this shouldn't be so funny for me

So, we’re all aware that Jin freaked out during the vlive because he had to kiss Namjoon on the cheek, right?

Namjoon is all calm and Jin is losing his mind. Seems a bit weird that they have different reactions, at least to me.

But then I remembered this little gem from m countdown where Jin volunteered to be the statue. Familiar, yes?

Guys, he freaked out because he knows that we’re onto him. He knows that we know. 

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trykster-maraca  asked:

Give me the poofy 80s Stephanie, you heathen. How garish are the leg warmers? Does she wear a fanny pack? How many smiley faces are on her person. The masses need to know.

I’m being attacked, and to answer your questions in order:

1. I am allergic to drawing in colour but they would be this awful obnoxious neon green -cough-gametheorygreen-cough-

2. She did not have one originally but u know what just for you she will have one that’s secretly full of bandaids and lollipops and like one tea bag in case of emergency.

3. No smiley faces she is a Serious Young Woman who takes school and work Very Seriously and smiley face clothing is Childish and Undignified for a future science major! (aka smiley face socks all day).

Bro: Want anything? My treat.

Me: That sounds suspicious.

Bro: No it isnt

Me: You’re being too nice. What did you do 👀

Bro: *sweats

Carol was totally considering kissing Daryl full on the lips in 5x10 but then she remembered seeing him eat a worm earlier and was like “yeah, nevermind”

i nearly crashed my dad’s car against a fence while trying to park today and he was sitting in the passenger seat yelling at me, so i said to him “all right, chill out, no need to get all of-fence-ive about it”, but unfortunately he didn’t appreciate the pun

I don’t understand how ppl are just so ready to fuck with the paranormal

Like I find that shit interesting at best

You’re not gonna find me traipsing through abandoned buildings looking for ghosts or inviting fuckin demons into my home like a moron

Like why would you willingly look for that shit. I don’t understand why you have no self preservation.

I want a fic where like

it starts off marichat, but eventually, adrien helps marinette figure out that he’s chat. So she publicly dates adrien, who still visits her as chat, and a few pictures get taken of him hanging w/ her, entering her room, and being romantic with her. And the thing is that she returns the romantic actions w/ her own. 

so those pics go viral and all and magazines are like “She’s dating adrien bUT SHE’S DATING CHAT NOIR TOO!”

and people are all angry at her for it and every1 expects Adrien to be mad or something but when they finaly confront him he just shrugs like “idc”

and everyone turns to Mari like “what the fuck, why doesn’t he care???”

and she’s just like

“…… You’ve…. you’ve heard of polyamory right????? That’s what this is.”

And every1 is shocked because, GASP!, paris’ beloved model and superhero are in a relationship w/ the same girl and each other. 

Eventually LB will reveal herself to Adrien and so she’ll join in the fray and ppl will be like “oh my g o d mARINETTE STOP STEALING EVERYONE”

so it’s just like rlly two people (4 personas I guess?) until like Alya and Nino approach like

“look guys/dudes we rlly love you okay and we want in on the relationship”

and adrien and mari have to think about it for a moment, ultimately deciding that they really truly are okay with polyamory so they’re like “yes” and so the four of them get together and sometimes lb will hangout w/ them and sometimes cn will hang w/ them

there’ll probs be reveals to nino and alya in the future but u kno 

that’s all i got

enjoy ur lack of angst