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Hello! Could you do fluffy relationship (+cuddles if you want to) headcanons for Lotor and female s/o plz? I hope you have a beautiful day!

- He’s generally very subtle when it comes to showing his affection, so don’t expect to have any PDA ever. Can’t let Haggar or Zarkon know he cares.
- But in private, he’s actually very affectionate.
- I seriously think he would treat you like a princess.
- His favorite thing to do when lying with you is to play with your hair. Doesn’t matter if it’s long or short. He just loves playing with it.

Common experiences of lesbians who don’t know they’re lesbians yet

 Out of curiosity, I recently googled “Am I lesbian quiz”. Half the “Are You a Lesbian” quizzes just asked outright, “Are you attracted to women?” as though that isn’t the very answer a questioning lesbian is trying to figure out. The other half marked me as heterosexual for things like owning more nail varnish than dogs. I hope this list will give you more nuanced ideas to think about as you explore your identity.

These experiences are all really common among - but not universal or exclusive to - people who later realize they’re lesbians and find a comfortable home in the lesbian label and community.

It’s mostly stuff that I and other lesbians I know have wished we knew when we were first coming to grips with our lesbian identities, because the fact is it takes a long time to discover how common a lot of these experiences are among lesbians, and not knowing what to look for when trying to figure out if you’re a lesbian can be hard.

‘Attraction’ to men

  • Deciding which guys to be attracted to – not to date, but to be attracted to – based on how well they match a mental list of attractive qualities
  • Only developing attraction to a guy after a female friend expresses attraction to him
  • Getting jealous of a specific female friend’s relationships with guys and assuming you must be attracted to the guys she’s with (even if you never really noticed them before she was interested in them)
  • Picking a guy at random to be attracted to
  • Choosing to be attracted to a guy at all, not just choosing to act on it but flipping your attraction on like a switch – that’s a common lesbian thing
  • Having such high standards that literally no guy meets them – and feeling no spark of attraction to any guy who doesn’t meet them
  • Only/mostly being into guys who are gnc in some way
  • Only/mostly being attracted to unattainable, disinterested, or fictional guys or guys you never or rarely interact with
  • Being deeply uncomfortable and losing all interest in these unattainable guys if they ever indicate they might reciprocate
  • Reading your anxiety/discomfort/nervousness/combativeness around men as attraction to them
  • Reading a desire to be attractive to men as attraction to them
  • Having a lot of your ‘guy’ crushes later turn out to be trans women

Relationships with men

  • Dreading what feels like an inevitable domestic future with a man
  • Or looking forward to an idealized version of it that resembles literally no m/f relationship you’ve ever seen in your life, never being able to picture any man you’ve actually met in that image

  • Being repulsed by the dynamics of most/all real life m/f relationships you’ve seen and/or regularly feeling like “maybe it works for them but I never want my relationship to be like that”

  • Thinking you’re commitmentphobic because no relationship, no matter how great the guy, feels quite right and you drag your feet when it comes time to escalate it

  • Going along with escalation because it seems like the 'appropriate time’ or bc the guy wants it so bad, even if you personally aren’t quite ready to say I love you or have labels or move in together etc.

  • Or jumping ahead and trying to rush to the ‘comfortably settled’ part of relationships with guys, trying to make a relationship a done deal without investing time into emotional closeness
  • Feeling like you have to have relationships with guys and/or let them get serious in order to prove something, maybe something nebulous you can’t identify

  • Only having online relationships with guys; preferring not to look at the guys you’re interacting with online; choosing not to meet up with a guy even if you seem very into him and he reciprocates and meeting up is totally realistic
  • Getting a boyfriend mostly so other people know you have a boyfriend and not really being interested in him romantically/sexually
  • Wishing your boyfriend was more like your female friends
  • Wishing your boyfriend was less interested in romance and/or sex with you and that you could just hang out as pals
  • Thinking you’re really in love with a guy but being able to get over him in such record time that you pretend to be more affected than you are so your friends don’t think you’re heartless
  • After a breakup, missing having a boyfriend more than you miss the specific guy you were with
  • Worrying that you’re broken inside and unable to really love anyone

Sex with men

  • Having sex not out of desire for the physical pleasure or emotional closeness but because you like feeling wanted
  • OR: preferring to 'be a tease’ to feel wanted but feeling like following through is a chore
  • Only being comfortable with sex with men if there’s an extreme power imbalance and your desires aren’t centred
  • Using sex with men as a form of self-harm
  • Feeling numb or dissociating or crying during/after sex with men (even if you don’t understand that reaction and think you’re fine and crying etc for no reason)
  • Being bored with sex with men/not understanding what the big deal is that makes other women want it
  • Doing it anyway out of obligation or a desire to be a good sport/do something nice for him
  • Never/rarely having sexual fantasies about specific men, preferring to leave them as undetailed as possible or not thinking about men at all while fantasizing
  • Having to make a concerted effort to fantasize about the guy you’re “attracted” to

Early interest in women

  • Not recognizing past/current crushes on women until you’ve come to grips with your attraction to women
  • Being unusually competitive, shy, or eager to impress specific women when you’re not that way with anyone else
  • Wanting to kiss your female best friend on the mouth for literally any reason (”to practice for boys” included)
  • Getting butterflies or feeling like you can’t get close enough when cuddling with a close female friend
  • Looking at a close female friend and feeling something in your chest clench up and being overwhelmed with love for her - love you may read as platonic
  • Having had strong and abiding feelings of admiration for a specific female teacher, actor, etc., growing up that were deep and reverent
  • Having had an unusually close relationship with a female friend growing up that was different and special in a way you couldn’t articulate
  • Thinking relationships would be simpler “if only I were attracted to women/my best friend who would be perfect for me if she/I weren’t a girl”
  • When a female friend is treated badly by a man, having your protective thoughts turn in the direction of “if I was him/a man I’d never do that to her/my girlfriend”
  • Being utterly fascinated by any lesbians you know/see in media and thinking they’re all ultra cool people
  • Having your favourite character in every show be that one gay-coded or butch-looking woman (like Shego from Kim Possible or Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica)
  • Feeling weirdly guilty and uncomfortable in locker rooms etc., when your female friends are less clothed than they normally would be around men and being more careful not to look than they are

The 'straight’ version of you

  • Thinking that all straight girls feel at least some attraction to women
  • Thinking that your interest in seeing attractive women/scantily clad women/boobs is an artificial reaction caused by the objectification of women in media
  • Being really into how women look “aesthetically”/“just as artistic interest”
  • Thinking it’s objective and uncontested that almost all women are way more attractive than most men
  • Being a really intense LGBT+ “ally” and getting weirdly emotional about homophobia but assuming you’re just a Really Good Ally and v empathetic
  • Having like half your friend group from school turn out to be LGBT+
  • Getting emotional or having a strong reaction you don’t understand to f/f love stories etc.
  • Having had people think you were gay when you had no suspicion you were gay

Exploring attraction to women

  • Feeling like you could live with a woman in a romantic way, even if you can’t imagine doing anything sexual with a woman
  • Feeling like you could enjoy sexual interaction with a woman, even if you can’t imagine having romantic feelings for a woman
  • Thinking you couldn’t be a lesbian because you’re not attractive enough, cool enough, or otherwise in the same league as most of the women you know
  • Interacting with het sex/romance in media by imagining yourself in the man’s position or just never/rarely imagining yourself in the woman’s position
  • Really focusing on the women in het porn
  • Being really into the idea of kissing/being sexual with a woman 'to turn guys on’
  • Being really annoyed when guys actually do express interest in watching or joining in when you do that
  • Only feeling/expressing attraction to or sexual interest in women when you’re inebriated or otherwise impaired

Gender Feelings

  • Having a lot of conflicting gender feelings that are only possible to resolve once you understand you are/can be a lesbian
  • Thinking that being gnc and feeling a disconnect from traditional womanhood mean that you can’t be a woman even if that’s what feels closest to right - many lesbians are gnc and many lesbians feel disconnected from traditional womanhood since it’s so bound up in heteropatriarchy
  • Knowing you’re attracted to women and not being able to parse that (esp + any gender nonconformance) as gay, taking a long time to figure out if you’re a straight man or a lesbian
  • Being dysphoric about the parts of you that make straight men think your body is owed to them, having to figure out what that dysphoria means for/to you
  • Knowing you’re attracted to women, but feeling weirdly guilty and uncomfortable trying to interact with them as a straight man, and only later realizing you’re actually a trans lesbian
  • Knowing you’re gay, but experiencing a lot of the symptoms of comp het when you try to interact with men romantically/sexually, and only later realizing you’re a trans lesbian and not a gay man
  • Being nonbinary and taking a long time to sort through being able to respect/understand your nonbinary identity and your lesbianness at the same time

Considering lesbianism

  • Wanting to be a lesbian but feeling like if you don’t already know you are one you can’t be
  • Feeling guilty about wanting to be a lesbian, feeling like you’re just attention-seeking or trying to be trendy
  • Suppressing your lesbian dreams because you think exploring that desire would mean you’re a bad/homophobic person using lesbianness selfishly
  • Wishing you were a lesbian to escape the discomfort of dating men
  • Fantasizing about how much fun it would be to be a lesbian and just be with women/a specific woman, but thinking that can’t be for you
  • Worrying that some of your past attraction to men was actually real so you can’t be a lesbian
  • Worrying that bc you can’t be 100% sure you’re not attracted to men and can’t be 100% sure you won’t change your mind, you can’t be a lesbian
  • Worrying that you only want to be a lesbian because of trauma and that means your lesbianness would be Fake
  • Worrying that trauma-induced complications in how you experience sex (e.g., a habit of self-harming via sex w men or a fear of any sex at all) mean you’re not a Real Lesbian

Every item on this list is common among Real Lesbians. It’s all Normal Lesbian Stuff. If you’re worried that you can’t be a lesbian even though it’s the life you really want for yourself, I hope this gives you permission to explore that. You are allowed to be a lesbian. 

And if you’re not sure yet – if you took the time to read this entire thing because you’re curious about your identity, if you identified with a bunch of items on this list – you may or may not be a lesbian, but friend, you almost certainly aren’t cishet. Welcome.

(I’d love to hear other things lesbians wish you’d known were A Thing when you were first exploring your identity!)

big little lies masquerades as a show about the cattiness of upper class women in their literal glass mansions and quickly reveals it’s self as a show about the nuances of domestic violence, the intricacies of surviving rape and sexual abuse, the importance of supportive female relationships, overcoming emotional abuse, women standing up to protect other women, and i’m just beside myself it is so VALIDATING to see that kind of content on HBO a channel infamous for shows that abuse rape and kill women like it’s in style. i am so here for women protecting each other, women standing up to abusers, women overcoming their differences and treating each other like sisters. 

tl;dr big little lies breathed life back into my archaic cynical soul and women helping women is the most important thing in the whole damn world. 

reasons everyone should be watching lucifer:
  • it’s about the devil, who one day went “fuck this. i’m over hell. i’m moving to LA” honestly that’s enough reason to watch it 
  • it’s not like every other cop show that is on tv at the moment. the supernatural twist always makes things bizarre and fun
  • it’s funny, like genuinely funny. it has it’s serious and emotional moments but most of the time it’s pretty lighthearted and doesn’t use Death™ to “intrigue” viewers
  • one of the best characters on the show is a pansexual demon who starts off as a pretty emotionless character and soon turns into the biggest softy who would do anything for the people she loves
  • lucifer is a bisexual dork who isn’t evil at all and just wants to be loved and accepted 
  • chloe decker’s eye roll thingy
  • the show does not slut shame their female characters
  • 5/9 of the main characters are poc, 6/9 are female (as of season 2)
  • the female relationships in this show are fab!! there is no jealousy, just love and random bar fighting
  • ella lopez… i can’t even describe this dork you just need to witness it 
  • the mother-daughter bond between chloe and trixie is so great. chloe is such a good mom, such a good cop, such a good person. 10/10 recommend just watching for chloe decker
  • deckerstar. whether it’s just a brotp or an otp, you will love their dynamic
  • all the characters are super different, and are all great. even some characters who may not be your fave at the start, you will end up appreciating them. 
  • mazikeen’s special love for trixie decker will make your heart melt. no one would dare mess with that demon’s little mars president 
  • lucifer’s constant “dad” jokes or comments about god are great
  • the music is also great 
  • please just watch there are more reasons but i think i got the main ones. lucifer is great

i was talking to some friends about wonder woman today and one of them said how she didn’t like steve, bc wonder woman didn’t need a man, it was supposed to be an empowering film about women and not men 

and here’s the thing, we live in a patriarchal society, yet we’re told by women and feminists everywhere that a woman doesn’t need a man, and that’s is entirely true. women don’t need men! but loving a man doesn’t make a woman weak! it doesn’t make wonder woman any less empowering for loving steve! the problem is that female characters are so often lost in the ‘love interest’ trope that they aren’t empowering characters, and are hardly characters at all outside the relationship. but wonder woman, and many more films and tv shows today, aren’t like that anymore! so let’s stop aligning powerful women as not having a man, and non-powerful women as having a man!

a woman loving a man doesn’t make her any less powerful and independant, and we need to stop portraying and seeing it in that light

Harlots is wonderful and here’s why you should watch it:

  • it centres around the experiences of 18th century women in the sex industry without fetishising them or acting condescendingly towards them
  • it features gay women and they will almost definitely get together in the coming episodes (it’s not the kind of hinting that’s just queerbaiting, they’re legit setting up for these two women to fall in love and its going to be wonderful)
  • there are multiple black characters who are legitimately important to the plot as opposed to just background characters (also one of them is gay). It’s set in the 18th century so it’s great that it’s acknowledging that there were plenty of non-white people in London 200+ years ago.
  • the costumes (the whole aesthetic really) are absolutely beautiful
  • it’s based on real historical sources such as Harris’ List of Covent Garden Ladies and there’s loads of fun things to pick up on for people who know a bit about this time period
  • following on from the last point, it gives a largely accurate portrayal of what the sex industry was like in the 18th century
  • it features a lot of platonic and familial female relationships as well as romantic ones
  • there’s a dominatrix spy in it

“I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to have in this room tonight, thank you so much for being here, all of you.” At his first ever solo show last night, Harry Styles spoke to the audience as if they were the organisers of his surprise birthday party rather than a crowd of strangers. But the intimacy felt appropriate: the former One Direction member is more familiar with Wembley Stadium and Madison Square Gardens than a tiny, sweaty room on the corner of Highbury and Islington roundabout.

On his Twitter feed, Styles announced at 8am on Saturday morning that a surprise gig would be taking place that evening at The Garage in London, ahead of his larger tour later this year to promote his debut solo album (the self-titled Harry Styles). Tickets were only available, for £10, if bought from the box office in person, and even then you could only buy one. All proceeds were to go to The Little Princess Trust, the charity that the singer donated his hair to last year, which provides wigs to children experiencing hair loss. Dedicated fans jumped out of bed seconds later to buy tickets, some still in their pyjamas.

The atmosphere inside was giddy as a result, ticket-holders delirious with luck. Styles, dressed in a frankly outrageous pink satin Gucci suit with embroidered dragons snaking up his thighs, seemed genuinely excited to be there too, telling the crowd he was “overwhelmed” by their support. “This is my first show in a long time. My first show ever. So it’s a night I won’t forget,” he said, adding “You might not be able to tell from my monotone voice, but I am having a great time.”

His years of experience in one of the music industry’s most polished pop bands are clear to see: for what was essentially a warm-up show, this was a sleek performance. Delivering his new album in its entirety, Styles was most impressive when letting loose on rockier, more upbeat tracks Only Angel and Kiwi (the latter saw women at the front form a mosh pit), or exuding Seventies sex appeal on Woman and Carolina.

Unlike at the rehearsal he held last week, he did not stage dive. “Let me tell you,” he explained of the much-reported calamitous attempt (which saw him knock a fan to the floor). “It doesn’t feel one third as cool as you think it does.”

As well as his solo material, Styles performed two other songs: an experimental riff on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam” and a much-loved One Direction track he has a writing credit on, “Stockholm Syndrome”. “You may or may not know the words,” Styles deadpanned, as the crowd screamed at the opening notes.

One of the loudest cheers of the entire event went not to the main man, but his drummer Sarah Jones, who has delighted Styles’s mostly female fanbase with her performances over the past few weeks. “Alright, that’s enough,” the star joked after introducing her. “That’s why she’s at the back.”

It’s a joy to watch Styles interact with a smaller crowd. He has a knowing, teasing relationship with fans, at one point asking the audience, “How you doing down there? You look very warm. There’s a smell…” But, this ribbing aside, his desire that everyone present have the best possible time was obvious, as he paused the show to check on a fan struggling with the heat, and sung Happy Birthday to another the front. It’s this combination of charm, ease, flamboyance, and an actually very good singing voice that sets Styles apart from his former bandmates and many of his peers. Could this be the rock star British pop music needs? - The Telegraph

Me trying to figure out why the fuck The Bold Type has such poor viewership when it’s a positive show about female friendship and empowerment and represents people of multiple religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc and features a beautiful, complicated, nuanced relationship between two qwoc

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Wow the blatant sexism against female characters has moved on to Nancy Wheeler, why am I even surprised at this point, but I am going to defend her anyways 

  • Nancy Wheeler is the kind of a girl who fights an entire corrupt cooperation because she doesn’t want her best friends parents to go bankrupt 
  • Nancy Wheeler fights them despite there terrible threats against her because she knows they are corrupt and don’t deserve to get away with it
  • Nancy Wheeler is the girl who tried to deal with her own guilt, and grief for an entire year without having any real outlet for it 
  • Nancy Wheeler is basically the only one who doesn’t buy or maybe a better word is accept that all the guilty people are ‘gone’ - side note so I don’t have to fight people over this Eleven comes to the realization Papa is still alive so clearly they are not all ‘gone’
  • Nancy Wheeler figures out how to manipulate said agency knowing full well they will underestimate her 
  • Nancy Wheeler isn’t reckless she seeks help when she is out of her depth 
  • Nancy Wheeler can keep up with ridiculous conspiracy journalist 
  • Nancy Wheeler can’t deal with her overwhelming emotions at 16, like wow normal teens can’t deal with there first sexual relationship and yet you loser on tumblr are critiquing realistic female trauma #feminism 
  • Nancy Wheeler doesn’t have to love Steve Harrington now that he is the new fandom fav 
  • Nancy Wheeler is allowed to lash out, everyone else on the show fucking does - Mike/Eleven/Steve/Hopper/Jonathan etc. 
  • The idea people are honest when drunk is such bullshit, people lash out about the things they are feeling at the moment, everything is amplified, so frustration, fear, guilt, pain, being overwhelmed all of which are natural pore out of her
  • Nancy Wheeler can have feeling for Jonathan because they have shared history, and attraction, no 16 year old is ready for a white picket fence future, regardless of what fucking decade it is  
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Barbs family 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for her Family - Mike has been a brat towards her and she still wants to look out for him (all 13 year old boys are brats to their older sisters but that doesn’t make it any easier) 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Jonathan as he has to torture his own brother, and she makes the hard calls so he doesn’t have to - this saves Will 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Dustin knowing exactly what to say to him,because she has a big heart full of love
  • Nancy Wheeler is in no way cold, unfeeling, cruel, she is a complex character, she is a realistic 16 year old trying to grow in a world full of monsters and world ending crisis’s you don’t have to like her but to shit on her constantly is pathetic especially for horribly sexist tropes she doesn’t have to be easy to deal with, she doesn’t have to be there for your fav male character, she is allowed to exist as a flawed human being, as all the other characters on the show are

End Rant. 

When people ask why kirishima is my favorite
  • What I mean to say: Kirishima's an incrediblely interesting and unique shonen character. He is very strong and idolize "manliness" but maintains much admiration and respect for his female classmate who he describes and equally manly. He is also strongly hinted at being gay and has a interesting well developed relationship with the protagonists rival. Despite all these things he is also shown to really doubt himself and his abilitys as a hero, and constant puts other people's needs and wants before his own. He also shows that it's okay to cry and to show emotion and kindness and still be manly.
  • What I actually say: he pritty

Iron Fist, is whatever the fuck that is: 

Into the Badlands, Asian-American lead, Asian-American lead in a relationship with a black girl!, homages to Asian mysticism, culture and Chinese and Japanese film, especially Wuxia films, amazing fight choreography with people that actually KNOW MARTIAL ARTS, women that know how to kick butt, MORE THAN ONE WOMAN THAT CAN KICK ASS, strong female characters that DON’T kick ass but are still awesome: You could’ve had it all, but you playin

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Seriously though, if you haven’t already watched this show, it’s on Netflix, the first season is only 6 episodes.

The Bold Type is made up of nearly an entire female cast, one of the main characters being Kat, a black woman questioning her sexuality (and possible future relationship with an out and proud lesbian Muslim woman? Who even talks about why wearing a hijab is empowering seriously when have you ever seen that in television) The show explores so many amazing topics, among those being sexuality (specifically women’s sexuality and how you can own it), women supporting women within integral friendships that bring you up instead of tearing you down, rediscovering your career and what that means, I could seriously go on. This show is just so important and yet I’ve barely seen anyone on tumblr talk about. Everyone’s always going on about how they want more diverse shows, well here it is!! Go support it!! Don’t let it die out like I’ve seen so many others because they simply didn’t have a large enough audience. This is the feminist show we’ve been wanting

Something I’ve noticed is that when we criticize Mon, someone always jumps into the notes to defend him. And the way they defend him is always the same - “well, he’s new to this planet, he doesn’t know how things are here!” / “he’s still learning, give him a chance” / “Well, but Kara likes him that’s all that matters” / “He lost his whole planet he’s probably traumatized” / “When he choked Kara and threw her through a window, he was scared and confused because he’d just woke up” / etc.

But here’s the thing: he is not any of those things. People are defending him as if he is a real person. He is not.

When we criticize Mon, we are not criticizing him as a person, because he isn’t one. He is a fictional character. We are criticizing the way he is being written. We are not angry at Mon the person because he does not exist.

We are angry because on a television show about a female hero, one marketed toward young girls, we just got an episode where two men fought over which one of them Kara belonged to, completely disregarding Kara’s agency and (lack of) consent.

We are criticizing the writing because we have yet to see a single reason why Kara likes him, or why he is somehow worthy of her, because his attraction to her, and him feeling bad because he thinks she doesn’t like him is not, by any measure, a reason why she should return that affection. As written, her interest in him is completely inexplicable, other than the fact that the actor playing this character is conventionally attractive. That’s not me saying “Mon is a terrible person and Kara doesn’t even like him”, because again, he’s not real. That’s me saying “The writing this season is terrible.”

We are critical of his character because, as we learned last season, they can easily write a character being confused on Earth, and not understanding how things work without writing the character as an admitted misogynist.

We are critical because if they wanted to show a character being scared and confused, there are dozens of ways to do that without him violently assaulting his future love interest, but they chose to write it this way.

We are criticizing the writing because if they wanted to show a relationship between two characters from different worlds, they could have done that with James and Kara, because James is from Earth and Kara is from Krypton. But they chose to suddenly and abruptly break up a relationship that they spent an entire season establishing and still haven’t adequately explained why in the story, and put Kara in a romantic relationship with Mon instead.

Mon isn’t real. He is a fictional character. We aren’t angry at him, because he doesn’t exist. We’re angry at the systemic culture of misogyny and racism, where the writers and producers and network executives think breaking up an interrracial couple after a season-long slow-burn before they even have a date so they can bring in a white guy; where the writers may have intended to write a brash hero, but think that means he should belittle and humiliate his love interest, our title character; where nobody seemed to have stopped to think “perhaps we should not have our future male romantic lead violently assault our female lead in a manner extremely reminiscent of domestic violence in a show aimed at young girls?”; where nobody seems to have stopped to think, period.

Look. I get that people who ship it think Mon is handsome, and that you think he just needs to be given a chance and he’ll change for Kara because he loves her so much. But he’s not real. He’s not capable of that, because he doesn’t exist. You can’t remove him from the context of the world we live in, because fiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and a show for young girls about a female hero normalizing that this is what romantic relationships should be like is incredibly irresponsible, and just plain bad writing.

There are hundreds of different ways they could have written this character. They chose to write him as a misogynist. They chose to take the romantic lead role away from the black man playing a beloved character, and give it to the new white boy instead. They chose to show our new romantic lead being physically violent to our female lead on more than one occasion - and specifically showed her being physically vulnerable to his strength (the scene where he chokes Kara and throws her through a window? Watch it again. He chokes her with one hand, picks her up by the throat and throws her with one hand - as Kara struggles and uses both hands to try to free herself and can’t, watch Kara on the ground as he kicks her in the stomach, sending her body sliding clear across the room). They chose to show him treat Kara as a prize to be won. They chose to write it in such a way that it, at best, is something very close to emotional abuse. They chose to show him disrespecting Kara. And they chose to have Kara be interested in him. They chose to sideline Supergirl in her own show (the only plot Kara has this season is supporting Mon).

They did not have to write him this way. But they did, and it’s reprehensible and irresponsible.

So, no. I don’t hate Mon. He doesn’t exist. What I do hate is every single one of the decisions made by the writers, producers and network executives that led to them thinking this was how to write a romantic relationship. It isn’t.


Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show

when you’re watching a film or tv show and two female/male characters look really good together but you know they’re probably not gonna end up in a relationship and they’re just gonna be portrayed as close friends


i got to see an early ~sneak preview~ of rough night and i can’t stop thinking about it so here’s why you should see it:

1) it’s really funny, i laughed my ass off
2) FEMALE FRIEND DRIVEN RATED R COMEDY (we need more of these)
5) both of the writers work on broad city which is an excellent show
6) has a INTERRACIAL LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP that is treated like a totally normal thing w/o any stereotypes or sexualization
7) literally the women in this film are BADASS and all very unique and have real characterizations
8) the b-plot involves the bachelor party where all the men are just at a fancy wine tasting and talking about their insecurities
9) surprising co stars include: bo burnham, eric andre, ty burrell, demi moore, dean winters, and many more
10) everyone deserves to see scarjo wearing a 420 themed girl scouts costume

tldr please please please spend your money to have a good time and support this movie. we need more female helmed comedies, and as a female filmmaker it is really inspiring to see such great work being backed by major studios.

Why you should watch Wynonna Earp
  • Healthy relationship portrayal
  • Good bisexual representation
  • The lgbt couple is canon!
  • The main character is flawed and a person people would label as a “screw-up” but you see her grow as a person and you see that just because she has flaws and she messed up, just because she’s funny doesn’t mean she can’t also be beautiful and strong and brave.
  • It has kick ass female leads!
  • The platonic relationships are always just as important as the romantic ones, if not more.
  • Kick ass fight scenes.
  • There is a character called Nicole Haught as in Haught Damn. The gays be screaming.
  • It has elements of Western shooting but set in modern day.
  • Complex and interesting character backstories.
  • It is really quick witted and funny.
  • The characters can actually swear.
  • Team “shut up and do as he says” are squad goals.
  • Ass-kicking and crime fighting whilst in a classy dress anyone?!
  • The show isn’t afraid to talk about hard-hitting issues such as Wynonna being sent away because people thought she was crazy.
  • The characters are all really amazing except Champ he can choke. They are flawed, they make mistakes but they are all different and good in their own way.
  • It’s set in Canada therefore it has to be good. I don’t make the rules.