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well guys it’s been cool but i am finally tired of this blog and the harassment i’ve received for the past two years. i should probably elaborate. this blog has never really been my space. it’s what other people wanted, and i can’t do that anymore. it’s tiring reblogging personal posts, getting hate telling me that they came for astrology, not personal shit. and then when i ask for post requests or ideas i get like five messages on my current opinion on donald trump or capitalism or nuclear proliferation. yeah i can block rude people but the entire theme of this blog has generally been about satisfying other people and im so tired. y’all are probably going to think i’m overly sensitive but i’ve put up with this shit way longer than i should have, and i don’t want to use this blog anymore. i’ll probably archive some shit. mutuals message me for snapchat/kik whatever if you wanna stay in contact. i’ll come back to this blog every once in awhile and i don’t really know what else to say, except bye for now :-) 


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good day.

Today I have been finishing my Classics notes for the Classics Midterm this Friday. I feel like I am preparing well for this Midterm and I hope I do well. :)

On the other hand, I have a piano test on Friday…I have no idea how that is going to go. I am not very good at piano and probably should have started practicing earlier.  

There is going to be no school tomorrow as there is a severe snowstorm warning going around. 35 cm of snow!!!


I actually don’t give two shits about follower counts and I don’t mind telling you I only just hit 52 on this blog, but I haven’t done one of these for a while so I used it as an excuse. Across ALL of my blogs I probably have a combined count of about 600 or so, but let’s be real, everywhere I go I make sure to immerse myself in the same hive of scum and villainy. This blog is my first ~mutuals only~ one and it’s really showed me who’s a ride or die who ain’t gonna abandon me even when made to view my shitposts if they wanna talk to my muse at all. I’m gonna pull in a few names from other blogs else they probs won’t see this even tho they should be on here. In no order tbh, A MASS PROMO MORE THAN ANYTHING:

People I Would Fight An Entire Yevon For (Oldboys who’ve shown remarkable restraint in Not Killing Me):

@summoners-path​ I’d sell you to satan for one corn chip after this morning // @crimson-legend My Entire Presence Is Your Fault Take Responsibility (ALSO EVERYTHING IM WRITING LATELY WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING IS YOUR FAULT AS WELL) // @burntofight BANGS SAUCEPANS TOGETHER  I LOVE TEAVY  RIPS OWN FEET OFF AND MAKES HEART SHAPE WITH THEM  I LOVE TEAVY   // @notionsandhellebore “Sometimes a man shits, and sometimes he doesn’t shit” ~ cr1tikal // @spiras-sunshine REESES PUFFS REESES PUFFS // @doctriix sometimes I feel like you’re the island of calm in this sea of shitposting then you make a valentine card– // @dreamzanarkands are you offended by being called prawn bc i’ll stop but it’s affectionate Prawn = Best // @fallal Vidina I Can’t Wait To Brutally Kick The Ass Off Of You. Yuna, stay away from smurfmen // @seymour-butt <<< HERES THE SMURFMAN, DANGER, DANGER // @bikaneru where the flip are u rn tho // @astoran-smith ANGRY SMITH FACE // @thatguyingreyhoodiewithwidesmile (I hope you know I’m gonna ask you if I ever need someone to go operate innawoods, innadesert or innamotherrussia) // @kismetfervor  I will fight anyone who spoils the characterisation of your husbando aldrich even though i want to obliterate him //

People I Would Share My Spicy Meme Stash With:

@vaetus​ // @team-delightful-irony​ // @pxine​ // @stolensword​ // @bushidoxunsent​ // @unsentlaughter​ // @corditeheart // @the-lonely-soul​ (even tho!! we haven’t really spoken much since Chu you can still share the memes) // @travelers-never-sleep​ // @diosleighrp​ // @youngestofthemagus​ // @misplacedxheroics

*Flicks Light On And Off* Welcome To Hell (welcome newcomers to Charlie’s House of Horrors):

@claireverie​ // @learnedtosmile​  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) // @blitzace​ // @fcyth​ // @deathseekerr​ // 

I could probably go dig some more names up but I’m gonna make a point of not doing it, I just want my Top Tungle Users on here because I want to buy another years’ worth of your tolerance with my promotion of you because I liek u senpais. Y’all’ve been a bunch of gems to stick with me through surgery breaks and work breaks and whatever else breaks. This has been a patchy year so far (I mean I’ve existed in patches here and there, between recovery and working through the backlog caused by recovery), I aim to get a bit snappier with the ol’ RP imminently. <3

Valentine’s Sketches!

It’s that day of the year again!

Today for a period of time I will be accepting pairing requests. Please send in a number and a pairing to have them drawn. I’m going to try my hardest to get in as many as possible, but please keep in mind I am busier this year than I was last. 

Please keep in mind the following points:

  • Yuri only if you haven’t guessed
  • At this point it’ll probably be all Touhou anyways 
  • I do not fulfill anonymous requests, one per person please!
  • For this blog, number 20 is off limits
  • I will try to fill most pairings to the best of my ability
  • I hope to keep this open from 9 AM to 9 PM, but if I get too many I will be closing them early
  • Some may be digital, others may be on pen and paper due to timing circumstances

That should be it. Go for it!

EDIT: I should specify that I really only want to draw Touhou pairs in point two, but if you’ve already requested girls from another series I’m into it’s okay, I’ll get to it.

Cut & Run Masterpost.

Yo people. I tried to… do something ? It feels like more people have been asking for other persons blogging about c&r lately and my rise in followers might be more new people finding about this tumblr than new people starting the series but I thought this could be usefull anyway ? This has been mostly done going through my tags and obviously there are a lot of writers and artists I don’t know and you have to add my lame memory to the mix so obviously I don’t feel satisfied and this thing has to be completed (so feel free to add stuff/names).

→ from abiroux

→ usefull stuff :

→ meta :

malady579 is probably my reference when I think about meta on this fandom but you can read really good stuff from other people and I’ll quote amirosebooks, writingabeautifuldisasteryouredirtykels.

→ people who write fics and headcanons :

→ people who do fanart and graphics :

→ also to check :

anonymous asked:

This blog must have an insane draft backlog, assuming that confessions are posted in the order received. I've roughly tracked the days & number of posts between when I submit and when it shows up and omg that's a LOT of work going into this. Much much love and appreciation to the mod/mods doing this so the rest of us can blow off steam, unburden, etc. Thank you!

anon, you have no idea. just currently, aside from your ask, there are 8 other messages in the inbox as of right now and I’m sure when I get home it’ll be upwards of 15 or more. my queue has 84 confessions sitting there even after I upped the amount to be posted.

a lot of my time has gone into this blog, more than probably should but it’s nice knowing you guys feel safe and comfortable enough to just vent. lord knows we all need to just vent somehow.

probably gonna be rehauling this tumblr to be a little less specifically towards sonic. my love for sonic hasn’t particularly diminished (in fact, as with everyone else, i’m super psyched for this year with sonic mania and project 2017. i’m just caught up with a lot of other things, and my free time is spent elsewhere (been playing a lot of street fighter lately and been going out with the girl i like a lot!!)

tumblr’s fun and shit so i think i should broaden the scope of my blog i guess, so expect more personal stuff here as well as:

  • street fighter
  • a day to remember
  • steven universe (featuring LOTS of lapis lazuli)
  • sometimes overwatch (i’m getting sick of the fandom but i still really love the game)
  • personal game projects from uni and stuff
  • jojo’s bizarre adventure
  • kingsman (ESPECIALLY considering the upcoming sequel this year)
  • assorted flavor-of-the-month anime (my interests just go up and down with everything. a month ago today my obsession was mob psycho 100 having marathoned it and loved it)
  • the occasional music project
  • maybe wwe if i get back into it (i’ll be watching wrestlemania, don’t have any expectations but apparently smackdown’s been getting really good, so i’m hoping for the best)

i’ll probably change my url as well. i love my chipmunk and mongoose girlfriends as much as i always have but i wanna make shit more universal i guess

yeah! also some of you are cool and i only have you guys on tumblr to talk to so that’s a thing!!

Writing folk, help me out.

I’m going to my first writer’s conference in 2 weeks.  I posted about that yesterday.  If I want to make connections with others, I should probably have business cards.

I don’t have a separate writing-only “I’m a serious writer” blog.  I have this, and I do talk about writing my so far unpublished originals and my fan fiction.  I’m sitting here wondering if I should include this tumblr on my potential business card.

If nothing else, this gives insight to what I care about.  Those same values and beliefs are reflected in my writing.

I realize no one can decide this but me, but I’m putting it out there in case one of you has an insight that will make me realize my personal truth.

Could you do an imagine when you and your friend are both taken to neverland on accident and you guys decide to explore but stumble upon the lost boys. Pan takes a liking to both you and your friend so he tries to teach you guys self defense (he’s a little tougher with you though) in case the lost boys get touchy and he’s not there?

Requested by:  yesseniamelgarejo 

(y/n)= your name
(f/n)= friend’s name

Quick note here: 
I’m one of the other co-admins who should be VERY ashamed of themselves for not getting on here and writing like they promised. But I think I’ve got my priorities straight again, so here I am! Since I’m determined to prove that I can keep my promises, you guys will probably get to see a lot more of me. Oh, and my name is Andy, by the way! c: (main blog is if any of you care to go look)
P.S. Petra if you see this I’m sorry I wasn’t around while you needed help. I really, really, hope you can forgive me and don’t mind if I stick around? I’ll be a good co-admin, I swear! 


I looked at (f/n) in utter bewilderment.

“Where are we?” I mumble, standing up and turning in slow circles. It seems like a forest or something of the sort. The goofy person next to me only shrugged and smiled broadly. 

“I don’t know, but I think this is a mighty fine excuse to escape our homework.” I rolled my eyes, but I couldn’t help but smile. 

But that’s the curious thing. We shouldn’t be here. It shouldn’t be possible. (F/n) and I were doing school work in the little clearing near my house when a peculiar thing blocked out the light. Neither of us caught sight of it, but we were quick to our feet and back to back, scanning for any trouble. That was our mistake. Us being so close made an easy catch. Someone’s, or something’s, cold hands grabbed both of us and in a flash we were yanked from the ground. 

Of course we were both screaming and flailing very violently, and I’m concerned that my parents have gone deaf, seeing as they never ran out to see if we were being murdered or something. 

I place my hands on my hips and turn back to (f/n). “Well, if we’re stuck here, we might as well explore, eh?” 

And with that we were off, covering every inch of ground we could, getting into anything we could find. It was all rather amusing, right up until we started finding things. Broken arrow shafts, bloody tatters of cloth, etc. There was something odd about this place, and I now have very strange feelings towards it. 

“I think we’ve over-stayed our visit.” I whisper. But the answer I got back was one that probably changed everything. 

“Oh no, I think it’s only just begun!”


(F/n) and I have been here for god knows how long. Not that it matters. I don’t think either of us care to try and get out of here. I’m not sure about (f/n), but I really enjoy it here, no matter how brutal it may seem to an outsider. 

After the discovery of leftover battle pieces, we ended up meeting Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. They were all rather confused on how we managed to get here on Neverland, but all the same a miracle happened and neither (f/n) or I was shot to death by arrows aimed at us. Pan actually took a liking to us (or rather our sarcasm and very defensive statures) and allowed us to stick around and stay with them at their camp.

Anyways, (f/n) and I were currently sitting side by side in a clearing panting, looking up at Pan with pure exhaustion. Well, I was. For some reason, he likes to work me harder than (f/n). He decided he wanted to teach us a little bit of self defense, just in case the Lost Boys got a little handsy when he wasn’t around. According to Pan, they had no proper training that told them a girl means it when they say no. 

“(F/n), go back to camp. (Y/n) here still needs to figure out that a bow can’t be held how she holds it.” Pan said nonchalantly, picking up a bow and a quiver with a few arrows inside. But I felt like a dead-weight and simply flopped onto the grass on my side and groaned loudly, much to my very lucky friend’s amusement who skipped off. 

“Oh come on (y/n), you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t continuously hold a bow like you were trying to throw it away from you.” Pan teased. I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Oh please! I have noodle arms and you know it! You should just be happy that I can even do a roundhouse kick!” I complain, still not getting up. 

Pan made a “tch” noise and prodded me with his foot. I groaned even louder as my extremely sore and bruised body was repeatedly nudged. 

“Alright, fine! I’m up!” I yell, clumsily getting up and staggering, snatching the bow and quiver from him.

“There we go, but seriously, stop holding it like that.” Pan said from next to me. 

I cursed him under my breath, and did my best to hold it like I was instructed countless times. I quickly pull out an arrow and use all of my strength to pull the string back. I let it go and heard the thrum as the arrow flew, bouncing and cheering when it hit the makeshift target. 

“Hah!” I fist bump the air, quite pleased with myself.

“Congratulations. Now, time to clean up your sword technique.”

“Darn it!”


Sharing this Glove and Boots video about airplane etiquette is my way of telling you all that starting today I’m going on a short vacation.

I should be back on Friday night (just in time for new Ponies), but till then since I won’t be bringing my computer on this trip I’m gonna take a break from my social media accounts (though I’ll probably still go on the internet from time to time).

I have a bunch of posts queued up on my mod blog that will post while I’m away, but all of my other blogs and accounts will have no new posts while I’m gone.

This unfortunately means there will be no new “Clone That Got Away” post this week, but it will return the following week.

Well I hope you guys will be okay while I’m away. I’ll see you on Friday Night.

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This is going to be a long, long post. Brace yourself. Especially if you are one of the “Remilie” people.

I have recently found this little disgusting microcosm on Tumblr. I am a friend of Emilie’s and I was appalled by the tabloid crap I am reading as a fact. So I decided to approach the main culprit of this “Remilie Forever” blog and give them my TRUE confession… Here is that text verbatim, below…

“Hi, I’m the last anon who said she had a big confession for you. You probably won’t print it, but I have other blogs I can send it to, as well. So I’m giving you the first chance:

I doubt you will publish this, but you should if you actually have any care about the truth of this situation. I know Emilie personally. I have been her friend for many years. There is nothing going on between her and Robert. You publish these tales from people who have no proof of anything. In this age of cell phones, you don’t find it somewhat suspicious that not a single person has actual proof of anything? Like they saw the whole cast of Once in a bar and decided not to ask for a picture? They saw Emilie and Robert at dinner together holding hands? "I live in Vancouver” “I work on the set”… No you don’t. You or other anons make up shit based on the tiny amount of information you actually know (or think you know). The only photo you have of them not on set or at a work event is the one from SDCC 2014. Confessors claim that they were out together scandalously… I know for a fact that they were out with Roberts whole family and with Eric. I know this because I met up with Em&Eric after they hung out with Robert and his family. They said they had a great time, and Emilie said Eric and Robert spent most of dinner talking about films and traveling, and both sets of people got along really well. If you geniuses actually looked closely, you can see one of Roberts kids in those pictures. Sorry to burst your bubble, but don’t claim bullshit when you can’t back it up with anything. Other than that, is there any other proof anywhere to even prove that they even hang out with each other outside of work or work events? I don’t think so. Emilie is a goof. She smiles and laughs a lot, especially when working or in highly social situations with lots of people. Which is when you see her with Robert in pictures. I don’t know Robert or his family so I can’t claim to know anything about his situation. Never met them. I do know Em loves working with him and appreciates him as a friend. She also loves his wife and his kids. But they aren’t ridiculously close or anything. They’re co-workers and friends, and she has never said a word to me about anything beyond that. I’ve only met Eric a few times, so I can’t say much about him personally, other than he treats her really well and I haven’t seen her this happy in years. He seems like a really nice guy from my limited time with him. All this stuff on Tumblr (mainly from you Remilie people) about him being a liar and being shitty, or whatever… It’s crap. You’re all just jealous of Eric and Roberts wife because it ruins your silly fantasy. Why not just keep it a fantasy and “ship” their characters and not them? Because there’s nothing to actually “ship.” Emilie doesn’t know I am writing this. She does know that these rumors exist- people have sent stuff to her on Twitter about it. She got really pissed about it because she respects Robert and his family, and obviously loves Eric. (this is when Eric wrote something about it- maybe a month or two ago). You all should know you are hurting at least one, if not both, of the people you claim to love and want to be happy. It’s hard as a friend and someone who actually knows the truth, to look for my friends name on Tumblr, and have it come up with a bunch of lies and crap. So unless you have actual proof of something, it’s pretty obvious these “confessors” are completely full of crap. I wanted to blow the lid off the SDCC pictures you all adore and you think prove something, because you deserve to have your fantasy stomped on when you try to make it sound like these stories are true. These are happy people in committed relationships- and a lot of your readers unfortunately believe this crap you are publishing to be true. Maybe they’ll see this and actually consider the facts. If you have the guts to publish it. Bye Felicia.“

I received a response this morning from these delightfully destructive people…

"Hi.Indeed, you’re right about one point : we will not publish the lovely weave of agression you’ve sent to us. As you said, this is the internet : you are probably not who you say you are. Prove it. Prove your identity, dear. Post pictures of yourself and Emilie if you know her. You claim to have talked to her, to Eric, etc. Well, for me, right now, it’s all blah blah blah from a random person somewhere in the world. What you say, of course, contradicts directly what people we know in Vancouver say. And between people we know and trust and a person who claim to know things, well, I know who I listen to. Feel free to contact whoever you want to get published. To their eyes, you’ll have the same dubious nature than what you think of our anons. Claiming without proving, no matter which side you take, is the same. You’re no better than your opinion of our anons. We verify what we get before posting something, by the way, not that you care, of course. Nor do we care what you believe. Cheers,The RF Team.”

So… Not only did they admit that their confessors are full of crap because they have  no proof- and essentially labeled themselves as the hypocrites they are… They also refused to post the e-mail I sent them because it doesn’t follow their stupid agenda of lies. They framed themselves as un-trustworthy. In their words: “Claiming without proving, no matter which side you take, is the same.” Remember that.

So I decided to try a little experiment… Since, after all… these people claim to do such extensive and thorough verifications… They would never publish something that wasn’t TRUE, right?? Because claiming without proving is the same, right??  So I sent them the following post that you may have already seen on their site today… It is a COMPLETE FABRICATION. Emilie isn’t even in Vancouver. But these people posted it RIGHT AWAY- NO QUESTIONS ASKED…

Now you may be saying to yourself… “How do I know you wrote that?” Well… Do yourself a favor and look at the first and last word of every sentence… Which spells out:


Game. Set. Match.

So… Whether or not you believe my initial part of the post, or believe I am a friend of Emilie’s (which, by the way… I AM)… You can stand firm in the fact that it has now been completely PROVEN that the Remilie Blog and the “Confessions” you read on it… are nothing but convoluted crap posted by hypocritical people. If you’re really being honest with yourself… See that. See that you are buying into crap, and that you have no real proof… except for the proof you have now that the site you worship is total CRAP! And if you reblogged it, tweeted it, believed it… You’re guilty, too. Think about it. Think about it long and hard. What is wrong with just being a fan of these people? “Shipping” their characters? Hell… even saying “aren’t they cute the way they answered a question…” But spreading lies and crap like they are the total gospel of truth?? That they are adulterers and you worship that?? Root for that?? Want that so badly you make up lies and tell them to gullible people?? NO. NO.

I’m sick of seeing my friend and her friend and their families and significant others being dragged through the mud because YOU have a stupid fetish fantasy. These are real people… and I am THAT friend that sees it and will make my voice heard. Try me again.


The Truth Team

Gangsta:CURSED. chapter 1 summary/translation

Hi everyone! Since no one has translated or summarized Gangsta:CURSED. yet, I figured I could try to do it because there are probably others who would like to know what’s going on? I got the chapter 1 scans from the lovely fuckyeahgangsta blog (here), so I’ll be following their page numbering.

There’ll be a summary at the top (for the lazy readers) and a detailed translation below. As usual, my Japanese is not perfect, so take everything with a grain of salt: I wasn’t sure about every single line (and even had to rope in my dear fellow Japanese-studying friends), so my translation is certainly not a 100% correct, but you should be able to get the gist of it. Do PM me if you think there’s anything wrong or if you want to correct me. Support Kamo Syuhei and Kohske by buying the first volume of Gangsta:CURSED (you can get the first volume at CDJapan).

Keep reading

‘sup! as you might know (probably not tho) my birthday is on next sunday, 12/04! the other reason for this is that i’m rather close to 4k in followers, thank you very much for that – i’m super thankful to you all and i’d like to do more than just a follow forever but sadly i don’t have either time or motivation to make anything big hahah. i just wanted to say that you make my days so much brighter and fill them with smiles and laughter, thank you for being there for me! well, without further parley, here we go;

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my blogroll and my lovely followers! i love you all very much.

EXO M Next Door Part 10
  • Xiumin: Where would my grandfather hide a Cartier ring?
  • Chen: Why are we looking in this house? Wouldn't it be pretty much anywhere but here if he died the same day it disappeared?
  • Xiumin: Well, you see, Chen,
  • Xiumin: Shut up
  • Chen: Fair enough.
  • Xiumin: I'm going to look in the basement.
  • Chen: Cool I'm going to hit on Lay
  • Xiumin: Great. I'll probably be down there for several hours so don't come looking for me.
  • Chen: Sounds good.
  • -Xiumin goes downstairs and hangs his hoodie on the coat rack-
  • Xiumin: Woah a door opened out of the blue!
  • Xiumin: I guess I'll just not question it and go in.
  • Xiumin: Should I tell the others I'm wandering into a secret room that spontaneously opened?
  • Xiumin: Naw that'd be so uncool
  • Luhan: Hey I was just waiting in your basement for you to come down so I could catch some pictures of you for my blog and I noticed you forgot your hoodie.
  • Luhan: Oh, that's weird.
  • Xiumin: -pounds on the door- SOMEONE! PLEASE!! HELP ME!!
  • Luhan: Shh baby never don't mind about a thing
  • Luhan: It's just me and you now, baby. We gotta accept this.
  • Luhan: <3

anonymous asked:

okay so my high school teachers have pretty much scared me to no end about college, life, and adulting in general. Because of them I am honestly petrified of life, but that's besides the point. I start college in September and my teachers this year make it seem as though my professors are going to be evil spawns of satan. If I have a question about the lesson, can I ask them during class or should I wait until their office hours? (btw, your blog is a lifesaver🙌🏽)

Ask them in class! The chances are, if you’re confused about the lesson, other people in the class probably are, too, and you can all benefit from hearing the answer. If the question is complex or you feel you need more explanation than the average question, then go to the professor’s office hours for additional help.