this show and this fandom do you so dirty

some advice

so, you’re joining the hamilton fandom and want to produce content? great!! scared of the unofficial etiquette in this mess? let me help.
(disclaimer: this is an UNOFFICIAL guideline. i’m aware that this fandom is a problematic mess that’s full of discourse and the only adult ones tend to be actual legal adults. don’t fuckin @ me saying that hur durr i’m wrong and should rot in hell. this is based off personal experience.)

•Most pairings are accepted. The main ones are Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Burr, Hamilton/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, Jefferson/Hamilton, Washington/Lafayette, Maria/Eliza (or any Schuyler sister rly) and Mulligan/Lafayette. These usually have the most content, but also contain the most discourse. There’s also some major minor character ships out there; Lee/Seabury, Lee/KG3, Seabury/KG3 etc. I found Eacker/Philip H smut once. This fandom is literally the reason why Rule 34 exists. If it exists, there is porn of it.
•Polyamorous ships are widely accepted. I don’t ship any personally, but a few big ones are Hamilton/Eliza/Laurens, Laurens/Hamilton/Lafayette/Mulligan, Hamilton/Jefferson/Madison, etc. Basically, a lot of people like the idea of Hamilton’s cheating being converted into a happy, consensual relationship that’s polygamous, and that’s okay. (Please note I’m not equating cheating with polyamory. Hamilton being a dirty cheater doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with poly ships if you don’t want, but to me it seems particularly common, especially with the ships containing Hamilton and Eliza.)
•And I know you want to ask; what’s not accepted? Hard question. This fandom loves its angst, so there aren’t many ships that seem untouchable. For the love of God, though, don’t write anything that’s incestuous. I’m talking father/son, sibling/sibling. Don’t make any of Hamilton’s kids end up with the characters in the show. No, Washington/Hamilton doesn’t count as incest, although I personally can’t stand it.
•BASICALLY, don’t be a dick. Also, bear in mind that James Reynolds is the Umbridge of this fandom. If you portray his relationship with Maria as anything less than abusive, there will be riots. I’ve yet to see an (educated) James Reynolds apologist.


•In terms of physical appearance, this fandom is a little wishy-washy on guidelines, unofficial or no. Tip: don’t whitewash if you’re drawing/writing them as their musical characters. Just don’t whitewash in general. This fandom seems to be okay with historical-era fanart and fanfic, which usually involves the characters looking like they did historically, but don’t romanticise them. Don’t romanticise them in general, but especially if you’re making them historical-era.
•SPEAKING OF ROMANTICISING, these characters were BAD PEOPLE. Jefferson owned slaves, Burr owned slaves, Washington owned slaves, the Schuylers owned slaves, evidence points to Hamilton owning at least one slave. Don’t let the Alexander apologists fool you; they were bad people historically. Don’t refer to them, ESPECIALLY I HISTORICAL CONTEXT, as ‘cinnamon rolls’. They were misogynists against the rights of women and minorities. Don’t forget that, no matter how much you like their characters. The Jefferson you like is portrayed by a black Jew; the Jefferson in history was a racist with a history of sexual assault and a slavery apologist.
•KEEPING THAT IN MIND, personality-wise, what we get from the musical is a little murky. Peggy is a great example of this. Fanon Peggy is very outspoken, sarcastic and a typical millenial. In the musical, she’s shy, hides behind her older sisters and very cautious. This is because of the fact that a) Peggy’s vocals are only apparent in one song through listening alone and b) historically Peggy was very similar to fanon Peggy. THIS DOESN’T MATTER. PORTRAY THEM HOWEVER YOU THINK SUITS BEST. Don’t let the musical force you to make Eliza’s main trait be ‘nice’. For all you Laurens stans out there, it’s okay to let him have interests other than art, turtles and Hamilton. Feel free to give them depth, complexities, flaws. Not only is it fucking refreshing amongst the collection of bland chatfics and high school AUs that seem to reduce each character to a single trait, it’s good for original character practice as well.
•THE SCHUYLER SISTERS get their own section. If you’re doing something historical, remember that they had other siblings. It’s generally agreed that Angelica and Eliza were closest, but Angelica and Peggy and Eliza and Peggy are shown in the musical as being close too (see Angelica dancing with Peggy and hugging her in Satisfied, and Peggy helping Eliza put away her letters and being dragged along with her in Helpless and The Schuyler Sisters). Sometimes it seems that fics reduce them to plot devices, minor characters or love interests; I won’t go all 'SJW!1!1!1’ on you but they are their own people as well, and flesh them out. (This problem is not as common in artwork, since art of them tends to focus on them either as a trio or Satisfied and Helpless companion pieces starring Angelica and Eliza.) Also, fun fact that this fandom seems to have overlooked - all three of them could play instruments.
-REVOLUTIONARY SET AND DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS. Things to remember include Madison and Hamilton being friends before Jefferson showed up, Jefferson and Lafayette being close, Mulligan historically being Hamilton’s biggest hypeman (oh, I wish I was kidding) and Laurens and Lafayette being close friends. As for Burr, he’s traditionally relegated to the strange outsider by the fandom. This is more of a personal view, but Burr started off as a member of the Revolutionary Set, and progressed into a Democratic Republican, and this fandom likes to forget that.
-THEODOSIA JR. Theodosia is never seen, only mentioned, which basically means everything about her is fanon. Literally. The only confirmed thing about her are her parents. This means Theodosia is good for inserting an audience-type character into; she’s an empty vessel, essentially, so anything you do to her involves zero fact checking. BEAR IN MIND that Theodosia is usually shipped with Philip, and that some members of the fandom will have expectations of her. Ignore those people. Theodosia is a shell of an OC, so as long as you don’t murder her in childhood or something, there’s no real discourse you have to be wary of. (Apart from Philip/Theodosia discourse, which is apparently a thing? But there’s discourse in practically every ship, so by all means, ignore that too.)
•UNMENTIONED/UNSEEN CHARACTERS. I’m talking Ben Franklin, John Adams, James Monroe, Governor Clinton, them. John Adams appears to be universally hated, John Jay is often used as a filler or plot device, and the others are just used as names. Don’t bother about continuity with them.

•High School/College Modern AU. This is a big one. There are flaws in it, namely romanticising too much and relegating major characters to 'minor’ status, but it’s so widely used that it’s good to know if you’re new here.
•Modern Government/Law AU. Another big one. Not as commonly used because ugh, research and maturity, but there’s a massive pro to them - more complex themes and 'child’ characters can be added because the main lot are usually older. My personal favourite.
•Chatroom AU. What it sounds - no real fic, just usernames and text speak. Good for laughs or plain fights, but bad for complex emotion, fluff, angst, or major plot. Also, they clog up the tags of less major ships, especially on AO3.
•Soulmate AU. A variety of soulmate AUs exist, but essentially boil down to having some kind of matching mark, etc. Amazing for angst, fluff, plot and character development, but not so great for humour or multi-chapter fics.
•Domestic AUs. Exactly as they sound. Massive fluff traps, no real substance but they’re amazing if you’ve had a shitty day and need something to cheer you up. Fan favourite.

So there you go! Everything you need to know if you’re entering the Hamilton fandom, give or take a few things. Don’t bash ships, don’t romanticise them too much, and take Ron Chernow’s content with a pinch of salt (he’s known for 'not finding’ easily accessible content regarding the women of the Hamilverse). Good luck!


Your attention please. It has come to my attention, Ms. Dlomo is the target of very concentrated and intense “hate speech” and other rhetoric on Twitter and Tumblr. I visited @LongLukeArnold aka Long John Silver’s account (to spread the #Joadi love) and saw all manner of evil directed at Ms. Dlomo by SilverFlint fans. It’s heartbreaking. I especially felt uncomfortable for Mr. Arnold, who plays Madi’s love interest on the show. His feed was filled with hate for his co-star, when all he asked was we flood Tumblr with John x Madi. What he got was Silver & Flint. 😱 Over and Over and we hate Madi/Zethu.

Although, I am unable to confirm. Sources say, prior to Ms. Dlomo’s making her own Twitter Account private, Ms. Dlomo posted her personal religious beliefs on HER OWN account. Someone took offense and began a “homophobic” smear campaign, which explains the SilverFlint Movement. These individuals have made it their mission to destroy any professional satisfaction, the award winning actress may get from playing Madi. And it appears TPTB are bowing to the pressure as well. Can anyone show me where Ms. Dlomo has been featured in a Press Junket or Con? Is she even in the pictures? Despite playing a significant role in the Show’s final season?! Sad. Especially, when TPTB had a potential cash cow in featuring a WOC. Minorities control style, culture and What’s hot! We Cosplay too! (Fact: see Music. Fashion. Hair. Film. Small Business growth & development..etc). With women supporting this show… But I digress.

As a person who grew up in a religious home, with gay family and friends; Hell, I was a Fag Hag and Beard before I even understood what those terms meant! 🤣 I know the pain my Black brothers and sisters endured because of who they loved and they would NEVER stoop to the dirty depths these folk are wallowing in.

I find what the SilverFlint faction and others are doing to Ms. Dlomo just as appalling as what so called “Christians” do. Currently, I see no difference between the two.

The best way to soften a heart towards your plight is to show love and to educate. Not steal, kill and destroy.

So, if you are so inclined to be an agent of change, please let’s make Ms. Dlomo’s and Mr. Arnold’s final season special. Let’s show the Black Sails fandom, what love and appreciation looks like ( because ain’t no way I can do what they do, naked even) 😜via tweets and posts and whatever you do best. 😍

sensualism  asked:

The fact people actually think being sexually interested/active and showing it/ being a 'slut' is a slurr is funny in itself, if you ask me. It also shows how many imature people are in the BTS fandom. I don't even get worked up about stuff like that because these people really do not know what they are actually talking about. It's a common and very outdated stereotype that sex equals something bad.

It’s not even just that, people are just–it wasn’t so much people thinking “he’s a slut” it was more like people labeling him as a “dirty boy” or saying things like “oh Jimin listens to this one song by drake that talks about sex? THAT MUST MEAN HE’S HORNY!!!!” Shit like that. And for example I’m listening to a JB song as I’m typing this that is talking about how he wants to get his girl in the mood but I’m not horny rn??? I can listen to a sad song without feeling sad. I could be sad and listening to a happy song. Songs don’t reflect every single thing we feel at every given moment. It’s just childish to say things like that and it legit doesn’t make sense either.

I just want to say, in the plainest terms possible, that I am not okay with the way the Stydia fandom behaves on Twitter.

I know that they think it’s hilarious and a joke, but to me it appears that they feel like nothing they do is wrong because they’re on the winning team. Well, I’m as happy as you guys are that Stydia appears to finally be happening as a main plot on teen wolf, but you guys make me embarrassed to be a part of this fandom sometimes.

I am all for loving a ship, I am all for making dirty comments about them, I am even all for being negative about another ship as long as you censor your words so it doesn’t show up in the tags for that other ship. But I am absolutely not okay with telling people to kill themselves and calling people fat, whether those people be actors or actual human beings on Twitter. It’s immature, it’s pathetic, it’s childish, and it’s nauseating that you could think that this behavior is acceptable.

I don’t care that the Stydia fandom on Twitter thinks that saying these things is funny or a joke. I don’t care that it’s internet slang and you don’t actually mean it. I don’t care that you’ll say that I’m taking your words too seriously. I still find it to be disgusting. Do you notice the fact that none of the adults in the Stydia fandom who are on Twitter say shit like that? Literally, none of them. Because they know it’s wrong. They know it’s inappropriate. They know that you should never joke about somebody killing himself.

I hate the antis as much as anyone, but do you know how I deal with that? I don’t engage. I don’t tweet them, I don’t go on their blogs. I stay in my lane and I write fanfic and I answer asks and I try to spread as much positivity in the fandom as I can. All you’re doing is creating the exact environment which makes people (including the cast, writers, and creators who brought you the ship that you love) hate shippers.

So I want to make it clear that this behavior is disgusting and something that I do not condone, and that I’m horrified that this fandom for a ship I love so much has literally made me side with the antis because of how embarrassing their behavior is. Like, I’m siding with people who call Lydia a slut, who say that Stiles attempted to sexually assault Lydia in the scene where she was on pills in her bedroom, with people who say that the narrative wasn’t going towards Stydia. These people spend all their time on the internet insulting my ship, the thing that makes me happiest in terms of tumblr and writing, and I’m literally siding with them right now over you guys. That feels like crap for me. And if it sounds like I’m taking this too seriously? Good. You know what is serious? Suicide. So stop being assholes and stay in your own lanes.

Just because there’s no consequences to you, doesn’t mean it’s right.

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(1/3) Ok, so I've been in this fandom for a while now and I know what Destiel and Wincest and Sabriel and Sastiel all mean. I also know what J2 tinhat is, but I honest to God can not figure out what the hell a Cockles supporter means so I wrote down a list of things I think it might be if you could clarify it would great. 1) A person like a J2 tinhat who thinks that Misha and Jensen are actually together in real life either bearding wise or polyamourous wise

(2/3) 2) A person who wishes that Jensen and Misha were together polyamorously or behind others people back 3) Someone who thinks they would be cute together if there wasn’t wives/children involved (AU) 4) Someone who thinks that Misha and Jensen are secretly in love (like actually in love) with each other and won’t act on it

(3/3) 5) Someone who admires their overall friendship in general (complete platonic). I can never actually tell with y'all cause you throw around the terms “husbands” and “boyfriends” and so many sexual connotations that I can’t tell what you actually think about their relationship. Me personally I think they are just friends, but I’m still confused what a Cockles person in general means using the options I gave you or combine them, or make your own, just make your own. Thanks!

So as you probably know, I ship Cockles and Destiel. Initially, I was just a Destiel shipper as I felt uncomfortable shipping real people. But then I started seeing the convention videos and realised that Destiel might have actually originated from Cockles, meaning the chemistry between Jensen and Misha is so palpable it is very hard to ignore it. So let me help you answer your first question. A Cockles shipper is a person who recognizes that there is undeniable chemistry between Jensen and Misha. And just like there is a range of J2 shippers, from tinhat to bromance, we come in various shapes and sizes too. 

And shipping Cockles is so easy too. There is just abundance of evidence. From the constant looks that they give each other to the way they find comfort  with one another. Jensen’s whole body language changes when Misha enters a room. Jensen’s face lights up and he laughs too loud and too long. And Misha so openly flirts with Jensen. We can see how they care about each other. In JIB Con when Jensen was having a hard time, Misha came onstage to support him. And Jensen takes interest in the charity work that Misha does as evidenced by the many campaigns they have done together. So we don’t just base it on innuendoes and jokes on stage. Just like a normal romantic relationship, we can see it evolve through time. Starting from their first con together [x]. I don’t want to go into specifics because if I start down that rabbit hole I may never leave. 

As for me, I personally believe that Cockles has true potential to be a thing in real life or it already is. I can say with confidence that most of us DO NOT hate Vicki or Danneel. In fact they are both amazing women. And anyone who has heard Misha talk about Vicki will tell you how much he loves his wife. Same goes for Jensen. I personally believe that they are in a polyamorous relationship or that a polyamorous relationship is not too far-fetched a scenario to imagine. 

Vicki has actually written a book on threesomes and it is not just on having a one night stand either. It is on how to be in a long-term three person relationship.  In her book, she has stated that they have been in a polyamorous relationship with another woman for quite a period of time and have strongly alluded to the fact that they have had threesomes with another guy. So obviously Vicki is open to an unconventional relationship. As for Danneel, she has stated previously that friends can have sex without it being anything more. So this shows that Danneel does not confine herself to the societal norms of a relationship. Danneel and Vicki are friends. They have gone shopping together and the two families have gone outings together. 

Another fact is that the rest of the cast seem to know something going on. Jared makes Jensen/Misha jokes all the time. Osric has said that Jensen and Misha go to dinner together frequently. Ruthie Connell has tweeted that she has seen the “chemistry FOR REAL!”

This is why there are so many Cockles shippers. Not only can we very easily envision a romantic relationship between Jensen and Misha, we can also see their wives being part of it, being supportive and not consider it as a dirty secret or being unfaithful.  

What is not a Cockles shipper is someone who spreads hate on other shippers, wish death on the wives or Jared. I truly believe that this fandom should stop all the hate and just learn to appreciate what we have in this amazing show. After all that is what Jared, Jensen and Misha would want us to do. 

So there you go. 

Tl:DR A Cockles shipper is a person who recognizes that there is undeniable chemistry between Jensen and Misha. They can range from believing in polyamorous relationship to just bromance. A hater is not a Cockles shipper.  

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hey boots, i hope you're having a good day + i love your meta posts! been reading your stuff since fates came out! i was wondering - since you mentioned canon zero chooses saving eponine over leon, do you think zero would also choose saving a kamui he gets together with over leon, too? or any spouse, really? also do you not like leon/zero or are you just critical over fandom's interpretation of zero in that pairing?

I think it’s very possible. Not to have ship bias, but I think that of his potential spouses it’s easiest to imagine him choosing Kamui, if only because skinship lets us see very directly the degree to which Zero opens himself to Kamui. No other S-rank gets close.

And haha, I was waiting for someone to ask this. I actually really like Leon/Zero, but yes, the way it’s most popularly written grates on me a lot. Leon and Zero are not in a place of equality at the time of the game. They’re just straight up not. Yes, they have an intense relationship, but it’s not an equal one. Zero will give his life for Leon and Leon will say “that’s kind of you”. Leon never told Zero about the concubine wars–which means he also never told Zero about his mother or his struggle for power. Leon never opens himself emotionally to Zero except when he needs to be validated (see: Halloween conversation).

This gives them a fascinating foundation to work with, but the popular portrayals just stop there and call it a day rather than building their relationship into something more mutual. Of course it’s not wrong to write bad/unequal relationships, but the trouble comes when people write this unequal dynamic where Leon effectively owns Zero as cute and romantic.

And they specifically go out of their way to bring it up, too. I’m perfectly fine with going into an established relationship fic and assuming that Leon got a boot shoved up his ass until he learned mutual human interaction, but the very inequality where Leon is what Zero lives for and Leon doesn’t pay Zero nearly the same amount of attention is what’s fetishized.

Their relationship needs to be shaken up to be truly equal–something needs to make Leon stop keeping him at arm’s length. @amielleon is of the opinion that Leon/Zero can only truly work post-Birthright, where Leon no longer has any support network whatsoever save Zero. I think that it could work in the normal timeline if someone put in the paragraphs to change their situation and their dynamic.

Ironically (or maybe not?) fandom tends to continue perpetuating their in-game interactions where Leon looks to Zero for comfort but never dirties his hands comforting Zero himself. Zero is his sexy bondage tutor, a fantasy object, someone who’ll call himself filth in bed so Leon comes just right (you could start a drinking game for how often some variety of “a prince letting himself be sullied by a filthy street rat~” shows up in dirty talk). 

Even when it comes to those kinky fantasies, Zero has no needs–he’s always unquestionably the dom. It’s never a struggle for him to do what Leon wants–hurt, force, roughness. He never needs aftercare for being in a position of hurting someone he loves (the only person he loves, the person he owes everything to).

I think this would not bother me nearly as much if Zero weren’t a character that has canonically been used all his life. Physically, sexually, emotionally–just because Leon is a kinder master than he ever had doesn’t mean that he’s not dependent on Leon.

Zero has never been able to say no his entire life and Leon is no different.

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D H R P (Wise list) for Cassian pls

D: Dry Humping (Describe a dry-humping scene) : (there is another dry humping writing, that you can find here =>

You did not often have the opportunity of going into the ships of resistance, you were part of the intelligence service reported by men like your companion, Cassian. However, you adore watching him manipulate his U-Wing, and fly.

One day he offered to teach you how to ride it, and had taken you on his lap for it. He kept his hands on your hips and your thighs while you keep yours on the various instruments, his warm voice echoing in the hollow of your ear.

You are so well in his arms, that you have only one desire, to melt in his embrace, and this in every sense of the word. His fingers gently caress the top of your thighs, and his voice resonates against your neck, sending chills directly into your core.

You shift against his knees, your heart becoming more and more hot and damp. Damn, his voice always made you feel, but there, in his embrace, his breath teasing the hair of your neck …

You wriggle again against his knees, and his hands went up against your stomach to plaster you against him. In passing, it directly plates your dressed pussy on his semi-hard cock.

“Captain!” You exclaim in the tone of teasing. “How dare you ? I thought you were honorable! ” He move his hips against yours, earning a moan from you.

“Not when you stir like that on my knees.” He pecks the skin of your neck gently. You wriggle again against his knees, looking at him with a sulky pout.

“Do you want me to leave ? I may ask K2 to come here.” He responded by a vigorous push of his cock, harder and harder and stretched against the fabric of his pants. “If you try to get down from my knees, I will not touch you for the week.“

You stuff the tip of your nose against his jaw, trying to coax him. Cassian had a little naughty smile, before continuing to swing his hips against yours. You bend your hand against his as you array on his knees. His breath began to accelerate on your neck, and he began to whisper in Spanish.

You both reach your climax, leaving you panting and slumped on the chair, the only thing preventing you from falling being Cassian’s arms around you.

You could have spent hours like that lying in his arms, but it is without count K2, who returned to the ship, and pointed out to you by his usual honesty: “You have conscince that all the world could have seen you ? ”

H: Handsy (When they can’t keep their hands to themselves) : On returning from a particularly dangerous mission, he can not leave his hands away from you, and will always keep you within easy reach. He’ll hold you close to him, his hands still holding your hips and he’ll kiss every square inch of your skin.

This reassures him as not possible to know you near him, alive. In exchange, you whisper soft words in his ear, gently reassuring him.

When you make love that night, he holds you very close to him, his hips rubbing against yours, his arms holding you against him, and he enamelled your face with kisses. Then, when you both fall asleep, he will abandon his over-protective and hyper-attentive attitude, to fall asleep above you, his head between your two breasts, listening to your heartbeat, and his arms around you.

R: Ruttish (Signs that they’re horny) : His whole face lights up, his eyes have a naughty gleam and especially, he bites his lower lip.

Originally posted by transcassian

He’ll make some naughty little jokes, and will tease you until you hang the top of his shirt to drag him into a dark corner of the base. He is such a tease when he is horny ! And he loves to make you a mess just for him, this is one of the rare moments, where he is going to be joyful, and where he will show you his player side.

P: Playlist (A playlist for getting down and dirty; will probably include a lap dance song, a song for making love, and a song that represents their sex life) : (I’m sorry about that 😉, I’m french, I don’t speak english that good, and I listen OST music and Disney music, so, I guess i’ll do my best, and if it doesn’t please you, here is the other playlist for Cassian =>

- Lap Dance Song : Cleopatra seduces Caesar (Rome HBO, I see it really slow and hot, taking time to tease him, a slow time where they are anything but you two)
- Making Love : Remember Me (Illusions, Two Step From Hell)
- Their Sex Life : Your Father Would Be Proud (Rogue One, the moment where he diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies !!)

Jock apart : Their Sex Life : Sands Of Time (Prince of Persia, moment full of danger and emotions) or An Innocent Warrior (Vaiana)

So, according to a recent article from SpoilerTV, SCANDAL has lost 49% of its viewers since September. Y’all know that I couldn’t let that grim milestone pass without talking some shit on Twitter. Here it is...

1. When I saw the @SpoilerTV article that said that #Scandal has lost 49% of its viewers since fall, I was like:

2. Pissing off 95% of your fanbase and being leaky tits on social media to whoever’s left has consequences. #Scandal:

3. It’s sad that it’s come to this, especially since Season 5 started with so much potential but hey, SR wanted her damn show back! #Scandal

4. They don’t listen to the fans but they listen to the cash register. The Powers that Be are looking at #Scandal’s downfall with concern.

5. Whether that concerns translates into better writing for #Scandal or a cancellation remains to be seen. Either option is cool to me, now.

6. SR: If you don’t like it, stop watching. We don’t need you!

#Scandal ratings plummet. 

Network looking at SR like:

7. #Scandal It’s karma at its finest. You get what you give. SR gave out hateful fave ruination so we gave her this:

8. Take note, showrunners. Do not do your fandom like the #Scandal fandom has been done dirty. You will end up losing big in the end.

9. I am sympathetic to the #Scandal cast (sans So Foolish because the show began to die as soon as he was added!) for where we’re at now.

10. As for the petty showrunner who wrecked #Scandal out of pride, all I can say is, KARMA IS A BITCH and:

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I never expected to have 1000+ rays of sunshine interested in my intense love for the group that is EXO, so thank you so much! It’s been just four months, but I’ve made a lot of new friends, fallen way in love with EXO, probably ranted too many times, nearly cried at 1 am, laughed hysterically at 5 am, said hello, said goodbye, and smiled until my cheeks hurt. Now that I think of it…it’s hard to remember not being on here… 

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A Quick PSA...

Over the past couple of weeks, the Voltron fandom has gone through many bombshells and I just wanted to quickly say something before we go down a road that we can’t come back from. Be Nice. That’s it. I know there are some people out there who have made mistakes or have been ignorant on certain topics or have certain opinions that others do not share. I completely agree that those who have made mistakes need to be corrected, 100%, however that does not warrant the use of hurtful language that could cause serious harm to another human being. Ever. They made a mistake, so correct them with helpful and constructive criticism so that it can be fixed effectively. Help educate them, instead of discourage them so much that they quit all together. Help by telling the author or artist what they could do instead, rather than condemn their original hard work. Because of the outlash in this fandom, many people-including myself-have hesitated posting art or fanfics because they thought people would aggressively call out something they simply did not see before posting. All I’m saying is that we could be more like a community if we helped each other fix mistakes instead of discourage each other so much that we are too scared to create our own content. And to my followers, please spread this if you can. Let’s bring back some of the joy that Voltron gives us! It’s an amazing show with amazing characters that we all love. Let’s do it justice.
"Veronica Mars" Star Jason Dohring Takes A Return Trip To Neptune

Veronica Mars star Jason Dohring opens up about the show’s humble beginnings, the twist of fate that won Logan a place in Veronica’s heart, and what fans can expect from the upcoming feature film.

I didn’t wear my Veronica Mars T-shirt to interview Jason Dohring, but the thought did briefly cross my mind. After all, I was one of the few (well, 2.5 million) viewers who obsessively watched the teen sleuth drama from 2004 to 2007, first on UPN and then The CW.

I integrated Veronica’s vernacular into my vocabulary, purchased Marsmemorabilia, asked my parents to buy me a T-Mobile Sidekick (Veronica’s cellular weapon of choice), and when series creator Rob Thomas asked for my money in 2013 to help fund a feature film, I happily donated.

And I was not alone.

By now, the story of how Veronica Mars became 2013’s most talked-about social media event is the stuff of legend. Heck, my father even asked if I donated to “that Pluto movie” (he’s trying, guys) when I was home for Thanksgiving. But for those of you who just emerged from underneath a rock, here’s the quick version:

On March 12, 2013, Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn his beloved neo-noir series about a teenage private eye into a movie. He gave himself two days to raise $2 million. That goal was met in 10 hours. But the Kickstarter clock kept counting and the donations continued to pour in, eventually topping out at $5,702,153 (a new Kickstarter record). So, the film was funded, the movie was made, the T-shirts were silkscreened, and that brings us to the present day, when I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor of a Los Angeles office with Jason Dohring — who played Logan Echolls, the show’s bad boy with a heart of 24-karat gold — talking about the March 14 release of Veronica Mars’ feature film.

External image

“This was the dream role,” says Dohring of Logan. Clad in black high-tops, dark denim, and a simple gray T-shirt that barely contains the biceps that were so often throwing haymakers on the show, the 31-year-old still enthuses about his most iconic role like it was day one of filming. “And the fact I got to play him for three years — and now plus the movie — is amazing.”

Since Mars ended in 2007, Dohring played a 400-year-old vampire on CBS’ short-lived drama Moonlight and guest-starred on a smattering of procedurals. And while he never felt typecast as Logan, Dohring recalls, with a laugh, “I’ve walked into so many auditions and the casting director couldn’t look me in the eye because of Logan. But that’s all good.”

Looking back, there was a decent chance that none of this would have happened, particularly Dohring’s casting as Logan, initially the type of character that television viewers love to hate, until they — like Kristen Bell’s Veronica — actually started falling for the darkly rebellious Hollywood heir. Back in 2003, Dohring actually auditioned for the role of Duncan Kane, Veronica’s sweetly guileless all-American ex-boyfriend. (The part ended up going to Teddy Dunn, and the character was written off the show midway through Season 2.)

“I stupidly went in and played their leading man as this dark, brooding, James Dean kind of guy,” Dohring recalls, with a wry laugh. “The [casting agents] were like, ‘Uh, that’s a little dark,’ and suggested I read for the character who was bashing out headlights in the pilot.”

One quick parking-lot prep session later and Mars had locked in its Logan. That’s when the fear set in.

“I always seem to get the roles that scare the shit out of me,” he says, laughing. “But ultimately, when you have to be absolutely free and totally let go, it’s so much more fun. That’s truly the thrill of acting.”

Dohring would soon to come discover another thrill of acting, one that’s unique to working in episodic television: the evolution of a character. Initially, Logan Echolls was tasked with kicking ass and taking names…when he was sober enough to remember them. But his palpable chemistry with Bell was obvious to everyone, particularly the show’s creator, and Thomas decided to place these two adversaries on the road to love.

“Around Episode 6, Rob pulled Kristen and [me] off to the side and said, ‘OK, so, you’re going to end up together,’” says Dohring. “It was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?!? No way!’” But he stresses that pairing off Veronica and Logan — or “LOVE” as their fans have adoringly come to call them — was just one more example of the creator’s brilliance manifesting itself in an unexpected storyline. “I always love Rob’s ideas. He has this very quiet way of speaking, but when he talks to you, you can’t help but get excited by what he’s saying.”

Still, turning the bad boy into a leading man posed several problems for Dohring, one of which brought him back to that ill-fated Duncan audition. “I didn’t know how to play ‘the leading man,’” he admits. And after countless hours of developing Logan’s dark side — both on-screen and off, where Dohring says he would retreat to the cul-de-sac by his house to scream and throw rocks in order to “really get what it’s like to be hateful” — he was also worried the audience wouldn’t buy it. “How could anybody like that character? He’s was so bad.”

But then Thomas dropped a bombshell on the viewers. “When they added in the backstory with his dad,” says Dohring, “that’s when I noticed a change in people’s reactions to me.”

“We did this mall tour when the show started and everybody would kinda rush by me to get to the next guy. They were all like, ‘Fuck you, you’re the dirty guy.’” But after revealing the emotional and physical abuse Logan suffered at the hands of his father (Harry Hamlin), Dohring remembers sensing a noticeable shift in the fans. “It became him against the world. He could do all this horrible shit and people would still love him.”

No one more so than Veronica herself.

Their volatile relationship has as many supporters as it does detractors within the fandom; half adoring their star-crossed love story and half feeling like Veronica would never truly consider Logan her soulmate.

Dohring falls firmly into the first camp — although he can’t quite pinpoint exactly why Logan and Veronica’s dynamic worked. “I really don’t know why it worked,” he says, stroking his temple. “The dialogue was some of the best on TV at the time, but as far as I am concerned, it all boiled down to each believing they were better and smarter than the other. We had that back-and-forth that people really responded to.”

For all three seasons, Veronica Mars filmed in San Diego, far from the lights of Hollywood, and, perhaps more significantly, the actors’ friends and families. “We were by ourselves in these tiny apartments just trying to make the best show we could, and…that made us a family.” That cast closeness manifested in a deeply meaningful way when it came to bringing Veronica and Logan’s relationship to life.

“A lot of that emotion was very real for me. I think I was in love with [Kristen] for the three years we made that show,” he says. “Like, I truly felt like I would die without her, and I think that’s what underlined everything people loved about them as a couple.”

Which is why many fans were taken aback by the revelation that the film — which picks up 10 years after the series finale — would revolve around the characters’ first meeting in a decade. “When Rob explained the movie to me, I thought it made sense they would have gone their separate ways,” says Dohring. “When I read [Rob’s] writing, it made sense. He just knows the voice. I kept thinking, Yep, that’s what Logan would say. Yep, that’s what Logan would do. Yep that’s how I would feel about Veronica. Reading [the script] and seeing those names on the page again really got to me.”

Veronica Mars: The Movie reunites the former flames when Logan is accused of murdering his pop star girlfriend and calls Veronica to help clear his name. And while the film is designed to appeal to both diehards and new audience members, Thomas very intentionally included characters, catchphrases, and scenes that would resonate much more deeply with the impassioned fans.

“There were these two scenes in particular where Rob kept saying, ‘This is what the fans paid for, man, this is what the fans paid for.’” True to Logan’s propensity for keeping secrets, Dohring kept these specific scenes firmly under wraps.

The fact so many had donated their hard-earned cash to make the film possible stayed front-and-center in everyone’s minds throughout the production — quite literally at times, considering one of the Kickstarter rewards offered backers the chance to be an extra in the Neptune High class reunion scenes.

“We really tried to make the experience special for them because they came for these 16-hour days, some standing in the back, wearing high heels, but all of them kept saying, ‘This is the best day of my life!’ One guy bought it as an engagement present for his wife. It’s truly unbelievable, man.”

For Dohring, the sacrifices made by these fans reinforces his belief that they truly had, and were once again, making something special. “You always want your creations to mean something; no one wants to just sleepwalk through a role,” he says. “People are deeply connected to this show and it’s all the more touching because that’s exactly what we intended.”

By all accounts, viewers will find the finished product wholly worth the wait. Therecently released trailer was met with universal praise, and Dohring feels they have, as Thomas intended, truly made a movie for the fans.

“I think they’ll be very pleased, but also at the same time, Rob doesn’t tie the story up with a bow. Nothing comes easy in Veronica’s world, so there’s a very melancholy/noir touch at the end that adds these cool layers.”

The question on the minds of all Marshmallows (as Bell lovingly calls the show’s fans) revolves around whether or not the Veronica Mars movie serves as a swan song or the start of a brand-new journey.

“Rob has mentioned [more movies] as a possibility,” Dohring says. “But it all depends on how the film does. The cool thing about Rob is that he writes interesting stuff, so it’s not like, ‘Oh, Logan got this girl pregnant. Oh, Logan’s in rehab.’ Despite everything that happened with this show, it was always so real. So I trust Rob would only tell the stories he wanted to tell.”

Veronica Mars opens in theaters on March 14, 2014.

Jarett Wieselman

A Message To All Samcedians

Just sending all my fellow Samcedians some love to say, even though canon is making our babies OOC right now, please take time to follow rps, read fanfics, and encourage those who write and create them. Those are the real writers of our couple because they don’t want to neglect or do our ship dirty. They tell and portray Samcedes in many different ways and it never cease to amaze me how talented our fandom is. I myself do both and I am going to continue to do so and hope those who also do it, continue as well. Don’t waste your energy on the show but on the creativity of our amazing rp and fic writers and I promise you it will give you a Samcedes story and tale that is far better than anything RIB could ever come up with. Support the real writers of our ship and like Tupac said, keep your head up! I love you guys stay positive and support those who think our ship matters!


I am so disappointed in the Voltron fandom right now. Dirty Laundry has been such a wonderful addition to the fandom that we love. It has inspired so many fantastic and beautiful pieces of art, dozens upon dozens of playlists, videos, more AUs, things that make countless people happy. Now we have lost one thing that has brought us together because of our mutual love of Klance. But what upsets me most in this whole mess is the fact that people have taken it upon themselves to bully the author- what gives you the right to treat someone else that way? There are literally no excuses for these actions, none. I am so disappointed in those in this fandom who think it’s ok to bully someone, who is learning and honestly doing their best. The author has done a really fantastic job, and were things perfect? No, but dear god did she try her best and it 100% showed. The ending of Dirty Laundry is coming and I am grateful for the ride it has been. This fic has been definitely one of the highlights of my summer and I for one am so so sad to see it end. I hope that the author will continue to be inspired into the future. 

I should have really written this report the other week when it was fresh in my memory -– ah well, ‘better late than never’ is my motto ;-) So, um, yeah…I had the best time joining in with the Rainbow Direction Project when I went to Wembley Stadium to watch One Direction on Saturday 7th June!! I’d recommend the project to all LGBT* folk (and allies) if you’re off to a 1D concert this tour!!

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anonymous asked:

[1] Not sure if it's already been mentioned/theorized, but let's say for a second that the rumour of the Hood family headed over the town border and leaving is true. Might it be possible that Lana's trying to do some pre-damage control? Like, she's been told to milk the oq romance as long as she can by AE, and I think everyone and their mother knows that some oq fans can be quite er, shall we say: vocal, to keep it friendly? Anyway, she's being told to keep marketing for now, 'cause if the

[2] shit hits the fan and the scene potentially becomes true, you can bet a fortune that somehow SQ fans will be blamed for it and oq stans will be after blood. As if we have any control over the show. But then it’d make more sense regarding her usual ability to do PR, she’s trying to diffuse tensions beforehand, seeing how reactions are NOW will only be infinitely worse should the rumour prove to be true.

well, we know they DO head over the town border and leave. we also know Maguire is coming back. the people who would be receiving this supposed effort to keep the peace are the same people who follow show information fervently and would also already know that. i mean, I KNOW and i don’t make any effort to seek this stuff out.

but for the GA, that’s going to be a huge cliffhanger, and there’s absolutely an incentive to keep building up the romance like it’s going somewhere right up until it happens to make it all the more dramatic when he goes and when he comes back.

ultimately, there are two explanations for why Lana hit OQ SO hard in that interview: after she aired their dirty laundry on Regal Believer, they have made it very clear to her that she has to be way more in their pocket on PR going forward, or she had an off day and misspoke (and either of those would also explain saying Regina has been waiting to kill Emma, which contradicts not only her previous interviews but literally dialogue she memorized and spoke in the show).

regardless, the sort of fear of what OQ shippers may do that you mention goes back to the toxic fandom they’ve cultivated, right? and here again that’s a place to peel apart TPTB into management (Adam and Eddy and ABC and Disney) and labor (Lana). the people in charge of show promotion have fanned ship divisions to try to harvest the numbers, but now they have a raging inferno, and it’s their own damn problem if they get engulfed in flames.

but Lana is collateral damage of that, even as she has also participated as labor and shares some responsibility. at the end of the day, she shouldn’t have to be the person they bring out to calm down fandom fuckery. she shouldn’t. that’s not her job. she’s not trained or paid for it. and yet, we see that every time she’s the one who does the labor of cleanup.

though, of course, SQ is also collateral damage, because the anti-s can’t decide if we are an insignificant minority who doesn’t matter or some all-powerful cabal who can make the showrunners do our dastardly bidding.

just another day in OUAT fandom, eh?

Fantasy and Reality

Just a warning, this will not be any fanfiction. This will get fairly heavy and probably emotional at the end, so if you don’t want to read, ignore this post. 

I first heard the quote “fairytales don’t teach children that dragons exist. Children already know they exist. Fairytales exist to teach children that dragons can be killed” on an episode of Criminal Minds. It stuck with me for a long time. Still does. 

My mom asks me all the time what is it about these fandoms I’m involved in that keeps me coming back. If I get right down to it, the answer isn’t an easy one. Sure, I could say it’s the beautiful actors. I could say that it’s the amazing writing that goes in to the episodes or movies. I could say I love watching the makeup and prosthetic work. Or that I like being told a good story. All of that might be true, but that isn’t it. Not really. 

The truth is, each fandom has been involved in an aspect of my life that has changed drastically. I’ll narrow it down to the big three so as to not waste any more time. 


Ok. Some people find this show scary and creepy and it is. It used to scare the crap out of me. But Sam and Dean have taught me something important. If it bleeds, it can die. I used to have night terrors. Sometimes I’m still afraid of the things in the dark, even at 25. But no matter how scary the thighs are that the Winchester’s face, they fight it. 

And they fight it together. That’s the important thing to me. They’re together. See, Supernatural was there for me in a time when my parents almost separated. My dad was gone, I had no idea where. He refused to answer calls from my mom. My brother wasn’t talking to anyone. I was inconsolable. So I watched the episode of Supernatural from that week. Sam and Dean fought the monster and they won. But they fought together. If they could do that, then I knew I could. Because surely my parents separating isn’t nearly as scary as a haunted lake. (To be fair, I was afraid of sinks filled with water for at least two weeks after that episode.) My parents are still together, just celebrated 37 years. But without Sam and Dean and their endless love of each other, I’m not sure where I would be.


What’s not to love about the BBC Merlin? Colin Morgan is gorgeous. Bradley James is gorgeous. Katie McGrath is gorgeous. Angel Colby. Everyone. (Yeah, I even have an odd crush on Anthony Head. Don’t judge me.) It was such a fun take on the Arthurian legend, with Merlin and Arthur being about the same age. I went through so much with those guys. I moved out of my parents house and went to college. For the first time in my life, I was in a new state without a single person I knew within a few hours’ drive. My entire family was over 18 hours away and it scared me to death. On top of that, I was struggling with my dyslexia and ADHD which had gotten a lot worse without my realizing it. I got depressed and didn’t know. I almost failed out of college. Needless to say the first year of college was one of the worst I can remember.

But I had Merlin and Arthur. I got to watch Merlin struggle with his power and how to grow relationships in spite of it. I went through the same sorts of struggles. I went through one of the hardest transitions in my life with them at my side. They accomplished their mission, they survived, they were victorious. Merlin had his moments of doubt, but he never gave up. He never backed down from a fight there was no way he could win. He showed me what it was like to have real courage.


This is what everyone’s probably waiting for. I’ve been writing a lot of fan fiction for this fandom and it’s been fabulous (you all have such dirty minds and I love it!). That was a huge thing for me to do, putting myself out there like that. But you’ve all been so supportive and kind and encouraging. (I’m looking at you, @gotham-ruaidh and @thatwetwomaybeoneagain) I know I joined the OL band a little later than most, but when I fall, I fall hard. Good grief. I’ve thrown myself into this fandom heavily and I love it.

But there’s something that I related to in this series that a lot of people don’t know. I come off as a happy, sometimes bubbly girl. Most of the time that’s true. But it isn’t always. I was molested when I was 5 years old. I didn’t understand it at the time, didn’t know how to deal with what had been done to me. What happened to me wasn’t as bad as what has happened to others, but it’s not something I’d ever wish on someone else. Ever.

I grew up ignoring it, not thinking about it, even going so far as to forget that it happened. But the dumbest things are triggers. Things that shouldn’t trigger memories, yet they do. In February, my trigger came. I broke down. I forgot how to function for nearly a full day. It was like it had happened all over again. I could feel it and taste it. I was lucky to have a good friend that sat with me through it and held me as I wept. Even now, I’m crying about it and I don’t cry for most things.

Anyway. When it came to Jamie’s rape and torture at the end of season 1 (which I did NOT see coming AT ALL having not read the books yet) I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was visceral and brutal, but I understood it on some level. It broke him. I was freshly broken from something that had happened decades before. That spurred me to get the books. I needed to know how he survived it. He had people around him that helped, mostly Claire. Between her and his faith, he got through it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have nightmares, I still do too. But he survived and was stronger for it. I related to that.

So, when my mom asks what it is about the fandom life I love so much, I think of these things. I think about family and fighting for it. Change, and how it isn’t the end of the world. How the worst experiences can make you stronger.

I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I’m doing alright. I’m talking with my pastor at church about it and working through all the baggage. I’m talking to my family and coming to terms with everything. So I’m doing alright. I just felt the need to share this, give anyone courage to embrace the fandom life.

Let's cool the fucking hate and shit talk

People who still hate on Akane. We all know why you hate her, it’s not cause she isn’t developed or she’s weak. We all know you hate her for shallow reason pertaining to certain fetishes you hold dear and she break that into pieces. That’s cool, but your hate talk isn’t needed. No one wants to hear about it. Those who do well you have brains and hands make your own fucking tag and spew all the toxic hate you want there.

Yeah we get it you hate her, cause boo vagina gross.  But, if your gonna shit talk do it out of the tags. Make your own fucking tag.. Just like the Mika hate toxic shit needs to stay out of the fandom. Even though we all know Mika is a tad of a bitch, guy’s for real let’s be real . But, I respect her and shit talk isn’t gonna change who she is. Let’s keep this fandom classy. 

Psycho-Pass fandom is one of the few fandoms were Women and Men are equal all ships are consider cool and awesome and everything is fucking roses. Even if the shows and movie break the fuck out of our hearts. Each character is loved for their own personal reasons. Shit talking them doesn’t do shit, but make you look like an asshole. Seriously, what does shit talk do? Does it make you feel better that your toxic opinion is being spewed to hurt others? That’s really low and dirty to do. So keep it out. You got a shit opinion keep it to your blog were your followers can see it, but don’t put it in the tag. Cause it does hurt people and it’s just not necessary. Unless it’s a critical opinion then by all means let’s sit down and have a round table discussion. But, shit talk take it out the door .