actually be really good like???)


-but roughness also, if you’re okay with that

-heart eyes motherfucker

You know how some actresses who play same sex couples or non canon same sex ships who are perfectly willing to play the characters but outside of the show they’re very like “I’m straight I’m straight I’m straight.” Or when they’re playing non canon F/F ships they’re like “Yeah they can ship us if they want but I’m pretty sure they’re just friends and will stay friends”


There are the actresses who play same sex couples and they’re always taking pictures together or joking about getting together and using the ship name or something like that. And the actresses who play non canon F/F ships are like “I would LOVE if they got together and they’re always joking and using the ship names as well and talking about the ship and joking around about getting together and things like that. I just love when the actresses do that and I’m so appreciative that even though they’re straight they’re not worried about coming off as not straight and I don’t know I’m just really appreciative because it shows how they really are okay and completely accepting of queer women.

Imagine there is an age gap between your otp, and they want to keep their relationship a secret.
-Sometimes it’s hard because A (older) gets concerned about B (younger) but can’t show it publicly because people would think their concern is strange
-B tries to hide their emotions because they don’t want A to believe they’re childish
-protective A
-protective B
-A loves the way B gets so excited about minor things
- just them being happy together because they love each other and when they’re alone and don’t have to hide they’re just so comfortable

the fact that shiro can tell when somethings going on with keith just shows how much of a bond they have, like everybody else pretty much didnt even really notice keith’s distress??

but its totally different w shiro and god i love him bc at least keith knows that somebody cares and that he can trust shiro with anything, but the reason he holds back his feelings is bc he doesnt want him to worry? he doesnt feel deserving of that maybe

but shiro thinks that keith deserves to be the happiest bc he makes him happy just being there with him and ahhhh

idc what ppl say, the sheith is all there

Eric R. Bittle, First Openly Gay NHL Player

Headcanon I’m working on now: Bitty is team captain in his senior year. He has nebulous “omg what to do when I graduate???” thoughts but his plans are mainly “move in with Jack in Rhode Island, get a job”

Then scouts for NHL feeder teams start showing up to his games.  And practices.  And taking him out for coffee.  And asking him who his agent is. Because let’s get real, someone who can start playing a sport and end up at NCAA championship level five years later? Is a pretty special athlete.

When he gets the offers Bitty is originally like, but I don’t WANT to play pro hockey! I wanna be with my boyfriend!  


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Dear People of America,

We COULD have had months of amazing Obama/Clinton shenanigans.

1. The entire White House staff wouldn’t have had to look like their dog died after the Election. Obama could have made so many terrible jokes while welcoming the President-Elect because he actually likes Hillary.
2. I don’t know, a diverse Cabinet with competent human beings? (Michelle Obama for Secretary of Education?)
3. Michelle showing Bill Clinton the China would have been priceless.
4. Michelle and Hillary could have exchanged a fist bump. Or a hug. Or pretty much anything. “WE DID THIS THING, DAMN IT.”
5. We could have had Bo and Sunny welcoming the Clintons’ dogs. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY CUTE.
6. Bill could have been the surprise guest on The White House Christmas Special with Michelle “for practice.” And when he showed up with a gift for Michelle just because HE’S THE FIRST GENTLEMAN NOW THERE IS NO PROTOCOL HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS she probably would have laughed and gone, “Oh, Bill,” and tossed it at Barack before giving Bill a hug hello. It would have been hysterical. Not hysterically painful.
7. The Million Woman March could have happened, you know, AT the inauguration site. Pretty sure Beyonce would have headlined.
8. I wanted Hillary, Michelle, Chelsea, Malia, and Sasha ALL wearing white. Or HRC rocking white while everyone else managed feminist badassery. Pretty sure Michelle wouldn’t have spent the entire inauguration looking like she wanted to die.
9. Joe Biden and Tim Kaine could have tossed a football around on the White House lawn and been America’s Vice Presidential First Dads.
10. We all would have been crying during the Inauguration for a different reason.

We could have had it all, America, but no. You just had to ruin it. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.


Make Personal Messages Memorable On Valentine’s Day!

How do you make something personal & cute, but not mushy & commercial? One sweet way, is to up the ante on the notes you give. What to do:

  1. Write out the messages. Add personal touches to them, because these will probably be saved for later. 
  2. Fold the envelopes out. Or use store bought ones. Insert the messages into the envelopes.
  3. Place the envelopes on your sheet & mark the places of the envelopes. 
  4. Write your headline on the post its & place it on the sheet. The one in the pictures is: 14 Reasons Why You Are Adorable!
  5. Paste the envelopes in their spots.
  6. Add borders and details with the markers.
  7. Put the sheet somewhere accessible and you’re done!

In case, it’s inconvenient to put envelopes, you can use post its! I think it looks pretty cute :)

So, try this out this Valentine’s Day. Or any other day, when you want to show someone, that you know them and love them for who they are! 

PS: Sorry about the really long post!


“When I’m looking out into this audience, I can see every single one of you. It makes me think about how right now, I’m playing a show, and we’re dancing together… but pretty soon, we’re not going to be anymore and it will be just a memory that I’ll play when I go through a really bad day. And anytime I don’t have perspectives on my life, I will think about this. I just wanted you to know that you make me feel really lucky.”

  • Aries: Sporadic crier; sometimes cry for what seems like no reason; always sputter and snot everywhere when they cry, although not a particularly ugly crier; great at cheering others up when they cry; can usually be cheered up themselves pretty quickly after a bout of crying
  • Taurus: Vulnerable crier; usually, all guards are up with taurus, but taurus often uses crying to break their walls down and show their vulnerabilities; can't stop crying once they start and sniffle for a very long time afterwards; need tons of comfort in the form of self-care, comfort food, and someone to coddle them in order to go back to normal
  • Gemini: Rare crier; can usually disconnect themselves from their emotions to prevent crying when they don't want to; can also produce tears when they do; even when they are so upset they can't control their tears, gemini often cries with a smile on their face; always feel humiliated after crying for real and highkey try to downplay it
  • Cancer: Angriest crier of the zodiac; cries because of duress, humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration; loud, hiccupy crying; unintelligible when crying and has to calm down before they can speak again; best at comforting others who are crying and want someone to do the same for them
  • Leo: Excellent at faking sadness for melodrama; great at keeping real tears under control in public and prefer to cry in private because they think it's ugly, but when life really gets to them they burst can out into public, uncontrollable sobbing
  • Virgo: Often cries quietly or silently; hiccups when crying; refuses to be seen crying in public even if it means holding back tears to the point it hurts and excusing themselves from the situation; uses crying to cope with heavy stress
  • Libra: Sensitive, empathetic crier; is usually a pretty composed, albeit snotty crier; can not bear to see others cry and has to comfort them or leave the room; cries more because of other people's problems then their own
  • Scorpio: Even better than leo at faking sadness and using tears as a method of personal gain; real crying is ugly and snotty; often cries due to frustration with the disconnect between themselves and their emotions; very unstable when crying and unintentionally lashes out when anyone attempts to comfort them
  • Sagittarius: Ghost crier; you'd be hard pressed to catch a sag crying; usually cry when in physical pain; emotional pain/stress must be unbelievably high before a sag cries and when they do, they do it for hours in private
  • Capricorn: Private crier; doesn't cry often, but when they do, it's very easy to tell; most prone to getting bloodshot eyes in the zodiac; somewhat quiet crier; almost never cries because of a movie, show, etc
  • Aquarius: Tear-shedder; 99% of the time, they can cry without a single sound, only tears dripping down their face; a very rare, rare 1% of the time, however, they are the loudest, ugliest, least composed criers of the zodiac and can howl into their pillow for hours, and then it doesn't happen again for long, long time; they don't understand people who cry all the time over trivial things, although they themselves have probably cried over their favorite book/movie etc
  • Pisces: Biggest crybaby of the zodiac; cries due to pretty much anything; sessions can last from one or two tears to hours of crying; crying is usually wet and snotty and they go through a million tissue boxes; least prone to getting bloodshot eyes but most prone to have very sensitive eyes all the time; most prone to crying because of movies, tv shows, books, etc; people often don't take them seriously when they cry because it happens so often but pisces ALWAYS have a reason for it (even if they don't know what that reason is themselves)
Not stayin//Daryl Dixon

Info: reader is Ezekiel sister, therefore she is pretty high up in her ranking. When Daryl has to stay in the Kingdom, Ezekiel has her show him around.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, oral sex, smut

Originally posted by andylincoln

When y/n saw Daryl, she was intrigued. She knew that he was an Alexandrian and had no chance with him but a girl can dream. Jesus came here with Ricks group, they want us to fight Negan with them and the Hilltop. Ezekiel wasn’t with it, but y/n wanted to, that could give her an excuse to talk to him.

“Daryl, you should stay here” Rick says to Daryl.

Her heart skipped a beat. Daryl, staying here? Even for only a few days, she’d be fine. She concealed a smile that spread across her face as her brother and Daryl were nearby.

“I ain’t stayin here” Daryl refuses throwing his hand back, motioning at the Kingdom.

She looked up, she was disappointed. But then again, who can she blame? The guy wants to go home, it isn’t a crime. She looked to Ezekiel, he had no opinion on Daryl staying or not.

She opened her mouth to speak but Ezekiel quickly stopped her.

“He must make this decision for himself” He explained himself.

She nodded and let the scene play out. It ended with Daryl standing alone as the gates closed behind his friends. Morgan turned to Ezekiel.

“I’ve got class with Ben” He excused himself.

“Daryl,” Ezekiel spoke, he turned to the duo “y/n, my sister, will show you around and get you set up with sleeping quarters”

“I ain’t stayin long” Daryl spoke.

“Well you gotta sleep somewhere tonight” y/n spoke as she walked towards Daryl.

“Farewell my dear sister, see you at dinner, I’m expecting you bring Daryl”

“Of course” She said with a smile.

Daryl walked beside her as she led him to the laundry square. Piles and piles of clean folded clothes sat on tables, damp clothes hung on drying lines.

“This is where you’ll find any clothes you’d need, but I know,” She turned to him with a pile of clothes “You aren’t staying long”

He nodded with a smirk and a stifled chuckle. He walked next to her once again as she walked. He couldn’t really focus, but her voice was so pretty and so was her face. He kind of wishes he wasn’t leaving but Alexandria is home. She pointed and spoke, looking back making eye contact to see if he understood, he gave empty nods.

“W-why can’t you go home?” y/n asked looking straight ahead.

“Negan took me after killing two of my group, I escaped and they’re gonna be lookin for me real soon” He said, he said it with emotion, it was obviously a sensitive topic.

“I’m sorry” She whispered.

The air became still and silent as they walked. He held a pile of clothes while she picked him up a towel from a friend. She stopped once they reached his door, it was a room with an empty bed and not much else.

“Ezekiels your brother, huh?” He asked.

“Yeah” She agreed.

“Get him to stand up to Negan, try, if not for yourself, me”

She shifted on her feet “So you think I care about you?” She asked with a smirk.

Daryl shrugged, she handed him his towel, they brushed hands and she felt her face get hot. He gave her a nod and opened the door to go inside, y/n went to go to her room.

“Wait, y/n” Daryl spoke.

She turned to him.

“Wait for me? I won’t be long but you gotta show me to the dining hall, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do” She nodded with a smile.

“You can wait inside if ya want, I’ll change in the bathroom”

“Okay” She nodded and stepped inside.

He went into the bathroom while she took a seat on the bed. There wasn’t much to do while she waited except wait. Counting cracks on the wall, broken window panes outside and floor tiles. Count how many times someone walked past the window or the florescent light flickered.

The bathroom door opened and revealed a wet Daryl, towel low on his hips. She tried to keep her eyes on his face.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

“Just forgot my clothes” He spoke timidly, he was unsure of whether he should come out or ask her to get them.

“I can get them” She said.

“Are you sure? I can if you don’t want to get up”

“No, it’s fine” She nodded and got up.

She picked up the piles of clothes and met him at the door. Hands touched once again and a look was exchanged.

“I, uh, thanks” Daryl stumbled over his words.

Y/n skipped the bullshit and kissed him. She hoped he’d kiss back and he did. He dropped his clothes and kissed her back. Their hands caught in one another hair. y/ slid her hand down his slick abdomen and underneath the towel. She grabbed his cock and he groaned into her mouth. They pulled away and y/n fell to her knees in front of him. She undid his towel and his cock sprung up. She smirked and looked up at him, he looked embarrassed but so turned on at the same time.

She wrapped herself around him and he threw his head back. She steadied herself with her hands on her lap, Daryl was holding onto the door frame behind him. She took him in until she gagged around him, as unattractive of a sound and sight, Daryl moaned out in pleasure. 

“Fuck” He cursed from above her, one hand now wrapping into her hair.

He guided her up and down his cock, the top hit the back of her throat every time. Daryl moaning turned her on, her making him feel that good made her clench her thighs together for some kind of relief.

“Stop” He suddenly spoke and pulled her off of him.

She worried she did something wrong and looked at him with concern. He picked her up and moved her to the bed, laying her on her back. At this point she assumes she didn’t do that bad as Daryl was yanking her jeans down her legs. She lifted her hips to help him, he took them off along with her underwear and boots. Daryl positioned his face between her legs and got to it. His tongue exploring her, it had been so long anything would feel better than her hand at this point.

“Shit” She panted, her fingers in his damp hair.

Daryl continued to eat her out. He’d look up every now and then to see how he was doing and if she was satisfied. He eventually had to lay an arm across her hips to keep her from bucking. His scruff hit her thighs the right way, his nose wold bump her clit every now at then making her writhe beneath him. When he added fingers she was done. She pulled her head closer to her so he wouldn’t stop. 

“I-I’m gonna come” She cried out.

“Not yet” Daryl spoke and stood up.

She was left on the bed, just for a moment. It wasn’t long before Daryl pushed himself deep inside her. Both of them now equally desperate for a release, Daryl wanted them to come once and together, after all, he wasn’t staying long. They had to finish up quick either way for dinner.

He was up on his elbows above her as he thrusted. Her body moved with every thrust, she held onto his shoulders for something to hold. She moaned and he grunted occasionally. Both finally excited to have someone to fuck after so long.

“Shit” He groaned as she clenched around him, signalling she was close. He lowered himself to her ear and told her,  “Come with me”.

She could only nod, her mouth agape and panting.

“Now” He spoke and they both came together.

After not having anything in so long, coming together was even better than one at a time. She sighed in relief as she finally got what she’s been needing, and the guy she got it from wasn’t too bad himself.

A knock on the door startled them, y/n rolled off the bed, grabbing her pants and hid on the ground while Daryl answered the door.

“Hello, Daryl. I am so sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you know whereabouts of y/n , dinner is soon and she isn’t in her sleeping quarters” Ezekiel asked.

“Nah, but she should be stopping by soon to show me to dinner”

“Okay, very well, I will see you then”

Daryl nodded and closed the door. He turned and sighed with a chuckle. y/n rose up shimming her pants onto her hips.

“What?” She asked.

“He always talk like that?” He spoke while pulling his shirt on.

“Yeah, it’s his thing. Goes with the title of King Ezekiel”

“That makes sense”

After dinner, Ezekiel pulled y/n aside. Daryl didn’t leave the table as he needed her to get around.

“Don’t get attached, he isn’t staying” He spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“I saw your shoes in his room, y/n”

“Oh” Her face turned red “You can’t blame me”

“Goodnight, dear sister” Ezekiel said turning around.

Y/n turned to the table where Daryl sat alone. The rest of the hall had cleared for bed. She sat across from him, she got sad knowing it wouldn’t last long.

“How many walkers have you killed?” Daryl asked.

“A lot”

“How many people?”



“To save myself. Why are you asking me all this?”

“I want you to come back with me, to Alexandria”

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I just can’t DEAL I’m so excited about this winter finale - a whole hour of Brooklyn! (Technically 40 minutes but you know!)

I see a lot of people speculating a proposal, I feel that’s just not gonna happen. I don’t wanna be a pessimist but we haven’t really had any episodes this season that would show the progress of Jake and Amy’s relationship, this is definitely gonna be it, but a proposal would seem pretty fast at this point. Although Jake had one moment with Terry when he pretty much said he wants to get married and have kids, I would still bet this is gonna be them deciding to move in since Melissa even teased it on Twitter a couple of weeks ago! And even if it isn’t, Jake and Amy are working together again! I miss those episodes from season 1 and 2 so much. Anyway these scenes look super sweet and there’s gonna be more than one of them since they seem to be in different rooms in the pictures! 

Other observations: The van says “Homeland Security”, Jake’s wearing two different suits (looking so 🔥), they look like they’re underground at some scenes… I have no idea what we’re gonna get but I’m so excited. How has this show managed to get me so hooked I have no idea.