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misdial | pcy

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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Season 3 basically confirmed that Klance is canon.

okay so listen to this:

In episode 6 when Lance and Keith talked about who should pilot which lion (yes that scene, that almost caused me to die), Keith told Lance not to worry about anything.

But later when Shiro got better Keith decited to stay in the castle to ‘’provide support’’.

This all happened before they knew that the Black lion wouldn’t respond to Shiro,and even tho Keith knows that Shiro is the better leader ,HE STEPPED ASIDE FOR LANCE. After Shiro accepted,he could of easily said ‘’well now that this is over,I want to pilot red again.’’,but he didn’t because he knew that meant that Lance would have to pilot Blue again and maybe Blue didn’t want him back (yet).

Basically all we can do now is wait for the new season to see how their friendship progresses.

@italijincuperak thank you my dear friend for getting me into this fandom.

All evidence that proves Shiro is a sleeper agent, and also a robot

OK EVERYONE I have some incredibly hard evidence regarding Shiro and his… “escape”. 

I think that this version of Shiro really thinks he is the real Shiro, but this is far from the truth.

His escape was all part of the plan. A plan to make sure he really believes that he is the real Shiro, and will behave like him as well. Every single part of it was set up so that the Galra and trick and track Voltron. That includes those 2 rebels. They were in on it. Read more below, it’s gonna be long.

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i'm scared to get a reading. i'm only 16, and i've just been thinking about my future. how will i be? would i be married in the future with kids, or still living with my parents. there is a lot of things i want to know but i'm scared that it'll ruin things, you know? i just feel like since i'm young, nothing big is going to happen to me. & i can't do it myself. i don't know what month, or time has to do with anything of that. what do you suggest?

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Chad needs to be the villain of D3. He's a jerk proven in both D1 and 2. He wants to be king. Look at his outfit Evie was making for him in D2. He made a key to sneak into Jay/Carlos room to use their 3D printer! What does he need the printer for that he can't ask his friend Jay? It'll be a combo breaker from all the "Isle kids are evil" stuff of the past movies. Chad could be planning something so awful Ben and the Rotten 4 have to ask Uma and her crew for help but she'll only help if the 1/2

2/2 the barrier gets broken. Ben agrees to her terms. Belle and Beast and Fairy Godmother are all NOOOOOOOOOO but he’s like, “We need their help. I know there’s good in her. It’s the only way she’ll do it.” Uma saves the day and it makes the horrible people of Auradon see not all VKs are terrible (the movie will never admit the Isle existing in the first place is awful tho. sigh), the barrier is dropped, and there’s a musical number at the end because there always is XD

Okay,HOLY.SHIT! Anon I could hug you! That is such a good idea and I could see this happening so clearly! Someone freaking mail this to Disney and make this happen cause YES! Chad definitely has some malicious intentions I mean after using the 3-D printer to make a crown I was like, okay no hold up what’s he planning on doing here! I can see Chad getting enraged at Ben being king because HE thinks he should be the one in power and hey maybe we’ll get a little back story in the Auradon kids to show that things aren’t always happy and sunshines that there are people who are still capable of doing evil even though they aren’t villain Decent, like a young Chad being pushed into Ben’s shadow since he’s going to be the next king and Chad wants the same thing. Ben gets to have the girl, the kingdom and the power, everything that he ever dreamed of and after years of being in a shadow he decides he’s finally have enough and decides to bring down the barrier. Now it may be good but Chad wanting to be king would want to rule the isle of the lost (and he succeeds) but that just pisses of the TRUE King and Queen of the isle (Uma and Harry) so they have to team up with King Ben and the Core four to get their kingdom back and I want to see our Uma going full sea goddess again. I LIVE for this plot. (And hey if I have enough time maybe I’ll even expand and write a fic on this, if you don’t mind that is, after all it’s your idea) but this deserves an applause! 👏🏾👏🏾

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Is it an adhd thing to have emotional outbursts over "silly" things? (at least that's what some people tell me they are) For example, sometimes I get really upset, sad, angry or happy over things that other ppl consider not so big/important. When this happens, it usually doesn't last longer that some minutes, except when people do/say something that upset me, then the feeling lasts for longer than it should (I think that RSD tho?) So… thoughts, please?

Yes, this is an ADHD thing. What I’ve figured out for me is that it’s because it takes me longer to process information and figure out what I really think and feel about it. So if I don’t remember that I need that time, I react instantaneously and it’s often a bigger response than whatever it is really requires.


Shout out to everyone going back to school soon. 

Remember to enjoy your days in school, but always value your education more. Most of the time, those friends to want you to skip with them, or help them cheat, or do other stupid stuff, are the ones that are blocking your blessings. I know from experience. Plus, most of the time, those friends aren’t gonna be your friends after high school or even that school year. 

Always aim for straight A’s or B+ or Bs. Never accept a D or an F in a class. If you have difficulty, don’t blame it on the teacher, because most of the time, students decide that since they don’t understand something they aren’t going to work hard to understand it. Google exist, smart kids in your class/grade who understand the material exist. Ask for help, don’t just cheat and expect life to be all happy afterward. For every action, there is a reaction. (I have cheated before in Geometry aka Freshman year because I was too lazy to study and do the work and when the EOC/end of the year exam came I was kinda screwed, I kept guessing on questions I knew my teacher went over.)

Stop demonizing your teachers. They are humans just like you. Every “mean” teacher I have had was hated by students because they actually did their jobs. The reason why they’re mean? Because students are jerks! Have you actually seen and heard how your classmates treat teachers? It’s honestly so sad, like teachers have said that kids have been so mean to them before that they started to cry. No one deserves the level of disrespect that teachers get. Actually make an attempt the first day or school to help your teachers out when they are passing out papers. Get to know your teachers. My friend gave some of our teachers gifts for teacher’s appreciation and all of them almost cried (those were the teachers who were hated because “they don’t teach the material in a way I don’t understand so I’m not going to try in their class” or “they’re too mean”).

GET A PLANNER. If you have a planner, you can’t blame anyone now if you forget when the homework or project was due because now you have the resource to put it in so that you DON’T forget.

Stop using your phone to take pictures of important school stuff. 100% of the time for me, I will forget that I took the picture and I forget that information, which screws myself over. ACTUALLY WRITE IT DOWN.

Use your books for notes about what you are learning, not for doodles. If you actually took some notes in class instead of playing on your phone and listening to music, maybe you would pass the class with an A.

Participate in spirit weeks and dress up days. I did for every single year I’ve been in high school (and I know they do them in college too so no excuse). It’s actually fun and it’s MEMORIES.

Join CLUBS. They don’t have to be clubs you hate. You like art? Art club. Wr5iting? Writing clubs? Doing community service? There’s tons of clubs for that. There’s not a club that suits you? Make one! It’s not that hard to make a club. Get a sponsor/teacher whose willing to stay after school for 30 minutes to an hour or two for your clubs and like 5-15 people who are interested in that club too! Warning tho, a kpop club is basically the hub for koreaboos and people who will scream OPPA and UNNIE and sunbae/senpai at you even though you don’t speak a bit of Korean.

Start a journal. My sophomore year I started a journal for one month. I just found the journal again and I discovered that I was at a terribly low place in my life (I suffered from really bad depression and anxiety and to make it worst, I thought I was in love with this guy who played me). If you suffer fro selfdoubt or other negative emotions or you just want to be sentimental (like me) and remember your life and it’s joys better, do it.

TAKE CLASS YOU NEED TO GRADUATE/GET YOUR DEGREE. In the US, for a high school diploma (at least in florida), it’s two years of a single foreign language (3-4 years for a really good college tho), 4 years of math, 4 years of english, an online course, etc. KNOW WHAT CLASSES YOU NEED TO GRADUATE. Stop taking the “fun” classes just because you don’t want to work hard. It’s going to take you much longer to graduate if you don’t take the classes you need.


Your sense of style/fashion is going to change. Embrace it.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend should not be your priority over school and getting a good education. Because 95% of the time, you are doing to break up. Yes it has happened to EVERY POWER COUPLE in my school ( power couple meaning yall have been together for over two school years)

Start thinking about a REALISTIC career. Just telling you, art and music pay you less that minimum wage. Make it a hobby not a career. Unless you want to be eating ramen all your life and have terrible health problems because of how bad ramen is fr your body.

Learn to love yourself! I hated myself since I was in elementary school and now that I’m 17, I’m actually starting to love and appreciate myself, even if no one else will.

School lunches tend to suck and be unhealthy. I pack my own lunch (some fruits, a sandwich or last night’s dinner, a soda/juice, water, some snacks because I get hungry, a breakfast shake[aka ensure or silk milk]. No one will judge you, in fact most people do it because it’s cheaper and actually TASTES GOOD.

Smile. (God loves you and Jesus loved you so much he died for you. I don’t know anyone who would do that for me.) Yes, school SUCKS and it’s BORING. AND WE ALL HATE IT. But, there is someone out there who prays to be in school. Be that person who does their absolute best so that you can help other and help that kid get an education.

Do your community service hours! Honeslty, I thought I was only going to do 40 hours (which is all I need to graduate) but at the end of my sophomore year, I did 250 hours. I like helping others, and that’s why I choose the career I did. [sidenote: I want to do IO Psych which means Industrial Organizational Psychology. It’s a field that combines business managment and psychology to help employees and workers hate their jobs less. Plus they make a lot of money, which I intend to invest and donate]

Study for the ACT/SAT. Take them( one time for each exam) the beginning of your 11th grade year/junior year in high school. Take them again at the end of your junior year/ beginning of your senior year. If that time has passed and you are a senior, REGISTER NOW. It’ll save you the stress.

If you need more help with school tips, send me a personal message. (i legit get so happy helping others with school tips like PLEASE ASK ME SERIOUSLY I LOVE HELPING)

Have a blessed day everyone!


Hyuuga and Kiyoshi have an on going game of “who manages to keep live animals in school without letting anybody find out, especially Riko” and they keep sabotaging each other

Kagami’s excuse was so good, that hyuuga couldn’t get mad

Izuki was proud of Hyuuga for that extremely witty pun


Himuro, the loving brother

those brownies were totally safe, what do u mean

Mafia AU  in which Kurapika’s past still happens (no nen tho) so he becomes part of a mafia until he’s at the top. Killua and Gon are his violent bodyguards because the both of them were abandoned as children and Kurapika catches them when they’re 17 and “saves” them so they are extremely loyal to him.

Ref used for the guns.

askspeedyreplied to your post:Are Whinter and Clementine actually engaged?

Isn’t the Age of Majority 18 in Finland and a LOT of countries tho..?

Yes, but just because you can do something does not mean you SHOULD! Yes, Clem and Whinter could get married right now legally. But canonly, they’ve been together… what? two months? If we go with the comic timeline and even if we jump ahead a bit in timeline to team petal splash and toxink appearance (aka the timelime most of my doodles happen in)…. I’d say still max 6 months. 

Call me old fashioned but I think it’s better to date longer than that before getting married. Plus, Mandrein would murder Whinter if he married Clem already


To: Kazu ♥

Text: Yes you got my pun. Okay you’re hawksome

Text: Yeah, it just happened…which is shocking since I never did those types of things before

Text: But I’ll do it again because I…liked it.

Text: I figured you haven’t did that but if you did I would be um…

Text: Turned on I guess…ugh I’m terrible at this

To: Shun ♥

Text: lololol youre gonna make my eagle grow lolol
Text: i… that sounds really hot actually
Text: its nice to know youd be turned on tho ;DD
Text: maybe we should try um
Text: like. doing it at the same time?
Text: Justt kidding AHAHAAHAAhaa